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The Best RV Roof Cleaner

Using the best RV roof cleaner for the recreational vehicle roof (and exterior) is necessary for many reasons. This product can clean and condition the roof to keep it looking brand new and extend its lifespan. With it, we can also reduce maintenance and repairs. The roof cleaner also provides a UV light barrier that can further protect our roof from damage.

However, we recognize it isn’t easy to shop around and compare products in this category. That is why we’ve come up with this guide to help you in the comparison, selection and buying process.

Here, we’ve also highlighted things to look for when buying a recreational vehicle roof cleaner as well as the advantages of using it. Also, we’ve reviewed the top picks in the category so that you can have a quick overview on what to expect from each of them. If you’re ready, let’s begin finding the high quality RV roof cleaners now.

Table of Contents

Best RV Roof Cleaners

1. Protect All 67128 Rubber Roof Cleaner

  • Safe and non-toxic formula
  • Effective on EPDM roofs
  • Easy to apply and no-rinse formula
  • Dissolves and cleans even heavy grimes
  • Economical at one gallon
  • A bit pricey

The EPDM rubber roof is one of the best things introduced for the recreational vehicle because it is UV resistant and durable. This type of roof is also leak-proof, ensuring that your heads won’t get wet inside your RV in the rainy days. One more thing is that it can deal with all kinds of temperature and weather as well as wear and tear.

But even so, not taking care of this roof properly would cause its degradation. To protect this roof from damage, it should always be cleaned regularly. A dependable product for it is the ProtectAll rubber roof cleaner. It will not cause bubbling, tearing and cracking because it is specifically designed for the EPDM rubber roof.

I love the ProtectAll Rubber Roof Cleaner 67128 because it is also non-abrasive. It won’t cause any damage to the roof. The formula is also non-toxic, so it is safe to use and won’t harm your health.

You also don’t have to worry about applying it on the surface, as you only have to spray or mist it on and mop. You don’t need a hose or buckets of water to clean the roof. So this time around, you don’t need to bend your knee or break your back to perform the task.

Overall, you will love the performance of this cleaner in cleaning EPDM rubber roof. This product is easy to apply, no rinse formula and economical.

One thing I dislike is that this product is a bit expensive. But with its cleaning power, this issue is just a minor one compared to the effectiveness in cleaning the RV roof.

2. Protect All 68128 RV Rubber Roof Treatment

  • Dirt repelling and anti-static formulation
  • UV protection
  • Minimizes grey streaks because it prevents roof chalking
  • Long-lasting clean finish
  • Practical and economical
  • Might take some time to remove deep-seated grime and dirt

The 68128 is one of my highly recommended products for the RV roof. There are many reasons it is a top rated roof cleaner in the category. It has an improved formula that makes it an ideal choice. A few of the things you will love about it is that it can stop chalking and lets you do periodic cleaning of your roof.

The cleaner also offers several features that make it an effective product. For one, it is economical at a one-gallon size, so it allows you to use it for several times before buying another gallon. You will also save so much time using it because it requires no rinsing at all. With it, you don’t just have an effective roof cleaner but also one that saves money on water bill.

When shopping around for an RV roof cleaner, you should also find one that can protect the roof from harmful UV rays that can cause the degradation of your roof. This product can prevent its discoloration and deterioration that would otherwise lead to expensive repairs.

This product is also designed and made specifically for EPDM rubber roof, which is one of the most durable RV roofing materials that can deal with changing weathers and temperatures.

It also has an anti-static formula and can effectively repel dirt from accumulating and building up in your RV roof.

As it is also anti-static, it can resist dust and dirt that would otherwise collect on the rubber roof. This product also works by coating the RV roof with a long-lasting polymer that keeps the RV roof clean for a long time. It requires less cleaning and offers more protection to the roof by up to 75% more than other products in the same category.

On the downside, it might take some time to remove deep-seated dirt and grime.

3. Camco 41453 Pro-Tec Pro-Strength Rubber Roof Care System

  • Reduces maintenance
  • Effectively cleans without
  • Two-step action unique to the formulation
  • UV protection
  • Prevents building up of grime and road film
  • Might not be very effective in removing heavy road grime

The Pro-Strength variety is one of the most valuable products in the category because of its excellent features. It is effective in cleaning the RV roof without the traditional knee bending and backbreaking that you need to do.

