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The Best Tow Dolly

The best tow dolly can make your RV-ing adventures more worthwhile. While there are plenty of solutions for bringing a second car on your camping trips, a tow dolly offers several advantages that will make you consider it as your go-to ‘5th wheel’.

Tow dollies are very easy to use. They do not require modifications to your towed vehicle. Tow dollies are space-savers and affordable, too. If you are interested in getting a tow dolly for your motorhome or RV, then you are in the right place. We have here some of the best tow dollies you can bring home.

Best Tow Dollies

1. Demco 9713047 Tow Dolly

  • Equipped with tail lights for improved safety
  • Comes with brakes to help reduce stopping distance
  • Ingenious 5th wheel design and low tongue weight for improved maneuverability
  • Wide tread width to accommodate different vehicles
  • Sturdy, thick ramps; anti-dent, anti-rust fender
  • A bit heavy at 780 pounds
  • Can be tricky to assemble

If you are searching for reliable two wheel car dollies, then the Demco Tow-It 2 is the right choice. This is a tow dolly that has useful safety features on a stable platform. The ramps never feel flimsy, and the tongue is lightweight enough to ensure hassle-free manual movement. A senior will not have problems moving this around.

This Demco tow dolly can accommodate vehicles that have a tread width of about 68 inches. The ramp is thick, wide, and sturdy. You will not have issues with needless wheel slipping. This makes it very easy to load and unload your towed vehicle without the tires’ risk of falling off the ramp.

You will also like the 5th wheel design of the Tow-It 2. It swivels to make turning a lot more effortless. The design also allows for more efficient tracking. The fender adds a nice touch to the tow dolly. It features robust construction, complete with anti-dent and anti-rust technologies. The fender also serves as protection for the dolly’s wheels.

The surge brakes in the Tow-It 2 are also noteworthy. It is sensitive to changes in vehicle acceleration. You will feel more at ease driving your RV and towing your vehicle with the Tow-It 2 platform. Aiding in the safety of this tow dolly is a pair of tail lights. They make it safe to drive on the highway and city streets amongst other motorists.

While the tongue weight of the Tow-It 2 is light, the overall weight of the tow dolly is quite hefty (780 pounds). This reduces the vehicle’s overall weight that you can tow if you factor in your tow vehicle’s gross vehicle weight rating and gross combined weight rating. Some people also find the Tow-It 2 quite challenging to assemble.

Nevertheless, you can enjoy safe and effortless towing when you have finally set the Tow-It 2 up. It is a good investment for your RV-ing Adventures.

2. Dethmers 9713045 Tow Dolly

  • Very durable and sturdy construction
  • Foldable design makes for easy storage
  • Comes with effective hydraulic surge brakes
  • Allows for safe and easy towed vehicle loading and unloading
  • Can tow a vehicle weighing up to 4,800 lbs.
  • It takes time to assemble.

The Kar Kaddy SS is currently the best rated RV car dolly on the market. It offers the stability, durability, and excellent performance of the Demco Tow-It 2 and completes it with a few other innovations.

This Dethmers product is an RV tow dolly with surge brakes. The system allows for effortless braking while giving you peace of mind. There is no point worrying about fishtailing or not stopping your vehicle in time. The tow dolly’s brakes’ hydraulic system is solid enough to ensure controlled and safer braking.

Motorhome owners will also appreciate the ramps of the tow dolly. It is sturdier and broader than most of the products you may have seen on the market. The grip is also exceptional. The tires will never slip, allowing you to load and unload your vehicle without breaking a sweat.

While the Kar Kaddy SS is lighter than the Tow-It 2 by about 105 pounds, its construction is as robust as any heavy-duty machinery out there. This tow dolly can accommodate vehicles with an axle weight of up to 3,500 pounds. Its overall towed vehicle weight rating is 4,800 pounds. That is more than the weight capacity of other brands.

You will also be thrilled about the foldable design of the Kar Kaddy SS. When fully extended, this tow dolly measures 133 inches long from the tip of the coupler to the outer edge of the ramps. Fold the ramp and the tongue, and you have a tow dolly that only measures 67 inches long.

Some people find the assembly of the Kar Kaddy SS to be trickier than they would have liked. It does take time to put all the things together.

