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The Best RV Wash and Wax

Protecting the RV interior and exterior is a part of recreational vehicle cleaning and maintenance. But to help you perform the job well in cleaning, waxing and protecting different RV surfaces, you need the best RV wash and wax.

But with the plenty of products to choose from, you might be feeling overwhelmed now on how to figure out which to select. Worry not, as help is coming!

Today, we’re going to highlight the top picks this year in the RV wash and wax category as well as certain factors to consider when selecting the right one for your needs. If you’re ready, let’s get started and review the top RV wash and wax in the category.

Table of Contents

Best RV Washes and Waxes

1. Gel Gloss RV Wash and Wax

  • Helps get the job done in one-step
  • No water spotting or streaking
  • Perfect for periodic applications
  • Highly-concentrated and cost-effective
  • Economical to produce up to 16gal of cleaner
  • Not following instructions properly will cause mess

The product is a top rater product in its category, and I don’t doubt why. I find it effective in giving that easy clean up and waxing in one easy step that does not take much of the time.

It is also non-abrasive, containing no rough ingredients to damage the RV roof and body. The product is also very easy to apply, and it does not require any special cleaning tools to get started.

One thing I love is that the Gel-Gloss RV wash and wax works effectively because it is specifically designed for your rig. But then, the product does not contain phosphate, so it is safe to use. When it comes to additional benefits, I must say that this one does not only clean the RV but it also gives it that lasting shine and protection.

We know that the exterior of our RV is always exposed to the harsh elements, and that’s unavoidable. Don’t worry because we can now protect it with the wash and wax.

Another good thing I want to note is that it does perform well, but it does not cause any water streaks and spots on the surface where it is applied.

We also don’t have to buy a wash and wax all the time. Just one bottle of it can already produce 16 gal. of cleaner. That is economical.

With the RV wash and wax, you can do applications to maintain your recreational vehicle periodically because it can keep the great appearance of your vehicle for a long time.

This wash and wax will help in washing and waxing your rig and it can also provide that protection. The reason is that it contains carnauba wax.

It can also work on a wide range of surfaces, including metal and fiberglass. This product can provide a deep clean, shine and nice smell. Another thing I would like to note is its biodegradability and being phosphate free.

On the negative, it can get messy when you don’t follow the proper application instructions.

2. Meguiar’s M5032 RV One Step Cleaner Wax

  • Easy cleaning and waxing in a single step
  • Convenient and economical
  • Effective and long-lasting finish
  • Can be used by machine or by hand
  • Protects from salt, corrosion and UV rays
  • Can produce a strong chemical smell

As you would read in many RV cleaning tips articles online, you should maintain your recreational vehicle regularly to keep it on top condition. One thing you could do is to wash and wax it with a one-step cleaner product that works in a cinch.

You don’t have to worry about taking a long time to wash and wax your rig with this product that offers you with top cleaning and washing. It can also be used for periodic applications. With it, you can be sure that you can keep the lasting shine and nice smell of your RV exterior.

The 32 oz is a non-abrasive formula that gives your RV that lasting shine but not scratches on the surface. You can use it to polish, clean and protect the fiberglass gel coat marine as well as surface in just one-step.

I also want to note that it can remove minor scratches and light oxidation. It can also take away haze and swirls.

Another thing I would like to note is that the product can provide protection from outdoor elements, including corrosion, salt and UV rays. So aside from cleaning and giving that glowing shine to our RV exterior, this product also works well in offering protection to our valuable investment.

We can also rely on it to restore the brilliance, color and gloss to fiberglass gel coat. It is also easy to apply by machine or by hand, so it does not cause any hassle no matter which way we choose in applying it to the rig’s exterior.

On the cons, this product can produce a chemical smell.

3. Aero Cosmetics Wet or Waterless Car Wash Wax

  • Excellent high-gloss wax coating
  • Cleans and protects your RV
  • UV protective coating for a long time
  • Provides a waterless carwash
  • Can be applied on different surfaces, including vinyl and rubber
  • Can be a bit messy when wrongly applied

I would just like to say that this is the best RV wash to remove black streaks. We can take advantage of this property if we would like to keep our rig looking good all the time.

