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The Best RV Slide Topper

What’s the best RV slide topper that you need for your camper, travel trailer, mobile home or recreational vehicle’s slide out room?

The slide out room is a simple innovation that can provide you and your loved ones with additional space offering more convenience when traveling with several people.

And if you have the slide out, you need its protection offered by a slide out topper.

However, it is overwhelming to find the perfect cover if you don’t know what you’re looking for especially the things to check on when weighing your options.

To find the right one, we have prepared this post with the top picks in the category along with a buying guide that highlights some of the things to consider when comparing your choices and picking the right topper for your slide out room.

Table of Contents

Best RV Slide Toppers

1. Lippert V000168109 RV Solera Awning

  • Wide range of sizes available
  • Classic black color
  • Easy to install
  • Adds appeal to your travel trailer
  • Made of durable materials
  • Expensive

When shopping around for RV slide out covers, you should not miss but take a look at this slider. It is a top-rated awning with 13.5 inches size for your slide out room and for reasons.

For one the Awning 13.5′ Slider Black has been receiving positive feedbacks from users and RV owners all over the world. For one, I liked its high quality construction that makes it a top of the line slide out awning that is chosen by many travel trailer owners all over the world.

This slide out is available in sizes to pick from ranging from five and 16.5 feet, making it versatile to match as a topper for your slide out room. However, make sure to get the measurements you actually need to buy the right one.

Another thing I liked about the topper is its black color, which for the many of us is appealing and classy. This color never goes out of style and matches all RV slide out room color, too.

So if you’re considering a slide topper with the best appeal, you might want to think about getting a black one for it.

The awning will attach to the RV permanently, adding to its function and accessibility. You will love this feature and must look for it when shopping for an RV slide topper.

I also appreciate that this product is made of weather resistant materials, translating to its heavy-duty performance. As you know, it will always be exposed to the outer elements and weather changes.

Being constantly exposed to different elements, it could be subject to wear and tear and damage sooner than expected if it is not made of quality materials.

But as it is made of topnotch materials, you can look forward to better and long lasting use that you might not be able to get in other products in the same category.

This topper can be extended up to 50 inches as well, giving you more options versus the competition.

You might definitely want to have the slide out topper with you because it can protect the slide out room from issues like flooding. I also appreciate that it does include the needed mounting hardware for easy installation.

On the downside, it is expensive in comparison to other products in the same category are. But overall, it is a high quality product with a durable build and solid performance.

2. Carefree UQ0770025 SideOut Kover III Awning

  • Can work automatically to protect your slide room
  • Prevents roller assembly from sagging
  • Durable and heavy-duty vinyl
  • Enhances the sleek and modern RV look
  • Elegant-looking and classic white color
  • More colors can be introduced

The Carefree SideOut Kover III Awning is one of the best choices for a slide out topper because it is made of heavy-duty materials and has top performance features, making it one of the most reliable slide-out covers around.

It is also a top choice among RV owners looking for a durable cover, which is made of heavy-duty and weather-resistant materials. As you may know, the cover will constantly be exposed to the elements.

For this reason, it is important that you check on such feature in the slide-out cover to buy, ensuring it can deal with the weather changes and harsh outdoor elements.

Even if the Carefree (UQ0770025) is always exposed to the changing and harsh weather, you can have peace of mind it can keep up and not easily be worn out or break.

According to different users, they also find this cover reliable that it can hold on to last long no matter the outdoor pressure and abuse it gets, such as grime, pollution, dust and debris.

This Carefree (UQ0770025) is long lasting for your peace of mind. You can look forward to long-term use of it no matter where you camp, even in highly windy areas.

I also liked the elegance in design and style of this product. It is available in white color, making it a great fit for any RV color and decoration. It is also a timeless and versatile shade that looks good on any recreational vehicle design and theme

It is a durable vinyl material that can resist water as well as is lightweight for the RV. With this material, you can have peace of mind that your cover will not be easily ruined by the harsh elements that it has to meet all the time outside.

The Carefree SideOut Kover III is ideal for a roof size ranging from 70 to 77.9 inches and a flange size ranging from 75 to 82.9 inches. It is a compatible and universal choice for many travel trailers and campers for its fabric width of also 81 inches.

This product also comes with a wind deflector and can integrate easily with the window awnings and patio awnings for a unified appearance.

