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The Best Truck Tire for Towing 5th Wheel

Making decisions on which specific brand and kind of truck tire you should purchase for your tow vehicle can be difficult. Most would pass on this problem to the capable hands of a trusted mechanic. Sure, you can do that but expect to be paying more than you should. Besides the professional fee, you are also spending the time, energy, and effort that your mechanic will invest in getting you the best truck tires for towing 5th wheel.

You can do this yourself though, but you need to invest time to get this done. Comparing your options well and figuring out what you need on your own gives you more control over your 5th wheel tires’ quality. Let’s help you with that through the following review.

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Best Truck Tires for Towing 5th Wheel

1. Goodyear Wrangler Pro Radial Tire

  • Low road noise production and no vibration
  • Above-average tread life
  • Quick steering response
  • Maintains good stability
  • Silica enhanced with Kevlar steel
  • Lower traction on ice

One of the best 10 ply truck tires, the Goodyear Wrangler Pro Radial Tire, works well on both on and off-road terrains. Vans, pickups, and SUVs usually use it. This tire has excellent skidding while still being able to maintain equal levels of higher dry and wet traction.

You will be impressed with its quick steering response while sustaining good stability and ensuring your overall safety. This balanced performance can be attributed to the depth of the step design and cutting edges of the tires.

Tested and proven, these tires can withstand extreme weather conditions. It runs exceptionally well, whether in snow or rain and even in the scorching heat because of its blend rubber formula. What’s more, it does not emit any of those annoying sounds and is free from vibration. With minimal noise produced, it adds comfort to the driver, making the overall driving experience more pleasant.

Additionally, with its 265 mm wide, 17-inch rim diameter, and a 70-aspect ratio dimension, you can be sure that your driving experience is smooth, unobtrusive, and stable. No swaying and no bounces which can cause road sickness, especially if you are traveling with kids. Keeping kids comfortable during the drive means less stress to the adults, so it is a win-win for everyone.

This tire is the ultimate winner because with its Silica enhanced and added Kevlar, you are also guaranteed to be better protected when it comes to cuts and punctures.

With a closer look, you will notice an emblem of a Mountain/ Snowflake on the tire. This means that it meets the requirements to be a snow service, which is a significant plus point. For your information, this emblem is the same symbol usually found in tires for winter.

Note that it can bite well not just in snow but also in mud, gravel, and wet surfaces.

One of the features that the Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire can improve on is its traction on ice. These tires showed lower traction when it was tested and used on ice.

With its reliable performance, it is no wonder that this is one of the popular Goodyear tires. It is indeed one of the ultimate rugged all-terrain tires that you should equip your vehicle with.

2. Michelin Defender LTX M/S All-Season Radial Tire

  •  All-weather, all-year-round tires
  • Longer tread life
  • Solid tread
  • Longer lasting mileage
  •  Positive impact on acceleration and brakes
  •  It is an expensive investment

An easy decision to make without the need for any compromise, you will get quality and safety with the Michelin Defender LTX Radial Tires. Premium quality plus security is well-combined with this tire making all your trips safe and comfortable.

Michelin is a known brand when it comes to the auto industry. This tire is no exception to the reliable services and products that this manufacturer has given the consumers. The performance of this tire is superb. It is sturdy and can surely withstand the challenges of the road. Suitable for SUVs, vans, and sport utility vehicles, these tires can be used all year round.

The treads make excellent contact on the road. A good tread will ensure that the way your car accelerates and brakes correctly and as intended. Moreover, its fantastic tread pattern is strong enough to hold on to severe conditions; therefore, the drive is comfortable and noiseless. As an added boost, it also contributes to a longer-lasting mileage.

Michelin’s Defender Radial Tires are all-season, so your fifth wheel can practically go anywhere you go, and the weather is not going to be a problem. A muddy and uneven road is no challenge for this tire. Even snowy roads can be handled effortlessly. If you travel with your family, you get that security and peace of mind knowing that your tires can handle the pressures of acceleration and braking like a pro.

