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The Best RV Stereo

Are you online trying to find the best RV stereo? You’ve bumped into the right buying guide! Today, we’re featuring the top picks on the market along with their special qualities, pros and cons.

In this case, you’ll be able to compare the different options along with the things that make them unique. In the following, you’ll also find a buying guide with the considerations to check when shopping around.

You will also get answers to the most commonly asked questions about this product’s installation and use, to name some.

If you’re ready, let us get started and help you pick the kind of mobile home stereo that works best for your needs, preferences, budget and situation.

Table of Contents

Best RV Stereos

1. iRV iRV34

  • Supports HDMI and Bluetooth
  • Supports playback of MP3 music files, MP4 video files and JPEG photo files
  • One-cable hook-up for laptops or gaming consoles
  • Offers two RCA audio outputs that can connect to an outboard amplified speaker system
  • Can download remote control app in App Stores
  • Does not support Bluetooth hands-free phone communication

Can you imagine being on the road in an RV and the only sound you can hear is the engine? Every great road trip should be coupled with great tunes! The iRV iRV34 is the one thing that can complete an awesome road trip!

The iRV’s iRV34 receiver uses HDMI connectivity for video and Bluetooth® for audio streaming, along with SD card slot, a CD/DVD drive, and USB port. It is also a plug-and-play replacement for the Concertone and Genesis models often found in RVs. Imagine having all the reach of options.

The HDMI interface on the faceplate gives us an easy access for laptops or other gadgets and we’ll find audio and video inputs too! The receivers allow us to play MP3, MP4, and JPG files and can even stream audio from our devices via Bluetooth. What’s better is that we can have all this access from the use of our phones with an Apple or Android app. The HDMI output also allows us to send videos and audio files from the receiver to the TV.

The product features a front and rear panel HDMI 1.4 input, which allows for connecting an external AV component, such as a game system or console. The HDMI input audio/video signal passes through the iRV34’s HDMI output and unto a connected external video monitor and speakers.

The analog inputs of the iRV34 allow us easy connection to an external audio device that has an audio output for playback through the iRV34. The product even offers preset scans, manual tuning and seek tuning. All this makes the iRV34 such an easy device for our road trips. It also comes with an IR remote for the complete wireless connection experience.

It does not support Bluetooth hands-free phone communication, but the iRV34 is an all-around great investment for the perfect road trip. It gives the owner plenty of option for music, videos, and entertainment. You might want to check it if comparing stereos like fusion RV stereo and other stereo systems

2. Jensen AWM968 Stereo

  • USB input
  • DVD plays many formats
  • Video format supported: CD-DA, MP3, WMA, Dolby
  • Credit card-sized remote control
  • Stereo dimensions: 10.5″W x 7″H x 5″D
  • Operates in short distance only

Bluetooth is a popular technological trend that many people use to varying extents. It can link our devices without the cables and we can move with our network easily as its transmission range is about 30 feet. Some people simply use a headset to talk on a cell phone without holding the phone. Others maximize Bluetooth’s capabilities and fully synchronized networks in their homes, offices and vehicles.

The Jensen RV radio is the latest product in the audio entertainment. It provides us with the current technological advancement that will make it the best stereo in the market. This stereo will receive Bluetooth audio streaming from any Bluetooth-enabled audio sources, such as a smartphone or other capable devices. It also features a fine audio/video auxiliary input so that we can take our digital library with us everywhere.

The Jensen AWM968 RV sound system is capable of playing many video or music formats. The USB input allows us to play music for non-Bluetooth compatible devices such as MP3 players or flash drives. Other significant features include AM/FM turner with 30-station presets – 12 AM and 18 FM stations. It has blue backlit digital screen and encoded volume control knob.

It has front audio/video, stereo/video 1/8 inch jack. It also has rear audio/video out fix line level, and a rear audio out variable line level and has three-line power system. On the front panel, it has an infrared sensor for the remote control and a credit card-sized remote control is included. The Jensen Bluetooth Stereo runs on 12-volt power source and can be easily set-up. The overall feature of Jensen Bluetooth Stereo is excellent and very handy.

However, this device can only communicate wirelessly through short-range radio waves, and the have to be in the same area in order to communicate with each other. Still, you might want to consider it if thinking about replacing camper stereo.


