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The Best RV Tire Pressure Gauge

An adventurous spirit craves on road trips and long drives. Your RV helps you visit places and gives you the convenience to be comfortable inside. And to go on to a lot of adventures, its tires need some care now and then. Knowing that your RV can be on a rough road while carrying a heavy load, your tires can be overworking. It is always reasonable to occasionally check on their pressure so you won’t stop over the wrong place for a tire mishap. Having the best RV tire pressure gauge upkeeps your tires so you won’t hold back on every adventure that awaits you.

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Best RV Tire Pressure Gauges

1. JACO EliteProPlus Tire Pressure Gauge

  • Calibrated and certified by their ANSI-accredited facility
  • Comes with two interchangeable air chucks
  • Made of solid brass with a protective guard
  • High-visibility scale
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Calibration may change with cold weather.

Mechanics has recommended the JACO Elite Pro Plus because its performance has been superb on trailers, trucks, campers, bikes, and other automobiles. With the brand’s ANSI accredited facility, this unit has been calibrated and certified to be accurate for gauging tire pressures on different kinds of vehicles.

You’re getting your money’s worth because it comes with two pieces of interchangeable air chucks. For your convenience, it has one brass chuck positioned at a right angle and one steel dual-head air chuck.

Solid at hand, this pressure gauge is made of 100% solid brass and will last you a long time. The gauge itself is also protected by a rubberized and shock-resistant protective guard, so even on drops and vibrations. This pressure gauge can live up to your expectations.

What interests me most about this pressure gauge is its 2-inch dial, which makes pressures easy to read. The scale has a high-visibility feature as it glows in the dark so that you can check the tire pressure at night time or in low-light areas. The reading is also locked in place to read it properly until the reset button is pressed at zero at the neck.

The robust design makes it suitable to check the tire pressure of your RV. It also has a built-in air bleeder valve that instantaneously reduces pressure on overinflated tires.

The flexible and robust 10-inch hose of the JACO Elite Pro Plus is also one of its most durable features. The built looks sturdy and long-lasting, and it makes tire maintenance a whole lot easier.

A problem that can arise with this tire pressure gauge is that the weather affects how it calibrates. A difference in calibration around winter time might be noticeable. But overall, this product has everything we need for an RV tire gauge. It is a valuable addition to our tools for maintenance, ensuring our tires remain working optimally. You might want to check it out if you are looking for a high-quality and heavy-duty tire gauge.

2. TireMinder TMG-AAA-RV RV Tire Gauge

  • Precision at -/+ 1 with pressure gauges from 10-120 PSI
  • Has two interchangeable heads
  • LED-backlit display with a front-facing flashlight
  • Sturdy all-metal body
  • No-sweat custom grip
  • Turns off quickly while checking pressures

The sleek and slim design of this pressure gauge makes this a perfect one to bring along your daily adventure. The TireMinder has a -/+ 1 precision covered from 10-150 PSI, making sure your tires are good enough before you hit the road.

RV tires are not created equally. Some valves are not as accessible as the others, so it might give you a hard time checking for its pressure. The good thing is that it has two interchangeable heads, making this tire pressure gauge a great buy. Upon purchase, you will have one straight head for the regular valves and one at a 45-degree angle for others.

The display also delivers a stunning performance because of its LED backlight. So you can casually check your tire pressure quickly wherever and whenever you are. A bonus feature you will surely love? It has a front-facing flashlight to provide ample light for hard-to-reach spaces.

TireMinder suites are gauging tire pressures on your RV with its high-standard all-metal body. It makes it resistant to frequent drops in and out of the RV. This construction makes it extremely sturdy whenever you want to check on your tire’s pressure.

Gripping a gauge can be hard if the material easily slips out of your hand. The good thing about TireMinder is that it features a no-sweat custom grip. The grip is ergonomic for testing the pressure with its display right at the handle.

The only thing that might turn you off with this tire pressure gauge is how quickly it shuts off, so you need to check the pressure because it might release by then immediately. However, it comes with 2 AAA batteries making it the perfect one to bring along in all your trips. Lastly, it has a protective pouch to its internal mechanism in calibrating tire pressures that are secured and safe right before every use.

3. AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

  • Detects 0-250 PSI
  • LED-backlit screen for low-light or night time pressure checkups
  • Heavy-duty steel and brass components
  • Automatically turns on and off after every use
  • Integrated bleeder valve
  • Various applications for multiple devices
  • The display can take a few seconds to turn on.

Trust this professionally calibrated tire pressure gauge so your trips will never stop over a preventable road mishap. Ranging from 0-250 PSI, the AstroAl Digital Tire Inflator with Pressure Gauge measures tire conditions in four different units.

One of the most exciting things about this unit is its LED-backlit screen. The screen is well-lit and is easy to use to check on your tire pressures. Its design is user-friendly with two buttons indicating the unit and the light for every pressure checkup. Aside from that, it comes with three inflation adapters for you to be at ease in checking bicycles, RV, and other vehicles.

I like how it is built to last with its steel and brass components. The heavy-duty brass air chuck is easy to use, and I love how shock-resistant it looks. It has an auto-locking mechanism, so there will never be air leaks while you check for pressure. The steel thumb trigger and connectors are also well-designed for the right fit. It also comes with various inflation applications for your other vehicles.

The best thing about this pressure gauge is that it saves battery life with its automatic on and off capability. After using it, it shuts off after 20 seconds to save you some energy.

Another thing that will convince you to have this while on your trip is the integrated bleeder valve for a quick release of pressure on overinflated tires. Crashes and explosions will surely be prevented on your checkups.

One downside to be noted is that the display can take a few seconds to turn on before it accurately shows you the results. Of course, planning of time and not being in a rush can always remedy this dilemma. Other than that, the unit is perfect for bringing on all your trips.

4. WYNNsky Tire Pressure Gauge

  • Has a complete hang-up loop
  • Dual head air chuck
  • Built with a chrome-plated brass
  • Handy and fits most glove compartments
  • Easy to read pressure changes
  • Not ideal for small tires like for bicycles and small cars

Don’t you love using a tire pressure gauge precisely made for your RV? Heavy-duty use is what the WYNNsky Tire Pressure Gauge is all about. This robust-looking stick-type pressure gauge boasts an accurate and reliable measurement of tire pressure with its simple and slim design.

Investing in this unit is worth it because it comes with a complete hang-up loop. It is easy to use for most tires, making it an ideal tire pressure gauge for dual-wheels and hard-to-reach valves.

You can’t question the durability of the WYNNsky Tire Pressure Gauge. It is built with a chrome-plated brass, so it is most likely to resist accidental drops and shocks. And since it is made of brass, it resists corrosion and other temperature changes.

Because it is so handy, you can bring it all your travels to keep you away from flat tires, explosions, and crashes. This unit is also very portable, and will seamlessly fit most glove compartments. Without the hassle of large dials and extra hoses, this is the right gauge if you want to skip the stress out of bringing more than one device.

Beginners and professionals on checking tire pressures will love this unit. Pressure changes are straightforward to read with increments at 2 PSI. It can accommodate pressure changes from 10-160 PSI. That makes the stick-type a very user-friendly gauge compared to others.

Your RV deserves to have the right tire pressure gauge. And this unit is the absolute companion for all your road trips. This has been specifically designed for trucks, trailers, recreational vehicles, and other off-road equipment. So, I won’t recommend this tire pressure gauge on cars with smaller tires like regular automobiles and bicycles. Your mobile home will thank you for the simple preventive measure of checking its tire pressure.

5. AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

  • Green backlit LCD with a flashlight
  • Easy to use the button for all its features
  • Automatically shuts off with battery inclusion
  • The handle is ergonomically designed
  • Specially made for RV
  • Four settings with increments of 0.1 for accuracy
  • Not suitable for tires with presta stem

Every pressure reader will first likely check the display of the gauge. Consider having the AstroAl Digital Tire Pressure Gauge with its green backlit LCD for a quick and easy reading of tire pressures before you head out. It also comes with a flashlight to give those hard-to-reach areas ample light through.

