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The Best RV Sofa Bed

The best RV sofa bed is a great addition to our recreational vehicle because it is functional and space saving. Choose to keep it as a sofa, or turn it as a bed for a sudden guest and an extra sleeping space needed. It is also space saving because it is designed and made ideally for the recreational vehicle with a limited and premium space.

Having a sofa bed onboard, you’d feel as if you’re not really far from home. It is yours if you want a sleek and compact sofa and bed in one aboard your travel trailer or camper. To help you choose one, check out the following for the things to look for as well as top picks in the category.

Table of Contents

Best RV Sofa Beds

1. RecPro Charles RV Sleeper Sofa

  • Saves a lot of space
  • Easy assembly
  • Thick padding and cushions
  • Has a pull-out bed
  • Sturdy all-metal frame and structure
  • Mattress is uncomfortable for some users

The limited space inside a RV or motorhome makes sleeping somewhat difficult. However, RecPro has provided a nifty solution for you. Offering premium, elegant and compact pieces, the RecPro Company is a trusted name in the RV furniture business. One of their well-loved pieces is the Charles Collection RV Sleeper Sofa w/ Hide-a-Bed.

Made of faux leather, RecPro’s Sleeper Sofa is a picture of utmost comfort that translates into soft and thick padding. Moreover, the 5-inch padding is engineered to resist flattening to ensure continued softness and comfort. Even without sheets or blankets, the sleeper sofa allows you to sleep peacefully and comfortably.

The RecPro65” Sleeper Sofa is small, versatile and durable as the loveseat can accommodate a number of people. The loveseat can easily hold up and support two sleeping guests due to its sturdy all-metal frame. It features a convertible bed frame that can easily be pulled out with a handle. Moreover, this allows the RecPro Sleeper Sofa to withstand the hustling and jostling in the road.

Moreover, the sofa has a depth of 90 inches. This provides each sleeper a comfortable and big sleeping space.

RecPro’s Sleeper Sofa is also very durable. The faux leather is made of 100% polyurethane material that makes it resistant to tears and spills. It also makes it really easy to clean and maintain.

Aside from all this, the RecPro Sleeper Sofa adds style in your living space. It has four different colors that can surely match your home’s interior palette. The faux leather follows a Tiona pattern, giving the sofa a scaled and stylish look.

RecPro’s Sleeper Sofa is also very easy to assemble due to its modular structure and design. It’s also very lightweight, making it easier to transport and fit into small doorways.

The only downside to this product is that the pull-out bed’s matters is a bit uncomfortable due to its metal frame. However, other than that, many users liked the sofa’s versatility and said that it suited their needs. They also liked how durable the sofa was with its sturdy metal frame.

The RecPro Sleeper Sofa offers comfort, style, and versatility packed in a compact loveseat. If you are looking for a sturdy sofa that can accommodate many guests without taking up too much space, then this loveseat may be the one you’re looking for.

2. La-Z-Boy RV Camper Sleeper Sofa

  • Big mattress size
  • Can be customized
  • Thick pads without being too stuffy
  • 5-inch thick mattress
  • Small, compact and stylish
  • Might have defects and damages due to being bulk packaged

The England Furniture is an independent component La-Z-Boy. It is committed in providing quality and comfort with their durable custom-made and pre-made furniture pieces. Offering 500 fabric and leather options, customers can certainly create the sofa of their dreams.

The England Furniture Sleeper Sofa offers utmost comfort with its thick, well-padded cushions. The mattress is also 5-inches thick that results into a pleasurable sleep, with or without blankets or sheets. This is great for people with muscle aches and pains and for those who just want to relax after a long day of driving.

Moreover, the sleeper sofa also has a big mattress, which can comfortably fit two people. The bed’s pullout motion is smooth and can be done easily. It also has a depth of 80 inches, which allows users to sleep without worrying that they’ll hit others.

Aside from the comfort it brings, the England Furniture Sleeper Sofa can easily blend with your other furniture pieces. Its brown/grey color gives it a classy and homey vibe, which can add a touch of style in your motorhome, RV or camper.

Unlike other companies, the England Furniture company also gives you the option to customize. With over 500 fabrics, leathers, color options and other upgrades, you can ensure that these pieces will fit your style and aesthetic.

