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The Best RV Tires

Traveling with your recreational vehicle lets you see many parts of your community or state. It also gives you the chance to unwind and take a break from your daily grind. Camping with it also opens plenty of opportunities to connect with fellow RVers and spend more time with loved ones. For this reason, you should ensure that you’re using the best RV tires for your vehicle.

Before you could use the best tires for your camper, recreational vehicle or trailer though, you should consider some factors, including load rating, maximum weight capacity and quality, among other things we’ll discuss here.

If you’re ready, let’s begin dissecting the top picks in the category and highlighting the things to look for when shopping around for RV tires. Also, we’re going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about these tires.

Table of Contents

Best RV Tires

1. Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST Radial Tire

  • Many sizes available
  • Can deal with heavy abuse and use
  • Smooth running even on wet or dry roads and highways
  • Reduced tire temperature for the shallow tread design
  • Innovative and built to last for many years
  • Expensive

One of the best travel trailer tires to buy is the Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST. The radial tire is one of the most reliable on the market for its reliability and performance. The 235/85R16 126R radial tire is one of those to include on your list because it is from a top brand, Good Year. Through the years, it has been the go-to brand for many RV and car owners because of its commitment to quality.

Among the things I like about the RST tire is that it can handle even tough trailer and RV applications. It is one of those Good Year tires that I can say has the extreme value and usability because it is built for the tough demands on the road, no matter the terrain. It has the innovative features that make it great even for highway use.

I also like the shallow tread pattern design, which can reduce the tire’s running temperature and at the same time ensuring that you can easily spot for any wear patterns on the tires.

I also would like to recommend this Good Year RV tire because it has the durable rubber compound, rib edge sipes and lateral grooves. What do these do?

These benefit the tire for improving its traction, ensuring you can run smoothly no matter you’re driving on a wet or dry road. I would like to note though that there are many sizes available, so you wouldn’t have a hard time to find the perfect sizing for your recreational vehicle.

On the not so good note though, this RV tire is a bit more expensive than other models on the market are. Even so, you can be sure of great value for your investment because it can last for many years. It can also be used for heavy trailers.

2. Boto Tyres BT926 Radial Tire

  • Made of sturdy materials for excellent load handling
  • Quiet tread design for great performance
  • Reliable mileage for its 5-rib design
  • Applicable for long- or short-haul applications
  • High-speed riding is suitable
  • Can be a challenge to install first time for its heavy weight

Another RV tire model not to miss is the radial tire from Boto Tyres. When shopping around for a good trailer or camper tire, it is one of those that will pop up on searches because of its top performance and heavy-duty construction. This model is pretty impressive because of its quiet tread that can work without any problems. It is also dependable for its stability on the road, no matter the condition.

Another thing I love about the Boto Tyres BT926 is its five-rib design. What does it do? It is a high quality feature in design that can make sure that you will be able to take advantage of the mileage even for long and short-haul operations. It is also suitable for long-haul operations, such as on steering wheels and trailers.

The tire can run well on wet and dry roads. It is a good model that is not only made of high quality materials but also impressive performance. You will also appreciate that this tire has a low noise working operation and low heat buildup that ensures of the tire’s long wear.

I also like the tread pattern of this tire that improves its performance as well as on water drainage. That said you could look forward to long-term use because this tread design improves the durability of the tire.

You can also rely on the versatility of this tire because it is dependable on all types of road types even on highways and rough roads.

I also appreciate that there is a tread depth of about 14.5 mm, which is pretty innovative. In addition, you will love that it is able to handle up to 1750 kg of a single load. For a dual load, the tire can handle up to 1600 kilograms of weight.

The only downside is that it might be a challenge to install it for its heavy weight.

3. Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor Pro Radial Tire

  • Features an ability of soaking up noise on the road
  • Better off road traction on wet or dry roads and highways
  • Open tread design improves traction
  • Comes with a rim protector to protect against curb damage
  • Traction ridges offer better stability
  • Expensive

For every RV or truck owner that wants the best performing tires, he or she shouldn’t miss the Silent Armor. It is a tough and solid tire built to last through the years. This tire can work as hard as you do. It features the Silent Armor Technology that makes it extra tough and professional to withstand all road conditions.