What I love about this tire pressure gauge from AstroAl is that it is specially made for RVs. There are many gauges in the market, but if you are looking for one that will completely suit your mobile home, you must consider this one. It is designed for heavy-duty usage with its stainless-steel body that is easy to maintain for long term use.

Another thing that will captivate you in purchasing this specific unit is that the nozzle just forms a seal on the stem valve so readings will readily be accurate. You then won’t be having a hard time fitting the valve only to know the pressure. Aside from that, it has four settings with increments of 0.1 for accuracy.

With just one button, the device is user-friendly for a quick pressure reading. The button functions as on, unit, and off. It also automatically shuts off in 30-40 seconds so you can save batteries for future use.

Ergonomically designed for tire pressure checking, the grip can be easily held on the hands of man or woman. With its non-slip texture, it doesn’t slide your hand easily so that reading can be more convenient.

Because it is designed for trucks, RVs, and other cars, it can’t be used on tires with presta stems. This won’t be the perfect universal tire pressure gauge, but it is the ideal one for your recreational vehicle. And lastly, the batteries are included with every purchase. Overall, it has excellent features that make it a top of the line choice among RV owners worldwide. You might want to include it on your list if you wish to have an especially-designed tire gauge for your RV tires.

6. Vondior Heavy Duty Tire Pressure Gauge

  • Certified by ANSI for accurate pressure reading
  • Swivel hose and valve
  • 2-inch dial that glows in the dark
  • Won’t need batteries because it is analog
  • Durable design
  • Pressure reading wears over time.

The pride of Vondior has finally come to aid you in having a smooth ride in your adventures. This tire gauge is certified to be ANSI accurate, so you won’t ever have to worry about flat or overinflated tires right before you take off on your trip.

Assisted with this pressure gauge, you will likely skip visiting gas stations or garages just to have your tires checked. With a swivel hose, you will enjoy checking pressures with ease because it easily accesses most tire valves.

The swivel valve hookup makes it suitable for any tire positioned at any angle. Checking its pressure is now very convenient. It is built for robust use with its impact-resistant material. It has also been tested at extreme temperatures so it can withstand pressure checking all year round.

Accuracy in reading out the pressure of your tires is achievable with the 2-inch dial at hand. It also glows in the dark, so emergency cases of inspecting the pressure is made possible.

Who wouldn’t want the accurate tire pressure from a gauge? Technology has come far in the industry of motor home maintenance. Still, the good old analog-style of gauging tire pressure has remained an accurate way. It saves you time and money as it doesn’t rely on batteries to function. This unit is also enclosed in a rubber casing to protect it from vibrations and other unintentional drops.

Over time, the gauge’s capability of checking out the tire pressure can wear off. Good thing that it will take you some time before it does. The overall design, affordability, and accuracy are still worth every penny in investing in this unit.

7. JACO ElitePro Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

  • Professional-grade accuracy
  • Made of 100% brass
  • Has a shock-resistant guard
  • Lock-on display
  • Automatically shuts off after 150 seconds
  • A bit pricey

Lessen your side trips to gas stations or mechanics to get your tires checked with the JACO ElitePro Digital Tire Pressure Gauge. The professional accuracy is impeccable, making it a must to have in your RVs for emergency and casual tire pressure checking.

The robust look of this tire pressure gauge compliments the huge tires of your motorhome. It is made of 100% solid brass with some other steel parts so that this unit will last you a long time. It also has a shock-resistant gauge guard to protect itself from unwanted vibrations and drops.

Switching on and off, and then checking the results on the gauge can be a hassle. This unit’s internal system has been integrated to lock on the display until a button is pressed. This keeps you from continually checking the pressure if you missed what it previously showed.

The hose included in this unit is soft but sturdy enough to use. What makes it cool is how it is fully rotational and leaf-proof at the same time. The 36-degree swivel air chucks can also be swapped with another fitting, depending on the tire you will use it on for your convenience.