Measuring 68 inches in width, the Sleeper Sofa is compact and can fit in most RVs, campers, and motorhomes. It does not need a lot of clearance and can sit closely to the walls. Moreover, it is also easy to transport since it can be disassembled.

The England Furniture company also gives a ten-year warranty on their products. Aside from this, this includes free services for repairs and replacements.

The only downside to this product is its packaging as it is bulk packaged. While shipping may be free, the product is only wrapped with bubble-wrap, which does not provide a lot of protection from scratches, and other damages. Nevertheless, most users were satisfied with their purchase, as they liked the sofa’s mattress size and custom option.

If you want a soft, comfortable and compact sleeper sofa that does not take up too much space, you might want to consider purchasing the England Furniture Sleeper Sofa Couch.

3. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Zeb Sleeper Sofa

  • Memory foam mattress
  • Minimalistic and modern design
  • Ideal choice for small living spaces
  • Durable steel frame
  • Easy assembly
  • Backrest stitching gets easily undone and detached

The Ashley Furniture Company is respected and well known in the furniture industry. Providing high quality, comfortable and stylish pieces, it remains a popular and sought-after brand. Among their well-loved pieces is the Zeb Sleeper Sofa.

Made out of polyester and nylon, the Ashley Furniture Zeb Sleeper Sofa is definitely soft and comfortable and is not abrasive to the skin. It also comes with a memory foam mattress, which can greatly enhance your sleep. It adjusts and follows your body’s contours to prevent discomfort and irritation. Moreover, the mattress is breathable and keeps you cool during your sleep.

Ashley Furniture’s Zeb Sleeper Sofa is also durable and long lasting. Its cushions are wrapped in thick poly-fiber while the mattress sits on top of a durable, steel frame. It provides sufficient backing and support that allows you to use the sleeper sofa without any worries. However, you won’t feel any discomfort since the mattress is thick enough to hide the frame.

Moreover, the Twin-size option makes it very compact and perfect for small living spaces. It is functional and versatile as it comes with a pullout bed, transforming your sofa into a bed in less than a minute. Measuring 55 inches in width, this makes it a perfect stylish and versatile piece in RVs, motorhome and campers. Its exposed feet come with a faux wood finish, which adds both style and stability.

Aside from that, Ashley Furniture’s Zeb Sleeper Sofa features a minimalist design. The liner design and box cushions give it a charming, modern and homey feel. Moreover, the minimal design allows the sofa to blend in with your other pieces.

The Ashley Furniture Zeb Sleeper Sofa is also very easy to assemble as it comes with detailed and easy-to-read instructions. It’s also lightweight and can fit through 32-inched or larger doorways, making it easy to transport and transfer.

The Zeb Sleeper Sofa also comes with a 3-year warranty.

The only downside to this product is that some users reported that the stitching in the backrest easily gets undone. Nonetheless, many users praise the product for its contemporary and stylish design while offering utmost comfort and softness.

The Ashley Furniture Sleeper Sofa is a solid choice for users that want to add a versatile, comfortable and stylish sofa in their small living spaces.

4. Thomas Payne 377706 Sofa Bed

  • High-density foam and cushions
  • No clunky, metal support bars
  • Rich chocolate color gives it a stylish and minimalistic design
  • Easily converts into a bed and vice-versa
  • Functional and versatile
  • May not fit to some RV models

The Thomas Payne Company is a tried-and-tested furniture brand, being in the business for many years. Its durable pieces boast superior comfort and style without taking up too much space, and that makes it a well-known and loved brand in the RV community. One of those pieces is the space-saving Tri-fold sofa.

Made out of PolyHyde material, the Thomas Payne Tri-fold Sofa gives you comfort without being super stuffy. Its high-density cushions and foam give the sofa a thick, plump look. This is perfect since it can sooth tired, aching muscles especially after a long day.

Unlike traditional Tri-fold sofas, Thomas Payne’s version has no clunky metal support bars that poke and prod you while you sleep. With this, you can sleep comfortably and peacefully.

The sofa’s PolyHyde upholstery also makes it durable and long lasting. The material is low-maintenance and very easy to clean. It is perfect for those who have pets and kids. It also comes with an easy-to-install aluminum frame that gives support to the sofa.