The Pro Grade tire is one of the best picks on the market for its innovative features. One of those I like is that long-lasting tread pattern compound that makes it super strong on the roads. It is a monster when it comes to performance and ruggedness, especially for towing and hauling, whether short or long hauling applications. You can rely on it for different towing applications, too, so it is a great value of investment.

This model also can also resist punctures and cuts on its thick and durable sidewall material. You will also love the traction ridges that look cool. With a look, you can say that these ridges add to the stability and smooth traction that the tire can offer.

The model also has an open tread pattern that also works by enhancing off-road traction. The Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor also has a rim protector that can help in protecting your wheels against unwanted and annoying curb damage. Without even saying, this model is one of the most reliable of all when it comes to its solid design, each adding to the stability and durability of this tire.

On the negative side, it is a bit pricier than other models on the market are.

4. Road Warrior New Steer Tires

  • Highly durable tires for long-lasting use
  • Improved road safety
  • Durable rubber compound
  • Affordable for its great features
  • Significant weight load capacity
  • Might have a more limited application than other models on the market have

When shopping for a tire for your recreational vehicle, you should look for one that will suit your tire size by checking RV tire size chart to ensure it will fit your vehicle. You can check out the Road Warrior that may be available in different sizes, so you might be able to find a model that will fit your rig.

This American quality RV tire is one of the most chosen in the category for its supreme quality and durability. It is a heavy-duty tire made using a 16-ply construction. This feature ensures extra thickness that can also give you peace of mind that you will be able to use the tire for many years.

It also has a solid thread design and excellent sidewall that further improve the durability of this model. This tire also has a good tread design, which lets you detect any wear easily. It also works by reducing the tire’s running temperature, adding to the durability of the tires. This feature only means that you can look forward to long-term use of the Road Warrior tire.

Buying it, you can also have peace of mind that you can use it without any problems on any kind of road conditions, wet or dry. It is also suitable for many applications that make it one of the most versatile choices on the market as well.

Another thing that makes it an ideal choice is that it is reliable when it comes to performance. I also appreciate that it is still offered at an affordable price with so many great features that it offers. I also like that it can handle a significant amount of load to ensure that you can finish your delivery task with ease, for instance. I also like the grasping feature of the tire, improving road safety when driving even on wet roads.

On the negative side, this tire might have limited applications compared to other tires on the market have.

5. Otani OH-650 Commercial Truck Tire

  • Sniped tread pattern all weather traction
  • Heavy-duty components
  • Ideal for short or long hauls
  • Quality yet affordable
  • Built for any road conditions
  • Might be prone to wearing out over time

When looking for the best RV trailer tires, one of those not to miss is the Otani OH-650. It is built for the tough road conditions. Especially suitable for power uses, the 225/70R19.5 truck tire is one of those built to last for its great components that won’t suffer from wear easily.

It is designed with reinforcing bridges, which are able to tie the tread package together for that added stability on the road. This excellent design can also prevent any irregular wear that ordinary truck tires might suffer from.

I also like that the maker has built the truck tire for all season traction. The tire has this rugged design and heavy-duty construction that makes it suitable for all kinds of conditions and weather changes. The tire can keep up well with ice, snow and mud conditions due to its sniped tread pattern.

I also noticed that the trailer tire has a good shoulder design, which is able to keep up with heat, dissipating it properly to prevent its overheating. With that, said truck owners could also depend on the long lifespan of the tread.

I also love that the maker has made the tire stable on the road, increasing driver, passenger and cargo safety. This tire also has the ability of tracking consistently, and it is something to look for when shopping around for a tire that can keep up with heavy demands and different road conditions.

I also like that this is a nice looking tire, which can help us achieve a smooth ride all the time.

On the negative side, this tire might be prone to wearing out over time with frequent significant loading.

