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The Best Trailer Tires

The best trailer tires increase road safety and give you peace of mind. They’re made specifically for trailers, so they have a unique tread design, sidewall thickness and ply rating when compared to truck or car tires.

Trailer tires are also made of heavy-duty materials to withstand road pressure and stress and are built to last for years. However, there are many trailer tires on the market, so it is important to know what you’re looking for when making a purchase.

It is the exact same reason that we’ve put up this guide that you can refer to when looking for trailer tires to rely on and use for years. In this guide, we’ve also listed the factors or features to check when buying a trailer tire. Also in this guide, we’re listing the top picks in the category that you can later compare and pick from for the right trailer tire for your needs and vehicle requirements.

(NOTE: Check the sizing requirements of your trailer. These trailer tires are available in many sizes.)

Table of Contents

Best Trailer Tires

1. Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire

  • Can handle different load ranges
  • Tough to handle all types of weather
  • Center grooves for consistent tracking
  • Shoulder design for heat dissipation
  • Durability for its nylon overlay
  • Can be hard to mount

Ensuring that both your cargo and passengers stay safe on the road aboard your trailer is one of the most important things to consider when traveling. That is why you need to invest on the right trailer tires. When reading best boat trailer tires reviews, you might have also bumped into the Trailer King ST 205/75R15 107L.

It is one of the best travel trailer tires on the market now for its robust construction and materials. They can stay perfectly in good shape even with frequent use, ensuring your safety on the road. The ST radial trailer tires by this brand are pretty impressive because it can be used for a wide range of trailers, including those for boats, fifth wheels and stock.

I also love that shoulder design that comes with it. Such a design is good for distributing heat. This design also helps in extending the life of the tires. In addition, it ensures that the thread won’t suffer from wear.

I also like that there are different sizes available, and that said it also means that you have the ability of choosing load ranges, including C and D.

During our travels, I also notice the very helpful center grooves, which can ensure of a better and smoother tracking all the time.

I also recommend these tires for its nylon overlay. That is one feature that you can also find in other sizes. What does it mean? The nylon overlay can increase durability, promoting strength especially if you’re someone taking heavy loads for your trailer.

I also like that the construction is perfect to deal with all situations and conditions, including hot and cold weather. This is something you will appreciate if you constantly drive your trailer to carry cargo for your business. The tires can also keep up with long distance driving no matter the terrain. These radial tires also boast great handling and traction.

On the downside, the tires can be hard to mount into the trailer. It might take some time and perhaps help from someone.

2. Freestar M-108 6 Ply C Load Radial Trailer Tire

  • Durable construction including its rubber compound
  • Can run more mileage
  • Fits most modern trailers and ability of handling different load ranges
  • Ideal for short and long tips
  • Can run smoothly regardless of the terrain
  • A bit expensive

The Freestar M-108 is a 6ply trailer tire that offers a solid and tough construction that can deal with different conditions. It is one of those that you should not miss when shopping around for a good radial trailer tire.

The product is by Freestar, which has been around for many years. Through the years, it has been the go-to choice for trailer owners looking for reliable and tough tires to carry a wide range of loads. Their tires are known for their suitability even for long distance trips, giving their customers the freedom to meet their towing needs.

In many trailer tires reviews, you will find this brand one of the most common of all because it is known in the towing community. One of their best offerings is the M108 model and for goods reasons. This product is suitable for C load range, which makes it ideal for many models and types of trailers, including stock, both, ATV and utility.

I also recommend it because it is suitable for long and short trips. With it, you can be certain that your passengers and cargo will always stay safe on the road because of its solid and durable construction.

So whether you’re using the trailer for camping or for business, you can depend on these tires that work just perfectly to get you to your destination fast and safely. I like that it has a heavy-duty construction, ensuring the most value of our spending when investing on trailer tires.

The M108 can keep up with different demanding conditions. It can work for many years without any hassles. I also notice that this tire can deal even with rough and uneven terrains without any problem.

