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The Best RV Recliner

The best RV recliner can offer you comfort and relaxation. It is so supportive and cushiony soft. Some of them come with an ottoman, too, adding to the comfort they can provide us with each time we sit back and relax on it.

After a tiring day in our outdoor adventures, we can simply sit down, recline the chair to our desired adjustment, watch TV, read a book or fall asleep.

Comfort and relaxation are just two of the main reasons to buy a travel trailer recliner. However, it may not be easy to find the right one without an idea on how to choose this chair.

For help, we have prepared a buying guide with the top picks for your reference. Check them out in the following.

Table of Contents

Best RV Recliners

1. RecPro Nash 28″ RV Euro Chair Recliner

  • Excellent and sleek modern design
  • Durable and made of high quality materials
  • Designed with a swivel base
  • Really nice armrest, headrest and backrest
  • Comforting and relaxing chair
  • Rather expensive

Camper recliners are great additions to our recreational vehicle because it allows for more ways of relaxing after a tiring day. One of the best brands to find around is the RECPRO recliner chair, which has a swivel base and a great modern design.

One of the things I liked about the Euro chair recliner is its four colors to choose from, namely mahogany, toffee, chestnut and putty. With that said, you will have more options depending on the design and decoration of your camper or travel trailer.

Another thing to like about the chair recliner with a swivel base is its excellent design. It is notable on the Nash line of the brand, which is one of the most distinguished on the market.

I would also like to note that this travel trailer chair is also versatile for use in the recreational vehicle or home. It is also ideal for the fifth wheel or camper. It is why you might want to opt for it if you’re shopping around for a good RV chair. Definitely, it can make you feel more relaxed.

Another thing that makes the product unique is that it can offer a dual recline function. It is one of the reasons it is one of the best choices among RV owners who want to get more of their recliner.

This model can offer a naturally reclining profile, allowing you to relax or even sleep like a baby. I would like to note that this one could extend up to 44 inches, which is better than competitors on the market have. And then, it also has a second tier of function that can totally extend up to 60 inches.

The Nash recliner is also elegant and sleek in design, complementing or matching any RV theme or design. So if you would like to add beauty to the interior of your camper or travel trailer, you might want to check out the swiveling and reclining chair.

I would also like to note that this chair has a comfortable and thick enough and comfortable seat. It is also accommodating for all user sizes and shapes.

On the cons, the Nash chair is a bit expensive, so you might have to spend a little more to it than on another recliner. Overall, though, it is a great choice for a relaxing and comforting chair. It is also with an excellent and sleek design to match any RV decoration and theme.

2. Flash Furniture Contemporary Brown Leather Recliner and Ottoman

  • Modern brown leather
  • Durable construction
  • Padded back and seat
  • Leather wrapped base
  • Comes with a matching ottoman
  • Ottoman feels flimsy
  • Doesn’t look the most durable around

Flash Furniture is a topnotch company offering superior and relaxing recliner chairs. It is trusted by travel trailer and RV owners all over the world. It is known for its commitment to quality and performance of its products.

The brown leather recliner is elegant and classic. You might want this classic look for your RV. Plus, it is not hard to match it to any color at all. No matter the design and decoration in your RV, you will surely be able to complement it with the recliner that comes with an ottoman. So it is like having total relaxation inside your RV.

Flash Furniture contemporary recliner chair with an ottoman is also not as expensive as other picks on the market. In fact, you might even be lucky to save more when you buy it because it can be offered with a discount.

This Leather Recliner and Ottoman can also give you a deep relaxation because it lets you ease with its padded back and seat. For that, you can be certain you’d be able to relax totally.

Not to mention, it has plush and comfortable plush upholstered arms and an integrated headrest. I’d also like to note this model could totally recline for a full rest.

In addition, this item boasts CA 117 fire retardant padding all over- the seat, the back and the armrests. And to make it more comfortable, it is made with a leather wrapped base.

This contemporary recliner is also complete for the included ottoman, adding to the comfort that the set can offer. With it, you can spend a bit more quality time.

In addition, the recliner is versatile that you can have it in a travel trailer, camper or recreational vehicle, to name some. Also, you can use the recliner in your home.

Nevertheless, it can be your perfect partner for a relaxing weekend or afternoon. Check it out for added benefits like improving blood circulation or improving relaxation while aboard the RV.