But on the downside, more colors can make the product enticing, so other shades can be introduced. Overall, though, this product is one of the ideal choices for its elegance, durability and performance.

3. Lippert V000163299 RV Solera Awning

  • Can permanently attach to the slide room
  • Durable awning fabric and hardware
  • Can withstand heavy abuse and use
  • Can automatically extend or retract with your slide-out
  • Extends up to 50 inches
  • Installation can be tricky for first timers

The Solera V000163299 is another top contender among the slide-out toppers available on the market. It is by Lippert, a known brand committed to top performance and quality.

Choosing the brand, you can be certain that you’re dealing with a good brand that values customer satisfaction.

The Lippert Compone Awning is also large enough to be compatible with slide out rooms. This 13-feet variety measures 156 inches wide along with a box width of 146 to 151¾ inches. With this said, you could be certain that it would fit many slide-out room sizes. Including the flange, the box width should be measured on the front box outside.

The 13′ Slider is also of a white color, matching most RV paints. And even if white is not the color of your recreational vehicle, you can still have this white cover because it is a versatile shade that works for many decorations, themes and designs. You won’t have a hard time to match this white slider on your slide-out room.

Another thing that makes this awning slide-out a standout is it can extend up to 50 inches, more than eight inches in length than other brands can, and that is an added bonus. We can get more from our purchase and also rely on a more versatile and flexible cover.

This slider can attach to the outside wall and the slide room in order to create and complete the sleek and unified look. With that, this product can also complete sealing around a slide room.

So in addition to a pleasant to the eyes aesthetics, I liked the great design of the product that can work to seal around the room completely and protect it from damage, flooding and other issues.

Leaves, debris, dusts and bugs are also blocked out by the topper’s sleeve even when it is retracted.

On a drawback, the installation of the product can be hard for first timers, though. But then, it is still one of the best slide toppers around for the many of us that want a reliable and solidly performing product for the money. It is also the economical and practical protection for all your slide rooms.

4. Dometic 98001CQ.156B Slide Topper

  • Can protect the coach from the weather elements
  • Easy to install and use
  • Durable and heavy-duty
  • Elegant looking and classic color
  • By a reputable brand
  • Pricey

This topper is a must-have for a motorhome, camper or recreational vehicle that has as slide out. The Dometic slide topper is a reliable and top performing slide topper that delivers its purposes.

For one, I liked that it can provide protection to our slide out room and can keep it shielded from the sun and rain. In addition, this product can reduce hazardous weather conditions to get into our coach. In this case, we can be sure that our mobile space is protected from the elements.

In addition, I appreciate that the topper is made with durable and heavy-duty materials. It is a vinyl slide topper that is proven long lasting and water-resistant. With that said, you could have peace of mind that it can serve you and your family for a long time.

For its durability, you can also look forward to its resistance against harsh weather elements and outdoor pollutants, including grime, dust, debris and other contaminants that would otherwise degrade it fast.

More so, I believe that the slide out cover is one that has an elegant design and construction. Dometic has ensured that you will like not only the durable build but also the appealing design and polar white color of this topper.

This topper can match any decoration and design because it looks classic and timeless. You will love that it is a great addition to your slide-out room. More so, you will like that it is 3.6 x 3.6 x 166 inches in dimensions, making it an ideal choice for many travel trailer owners whose slide out room is of the same size.

In addition, the topper is made with a weather-shield material that makes it a decent choice if you’re looking for a long-lasting topper that you won’t be ruined by the rain and sunrays.

When it comes to the installation, you will not have a hard time, too, because it is a breeze to do it. But to make your life easier, you can get the help of someone when installing it to make it faster.

On a drawback, this product is pricey, though. But overall, it is still one of the most durable around. If you’re someone who values your investment, you might want to spend on a heavy-duty product to prevent buying from time to time.

5. Innova Trim to Fit Slideout Cover Fabric (140″ to 163″)

  • Can be extended up to 163 inches
  • Top-rated and well-reviewed
  • Affordable
  • Heavy-duty for years of service
  • Polycord hems
  • Raw edge allow for cutting to the exact length
  • Might not be as durable as the others

When shopping around for a slideout cover fabric, you must find a durable and top performing topper that will last a long time and withstand the elements.