You will also love that it can run more mileage than other trailer tires without any hassles. From the brand, you can also select from a wide range of sizes to meet your needs.

One more thing not to forget is that the tires has great handling and traction ability. You can have peace of mind that it will run smoothly no matter the kind of road you’re taking. I also recommend this because of the durable rubber compound that instantly improves its durability and lifespan.

Overall, I love the Freestar M-108 because it is durable and reliable. It is definitely a high quality tire that is affordable yet is valuable to use for different weather and road conditions and situations

On the downside, mounting can be a challenge the first time.

3. Carlisle 6H04561 Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire

  • Unique tread design for dealing with wear
  • Ideal for short or long distance trips
  • Trusted brand for almost 100 years
  • Can handle different road conditions and situations
  • Can be used for different boat trailer brands
  • Wheel not included

When shopping around for a good radial trailer tire, you should also look for one that is reliable to run on any road conditions. One of those that can run smoothly on any terrain, even on a rough road, is the Carlisle 6H04561.

It is made of tough and solid materials, which can deal with heavy abuse and use especially if you’re using your trailer for delivering or transporting cargo regularly.

I would also like to recommend the trailer tire because it can be used for many types of vehicles including cargo trailers, stock trailers, boat trailers and towable recreational vehicles. The tire is also useful for utility trailers, toy haulers and specialty trailers.

The Carlisle 6H04561 is a part of the brand’s HD series, which is perfect for use in many applications and vehicles as mentioned earlier. This model is one of the latest offerings from Carlisle, which is also one of the leaders in trailer tires for its solid commitment to durability and quality.

I also like its thread pattern, which adds to the durability and extends the lifespan of the tires. Over time, it can keep working and giving you the quality that you deserve.

In addition, I like that the product offers an extended tire life and reliable performance. It is dependable even if you would use the trailer for work, sports, business or play.

This tire is also one of those that can keep up with different road and weather conditions. In fact, I find that it is also one of the safest and toughest radial tires to give you peace of mind. I also like that it has a max capacity of 2040 lbs.

On the negative note, a wheel isn’t included. This model is a load D range only.

4. New Premium DURUN Trailer Tires

  • Has a max load capacity of 2015 lbs
  • Can be used for short or long distance trips
  • Has an 8-ply construction
  • Two tires included
  • Can deal with any road and weather conditions and situations
  • No rims included

When shopping around for the best trailer tires for heavy loads, you should look for one that has a good load range and made of durable materials to ensure of its long-lasting use. You should also look for one with a great design to increase its stability and prolong its lifespan.

This model is a set of two new tires, each with a rim width of 5.5”. It is also better than other tires on the market because it has an 8-ply construction, meaning it is even made more durable to last for more years. With these tires, you can be certain that you can rely on them for a longer time even with regular use.

No matter your purpose for driving your trailer, such as transporting cargo, camping or playing sports, the Trailer Tires ST 205 75R15 are dependable. They can be used for short or long distance trips.

They can also work smoothly regardless of the terrain of the road you’re taking. With these tires, you can also have peace of mind that you will get to your destination safely because they are tough to deal with any road conditions and weather situations.

It has a speed rating of 107L, which is a good rating that you can rely on and a D load range that is one of the most useful on the market. I also love that it has a maximum load capacity of 2150 lbs, which is pretty high for carrying and transporting cargo.

On the not so good note, this model comes with no rims.

5. New Premium FREE COUNTRY Trailer Tires

  • Suitable for different types of weather and road conditions
  • Heavy-duty components
  • Strong sidewall
  • Dependable for short or long journeys
  • Less rolling friction
  • Lower max load capacity at 1820 lbs @ 50psi versus other tires has.

The FREE COUNTRY ST205/75D15 is one of the trailer tires we should not forget in these reviews because it is one of the most dependable when it comes to giving us peace of mind and confidence when driving our trailer. It can be used for short and long distance trips without any issues because it is made of solid industry standard materials.