6. Boto Tyres BT957 Radial Tire

  • Can handle most types of weather
  • Made of heavy-duty materials
  • Can be used in virtually all road conditions
  • Affordable
  • Nice tread design
  • Can suffer from wearing out due to regular heavy loads

One of the best trailer tires not to forget when trying to compare the top picks we’ve featured today is the Boto Tyres BT957. This radial tire is built for the tough road conditions.

I like that it has a good tread design, which makes it stable on the road. The nice design can also help you detect for wear easily. It is also able to reduce the running heat build up on the tire.

You will also like that the Boto Tyres model is made of solid and rugged components that make it an ideal choice when investing on a new tire. As you may know, it is not a simple investment. We are looking for one that can last for many years so that we avoid frequent replacements.

It offers a good traction for a radial tire, running smoothly on any road conditions, dry or wet. The radial tire is also suitable for use in snow or muddy conditions. Thanks that the maker has made this an all-season tire, possessing the functionality and versatility we’re looking for when buying a truck tire.

I also find it great for many types of vehicles, such as full-sized pickups and commercial vehicles. I think it is also a great choice for trailers and recreational vehicles. You can also depend on its versatility to run smoothly on the highways, job sites, camping grounds and other recreational or business areas.

I also like that it works perfectly fine for off road and on road applications, no matter the kind of weather for the day is.

Before putting your order though, you should check the specific size you need.

The product might suffer from wearing out if heavy loads are frequently loaded on your truck or vehicle.

7. Road Warrior New Drive Tires

  • Heavy-duty tire with a high load capacity reaching up to 6600 lbs
  • Can work perfectly on all road conditions
  • Sideslip resistance
  • Excellent grasping ability
  • Durable rubber on its tread design
  • Might not be suitable for some cars

When it comes to shopping around for a new tire that is built for the tough heavy road conditions and different terrains, you should take a second look at the Road Warrior 11 R22.5. It is one of those that I included in this review for its great features that we should not miss.

Road Warrior offers the best RV tires for class C vehicles and other types of vehicles. They are the ideal choice for you if you’re looking for a heavy-duty tire to last for many years. By choosing this model, you will have peace of mind that it will last because it is made of 16-ply four tires. This thickness can guarantee for a longer wear; thus, they can offer an extended lifespan for your truck, recreational vehicle, trailer or bus. It is so versatile that you can choose it no matter the big vehicle you have.

It is also a radial tire that can offer smooth traction on the road, letting you ride consistently and safely without any hassles. You can rely on it for it can also run perfectly for wet or dry condition. You can also use it on muddy roads and rough terrains.

I also like the reliability of this tire because it does not only run smoothly but also is durable. It is also offered at an affordable price, which is pretty lower compared other tires out there. Despite its many features, it is of high quality and can do plenty of things.

I also like its high load capacity of up to 6600 lbs (single) and 5995 lbs (dual). It is also a recommended trailer tire for its excellent grasping ability and nice tread pattern with durable rubber compound that extends its lifespan.

On the downside, the tire cann’t be suitable for some cars.

8. Michelin XPS RIB Truck Radial Tire

  • Extended wear for its steel casing
  • Excellent traction
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Available sizes for different vehicle makes and wheel sizes
  • Durable for its reinforced, all-steel construction
  • Can be expensive

The Michelin XPS is another tire to look into when comparing the best trailer tires on the market. The brand alone would give you peace of mind that you will be buying a high quality radial tire for your truck or trailer.

It is one of the most known manufacturers of high quality tires known around the world for its commitment to offering its consumers the best auto products that they can use for many years.

Once you start driving on the road, you will notice its impressive performance that you can expect from the Michelin tire. When buying one, however, you should check for specific sizes for your wheel and vehicle. You can refer to the sizing chart to find the right tire to fit your rig.

It has a steel casing that can ensure that this tire will last for many years. It can also provide a longer wear life that can also ensure the most bang of your buck.