One of those that is highly recommended in the category is the Innova Trim to Fit cover fabric that ensures top performance and innovation.

I liked that we can extend the product from 140 to 163 inches, making it compatible for many slide-out room. So if you’re looking for a universal slideout cover fabric to fit your slide-out room, you should not miss but check out the Innova.

One of the things I liked about the slide-our cover is that it has a raw edge, allowing us to cut it to the exact measurement. That said we could be worry free about mistakes in measuring.

It is also compatible to fit many slide out toppers, such as A&E and Carefree, making it also the choice among RV owners that want to replace their toppers from these brands.

I also liked that the replacement slide out topper is not just versatile to fit different brands of toppers that need replacement but also comes with heavy-duty design. For example, it comes with welded polycord hems, sliding out into the awning. In this case, awning roller will not tear or leak at the needle holes.

When shopping around for a topper, it is one of the things to look for to ensure that it will last longer. That said you could get more of your spending for this product for your recreational vehicle.

In addition, I recommend this topper because it is made with non-hemmed edges, which ensure of less water pooling. With this feature, you can ensure that the topper will last longer.

This design will also lead to a tighter canopy, making less whipping in the wind. It is one of my favorite features of this product that I am sure you will appreciate, too.

However, the product might not be the most durable product around. But overall, the ShadePro Trim to Fit Slideout Cover is a decent choice among RV owners that want to ensure they can get the most of their investment with a durable slide out topper.

6. SunWave Slide Out Cover Fabric

  • Large enough measuring 154 inches
  • Affordable
  • Fits toppers up to 50 inches projections
  • Can be customized to fit any topper size
  • Compatible with slide toppers like Carefree and A&E
  • Can break in time especially when always exposed to high winds

Another recommended product not to miss when comparing your options includes the SunWave Slide Out Cover Fabric. It is packed with features and high in performance.

One of the things I liked about the SunWave is that it is large enough to fit many slide toppers, measuring 154 inches. With that, this product is more versatile to fit many slide toppers, such as A&E and Carefree slide topper.

You will like that it can work compatibly with different brands, making it the practical choice among RV owners. This replacement fabric is also a great pick for it can be customized to the size you need, allowing you to select the perfect fit you need for the replacement.

In addition, the slide out topper is easy to install, allowing you to set it up without any hassles. Alternatively, you can also get the help of a loved one to make it easier for you.

More so, I would like to mention it could fit toppers up to 50 inches projection. Using it, you can have peace of mind it will work seamlessly with your system. For someone like me who wants an easy to use slide topper will appreciate the ease of use the slide out topper can give them.

This product will also work with slide toppers that do not have a metal cover, adding to its versatility and multifunction.

When you choose the topper replacement, you can have peace of mind that you are getting more of your spending with an affordable and versatile topper replacement. In terms of more versatility, this fabric allows trimming in order to fit slide toppers of any size.

But on the downside, this product can break in time when always exposed in high winds. Overall, though, I liked the performance and design features of the topper. It is also reliable and high quality to offer us with what we need in a topper.

7. Carefree FH2000047 SideOut Kover II Awning Fabric

  • Easy to install and use
  • High quality materials
  • Can resist weather elements and pollution
  • Fits most makes and models
  • Reliable brand
  • Longevity concerns

Carefree is a reliable slide out awning brand that many RV owners appreciate for their solid performance and commitment to quality. Through the years, they remain consistent to be one of the best manufacturers of RV slide out toppers and awnings.

Their products also remain top raters, which always capture the attention of its customers who value heavy-duty and top of the line products. The SideOut Kover II Roll is also one that receives top ratings from customers looking for a good RV slide out awning replacement fabric.

One of the things that make this product a standout is its durability. This topper is made with top of the line materials to ensure it will last for a long time, ensuring you will get the most value for your money when you choose the slide out awning for slide out room.

I also believe it is one of the best around because it can fit many models and makes, adding to its compatibility to work with different brands of toppers. It is one the most crucial factors we have to look into when comparing our choices for this product in order to have peace of mind the topper will work seamlessly with brands.

I think its white color is another thing that makes it a stand out. It can match any design and decoration of a recreational vehicle because it is a classic color that is also timeless and elegant.

I also noticed that the fabric is large enough at 47″ x 200″, making it suitable to fit most sizes. The FH2000047 Carefree is also a great choice for its ability to withstand weather conditions and outer elements.