  • Water hose
  • Built-in RV stereo Bluetooth Wireless Receiver
  • Versatile Digital Media File Support
  • Easy to use interface
  • Power and Wiring Harness
  • 3 Zone Audio Contro
  • Costlier than others are

There’s no denying that technology has had a huge impact to the world. Almost everywhere we go, we are embraced by technology. Even when we are trying to detach ourselves from technology, we can’t do it entirely.

One of the ways of detaching ourselves would be through road trips, but even then, we still want technology in the form of listening to songs or watching movies. The PYLE – PLRVST400 will give our RV an advantage in entertainment.

THE PLRVST400 is an audio-visual digital mobile receiver system for the RV. It is a top choice for a RV radio replacement or new installation if you’re looking for superb features. It takes separate audio and video sources, amplifies the signals, and sends out the audio to our speakers. It is a great driving companion that allows us to have control over our car’s music or visual entertainment. It has built-in Bluetooth wireless receiver for music streaming. You can control what to listen to with the use of any Bluetooth enabled device. The Bluetooth has a range of 30ft, more or less.

The PLRVST400 comes with RCA (L/R) Audio Output and Input Connectors. It also has HDMI Connector ARC and RCA Video Input/output Connectors. This gives us plenty of options on what we want to connect our receiver system. The in-dash car deck console allows us to connect various devices. It works well with all our favorite devices i.e. iPhone, Android, Smartphone, iPad, Tablet, Laptop, etc.

The PLRVST400 also comes with a built-in Weatherband Radio Functionality. Its radio station memory can handle up to 30 Presets. It can support MP3 and WMA audio files. It can also support MP4, AVI, MOV, MPG, FLV, XVID video files. It can support any device with 3.5mm connectors to the RCA or AUX IN, USC port for flash drive or media device, and 3.5mm headphone jack.

The PLRVST400 has a universal auto double DIN radio. With the size just being 7 inches, it is equipped with multi-speaker 3-zone audio source that lets us connect and control three speakers.

Even though it is costlier compared to other brands are, it remains to be a reliable multimedia device for a great adventure.

4. Jensen JWM60A

  • System control through Jensen’s jControl Application
  • Supports many formats
  • Supports video MPEG-4, VCD, JPEG and DVD-Video
  • Supports audio Dolby, CD-DA, MP3 and WMA
  • USB port charges your phone and other USB chargeable devices
  • Cannot be moved once installed

Life without melodies and harmonies would be very empty. Listening to and playing many tunes, helps relax and it sometimes keeps us focused. Music has been part of our everyday existence, and we cannot imagine life without it.

The Jensen AM/FM CD/DVD USB Bluetooth Wall mount Stereo is a digital AM/FM tuner with 30 programmable station presets, 12 AM and 18 FM. It has electronic bass balance and fader controls and uses a skip-protected disc mechanism and has a nice slim, sleek profile designed to cover up the mounting screws.

The most favorite features about this radio are that it allows us to connect our devices through Bluetooth and we can also download a free Jensen jControl application that’s going to allow us to control the radio’s basic functions through our smart phones.

It has three speaker zones and eight-speaker output that provide us the full control over how music plays throughout the entire home. This stereo will play different formats. It supports DVD-Video, MPEG-4, VCD and JPEC in video format and CD-DA, MP3, WMA, and Dolby in audio format.

It has USB input for non-Bluetooth devices and it also allows charging our mobile phones. The front panel has an audiovisual AUX input, 3.5 mm while the back panel has some rear audio RCA inputs and outputs, and some video outputs. It has LCD display with ten levels to adjust the brightness. It also features a clock with an alarm and sleep timer, and a wireless remote control for easy access.

With all the advance features of this unit, from its convenience down to its accessibility this is great for people makes music part of their daily living.

But since this unit is wall mounted, this could not be carried and cannot be moved once installed. Overall, it is a great pick for its amazing features like supported formats and easy installation.

5. Magnadyne RV6200

  • The functionality of several devices in one product
  • Available at an affordable price compared with other brands
  • A proven energy saver because it consumes only 12 volts of electricity
  • Has clear full backlight illumination for day and night use
  • Very easy to operate and install
  • Has no feature for back-up battery operation

Are you looking for an upgrade RV entertainment center? At first glance, the Magnadyne wall mount multimedia receiver is a thing of beauty. Definitely, a product of innovation, this multitasker gives you an alarm clock, an AM/FM radio, CD/DVD functionality, and a Bluetooth in one device. Thanks to this product, buying separate devices is now outdated.