You will like its full circumferential channels, open shoulder slots, and several lateral grooves, all contributing to its competitive traction. All these combined structures of the Michelin Defender Radial Tires enhance stopping capabilities by removing the water from the sides when you drive on wet roads..

The only downside of these tires is its price. Compared to others, it is a costly investment. You need to make a budget plan to get a set of these tires. Michelin is hard to beat when it comes to its quality, and the price that you’ll be investing in these awesome sets of tires is worth every dollar.

Never compromise your safety and that of the people traveling or sharing the same road with you when you drive. This Michelin’s is your best option when it comes to fifth wheel tires.

3. Travelstar EcoPath A/T All-Terrain Radial Tire

  • 50,000 miles treadwear
  • Self-cleaning capability
  • Suitable for RVs, small trucks, and SUVs
  • Circumferential groove and sidewall pattern
  • Stable tread grip
  • Costly tires

Stress is the last thing you need when traveling; that is why you must travel prepared. Always pair your RV, SUV, or small truck with the best set of tires that you can find on the market, and the Travelstar EcoPath A/T All-Terrain Radial Tire is one of your smarter options today.

The Travelstar EcoPath A/T All-Terrain Radial Tire is an all-season and can be an all-terrain tire for towing, making it an excellent investment. As a consumer, you will appreciate its 50,000-mile treadwear guarantee and service even after it has exceeded its miles treadwear limitation.

You will be pleased with the security and safety that these tires can provide you and your family with when traveling. The tires’ tread has an excellent grip even during drives that are uphill. It is steady and secure even if it is raining and the roads are slippery and wet.

Another reason why this tire deserves a satisfying star is its self-cleaning capability. The tire is designed with a circumferential groove that stops the snow and mud from accumulating, thus ensuring that every contact on the ground is made correctly.

This design is especially beneficial when it is raining or snowing, and the road itself is already slippery. With your tires being able to grip the ground properly, you can just drive and safely reach your destination. It doesn’t matter if the road is wet or dry; these tires’ gripping capabilities are reliable.

The overall design working together makes it possible for it to deliver reliable performance. Aside from its circumferential groove, it also comes with a higher sidewall pattern that helps improve your tires’ forwarding motion. This comes in handy when you are in deep mud because the chances of getting stuck are zero to low.

A primary reason why shoppers might hesitate to get these tires from Travelstar is its price. Folks with a limited budget might need to either save some more or consider other options. The cost can put you off, especially if you are not aware of what you are getting from these tires.

Overall, the price you pay also equates to the premiums you get. Safety and quality should not be bargained. Knowing that you can use these tires for a while means that you are also saving money during the process of using it. With such quality tires, there would be no need for repairs or replacements soon.

4. Westlake SL309 Traction Radial Tire

  • Lower price compared to the competition
  • Excellent dry and wet traction
  • Above-average traction
  • Good for your fuel economy
  • Four circumferential grooves and multiple lateral grooves
  • Below-average ice and snow traction

Don’t break the bank just because you want quality and reliable tires. You can get nice tires while staying within your budget with the Westlake SL309 Traction Radial Tire. This is a tire for all-seasons so you can make the most out of your purchase all year round.

If you want to have better control and better handling when towing, consider getting the Westlake Radial Tires. This is one of the best truck tires for towing a travel trailer because of its quality built. It has two steel belts that support the tire to stay balanced. There is zero to minimal drifting, and these tires perform well even when you are hauling. Regardless if you are towing or not, there is no drift.

Besides a pretty good ride, you will also like the support that the two steel belts provide. It helps keep the tires even and ensures good contact on the ground. Hydroplaning can be prevented on wet roads and during spring. The tire’s robust and resilient sidewall construction can ease your mind from potentially slipping or getting a blowout.