I also would like to recommend this tire because it can offer the most value for our money when it comes to the number of miles it can provide us with, and one factor that makes it possible is the low rolling resistance of this tire. That said we could also be rest assured that we can get a better fuel economy for choosing this trailer tire.

I also appreciate the reinforced steel construction that makes it more durable to last for many years. I also noticed the nice tread design, which makes it great for traction and cornering even when running on dry or wet surfaces.

On the negative, this product can be a bit more expensive than other products in the same category.

9. TOYO M144 Radial Tire

  • Can resist bruises and punctures on the road
  • Great tread design
  • Low rolling resistance saves fuel
  • Built for any road conditions
  • Can take frequent heavy loads
  • Might not be ideal for heavy snow

If you’re looking for a durable and heavy-duty road tire that you can use for your recreational vehicle, truck or camper, you might want to take a second look at the TOYO radial tire that offers plenty of great features that the RV and trucking community has known for many years.

It is a reliable tire to keep up with heavy abuse and use on or off road. The radial tire is perfect for its smooth traction that ensures of its functionality even for commercial applications. I like that the 295/80R22.5 152M tire has the essential qualities that make it an ideal choice for many drivers.

You will also love that it does an excellent job no matter the road conditions. It can keep up with muddy or wet roads and highways. I also like that it has stable cornering ability and stability even for frequent use and significant load that it has to take regularly.

The radial tire is also able to handle different weather conditions outside, including snow or rain. No matter how harsh the weather is when driving, you don’t have to worry about anything else when you have the TOYO M144 tires on your vehicle.

However, you should take note that these tires are made for specific vehicles and wheel sizes, so I recommend that you check on these things before placing an order.

I also liked that it has a solid and rigid structure that adds to its stability. I find that it can resist bruises and punctures well. No matter the road conditions, you can rest assured that your tires won’t wear out easily.

On the downside, the tire might not be the best one when it comes to handling heavy snow.

10. Gladiator 22575R15 ST Trail Truck Tire

  • 14-day full money back guarantee
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Great tread design
  • Excellent road traction
  • Heavy-duty components
  • 10-ply rating is lower than others on the market are

If you’re shopping around for solid and heavy-duty tires to last through the years, you might not have to look any further. The Gladiator 22575R15 is one of the toughest models of trailer and RV tires I found on the market that I am truly impressed about and for reasons.

For one, it is designed and made with steel belted reinforced design, which can ensure of an extended wear. What does that mean? It only implies that it can serve you for a long time without any hassles. This trailer tire is a reliable choice for giving us a great value for every dollar spent.

Another thing I liked about the tire is its high weight capacity of 2830/2470 SRW/DRW pounds per tire. It just means that we can rely on it for carrying significant loads especially if you’re in the trucking or cargo business that often ships or transports goods or items to your customers.

It is not only a monster when it comes to load weight capacity but also on its smooth performance. You will find that it can deliver smooth and stable traction on the road. In addition, I love that it doesn’t give any hassles when making sharp corner turns.

The product is also available in varying sizes, so I suggest you check with your local dealer the correct sizing based on your vehicle make and wheel size.

Overall, the Gladiator 22575R15 offers stable performance on the road, increasing safety and is made of heavy-duty components for long-term use.

On the negative, its 10-ply rating is lower than others on the market can offer.

11. Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire

  • Center groove offers great stability and tracking
  • Heat dissipation for its shoulder design
  • Nationwide limited warranty
  • Ideal for higher load applications
  • Smooth running no matter the road condition
  • Rims are not included

Another recreational vehicle tire that you should give a second look is the Trailer King radial tire that has plenty of impressive features that you will appreciate about it. The 225/75R15 117L has a rigid center groove that offers you with stable tracking and turning to corners.

I also find that this feature in the design makes the tire more stable when used in the highways or roads of any conditions. In fact, it is reliable to use even when there is snow or rain. In recreational areas, such as camping grounds where the surface is wet, it can deal with it excellently, something that makes it a versatile trailer tire that keeps up for all seasons.

