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The Best RV Refrigerator

Camping and having outdoor adventures with family and friends can be more rewarding and fun with the best RV refrigerator. It works effectively in cooling food and preventing them from spoilage.

Having it around, we can experience the convenience just like home of drinking cold drinks after a tiring camping outside.

However, you might not be able to take full advantage of a motorhome fridge if you won’t compare your choices well.

It is for this reason we’ve put up this guide highlighting the best of them on the market along with their strongest features and advantages.

So if you’re ready, let us help you pick the right refrigerator model for your RV in the following.

Table of Contents

Best RV Refrigerators

1. Norcold 3.7 CU FT N3150AGR

  • High performing refrigerator with stunning style at the same time
  • Large 5.3 cubic feet storage capacity
  • Adjustable and easy to clean shelves
  • With convenient LCD tracking panel
  • Power Source can be change automatically
  • A little bulky

Refrigerators have evolved in time. Now, people put their preference not just according to the capabilities of the fridge but also on its style that can complement house interior. If you are aiming for one with full functionality and elegant beauty at the same time, check the Norcold N3150AGR refrigerator.

It is noticeable that the Norcold N3150AGR refrigerator gives a classy aura with the charcoal grey hue of its two doors on the outer view. Meanwhile, its sleek black fine lining gives highlights on its entrance edges.

Beauty is not all. Good thing is that Norcold refrigerator got substance. Sure, that it has a large loading capacity with its 5.3 cubic feet interior and overall dimensions of 49.2×20.8×19.9 inches.

Perishable groceries can be well organized in the three built-in shelves. All identical shelves have amazing qualities. First, these are made durable through the white powder coat material. Second, shelves are adjustable so fragile food such as cakes won’t be deformed in case refrigeration is needed. Also, these flattened boards are made less effort to clean.

Further, the said Norcold refrigerator model has a single section drawer at the lowest part, which is made deep on purpose. It aims to accommodate and preserve large quantity of vegetables and fruits.

Likewise, some special features are applied to Norcold N3150AGR in case this will be used while transporting by a motor home, trucks or large trailers. It has an automatic system in switching power source via either gas or an electric. The doors are adjustable as well, and it has closure hooks on the lower part of the appliance to keep them from unnecessary opening and spilling the stuff inside during operations.

Meanwhile, the top bin was assigned for the freezer. Here, the frozen red and white meat, fishes and preserved foods are in separate isolation to pro long more its freshness, especially if your stocks are set for one or couple of weeks budget. What is more fascinating is that an evaporate plate is installed inside the freezer which is lacking to other brands of refrigerator.

This model also has an adjustable thermostat that functions well by changing the suitable temperature for the food, beverages or medicines stored inside. The status of working condition of Norcold N3150AGR can be monitored through the built-in LCD screen.

However, this appliance is a little bulky that is why you have to consider first the space where to place it. Nonetheless, if space is not an issue, Norcold N3150AGR refrigerator is good for daily use with its large storing capacity and other essential qualities such as its automatic power supply switching option, LCD display and adjustable parts.

2. Avanti RA7316PST

  • Compact size to fit premium spaces
  • Includes leveling legs
  • Energy Star rated appliance
  • Elegant black combined with platinum finish
  • Removable and adjustable door bins and glass shelves
  • Not the most durable shelves

The Avanti RA7316PST is another top pick for RV fridges because it has the build and construction for mobile environments. It can withstand bumps and rough road conditions. Camper and recreational vehicle owners can rely on it for heavy-duty uses and many years of service.

It is a 2-Door Apartment Size Refrigerator with the durability that can give you the most of your spending. Choosing it, you can have peace of mind of not having to keep up with frequent repairs and maintenance. It is one of the reasons to select the Avanti RA7316PST.

I would also like recommend the ref for its Black with Platinum Finish, making it elegant and nice-looking. It can match all RV decorations and designs, so there is no worry that it won’t complement the overall theme of your vehicle.

Avanti also did a great job that the fridge is with Energy Star rating. It just means energy efficiency. You know how important that is when it comes to energy consumption in the RV. An energy star rated product like the Avanti refrigerator only means that the brand is also concerned about the environment. So picking an appliance with that rating, you will also be able to contribute to saving nature.

In inches, this model has dimensions of 55.5 H x 21.75 W x 22.5 D, making it space saving to fit even a small corner in your vehicle. Although it might not be the smallest pick around, it is suitable for many RV sizes.

When choosing among available motorhome refrigerators, you must also find one that is with removable and adjustable shelves and door bins. In this case, it will be easier to adjust them according to your preferences and needs.