For a budget-friendly tire, you can be sure that your weekend getaways will be comfortable. There would be very minimal road noise during your adventure. This is because Westlake utilizes variable pitch tread that blocks around the entire tire, helping in the reduction of road noise. This tire can be used for all types of SUVs, vans, and pickups. If you are into heavy-duty use, this best tires for fifth wheel towing is for you.

Westlake has a massive range of 15 to 18-inch sizes so you can buy one that will suit your vehicle. Rest assured, all LT tires have a rating of Load Range E. Regarding the design, it has incorporated an all-season Silica tech tread so you can have more than enough traction, whether the roads are wet or dry. It also lowers the rolling resistance, which is great for your fuel economy.

Additionally, it boasts four circumferential grooves and multiple lateral grooves to effectively empty water and minimizes the risk of hydroplaning. The Westlake’s sipes further contribute to traction when in snow or ice.

These tires do not offer the best traction on snow or ice, so if you will be traveling during the winter season. The Westlake tires are not recommended for you.

The Westlake SL309 Traction Radial Tire has average performance and can be a dependable product. Yes, performance-wise, it can still be improved. Still, with its budget-friendly price and average capability, this is already a possible deal.

5. Firestone Transforce HT Radial Tire

  • Excellent durability
  • Noiseless ride
  • Has good wear resistance
  • Good for your fuel economy
  • Greater load index rating
  • Not recommended on wet traction

With high tire ratings for towing, the ever-durable Firestone Transforce HT Radial Tire is a top favorite among drivers and folks looking for reliable strength. This is not surprising at all since Firestone is known to be the number one choice among commercial cars.

Firestone’s Transforce HT Radial Tire is an all-season tire that will always give you a smooth, happy, and safe drive. A lot favors this brand and model due to its dependable traction and extended tread life.

What sets these tires apart from all the other truck tires for towing 5th wheel is its digitally symmetric tread pattern. The design provided better, responsive steering and increased stability even when you are driving at high speeds.

It also has notched shoulders and transitional tread blocks that help deliver a superb performance in both wet and dry conditions. With the two steel belts with nylon inside for reinforcement, you can have that additional peace of mind knowing that your tires will carry you safely with strength and stability.

Since it is from Firestone, expect more innovative designs like its broad circumferential grooves that point the water away and improve traction regardless of road and weather conditions. On top of that, you can have a comfortable ride and even a restful one for your passengers because it boasts a 5-degree noise-reducing technology to minimize the clatter.

Additionally, the tires’ outside tread also provides resistance to low rolling, which means that fuel efficiency is improved. As a result, there would be lesser gas utilization and a few dollars saved. With Firestone’s boosted casing design, your tires run cooler. Since it is designed to be harder than the other tires, lesser friction is also encountered.

The Transforce HT Radial Tire has a dimension of 245 mm wide, 16 inches in rim diameter, and 75 for aspect ratio. As an LT tire, it has a more excellent load index rating than ST tires. R’s speed rating means that it can handle a driving of up to 170-kilometer per hour under ideal conditions. This is way higher when compared to other tires on the market.

Surprisingly, brands with the same premiums cost more than the Firestone series. The only shortcoming of this 10-ply tire is its traction on wet surfaces. This tire from Firestone is what you need and what you will ever need. It will keep your towing a more pleasant experience.

6. Michelin XPS Rib Truck Radial Tire

  • Superb cornering stability
  • Zero to minimal road noise
  • Above-average dry and wet traction
  • Good treadwear
  • Good fuel efficiency
  • Not recommended for snow or ice

Once you get to know the Michelin XPS Rib Truck Radial Tire, you will ask yourself why you have not purchased this kind sooner. Another feather in the durable cap of Michelin, the XPS Rib, is meant for drivers that handle medium to heavy-duty vans and cars. It is known for its dry and wet handling and traction while still being able to provide more than enough capacity to make heavy loads easier.