I also love that improved shoulder design of this model. What it does is supplying great heat dissipation for an even wear and longer life for its tread. By saying that, it also means that the RV tire is dependable to last for many years.

You will also notice that the Trailer King tire features an overlay nylon construction. It is available in the different sizes of the tires that the maker offers. What it does is offering superior strength on the road, ensuring your safety even when making sharp turns. It is also highly reliable in terms of offering superior durability even with heavy demands and applications.

Overall, the tire is a decent choice for truck and RV owners looking for a reliable and stable product to serve them for many years.

On the downside, the rims are not included in the purchase.

12. Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire

  • Tread design and compound resist wear
  • Resists punctures on the road
  • Maximum durability and reliable performance
  • Stable no matter the road conditions
  • Increased safety on the road
  • Tire only included

One of those tires I am also impressed with is the Carlisle radial tire due to its stability and durability. You can also rely on its performance and versatility on the road. While it can offer safety, it is also remarkable when it comes to different distances even with a heavy load.

You can use it for short or long distances to carry your cargo or to take your family or loved ones to your recreational destination. Without even saying, you can depend on the tire, which is designed and made for both pleasure and business uses.

I also noticed its increased versatility that it can be used for other types of vehicles, including stock, boating, utility, horse and cargo. That’s not all because I noticed of its supreme use for towable RVs, too.

The Carlisle HD truck tire is also unique for its tread pattern design that makes wearing even over time. With that said, you don’t have to buy a replacement from time to time because this trailer tire is meant for long-term use and different applications.

Another thing to look for when buying an RV tire is its ability to operate or run at varying speeds and road conditions. I find this one so useful that it can provide great traction even when running at top speeds. In addition to these features, I think you would also like to know that it offers a long tire life for its overall solid design and construction.

I also would like to commend the contour of the tread that can effectively deal with any wear conditions. The tire also offers low rolling resistance and operates with minimal noise.

On a bit of the negative side, this model does only include a tire.

13. Grand Ride New WINDA Trailer Tires

  • Superior grasping ability
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Heavy-duty components
  • Low operating noise
  • 2830 lbs weight capacity
  • No rims included

The Load Range E trailer tires are not to forget when trying to compare RV tires that you can rely on for a long time. It is for long-lasting use and extreme durability to look forward to for its rigid structure and construction materials. This product comes with two new tires, which are ready to mount or install on your vehicle.

One thing I liked about this product is that it can offer superior traction performance on the road, ensuring our peace of mind especially when running at top speeds and taking turns.

The good grasping ability of the tire also makes it one of the best choices when talking about on road or off road safety.

I also like that it is 10-ply rated, adding to its long wear and heavy-duty performance. So if you’re looking for a durable trailer tire that can last longer and give you years of service, you should not miss the Freedom Hauler, which is one of the most reliable tires around for its ability to deal with any road conditions as well.

One more thing notable that you will appreciate about the tire is that it has a max weight capacity to reach up to 2830 lbs at 80 PSI. This weight capacity makes it a monster on the road and for carrying significant loads especially if you’re in the cargo business.

If you don’t like to replace your truck, trailer or RV tire often, I would like to recommend this one from Freedom Hauler.

However, you should ensure that it would fit your vehicle well, so you might want to check with your local dealership before placing an order. This product comes with a one-year limited warranty.

On the drawback, this particular product does not include rims.

Why You Should Trust Us

You should trust Smart RVing because we’ve carefully picked the recreational vehicle tires that we’ve included in our reviews. But before we’re able to choose them, we’ve also listed the most important factors to look into when buying this specific product for the RV.

Just as when buying the top rated trailer tires, we’ve also considered several factors to find which the high quality RV tires on the market are. Some of these include size, quality, load rating, pressure rating, max weight capacity and so many more. By listing these down and defining what’s involved in each of them, we’re able to review the best products in the category.