I also like to note that the Wash Wax All is a biodegradable wash and wax that does not contain harmful ingredients. It is also an aircraft grade cleaner that also saves us water because it requires no water in using.

You will also love to know that you can use it on most surfaces either wet or dry. This product is useful in shining and cleaning different materials, including fiberglass and metal. You can also rely on it when it comes to eliminating dirt and grime. It is also dependable regarding leaving a high glossy shine on RV exterior surface.

With or without water used, you can use this product anytime and anywhere. You can simply spray it on and then wipe it dry for a waterless carwash. You can also spray it on your just washed RV. It does not leave any water spots or streaks, so it provides a flawless wash.

You can also have peace of mind that it can remove grime and dirt without scratching the surface of your RV. Another thing that I love about it is that it can provide a UV protection to the exterior of the RV that’s always exposed to the harmful UV rays.

I also love that it can be used on the interior and exterior of your vehicle. You can also use it for almost all types of surfaces, such as leather, rubber, plastic, glass, paint, gel coat, chrome and aluminum, and so on.

On the cons, it can be a bit messy when wrongly applied.

4. Chemical Guys CWS_301 Citrus Wash and Gloss

  • Can be used to prepare surface for painting
  • Shampoo and gloss enhancing product
  • Nice citrus smell
  • Just one capful is perfect for five gallons of water
  • Biodegradable and surface friendly
  • Can take hours to work when dealing with heavy oxidation

A great smell and a squeaky-clean finish, it is what the Chemical Guys CWS can offer you with every wash and wax. Just like when reading Gel Gloss RV cleaner and wax reviews, we should be looking for a great product that can offer a long lasting clean and wax to our rigs so that they stay on top condition.

The citrus waterless carwash product is all you need for cleaning and shining your vehicle, but it does more than that. The one-gallon wash and wax is also able to protect your rig from harmful outdoor elements, including dust and dirt.

While it does so effectively in protecting your RV from harsh outdoor elements, it does not cause scratches, too, because it is non-abrasive and safe to use on many types of surfaces.

By choosing this wash and wax product, you can also save money in the end because it can be used for other purposes, including preparing the surface for painting.

The wash gloss is also a known shampoo and gloss enhancer, which can improve the gleaming shine and finish of your RV exterior coating.

The shampoo and gloss enhancer is also a biodegradable formula that works on many kinds of surfaces. It is unlike many chemical solvent surface cleaners and shampoos.

I also want to note that it can remove grime and dirt and also lubricate surface effectively. This product does not also contain artificial thickeners and fillers. It only provides your RV exterior that shiny and high gloss finish that you desire.

On the downside, it can take hours to work when dealing with too much surface oxidation.

5. Meguiar’s M4232 Marine Flagship Wash-N-Wax

  • No need for hoses and buckets to clean the RV
  • Cleans and waxes in one step
  • Economical and money saver
  • Leaves a long-lasting shine
  • Protects the RV from harmful UV rays
  • Application can take longer than other products in the same category do

The Wash-N-Wax is product is one of my favorites on this list because it is guaranteed economical and easy to use. It does not take a long time to wash and wax your RV exterior with this product that works on all surfaces without causing them any scratch or leaving any water streaks or spots.

I also want to recommend the Meguiar’s M4232 because it can be used on isinglass, fiberglass, gel coat, clear plastics, canvas, vinyl and metal. With such versatility, we don’t have to buy separate products which cost could easily add up and lead to too much spending.

I also want to note the effectiveness of the wash and wax that can eliminate bug deposits, bird droppings, dirt, grime, and dust and boat scum. It does all these without damaging the surface and paint.

One more thing I like about it is its maximum protection for the RV exterior, leaving a protective long-lasting coating. This product can also block UV rays and repel water. I also want to commend it for its excellent cleaning results to a standard-sized recreational vehicle.

It is an effective blend of synthetic polymers and carnauba wax that makes it a great product. This variety offers an additional layer of wax protection while also giving long-lasting cleaning results.