The design for this Michelin XPS Rib Truck Radial Tire is composed of a solid tread compound, steel strengthened bead, and steel casing. It creates a tire that can withstand any possible challenges related to heavy loads. With this tread design, the traction is increased, so it is the cornering strength on both wet and dry roads. This same design also enhances the feel and response of your steering.

You will feel secure knowing that this Michelin tire model is also being used as the original gear on most of today’s vans and trucks. Most mechanics and dealers favor it as a replacement tire for most cars because of its length of tread life. Its boosted tread design, coupled with its 3-steel belts, supports more balanced treadwear and promotes strength, making the tire puncture resistant.

You will be further pleased knowing that these tires have a lower rolling resistance because of its tread compound, which means that it is suitable for your fuel efficiency. You’d be using less gas and having more significant savings.

A considerable thumbs-up goes to this Michelin tire because of how quiet it works. It is hushed. You might not expect this to be that quiet, but the brand could make it work by optimizing the tread design. Overall, the looks of this tire are impressive as well. It has a black rough outline sidewall character that enhances the physical appearance of the tire. Available in 16 in size, this, too, carries a load rating of E.

One shortcoming of an otherwise perfect tire is it’s not designed for the winter season. It is not engineered to go through snow or ice proficiently.

As expected from a Michelin tire, this can promise you with excellent quality performance and haul weighty heaps while still creating an overall comfortable riding experience.

7. Falken Wildpeak AT3W All-Terrain Radial Tire

  • Superb winter performance
  • Economically friendly
  • Minimal vibrations on rough terrains
  • Excellent off-roading performance
  • Lessens heat build-up
  • Below average highway performance

Made by the Japanese manufacturer Falken Tire, the Wildpeak AT3W Radial Tire is your best bet if you are looking for tires with excellent off-road capabilities, all-season adaptability, and seamless comfort.

These tires are designed for all types of trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. Pegged as a hybrid between an MT and an AT tire, this tire model works exceptionally well with off-road settings. It can deal with muddy and rugged terrains with ease, and it shines equally on the smooth highways too.

Since it is from a Japanese brand, expect the best innovations to create a jackpot tire. Its design includes an outer apex sidewall combined with a competitive upper sidewall aimed at protecting the tire’s internal casing.

The Falken Wildpeak also has a subordinate bead apex, which helps in achieving a durable tire capable of handling the roughest and toughest terrains. The upper sidewall also makes sure that the tires are protected from possible sharp rocks that can get stuck.

One of a kind, you will be impressed with the heat diffuser technology incorporated on this product of which primary goal is to protect the tire’s inside structure. The heat diffuser dissipates heat maintaining a cooler temperature on the critical areas of the tire. Ensuring a cool temperature helps improve your car’s stability, especially while you are towing or moving heavy loads.

To further help with security, these tires are also incorporated with 3D canyon sipe technology.

The wet, dry, and snow performance of the Falken Wildpeak is indeed very impressive. The technologies incorporated set this above standard because most tires are challenged with snow during the winter seasons. But, these tires’ traction on snow and ice is excellent. If you are in areas with long, snowy, and cold winters, the Falken Wildpeak is your best tire to ensure that you get to your destinations safely.

Don’t worry about your car’s size because these tires are compatible with a good number of vehicles. It also comes with sizes that range from 15 to 20 inches, so you’ll surely find one for your car.

The only downside of these super tires would be the noise and vibration produced on highways. Other than that, this is the smartest choice you can make when you want superb off-road performance and top-quality tires. This is a quality investment at its finest.

8. Cooper Evolution H/T All-Season Tire

  • Cornering stability
  • Comfortable ride
  • Above-average dry and wet traction
  • Economically affordable
  • 3D Micro-Gauge sipes
  • Not a ten-ply tire

The Cooper Evolution H/T All-Season Tire started cruising the highways and rough terrains in April 2017. Since then, it has slowly established itself as the brand’s all-season tire. Ideal for SUVs, pickups, and crossovers, this tire will soon be replacing the Discoverer H/T that has been a crowd favorite for the last several years.