Our reviewers are also RVers themselves, who have vast experience in RVing and equipping their recreational vehicles with the gears, devices, accessories and systems that these need to run and function efficiently. We’re also real RV community members who have the passion in RVing and curiosity to find the best products to use in our vehicles. That’s what we’d like to share with you.

Nevertheless, Smart RVing is the real team that can give you the insights, advice and guides when looking for information regarding the RVing world. We’re hoping you find this guide useful when deciding to look for the best tires for your vehicle.

What Is An RV Tire


The first question you might be having when looking for info on this type of tire, such as Michelin RV trailer tires, is “What it really is.” At the very least, these tires are monsters when it comes to maximum weight load capacity. They belong in different load ranges that reveal application in which they can be used.

An RV tire is a special tire made for the recreational vehicle. It is unlike ordinary tires to find on the market. This type of tire is made to last longer because of its high ply ratings and thickness. It also has strong sidewalls and excellent tread designs that make them suitable for any road condition.

The best ones are rugged enough to work in varying road and weather conditions. However, you might also be able to find specific models to work for a particular purpose, such as high-speed driving. But in most cases, the top picks we have featured above are some of the versatile picks on the market that can deal and run smoothly on wet or dry roads.

They can also track well on snow or rainy weather conditions. The most of them are also dependable when it comes to operating on a muddy road or highway.

Most RV tires also have low rolling resistance, meaning not much friction when in contact to the surface. With that also means that you can save on fuel. These tires are not a drag and in fact can offer excellent traction on the road. They also have a unique shoulder design that gives them the ability of dissipating heat evenly, and it simply translates to even wearing.

They also offer better mileage versus ordinary tires can because they are made of heavy-duty materials that make them suitable for long or short travels and frequent use.

These tires are also known for their low operating noise on the road. That said you could be certain of a quality ride that RV and truck tires can offer you with for a longer time.

Types Of RV Tires


There are many makes and models of tires, but there are not many types of them because they are usually made of the same materials and have almost similar designs of the tread. The differences lie in the specifications of the tires, including on their sizes. It is the same reason that you need to refer to the size chart in order to find out the correct tire size to fit your vehicle.

Another difference of RV tires is on their overall design and purpose. There are tires specific for a condition or application. For example, there are RV tires meant for high speed driving, while others are meant for heavy snow, rain or mud conditions.

Also, tires, such as the best RV tires fifth wheel, have varying load ratings and pressure ratings. You must ensure that you’re buying one that can handle the kind of pressure and stress that you anticipated it to deal with in most of your travels. So depending on the load capacity you expect the tire to handle, you should pick one that has enough max load and weight ratings. Or else, you might compromise your safety when driving your RV.

Nevertheless, you should be able to pick up the right recreational vehicle tire for you based on the top picks we have featured in today’s guide. Each of them has different weight and load capacities, ply ratings, sidewall strength and specific applications. Also, you must be able to select based on the requirements of your vehicle, especially on the size.

Finally, you should also be able to dig into different reviews, forums and guides like our featured review guide today for your reference when looking for the best truck or trailer tire to keep up with your needs and load requirements.

Why Do You Need An RV Tire


There are more reasons than one to own an RV tire. At the very least, it is what you need for your recreational vehicle for its adequate toughness to deal with many types of road conditions. Let us discuss more about it and more in the following.

Built for tough applications

Trailer tires are unlike ordinary tires because they are designed for tough applications. Some can be used for horse, utility, cargo and boating. They are also versatile enough to handle different types of loads because they have high load capacities, which will touch on more in a bit.

Tough applications also mean durability for this type of tire. It is built to last for years because of its heavy-duty components and design. For example, these tires have strong sidewalls, which make them sturdy in handling road pressures and conditions. They are also able to keep up with bruises and punctures on the highways and rough roads.

An RV tire can also offer you with good mileage that also translates to savings because you don’t need to buy replacements for such a tire from time to time. It is able to keep up with different conditions for its nice tread design and edges that make them versatile to run on any surface.