This product is also one of the most brilliant around when it comes to leaving the RV super shiny but without streaks behind.

On the negative side, the product can take a longer time to apply versus other RV wash and wax out there can.

6. Camco 40493 Pro-Strength Wash and Wax

  • Repels water, leaves a long lasting shine and blocks UV
  • Requires no hoses and buckets to clean the RV roof and exterior
  • Removes bug deposits, grime and dirt without scratching the surface
  • Easy to apply and use on many surfaces
  • Biodegradable and user friendly
  • A bit pricey

One thing I like about the Camco 40493 is that it repels water, blocks UV and leaves a long-lasting shine. Just as what you could see in Camco RV wash and wax reviews, you can notice that is a highly recommended one due to its performance.

It can deliver the results immediately without us having to wait for a long time before it could provide our rig with the UV ray protection we’re expecting from it.

This product is also easy to apply and requires no buffing anymore. What makes it extra effective is that it is a combination of emulsifiers and waxes, which deliver the shine and protective coating to the RV exterior.

This wash and wax from Camco is also a top performer for removing stains and oxidation. You won’t have to worry about these anymore with the one-step removal product that delivers!

The Camco wash and wax also eliminates bug deposits, bird droppings, grime, dirt, dust and other types of contaminants. It is not only effective but also biodegradable and safe to use on many surfaces, including vinyl, clear plastics, aluminum, metal, fiberglass, glass and other materials.

It cleans and waxes without causing scratches because it is also non-abrasive. This product can yield the same waterproof results without you having to use hoses or buckets of water to clean your vehicle. It can also deliver that long-lasting shine that makes your RV looking better than ever.

On the downside, this product is a bit expensive.

7. Star Brite Premium RV Wash & Wax

  • Can repel water and block UV rays
  • Ideal for most surfaces
  • Effectively gets rid of road grime, dust, dirt and bug deposits
  • Economical and convenient to use
  • Can clean a standard sized vehicle effectively
  • A bit expensive

Aside from looking for the best RV wash brush and best RV caulk for maintenance of your vehicle, you should also look for a good product to give that effective cleaning action without requiring water. This Star Brite is one of the best products in the category I found.

It is ultra concentrated, guaranteeing it’s economical. You don’t need to use a lot of it to get the desired results. In just one-step, you can clean and improve the shine of your RV. With the added and long-lasting shine, you can protect the coating or finishing of your recreational vehicle. That said you don’t have to spend money on frequent reapplication of the finishing of your RV.

This product is also specifically designed and formulated to remove bug debris, road grime, mud and dust. It can effectively eliminate these things without scratching the surface.

Another thing I like about the Star Brite 7150 is that it can also prevent the fading of the RV exterior because it can also offer UV protection for a long time.

Speaking of sunray protection, this product has inhibitors that can absolutely protect your RV roof from fading. It is not like detergents that can strip wax and polish because it is made of non-abrasive and effective cleaning and waxing agent that cleans and waxes at the same time.

The product is also suitable for periodic applications, so you don’t have to reapply it frequently at all.

On the not so good point, this wash and wax is a bit expensive.

8. Thetford Premium RV Wash and Wax

  • Cleans dried bird droppings and bugs as well as road film
  • Works on motorcycles, campers, trucks, trailers and more
  • Removes even tough soils and oxidation
  • Cleans, shines and protect your RV’s exterior
  • Biodegradable and economical
  • Can produce a chemical smell

The RV Wash and Wax is an effective and economical choice because it cleans and waxes instantly without you having to use much of it to get the desired cleaning and waxing results.

It is also suitable for plenty of applications and uses, including on cars, boats, trucks and RVs. This variety can also be used on many types of surfaces, including fiberglass, clear plastics, metal and vinyl.

With this versatility, you can have peace of mind that you’re not only using a highly effective but also and money saving product to maintain the great look of your vehicle.

This is a multipurpose product that does not require buckets of water or hoses to clean your RV. That said you also save on water and time. You can also use this variety on many types of vehicles, including campers, trailers, snowmobiles and so many more. With this flexibility, you can also be sure that you’re saving money in the end.