Setting it up is the only real pain about the Kar Kaddy SS. Everything else is a breeze. This is a tow caddy that will last as long as your vehicle.

3. Demco 9713046 Tow Dolly

  • Helps keep RV and towed vehicle in perfect shape
  • Features an auto-steer mechanism for effortless turning
  • Can accommodate a total weight of 4,800 lbs.
  • Comes with surge brakes and taillights
  • Has a lightweight design
  • Is quite expensive
  • Challenging to assemble

We all want to feel safe whenever we drive across the country with a second vehicle behind our motorhome. We want that peace of mind, knowing that both our RV and our towed vehicle are in perfect shape the moment we arrive at our destination. This is what we are getting with the Kar Kaddy 3.

This RV car tow dolly has all of the remarkable features of a reliable product with the Demco badge. There is no fault in its construction.

The Kar Kaddy 3 is about 10 pounds lighter than the Kar Kaddy SS. We are not sure where the weight difference comes from. We are only happy that the tow dolly is light enough to accommodate heavier vehicles on the platform. It can hold up to 4,800 pounds.

The Kar Kaddy 3 also appeals to people who require a car dolly with brakes. The integrated surge brakes work well with the built-in tail lights to improve safety on the road. Other motorists will know if you are braking or not. This helps avert any disaster on the road.

One thing that we loved about the Kar Kaddy 3 is its auto-steer technology. Turning with a towed vehicle can be nerve-wracking, especially for first-timers. You will never have knocks on your knees or trembling hands when you have the Kar Kaddy 3 towing your second vehicle. The system helps to turn more effortless. Above all, it gives you that sense of security that nothing is going to go wrong.

Of course, there are some drawbacks to the Kar Kaddy 3. These are minor, nevertheless. The addition of an auto-steer technology translates to a higher price tag. The assembly is classic Demco – very challenging. Some people may find their assembly easy. However, it will still take you a long time to put everything together.

Other than that, all is good with the Demco Kar Kaddy 3. This is a reliable tow dolly that can be an excellent companion on the road. It is lightweight and can accommodate different types of vehicles you may have in your garage.

4. Demco 9713049 Tow Dolly

  • Foldable design makes for easy storage
  • Stable galvanized ramp, lightweight tongue
  • Features surge brakes and coupler with pin
  • Easy to move around
  • Enclosed fenders for improved vehicle protection
  • With integrated tail lights for improved safety
  • Not really fully assembled

The Demco 9713049 Kar Kaddy is a good choice for people who want a tow better dolly that is easier to move around. It also has several safety features that can make its use on the road a lot more meaningful. Its thoughtful design will also blend well with the aesthetics of your towed vehicle.

The Kar Kaddy comes with a neat foldable design that it shares with the Kar Kaddy SS. You can easily place the tow dolly in a place at least 70 inches long. The galvanized ramp is stable and will never buckle under the weight of your car as it rolls on and off the platform.

The coupler comes with a safety pin that further improves the tow dolly’s security, safety, and stability. The tongue is lightweight for easy handling.

There is a surge brake system that should eliminate any jitters whenever you step on the brake pedal. It may not be as powerful as other brake systems. However, it is sensitive enough to track changes in velocity. You can say goodbye to fishtailing.

A helpful feature of the Kar Kaddy is the pair of tail lights. They easily connect to your tow vehicle electronics. The lights are bright and should give you enough confidence on the road, even in a heavy downpour.

One thing people should know about the Kar Kaddy is that it still requires assembly. Demco indeed advertises the product as ‘Assembled”. However, it is not practical to ship a fully assembled tow dolly. First, this contraption is heavy. Second, it is quite long when in its fully extended position at about 10 feet. It would be difficult to ship the product as is.

The Demco Kar Kaddy offers a no-nonsense way to tow another vehicle behind your RV. It is easy to move around, safe on the road, and easy to store when you no longer need it. It is quite heavy. However, its weight can sure add stability to your towing adventures.