This product can remove dust, dirt and grime on your RV roof. It is can also reduce maintenance and prevent RV roof damage caused by the roof’s exposure to sunlight and other outdoor elements. These elements, including snow, rain and other weather conditions can cause the degradation of your RV roof.

With the Camco 41453, you can have peace of mind that it does not just clean and remove grime, but also protect your trailer and camper from the harmful elements. It can also keep the roof protected from the damaging rays of the sun. Using this product, you can have peace of mind that you don’t have to spend on expensive roof repairs.

It also contains no abrasive materials that will affect the look and integrity of your roof membrane. This formula is also non-static, so it is able to resist dirt and grime from building up.

Another thing I would like to note and love about it is that it can remove road film. It is able to protect your roof from any additional damage because of its powerful blend of conditioners and surfactants that can clean and condition the roof.

Nevertheless, the Camco roof cleaner is one of the best products you can count on if you would like to extend the life of your RV roof membrane. This product can help in removing oxidation and black streaks on the roof, protecting it from more damage.

On the downside, it might not be able to remove deep-seated heavy grime.

4. B.E.S.T 55048 Rubber Roof Cleaner/ Protectant

  • Professional grade product for use in the camper, trailer, recreational vehicle
  • Provides a UV protective coating to the RV roof
  • Easy application in a single step
  • Helps prevent fungus from developing
  • Can prevent mold and mildew from forming on the roof
  • Smaller bottle compared to other products in the same category

The cleaner and protectant is one of the best choices on the market because it is able to clean heavy grime and road film without so much effort. The B.E.S.T. rubber roof cleaner can help in extending the life of the rubber roof because of its protective blend of ingredients.

It is a protectant that can also deal with the changing weather by providing that clean and protective coating to your RV roof for a longer time, depending on the frequency you’re camping or traveling with your recreational vehicle.

However, it might be suitable for those who want to use a bigger product that they can use for more times because it is a small bottle variety.

It does well in extending the life of the rubber roof membrane because it is able to clean and condition in a step. That said you can do both jobs at once because of the two-step treatment that the B.E.S.T 55048 can provide. This product can also work effectively in removing streaks and grime. It can also eliminate road film and oxidation.

Aside from the cleaning and conditioning, it can offer UV protection that can ensure your roof’s longer life. As you know, your roof is always exposed to outdoor elements. And with this situation, it will be prone to damage, such as cracking and chalking. It is also a non-petroleum formula that can damage the roof membrane.

On the cons, it comes in a small bottle that might not be suitable to those cleaning their roof more often.

5. Dicor RPRC1GL Rubber Roof Cleaner

  • Cleans and protects the roof easily
  • Conditions effectively
  • Contains no abrasive ingredients
  • Anti-static formula
  • Protects the roof from UV rays
  • Requires rinsing off

This product is another one that I can recommend in the category because it can clean the roof and exterior easily. It won’t harm your RV components because it does not contain any abrasive ingredients.

The Dicor cleaner can be used on the rubber roof easily and quickly. You just have to spray it on damp or wet roof. Using a brush, you can scrub it before rinsing off. For the best results, the maker recommend following its use with a Roof-Gard protectant.

Another thing I would like to note that makes this choice a great one is that it can remove grime, road film and other contaminants. It does what it does effectively without requiring much effort and time on your part.

As the RV roof is always exposed to outside elements and contaminants, it can also be prone to developing mildew, mold and fungus. But with the cleaner, you can clean and protect the roof’s surface and membrane from developing these issues.

You can also have peace of mind that this product contains no petroleum solvents that would otherwise damage your roof. Its formula is all for cleaning and conditioning the roof to keep it looking new. With it, you can also save money on repairs as well as time on frequent maintenance.

The Dicor RPRC1GL also has a professional strength that can remove oxidation and road film. It can also protect your roof from harmful UV rays for its UV inhibiting properties.

This product is also specifically designed and made for rubber roof, so it won’t cause tears, cracks and bubbles. With it, you can have peace of mind that you can get that cleaning result without harming the roof. Using it, you don’t have need cleaning RV roof with bleach because this product does all the work for you without any tedious steps required.

On the cons, this product requires rinsing off that can take some time depending on the scope of the area where you intend using it.