Now your first concern might be the price. But there really is no need to worry because this will not cause a dent on your pocket! The Magnadyne is reasonably priced and more affordable compared to other brands out there.

Having an in-depth look at the product details, this multimedia receiver is very light at only 4 pounds and with dimensions of 11 x 9.8 x 9.5 inches. It has front panel inputs and rear chassis inputs and outputs.

By just plugging this thing on a socket and turning the power button on, you can get entertained in no time. With clear full backlight illumination, you can operate the Magnadyne during the day and even at night. Aside from being easy to operate, it is also energy efficient since it only consumes 12 volts of electricity.

The Magnadyne has a wide list of amazing features that is hard to overlook. What we love most about it is that it offers very flexible options and lets you listen to your most favorite songs anytime you want. This can be easily installed without a hassle and perfect for use in your home, in your office, or even in your RV.

With its modern design and functionality, this multimedia receiver would have been the best choice, but it would have been better if it can be operated with batteries as well for those rare occasions of blackout. If you decide to purchase this product, it is available online with minimal shipping cost. Overall, you can rely on it if you’re looking for RV audio video control center or a good stereo system that has ease of use and reliable features.

6. Jensen JWM90A Stereo

  • Has a Digital AM/Function, Bluetooth ready function, Pre-set equalizer and Electronic controls
  • Functions as an alarm clock
  • Compatible with all CDs and DVDs
  • The top-quality white LED Backlit LCD illuminates really well
  • The speakers are loud
  • Quite expensive

Are you shopping around for camper radio DVD player or a stereo system? You should not miss this Jensen stereo if you’re finding a high quality sound system for your mobile home or recreational vehicle.

Entertainment, most specially music, has become part of our everyday life and it’s almost hard to imagine life without it. The problem, however, is that it’s not easy finding the right type of entertainment device because of the array of products being marketed online, on TVs and in shops.

All of the choices are making it hard to choose! Fortunately, the people behind ASA Electronics decided to put an end to our dilemma finally and offer us a product that is hard to beat – The Jensen Bluetooth wall mount stereo.

They key features of the Jensen stereo includes a Digital AM/FM function, Bluetooth ready function with streaming audio, Pre-set equalizer with five settings, and Electronic controls among others. Its use can be considered universal since it is compatible with all CDs and DVDs.

You will also love the fact that it has dual HDMI video output and an HDMI ARC. When it comes to illumination, the Jensen stereo boasts of top-quality white LED Backlit LCD. And for the speakers, this thing had loud three zones and 8-speaker output for that maximum listening experience.

According to the product information stated in the box, this product is slim and weighs only 3 pounds with dimensions of 6.3 x 10.9 x 2.9 inches. It can operate at a power supply requirement of DC 12 Volts. In addition, this product also functions as an alarm clock. If you decide to purchase this product, the wireless remote control is already included in the package.

With all the features above, it is no wonder that many customers choose to buy the Jensen. The design is extremely stylish and the sound quality is unparalleled.

We wished that this stereo came at a more affordable price though because it is quite expensive. But if you have the extra cash to shell out, then we recommend for you to try this one.

7. Furrion 120W 2-Zone Entertainment System


  • Optimum performance
  • Stylish and compact
  • Easy to set up
  • Can play a wide range of formats like WMA, MP3 and AVI
  • Easy and quick connectivity
  • Not the most durable around

Finding a camper stereo system also involves trusting reliable brands that commit to the quality and performance of their products. One of those is Furrion, which is known for their commitment to deliver premium-quality stereos and entertainment systems to their customers. One of those they offer is the FURRION 120W entertainment system that is loaded with the amazing features that you’ll like about it.

Just like when shopping around for speakers like the BOSE RV speakers, you must also check for the compatibility of stereo systems. I find that this particular model is able to support different connections and formats that include WMA, MP3 and MP4. You can also use it to support AVI media formats.

I am also delighted to know that this model is with AM and FM radio functions, with 30 preset stations. In addition, this model is able to support a USB media input, so it can support charging your devices. And for video support, it comes with an AUX-in. Other compatibility options include a subwoofer connection and a headphone jack.