These brand new tires are some of the most reliable choices on the market because they are also affordable aside from possessing high quality. They are also built with 6-ply rating, which is a pretty standard in many products in the same category do. I also like that the tires have the VR383 that is actually nice to have for this tire with a size of 205/75D15.

Take note that the tires also have a load range C, which makes it versatile for many applications and uses, including on stock trailers, boat trailers and other trailer models.

Free Country is also one of the most reliable brands on the market for its solid commitment to bringing innovation and performance on the road for its high quality trailer tires.

Buying trailer tires, you can also have peace of mind for picking this model because it can handle even snow and other extreme weather conditions. It can also be used in many types of road terrains without any worries. The tire can take you to your destination safely.

Overall, the trailer tires are a decent choice for those looking for an affordable and reliable tires to mount on their vehicle.

On the not so good note, this model has a lower load capacity of only 1820lbs @ 50psi.

6. Power King Low Boy Trailer Bias Tire

  • Max weight capacity 2300 lbs
  • Ideal for short or long trips
  • Can deal with a wide range of road and weather conditions
  • Can handle max pressure of 95 PSI
  • Two-year warranty
  • Can be challenging to mount

Aside from checking the trailer tire load range, you must also check for durability and versatility of the trailer tire you’re buying. Remember, this is a serious investment, which is why you have to buy the right one the first time.

The Power King Low Boy Trailer Bias Tire is one of the toughest on the market for its 12-ply composition. This rating is one of the best I found looking for products to review. More plies also mean more durability. What does that mean? It only means that you can use the tire for a longer time without having to replace or buy new ones from time to time.

I also like that it comes with two years of warranty, which is a good indication that the manufacturer is serious about their products that they can back them up with a solid warranty. Finding a product that has a warranty is very important to make sure that you can get whenever you need it.

This tire is a tubeless type, which has as straight tracking ability for easy rolling of the tires. It is reliable to take on any types of terrains, even on rough roads. You can also depend on it for short and long trips.

I also like that this product is designed for mobile homes and bed trailers. It is a versatile feature that can give us options to use the tire for different vehicles. The tires are also available in different sizes. You should refer to your vehicle’s specifications for tire size requirements.

On a not so good note, the tire can be hard to mount the first time.

7. Gladiator 20575R15 Trailer Truck Tire

  • Belted, reinforced construction
  • Can handle any type of road and weather condition
  • Load range D for use in many types of vehicles
  • 8 ply rating for extended lifespan
  • 2150/1870 lbs weight capacity
  • A bit pricey

If you’re finding the answer for who makes the best trailer tires, you might have just found it. The Gladiator 20575R15 is one popular tire online that has garnered many positive reviews from its users.

For one, the Gladiator 20575R15 has solid, durable construction because it is an 8-ply model that also means it can deliver long service to you and your vehicle. This has a higher ply rating versus others do, meaning the maker has ensured that they can deliver the durability that their customers are looking for.

It is also made more durable for its belted reinforced construction that can extend the lifespan of the tires. That said you could also save more money in the process because you don’t need replacement tires from time to time.

I also like that this model is belted, which could also increase its weight capacity. In addition, this model can handle a max weight capacity reaching up to 2150/1870 lbs.

That said this model could carry more cargo that you have to transport or carry to your warehouse or customers. You can also rely on the tire even if you would mount them for pleasure and camping.

When it comes to road safety and peace of mind, you can depend on the Gladiator 20575R15 that can deliver you that because of its great design and construction. It also has great ability of withstanding any weather conditions and situations.

On the not so good remark, the tire is a bit pricey.