Continuing the legacy of the Cooper Evolution, this newer edition has better performance if compared to its older versions. To achieve improved traction on both dry and wet surfaces, its all-season trend component and one of a kind tread patterns are partnered with Cooper’s very own StabilEdge technology.

This innovation also paved the way for better stability and the cornering grip to become better while enhancing better treadwear.

Not wanting to be left behind when it comes to incorporating technology, Cooper supplemented this tire with the 3D Micro-Gauge sipes. This one goes around the tread, so it complements the broad circumferential grooves. With this in place, the traction on the wet surface increases, and you don’t need to deal with hydroplaning during heavy storms.

Additionally, these 3D Micro-Gauge sipes also make the grip on snow-covered pavements better. Grips are essential because the better and more durable the grip is, the safer your overall driving journey will be.

What’s great about this B rated tire is its price. It is considered fair in all aspects while still being cheaper than other tires that can’t offer as much. It will fit most budgets, which makes it a winner.

If you are worried about any noise or ruckus when using these tires, you are mistaken because they don’t create any road noise. They are extremely quiet and work very smoothly. Putting them on a rim is very simple, and you can do it on your own. You can save heaps of money by doing it yourself instead of going to a tire store to get it done.

To tow a fifth wheel, these tires are not recommended since they are just 4-ply tires. These tires are the all-season highway tires that can give you a comfortable ride. With their excellent wear and tear, you are sure to get the best deal when installing them in your car.

9. BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Radial Tire

  • Great off-road capabilities
  • Durable and tough tread
  • Long tread life
  • Tri-Guard technology
  • 3D locking sipes
  • Cost

The BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Radial Tire is the 4th generation of BFGoodrich’s all-terrain tires launched 15 years ago. It is designed for SUVs, jeeps, and pickup trucks and is engineered for both on and off-road use for all terrains. These tires will give you that driving confidence because it provides greater control thanks to its all-weather traction and superb resilience.

The design of these all-terrain tires is something you will like. It utilizes a sidewall rubber compound that was created to be twice thicker and more robust than the older versions. It is a reliable and durable tire thanks to its double steel belts that are reinforced by nylon. It is also further supplemented by BF Goodrich’s very own Tri-Guard, a polyester cable sidewall layer construction.

These race-inspired tires have extended wear times because digital optimization was incorporated to shape the compound so that an interlocking tread block pattern can be achieved. This design will improve your driving in icy and wet surroundings. A good percentage of road accidents are happening during the winter and rainy season.

You will be further attracted to this new BFGoodrich All-Terrain because it delivers 10% more adhesive friction on muddy surfaces and up to 19% more traction in snowy terrains. This improved traction is made possible by the side biter lugs extended rubber blocks on the sidewall.

This also helps in strengthening the rock-climbing traction when aerated down. You will notice that in the shoulder tread area; there are mud buster bars that help in dispelling condensed mud. This will come in handy when traversing surfaces of soft soil.

Another strong point of the BF Goodrich All-Terrain KO2 is its locking 3D sipes around its tread, making it a right winter tire. You will be pleased to see the snowflake/mountain symbol that is branded on these tires. This means that this model successfully met the needed requirements to be used during the winter season. Yes, this can handle severe winter road conditions.

Quiet and comfortable, you won’t be distracted with any noises with these ten ply tires. The only reason you might have hesitations to buy this brand is the price since it is more expensive than other tires for towing the 5th wheel.

Hands down, this is one practical and smart tire choice among the tire options on the market today. The quality is impressive and physically looks fantastic.

10. Federal Couragia M/T All-Season Radial Tire

  • Excellent off-road performance
  • Reliable traction on dry and wet surfaces
  • Average performance in the snow
  • Budget-friendly
  • Excels in mud
  • Not for the everyday driver in smooth roads

Hands down, the Federal Couragia M/T All-Season Radial Tire is your ultimate off-road tire. It is built to perform for all kinds of trucks, 4 x 4s, and SUVs. Engineered for rugged performance, this model uses an impressive tread ply rating combined with 2 or 3 ply sidewalls to withstand the rough terrain with ease.