The Thomas Payne Tri-fold Sofa can easily convert into a bed in four-simple steps. You just need to pull out the tab to reveal the mattress. It is also easy to put away, by just following the instructions in reverse order.

Aside from the comfort it offers, Thomas Payne’s Tri-fold Sofa is also pretty stylish. The PolyHyde comes in a rich chocolate color that is contrasted with beautiful stitches. Its minimal design easily lets it blend with your other furniture pieces while adding a touch of class in your living space.

Thomas Payne’s Tri-fold Sofa also comes with a limited one-year warranty.

Measuring 60” in width, this is the only downside to the Thomas Payne Tri-fold Sofa. Because of its wide design, it may not fit through the doors of some RV models. However, majority of users were happy with their purchase. They liked how the product was easy to install and how it is very soft and comfortable.

If you are looking for a stylish, versatile and durable furniture piece to add to your living, then the Thomas Payne 60” Tri-fold Sofa may be the one for you. With thick paddings and the absence of metal bars, it gives you the utmost comfort.

5. RecPro Charles Collection 80″ RV Hide A Bed

  • Thick paddings and cushions
  • Adds a classy and homey vibe
  • Metal frame provides ample support
  • Easy conversion
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Lacks installation instructions

The RV sleeper sofa or hide-a-bed is another product not to miss when shopping around for the perfect pull out couch with the construction and design that you will appreciate. To know more about it, keep reading and find out if it is the loveseat for you.

If you are looking for high quality, and comfortable sofas, RecPro’s Charles Collection is a solid choice. This furniture company is well trusted and loved by the RV community and with good reason. Its 80” RV Sleeper Sofa is a great option for those looking for versatility and durability in a stylish, comfortable design.

Sporting a 5” thick mattress, the RecPro Sleeper Sofa is thick in its paddings and cushions. This makes it a perfect place to lounge on and relax after a long day of driving. It offers just the right amount of support that masks its bulky, support frames and allows you to sleep comfortably.

Wrapped in RecPro’s Suprima fabrics, this sleeper sofa is strong and durable. The faux leather material is easy to maintain and clean, as it is resistant to tears, and spills. This makes it perfect piece for those with kids or pets.

The RecPro Sleeper Sofa also features a durable all-metal frame that provides ample support. It is designed in such a way that can easily hold up two sleeping adults. Moreover, this frame also enables smooth movement when pulling out the bed. RecPro also guarantees the sofa’s durability since they have rigorously tested their products.

Aside from the comfort and durable framework, RecPro’s Sleeper Sofa also adds a classy flair to your living space. It features the Tiona pattern, which gives the sofa a “scaled look” that allows it to match easily with your existing décor. It also comes in four-color combinations.

The RecPro Sleeper Sofa is also very easy to assemble. Moreover, the sofa is lightweight and easy to transport due to its removable cushion seats.

However, while the installation may be easy, some users commented that it would’ve been better if the sleeper sofa came with a set of instructions. Nevertheless, a majority of the users have felt satisfied with their purchase. They praise the product for its design and thick paddings, noting that it very well suited their needs.

RecPro’s Sleeper Sofa holds a lot of comfort with its thick paddings and cushions that can enhance sleep. Moreover, it’s lightweight and easy to transport, making it ideal for small living spaces such as RVs, motorhomes and campers. The Sleeper Sofa’s sophisticated style and design not only enhances your living space but also assures you that the product will last long.

6. La-Z-Boy 61″ RV Camper Sleeper Sofa

  • Color to match most RV decors and styles
  • Easy to install and use
  • Well-built England furniture
  • Elegant design
  • Durable construction
  • A bit smaller for some users
  • Can be rather expensive

The England Furniture Lazy Boy is a top of the line pick among RV owners that want a sleek looking and easy to use sleeper sofa. The La-Z-Boy is great pick to consider if you’re looking for a durable and trendy sofa bed.

It has a Keegan Pebble color that looks stylish and elegant. Choosing the motorhome sleeper chair, you can rest assured that it will fit no matter the decoration and design of your recreational vehicle is.

