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The Best RV Tow Bar

What’s the best RV tow bars? If it is your first time shopping for this product, you might be confused and overwhelmed because of the wide range of selection to find online and in many stores. It is understandable. It can be pretty stressful to look for the particular tow bar that fits your needs if you are unaware of what makes one product special.

For this reason, we’ve created a buying guide that outlines the top 10 picks in tow bars for the motorhome as well as a section with the factors to consider when weighing your options. If you’re ready, let us check out the following sections for help.

Best RV Tow Bars

1. Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha 6,500lb Tow Bar

  • Easy to set up and very simple to use
  • Safe and secured transportation
  • Most commonly used tow bar by RV owners
  • Good quality product, dependable, and reliable
  • Covered by rubber boots for protection against dirt and road grimes
  • Disconnection takes a little time

If you are planning to upgrade your traditional tow bar for something very easy to use and quite secured, the Blue Ox RV car towing equipment is recommended for you.

This tow bar does not come cheap in the market but you will see that it is worth your every penny because the device is well- made and works great as well.

This tow bar by Blue Ox is one of the most commonly used devices by RV owners and the brand is quite trusted. The bar is made of steel construction that is very dependable.

This device is not only very simple to use but the latching is secured too. You will put your worries down that your load will come unlatch anytime during the trip. Safe and secured transportation is what this product is.

This bar weighs about 35lbs, has the capacity of about 6,500lbs, and inclusive of safety cables. It is also covered with rubber boots for protection against dirt and road grimes.

Another good thing about this product is the installation. This tow bar is very easy to connect into the bumper of the vehicle you will tow. It also comes with a quick disconnect hookup pins.

The locking handles have easy release for a quick disconnect.

However, aside from that, the lightweight tow dolly still takes a little time to disconnect. But overall, this product works well. In fact, it works too well that I considered it a really good purchase. It is good to have and very handy.

2. Smittybilt 87450 Tow Bar Kit

  • Quality product but inexpensive
  • Made of solid materials and very dependable
  • Adjustable bars with safety chains for both vehicles
  • Fit all kind of terrains
  • Effective
  • The bolts have tendency to get loose

You might want to check out this item if you are comparing car towing hitches for RV. The Smittybilt is one of the inexpensive brands of tow bar in the market. But if we are talking about the quality versus its price, this one doesn’t put the former into jeopardy because of the latter.

This tow bar may be one of the inexpensive devices in the market but unlike the cheap ones, this Smittybilt tow bar is dependable. It is made of solid steel and safety chains that will see you through on the duration of your trip.

This one is good for RV use and does fit any other vehicles as well.

However, all the tow bars like, you still have to mind your load for the whole duration of your travel to avoid unfortunate accidents on the road. No devices, be it expensive or cheap ones, that is excessively safe when it comes to the road.

And this unnecessary incident can be avoided if you are careful.

The package for this tow bar includes two universal and two lateral strut brackets, safety chains for both vehicles. It also includes D-ring brackets that only work on Smittybilt bumpers. The bars that will connect the tow vehicle are adjustable as well.

What is good about this product is that, even after a long trip you can hardly see it worn out. It is finely made, and it works just great. You can use it in any kind of terrains as well, rough road, mountains, rolling hill, etc.

The only thing of concern about this device is the bolts. It has the tendency to get loose. But overall, I am pretty satisfied with this tow bar. It is a good purchase and very dependable for its price. It works effectively as those expensive ones in the market

3. NSA RB-9050 Tow Bar

  • Great design and heavy duty for smooth transportation
  • Cheap and very easy to install and uninstall
  • Very useful simple braking system
  • Highly reliable in any kind of terrain
  • Trusted brand
  • Setting up the cable takes a little time

If you are looking for a heavy-duty RV car tow bar, the NSA provides a device that works great, much cheaper than the others provide, and preserves your RV’s break at the same time.

The RB-9050 Ready Brute Elite is a tow bar device with a simple braking system that will surely make your towing smooth, easy, and hassle-free.

The braking system is highly dependable. It activates the brake of a towed vehicle automatically. Unlike other devices that also feature a braking system, you will not experience any difficulty activating the brakes even if you drive through a rolling hills or bumpy roads on the way.

The design is good as well. It is heavy duty and highly reliable even for a long-distance towing. In fact, the reason why I like this tow bar is that you can trust it to see you through a mile-long transportation without hassle.

Aside from that, installation of this tow bar is very easy. It will take you less than five minutes to set up and about the same time to detach.