Deals with any road conditions and weather elements

A trailer tire is also suitable for use even with varying weather elements and road conditions. It can operate quietly by providing a low operating noise when in contact to the surface. This tire is also designed excellently to provide a low rolling resistance. With that also means you can save on fuel because the tire is not dragging and putting much pressure on your vehicle’s engine.

It can also run even on muddy or wet conditions. Some can also deal with heavy snow and rainfall. There are also models that can keep up with high-speed driving requirements. Such can also offer safe corner turns and braking.

Proper heat dissipation

The top rated trailer tires also have good shoulder design, which works by dissipating heat evenly, ensuring that it won’t overheat to cause an issue. Just like the top RV tire pressure monitoring systems, the best tires for your recreational vehicles are essential gears to have to ensure that you will run without any hassles no matter the heavy load you are carrying on your vehicle.

Safety on the road

Increased driving safety is another benefit to use an RV tire for your vehicle. Especially if you would be able to select a properly fitting tire for it, you can be certain that you’re running with the correct tire that can enhance driving safety and of course the safety of your cargo, passengers and you.

Max load capacity

One of the things that make RV tires ideal for your trailer, camper, bus or recreational vehicle is that it has an extreme ply rating, load rating and max weight capacity that suits large vehicles with equally heavy load demands and requirements.

By choosing the correct camper or bus tire with enough load capacity, you can be certain not only of safety on the road but also smooth running. As you may know, it will not only damage the tires but also your vehicle if you don’t select the right tire that can carry the weight you intend to carry on your camper or RV.

Smooth traction

Another great benefit not to miss with RV tires is that they offer safe and smooth traction on the road. With them, you can make turns and apply brakes safely. You will also be able to run without much noise but with smooth tracking no matter the terrain, you’re driving with your vehicle.

There you have some of the things that make an RV tire the best choice for your recreational vehicle. However, you should check the size chart before ordering to ensure that the tire you’re buying is fit for your rig. It also increases safety and ensures good performance.

How We Picked


Whether you’re planning to buy a Michelin or GoodYear RV tires for your recreational vehicle, bus, camper, trailer or any other vehicle that needs an RV tire, you should be able to compare your choices. And the only way to do that though is to know what to look for just as when buying the top rated RV tire compressor for that matter.

Remember, not all RV tires are created equal. Each of them has a characteristic that makes one stand out better than another. It is the same exact reason to compare and weigh your options well when making a choice. In the following, we’d like to share certain features and things that we’ve used in comparing and reviewing the products we’ve featured today.


It is not only safety but also the ride quality that matters when it comes to buying a new RV tire. It must not only give you that on the first miles but in the long-term. Choose one that can offer you with consistency in your rides and that can deliver you with long mileage without compromising the quality.

Speaking of a quality ride, you should take note that your vehicle tire will have to deal with much vibration on the road, which is why you have to find a model that can last a long time when it comes to providing you with a decent, smooth ride for a longer time.

Outdoor conditions and distance

What is the distance you always travel? What are the common roads you are taking when driving? You should also consider these things when deciding on the kind and model of tire you are buying. You should know that there can be specific tires made for high-speed driving, snow or rain, among other outdoor and road driving conditions. Look for one that can keep up with the outdoor elements and weather based on the location you’re living and destinations you will commonly travel with your vehicle.

Pressure rating

Before placing an order of a recreational vehicle or truck tire, you should check on the pressure rating, as they aren’t the same across makes or models. What does this mean? The pressure rating has to do with its performance and with the quality of operation that it can provide you with each time.

Max load rating

When shopping around for a good RV or truck tire, you must also look for the maximum load rating especially if you’re looking to use the tire for heavy load applications.

It is common among those in the trucking or cargo business. Without even saying, you should find a suitable tire that can handle the kind and level of stress you anticipate it would have to deal with most of the time. Avoid one that is incapable of handling the pressure it has to take. Or else, it’s not only the one to suffer but also your recreational vehicle.

Nevertheless, pick an RV tire that is most suitable for the heavy load, including foods or equipment that your vehicle is more likely than not to carry oftentimes.