In addition, I would like to note that this item could offer you with a superior performance, delivering you a personalized audio and video experience. More so, it is innovative that it can offer a quick and easy connectivity and mobile application. Using your Bluetooth, you can connect it with the Furrion entertainment system.

More so, this item is reliable and durable that it can withstand the outdoor changes and elements. It is what you need for a system that can deal with extreme climates and constant vibrations.

And just like when buying a RV stereo DVD player, you must also find a stylish and compact one. It can offer you not just seamless performance but also lovely aesthetics.

On the downside, it is not the most durable options around, though. Overall, it is a great pick for its wide range of compatibilities and optimal performance. It is also compact, stylish and easy to set up.

8. Jensen JRV9000R

  • With touchscreen multimedia navigation system
  • Comes with an external microphone
  • Includes a GPS mapping and navigation
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Playback WMA/ CD/MP3/DVD
  • Calibration issues

You might want to check out the Jensen JRV9000R if you’re shopping around for a RV wall mount stereo system. It is designed and built with innovation. One of those is its multimedia navigation system that allows for a more convenient use. It also features a large enough touchscreen display of 6.2 inches. It boasts great features including an AM/FM tuner Bluetooth, HDMI and Sirius XM capabilities, to name some. In addition, I find that this comes with other navigation options well as Canadian maps.

The Jensen JRV9000R is also easy to use that it features LED backlit controls that you can customize. In addition, this product is with an integrated Bluetooth connection along with an external microphone.

In addition, this model is with an iPod and iPhone control. You can also use it in charging your device through the front USB. More so, I would like to mention that this item has smartphone connectivity.

If you’re looking one that has camera inputs, you might want to check out the item that comes with three camera inputs with presets, including flat, classic, optimal, jazz, rock and techno. There is really nothing else that we can ask for in the model that has these options. So when comparing different products in the RV entertainment system HDMI, you might want to check out this model. It is also lightweight and compact that it weighs only 5.5 lbs.

On the downside, there were calibration issues reported by some people. However, these were only isolated. Most of the feedback that this stereo system has received was positive. It is also one of the most versatile around with different compatibilities. You might also want to consider it for its Bluetooth connectivity and GPS navigation and mapping.

Why You Should Trust Us

Finding the best RV sound system can be a challenge if you don’t have an idea of what you should be looking for. That is why many people rely on reviews and sources of information and guides. However, we understand how many sources there are when it comes to finding what you’re expecting from a high quality stereo or sound system for your RV and mobile home. You should trust if you want to get the most value of your money because we’re here to offer you solid advice on what you should check when finding the best RV radio and sound system.

Our team didn’t just create the reviews out of nowhere. What we did was first figure out the things that make an RV stereo reliable and premium quality. For this reason, we sat down and talk about the considerations when buying this kind of product. Using those factors, we’re able to come up with the reviews of the top choices on the market. With these factors, we also do hope that you can find the right sound system to fit your needs.

Upon determining and writing about the things to check, we looked up for the top-rated picks on the market, and then created a review of each of them. We also listed down their pros and cons so that you can better weigh your options.

So by trusting us, you can be certain that we did a thorough review of each product. After reading this guide, we’re hoping you will be able to find the stereo system that works for your needs and preferences. Buy the right stereo system today!

What Is An RV Stereo And How Does It Work


A lot of us enjoy listening to music especially while on a road trip. It is an enjoyable source of entertainment that you will not notice how much time passes by and before you know it, you have already arrived at your destination.

An RV stereo system is that piece of equipment with audio components to play sounds and music in your RV. An RV stereo works by taking an audio or video source and amplifying their signals. The audio is then played out through the stereo for a more enjoyable surround sounds whenever you are listening to some music, watching movies or playing video games.

RV stereos are usually equipped with Bluetooth technology. This will enable you to access your playlist and digital files from your smartphone or other devices to play while you are on the road. Or you can choose to use the USB port to connect your device and access your files. RV stereos also work to play audio from your movies or video games if you connect a player and monitor.

You can always set how you want your RV stereo to sound and how loud you want it to be. RV stereos usually provide easy access control panels that will enable you to adjust the volume, bass, treble or fader to the setting you prefer.