Compare to other tow bar, this RB-9050 is much cheaper. But even from the reviews of other costumers, this one is well made and very effective. The quality of the product is proven as well.

The only difficulty with this product is the attachment of the cable to the brake. It takes a little time. But that was only minimal. Overall, the tow bar for motorhomes works great and one of the best tow bars on the market so far.

4. Roadmaster 576 All Terrain Tow Bar

  • Heavy duty and designed to fit all kind of terrains
  • Easy to connect and disconnect
  • Highly dependable
  • Secure and smooth transportation
  • Good quality product
  • Way too expensive compare to other tow bars in the market

Are you looking for a tow bar for your RV that you can use in any kind of terrain? Be it rough road, crossings, rolling down hills, rocky road, etc., the Roadmaster 576 All Terrain Tow Bar is what you are looking for.

This tow bar is specifically made to suit any kind of terrain for a secure and smooth towing transportation.

It is made of good quality and heavy-duty materials that ensures that your RV is tightly attached. Be it for a short hauling or a long one.

Through its self- supporting quick-disconnect system, connection of this product to your vehicle is very easy too, as well as the disconnection. It will help if you already have a mounting kit install in your bumper for the easy installation.

With this, you do not need to have your RV in a smooth and flat ground to install this tow bar. You can easily connect this device in any ground.

Another good thing about this product is that, it can withstand any kind of weather. You do not have to worry if your RV will be detached on a rainy night or under a storm if the hauling is much needed.

So, if you are using an old tow bar, upgrading to this one is highly recommended for ease of use.

On the downside, this tow bar is way too expensive compare to others in the market. However, will you jeopardize the safety of your own RV just to save some money? With this Roadmaster 576 All Terrain Tow Bar, your towing is safe and secure. It is really highly recommended if you want to invest on a good product and not on a budget.

5. Hilltex 20046 Adjustable Universal Tow Bar

  • Easy to set up and to disconnect
  • Can manage heavier vehicle for towing
  • Cheaper universal tow bar in the market
  • Useful and works great
  • Fits any kind of mounts
  • Disconnection issues if you are not careful of your load

The Hilltex 20046 Adjustable Universal Tow Bar is one of the cheapest tow bars in the market. If you are looking for one, this tow bar is recommended for you.

It is one of the finest RV car towing packages. The tow bar kit includes two adjustable 30 inches safety chains, tow bars, and legal compliance.

What is good about this product despite it being so cheap is that, it is very functional as well. It is handy to have around especially if the need to haul comes when you least expected it.

You can also use this if you are towing your vehicle in a regular basis.

The device is made of solid steel that can pull up to 5000 pounds of vehicle.

This tow can manage even if the towed vehicle is much heavier than the one doing the towing. It fits most bumper mounting kits between ranges 24 inches to 41 inches wide.

It is very easy to install especially if your RV is already has a mounting kit set up in the bumper. The disconnection will take less time as well.

Then, for easy storing after use, the bars can be folded up to minimize the space it will occupy in your RV. It can also be fitted under the bed of your RV or truck.

For its price, this tow bar serves it purpose well.

The only problem with this product is that it has the tendency to disconnect if you are not mindful of your load. But if you are on a budget and really careful on your driving, this tow bar works just fine. It is much cheaper and very useful.

6. EZ Travel Collection Tow Bar

  • Large towing capacity
  • Adjustable arms that are compatible to many bumper styles
  • Comes with wider arm extension
  • Easy installation
  • With magnetic tow lights for dimmed settings
  • Not the most durable tow bar

If you are planning to start the new decade on road trip via motorhome or live in it full time, you might need other accessories aside from your portable home appliances. Everyone who rides an RV should invest to a powerful tow bar like the one made by EZ Travel Collection.

In case you have to bring an extra car with your motorhomes, you must also bring something as efficient as the EZ Travel Collection. One of the best known strength of this tool is that it can pull anything with a maximum weight of 5,000 pounds.

Just imagine the full force that it can offer. This tow bar can really be a useful tool to convoy any car behind your RV whether it is for your convenience or for emergency purposes. In addition, it can carry heavy equipment through its sturdy coupler that can fit 2” ball.

For tow bars, it is also important that they can be installed easily to save time and energy. That is why any RV owners will be happy to know that this one is easy to attach and detach to the bumper of vehicles. Its package includes two pins for articulate mounting.