8. Nanco S622 6 Ply C Load Bias Trailer Tire

  • Can withstand varying road conditions and situations
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Proven durability and endurance on the road
  • Dependable for long or short trips
  • Heavy-duty sidewalls
  • Does not include wheels

The Nanco S622 Bias Trailer Tire is another not to miss in today’s reviews of the best products on the market. It is a bias trailer tire that is made by crisscrossing nylon piles. What this design does is producing a rigid and tough sidewall that can also resist punctures on the road. It adds to the durability or increased lifespan of the tires. This model is versatile enough for use in many applications that include cargo, construction, agriculture, sports and light marine.

Another thing I like about the Nanco tire is that is made of high quality and professional grade materials. It only means that you can depend on it for long-term use and purposes. Whether you’re using your trailer for pleasure or business, you can rely on the tire that can take you to your destination safely.

It also offers top performance that can be hard to find in other products belonging to the same category. When it comes to the right trailer tire brand, there is no doubt that Nanco is one of them for their solid commitment to performance and quality. This tire can be used for many types of terrains for its dependable smooth running all the time. As it is also made of durable materials, it can also withstand various road conditions as well as weather changes, including snow.

Overall, the model is a great choice for its performance and lasting durability. It is also by a top and respected brand in the trailer tires industry.

On the not so good note, the model does not include wheels.

9. Maxxis M8008 ST Radial Trailer Tire

  • Advanced tread design reduces rolling friction
  • Enhances fuel economy
  • Improves towing ability of your vehicle
  • Full nylon cap for increased stability
  • Shock absorption for handling loads
  • This product is expensive

If you’re looking for radial trailer tires, you might have bumped into Maxxis trailer tire reviews, revealing the best things to expect from a Maxxis trailer tire. One of the most popular models of the brand is the Maxxis M8008, a radial ST tire.

A radial tire like it has crisscrossing steel belts and perpendicular polyester plies that are able to give you smoother rides. It is also more durable for its longer wear for different applications, including toy hauling, livestock and travel trailers.

The Maxxis M8008 ST Radial Trailer Tire (205/75R15) is also one of the best in the category for its long-hauling capabilities that make it ideal for cargo trailers, too. It is designed for smooth rides, yet it also offers a longer lifespan on its tread life. When it comes to performance and smooth ride, you should definitely give this Maxxis a second look.

I also like the radial tire because it is made with an advanced tread compound. What it does effectively is its ability of reducing rolling resistance. It is something that can extend the lifespan of this model. That also means more savings for you.

There are also different sizes available. If you’re shopping around for 15 inch trailer tires, you might be able to find them from this brand, which is also one of the most respected in the trailer tires industry. It has been around for many years, offering solid performance for their durable and top quality trailer tires.

One more thing notable with the model that has an advanced tread design is its fuel economy that also saves us more money. It does it perfectly by being able to reduce the rolling resistance it receives on the road.

I also love that double-belted construction, which can improve the towing stability and increase the tire’s strength. It also has a 6-ply rating that also makes it durable and long-lasting.

On the downside, the product is more expensive than other trailer tires in the category are.

10. Carlisle Sport Trail LH Bias Trailer Tire

  • Innovative tread design for low rolling resistance
  • Extended wear
  • Lower heat build up
  • Quiet road operation
  • Ideal for applications, including light marine, agriculture, utility and sport trailers
  • Wheel isn’t included

Check out the Carlisle Sport trailer tire if you’re after performance. I notice that it is useful for rugged performance. As it is also a bias trailer tire, it is also puncture resistant to withstand tough terrains.

I also recommend that Carlisle Sport because it is ideal for many applications. It is useful for utility, construction, light duty boating and marine, cargo hauling and light duty travel. With its versatility for many applications, it is one of the top choices that you should not miss.

I also like the tread design, which I think adds to its great performance. The tread design can offer a low rolling friction. That alone can help in improving the performance while at the same time extending the lifespan of the tire.

This trailer tire is also one of the best in the category for its wider shoulder design, offering better road contact even when loaded. It is also laboratory and field-tested for quality.