What makes these great MT tires is their aggressive tread design that allows above-average adhesive friction in different off-road conditions while still ensuring a quiet and comfortable ride. Sure, these tires do hum while on the highway but it is tolerable and barely noticeable.

These budget-priced second-tier MT tires have a cut and chip impervious tread component. Federal’s exclusive Sloped Radius Gradient or SRG heave design enhances tread block rigidity for improved traction on all kinds of landscape.

One of the biggest challenges for other tires is traction in mud. For the Federal Couragia, it is a different story because it excels in the mud. Its siped lugs have large negated spaces for heightened self-cleaning of rocks, dirt, and other messy debris on the road.

Although these tires are not meant for severe snow, it is still more than capable of gripping mud, snow, and working during the winter season. Yes, it is without the much-coveted mountain/snowflake emblem, but it will do for normal winter use.

The Federal MT is your run-of-the-mill mid-pack performer that is best used in the rural area or dedicated to off-road activities. It is a cheaper option for you while still being able to enjoy its excellent premiums. It looks aggressively beautiful, and if you put it in your SUV, you also get an excellent lift.

As a shopper, you’d appreciate having options when you are buying your tires. The Federal Couragia M/T can be purchased in load ratings of C, D, and E. You also have the option of either a 2 or 3 ply sidewall.

The only limitation of the Federal Couragia M/T All-Season Radial Tire is that it is not recommended for the daily driver on the highway. These tires are surely valued for your money because of its excellent off-road traction, good grip, and long-lasting tread life.

What Is A Truck Tire For Towing 5th Wheel And How Does It Work


The truck tire that is ideal for towing 5th wheel will be a ten ply, Load Range E. You will notice that your truck tires have letter symbols on its sidewall. These letters are B, C, D, and E. These letters correspond to the standard load that your tire can carry.

If your truck or SUV is used to tow a fifth wheel, your tires should carry these heavy loads on long distances. Load Range E tires can provide you with what you need while still being able to give you an overall comfortable ride with minimal hums and vibrations.

As mentioned, the best option for towing your fifth wheel is a ten-ply construction tire with a load range of E. Load range is what was used previously to measure the ply rating. The ply refers to the make of the tire usually made of rubber and cord layers.

Load range in purest form lets you know how tough your tire is, and it identifies the allowable PSI. Don’t be confused, though, because a ten-ply tire is not made up of ten rubber layers. It is composed of just one to two plies but with the equivalent strength of 10 plies.

Types Of Truck Tires For Towing 5th Wheel

One of the everyday struggles when buying tires is identifying which truck tire you should get for towing a fifth wheel. This needs a lot of consideration because tires are not cheap, so you want to make sure that you get the right one.

The best way to determine which tire to buy is to know what type of car you have, the distance you’ll be traveling, and when you will be going.

For better understanding, here are just some of the most common types of truck tires usually used for towing.

  • All-terrain or A/T – these are tires that are characterized by a more aggressive tread design. It also has bigger tread blocks and more spaces to give more traction for your off-road driving. All-terrain tires usually have the Severe Weather service emblem etched on it. It can handle light mud, sand, and gravel without the need for too much effort. These tires are also known for being able to provide highway comfort and stability. Most people also lean towards an A/T because it looks very aggressive but still functions as a softie with little noise, excellent comfort, and long tread life.
  • All-season tires – these types are focused on being able to perform well on the highway. So, if you see yourself driving in smooth pavements during your travels, you may use it to tow the 5th wheel. It is identified by its symmetrical tread design and circumferential grooves, which give you better grip when the surface is wet.
  • All-Purpose or A/P – commonly referred to as Trail tires, these are more rugged with a tread pattern of overlapping blocks. It will give you an average off-road grip and is best for mild terrains.