Aside from that, EZ Travel Collection Tow Bar is compatible to almost all types of cars. It can welcome lot of vehicles with its arm extension that can hold bumpers with 24 to 41 inches wide. Its arms are even adjustable so it is not much precise to various styles of bumpers. Lastly, this item also has a special magnetic tow lights for extra lighting especially at night.

However, the tow bar for flat towing is not the most durable around, but if you’re looking for features like large towing capacity and easy installation, you might want to check this item out.

7. CURT 19745RV Tow Bars

  • Can pull a maximum of 5,000 pounds of loads
  • Flexible and wider arms
  • Made of durable materials
  • Includes magnetic tow lights for extra lighting
  • Ideal for dinghy and flat towing
  • With incompatibility mounting issue to some types of vehicles

Are you looking for reliable cars tow bars? The thrills that a joyride via recreational van can give are overflowing. That is why it should be well-planned from the food to bring, the passengers, stories to tell and probably even another vehicle for extra mobility. Here is when you need a mighty RV tow bars for a quick and hassle-free hitch like the CURT 19745RV Tow Bars.

This model of RV Tow Bar is suitable for towing various car types to follow your motor home anywhere. Said tow bar is dedicated for both dinghy and flat towing. Therefore, once your motorhome is settled on your camping destination, you will be delightful to use the other car for convenient transport to nearby market, tourist spots and local souvenir shops.

CURT 19745RV Tow Bars can pull heavier loads as it possesses 5,000 pounds of towing capacity. That is pretty good for a tow bar, which is an advantage for the RV owners. That means this tool is prepared enough for heavy duty travel.

It is true because the CURT 19745RV Tow Bars is made of high quality materials that cannot be easily dent and break. In fact, the whole frame of the tow bars is shielded by a dark powder coating. Since it is durable, it is also dependable for a long period of service to save you money and effort intently.

Next, you need to know about the CURT 19745RV Tow Bars is its flexibility. We don’t want stiff tow bars. This item is an exemption because can accommodate different types of vehicles with its arm width of 41 inches (below) to 26 inches capacity.

To fasten the bumpers securely and conveniently, this adjustable tow bars also have a 2-inch trailer coupler. As a bonus, the tow bars displays magnetic tow lights to keep the surrounding illuminated even on low light settings.

On the cons, it has a limited compatibility, though. You have to check it before buying this item to avoid any mistake. Overall, you can rely on its durability and quality.

8. Roadmaster 520 Falcon Tow bar

  • Boasting a 6,000 towing capacity
  • Made of sturdy stainless steel and high quality of powder coating
  • Includes nylon blushing that can self-lubricate for smooth hitch
  • With an Autowlok locking technology for best mounting experience
  • Compatible to many vehicle types
  • A bit expensive than the other brands

The Roadmaster is a brand that is popular in producing high calibrated tow bars. One of their work-of-arts is their 520 Falcon Tow bar. Earlier as here, this model can be hailed as one of the kings of all tow bars when it comes to hitching and pulling large equipment.

First thing anyone can notice about this tow bar is its superb towing capacity. Unlike the average brands that can usually lift 5,000 pounds, Roadmaster 530 Falcon Tow Bar set the standard higher. It is a no joke because this one can carry a whopping 6,000 pounds of vehicle and loads.

The quality of Roadmaster 520 Falcon Tow bar is timeless. Stainless steel is its main construction component. And that is a powerful material for majority of machines and equipment as it secure durability and rust-proof items.

But it is not just stainless steel that made this item stand-out. According to its specification, the whole being of the tow bars are covered with a certain high quality of powder coating that can surpass different weather pressures.

Further, the Roadmaster is quite a genius when they created these tow bars with nylon blushing that can lubricate on their own. Said lubricants prevents the friction that may occur in the middle of the inner and outer arms. Hence, these serve as an extra security and stir flexibility between the lead car and the one behind it.

However, it is a bit more expensive than competitors are, but to wrap it up, the Roadmaster tow dolly is also the number 1 choice of road warriors. It is compatible to various bumper forms and contains an Autowlok locking technology for easy, fast and safe mounting.

9. Blue Ox BX7420 Tow Bar

  • With whopping 10,000 pounds of towing capacity
  • Long lasting as it is made of steel and metallic paint
  • Smart turning radius for safe and smooth navigation
  • Contains 2-inch receiver tube
  • Wider arms for more bumpers compatibility
  • Paint fades away after a long time

Frail heart is no space while you are on a journey via recreational vehicle (RV). It is for the daredevil or adventurous people and the experience is most often worth the travel. The same thing is that an RV needs not a weak tow bar to fasten its mutual vehicle. Good thing, another high-powered Tow Bar is here to help. Let us just call it in the name of Blue Ox BX7420 Tow Bar.