It also offers long-lasting shine on the exterior of your RV as well as offers UV protection. With it, your RV roof and other parts will prevent fading, too. The wash and wax also removes dirt, dust, road grime and film, bird droppings and dried bugs effectively.

The Thetford Premium 32517 is also functional because it can coat surfaces leaving an anti-static and non-oily finish. It can also offer a waterproof finish and prevents water spots and streaks. You can also use the Thetford RV wash and wax to remove stains and other oxidation issues without any hassles.

On the cons, it can leave a chemical smell.

9. Mothers 91532 Marine Wash ‘n Wax

  • Low sudsing formula
  • Economical to last longer
  • Removes dirt, dust and road grime effectively
  • Can provide a long-lasting shine
  • Protective coating for UV protection
  • Might not work on high oxidation effectively

The 32 oz wash and wax is specifically formulated and made to protect your recreational vehicle from harmful outside elements by protecting its coating or finishing from the damaging UV rays.

It is also one of the fastest-acting formulas I found around because only a single application can help in removing salt spray, dirt, boat scum, grime, road film, bird dropping and dried bugs.

When it comes to being surface friendly, you don’t have to worry about anything because it can clean and shine without scratching the surface. I also want to recommend this product because it is not only concentrated but also environment-friendly. It also has a biodegradable formula that can guarantee a lasting finish without harming the environment.

When it comes to convenience, you can also depend on this product because it requires no rinsing. With it, you don’t have to use buckets of water or the best RV hose. It can create a brilliant shine that last a long time, too, because it can also effectively repel water.

It can leave an anti-static finish that prevents the accumulation of dirt and road film. You can also use the Mothers 91532 on other vehicles, including snowmobiles, ATVs, trailers, campers and boats. It is a versatile product that you can use for many applications not limited to RVs. It can also be used for the interior surfaces that require washing and waxing.

On the cons, it might not work on high oxidation.

10. Duragloss 542 Marine and RV Cleaner

  • Professional strength cleaner
  • Practical and economical to use
  • Perfect for interior and exterior surfaces
  • Works on many RV or marine surfaces
  • Leaves a long-lasting glossy finish
  • A bit pricey

This professional grade RV and marine cleaner is a remarkable product that delivers its promises. It is suitable for plenty of uses and applications, including on trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, campers, RVs and so many more that require washing and waxing.

It is also a practical product to use because it requires no water. You can clean and wax any surface, including fiberglass, plastics, vinyl, metal and so many more without any hassles. You can also save water using this waterless carwash product that also has the professional strength when it comes to removing oxidation, stains and mildew.

The wash and wax also works for both the interior and exterior of an RV or marine. You can also have peace of mind that it can protect and not harm the surface because it contains no abrasive ingredients.

I would also like to recommend this product because it is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. The Duragloss 542 also contains no fillers and extenders, only pure and potent ingredients to guarantee long-lasting results.

You can also get the job done in a single step because of its fast action. Thanks to its blend of great surfactants, which are able to penetrate and emulsify fast. With such action, you can also remove even the most stubborn stains on many surfaces, including on tiles, fiberglass and vinyl. It can also work on other RV surfaces provided they’re non-porous.

Overall, you might want to check out this product if you want to keep your RV looking new all the time. It can remove even the most stubborn grime, stains and oxidations.

On the negative side, this product can be a bit pricey, though.

Why You Should Trust Us

We all love to keep that glossy shine of our valuable recreational vehicle! This is a serious investment, so we have to take care of it and keep it looking good. One of the best products to help us achieve this goal is to choose an excellent RV wash and wax.

It is a great RV maintenance product that repels water, blocks UV rays and keeps that shine of our recreational vehicle or motor home.

It’s the same exact reason we’ve reviewed the top wash and wax brands and products on offer. Another reason is that we’d like to share our firsthand experience and knowledge on the benefits of using this RV product.

As consumers, we also made a review of the RV wash and wax products on offer so that we can help fellow RVers make an informed decision when shopping around for one.