The prominent smart display of this gauge makes it stand out from its competitors. It has a clear 2.5-inch display with a bright LED backlight in blue, so reading is now more convenient. Another thing you’ll love about it is how it automatically shuts off after 150 seconds to preserve its battery life. This has got to be one of the most well-engineered pressure gauges out in the market.

The unit itself can be a bit pricey, but given all its features, it is a very wise investment to take on. If you are on the road most of the time, tire pressure monitoring is vital. What will reassure you is the accuracy of this gauge. It is also one of the most durable being made of 100% brass and comes with a shock-resistant guard.

8. AZUNO Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

  • Accurate digital pressure reading
  • Comes with 4 different air chucks
  • Smart LCD with LED flashlight at the back
  • Auto-shut off after 2.5 minutes
  • Smooth inflation-deflation transition
  • A bit pricey

Tired of going to the mechanic’s shop just to check the tire pressures? Consider having the Azuno Digital Tire Inflator with Pressure Gauge. Aside from checking the pressure out, you can also add or release pressure on some tires. Having this will be an investment, especially if you spend more time on the road.

Digital pressure can sometimes be inaccurate. But treat the Azuno Digital Tire Inflator with Pressure Gauge differently as it returns a reading within 1% of the exact pressure of your tire, with 0.1 display resolution.

Your money will never be wasted as it comes with four different kinds of air chucks that fit most tires. If you are considering this being a part of your essentials in all your travels, you won’t go wrong with the Azuno pressure gauge.

One of the best features of this unit is the smart LCD. It also has an integrated LED flashlight located at the back. The LCD displays clear numbers with units of your preference. Up to 4 units can be displayed, and it then automatically shuts off after 2.5 minutes to save battery.

The rugged look matches your RV’s tires, and this will surely last you for quite some time. It is built for all-day performance using high-standard steel and quality brass components.

The smooth transition from inflation to deflation will make you fall in love with this pressure gauge even more. You can skip the hassle of bringing more than one tool to check the pressure and use another one to inflate deflate. This multipurpose one will cover most of your tire concerns.

Because its features are far beyond the primary tire pressure gauges on the market, it can come off as a bit pricey. However, if you want a unit that will be long lasting, accurate in doing its job, and is portable anywhere you go, this investment will surely be a wise one.

What Is An RV Tire Pressure Gauge And How Does It Work


An RV tire pressure gauge checks how much pressure each tire in your motor home has. Before you go on long drives, it is important to take a check on how much pressure is inside your tires. Too much pressure on long drives can cause explosions, while underinflated ones can bring you flat tires. As the distribution of weight on your RV won’t be the same throughout the ride, it is the best to have a tire pressure gauge at hand so you can check it yourself.

It works by connecting the stem valve of the tire to one of the air chucks that usually come with the tire pressure valve. Once released, the tire’s pressure will flow and rush on the gauge through a tube or a hose. The equal pressure on both areas makes the gauge detect how much pressure is in each tire. Pressure detected will then be measured and will be reflected on its screen or dial.

Types Of RV tire Pressure Gauges

The market today brings you tire pressure gauges with different features. The basic ones just detect the pressure while some advanced ones also inflate and deflate tires. Besides that, some of these units also have flashlights, a protective guard, a pouch, and some other modifications that will suit your needs.

There are three primary tire pressure gauges. These types have a common goal of detecting the pressure inside the tire. They differ in the display but will most likely work the same way. The body and the build of the pressure gauge will matter because once dropped. It can work differently and might give you faulty detections.

Stick Type

The stick type typically represents the necessary tire pressure gauge. It has a piston inside that moves the meter. The movement of the meter that is detected will be assumed pressure for the tire, as the pressure will then be equal once both are connected.

This resembles a ballpoint pen and is very portable. It is light and compact, and can also be easily stored inside your glove compartment. Aside from that, this type is also more affordable than the rest.