If you are asking if this one can give you a peaceful and hassle-free escapade, the answer is a default yes! Blue Ox values its clients as well as the adventures that they can gain while riding a motorhome plus a spare convoy car. That is why it invented something that can hitch bigger and heavier equipment.

This Blue Ox BX7420 Tow Bar is humble yet a total performer. Based on its specification, it can fasten vehicles with different sizes and with maximum towing capacity of 10,000 pounds. That may sound non-existential for a tow bar but it is real here.

Such mammoth load capacity is partnered with superb quality. Blue Ox BX7420 Tow Bar is covered with one of the finest metallic paint and constructed by steel. For sturdiness and long lasting result, said materials are one of the unbeatable even on the harshest weather conditions.

Another feature that everyone adores about this item is that it gives sense of security. It won’t tuck-in the extra car behind the lead vehicle. Instead, it maintains a pretty distant space even on toad turns and twists to protect each car from corrosion. Due to enhanced turning radius, navigation is smooth and safe.

However, its paint might fade over time. But then, it is one of the top picks for its reliability and ease of use features. Don’t miss it when weighing your options.

10. Roadmaster 522 All Terrain Tow Bar

  • With bigger towing capacity of 6,000 pounds
  • Cost saving and long lasting as it is made of durable materials
  • Facilitate smooth navigation due to Freedom Latch mechanism
  • Easy assemble by its quick-disconnect-system
  • Compatible to different cars with various styles
  • Cost higher compared to other Roadmaster items and other brands

Another Roadmaster piece that wows the customers is the Roadmaster 522 All Terrain Tow Bar. Like the other line of two bars made by this company, this one register an ultimate performance in long travels and transporting another car behind a lead vehicle. Learn its strength and weakness below.

The 522 All Terrain RV tow dolly carries the signature feature of Roadmaster items. This one also possesses a heavier towing capacity. Based on its specifications, it can fasten and pull cars and loads that weight a maximum of 6,000 pounds.

It rise-up among others because of its convenient installation. It has a quick-disconnect-system so it saves the user time and effort in connecting and disconnecting it to the primary motor.

The RV driver as well as travelers will also love that this tow bar facilitates a smooth hitch performance. They won’t even notice that another car is attached on their main vehicle because the tow bar serves as a guide to maintain the stable direction of the united cars.

Roadmaster is known for its own Freedom Latch mechanism that enables the tow bar to move in the perfect radius even when it takes a bumpy and skimpy road trip. This way, the travelers can have peace of mind away from accidents and hassles.

Next to towing capacity and extra features, the other thing to check is if the tow bar is durable enough to last longer. Expect that 522 All Terrain Tow Bar is hard and strong because of steel and other special coatings.

However, it can be costlier than others in the category are. Overall, you can expect heavy-duty performance and solid function with this all-terrain tow bar.

Why You Should Trust Us

You should trust us when choosing the best tow dolly or tow bars because we’ve created a thorough guide that highlights the top products in the category. With this information, you will be able to compare different tow bars that have their pros, cons and special qualities.

In addition, we’ve written the things to look for when shopping around for this product so that you can determine the features that matter for a tow bar. Our team made sure that the tow dolly reviews we did are insightful to help you compare your choices and pick the tow bar that suits your needs.

After reading this guide, you will be able to figure out the right tow bar that has the capacity, strength, materials, quality and features that can make your life easier. We do hope that you’ll pick the right tow bar for your needs today!

What Is An RV Tow Bar And How Does It Work


RVs and motorhomes provide a comfortable and convenient way of travelling. However, once you reach your destination, it would be quite a hassle to use your RVs.

Instead, it would be better to use a smaller vehicle to explore the local scene. You could rent a small car, but it’s much cheaper and easier if you just use your own. This is where the RV tow bar comes into play.

RV tow bars are made out of high-quality and durable materials, and it links your RV or motorhome to your vehicle. There are many types and models of RV tow bars. Some models are even strong enough to tow a small trailer or camper. Nevertheless, they basically offer similar functions.

When attaching the tow bar, you also need to secure the following: a base plate kit, a safety cable, tow bar wiring and a braking system. Make sure that you have read and understood the instructions.