Using it, you can look forward to long-term investment. This product can resist grime, dust, dirt and other contaminants that would otherwise lead to its fast degradation.

On the downside, this product isn’t the most durable around, though. But still, it is one of the best choices for a topper replacement that you can count on for its performance, reliability and quality.

8. Carefree JE200005B47 Slideout Awning Fabric

  • Easy to set up
  • Can resist weather elements
  • Durable materials
  • FLXguard wrap
  • Includes pre-installed cords
  • Can be hard to install for first time users

Save yourself from the hassle from having to replace a custom order, and then waiting for your replacement awning to fit to your needed spot. If you want to eliminate that, you can choose the Carefree JE200005B47 that makes the process smoother and easier.

The vinyl fabric includes pre-installed cords, so you will also find installation easier than before. These cords help in easier setting up of the awning replacement. Now, the only thing we have to do it so find the exact measurement, cut and then install the awning.

In addition, let us not forget about the FLXguard wrap that ensures added protection to the product. It comes with a durable metal wrap along with a great material that works flexibly to roll up with the awning, wrapping and protecting the fabric when on the road.

It is also a reliable product to protect your recreational vehicle when it is in storage. The cut to fit slideout fabric with protection is one of the best-sellers from the brand that values your business and continues to commit to excellence.

They work hard to offer you with awnings you can use for a long time and give you the most value for your investment. I also liked the white color, which matches the design and color of your recreational vehicle.

This type of awning fabric is also one of the easiest and most affordable ways of replacing your awning canopy instantly. All you need to do is to cut it to your needed size in order to cover and protect your slide room.

This product can also last longer than others can because it is made with a non-fraying fabric that can resist tears, frying and rips.

On the downside, it can be hard to install for first time users. But overall, it is an extra heavy-duty awning replacement that comes with FLXguard boned to the vinyl.

9. Innova Trim to Fit Slideout Cover Fabric to 93″

  • Can fit different makes and models like A&E and Carefree less than 93 inches
  • Available in black and white
  • Allows exact cutting for raw edges
  • Non-hemmed edges
  • Durable welded polycord hems
  • Can be prone to rips if exposed to high winds often

Innova is another top rated product not to miss when searching for a top performing and durable slideout cover that can give you long-lasting service. It is one of the most reliable products that will also offer us with the sure value of our investment.

One of the things I liked about the product is that it is compatible to fit various makes and models of slide out covers. And because of that, you can have peace of mind it is compatible with different brands of slide out awnings. For example, it can work with slide toppers less than 93 inches but without alumaguard and with extensions less than 42 inches.

More so, I liked that the slide-out awning is made with electronically welded polycord hems, allowing sliding into the awning rail and the roller won’t leak or tear at the needle holes.

I also liked that it is designed for better flexibility for its raw edge to the sides of the durable of the 1000 denier vinyl, letting you to cut for your desired size to ensure of the perfect fit. With that said, you could eliminate any associated mistakes due to ordering of the wrong size.

You can also expect for less water pooling due to the non-hemmed edges, adding to the product’s durability and dependability for long years of service.

But then, this product can be prone to rips if constantly exposed to high winds. In general, though, this product is still one of the highest in terms of quality because it is by a reputable brand and with an ideal design and durable materials.

10. Carefree LH0810042 Slideout Cover Fabric

  • Can fit various models and makes
  • Easy to install and use
  • Can deal with weather changes
  • Can protect your slide room from the elements
  • Made with durable and heavy-duty materials
  • Not as durable as other makes and model

The Carefree cover is another product not to miss when comparing your choices for a good slide topper that can provide solid protection and offer lasting durability to RV owners like you.

The slideout cover is also one of the most versatile around because it can also fit many makes and models. More so, I liked the large enough size of the slideout cover that can be extended up to 81 inches.

It can also protect your RV from the elements including sun and rain, ensuring the best RV slide topper fabric will be long lasting to serve you through the years. As you know, the topper will always be exposed to the sun and the weather elements, grime, pollution, dust and debris.

Also, when looking for a reliable product, you should find one that is easy to install. It should not give you a hard time and a headache to finish the installation process. Choosing the slideout cover, you can be sure that you will be able to set it up in minutes.