This model also comes with leveling legs that add to the convenience of use offered by Avanti from this appliance. You will find it easier to adjust the legs based on what the situation needs.

For added convenience, the refrigerator has an interior light, which makes it easier to view what is inside. More so, this unit can give you options for a right or left swing, and that is thanks to the reversible doors.

This unit is with a one door that can accommodate two-liter bottles. It is one thing that makes the refrigerator useful for those who want to cool more of their water bottles. Just like in the summer when we’re busy camping and our outdoor adventures. Buying bottled water can be expensive. This refrigerator can help us save with the option to accommodate two-liter bottles.

In addition, the Avanti RA7316PST is with a see through crisper that has a glass cover, making it easy to view what is inside like if the veggies are still good or not anymore. This mode is also with an ice cube tray included.

In terms of temperature control, this model offers a full range for easy adjustments based on needs. I would like to note that it also runs on a CFC Free R600A Refrigerant. Finally, the product is ADA Compliant.

On the cons, it might not have the most durable shelves. Still, it is a great choice if you’re shopping around for a recreational vehicle fridge that has the build, size and features RV owners would find useful to have around.

3. Costway Compact Refrigerator

  • Two-door refrigerator with large 3.2 cubic feet storage capacity
  • Space-efficient
  • With silent working technology
  • Adjustable two glass-shelves and crisper drawer
  • With adjustable thermostat and soft lighting lamp
  • Not waterproof

There are perishable goods that need cold temperature to keep them fresh and edible but no space for a bulky appliance? Costway compact refrigerator will solve that problem for you.

The two-door Costway refrigerator stands 3.2 cubic feet with a structure dimension of 20 x 17.5 x 34 inches. It is a miniature size suitable for narrow spaces at home, offices, shops and recreational vehicles. It is ready to provide high and quiet performance and convenience through its storage, refrigerating and freezing capacity.

Although this unit fridge is smaller than the average refrigerator in most households, it has enough storage space for the essential items that requires low temperature. It has two sliding glass shelves for your special meals.

And these shelves are even adjustable so some bulky food will fit in there and shall not lose its original form. Plus compartment made of glass is super easy to clean and shine.

Costway Compact refrigerator refuse to stop on being adorable as it also have multiple can dispensers attached to its wall. It will spoil you and your friends with some chilled beverages for every occasion. Meanwhile, its storage drawer at the bottom level contains a different level of humidity, which is perfect in preserving fruits and vegetables.

There is also a room for frozen goods at the top part that has a one (1) cubic feet freezer loading capacity. Here you can have a piece of mind that your raw meat and fish will not easily get mold and spoil them,

In addition, there is a small lamp installed at the right corner of the refrigerator that provides soft lighting. It is beneficial as it enables clear sight of the entire inner part of the refrigerator so no worries anymore for mistakenly grabbing that macaroni salad instead of a lemon pie especially at night.

Beside the mini bulb is a maneuvering button for adjusting the thermostat. It helps in toning the desired temperature needed by the items stored inside. Temperature may be set from 32 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, this is a type of appliance that you can only use indoors because it is not waterproof. Overall, Costway compact refrigerator is a good investment that brings top performance when it comes to maintaining essentials in cool condition in an affordable cost.

4. Danby FF100C1BSLDB Refrigerator

  • Large 10 cubic feet or equivalent to 281 liters storage capacity
  • Detachable door handles for left or right hinges
  • Adjustable glass shelves
  • No frost refrigerator
  • Offers a 12-month warranty
  • A little expensive

Do you need large storage room for kitchen essential goods for either household or RV usage? Danby FF100C1BSLDB Refrigerator might be the one for you. This unit will not disappoint bearing its statuesque features.

It is tall, heavy-duty and beautiful. This is how to describe the Danby FF100C1BSLDB Refrigerator. Its size is perfect for huge food consumption. With its sophisticated style and gray hue, this model will surely blend well to various wallpapers and other furniture.

This type of apartment sized unit has a big storage capacity of 10 cubic feet or equivalent to 281 liters. You can stock in here a lot of grocery supplies and make these ready and fresh to grab anytime. Recipe ingredients can be organized from the top to bottom shelves of the unit.

The three glass shelves are removable in case some adjustments need to be done to properly place a lot of stocks inside. Removable boards are also helpful for easy cleaning the fridge. An adjustable wire shelf is likewise provided at the highest room which is allotted for the freezer. A LED light is also installed inside this unit for brighter ambiance and accuracy when looking for any food supplies inside.

Furthermore, you can now have enough supply of fruits and vegetables inside this Danby Refrigerator because it includes a bigger and crisper bin with a glass lid. Meanwhile, it doesn’t matter whether the user is left or right handed because its door handles can be adjusted to bring comfort in using it. Even the top most part of this model is made strong which you can use as an extra storage for goodies that need not cold temperature exposure.