6. Dicor RPRG1GL Roof-Gard Rubber Roof Protectant

  • Can effectively eliminate grime, road film and other contaminants
  • Can be used for periodic applications
  • Prevents the growth and development of mildew, mold and fungus on the roof
  • Does not contain petroleum distillates
  • Quality product that gives long-lasting results
  • Might take a longer time to apply than initially expected

The Dicor RV roof cleaner is an effective yet gentle roof protectant that keeps the roof clean for a longer period of time. I also love that it does not leave any residue in the process.  As you might have read from RV cleaning tips, you should avoid products that will leave powdery particles on the roof because it might degrade the roof’s condition.

This roof protectant doesn’t also leave any oily buildup or greasy look on your roof. It only contains cleaning ingredients specifically recommended for rubber roofs.

I appreciate that the maker did not include petroleum distillates, waxes, silicone or glycerin on this product. That said you can be certain that it won’t cause cracking, bubbling or tearing of the rubber roof.

It is also a ready to use cleaner that you can make use of instantly and quickly. For busy RV owners, it is a valuable feature because it can save us so much time in the process.

When shopping around for a roof protectant, you must also select one that does not leave any water spotting or streaks. In addition, you should look for a product that does protect the surface from dirt and dust. It is a good thing that these characteristics are also in the Dicor RPRG1GL Roof-Gard.

On the downside, this product can take a longer time to apply than expected.

7. Gel-Gloss RV Wash and Wax

  • Does not leave water streaks or spots
  • Economical size
  • Can make your RV roof looking brand new
  • Cleans, polishes and protects the RV exterior and roof
  • Easy to apply
  • Might not be able to remove heavy grime

The 128 oz wash and wax is another excellent choice if you would like to protect your roof from degradation brought about by outdoor elements, including snow, rain and hot weather. So aside from using the best RV caulk, you must also use an RV wash and wax that can keep the good condition of your roof.

It is a professional grade wash, which is made from a bar soap. And with that, we can say that it contains biodegradable ingredients and no phosphate. Another good thing that I would like to mention is that it works as a 3D product. It does not only clean but also wax and protect the RV’s exterior surface as well as its roof.

While it does well in performing these actions, it is also able to deliver flawless results because it does not leave any greasy residue. This wash and wax also does not cause water spots or streaks.

The highly concentrated wash and wax is also practical and money saver because just one quart of it can make 16 gallons of a cleaner. You can also rely on it if you intend using it for periodic application.

It can also be used to maintain boats, marine and other vehicles requiring a roof cleaner. This wash and wax is also effective in cleaning and maintaining that squeaky-clean surface of your rig or recreational vehicle.

On the negative side, this product might not be able to remove heavy grime.

8. Bugs N All Professional Strength Vehicle Cleaner/ Bug Remover

  • Can be used in removing odors, bird droppings, food stains and brakes
  • Safe for many types of exterior surfaces
  • One quart can make eight quarts of cleaner
  • Easy to use
  • Economical
  • 30-day money back guarantee

The Bugs N All is your best RV rubber roof cleaner and conditioner you will need if you’re looking for an easy to use and economical roof cleaner that guarantees squeaking clean results.

What I also love about it is that it can also remove bugs and bug deposits on the roof and exterior surfaces. You will also appreciate that this is an ultra concentrated product that can help you achieve that cleaning results without using too much of it.

Just one quart of it can make eight quarts of a cleaner. This product is also safe to use for clear coat, wax, decals, paint and all surfaces. That said, you can have peace of mind that your RV roof and others.

The product is proven highly effective and safe to use product that can help you finish the job in a minute depending on the area that you intend to use it. But aside from being fast to apply and use in cleaning and conditioning the roof, this product won’t leave water streaks or spots.

Aside from bug removal and roof cleaning, this product can remove water scum, dust, brakes, food stains, bird droppings, odors and algae.

This product is also safe for the environment because it has biodegradable ingredients, which are non-toxic. It also contains no petroleum distillates to damage the rubber roof’s membrane. This cleaner does not also have strong odors or harsh chemicals.

Overall, this product is a great choice if you’re looking for a multipurpose cleaner that can also remove other types of dirt, and it can be used for other applications.

On the downside, it can be a bit more expensive versus other products in the same category is.