This model has an ideal sleeping surface that can accommodate a wide range of users. It has measurements about 61″ width x 36″ diameter x 36″ height. By choosing the RV sleeper sofa, you won’t have a hard time to fit it into your available space. It has an ideal depth in bed position of 78 inches, providing just the right level of comfort and support that your family needs.

This product is also suitable even for smaller spaces like travel trailers and campers. It is also for smaller homes like cabins and apartments. It is also made of durable and heavy-duty materials to ensure of long-lasting performance.

On the downside, this product can be a bit smaller for some user. It can also be rather expensive. Nevertheless, the brand offers more sizes to choose from and use. You can find one that suits your needs and styles. Plus, this product will surely give the most of your spending because it is made of top quality materials and has a classic, elegant design.

7. RecPro Charles Collection 70” RV Jack Knife Sofa

  • Classy style brought by Tiona pattern
  • Durable polyurethane fabric
  • Space-efficient
  • Easy to clean fabric
  • Convertible to SOFA and sleeping bed
  • Bulky when delivered

Comfort is an important factor not just when you are living at home but also during your stay in a recreational vehicle (RV). Due to limited space, only little efficient furniture deserves to be carried inside the motorhome just like a multi-functional Sofa. Among the high reputed RV Sofa in town is the RecPro Charles Collection 70” RV Jack Knife Sofa

At the very first glance, people with rustic taste when it comes to home décor will surely be thrilled with the mahogany shade of RecPro RV Jack Knife Sofa. The Tiona pattern on the polyurethane fabric also adds a classy accent to it. Such peculiar design will be an attraction though can complement in the interior of any living room, study room and campers house.

What makes it appropriate for an RV traveler’s house is its ability to be convertible. At day, it can be a relaxing seat for two to three people. Then at night, it can be easily transform into a welcoming sleeping bed that is spine friendly to give your body the kind of rest you need.

There are no worries about the small space inside the RV. Like earlier mentioned, the 70 inch RecPro RV Jack Knife Sofa is like made personalized for tiny places. It is space-efficient and convenient to load inside the RV with its bed dimensions of 62’W x 19”H x 42”D from the ground and Sofa measurement of 70”Wx35”Hx29 and 1/2”D. Your RV won’t be overload too because it only weighs 160 lbs supported by a metal bed frame.

It only requires three inches clearance to be installed in places as it is a double zero wall hugger which is very space saving. The mattress also possesses the quality of having high-density while being so soft with its 6 inches thick plush.

RecPro RV Jack Knife Sofa is constructed with faux leather with Suprima Fabrics, which is proven strong so it is dependable to last for a long time. It is also easy to tidy up while covered with tear free materials.

Valued clients also attest that RecPro has fast delivery service and the package is well wrapped.

However, you may only expect the furniture to be bulky when delivered. Nevertheless, once unwrapped, the RecPro RV Jack Knife Sofa is ready to serve you with oozing comfort, and durability.

8. Darcy Contemporary Cobblestone Sleeper Sofa

  • Sleek and modern design
  • Versatile to use for different spaces
  • Twin sofa sleeper
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Made of soft material upholstery
  • Requires some time for assembly

The RV couch bed or sleeper sofa is another top choice among travel trailer and camper owners that want to get more out of their investment. It is well designed and built to last through the years. When it comes to performance, it is a top-rated product by users worldwide because it is long-lasting, proving quality use for the years to come.

I would also like to note that this product is a sofa sleeper that can offer you with comfort and style at the same time. It is the perfect addition to a small space like an apartment or condominium.

This sleeper sofa is with a minimalist design that that suits all RV designs and decorations. You might want to check it out if you would like a camper sofa bed that can suit any RV design.

It is with modern curves taking the center stage along with sloped pillowtop armrests along with a lovely flared silhouette. I would like to note of its neutral color to match all RV decorations.

The product is also versatile to use, allowing easy transformation into a bed if you have sudden guests. I would like to note that it is also with a full mattress size.

On the cons, this product requires some assembly that needs some of your time. Even so, this sleeper sofa is one of the best in class because it is made of soft and comfortable material. It is also of soft upholstery that make is a better choice than other models out there on the market. This product is also with a modern and sleek design and is versatile for many spaces.