Aside from these three, two general classifications of tires are specific to be used for fifth-wheel trailers. These are the exclusive trailer or ST and the light truck (LT) tires.

Benefits Of Using Truck Tires For Towing 5th Wheel


Trucks tires are your best option when towing a 5th wheel. Yes, it is more expensive compared to other tires. You will soon realize that the price comes with so many advantages that you can earn back what you initially invested in purchasing the tires as the years go by.

Here are a few more reasons you get the best deal when you use truck tires to tow a fifth-wheel:

  • Heavy-duty – your truck tires can be compared to your shoes. You want your feet to be comfortable when you run or walk. It carries you around. It is the same principle as your tires. You want your truck tires to be made of the most durable materials, and they are. They are engineered to withstand the heavy load and the distance being traveled. With them being heavy-duty, you can ease your worry about your tires being punctured quickly. No, truck tires are punctured resistant. It will not be damaged as easily as the tires used by other cars. This would mean more savings for you because you don’t need to keep on repairing and replacing your tires.
  • Most truck tires have excellent traction on all kinds of terrains; whether it be wet, dry, muddy, snowy, and icy surfaces, it can have a good grip. And that should prevent wheel slippage when you accelerate. This is important because most road accidents are related to this. Traction also affects your steering and your ability to maintain the stability of the vehicle. This can be trickier when you are towing a fifth-wheel because you want your first car and your cargo to be traversing with constancy.
  • Above-average off-road performance – truck tires can endure and traverse severe weather and road conditions, so you need this kind of performance efficiency when towing. The last thing you need would be to stop by the side of the terrain because it is too muddy or slippery. With truck tires, you don’t need to stop. Yes, you may prefer to drive slower than usual. Still, these tires usually have above-average off-road performance ensuring your safety during the ride.

The three benefits are just some of the perks you get when you use truck tires to tow your fifth wheel. Costs vary depending on the brand and the add-ons you get. Overall, you still get to save because truck tires also positively influence your car’s fuel efficiency.

How We Picked


The beauty of our nature is meant to be shared with family and friends. There will always be that urge to take a road trip with your favorite people in the world and just enjoy and discover what nature has to offer.

A lot of people would opt for an SUV. As and when its space is not enough, a trailer, or in other cases, a small boat might also be needed in the trip, especially if you will come across an ocean or a lake.

Using great tires for towing a boat or your camper needs a lot of thought because you must ensure that you reach your destination with zero to minimal difficulties. When you choose a truck tires for towing a 5th wheel, here are four key aspects that you need to factor in:

  • The season or time of the year – trips are fun and should be well-planned. Before making the trip, you should have a good grasp of the season of the year and what to expect in the next few weeks while you are on the road. Getting as much info as possible about this factor, regardless of how unpredictable and uncontrollable it is, can help you prepare for what suits the nature of the highways and roads.

With this, you can be better equipped with the most suitable truck tires you should get. As much as you want to use the same tires all year round, you can’t risk your safety and adventure. Understand that each type of tire will also have different treads with the expectation that they can withstand the different seasons of the year.

  • The distance that will be traveled – another factor to be included in your decision would be the actual miles you will be covering. Tires are subject to worn and torn due to the friction that is continuously acting against them. Have an estimation of the total distance you will cover. If you will be traveling hard and for a while, it is best to get a set of tires with a bigger diameter.
  • Weight of the trailer – commonly referred to as the tongue weight; is the downward force that tends to act on a trailer. While you are keeping a trailer in motion, you are dragging or pulling it along. That’s why, you should look into the tongue’s weight when purchasing your truck tires.

To know your tongue’s weight, make sure that your trailer is loaded as it will be when you take your trip and drive all four wheels of your car on the scale with the trailer attached. Record the total weight. While your automobile is still on the size, unfasten the trailer and lift your tongue jack high enough that the hitch ball is not getting any weight at all.

Just deduct the two weights from each other, and the difference is your tongue weight if you have the option to use dually tires for towing, the better.