I also like that this product has an extended wear due to its durable construction materials. It can also offer a smooth and consistent ride. Even when used in highways, the tire can provide great stability, offering you peace of mind and safety.

I also like that the product has a low noise operation. Another thing is that heat does not build up easily on it, furthering its lifespan. Overall, the Carlisle Sport is a great trailer tire choice for its quality and performance. The tire is also available in many sizes.

On the downside, this model does not come with a wheel. It is tire only.

11. eCustomRim Trailer Tire + Rim

  • Perfect for many applications
  • Strong and rugged performance
  • Trusted brand
  • Quiet operation and smooth ride
  • Max load capacity 1820 lbs at 50 PSI
  • Low ply rating than others in the same category

When reviewing trailer tires, we should not also forget about the eCustomRim Trailer Tire and Rim. It is by a brand known for the performance and quality of its products. One of the things I would like to point out about it is its steel construction that makes it durable extending its lifespan no matter the abuse and use it can receive on the road. You can look forward to long-term use with it, so you can get more value of your money.

I also like the 5-lug bolt pattern. It is a unique feature that is ideal for trailers. One more thing I would like to note is that the model is also easy to mount, according to the different reviews to find online.

If you are looking for a high quality trailer tire and rim, you should not look any further especially when it comes to the weight capacity of this product reaching up to 1820 lbs. You will also appreciate that it has a 6-ply construction and C load range.

I also notice that you can choose from different tire sizes. So if you’re looking for 16 inch trailer tires, you might be able to find one from this model. It also means that you can find a replacement for an original tire in your trailer.

Overall, this trailer tire is a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable yet top performing tire for your trailer.

On the downside, the 6-ply rating is comparably lower than other products in the same category.

12. White Spoke Trailer Wheel with Bias Tire Mounted

  • Ideal for applications, including agriculture and light marine
  • Can deal with tough weather conditions
  • Quiet operation
  • Pre mounted ply tire for added convenience
  • Offers smooth running and low rolling resistance
  • A bit pricey

Another product not to miss when finding the right trailer tire is the WE 14-2B Trailer Tire because it has a solid performance no matter the road conditions. So aside from reading reviews, such as Freestar trailer tire reviews, you should also find out more about the solid product that can give you the top road performance that you’re looking for.

There are many reasons to love this product. For one, you can also rely on it even in the snow and other extreme weather conditions. This product is a white spoke wheel with bias tire included. It works perfectly for many applications, including utility, cargo, agriculture and light marine.

It is categorized for load range C, making it one of the most flexible to use for different applications I also would like to recommend that it has a high max load capacity reaching up to 1760 each tire. It just means that you can load more into your trailer without any issues. This weight capacity is really great for your trips, whether short or long distance ones. It also offers improved traction that makes it suitable for wet and dry conditions.

You can also rely that this product can also deal with heavy abuse and use no matter if you frequently use it for camping, trips, sports or business.

I also like the bolt-configuration of 5-lug and 4.5 inches center that makes it perfect for many trailers.

On the negative note, this product is a bit pricey than other tires in the category is.

Why You Should Trust Us

There are many guide sources on the web, so picking information about the best RV gears and accessories could have been easy and fast. However, we should not trust all the things we can read online because some might be unverified information. Some reviews and buying guides might also be unreliable if the factors to check on when selecting a specific type of RV or trailer product or equipment are not carefully considered.

By trusting us, you can be certain that the trailer tires we have featured here are carefully assessed and reviewed based on the things that we have listed in the buying guide, which can help you compare and buy the right tire for your trailer.

Some of these include longevity, tire size and weight and tread design. In addition, we have considered the tire’s weight capacity, sidewall strength and speed rating, among other things. That is why we’re able to review the products we have featured in today’s guide.

We have also picked those products that have garnered highly positive reviews from the community and users worldwide. These products are also by top brands, so we can rely on their quality and performance.