9. Best Choice Products Futon Sofa Bed

  • Works even for small spaces
  • Comes with cup holders
  • Quick to assemble
  • Can convert into a bed within seconds
  • Works as a multipurpose lounger
  • Faux leather can feel cheap for some users

If you’re looking for an RV sofa bed replacement, you might want to check out this product fold up and down recliner couch. Keep reading to learn more and discover if it is for you or not.

One of the things that make it a good choice is that it can be converted into a bed within seconds. So if you have sudden guests, you don’t have to worry about having a place to accommodate them. With it, you can make a quick bed for them within seconds. This model can offer you a fully reclining backrest along with detachable armrests.

This product can also work as a multipurpose lounger, functioning perfectly for entertainment. I would also like to note that it is also designed to offer a comfortable reclining function.

This item can also offer a fold-down middle armrest that comes with two pcs cup holders for added convenience. In addition, this product can offer you with an easy assembly. In addition to the futon that quickly assembles, it comes with a zip compartment on the base for hardware and legs storage.

On the cons, the faux leather material can feel cheap for some users, though. But overall, it is one of the top of the line options among RV owners looking for a sleeper sofa that is quick to assemble, can convert into a bed within seconds and works a multipurpose lounger. It is also with cup holders and is with the heavy-duty performance you will love.

10. Rivet Revolve Mid-Century

  • Modern look and appearance
  • Ideal size for most spaces
  • Reliable brand
  • Lightweight construction
  • Low maintenance
  • Might not be the most durable around

Rivet is a well-known brand for camper sleepers because it is committed and reliable in delivering top-performing camper sofa products that can offer long lasting use. If you’re looking for a product that will deliver the performance you need, you might want to check out the sleeper sofa that is well loved by its thousands of users worldwide. Keep reading for more information.

It is one of the best products around for its comfortable sleeping surface. It is made of topnotch foam that can provide superior comfort and support. I would also like to note that it could offer low maintenance for too, so it is not at all a hassle to care for and maintain.

In addition, this product is with a lightweight construction that does not require much assembly. More so, the item comes with a one-year limited warranty and free returns for 30 days. Also, this sleeper sofa is with a compact size that will fit most RV spaces. It has dimensions of 34.6 inches D x 32.7 inches W x 35.4 inches H.

So if you’re looking for a comfortable and supportive sleeper sofa, you might want to check out the product that has the features to offer you that.

On the downside, the RV sleeper chair/bed might not be the most durable around. But still, it is one of those made of quality foam, which can last a long time for its heavy-duty performance. The RV Sofa is also by a reliable brand and is low maintenance. The product is also made of lightweight construction and is ideal for most spaces.

Why You Should Trust Us is a website dedicated to providing recreational vehicle owners of useful and insightful reviews and information to help them pick the right product that they can use for a long time and that will give them the satisfaction they deserve.

The market is saturated with too many choices on RV couches sleepers or sleep sofas. For those who are going to buy this furniture for the first time, they can find it pretty overwhelming to select the right one matching their needs and preferences. So without balanced and fair information, they might not be able to decide well especially that some product descriptions do not reveal all that consumers need to know.

It is why reviews are important. They give insightful information about what really a customer needs to know about a certain product. With reviews, consumers are able to compare and study their options well to make a better decision later. does not just create reviews, though. We follow a process. Our team discusses what the most important features to look for when buying certain furniture. Listing down all these factors, we’re able to narrow down our choices on the top picks that fit those criteria. From there, we review each product, look into their strengths and weaknesses, and summarize the things that make them one of the best in the category.

From these reviews, you’ll be able to compare your choices well and figure out the most suitable product in for you. And with a guide, you will have a better idea on their differences, types and other considerations you should look into.

After reading this buying guide of the top picks, factors to look into and answers to the most common questions about sofa beds, you can make a better decision of what you need.

What Is An RV Sofa Bed/ How Does It Work

rv couch bed

The RV sofa bed is functional furniture, so it is chosen by many consumers to have on their camper or travel trailer. Especially in the recreational vehicle where space is limited, the sofa bed is priceless! It is ideal for RV owners who want to save on space for buying one piece of furniture instead of two.