This unit can also save you time from regularly defrosting because it is not necessary anymore. Danby FF100C1BSLDB Refrigerator is a no frost appliance. Danby hates to disappoint but if ever clients become dissatisfied to the unit for any valid reasons, a 12-month warranty together with service is provided.

Meanwhile, this appliance comes in a bit higher price compared to other competition. But you can have more than of what you pay with this item. The Danby FF100C1BSLDB Refrigerator is dependable for its features of having large and heavy-duty storage capacity, frost-free technology, durable interior and beautiful style.

5. Avanti RA7306WT 2-Door Apartment Size Refrigerator

  • Huge 7.4 cubic feet storage capacity
  • Reversible door hinges either on left or right side
  • Removable glass shelves
  • Lower power consumption
  • CFC Free R600A and ADA Compliant
  • No silencing technology

Another best choice when it comes to home appliance is the Avanti RA7306WT. It is suitable for daily use in your RV kitchen. The Avanti RA7306WT refrigerator has a 7.4 cubic feet storage capacity. It brings convenience to the motorhome and can save time from frequently going to the market to buy for supplies.

You can simply plan and get your groceries all at once and store them in the fridge. After all, it can accommodate large pile of stocks and preserve these for a longer period of time. Large storage capacity of this unit is made possible by its apartment size dimensions of 23 x 21.5 x 56 inches.

It has four removable shelves crafted with glass as well as adjustable door bins. Glass shelves adds to advantage because dirt or stain is easy to take away from it.

You can also count on this appliance for constant cold beverages. The lower racks installed on its door can handle two liters of liquids. Meanwhile, its transparent drawer is made crisper to pro long the freshness of the vegetables and fruits stored in it. You can even adjust the temperature inside as need arises. There is also a free ice cube tray and interior light assembled within this refrigerator.

Since every RV is made unique with different room structure so this Avanti refrigerator. It can be placed in any corner with enough space. Its reversible doors can be adjusted to left or right side in accordance to the most comfortable access of the people that will going to use it.

Another concern in adding an appliance is the electricity bill and the environment welfare as well. Avanti got good news for you because this refrigerator model only consumes 251kWh power yearly. It has an effective power conservation system that is both economical and nature friendly. In fact, this model is CFC free R600A refrigerant and ADA compliant.

On a minimal concern, there is no quiet technology added on the features of this model which may bring a little humming sound. Still, the Avanti RA7306WT refrigerator is a fantastic choice because it has an additional space for food storage and lower energy consumption system.

6. Dometic DM2652RB Americana

  • User-friendly and accessible controls
  • 3-position freezer shelf
  • Solid build and durable steel frame construction
  • Comes with secure locks
  • Auto cooling system
  • Heavier

If you’re shopping around for the best RV fridge, you should not miss the Dometic DM2652RB. I would like to recommend this model because it can fit the needs of most RV owners.

For one, it is a double door refrigerator, which I think might be able to improve organization of the stuff you have in it. The 2-way refrigerator is also with versatility for its unique racking system. The fridge has a 3-position freezer shelf, which makes it spacious to accommodate more food and items you want to store.

The Dometic DM2652RB is suitable for RV owners because it also has a solid and sturdy steel frame that makes it a durable and heavy-duty refrigerator especially in mobile environments like recreational vehicles and travel trailers. Its durability is unquestionable.

For someone like me who wants to get more of my spending, I would choose a product that will last me a longer time. This pick is one of the longest lasting products in the category you should not miss when looking for an RV refrigerator.

This model has electronic controls that enhance its user-friendliness. I would like to mention it has easy to access and use controls, which make the operation better. Adjusting the settings, you will not have a hard time to use it while on the road.

The controls are also easy to see, and that you won’t have to bend in adjusting the settings.

I would also like to mention that the unit is with a three-position freezer shelf, adding to the organization of the items inside. The 3-positioon shelving system also makes things better to look at inside. And according to what you prefer, you can adjust the shelves, too.

Also, when shopping around for a camper fridge, check that it is suitable for the mobile environments. As you may already know, the roads can be bumpy. The content of your fridge might spill or be thrown out if you got into uneven roads. With the Dometic, you can be sure that it won’t happen because this fridge comes with locks.

In addition, I would like to note that the ref has a cooling system to adjust according to the surrounding temperature. It makes cooling more efficient and reliable.

However, this unit is heavier than other models on the market are. But aside from that, the Dometic DM2652RB is a reliable, top of the line choice not to miss when shopping around for this product.