On the downside, the recliner with ottoman doesn’t look the most durable on the market. The ottoman include can also feel a bit flimsy. Nevertheless, it is one of the best around for its comfort and relaxing features, padded seat and back and durable construction, to name some.

3. RecPro Charles 28″ RV Euro Chair Recliner

  • Lightweight
  • Compact and sleek profile
  • Ideal for small spaces like recreational vehicles
  • Cross functional
  • Comfortable and relaxing
  • Might suffer from wear and tear over time

Are you looking for good RV size recliners? Or perhaps, you’re searching for a modern designed product with a modern appearance. The chestnut chair recliner from RecPro can be what you’re looking for.

It is a Modern Design RV Furniture by reliable brand known for its quality products and services. Through the years, it’s been a staple name in the world for supplying RV and travel trailer owners with durable and topnotch recliner chairs.

Another thing that makes the Charles RV Euro Chair different is that it can save space, which is always a premium in a recreational vehicle. You can have it in your RV without it taking much space inside it.

This model also has an elegant European design, which is contemporary and space saving, so it is also ideal for homes. The chair works for different spaces. And one reason is that it is functional and streamlined, giving users the benefit of a lightweight product without compromising luxury and comfort.

I would also like to note that the Euro chair is free standing and possesses similar luxury of other recliners by the brand.

This model is also with the Suprima poly-leather, which wraps around the modular chair. Leather is known for its durability in addition to looking sleek and elegant. It fits and matches all spaces without compromising on performance.

I noticed that the chair has a compact design, letting it fit smaller spaces and alcoves and also fitting larger frames comfortably. In addition, I’d like to mention that the chair is lighter than other models in the category. It weighs only 50 lbs, making it quick and easy to set up and move. And for its lighter weight, it is also heavy-duty to last for many years.

On the downside, the Charles chair can suffer from wear and tear over time, but it is pretty common among leather recliners. But with proper maintenance on RV rocker recliners, you can be certain they will last longer. And overall, this recliner is one of the highest-rated in the category. Through the years, it has been the trusted choice among users worldwide.

4. RecPro Swivel Glider RV Recliner

  • Swivel action
  • Thickly padded armrests and backrests
  • Low maintenance
  • Deep reclining motions
  • Durable metal framework
  • Reclining needs 12” clearance

RecPro is a pretty popular company in the RV community. Boasting beautiful pieces that offers comfort and innovation, this company is loved by RV owners everywhere. Among their most well loved pieces is the Charles Collection RV Swivel Glider Chair.

RecPro’s Swivel Glider Chair is necessary for any RV owner. It has well-padded armrests, backrest and foot rest that are thick enough to bring comfort but not too thick, that it makes the chair super stuffy.

The Swivel Glider Chair is also very smooth in its movements. It features a 360-degree swivel, which allows you to rotate without difficulties. RecPro’s Chair also comes with two reclining modes. This plus its thick pads makes it great for those who want to sleep comfortably after a long day on the road.

Made out of faux leather, RecPro’s Swivel Glider Chair is very easy to clean and maintain. This material is resistant to any kinds of spills and liquids and tears, making it last for a long-time. Moreover, the chair’s internal components are also made of high quality and durable metal.

Aside from that, RecPro’s chair comes in four colors, which can suit your interior. It features a contemporary design, which spices up any RV home. The color and plump padding give it a classic look with a rustic and homey vibe.

In designing the chair, RecPro considered the limited space in RVs, motorhomes and campers. Thus, the Swivel Glider Chair only measures about 30”, making it easy to tuck away in a RV. The chair is also compact and lightweight and relatively easy to assemble.

Moreover, unlike other loveseats, RecPro’s Swivel Glider Chair is a separated one. This is perfect for owners who want their RV loveseat adjustable.

The RecPro Swivel Glider Chair also comes with a three-year warranty. This is comforting as it indicates the company’s confidence in their product. The chair will most likely offer great comfort and durability.

The downside to this product is that it needs 12” of space to recline fully, which might not be ideal for old RV models. However, many users have praised the product for its comfort and style. Some users even commented that this was their best purchase.

RecPro’s Swivel Glider Chair is a solid choice for those looking for a stylish, compact and comfortable chair.