With a sofa bed, you don’t have to worry if you would have a sudden guest. For example, you can just pull the bed out at night to accommodate him or her. And in the morning, you just have to put the bed back in place in the sofa bed.

Without even saying, the sofa bed works as a sofa and a bed at the same time. You can select which one to use based on what you need for the situation. Having it around, you can also have functional furniture that can serve you for many purposes.

Types Of RV Sofa Beds       

When shopping around for a sofa bed, you should also consider the type that will work best for you. If you don’t know yet, you can find different types of sofa bed on the market. A few of them are highlighted in the following –

Clic clac

It is another easy to operate sofa bed that works in a straightforward manner. You can just pull its lower front panel, unfolding the “A” shaped frame into a flat platform. And later in order to get the sofa back into position, you can use the cantilever mechanism included.

Folding sofa

It works simply by only unfolding the mattress from its settee into a bed with not much to do on your part. It is for those looking for a long term and regular use because it is with a foldable mattress.

In addition, you can have your RV mattress topper choice customized into the folding sofa versus other types that make use of sofa cushions as the bed’s base.

Lift and pull

It’s a traditional mechanism and is chosen for futon sofa beds. You just have to lift the sofa’s seat upwards in order to assemble it, and then pull the soda bed’s seat back down in order to make a platform.


It works by pulling the bed’s lower front panel forward to unfold the A-shaped frame to turn it into a flat platform. It also has a cantilever mechanism returning the bed into its sofa position.

Corner sofa bed

This motorhome sleeper sofa features an additional platform that can pop up to align with the remaining seat in order to make a double bed.

This product can also offer an additional storage compartment in its ottoman base. In addition, this type is ideal for people that want to get the most of their living room.

Benefits Of Using An RV Sofa Bed

rv sleeper sofa

If you don’t know why buy RV jack knife sofa, you can check out the following for the advantages of having this functional furniture.


One of the most significant benefits of having a sofa bed is its functionality because it works with dual functions. They are good for smaller and tighter spaces like apartments, condominiums and smaller homes. They’re also ideal for campers and recreational vehicles where regular sized furniture can be a challenge to set up.

Accommodating guests

Another reason to get a sleeper sofa is for accommodating guests. It will also be great to have if you have regular guests that sleep over. You can find one of the most comfortable sofa beds that can offer your guests with a great night of sleep.


When it comes to design benefit, you can also depend on the sleeper sofa because you can choose from a wide range of designs, colors and styles to choose from and use. A sofa bed doesn’t just save space but also adds decoration to your space. It will maintain the splendor of your place.

Storage solution

Another benefit to get from sofa bed is that they can offer you a storage solution for storing other items and belongings. With it, you can make your space tidy and clutter-free.

How We Picked

rv couches sleepers

To pick the right RV air mattress hide-a-bed sofa, you must consider your options well by comparing different products on the market. In order to do it, you must know what things to look for so that you’ll be able to make the right decision later. Let’s start with the following.


Before adding a product to the cart, you must determine whether it fits the space where to add it or not. There is nothing more frustrating than to end up buying a sofa bed larger than the space where you plan to place it.

For this reason, it would help if you’d be able to measure the dimensions of the furniture as well as the measurement of the corner or space in your RV where you would later put it.

Also, it is why you must choose one that is made for RVs particularly. It shouldn’t be over 80 inches to find the right fit. Nevertheless, you must pick a sofa bed with size correct for the spot where you plan to place it.

You can start comparing your options using the reviews above. Each product has its size that might be able to fit where want to install the sofa bed.

Ease of Use

No one wants to waste time to set up the furniture when you need to use it. For this reason, it would help if you would pick one that won’t give you a hard time using it. Take note that some of them can be unfolded, and others can be reclined. You can choose from either of these types when finding the perfect camper sofa bed for your bedroom.

For one, you might want to choose one that has a minimal and simple design. Most of the time, they’re easy to use than those with complicated mechanisms are.

To help, you might also want to read customer reviews, which contain useful information on what customers are saying about a product. These feedbacks can also give you an idea about which products are satisfying to use and which ones are not based on convenience of use.

Care and maintenance

Sleeper sofas should not be hard to clean and maintain because they’re made with easy to care for materials. Especially the top picks, they’re not hard to maintain at all. Some of them only need spot cleaning, no washing required.