  • Cost and quality – depending on the manufacturer and the type of tire, expect the costs to vary. Different tires would have their unique conditions that also dictate the range of prices. Do not compromise the quality of the tires just to save a few bucks. Getting the best tires for fifth-wheel towing ensures a safe trip and any problems along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most popular truck tires for towing 5th wheel brands?

A: With so many brands right now, each claiming to be the all terrain tire for towing, you must be mindful of which one to consider and eventually purchase. The top three trusted brands that would be an excellent buy for you are Michelin, Goodyear, and Firestone.

Yes, these popular brands are a top choice because their performance and durability are also top-notch. The tires from these manufacturers are already proven. The best overall truck tire for towing a 5th will be Michelin, while Goodyear is a win for the best value. Firestone is your ultimate tiebreaker and shares the best of both brands.

Q: Are ten ply tires better for towing?

Yes, ten ply tires are better for towing because these are considered as heavy-duty and reliable tires. These Load Range E tires are designed for Jeeps, trucks, and SUVS, which are usually used to haul hefty loads. The ideal tires for hauling a camper and trailers are more durable than those of the usual lower ply tires. Load capacity wise, they also have a higher capability. You can even use it for towing motorhomes and off-roading since it is created with a firmer rubber compound. The best ten ply tires specific for towing should be adept at carrying a minimum of 3,000 pounds of weight on each tire.

Q: Can you rent a truck to tow a 5th wheel?

A: Good news! Yes, you can rent a truck to tow a 5th wheel. There are a lot of rentals available right now that you can consider. You can choose from either long beds or short beds; diesel or gas trucks to tow your 5th wheel. To help you identify which rental companies and rental trucks to consider, it is best to scout around as most have their online pages and social media accounts. Each, of course, would influence the total cost of the rental. You can further discuss your needs and consider their recommendations so you can be sure to rent the right truck.

Q: How to use it?

A: Always try to keep the trailer and the load you are carrying on the same level. Even if the tires are tasked to take the maximum capacity of the trailer, you must be aware that if your trailer is nose-low or high, the weight you are carrying will shift to only one tire.

It’s the same when you load your things inside your fifth wheeler, distribute the load, and store the heavy items equally. If all the heavy items are at the back, you would end up overloading your back tires.

Also, try not to hit on curbs because cutting in corners sharply and running over curbs would pressure your tires to exert more effort and force. This can cause an internal steel belt to snap or get damaged. You might not feel or see it right away, but you’ll be facing a huge problem a few miles later.

Q: How to maintain & care/ clean?

A: It is a must that you maintain your best tires for fifth wheel regularly because nothing will move without them. Cleaning and caring for it should be a top priority. Before washing your fifth wheel, camper, or RV, always focus on your tires and wash them first. This will stop the overspray and the grime from splashing into your car’s panel.

Every weight of your car and all you are carrying around is riding and moved by your tires. So, always check your tires before driving away regardless of the distance. Inspect your tires once or twice every month to keep track of its condition. Look for any debris that might be lodged in your tires and be very vigilant about holes and punctures that will cause the air pressure to be depleted.

Especially if you are towing a fifth-wheel, your tires should always be in tiptop shape because neglected tires can cause fatal road accidents. If you are not confident with your tire care, it will be best to get help from your trusted mechanic.

In addition, we also have a list of the best RV air compressors for your reference. Furthermore, check our guides for the best RV tire pressure gauge if you like.


Shopping for your tires is best done by you. With understanding and enough information, you can personally choose the best truck tires for towing 5th wheel, pickup trucks, or other similar vehicles. In the long run, it will be you who will reap the benefits of a right decision.

You can always have a smooth, comfortable and safe ride because you know that your tires can keep up with any terrain and season. You don’t want to put your road safety in the hands of other people. With so many resources available right now, you won’t be lacking in information. It pays to invest some of your time and energy in better equipping yourself with knowledge like this.

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