9. EternaBond 801.1415 EC-1 EternaClean Spray Cleaner

  • Cleans the RV roof and exterior
  • Effective in removing grime and road film
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe for the environment and contains no harmful chemicals
  • Easy to apply
  • Might just be ideal for cleaning occasionally for its small size

The EternaBo is as good as other great roof cleaners like the Dicor rubber roof cleaner. It comes in a 14-oz spray bottle that makes it easy to use and apply.

You don’t also need special cleaning tools for using this product because it is an excellent combination of the most effective RV roof cleaners proven to clean even the most stubborn grime and road film.

This product is also designed and made with proprietary solvents meant for opening a single-ply roof metals and membranes. It can also be used in preparing the surface for applying the brand’s MicroSealant tapes or other types of the best RV sealant.

Using it, you can also remove any surface contaminants, such as oil, grime, oxidation and tree sap. It can also remove grease and other types of particles that ruin the look of your RV exterior and roof.

This product is also made of non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients that would harm the environment or damage your recreational vehicle roof and exterior surfaces.

For RV owners who want to break free from the tiring way of cleaning their RV roof can rely on this product because it is convenient to use and can deliver them the cleaning results desired.  They can use it for periodic applications.

Overall, it is a decent choice because it is effective, yet it does not contain any harsh ingredients to ruin your RV exterior or roof.

On the cons, it might be ideal only for occasional cleaning because of its small size.

10. Bio-Kleen M00307 Amazing Cleaner

  • Highly effective in getting rid of mildew, mold and stains
  • Ideal for marine and recreational vehicle use
  • Can be used on many types of surface materials, such as canvas and vinyl
  • Lifts dirt, grime and bug and insect deposits
  • Easy to use
  • It is a bit more expensive compared to other cleaners is

This multipurpose boat and RV cleaner is one of the best in its category for its powerful cleaning power that does the job effectively but without leaving any residue to the recreational vehicle.

With it, you don’t need to make best homemade RV roof cleaner because it can clean the RV exterior and roof effectively in minutes depending on the area of the surface where you are applying it.

This 32 oz is also of an economical size versus other cleaners do. It only means more cleaning can be done with one purchase. This Bio Kleen is also a great choice because it does not contain harsh or abrasive ingredients that might leave powdery substances on your roof or cause any scratch.

Another thing that I appreciate about this product is that can remove stains, mildew and mold on many surface materials, including canvas and vinyl. That said you could use it for any purposes other than cleaning the RV roof and exterior.

You can also rely on it for getting rid of insect or bug debris on trailers, boats and vehicles.

This product can also lift stains and dirt without any hassles. It won’t just clean the exterior but will also eliminate these common issues in the recreational vehicle.

If your RV roof has chalk residue on it, you can also have peace of mind that you can get rid of it this time using the Bio-Kleen M00307. In addition, the amazing cleaner can also take out mold and mildew on many types of surface materials.

Overall, the Bio Kleen roof cleaner is one of the most highly recommended products in the category because of its effective action against mildew, mold, grime, road film and other contaminants that would otherwise cause damage to your recreational vehicle roof and exterior surfaces.

On the downside, this product can be a bit more expensive than others in the same category are.

Why You Should Trust Us

You should trust us when finding the best RV roof cleaner and protectant because we have carefully picked and compared those we have featured in this review. In this manner, you can make a better decision when ready to buy a roof cleaner and protectant.

Our team has also picked those easy to apply products, which also won’t harm the surface where it is applied. We have also chosen non-toxic and safe products that can deliver the cleaning results you’re looking for without harming the surface of your recreational vehicle, including its exterior and roof.

Our reviewers have also chosen the top rated cleaners and protectants because we only want you to find the most useful and effective cleaner for your RV roof. Nevertheless, you should trust us for RV product information source because we’re real RVers that have also tried and tested motorhome and recreational vehicle cleaners and protectants ourselves.

We have firsthand experience on how these products work and which among them deliver the results we’ve initially expected. So if you’re looking to find the best roof cleaner and conditioner, start the selection using our detailed review of the top picks in this category above.

What Is An RV Roof Cleaner/ Protectant


The RV roof cleaner is a specifically designed and made product to clean and protect the recreational vehicle roof. Over time, this RV component and other exterior parts can suffer from the buildup of dirt, airborne pollutants, roof chalk, bug deposits, grime and road film. It can also have oxidation and other issues. But with the roof cleaner, many of these roof and exterior can be solved.