Nevertheless, Smart RVing is genuinely concerned about helping you pick the best RV products, such as an RV air compressor.

We’re hoping you will be able to pick up the right trailer tire that works perfectly for your needs and demands. If you have more questions, don’t think twice contacting us today!

What Is A Trailer Tire


A trailer tire is unlike ordinary car tires because it is designed and built for rugged road conditions and especially for trailers. It can be bias or radial tires, which we’re going to discuss a bit later in this following. A trailer tire also has a rugged construction, yet it offers smooth and quiet operation. The best ones also can offer lower rolling resistance that ensures the tires will last longer.

Types Of Trailer Tires


When finding the high quality trailer tires, you should not just read reviews, such as Grand Ride trailer tires reviews, but also learn as much about this kind of product. One thing to know about trailer tires before buying is the types of trailer tires you can find when comparing and researching for different models and brands.

Radial tires

In general, these tires have plies, each perpendicularly running across the tire. For added durability, the best of them also are designed and made with belts, usually made of steel. The belts are running just beneath the tread that is surrounding the tire’s circumference.

One thing that many users love about radial tires is that they can offer a smooth ride because of low rolling friction. They also have steel belts that make them perfect for running cooler even for a longer time, something useful when going on long trips or journeys. They also offer long tread life and wide footprint.

Bias Ply Tire

The bias trailer tire is notable for its plies running at 30-degree angles. Many trailer owners want the bias ply tires due to its distinct crosshatch design and construction. Such type of construction is promoting stronger sidewalls, which is one of its advantages over radial tires. Just like radial tires, it can also be used for many applications, including agriculture, utility and cargo. It can also be used in fifth wheels and light marine.

These are the two types of trailer tires to find on the market. Nevertheless, the type of tire to buy also matters as one of the factors to consider when buying a new tire.

Why Do You Need A Trailer Tire


The next question you may be having right now is why you need trailer tires, not just ordinary ones. There are many benefits that you should mount or install a trailer tire on your towing vehicle because of the following.

Built to last

One of the great reasons to use a trailer tire is its longevity. It is designed and made with durable materials to ensure of long-lasting use. This only means that you don’t have to replace the tires very often. Some of them also have a design that can dissipate heat evenly to prevent overheating. It also means that you can stay safe and prevent tire blowouts, which can be dangerous.

Specifically designed and made for trailers

You should also install trailer tires on your vehicle because it is specifically made for it. It can also be used for plenty of applications, including agriculture, utility, cargo, boat, sports and light marine applications. Buying one from a top brand, you can also achieve peace of mind that you will get a long-lasting tire that you don’t have to replace very often.

By top brands

The top picks we’ve featured on this review are from the best brands in the category. As we only want you to use the best tires for your trailer, we have only included the best brands, including Carlisle, eCustomRim, Freestar, and Trailer King, to name some.

Safety on the road

Tire blowouts and other issues while driving a trailer can be lessened by using good trailer tires that can increase road safety. They are built to handle road pressure and stress, making them the choice for many trailer owners that want to increase the safety of their cargo and their passengers whether they’re using their vehicle for pleasure or business.

High max weight capacity

Tire trailers also have high maximum weight capacity. It is one of the reasons that they’re used in carrying or transporting cargo and goods. The high weight capacity also means that the tire has the versatility for use in many applications.

Less rolling resistance

Another thing that makes a trailer tire beneficial for use in your trailer is that many of them can offer less rolling resistance. What does that mean? It only translates to better performance on the road. It just means that the tire will have less rolling friction when in contact to the surface. With that, the tire will last longer than ordinary tires can. Using specific trailer tires, you can also be certain that you will save on fuel because your engine won’t have to tow the vehicle harder so that you can drive faster.

Less maintenance and fewer replacements

Using trailer tires, you don’t have to buy a new one to replace your old tire. Trailer tires are made of heavy-duty materials, including a durable rubber compound as well as high ply ratings that can reach up to 12 plies.