Analog Type

Represented by a circular dial in most cases, the analog type shows you the tire pressure with a clock-face, with a hand that indicates the specific pressure. Most of these analog pressure gauges have more accessories than the typical stick type. It comes with a connector hose, a bleeder valve, a dial cover that is usually shock-resistant, and more.

It is a lot easier to read than the stick type, but it is also more expensive. It can also take you two hands to operate and can be quite bulky than the stick one.

Digital Type

The digital type is easier to use than the stick type. It is commonly just one stick where you can connect through the stem valve and automatically read your pressure digitally. It usually has an LCD screen, and most of these screens are backlit. Some backlights are colored like blue are green. Some gauges also have a flashlight to help you with your tire checking time.

One of the downsides of having the digital type is that these require batteries. Batteries can wear out in the long run. It is also bulkier than the stick type.

Benefits Of Using A Tire Pressure Gauge For RV


There are a lot of tire pressure gauges in the market today. However, they can be used universally and are not specific for your RV. Having the right product that will cater to the needs of your trailer’s tires will get you the correct pressure and will prevent you from having inaccuracies that might cause accidents.

Your tires are essential as they enable you to go from one place to another. Aside from the vehicle’s mechanism, the tires are involved in dealing with pressure on the road and will most likely carry the weight inside your RV. A car can have an RV tire pressure monitoring system that alerts you on any critical changes on your tires. But having a tire pressure gauge can give you a lot of benefits if you live in a mobile home or even if you are just out on a long drive.


Driving with the right pressure can assure you that you are safe on the road. There might be a lot of mishaps or accidents just because the tire pressure is not sufficient while traveling. It could have been prevented if a tire pressure gauge was at hand or the pressure was known right before hitting the road.

Overinflated tires can be stiff and are difficult to control on the road. It will likely increase the chances of damaging the tire, especially if it passes through potholes or huge debris.

Underinflated tires can cause more dilemmas. It can decrease the lifespan of the tire, and it can lose its form eventually. It can cause flat tires on the way, and it can melt on scorching surfaces. These mishaps are very preventable, with just the tire pressure gauge.


You can have fewer trips to gas stations and mechanics because you can check the tire pressure anywhere you are. This cumulatively saves you time and effort for most of your adventures.


The health of your tires is well maintained if the pressures are frequently checked. Even on standby, the tire pressures can change. The right inflation can keep the shape of these tires in condition.

How We Picked


The market has a lot of tire pressure gauges that offer you the basics in checking the pressure. The reviewed ones were thoroughly read and researched to give you the right options. The ones included are the best ones suited for an RV. There were a lot of considerations on how we picked the best tire pressure gauge for RV. However, the best ones are those that cater to your needs and best suit your type of mobile home.


The reviewed products contain three different types of tire pressure gauges. The ones included have been reliably tested and has been the choice of most customers who use trucks, trailers, and other heavy-duty automobiles.

The digital ones are commonly used for night time or in areas with low light sources. These are also widely used for travelers who are usually very on the go. The analog ones are also included in the list as they have a lot of other features. The suitable old stick type of tire pressure gauge won’t be missed because it operates on the basics at a low cost.


Most of the tire pressure gauges that we have included are those that are made of brass. This type considers the vibrations that it commonly encounters. Brass also withstands different pressures, making it one of the best materials to be used on gauges. Stainless steel is also one of the common materials used in these gauges because they are durable, easy to maintain, and are resistant to corrosion.

Maintenance Needs

Each tire pressure gauge has been unique. While some don’t need batteries to operate, it would still need maintenance on its own. The build can affect the way you will need to clean and store it. Most of the battery-operated ones have their batteries included as well.


The price range of these RV tire pressure gauges can vary. The more features it has, the more expensive it can be. The smart screen of most of these gauges bring the cost up, but also give you the convenience that the unlit and basic ones can’t provide.

Some of these gauges also come with different air chucks or interchangeable heads. Because not all tires are created the same, these will precisely fit its stem valve to accurately measure the pressure inside. The build can also be a factor in the price. So, depending on the needs and wants of your tires, it is best to have a variety of options so you can have the freedom to explore more and be at ease knowing that the right one for you RV is within reach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most popular RV tire pressure gauge brands?