With the advancement in technology, RV stereos, such as RV DVD stereo combo, do more than just play your music. RV stereos come with different additional features that you will find convenient especially when you go on a trip. Some have built-in navigation systems or alarm clocks you can use. You can also charge your phone using the USB port.

Given those features, you will find having an RV stereo not only will add entertainment to your trip but it will also make your trip easier and convenient.

Types Of RV Stereo System


RV stereo systems are generally classified as Hi-Fi, Mid-Fi and Low-Fi. Knowing the different types of RV stereo systems can help you in choosing the best stereo for your RV.

Hi-fi RV stereo system

The first type of RV stereo system is the Hi-Fi stereo system. Hi-Fi RV stereo system is the term used to refer to audio systems that reproduce high-quality sounds. If you want an RV stereo system for critical listening and your space is considerably larger, the Hi-Fi stereo system is your way to go.

The Hi-Fi RV stereo system is designed and built to amplify and reproduce the sounds from your devices or other portable sources in its purest form thereby creating a fuller and clearer audio for your maximum enjoyment. This is in contrast with lower quality sounds produced by inferior audio equipment.

Because of its sound quality and advanced features, Hi-Fi RV stereo systems are priced higher than the other systems.

Mid-Fi RV stereo system

The Mid-Fi RV stereo system, on the other hand, is ideal for casual listening. If Hi-Fi reproduces high-quality sounds, Mid-Fi stereo systems reproduce a midrange resolution of sounds. The quality is closer to its High-Fi counterparts but just missing in frequency. This stereo system is ideal for mid-sized rooms.

Mid-Fi RV stereo systems are also popular with the customers because they are more economical. They are much cheaper compared to the Hi-Fi stereo system but produce still good sounds for casual, non-critical listening, and are much better than the Lo-Fi ones. If the Hi-Fi stereo system is out of your budget, you can go for the Mid-Fi stereo system.

Lo-Fi RV stereo system

The last type is the Lo-Fi RV stereo system. Lo-Fi refers to sound production quality wherein the elements that people consider are imperfections are audible which distorts the sound quality. The sounds reproduced are altered from the real sounds.

This RV stereo system is ideal for casual listening and generally for smaller spaces. This system still comes with the features and flexibility present in its Mid-Fi and High-Fi counterparts so you can still have fun with your equipment. The Lo-Fi RV stereo system is priced much lower than the Mid-Fi and High-Fi stereo system so you can go for this one if you want an inexpensive option.

Now that you know about the different RV stereo systems, you can now choose which one is suitable for your needs and one that fits your budget.

Benefits of using an RV stereo

Going on a trip in your RV is a good stress reliever if you need some break from your busy life. Some of us like to go on long trips, which make having an RV stereo, convenient. It is must-have equipment for your RV to make your road and camping trips more enjoyable.

Play music while on the road

Long trips can be fun but sometimes it can be boring once the laughter’s died down and your companions preoccupy themselves with other things. Having RV DVD stereo systems lets you jam to your favorite playlist. If you have your favorite music on your phone, you can play it through the stereo using Bluetooth to bring some life in your RV. You can enjoy the scenery you pass by while playing your favorite tunes.

Once you reach your destination and your friends or loved ones want to have some fun with music while you enjoy some barbecue, your RV stereo can always have your back.

Play movies

RV stereos do more than play music, you can also connect devices such as a Blu-ray player or gaming console. This will allow access to the surround sound provided by your RV stereo. After all, movies and view games are better with clear sounds.

Listen to your local news anywhere you are

If you don’t want to listen to some music but instead want to listen to current news, you can always easily do so with the AM/FM option in your RV stereo. You never have to miss anything and you can always be updated wherever you are.

You can have access to many different stations using your RV stereo. You can listen to radio programs, music, sports and other radio entertainment while on the road.

USB charging

Having a fully charged device, especially phones are important especially when you are on a trip. But if you do find your devices at low battery percentage, this is when having an RV stereo also comes in handy. RV stereos usually support USB media input. This feature conveniently provides USB charging at the same time.

When you connect your device to the stereo using a USB cord, your device will automatically charge so you don’t have to worry about draining your battery and having your phone die while you are on your trip.