With trailer tires, you don’t have to spend much money from time to time on maintenance, too, because these tires are built to deal with different road and weather conditions.

How We Picked


We recognize that the selection process when buying a new trailer tire is not easy. This investment must be looked into carefully to ensure that you’re getting the most of your money.

Also, there are many factors involved that will affect your buying decision. That is why we have outlined in the following the things that we have considered in putting up the reviews and picking the most reliable products in the category. It matters because we have to choose the best ones that can meet your demands. For this reason, see the following for the features to look for when shopping around.


Another thing to consider when shopping around for a good tire is its tread design. When tread wear is to be considered, the radial types work better than the bias tires.

Traction and smooth operation

Remember that friction can affect the speed as to how fast your trailer will run. It is another important factor to check when comparing the overall design of the tires.

You should also check on the towing weight, which also matters when buying a trailer tire. It is one of the things that can ensure that you won’t have a hard time when turning the corner. For this reason, you should determine the friction and traction when choosing a new trailer tire. In order to find out, you should also buy one that has a lower rolling resistance that can make sure that your tires won’t only run smoothly but also will help you save on fuel.


Another thing to consider when shopping around for a good trailer tire is its durability. For one, using the trailer frequently will degrade a poorly constructed tire easily. A deteriorated one is dangerous to drive. While it is not easy to figure out which one is the toughest of them all, you can still find a good tire based on the positive reviews that a specific model receives from its users. Find a long-lasting tire that will also mean you don’t have to replace it from time to time often.

Sidewall strength

Trailer tires are known for their sidewall strength, and it is one of those things to look into when buying a new trailer tire that should be sturdy enough to handle the heavy abuse and use demand on the road especially if using your trailer for business and cargo delivery.

It should also be able to handle pressure strongly. Why? Remember that the pressure also increases as the tire pressure increases. (It is also a reason that you need the best RV tire pressure monitoring system).

Select one that has strong sidewalls to ensure that it won’t explore when the tires are in an extreme pressure.

Size and weight

One of the main considerations when looking for a trailer tire is its weight and size because it must be able to keep up and accommodate the weight of your vehicle especially when it is loaded. To determine the right one based on size and weight is to figure out how much weight capacity your vehicle is able to support. You can check for the weight capacity of the tire that is usually printed on it. In addition, you should determine the correct size by checking the size of the tire and its rim.

Speed rating

The speed rating is another thing to consider when buying trailer truck that will give you the most value of your buck. Generally, each tire on the market comes with a speed rating normally up to 104 mph. One of the things to affect the speed rating is the inflation pressure.

While you can find those models with the ability of going beyond maximum pressure, you should still consult dealership in your area for advice on this feature.

Inflation pressure

Aside from the weight, size, and type of tread of the tire, you should also check on the inflation pressure of the tires you’re buying. Its inflation pressure will determine its max capability in handling or carrying a specific load or weight based on the inflation pressure you’ve exerted. Before buying, read the label printed on the tire to check on the maximum inflation pressure that the tire can handle.

In addition, you should check on the altitude and temperature as other external factors to affect your buying decision. You should consider this feature as one of the most important when trying to pick the right trailer tire.

Load rating

One of the most important things to look into when shopping around for a good trailer tire is its maximum weight capacity or rating. For this reason, you should also determine the load range apart from the max weight. Both are needed to ensure that you’re making a good decision when buying a new tire for the trailer. However, also note that any tire has a specific weight and load capacity, which is usually based on its inflation pressure.

Before buying a trailer tire, you should check that it is able to meet a particular rating/range your vehicle needs. It is important to ensure that the tire will be able to deal with the pressure of your journey. And in order to prevent quick degradation, you should also determine that the tire has the correct ratings and weight. This factor is important so that you can look forward to long-term use and safety when hitting the roads.