One of the major factors to affect your buying decision lies on the size of the tires to buy. Remember that choosing a too small or too large tire for your vehicle isn’t good for safety. You must be able to find a specific tire size that matches the specification of your vehicle and its wheels. That is why you should not just invest on one tire just because it is more affordable; instead, you should look for one that suits your vehicle requirements. Otherwise, your safety can be compromised.

For this reason, you should check the size chart that can provide you with relevant information on the sizes and variations available. You should check and follow this chart before ordering an RV tire.


You should carefully consider the sidewall strength before ordering a tire for your vehicle. It is one of the major contributors in the decision making process. You should not go for one with a weak sidewall, which can hamper your safety on the road as well.

The load range or sidewall strength is another thing to look for when finding a good RV tire so that you can have peace of mind that it can keep up with the bruises, beating and pressure it will take on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do RV tires cost?

A: How much class A RV tires cost is one of the questions we receive here. To tell you, they don’t belong in the same price range. For this reason, we’ve included different products belonging to varying price ranges so that you can decide to buy a quality yet affordable RV tire you need.

Q: Where to buy RV tires?

A: There are many places to buy Michelin RV tires and other brands and kinds of recreational vehicle tires. You can find them in your local dealership area or online. For a wider range of selection and unlimited display of products to choose from, I suggest buying from Amazon for its amazing selection of the best recreational vehicle tires.

Q: How many miles are RV tires good for?

A: There is no specific answer to the question. It all depends on the frequency of use, brand, quality and model you’re buying. Other factors also include the road conditions and weather in your area. A few other things that can affect mileage are the level of pressure and stress the tires receive. But then again, the best ones are reliable to last for many years.

Q: How often should RV tires be replaced?

A: As a general rule of thumb, although not a requirement, most tires will need replacement every three to five years. But of course, some tires might last longer than this period. For this reason, I suggest checking the condition of the tires regularly to determine if they need replacement or not. Check for signs, including failure to function well when you’re traveling.

Q: How to keep RV tires from dry rotting?

A: Dry rotting is a major concern among RV owners. It happens due to different things, such as frequent exposure to heat and UV rays. For these reasons, the RV tires degrade over time quickly.So the next thing you want to know, how you do prevent dry rotting or cracking of the tires. Here are some tips:

  1. Use an ozone blocker or UV protectant on your tire.
  2. Always check the tire pressure. Locate your required RV tire pressure on the user manual. Add or deflate some air when needed.
  3. If storing the recreational vehicle, make sure to move it once a month at the very least.
  4. Use tire covers to protect the tire from the changing weathers and the sun.

Q: How to protect RV tires?

A: Increase the lifespan of the tires with regular maintenance. You can use mild soap and water to clean it. You also have to inflate the tires, each at their max cold pressure before a trip. Cover them when storing the RV. These are only some basic tips to ensure that the tires are well protected.

Q: How to replace RV tires?

A: Put a jack behind the RV’s back wheel and another in front of the main front wheel. Check that the jack is gripping the frame securely. Start jacking up the jack in the back just until it is in contact with the RV frame.

Also, you can begin jacking up the jack located in the front just as it has also contacted with the vehicle’s frame. Begin jacking it up three pumps more. Then, you should jack its back up three pumps more. Repeat the same process for the back and front jack until the vehicle’s side is off the ground, letting the tires spin.

Remove the lug nuts that hold the bad RV tire. Remove the old and bad tire to replace with the new tire. Bring the lug nuts back into position and tighten them well using a wrench.


There you have our guide on how to find the best RV tires that will last long, keep you safe on the road, and perform even in the toughest road and weather conditions. Be sure to pick the right size for your wheel and recreational vehicle make and specifications to get the best performance of your RV tires, which you can rely on for cargo moving or recreational trips. To shop for other RV, trailer tires & accessories, please check these articles: best trailer tires, best RV air compressors. We hope you will like them. Happy shopping!


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