This innovative recreational vehicle product lets you stand up instead of bending your knees or breaking your back to clean the roof. With it, you can simply use a sponge mop to clean the roof. For the tight areas or when eliminating tough grime, you can use a soft bristle, narrow brush.

There are also rinse-free formula products, though. They can eliminate the need for rinsing that keeps the RV not only clean but also dry. Using this protectant is also convenient because it eliminates the time-consuming task of cleaning the camper or mobile home roof cleaning because it can cut the time by more than half.

This product can also be used in marine and boats because it is professional grade. It does not cause water spots or streaks due to hard water. This cleaning product can also protect the surface from further accumulation of airborne pollutants and road film on the RV exterior and roof.

It is also economical and easy to use. For example, the Camco pro strength rubber roof cleaner and conditioner can be used for a couple of times and in periodic applications. Cleaners and conditioners are also available in a wide range of sizes, including one-gallon varieties. There are also spray bottles available that you can simply mist on the surface and then mop with a sponge or hand pad.

The roof cleaner is also a good conditioner of the surface. It can prevent its degradation due to outside elements’ exposure, such as UV rays, rain and snow. Many of the best ones also have water-repelling action that protects the roof and exterior from water damage.

Types Of RV Roof Cleaners


RV roof cleaner in a spray bottle

Rubber is the most common material for many RVs now because it can deal with the changing weathers and temperatures well. It can also keep up with continued sun exposure. It is also easier to maintain than other roofing am material. However, you should choose an RV rubber roof cleaner for it.

In general, it is a soft cleaner that does not contain abrasive ingredient. The best ones also do not have petroleum solvents and citrus. These components can harm rubber and cause its cracking, bubbling and tearing.

However, the spray bottle variety roof cleaner and conditioner might only be suitable for those who do not need frequent cleaning for their RV roof and exterior. On the other hand, it is handy and more convenient to use because it is easily available for misting on and mopping later.

RV roof cleaner in a container

This roof cleaner works in the same manner as a spray bottle type. However, it is a bigger size variety that is suitable for RV owners who want to get more out of their spending and use their cleaner and conditioner for more applications. It also does not contain abrasive ingredients and harsh chemicals to clean the roof. This roof cleaner also contain biodegradable and environment-safe components.

It is also easy to use versus traditional methods of cleaning using detergent and bucket of water. This product can eliminate the time-consuming task of washing and rinsing, too, in general. Many are also highly concentrated to create several gallons of cleaner with just one quart of it.

Why Do You Need An RV Roof Cleaner


There are many benefits of using a recreational vehicle roof cleaner that you can take advantage of when cleaning, conditioning and protecting your RV from outdoor pollutants and elements.   Check out the following for ideas on how this product is one of the most valuable to have onboard camping with your motorhome.


This product can eliminate the need to spend so much time as well as knee bending to clean the roof. It is a special RV cleaner that also works as a degreaser. It contains no abrasive components or soapy detergents that need rinsing off. Now, all you need is a sponge mop and a bucket of water that also gives you better control of stubborn grime and dirt.


The RV roof cleaner comes in a wide range of sizes to choose from and buy. If you occasionally need the cleaner, you can buy one available in a spray bottle, or the gallon containers for more frequent applications. Whichever you choose, you can also save money because these products are highly concentrated.

No harsh chemicals

Maintaining the RV roof, you need a cleaner without harsh chemicals, including glycerin, silicone and petroleum solvents that can damage the rubber roof and lead to its bubbling, cracking and tearing. The RV roof cleaner contains none of these.

Easy to apply

It is also easy to use and eliminates the need for hoses because many are no rinse formulas. All you need is a hand pad or a sponge mop to clean the RV roof and keep it dry.

Protects the roof

The roof protectant is also a conditioner that can protect your roof from the building up of airborne pollutants, dirt and grime. It can also leave a protective coating and has anti-static properties that clean and protect the recreational vehicle roof from outside elements and road film for its excellent repelling action.

Removes airborne pollutants, grime and other particles

This ultra concentrated product is made of effective ingredients to remove even heavy grime and oxidation provided you choose the best products, like Camco roof cleaner, which receives good feedback as you can read in Camco rubber roof cleaner and conditioner reviews.