A: Checking out the pressure on your RV can be an easy feat or a challenging one. This will depend on your skills, the gauge you have, and the brand of the pressure gauge you use. Although most of these aren’t as automatic as the integrated systems like the Bellacorp tire pressure monitoring system, these brands have produced the most popular tire pressure gauges available today. From the basic sticky or the analog ones to the smart-screen of the digital type, top-rated brands produce high-quality tire pressure gauges:

  • Jaco Superior Products
  • TireMinder
  • AstroAl
  • WYNNSky
  • Vondior
  • Azuno

Q: What pressure should my RV tires be?

A: There are a lot of factors that can affect the pressure inside your RV tire. The size of the RV itself can determine the size of the tire. And the size of the tire can then directly affect the pressure that it should have.

On average, a 16”RV tire should have a tire pressure between 35-80 PSI. That is around 280-550 kPa. You need to get the right pressure based on the maximum tire pressure your tire manufacturer has stated. And that is also based on the maximum weight that your RV can hold. It is best to consult mechanics and the tire manufacturer to know the best tire pressure suited for your RV.

Q: Are digital tire pressure gauges more accurate?

A: Most professional mechanics prefer using the analog style of the pressure gauge. But you must note that the experience of these professionals can set a difference from you. They have been dealing with tire pressures for years and have seen different gauges over time. But that does not mean that they are more accurate. Digital ones are accurate, too, as it caters up to 0.2 increments of PSI. They are just easier to read and are perfect for RV owners who are always on the go.

Your RV can have an integrated smart system that detects pressure changes on your tires, like the Eeztire tire pressure monitoring system, which can also supplement your digital pressure gauges for more accurate reading.

Q: How to use it?

A: Each tire has a specific PSI or unit of pressure that it must run on for optimal use. Start by getting to know the recommended PSI from the vehicle’s manufacturer. Take note of each tire’s recommended PSI, as some front, and rear tires have different ones. Depending on the type of tire pressure gauge you have, it may have specific instructions on the tube or hose connection. Some valves fit differently, so make sure you have the right one before opening the valve cap. Follow these instructions right before you check on the below steps. You can then use the pressure gauge as follows:

  • Remove the valve cap on the tire.
  • Place the pressure gauge and make sure it fits.
  • The hissing sound shouldn’t be heard if it snugly fits.
  • The gauge then reads the pressure on the tire.

Take note of the reading and compare it with the recommended one from the manufacturer. You will then know if the tire is over or under inflated.

Q: How to maintain & care/ clean?

A: Tire pressure gauges are easy to use and are straightforward devices. You need to maintain and give them proper care so that it can last for a long time.

  • Cleaning

With a clean cloth, you can opt to wipe unwanted residue or dust on your gauges with lukewarm water. Mild soap can also be used, especially on stained ones. Make sure that no soap residue will remain on the brass or stainless steel material. Clean with a cloth soaked in water afterwards.

The protective casing of some analog dials is made of shock-resistant rubber. It may not be advisable to clean these with soap and water, but make sure to get rid of the dust that might accumulate occasionally.

  • Storage

Store your pressure gauges in the right place. Placing it in very humid and cold weather conditions can alter the calibration and ultimately affect its gauging capacity. Store it in the specific temperature, depending on the type of pressure gauge you have. Avoid dropping your pressure gauges and avoid placing it in vibrating or constantly bumpy areas inside your RV.

If your gauge has a pouch, it is best to store it inside there, as its home.


Finally, the best RV tire pressure gauge is the one that will suit your RV and your lifestyle best. The market has a lot of tire pressure gauges, and these can overwhelm you. Like your tires, these gauges also need maintenance and the right care to deliver the absolute pressure inside your tires.

In the long run, having your pressure gauge can benefit you a lot. On the road or standby, pressure checking can ultimately lead to the extended lifespan of your tires. Having one pressure gauge at hand can keep you safe, and avoid unfortunate events by merely checking out the tire pressure in all your future travels.

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