7. Smad 3-Way Propane Refrigerator

  • Powered by propane
  • With flame indicator and supported by GAS/Electric Thermostat
  • A quiet-designed refrigerator
  • Does not require large space for placing (3 cubic feet fridge and 0.35 cubic feet freezer)
  • Adjustable three (3) shelves
  • May take time to get cool

To drift-away for a trip or simply decide to settle for good in a cozy motor or mobile home is a great experience. But wouldn’t it be more exciting if there is a ready refrigerator inside to depend on just like the SMAD 3-Way Propane model?

It is the best ref for campers. The SMAD 3-Way Propane refrigerator is a good preference among the lines of appliances. It is small but terribly good when it comes to functionality, durability and space-efficient.

Primary goal is to preserve food and beverages by keeping these in cool temperature storage. Regular tall home refrigerator may work well for this role but can’t fit in small-spaced abode. SMAD 3-Way simply can. It is made personalized for trailer houses and even perfect for resort villas, hotels, recreational vehicles and studio-type condominiums.

This one-door refrigerator is intently constructed in petite size with a fridge of three (3) cubic feet tall and a freezer of 0.35 cubic feet. It also comes in freestanding designed to make it more suitable for small rooms or to be tucked under a provided counter or cabinet.

Unlike the taller household refrigerator that are usually operated by a compressor, the SMAD-3way model is a propane powered appliance or via an AC 110V and DC 12V electric battery. It is super easy to operate with a turn-on battery ignition accompanied with a protective valve.

Food and drinks can be properly arranged inside the SMAD refrigerator. It provides three (3) shelves that are adjustable for easy cleaning, one (1) chillbox and three (3) balconies. Fridge can maintain temperature range of zero to -10 degree Celsius for no easily spoil food. Meanwhile, the freezer takes care of either the meat or ice to be strictly frozen with its temperature capability of -18 degree Celsius.

What is more adorable with this appliance is it is made silent. Therefore, it won’t create any buzzing sound that is absolutely good for peace-and-quiet.

For protective features, the SMAC refrigerator is safe to use because it is supported with technology called GAS/Electric Thermostat and flame indicator. It will report through the pointers whether there is a flourishing flame and even prevent it through the safety valve button.

However, there are reported cases in which this model may take longer time to get cool. Nevertheless, this affordable SMAD 3-Way Propane refrigerator is perfectly matched for any trailer home and also portable for roving RVs.

8. Midea WHD-113FSS1 Double Door Mini Fridge

  • Space-efficient
  • Comes with free-standing compact design
  • With silence technology
  • Adjustable legs and door
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Limited storage space

Refrigerator preference usually depends on the home space allotted and purpose of buying one. If the main goal is to find a type that is an on-the-go for a recreational vehicle or flexible in a place with no much space, check the Midea WHD-113FSS1 Mini Refrigerator and realize that good things come in small packages.

It is one of the finest RV refrigerator replacement options. The Midea WHD-113FSS1 Mini Refrigerator is a miniature of the common big household refrigerator. It is superb in maintaining low temperature to keep the foods and drinks cold and preserve them from possible spoiling.

The only difference is it comes in a smaller size of 3.1 Cubic feet. Hence, it will fit in any space but it is specially made for trailer and motor homes, RVs, houseboats, small apartments, studio-type condominiums and in any minimal spaced areas.

If you look closer, this modern style mini refrigerator comes in a freestanding compact design. In that sense, it will seamlessly fit in the kitchen, and it can also be freely moved to other corners of the house unlike the built-in fridge. Imagine this mini fridge where you can instantly grab cold beverages in your pantry, game rooms, balconies, terraces, home bars and even in the garage.

There are no worries too if ever you live in the next door that is not soundproof. This Midea WHD-113FSS1 will not cause disturbing sound because of the silencer technology. It works very well while no one can notice its compressor operations.

What I like more about this fridge model is its innovative and durable design. It is made of stainless steel, which is really an advantage. Since such steel is considered as an alloy, the Midea fridge contains protective materials from damage, water and rust. Therefore, it is dependable in the long term.

In addition, its aesthetics look classy in substance. Midea offers WHD-113FSS1 in three colors (black, stainless steel and white) to choose from to match various hues of home wallpapers. In the inner part, there are two shelves made of glass for food storage. In addition, this appliance got a special crisper box at the bottom with a good humility to keep the freshness of fruits and vegetables.

It is also amazing that the legs and doors of this model of refrigerator are adjustable. It is an advantage because you can set the door to be opened either left or right depend on the available space provided. There is also a one-year warranty provided for Midea fridge for customer support.