Non-toxic and safe

The camper roof cleaner contains no harmful components, which are safe and non-toxic. It is made of only specifically chosen product to clean, condition and protect the roof.

Biodegradable and contains no petroleum distillates

This special vehicle and marine cleaner is safe to use on many surfaces especially rubber for the RV roof. It contains no petroleum solvents and soapy detergents that would otherwise leave powdery white substances and cause chalking of the rubber roof.

Cleans and conditions the roof

This powerful roof cleaner not only cleans but also conditions the roof for its anti-static and particle repelling action formula. It can keep the roof in good condition and extend its lifespan for the protection it offers.

Reduces maintenance

You can cut the maintenance time by more than half for using an effective and innovative RV roof cleaner especially made for the purpose of cleaning RV roofs. It can also be used in marine and boats in order to protect their surface from damage.

Prevents repairs

With the conditioning and protection that the cleaner provides, you can save money on hefty repairs needed.

Protects from the sun

There are specific wash and wax or cleaner products that have UV inhibiting properties to protect your roof from degradation, discoloration and deterioration. It is a great benefit to get from using the RV roof cleaner.

How We Picked


Type of roof

There are many types of RV roof cleaners to choose from and buy. However, not all of them can be used for all types of RV roof. For this reason, you must choose the roof cleaner and conditioner specifically made for the type of recreational vehicle roof you have before buying one. Thus, you must select based on the roof type your camper, motor home or recreational vehicle has. Or else, your vehicle might suffer from damage.

Ease of application

You should also select one that requires no rinsing and a long process of cleaning and conditioning the RV roof. You can start the selection in the list of the above products that guarantees ease of use.


Choose a smaller one for occasional use or a larger variety for more frequent application.


We’ve also selected based on the price of the best products. The featured cleaners above are from different price ranges that can help you select based on the budget you’re willing to spend on your purchase.


Top brands also mean top quality roof cleaners and protectants. We’ve carefully selected only those trusted by the RVing community.


When choosing this product, you must find one that can eliminate grime, road film, dirt, dust, oxidation and other airborne pollutants building up on the exterior and roof of the recreational vehicle.


We’ve also selected products that contain no soapy detergents, glycerin, silicone and petroleum distillates that can harm the RV roof.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you need to use a protectant after cleaning?

A: For the best results, yes, you should use a protectant after cleaning the RV roof. On the other hand, there are products that provide two-step treatment. For one, it can remove black streaks and oxidation as well as other buildups on the roof. Next, it can condition and protect the roof for its anti-static and UV protecting properties.

Q: Can you clean RV rubber roof with bleach?

A: It is not recommended to use bleach in cleaning the rubber roof. You must use a specific product for it instead, like the Protect All rubber roof cleaner. If not, using the wrong products for the rubber roof will cause its deterioration, tearing, bubbling and cracking of the rubber roof membrane.

Q: What is the best way to clean RV roof? 

A: The best way to clean the RV roof is to use a specific cleaner based on the type of your roof. For rubber roofs are the special cleaners that contain no petroleum solvents and citrus that would damage the roof. You can easily mist it on and mop for the spray bottle varieties, for example. Start from the sides of the RV and work your way up to the roof using a ladder if the roof is not meant for stepping on. Be careful to prevent tripping and falling.

Q: How much do you need for your RV?

A: If you’re asking about how much money you need to clean the RV roof, you can start comparing the prices of those products we have listed and reviewed in this guide.

Q: How often do you use this product?

A: The answer lies on how often the roof gets dirty. That is why you have to inspect the roof from time to time to see if it needs cleaning or not. Nevertheless, you should keep it clean with a Thetford rubber roof cleaner, for example, to extend its lifespan and prevent spending on heavy repairs.


Have you decided on the best RV roof cleaner for you? By knowing what to look for and what the top RV rubber roof cleaners and protectants are, you can definitely make a better decision We do hope that you find the best product by using our buying guide as a reference and our top picks as a comparison list of the top products in the category. If you’re looking for more products in RV cleaning and maintenance, then I suggest going for these articles: best RV roof coatingsbest RV roof sealantsbest RV caulksbest RV wax, best RV wash and wax and best RV awning cleaners. I do hope you will like them. Happy shopping!


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