In this review, we’ve considered the most essential factors when selecting this product, and a few of these include ease of use, versatility, long-lasting performance and safety. But before listing and comparing the featured products here, we’ve weighed their features, functions and benefits that make them the top choices.

You should trust us because we’re passionate about RVing and ways to keep our motor home looking new all the time. And when it comes to maintenance, we believe that RV wash and wax products are essential. That’s why we’ve put up this guide and hoping you could make an informed decision later when ready to buy yours.

What Is An RV Wash And Wax and How Does It Work


It is a specially designed and formulated product that is meant for cleaning and shining the RV exterior or interior surface in only a single step. It also means not requiring any buckets of water and hose to start and finish the job.

For one, you might just need a RV wash mop to get started with the task if you’re cleaning the RV roof. That is why using these RV cleaners and waxes. It can save us so much time and effort because it can hit two birds in one stone.

The wash and wax does not only clean the surface but also waxes it for that glossy finish. One thing that also makes it a beneficial is that it also eliminates most surface problems, including grime, dust, bug deposits, road film, bird droppings and so many more.

Another thing on the way it works that makes it a must-have for your RV is its ability to protect your vehicle from the damaging rays of the sun. Many of the best ones contain UV inhibitors that make them effective in protecting the RV roof and other surfaces from fading. And with that action, you can also have peace of mind that you don’t have to repaint the roof from time to time.

It can also wax and shine the RV, snowmobiles, motorcycles, campers, trailers and trucks without damaging the surface because these products also contain no abrasive materials to ruin the look of our valued investments. The product might also work better than a common RV wash soap because of the low sudsing property. The wash and wax is also effective in removing mold and mildew that would otherwise damage the structure of your RV.

There you have some of the things to know about what a wash and wax is as well as some of its basic workings that you might want to take a look if you’re looking to buy one.

Definitely, you need it for RV cleaning and maintenance. To help you start picking the right product for you, refer to the guide we’ve provided above for your reference. Shop around for this RV cleaning and maintenance product using our list.

Types Of RV Wash And Wax


The types of RV wash and wax differs from one maker to another. But those on the market now share certain things in common. Many of the best RV wash-and-wax varieties are made of polymers, carnauba wax and emulsifiers. They’re also made with cleaning agents but require no water.

These products can help you save effort and time because you can clean and wax your vehicle without using water and other kinds of cleaning products. They are also convenient to use because they are easy to apply. However, some of them might take a longer time to apply than others do.

Many of these products offer through washing and cleaning for the RV and protect it from harmful UV rays, as they also have UV inhibitors. They work by protecting the surface from sun’s damaging UV rays while also preventing fading.

So again, the types of RV wash and wax products vary from maker to maker, but most of them contain biodegradable and eco-friendly ingredients. They also work without harming the environment, especially those we’ve reviewed in today’s guide.

Why Do You Need An RV Wash And Wax


What are the benefits of using an RV Wash and Wax? Perhaps, it is also the same question you have in mind that you’re searching for this product online. Check out the following for the main benefits of using the recreational vehicle wash and wax that you might want to know.

Easy and quick to apply

These wash and wax products are very easy and quick to apply. In fact, they only require a single step. With that said, you don’t have to worry about spending so much time and effort in getting the job done.

You also don’t need to use special tools to get started. Depending on the maker, you might just have to follow the maker instructions when using this product.

Protects RV surfaces from UV rays

This product can be used on many types of surfaces, and it can also protect the surface of the RV from harmful UV rays. Using it, you can be sure that you can protect the surfaces from fading.

That said you don’t also have to repaint very often. In the end, you can also save money because you don’t need to spend on this task frequently.

Washes and waxes in one step

The best RV cleaner and wax is your one-stop solution if you’re looking for that glossy shine for your RV interior and exterior surface. It is also the product you need for a waterless carwash that can help you not only to wash your vehicle but also to wax it in only a single step.

Gives a long-lasting glossy finish

This wash-and-wax product leaves a long-lasting shine to the RV interior and exterior. You don’t need another product to create glossy finish to your recreational vehicle because the wash and wax is all you need to achieve it even if you’re looking to use it for periodic applications.