However, there is only a limited space provided in storing food and beverages due its miniature size. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a flexible, cheaper and space efficient model, Midea WHD-113FSS1 DoubWHD-113F mini refrigerator is highly recommended.

9. SMETA SC-40 Mini 12V Gas Refrigerator

  • Small in size, perfect for non-spacious place
  • Advance cooling system and low power consumption
  • Noise free
  • Reversible door
  • 1-year warranty period
  • No freezer

You can still bring comfort with you whether you live or decide to go for a little adventure in a laid-back and far-flung place with a low electricity supply. It is possible with the SMETA SC-40 refrigerator where you can store life survival kit just like food, water, medicines for maintenance and infant milk.

SMETA SC-40 refrigerator is powered by a system called three-way energy supply. It was earlier mentioned that it could function without electricity because propane or gas is the one responsible in generating power to make it work. Hence, it is indeed a match for your stay in remote areas, in cabins, RV, camp or lodge.

To make sure of the safety and longevity of the fridge, SMETA model is constructed without a gas in its system. Approximately, this freezing one-door fridge is compatible with a power supply range of AC110V&12V DC. It has a low power consumption of 0.3 lb per day. That seemed to be practical for your budget.

In terms of performance, the SMETA SC-40 refrigerator gets cool quickly due to its advanced cooling system. It also maintains low temperature to preserve the food and drinks inside it. With its temperature range of 32 to 50 degree Celsius, surely the perishable goods stored in it are in good faith.

The inside part of the fridge is subdivided into three compartments separated by glass. Here you can store vegetables, fruits or light meat to pro long its freshness. It also has two balconies for liquids such as wine, milks or soft drinks.

Meanwhile, it also has reversible door so it is adjustable to both sides to compliment the storage area for the refrigerator. Further, it is designed without an interrupting noise while executing its operations 24/7. That will bring you and your neighbor peace and quiet especially during sleeping hours.

This very compact model is really made portable for long travel and isolated vacation. It was designed on purpose with only 40 pounds weight and 1.4 Cubic Foot height. That way, it is efficient to space for storage and travel.

Another important detail is that SMETA SC-40 promised that in case client get unsatisfied and experience unusual problem with their product, they offer assistance through a warranty for 12 months from the date of purchase.

On the disadvantage, this model has no freezer. Still, with its cheaper price compared to other brands, its portable size, low power consumption ability and functionality made the SMETA SC-40 trustworthy. Instead of buying a used RV refrigerator, which durability cannot be relied upon on, you might want to check out this RV fridge.

10. Whynter FM-65G

  • With heavy duty compressor cooling
  • With adjustable temperature range
  • With a tracking LED temperature screen display
  • Storage capacity of 65 Quarts or equivalent to 107 Cans
  • Comes with 8-feet AC power cord and 5-feet DC power cord and two wire baskets
  • No freezer

Innovation has come in the era of refrigerator manufacturing industry. Gone are the days when refrigerator are just some kind of oasis on the walls in our homes with one or couple of doors. If you are looking for a kind of fridge that can go with you in a trip with its unique qualities, then, you found a perfect-match with the Whynter FM-65G 65-Quart Portable Refrigerator.

If you notice Whynter FM-65G 65-Quart model, it has a resemblance to a chest trunk set for cooling goods. Though it can also be used for household or commercial purpose, you can easily tell that it is customized as a chilling storage for travelers.

With its slender structure of 23.5”W x 16.5”L x 20.5’H for its external dimension, it is perfect for sailor or fishing activities in a boat, recreational vehicle (RVs), camping sites and other trips. It only requires an installed power source such a motor battery with 100-Volt outlet or 12 Volt power supply capacity.

Whynter FM-65G refrigerator can chill all necessary goods such as perishable food, drinks and medicines while traveling from one place to another. The atmosphere inside the fridge quickly froze brought by the heavy-duty compressor cooling.

It can operate as either a fridge or freezer, which can rapidly produce an ice because of its 8 degree Fahrenheit mode. The lids and walls of the fridge are also strictly insulated to ensure that coolness won’t escape out of the box. It has a storage capacity of 65 Quarts or equivalent to 107 Cans.

Meanwhile, a LED temperature monitoring display is provided with this refrigerator to track its operating condition instantaneously. Afterwards, the temperature can be adjusted from six to 50 degree Fahrenheit.

In addition, it is totally awesome to know that the Whynter FM-65G refrigerator comes with an 8 feet AC power cord, 5 feet DC power cord and two detachable wire baskets. It will save you from separately purchasing those items.