Once you get them all, attach the tow bar to the back of your RV via the hitch receiver. You then link the other end of the tow bar to the front of the vehicle and secure it with brackets.

You need to further secure this connection using the safety cables and install the wires. The wires ensure that your towed vehicle has functioning break lights and signals while on the journey.

With a tow bar installed, travelling and exploring the locality would be easier. Moreover, the RV tow bar is also easy to install and use. Since its small, it’s also easy to store away when not in use.

Types Of RV Tow Bars


There are different types of RV tow bars. This section will list all of them accordingly.

The first type is the rigid “A” frame tow bars which got its name from its shape and appearance. This is a welded tow bar and is considered the least expensive and lightest out of all the types.

However, the rigid “A” tow bar stays in position. As such, you need ensure that the tow bar is in the exact position before installing it. Otherwise, it could pose some problems in the future.

Furthermore, installing the tow bar requires at least two people. Here, one person guides the car driver to the correct position and attaches the coupler. As such, it requires the coordination and teamwork between both people.

The second type is the self-aligning car-mount tow bar. Unlike the other types, these are mounted on the towed vehicle itself.

Due to its flexible arms, the self-aligning car mount is easy to install. With this, you only have to get close to the correct position and the flexible arms will adjust to the perfect alignment.

However, when using these, you need to ensure the compatibility of your vehicle and the car-mount tow bar.

Moreover, the self-aligning car tow bar has the tendency to damage your vehicle since it adds weight to the front of your car. It also poses safety issues and requires some car accessories to prevent scratching and damage on your vehicle.

The last type is the self-aligning RV mount and is considered as the best car towing set-up out of all the three. They are easy to store as you can just fold them and lock it into the RV’s hitch.

This tow bar is also the easiest to install due to its flexible arms. As such, you only need to link both the RV and your vehicle together and the arms will move and align the two to their correct positions.

However, self-aligning RV mounts are positioned quite low on the ground. As such, it can be damaged especially when passing a slope or dip or when entering a parking lot.

Benefits Of Using An RV Tow Bar

Travelling to new places always brings with it the desire to explore and discover its culture and history. While RVs and motorhomes comfortably bring you to your destination, they are not ideal when you want to look around the place. As such, it might be a good idea to bring a small vehicle or car.

A RV tow bar, such as an Acar tow bar, is a great addition to your RV and motorhome. This section will list all of the benefits the tow bar provides.


One of the main benefits given by the RV tow bar is convenience of bring your car with you on long journeys. You just need to park your RV, detach the vehicle, store the tow bar and you’re off exploring.

As such, you are saved from the hassle of renting or borrowing a car just to explore the new city or town. Moreover, it saves you the cost and problem of renting a trailer just to bring your car with you.

Easy to Use

RV tow bars come in different models, types, sizes and capabilities. Nevertheless, all of them are relatively easy to use.

You just to install one end of the tow bar to your RV and the other end to your vehicle. Then, you are all set.


You can always use a car trailer or a tow dolly to bring your car with you on long trips. However, these two options bring a lot of hassle since they both consume a lot of space in RV parking areas and campsites.

However, with an RV tow bar, you save yourself from the hassle and cost.

More Storage Space

Bringing your own vehicle with you also means you added another space to store your stuff. With this, you can bring more supplies in your trip.

Having another storage space also lessens the volume of stuff inside your RV or motorhome. This is especially beneficial if you have a small RV or motorhome. As such, you wouldn’t have to cram so many things inside your RV.

More Travel Buddies

If you have a small RV or motorhome, bringing your car would be really helpful. Aside from being a storage room, the car can also bring more passengers with you on your trip.


A tow bar is also safe and effective. Since it’s made out high-quality materials, they are durable and made to last. Most RV tow bars are made out of steel and nickel. Some are also made out of brass and copper.

As such, they can pull your car along with you with ease. As long as it is properly installed, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything.

Easy to store

RV tow bars are quite easy to store since they are small enough. You just need to detach them from both your RV and vehicle and you are done. Some RV tow bar types are even foldable and can be kept inside your RV’s hitch.


An RV tow bar also saves you the cost of renting a car in your destination since you can bring your own vehicle with you.

It also saves you the cost of buying expensive means of transporting your vehicle such as a trailer or a tow-dolly.

How We Picked


RV tow bars provide a convenient and easy way of bringing your own vehicle with you on vacations. As such, you can fully explore the local scene without any problems.