Biodegradable, earth-friendly, health-friendly

This product is also health- and earth-friendly and biodegradable. It is also not harmful to the environment because it contains earth-friendly ingredients. That is why it is not only effective in washing and waxing your vehicle, but also not harming the environment.

Removes grime, dirt, bird droppings, bug deposits and many more

You can depend on it for removing grime, bug deposits, bird droppings, road film and more without scratching the surface. Most of these things when not removed can degrade your RV. They can also damage the surface that might require repairs.

With the use of this product, you can ensure of a repellant finish that can prevent the accumulation of these contaminants.

Safe for many surfaces

These wash and wax products are also ideal to use for many types of exteriors and interiors. They can work on most surfaces, including fiberglass, glass, plastics, vinyl and so many more.

Can be used in RV interior and exterior

These wash and wax products are versatile to use on the exterior and interior surfaces of the RV. You can also use them on the roof and body of the recreational vehicle.

Can be used for motorcycles, campers, trucks, trailers

Such products can also be used for a wide range of vehicles, including campers, trailers, trucks, snowmobiles and so many more. As you can see in many Gel Gloss RV wash and wax reviews, these products can also be applied on a wide range of surfaces, including vinyl, fiberglass, plastics and other types of surface materials.

How We Picked


Before reviewing the products we have featured here, we have carefully considered the most important factors when buying this kind of product. The following are a few points we’ve considered in selecting the wash and wax products.


When buying this kind of product for your recreational vehicle, you must consider its versatility. It should work not only for your RV but also for other types of transportation, including trucks, cars and motorcycles. It will be wiser to choose a product that has a great versatility to ensure it can be used for many vehicles other than the RV.


Check out which product is safe to use for recreational vehicles. It should not contain abrasive materials that will scratch the surface of your RV. This product must also be safe to use on the graphics and decals of the trailer, truck and other types of vehicles.

Plus, it must give your RV a high level of protection from different elements, including rain, snow and harmful UV rays.

Long-lasting performance

When the product has been applied, it must last for a long time. It should have effects that should last for years.

If you can, you should also choose a highly concentrated, phosphate-free and biodegradable product.

If you are also planning to apply the wash and wax for periodic application, you should also consider one that can deliver that lasting glossy finish.

Ease of use

When selecting the RV wash and wax, you should choose one that can maintain the great look and appearance of your recreational vehicle. The product should be easy to apply and in only a single step to ensure that your camper or trailer will get protection it needs.

Biodegradable and earth-friendly

The wash and wax product should also be earth-friendly and biodegradable. It should not contain harmful ingredients, fillers and extenders. That’s why you should carefully consider which product among the choices to use for the best results.

There you have our short guide on the certain factors we’ve considered while reviewing the best RV wash and wax products on the market. Again, check for safety, ease of use and long-lasting performance, to name some factors, when looking for an excellent RV wash and wax. Refer to the above list of the best products in the category for excellent results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What to wash RV with?

A: You should wash your RV, as much as possible, with one of the single-step application, of any of the products we’ve featured in today’s review. Choose from one of the wash and wax products that we have listed here.

Q: How to clean the outside of a camper trailer? (how to wash RV exterior)

A: You should wash the RV exterior or the outside of the trailer camper by using one of the wash and wax products we have featured above, as they can easily be applied using a single step and finish the job in a cinch depending on the surface area.

Q: How often do you wash & wax RV? 

A: You should wash and wax your RV every six months or whenever cleaning and waxing is necessary. Don’t worry because the wash and wax products we’ve featured above are all easy and quick to use.


There you have our guide on the most important factors to use when choosing the best RV wash and wax. Definitely, you can pick the right one if you know what to look for, including safety, ease of use, long-lasting performance and versatility, to name some. Get started selecting the right product for you by referring to our list above today! If you’re looking for more products in RV cleaning and maintenance, then I suggest going for these articles: best RV roof coatingsbest RV roof sealantsbest RV caulksbest RV waxbest RV roof cleaners and best RV awning cleaners. I do hope you will like them. Happy shopping!


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