On the discerning point, you might just be budget ready because of its quite higher price compare to other brands and models of refrigerators. But Whynter FM-65G refrigerator is worth spending for because it delivers high quality performance, very useful and portable cooler which is suitable for recreational trips.

11. Alpicool C15 Portable Refrigerator

  • Portable as it can be powered by 12/24V DC and 110V to 240V AC batteries
  • With high efficiency compressor to cool down temperature up to -4degree Celsius
  • With three-stage system for battery protection and low power consumption
  • Resistant to vibration for protective shield on rocky roads
  • With two handles for easy transportation
  • Limited storage space

Anywhere you go be it for a beach vacation or camping activity, bring a little convenience plus leisure with you. Enjoy and make happenings more special with all your chilled goods in one of the coolest refrigerator in town called Alpicool C15.

Alpicool C15 is good for daily household use and also applicable as a chilling storage for vehicle. It is powered by a battery with 12/24V DC and 110V to 240V AC. There are no worries about your battery or solar system running off charge because C15 refrigerator has low power consumption.

It is designed with a power saving system called three-stage car battery protection to help the engine conserve energy.

Another thing comes in mind when bringing an appliance in a long land travel is if it can withstand unfavorable bumpy road. It’s a yes for the Alpicool C15. It is like born ready with its safety features.

It is made with vibration resistant that serves as a protection from unwanted motion while traveling a long way. There is no hassle even on sudden swirl up to 45 degree from the horizontal angle.

In terms of storage capacity, the C15 refrigerator has a room for 16 quart or equivalent to 15 liters. It is a good kit where you can simply grab chilled drinks to quench thirst on stopovers.

Everything in it is in good freezing point because the device has a compressor that works in high efficiency. It can generate low temperature up to -4 degree Celsius. It can even be adjusted via ECO and HH modes.

By the way, this model has a portable size of 22.4 x 12.6 x 10.2 inches and a weight of 21.2 pounds made with light weighted strong plastic material. These features make it match for any narrow space recreational vehicles, dorms, rooms and cabin.

I liked it, too, that it can be conveniently moved from a place to another through the handles installed on both sides.

Further, the Alpicool C15 package can save you some costs, too. More items are part of the package such as the one Alpicool C15 fridge freezer, one DC power cord (12/24V), one Adapter for AC power and one manual.

However, given the small size, you can only store limited goods inside this refrigerator. Nonetheless, you may only refill it with your essentials prior to consumption. Still, the Alpicool C15 refrigerator is a good investment especially if you love outdoor recreational activities and travels. It is something dependable because of its low energy consumption, reliable cooling ability and protective features that all comes in a low price.

12. Dometic CFX 95 DZW

  • Durable and heavy-duty
  • Minimal power consumption
  • With dual cooling compartment for refrigerator and freezer
  • Larger storage capacity than the common portable cooler
  • Deep freeze mode
  • Not waterproof

Do you fancy for outdoor activities or out-of-town get-away with family or a set of favorite friends? Make memory counts more with this Dometic CFX 95Portable Cooler. With this device, you’ll never have to spoil your comfort food and you’ll never run-out of chilled drinks for a group of people.

Yes, the Dometic CFX 95 Portable Cooler aims to complete that homey experience while you’re out in the wild for adventures. This cooler has a dual cooling compartment that can work simultaneously as a refrigerator and freezer. Hence, you can fill it with your favorite drinks, covered cooked food or even some raw cooking ingredients that are essential for a dish you’re dying to have a taste with your companions.

I don’t know with you, but I think this portable cooler will help you throw a fantastic outdoor party because it has a capacity to store and chill 133 Cans of beers or soft drinks or equivalent to 85 liters. That’s quite a huge storage capacity compared to other similar brands and types of ice chest. The extra 60% space is really intended to give you more fun.

The Dometic CFX95 can work well in keeping perishable goods cold since it has deep freeze ability. Thanks to its compressor that can handle heavy-duty performance up to -7-degree Fahrenheit or equals to -22-degree Celsius.

No worries about the battery charge while Dometic CFX 95 is being so amazing in its cooling operations. It is designed with a dynamic three-stage power saving system for batteries.

Moreover, it has a type of compressor electronics with advanced technology that is compatible to solar power, AC and DC. Thus, this device will never give you trouble with its minimal power consumption quality.

This on-the-go cooler is also made with meticulous details on purpose. It is made in an average size with the dimensions of 18.6”H x 37.7”W x 20.9”D. It is smaller than the usual refrigerator at home but also bigger than the common portable chillers. In that case, it is suitable inside bulky recreational vehicles (RVs) and SUVS.

As a value added features, it also contains hinges made of stainless steel, with corroborated corners and intact lid lining. So don’t be surprised because it can withstand the maximum load capacity as well as the challenge of the wobbly road trip.