Also, they’re made of materials that do not harbor odors and stain. If you spilled something on it, you can easily clean it using wet cloth.


Check out different sleeper sofa options. They’re available as oversized sectional couches, simple futons and other style that you might be interested to look into when shopping around for your choices.

Futon sofa beds are the simplest to find among all of them. At the very least, they’re made of only one layer of cushion atop a wooden or metal frame.

These are popular among apartments and smaller spaces because they have a low profile and are compact in design. But then, they can be very casual for some spaces.

On the other hand, there are also sleeper chairs that fit especially those with very tight spaces and accommodating a guest at once. They also offer varying sleeper style options.

Then, there are also pullout couches, which are pretty common as choices for a sofa bed. But for the most part, they work as full sized sofas in most cases. You can also select from various designs and styles of these sofas. You can find petites, sectionals and loveseats. Nevertheless, you can compare your options based on what your preference and style is.


Before buying a sofa bed, you should also consider the filling material not only its appearance. For one, you must find one that is made of durable and high quality mattress. For the materials, you might want to refer to our buying guide earlier. You can proceed to the section where we discussed about the “What are RV sofa beds made of?


Before buying one, you must read reviews from customers or try some to find in the home furniture store to ensure that you can unfold it without any hassles. For the most part, sofa beds are with standard opening mechanisms like click-clack, power open and pullout. It is to ensure that you won’t have a hard time to operate the sofa bed and use it with ease.


Just like when buying any RV furniture, you might want to check out and compare the different products on the market using “price” as one of the factors to check.

However, you should not use it as the only basis in comparing your choices, but you must be able to figure out also the quality and design of the product.

For example, it does not make sense if you would buy a cheap sofa bed that will break after a couple of months or uses. Thus, you must also determine quality materials of the product to ensure that they will be long lasting.

You don’t need to worry, though, because you can find affordable products made of high-quality materials. In terms of the design, it also has to do with the type or style of the sofa bed. It must fit your space and adapt to the decoration of your RV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most popular RV sofa bed brands?

A: There are many sofa bed brands on the market now, but the best of them include RecPro, Thomas Payne, and Signature Design by Ashley, La-Z-Boy, and all the rest of those we have featured earlier. When deciding on your option, you must be able to compare according to not only the brand but also on features like construction, design, material type and price, to name some.    

Q: What are RV sofa beds made of?           

A: Sofa beds are not made of the same materials, as it will depend on the brand and model you would like to buy. When it comes to the mattress filling, there are several types of materials used.

One is a polyester or cotton fill, which is common among futon cushions. In some cases, there are products that are synthetic-filled or cotton-filled, or sometimes both materials are combined. They can be of varying thickness for optimum comfort, and others also have spring especially for those at least eight inches deep.

Foam materials are also used for futons and sofa beds. However, you should consider the quality well. Take note that standard mattresses are only between three to five inches deep. It only means that a guest might be able to feel the coil/support bar in the frame. For this reason, it might help to find a gel foam or memory foam that can be of higher quality than others are.

Innerspring are also now being used in the creation of these sofa beds just like before but with improvements. Today, the manufacturers are adding thicker padding and more coils for a better night of sleep. At the very least, they use five inches deep along with a thick and quilted cover as well as steel coils.

Air-over-coil is another type of filling material used in sofa bed manufacture. Typically, it is with an inflatable airbed (top) and an innerspring mattress (bottom). For comfort, it is a top-rated material by users worldwide.

Nevertheless, you must be able to compare your options well and figure out what kind of material will best give you satisfaction.

Q: How to replace an RV sofa bed?

A: If you’re looking to replace your travel trailer sofa bed, you can start by determining the size of your old RV sofa bed, and find those dimensions when selecting among a list of the top picks. Get the measurements of the length, width and height of the furniture, and compare your options based on the results you obtained.

But if you’re buying, say a bigger sofa bed, determine if it would fit the space where you plan to put it. You must be able to get the exact measurements of the new sofa bed and the space where you’re setting it up to ensure of a no hassle installation.

After all, getting the proper sizing is one of the things to consider when comparing your choices to end up buying one that doesn’t fit the space where you would place it.