Overall, an RV stereo is a good source of entertainment and is convenient to have when you go on a trip. You won’t regret getting one for yourself.

How We Picked


When looking for a RV stereo replacement or a new installation, you should think about the things to check when comparing your options. Guaranteed, having an RV stereo while you are on the road will make your trip so much better and enjoyable. That is why having only the best RV stereo that will suit your needs is important. But with the technological age, there are many options in the market and you will find yourself having some difficulties in choosing.

To help you find the most suitable RV stereo for you, here is a list of some of the important considerations that you should look for when choosing an RV stereo.


The Bluetooth technology in your RV stereo allows you to play sounds from your device to the stereo. It allows wireless music streaming from compatible devices. You can stream music and videos from your smartphone or tablets. You can play your music and listen to clearer audio without much hassle.

USB port

An RV stereo with a USB port is your way to go. Not only does this allow you to play audio and videos through your RV stereo from flash drives or portable hardware but it can also charge your devices. You wouldn’t have any reason to worry about draining your batteries; you can just plug in your device on the stereo to charge it while you are on the road.

Video connections

Pick an RV stereo with video connections to play your movies when accompanied by a monitor. RV stereo systems usually have HDMI video output. This feature will enable you to connect CD/DVD players and video game consoles for a much better viewing and gaming experience with your friends and loved ones in your RV.

Easy access control panels and clear LCD

In choosing an RV stereo system, pick one that is easy for you to operate. You should easily see the controls in the front panel of your stereo with its corresponding labels so you can easily adjust and tune your RV stereo system according to your liking.

The LCD screen should be clear and all the info on it is readable. Some stereo systems also allow you to adjust the brightness to make the screen readable when facing some glare.

Navigation system

You can also choose an RV stereo system with additional features such as a built-in navigation system. This will come in handy for you especially when you are traveling. This will help you reach your destination a lot easier and faster at that.


Choosing a durable RV stereo system can help you save some money from buying frequent replacements. Take note of the materials and technology used in its construction. Read on the information provided by the manufacturer.


Looking for a product with a good warranty will not hurt. A good warranty will help you ensure that you get the best out of your money’s value. If you encounter any issues with your product, a good warranty is always your safety net.


As we have mentioned, you have many options for an RV stereo. Naturally, the higher end ones, which are of great quality, is priced higher. But you don’t always have to choose the expensive ones to ensure a quality product. There are always cheaper options that are durable and have almost the same features as the more expensive ones. Choose the best one without hurting your savings.

This is just a guide to help you choose the right RV stereo system. It is not exhaustive. You can also take into consideration the size of your RV or if you want an RV system for critical or casual listening. Make sure to pick one that is suitable for your needs but without hurting your bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most popular RV stereo brands?

A: Shopping around for stereo, you should look into the brand as one of the factors to consider when comparing your choices. A few of those you can rely on include the Jensen, iRV and PYLE, among the others that we have featured today. They are the trusted brands for RV stereos because of their high performance and reliable products.

Q: How to install?

A: Some of these can be mounted on the wall, so they cannot be moved once setup. Nevertheless, you can find the specific installation instructions on the user manual that comes with your purchase. Take a look at it and follow the direction closely. If installing, though, you should first decide where to set it up for the best results.

Q: How to use?

A: We use the best outdoor RV speakers and stereo systems basically in the same manner that we would use our home sound systems. You can find switch, adjustment and options controls on its interface. Many of these recreational vehicle sound systems can also support a wide range of formats that give you different options on how you use it.

Q: How to maintain & care/ clean?

A: You don’t need to spend much time in the care and cleaning as well as maintenance of your stereo. From time to time, you just have to wipe its surface with clean, dry and non-abrasive clothing.

Q: Where to buy?

A: Some places to buy include appliance stores as well as websites that include EBay and other listing sites. You can also find them on the websites of the manufacturers themselves. There are also online shops specializing in selling mobile home sound systems. But for a wider range of selection, you might also want to try


Finding the best RV stereo can be easy and less time consuming with an idea and knowledge on the considerations to take a look at when comparing your choices. You will also find it easier to find the right one with insightful reviews that highlight the special qualities as well as the pros and cons of each top pick. We’re hoping that you will be able to compare your options better with the reviews and buying guide that we’ve highlighted earlier. Buy the right RV stereo today!


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