On the downside, although this cooler is good for outdoor picnics and parties, you can’t leave it out under the rain because it is not made waterproof. Just a little reminder but still with all the stunning qualities of the Dometic CFX 95 Portable Cooler, you can never go wrong bringing this to your adventures.

Why You Should Trust Us

Trusting us when selecting and comparing different RV refrigerators on the market, you’ll gain peace of mind. It is because we offer fair and balanced reviews that will help you make a better decision.

Plus, we didn’t just listed and reviewed the products, but we did a research on the best brands and models, too. We have first figured out what to consider when buying such appliance. Through that, we’re able to find topnotch RV refrigerators that have the compact and solid features proving them valuable in mobile environments and with the common power sources available when camping.

And from those considerations, we’ve looked into the finest models on the market possessing those features. We’ve reviewed each of them, highlighted pros and cons, and discussed their strongest points.

So from a systematic review approach, we’re able to come up with a thorough guide to which you can refer when shopping around for such appliance.

We do hope we could help you make a better decision in buying the right fridge for your camper, travel trailer or mobile home. Shop for an RV fridge today!

What Is An RV Refrigerator/ How Does It Work

3 way rv refrigerator

RV refs like a 2 way RV refrigerator works like the refrigerator we used to know back home in terms of cooling what’s inside, but with some differences. RV refrigerators aren’t as bulky as traditional home refrigerators, but smaller.

Usually, these are portable and made to withstand the bumpy roads and terrains that we pass by as we go camping and do our summer adventures.

The RV refrigerator can keep our food, medicines and beverages chilled and cold while we’re traveling.

One is made to work in mobile environments. Some of them can also run with only just 12V power, so it can be operated by a car cigarette lighter that can produce with 120 to 180 watts.

A 12VC model can cool up your food because it can take the heat out of the unit and get it outside. It is the reason that it can have vents on its sides. The cooling system is made more efficient through its insulated walls.

On the other hand, you must take note that RV fridges are also unlike what we have back home, including the compressor.

Home refs have it, and many RV refs don’t. In addition, RV fridges more likely do not have moving components, so many of them are called an absorption recreational vehicle refrigerator.

It is because they make use of heat and a combination of hydrogen gas, water and ammonia. All these react, and then pass through the tubes located in the fridge. The chemicals’ evaporation and condensation give it the cooling ability.

Types Of RV Refrigerators

most efficient rv refrigerator

When looking for suitable RV refrigerators, you should also know the types there are before buying one.

Absorption type

It is one of the most common types of camper refrigerators. This type can run off of liquefied gas, making it more flexible than the first type is. Usually, it is referred to as the 2-way fridge, which can run off of LP gas or AC power.

On the other hand, the 3-way refrigerator is one that is more flexible. It can operate using DC power, LP gas or AC power. In addition, this type can run using house batteries, propane gas, generator or shore power.

These absorption types of RV fridges can offer us with more flexibility because you can conserve power by switching to propane gas, allowing you to stay longer even without a shore power. Usually, they won’t cool efficiently, quickly or evenly, and you need to park your vehicle evenly to function correctly.

Compressor type

This unit is driven by a compressor and powered by your vehicle’s AC or DC power. It only means that the recreational vehicle fridge can be operated using shore power if you’re plugged into it.

The compressor type can also run using the batteries if not. This type can work more efficiently because it can tend to cool faster. Its operation isn’t influenced by altitude.

Residential style refs

You can find them in larger recreational vehicles and notice their great capacity. They also work to cool more evenly. Commonly, they’re referred to as the one-way refrigerators that can only work off of shore power. If you want to run them when not plugged in is using an inverter or a generator.

There you have what to know when looking for the most efficient RV refrigerator that suits your needs and preferences. Be able to compare your options well, and end up buying the refrigerator of your choice.

Benefits Of Using An RV Refrigerator

Whether you’re choosing a one-way, a two-way or a 3 way RV refrigerator, you’re probably asking why you should have an RV refrigerator onboard. Check out the following for some of the main benefits of having a camper or RV refrigerator.

The most obvious reason is convenience. Having your summer adventures can be extremely inconvenient without having chilled and cold beverages with you. It is one of the reasons to have an RV ref that you should not miss.

In addition, you need to use one for cooling and storing food. When camping, we can make use of the RV refrigerator to keep our food cold and prevent them from spoilage.

More so, the camper refrigerator is smaller in size and does not consume much power. It is one of the appliances we need in our travel trailer or motorhome. It doesn’t just keep food and drinks chilled but also help save energy in the process. Some of them are also energy-star rated, making them more energy-efficient.