Another thing I liked about the product is that it has a great design, which works for many RV decoration and theme. It integrates with the design of the RV for that uniformed look and solid appearance.

On the downside, this product is not as durable as other makes and models. But still, it is one of the top picks in the category for its solid and durable construction.

Why You Should Trust Us

Choose and trust us when comparing RV slide out awning reviews because we highlight and review only the top picks, which are also highly rated and recommended by the consumers themselves.

We are also real RVers that have years of firsthand experience using different RV accessories, gears and appliances.

We have also determined the factors in choosing a certain product like a high quality RV awning. From those considerations, we have researched and reviewed the best products in the category.

By the end of this guide, we do hope that you can find the right RV cover that matches your needs, preferences and style.

What Is An RV Slide Topper/ How Does It Work


The RV slide topper is a great innovation introduced for recreational vehicles. Perhaps, you have seen camper or RV owners with the slide out awning for their vehicle, too. For one, it is a specialized product made for recreational vehicle or camper.

Generally, the slide out awning is an outer extension hanging above the slide out of a mobile home. You can find so many of these with different designs and colors and by different brands and models.

Many of them are white or black in color and are extendable by up to a certain number of inches.

When it comes to purpose, the RV slide out awning is designed and made to provide an extra protection and coverage layer to the slide out room.

As you know, the slide out room is an extra space that also means an additional investment, so you have to protect it.

Also, you might want to have it if you don’t want to experience flooding and other issues to your slide out room using an RV slide out canopy. The awning works being an additional coverage to the slide out room so that your loved ones and guests will feel comfortable when in the slide out room.

So if you would like to ensure that you can protect this room from flooding and exposure to the elements that will otherwise leads to its fast degradation, you should get an RV slide out awning for it.

Types Of RV Slide Toppers


There are not many types of slide toppers around because they’re simply awning extensions placed at the top of the slide out room in order to keep it protected from issues like flooding. These are basically like awnings that come in a wide range of colors and designs to choose from and install.

They are also easy to install; many come with an instruction manual that you can follow closely in order to ensure that you are doing it right. For the most part, you can set up the awning topper in minutes. Do it yourself or get the help of a loved one to make the process easier.

Many of these slideout toppers are also made of acrylic or vinyl materials. But more commonly, vinyl is the popular choice because it is lightweight and waterproof.

The topper also comes in a wide range of sizes that you can choose from based on what will fit your recreational vehicle or camper.

In some cases, there are also makes and models that come with raw edges, allowing you to cut it based on the size you need. It also eliminates the chances of a mistake for ordering the wrong size of an awning topper.

Benefits Of Using An RV Slide Topper

There are certain reasons you need the slide topper for your slide out room. Check out the following for some of them that you have to know.


In seasons or times you’re not using your RV, which is in storage, you can rely on the topper that offers your vehicle with protection. The same goes if you’re camping.

Having the RV slide out topper, you can be certain your slide out room is protected especially if your RV is parked in the campsite. Even if it rains or snows, the slide out rack will not be flooded, one of the most common concerns of RV owners who have a slide out room.


Outside, your camper is always exposed to the elements, including pollution, grime, dust, dirt and other contaminants. In addition, it is prone to sun damage as well as exposed to the sun and snow, among other weather elements.

Your slide out room will also be more prone to damage and require repair and maintenance without some protection it can get from a topper.

Good news also is that the best toppers are made with weather-resistant materials, which can deal with the elements and increase the durability of the topper.


If you’re camping especially in the summer, you will really need this topper because it can offer comfort to everyone in the slide out room.

Without the cover, the sun’s rays can get into the room and lead to everyone’s uncomfortable feeling especially in the summer when the weather can be unforgiving.

So for your loved ones and guests’ comfort especially when camping with numerous people, you might want to invest in a good awning topper for your slide out room.

How We Picked


When picking for a slide out awning, you should remember certain things and consider some factors that will help you in deciding what slide out topper to choose and use for the slide out.

Also, there are so many options around, each with different pros and cons and have different features. Many of them also have varying sizes, colors and designs. Check out the following to get started in choosing the right topper.

RV slide out awning installation

One of the most essentials when comparing your choices for a toper is the ease of installation. How easy or how difficult is it to install the awning? Does it come with an installation manual that you can follow so that you can set it up easily? Can you install it in minutes?