5. Acme Trailer ULTD300 Tow Dolly

  • Can tow a vehicle weighing up to 4,900 lbs.
  • Has a wide platform to accommodate different types of vehicles
  • Features advanced disc brakes for improved safety and easy maintenance
  • Ships partially assembled
  • Fully welded for strength and durability
  • Accompanying chains can be short to some people.
  • Ramps are difficult to store

Motorhome owners know the importance of getting a tow dolly with brakes. Most people think that a surge brake or even an electric brake is enough to offer them the kind of peace of mind they need when towing their car. However, some RV owners prefer the stopping power of a disc brake. If you are like these RV owners, then you should pick Acme’s EZE-Tow.

This Acme tow dolly is the first of its kind that uses disc brakes on its tow dolly wheels. Such an innovation gives motorists the peace of mind they need whenever they step on the brakes. Disc brakes are also easy to maintain. Replacing the parts, such as the brake pads, is also never a problem.

The EZE-Tow also has the most significant vehicle tow weight rating on this list. It can accommodate vehicles that weigh 4900 pounds. The platform upon which your towed vehicle will rest is also wide. You can quickly load and secure almost any type of front-wheel-drive vehicle on the EZE-Tow.

The frame comes fully welded to give it strength and durability. Acme also ships the product partially assembled. You only need to install the fenders and the taillights you are good to go.

The ramps can be quite a headache to store, too; its straps have to be tightened regularly. The chains are also shorter than what we would have wanted.

These are some issues that you may have to deal with before you decide to buy the Acme EZE-Tow. It is a reliable product once you get your vehicle onto the tow bed. The stopping power of the disc brakes is also worthy of your attention.

How We Picked


It is never easy to pick the correct RV car dolly. One has to consider factors whenever choosing a product that will work best with your motorhome or tow vehicle. We understand these challenges. That is why we came up with this review of the best tow dollies to make it easier for you to determine the right product for your needs. Here is how we picked the best tow dolly for RV.

First, we considered the brand. There are only a few companies that make good quality and reliable tow dollies. These companies have the skills and the technical expertise of making dependable tow dollies, which they gained from many years of experience.

This also solves the issue of quality construction. We are confident that trustworthy companies will never put anything on the market if they know that that product is not right.

Second, we looked at the tow weight requirements. We believe that the best car tow dolly should be able to accommodate even the largest SUVs on the market. If not, then a tow dolly that can accommodate many types of cars should be great. We also looked at the width of the tow dolly. It should be able to accommodate the wheelbase of modern cars.

Third, safety is essential to us. That is why we also examined the presence of brakes and lights. These two vehicle components are crucial. A tow dolly with integrated brakes is a lot safer than one without. You can reduce your stopping distance and protect your investment in the process. Vehicle lights are always important. They signal to other motorists where you intend to turn or whether you are braking.

Fourth, we also considered the overall weight of the tow dolly. Most people like a lightweight tow dolly because it is a lot easier to hook up into the tow vehicle. It is also a cinch to store.

The most important advantage of this type of tow dolly is that it will not add substantial weight to your vehicle. You know that your vehicle can only tow so much weight. If the tow dolly is already massive, then you can only tow a light vehicle.

Fifth, most consumers look at price as a significant consideration. A tow dolly for sale can be the right choice if the dolly is reliable, of good quality construction, and has enough safety features to hook up to your vehicle.

Lastly, we had to consider consumer tow dolly reviews. We also would like to know the experiences of people who have already used the product. This allowed us to compare our evaluation of the tow dollies with the real-life experiences of the people who use these products regularly.

You can also follow these steps if you think you want to perform the search yourself. Take your time to study the different features of the tow dolly you wish to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most popular RV tow dolly brands?

A: There are not that many companies on the market that design and manufacture reliable tow dollies. Of the few, Demco is one of the most trusted. This company provides several dollies for every vehicle owner on the market. You can rely on the soundness of their tow dolly’s construction as well as its robust functionality. Their products are also popular because of the additional features that they have.

American Car dolly is also an excellent choice. You may also want a Roadmaster tow dolly or even a Stehl tow dolly. Tow Max also produces reliable tow dollies.

While these brands of tow dollies are popular, we still urge you to exercise due diligence in researching for the best possible tow dolly to buy. Different manufacturers will have varying tow dolly requirements. If you choose the wrong one, you might end up feeling unsafe on the road and risk damaging your vehicle.

Q: What cars can be towed on a tow dolly?