Because of its numerous benefits, RV tow bars are a great addition and investment. Due to their popularity, there are a lot of types and models available. As such, it can be overwhelming and confusing to look for one, especially for a beginner.

However, you don’t need to worry. To help you pick one out, here are some important factors to keep in mind while shopping.

Easy to Install

One of the main factors you need to consider is the RV tow bar’s installation process. You need to make sure that easy to install and detach.

To do this, examine the portability of the tow bar as well as the number and strength of its locks and brackets.

A rule of thumb is to purchase a tow bar that is lightweight. Ideally, it should weigh within 5 to 35 pounds. Heavier tow bars can be quite difficult and tiring to install.

You should also get one that has a sufficient number of locks and release triggers. It should be enough to link your tow bar to the baseplate and nothing more.

Moreover, you should also keep in mind that there are two installation types: the 4-wheel drive and the all-drive.


Another factor that you should consider is the compatibility between your tow bar and RV or vehicle.

For this, you need to ensure that the RV and tow bar are compatible in terms of their towing capacity. Otherwise, it might present some problems in the future.

Aside from that, you also need to consider the compatibility between your tow bar and baseplate. While most tow bars can be attached to any baseplate, it is best if you buy a tow bar from the same brand.

Wires and Safety Cables

Wires and safety cables are an important emergency feature. In case your tow bar breaks, these wires and cables make sure vehicle is still attached to your RV. As such, it’s best to look for RV tow bars that also come with wires and safety cables.

When it comes to choosing them, look for ones that are thick and strong. It’s good to purchase one with a lot of strong clasps and hooks since it would ensure a tighter and more secure grip.

Towing Brackets

Your RV tow bar should also come with towing brackets. These are important since this is where you attach your hooks.

Towing brackets should be made out of strong and durable materials. Steel or aluminum ones are usually preferred.

Weight Capacity

First of all, you need to ensure that your tow bar can handle a wide weight range. If you can’t find one like that, then it should be strong enough to handle your car’s weight. To know the weight, check your car’s handbook.

At the minimum, it should at least have a 2-ton capacity if you have a small car. For bigger cars, then a 4-ton capacity is best.

A 5-ton capacity is advisable if you plan to bring light trucks while a 7- to 8-ton capacity is best for bigger trucks.

Aside from the weight of the car, remember to consider the weight given by fuel and cargo when looking at the tow bar’s weight capacity.

All-Terrain Upgrade

To ensure that your tow bar will last long, it is advisable to purchase one that has an all-terrain upgrade.

With this, you are assured that the tow bar can handle and withstand all types of weather. As such, it can battle freezing and scorching temperatures and is not susceptible to dust, rust, mud or grime build-up.


RV tow bars are made by different manufacturers and companies. To ensure a high-quality tow bar, purchase one from trusted and respected companies.

If you are unsure on what manufacturer to pick, you can always ask your fellow RV owners and/or your local supplier.


An expensive RV tow bar doesn’t always mean a high-quality one. It all depends on its construction, features and the like.

Before shopping for an RV tow bar, it’s best to set out a price range. With this, you can effectively narrow down your choices and make the whole process easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most popular RV tow bar brands?

A: For more help when weighing your options on tow bars, you can also think about the brand and manufacturer that made the product. They are committed and reputable in creating functional and quality tow bars. A few of them include Blue Ox, Smittybilt, NSA, Roadmaster and Hilltex, among others featured.

Q: How to install & use?

A: There are no difficult steps involved in the installation and usage of this tow bar kit. For specific instructions, you should refer to the user manual that comes with your purchase. If some steps are unclear, you can also find instructional videos on how to do it.

Q: How to maintain & care/ clean

A: There is no hard maintenance procedure involved in this product. For one, many of them are designed and made to deal with the tough outdoors. Many of them are powder coated to ensure of ruggedness to deal with the changing weather conditions. For this feature and more, these products do not require much cleaning, caring and maintenance.

Q: Where to buy?

A: You can find these items in many RV and auto supplies stores, but for many, they go to reputable online shops and marketplaces like EBay and Amazon. For example, you will be able to find a wide range of choices on that displays tow bars from different brands and varying models.


Hoping you can find the best RV tow bars that match your needs. To get started, you can refer to our top 10 reviews of products by the most popular brands in the category. And for more help, you can refer to the things to look for when studying your options for a tow bar for the recreational vehicle. Buy a mobile home tow bar package today!

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