These are only some of the main benefits of having a recreational vehicle refrigerator that you need to know. Definitely, there are more of them that you can discover as you use the RV refrigerator you end up buying.

In addition, please check our list of the top 10 best RV refrigerator-cooling fan if you need an applicant can ensure that cool air circulates inside your fridge.

How We Picked


What factors do you need to check when studying your options? In addition to reading SMAD RV refrigerator reviews and reviews of other brands, you should know what you are investing in so that you can make a good buying decision. Get started using the following guide.


One of the most important things to look into when studying and weighing your options is the size of the unit you end up buying. It is because the unit to buy should fit in the space where you intend to put it.

For this reason, you need to measure the space correctly. In this way, you will be able to find out what refrigerator among the choices is right for you.

More so, you should measure and determine of the non- or electric refrigerator for campers if they fit in the door of your vehicle. It won’t matter if you find an appropriate size for your vehicle, but then it won’t fit your space. Don’t be like other RV owners that ended up buying a unit that doesn’t fit their door.

For this reason, you shouldn’t add a product to cart without making sure of the accurate dimensions of the fridge. Thus, you must check the space available inside along with the ref size.


When choosing an RV refrigerator, you should first determine the budget you’re willing to spend so that you can narrow down your choices. It will also help you save time to figure the price out because you don’t have to browse on the choices that do not fit your budget.

Layout of your vehicle

Know the layout of your vehicle to find out if there is sufficient space for the RV fridge that you want to buy. If you have a large motorhome, you might find an apartment-sized RV fridge ideal for it. But then, you still need to consider that the ref must have proper ventilation in all sides.


Another thing to consider when shopping around for an RV fridge is noise. There are some models that have a quiet motor. It might be what you need if you plan of positioning it near your bed or sleeping area.


Choose a refrigerator that has the capacity you need for your vehicle and the number of people to use it. Check on it to ensure you’re buying the right model for your vehicle.


When choosing the perfect fridge for your camper, motor home or travel trailer, figure out what type is most appropriate for you. Based on earlier discussion, you must compare your choices based on the type of fridge most suitable for your situation.

Required power source

You must also determine the power source that the unit needs. On the market, there are many of them to find like one-way, two-way or three-way refrigerators, which differences we’ve discussed earlier.

You can find model run by propane. They might be good if you don’t want to consider about electrical wirings. However, these models tend not to work if tilted at over 5-degrees. So for this reason, some RV owners choose the electrical type that can run using AC unit’s current.

There you have what to know about finding the right fridge for your recreational vehicle. Be sure to consider them well, and get started using the reviews we’ve outlined earlier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most popular RV refrigerator brands?

A: On the market, you can find different brands and such can be overwhelming. In this guide, we have researched and looked for the best of them including the Dometic, Avanti, Costway, Norcold, Danby, Smad, Midea, SMETA, Whynter and Alpicool.

Q: RV vs regular refrigerator: what is the difference?

A: Again, regular refrigerators are compressor types, and most RV models are not. However, you have the option of choosing the type of camper fridges based on type, which is sometimes indicated by the way they operate or run.

Q: Can an RV refrigerator be recharged?

A: One credible online source revealed not attempting to recharge it because its coolant mixture can explode, as it’s flammable. Or you may want to consult the instruction manual that comes with it.

Q: How to remove an RV refrigerator

A: You can do it easily. All you have to do is to reverse the process you have used in the installation of the refrigerator. Or again, you can check the instruction manual for any specific instruction.

Q: How to install?

A: To install properly, you should first measure the dimensions of the fridge as well as where you plan to position it. From there, you can start with the installation using the specific steps that come with the unit you ended up buying.

Q: How to run an RV refrigerator on propane?

A: If you’d end up buying a propane-operated fridge or can be one of the ways to run it, you should follow the installation instructions closely because propane is flammable and explosive. Follow the specific steps as outlined by the manufacturer.

Q: How to care?

A: It is not hard to care and clean the recreational vehicle refrigerator. Just check it once in a while and see if it needs cleaning. Also, you should check the user manual for any specific ways on how to clean the model or brand you bought.

Q: Where to buy?

A: You can buy one from an RV supplies and appliance stores, and pick one most appropriate for your needs and requirements. But for a wider range of choices and better price deals, you might also want to check Amazon where to buy from the manufacturers themselves.


Refer to this guide if you would like to find the best RV refrigerator that can offer you with the satisfaction and ease of use you’re looking for in this appliance. But again, consider its type, price, size and other features that we’ve highlighted earlier. Buy the best motorhome ref with the features you need today!

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