A: A tow dolly is ideal for any car with a front-wheel-drive layout and an automatic transmission. Towing a vehicle with a rear-wheel, all-wheel, or four-wheel drive layout often requires the driveshaft disconnection. Towing your car backward is risky. The camber alignment and caster of the front wheels in contact with the road surface prevents correct tracking. You also risk damaging the front underside of your car.

There is also the question of the weight of the car. In general, a tow dolly can accommodate vehicles with a curb weight of not more than 5,000 lbs. The car should also have a front axle weight of not more than 3,000 lbs.

Tow dolly manufacturers often have different towing weight requirements. You also need to consider the wheelbase of the car. Most tow dollies can accommodate a wheelbase of 79 inches, give or take a few inches.

Q: Are tow dollies safe?

A: A motorhome tow dolly is a safe way to transport another vehicle while you enjoy the scenery of your RV-ing adventures. However, it can only be safe if you observe the correct way of hooking up your car and making sure that everything is in order before you roll.

It is essential to understand that a tow dolly’s function is to provide a platform for the front wheels. This allows you to raise the front wheels from the surface of the ground. Since the vehicle you will be towing has a front-wheel-drive layout, the rear wheels will be freely turning without affecting your mileage.

Unfortunately, this is where mishaps can happen. It is imperative to secure the front wheels on the dolly platform. Always double-check the placement and security of the wheels before you drive. It may even be necessary to add extra security for the wheels.

Q: Can you reverse with a tow dolly?

A: Yes. However, we do not recommend backing up your vehicle with a tow dolly. Doing so can damage the vehicle-in-tow, the hitch system, or even the tow dolly itself. The safest way to back up with a tow dolly is by detaching the two vehicles. You can then back each car individually to where you want to position them.

However, some people say that you can still back up your vehicle with a tow dolly you are going to reverse in a straight line. While this is possible, we do not recommend it.

If you insist, you will have to be very careful when backing up this way because there may be pedestrians or objects that you may not see from the front. It is always advisable to have someone else help you when backing up. It is also imperative to back up a lot slower than you usually would.

Q: How to install?

A: The correct installation of a tow dolly varies from one manufacturer to the next. A sound piece of advice is always to check the manufacturer’s instructions on how you can install a tow dolly in your tow vehicle. In general, the steps are as follows.

Lower the coupler of the tow dolly onto the tow vehicle’s hitch ball.

Check that the coupler encloses and covers the hitch ball completely.

Tighten the coupler. Some products come with a handwheel that you need to turn clockwise. You know that you have tightened the coupler if you can no longer turn the handwheel. Some brands have a safety pin.

Push your tow vehicle towards the back to ensure the coupler’s correct placement in the hitch ball. You can also move your car a little bit forward.

Connect the wirings of the tow dolly to your vehicle’s electrical box. Make sure to connect the wires to their correct posts.

Grab the safety chains and crisscross them under the tongue of the tow dolly. Secure the chains to the frame of your vehicle. Leave enough slack to allow for freedom of movement of the chains during turning.

Q: How to maintain and care/clean?

A: One way you can maintain your tow dolly is to look at it as an extension of your vehicle. Here are some tips on how you can keep it in good working condition.

Spray WD-40 or a similar product into the tow dolly hub, including the area around the wheels. You should also apply grease to the bearings to keep them in good condition.

Maintain the correct tire pressure. Check for signs of unusual tread wear and other signs of tire deterioration.

Always check the wirings of the tow dolly. Take note of any loose or frayed wires, as well as splits. It may be wise to have an automotive electrician look at your tow dolly’s electrical system.

Check the owner’s manual for the correct way of storing your tow dolly. Some tow dollies can be stored vertically. Other brands require you to keep the dolly like you would your car in the garage.

Do not forget to wash and clean the tow dolly with an appropriate cleaning solution. Remove all dirt and debris from the surface of the dolly. Rinse the tow dolly well and allow it to dry completely.


The best tow dolly makes it easy to load and unload front-wheel-drive towed vehicles. It also offers exceptional security for your second car while giving you maximum safety on the road. Integrated brakes and fully functioning taillights make it so much safer to tow your RV.

And while these towing solutions are not ideal for certain types and classes of vehicles, they offer enough convenience, safety, and peace of mind for countless RV owners. The chance to bring a second vehicle on your camping trips is simply too great not to get the best possible tow dolly.

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