In choosing the right slide out awning, you should pick one that won’t give you a hard time to install it. The best awnings around can be set up in minutes. Choosing them, you can be certain that you don’t have to spend a lot of time in the installation process.


It has to do with the durability of the product. Remember, the slide out topper will be in constant pressure and exposure to the elements especially wind, rain and sun. If you choose a less durable cover, it will be more likely than not to tear, rip or frying over time.

But as there are many options in terms of materials, you might be feeling overwhelmed to choose what material to look for when buying an awning topper.

In general, the slide out cover is vinyl because it is lightweight and waterproof. It is also durable and heavy-duty to deal with the elements. But overall, you have to look into the material and ensure it is durable when choosing a slide out cover.

Also, it must be easy to clean. For the most part, you only have to use soap and water to clean it or use an RV awning cleaner. Or it will depend on the manufacturer instructions.

Quality and durability

No one likes to buy an awning cover that will break easily after weeks of use. Or else, he or she has to buy replacement and have one to cover the slide out again.

You should find a product made of durable hardware and fabric to ensure you can look forward to long-term use.

Also, it would help if the product comes with a warranty that will add to satisfaction and peace of mind you can get help when needed. It may also indicate that the manufacturer backs its products and trusts their quality.


How much do you have to spend on the topper? Is the price reasonable for the value you will get? As you see, price and value are related. You can say that you’re getting a good price for a product that offers a good value, too.

Thus, you must be able to evaluate the value of the product by reading reviews that can reveal the pros and cons of each topper.

From those reviews, you can discover what people are saying about a product and help you discover the best toppers in the category.

So when buying a cover for your slide out, you should determine the value you are getting in relation to the price. You can begin comparing your options based on the top picks we have reviewed.

At the end of the day, it is not about the most affordable or priciest cover, but it is about the value based on the price you’re paying for it. Thus, you must be able to compare several products based on its value.


As there are many makes and models out there and a tough competition for manufacturers, these toppers can also come with miscellaneous features, such as unique shades and designs, technological or automatic features and more options.

For this reason, you may want to compare these things, too, and find out what you really need.

In short, do not buy a cover just because it has certain extra features but do not really matter for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are good RV slide topper brands?          

A: To help you choose the best slide toppers, you can check out brands like Lippert, Carefree, Dometic, Innova and SunWave. They are among those that have been a favorite among RV owners looking for a durable and high quality slide out covers.

Q: What are RV slide toppers made of? Are they waterproof?       

A: Slide toppers are usually made of vinyl that are durable to last long and are also waterproof to prevent the pooling of water on it. They are high quality to provide us with years of service, too.

Q: What is the warranty?           

A: It varies from one manufacturer to another. You might want to compare your options and consider warranty as one of the considerations when choosing an RV cover.

Q: How to choose the right size?        

A: If you’re just replacing an old topper, you can simply buy a replacement fabric that has the same measurements as the previous. You might also want to buy those with raw edges so that you can cut based on the size you need.

Q: How to install an RV slide topper?         

A: Just like what to read from RV slide out awning reviews, installation instructions may vary from one manufacturer to another.

You can simply check out and follow those directions closely in order to install the cover. If you’re replacing an old one, you can just repeat the same instructions for installing the new fabric.

Q: How to keep RV slide toppers from flapping?          

A: You can keep the toppers from flapping by securing it tightly and making sure it is not loose. Check out the instruction manual to know how to do it. Nevertheless, making sure it is not flapping will extend its lifespan.

Q: How to clean?

A: You clean a topper, like a Dometic slide topper, by simply following the cleaning instructions from the maker. Some toppers require simple cleaning with soap and water, while others with an RV awning cleaner.

Q: Where to buy?

A: You can buy it in an RV or camping supplies store for options in designs, colors and styles. But for better results, you might want to use online stores like Amazon where to find a wider range of selection on colors, designs, brands, makes and models.


The right slide out topper will be able to protect your slide out room when on the road and your RV is in storage. It will also cover this place and keep it covered to prevent flooding, which is a common complain among RV owners.

This cover can also increase the lifespan of your slide out room and prevent you from spending on frequent repairs and maintenance. Definitely, it is a valuable investment to have for your slide out.

Choose the best RV slide topper using our guide and the reviews of the top picks in the category to ensure that you can make a good decision in picking a topper now!


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