Q: How much does an RV sofa bed cost?  

A: Prices vary from one model to another. They can also differ based on the materials used in one product. Above, we’ve featured different sofa beds at varying price ranges to help you pick the right one based on the budget you can afford.

You might want to compare your options well based on the reviews we did above for a camper sofa bed available at different prices.

But when selecting one, you must also consider other things like durability, materials, design and construction in addition to the price of what you’re getting. It is to help you pick a sofa bed that matches your preferences, style and needs.

In the end, the price should only be one of the factors to consider but not the only basis in selecting a sofa bed. You must be able to weigh your options well, pick the right one that matches your needs, and get that ultimate satisfaction you deserve.

Q: How long does it last?       

A: There is no definite answer to this one. It depends on certain factors like the level of abuse and use it receive. It will mean the speed of wear that the sofa bed will have.

If it’s frequently used and not being cared for or maintained regularly, then it might not last as long as those cared for properly.

It is why it’s important to follow the care and cleaning instructions. You must clean and care for the sofa bed regularly to prevent it from early wear. For specific cleaning directions for a material type or construction, you might want to refer to the manufacturer’s user manual.

On the other hand, there are some models and brands that tend to last longer than others do. Some of the best brands we have featured above are long lasting because manufacture products made of only durable and quality materials.

Nevertheless, the length of time one could last will depend on certain things like use frequency, brand and model as well as regular cleaning and maintenance.

Q: How to install?       

A: Choosing the furniture, you must be able to find one that will give your RV more function and additional fashion. However, it is not enough, too, if one is not easy to install.

So, are RV sofa beds hard to install? It will depend on the type of sleeper sofa you ended up buying. It also varies from one model to another.

At the very least, many of them are shipped and delivered in sections, allowing for easy moving. They also come with installation/assembly instructions to help in easy setting up.

Nevertheless, I didn’t find many complaints regarding assembly. The best brands have taken easy setting up into consideration in designing good camper sofa beds. Their instructions are also easy to understand and follow.

Q: How to store & care?        

A: Storing and caring for your sofa bed is easier than you might think it is. In fact, many are actually easy to care for and clean, so they can last longer even with basic maintenance, such as –

Interior cleaning: If you’ve only been using the function for sitting, the sleeping portion of the furniture might hiding some dust and dirt. So if you’ve not used the bed, you can just pull it out and shake out any linen. On the other hand, you can also vacuum the mattress surface in order to get rid of any dirt or dust.

Surface cleaning: You can simply vacuum or spot clean any spills regularly to prolong the life of the cushions. Also, you might want to check any specific manufacturer instructions for additional tips in cleaning the sofa bed.

Rotating the mattress: If you use the be daily, you should flip it every six months or more often so that it can have an even wear and tear. Just like your traditional mattress, the sofa bed mattress also needs mattress rotation to even the wear it would likely suffer from.

Q: Where to buy?

A: There are many places to buy a sofa bed. You can find one in a home and furniture store in your area.

They can have a wide display of sofa beds according to type and size. It is that you need to pick that which can offer you a great sleeping and sitting experience.

For this reason, you might want to ask a recommendation from the staff. However, some might not tell you other things like drawbacks of each product.

It is one of the reasons that people look for real customer reviews, so they head on to where to read reviews of what people are saying about a specific sofa bed for a camper or travel trailer.

Also on Amazon, you’ll be able to find a wide selection range of different sofa beds of varying sizes and construction. You can also find a varying selection of sofa beds available at different prices and from different brands. Online marketplaces like it can offer you a wider range of selection. After all, they don’t need a display space for all those products.

Plus, checking and weighing your options for this furniture using Amazon or a similar marketplace with a wider range of choices, you will be able to figure out the right choice easier than depending on only a few choices.

So if you would like to get the best deals at lower prices, you might want to check out that offers you with original products from the manufacturers themselves. Find great deals and pick the right recreational vehicle sofa bed today!


Were you able to pick the best RV sofa bed for you? Refer to our guide above, consider the features to compare, and find the perfect fit for your mattress. We do hope you would be able to pick your ideal sofa bed that can give you that ultimate satisfaction and sleeping/sitting experience. Buy your sofa bed today!


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