There you have our simple buying guide that can help you pick among the top 12 trailer tires 2018 and 2019 on the market. Again, pick based on its weight, size, tread design, type of tire, max weight capacity, inflation pressure and longevity, among other things to look into so that you can make a great buying decision later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are good trailer tire brands?

A: While there are so many brands on the market, not all of them are reliable to offer top performance. It is why we only picked the top tire brands on the market so that we can be certain that they’re the best of the best in the category. A few of them include Trailer King, Carlisle, Freestar and eCustomRim.

Q: Are trailer tires different from car tires?

A: Yes, they are. Car tires are meant to be on a lead or main vehicle, which is why they have a thick thread that can keep traction even on sharp corner turns or slippery roads.

Many of them are also made to keep up with the higher speeds on the highways. On the other hand, trailer tires are mounted or installed on the secondary or following vehicle. In general, they got thicker sidewalls, which can handle debris and other objects on the road.

They don’t have as thick as the tread of the car tires. In all cases, the trailer tires are not built in the same way as the tires of trucks or cars.

Q: Where are trailer tires made?

A: The trailer tires are made by the top brands, including Carlisle, Maxxis and Trailer King. They’re some of the most reputable brands in the category that the community and the world are trusting through the years. They offer innovative products that can also last for many years, giving customers the most value of their investment that they don’t have to replace the tires very often.

Q: How much are trailer tires?

A: They don’t have the same price range. That is why we have picked different products that belong in varying price ranges. For this reason, you can also select based on your budget without compromising the quality. Nevertheless, all the products we have included in the reviews are top picks in the category.

Q: How long are trailer tires good for?

A: There is no definite answer to this question. The length as to how long the tires will be good for will depend on certain factors, including usage frequency, material quality, design and other things that all contribute to the longevity of the trailer tires. You can also maintain them properly by checking on their pressure to prevent tire blowout due to increased temperature and pressure inside the tires.

Q: Are trailer tires balanced?

A: Yes, they are balanced. They are laboratory and road-tested to withstand weather conditions and road situations. Many of them are also dependable when making sharp turns, staying on the pavement and making corner turns, to name some. The best ones won’t give you a hard time when it comes to balance.

Q: How to rotate trailer tires?

A: It’s recommended to balance your trailer tires often by rotating them. By doing so, you will be able to check if there are mechanical issues with the trailer like the hubs and bearings. You can rotate the tires by rotating them from front to back and from side to the side, while also switching across its axle to make a pattern resembling a crisscross. Nevertheless, you should rotate the tires using an x pattern.

Q: How to keep trailer tires from dry rotting?

A: The best and easiest way of protecting your trailer tires from dry rot is checking monthly that your tires are inflated properly. Also, if you’re not going to use the trailer often, you should store it in a climate-control garage. In addition, you should use a board under the tire when it is in storage, and keeping it away from asphalt that can attract UV rays.

Q: How to replace trailer tires?

A: It is easy to replace trailer tires. For the most part, you should just read and follow the instructions from the maker depending on the make or model of your trailer tire. Also, it will be just like replacing an ordinary tire of any vehicle

Q: How much should trailer tires be inflated?

A: There is no specific answer to this question. You must refer to the printed instructions on the trailer tire you’re buying so that you can inflate them properly. It is also to ensure that they can run smoothly and won’t be a drag for the main or lead vehicle due to an under inflated tire.


There you have our guide on the best trailer tires that you can rely on for many years to come. At most, many of them can last long and provide great traction on the road. They also offer less rolling resistance that can promote fuel economy as well. Using the best tires, you can also increase road safety because they are safe when making sharp turns and staying on the pavement when you’re applying a brake. Nevertheless, we do hope you find the right trailer tire that you can meet your demands and vehicle requirements today! To shop for other RV, trailer tires & accessories, check these articles: best RV air compressorsbest RV tires. We hope you will like them.


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