5. Handy Living Wall Hugger Recliner Chair

  • Ideal size for RVs, motorhomes and campers
  • Extremely soft and comfortable
  • Super chic and stylish
  • Superb design and craftsmanship
  • 100% stain-resistant
  • Takes about a bit of time to assemble

Handy living is a furniture company that designs pieces perfect for small spaces without sacrificing quality and style. This makes it a great company for RV owners to consider. One of their compact and stylish products is their ProLounger Wall Hugger Recliner Chair.

Made out of 100% polyester microfiber, the wall hugger recliner is super soft and comfortable to sit in. Handy Living’s recliner offers great padding and cushioning with its memory foam. Its coil spring system was individually wrapped which allows users to experience that “sink in” feeling. With this, you can relax in maximum comfort.

Handy Living’s Wall Hugger Recliner also has a reclining motion triggered by a “car-door” lever mechanism. Its movements are smooth and fluid, making it easy to recline the chair and relax. The lever also makes it very easy to adjust. It also features a super-soft chaise pad for you to rest your legs after a days worth of driving.

The polyester microfiber material means that the recliner is durable and long lasting. It is also stain-resistant which makes cleaning and maintenance easy. It is also made of strong, sturdy laminated hardwood frame.

Aside from the comfort and its durability, Handy Living’s ProLounger Wall Hugger is also very chic and stylish. The Khaki color allows the chair to complement any house aesthetic and adds a touch of elegance in the room.

Handy Living is a company that manufactures pieces for small spaces. Their wall hugger measures 34.8”, earning its spot as a small recliner for small spaces. Its size makes it relatively easy to tuck away in RVs, motorhomes and campers. Moreover, unlike other recliners, it does not need a lot of space to recline fully to a total of 68”. It only needs a 4” clearance from the wall.

It is also lightweight which makes it easy to transport and move into your RVs and campers.

The only downside of this product is that it can take quite a bit of time to assembly (15 minutes). However, other than that, users reported that the chair was very comfortable and suited their needs. If you are looking for a chic, comfortable and durable wall hugger, Handy Living’s ProLounger Wall Hugger Recliner may be the one for you.

6. Flash Furniture Contemporary Recliner and Ottoman

  • Full leather upholstered arms
  • Ball bearing swiveling part
  • Made of durable mahogany wood base
  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient reclining lever
  • Its light color may easily get dirty

Need an added comfortable spot at home where you can simply de-stress from enduring a long day at work, traffic and all? Why not treat yourself with an ideal recliner chair like the Flash Furniture Contemporary Leather Recliner with Ottoman.

It is impossible not to be impressed with the winning duo of Recliner and Ottoman. The recliner will give a soothing support for the entire body weight while the ottoman pampers the legs and feet. Both of the said furniture is shaded in beige leather so they look classy and will surely compliment other home décor. It can be a favorite nestling chair in various areas, be it in the living room, study room, cinema or even in the office.

The Flash Leather Recliner and Ottoman are not only perfect as a relaxation spot at home. It is also one of the best travel trailer recliners. It can be a dependable piece both for sleeping and seating especially during long hours of travel via trailer. Don’t worry about the limited space inside the motorhomes because this furniture is space-efficient. The recliner overall dimension is 44.5x33x41.2 inches while the ottoman’s size is 19.5x20x16 inches.

Each part of the Recliner and Ottoman are thoroughly planned and constructed to produce something that is sturdy, cozy and at the same time beneficial to human health. By just looking at the swivel chair, you could notice its luxury vibe because it is upholstered in leather. And no one can underestimate the benefits of leather-made furniture. It tends to be long lasting and easy to tidy up by just wiping away the mess or simply vacuum it.

Another best asset of the Flash Recliner is its richly padded arms with plush where you can lay your arms in pleasure. It is also easy to maneuver through the reclining lever that is installed below the right arm. On the other hand, the recliner itself will indulge the body through its softness. It provides support for the back while you are laying down here or in a sitting position.

What makes the Flash Leather Recliner and Ottoman really special is the mahogany wood base, which works well for the chairs durability and mobilization. The ball bearing parts of the Recliner and Ottoman allows smooth spin.

However, the furniture may easily acquire dirt and it will be very visible on its surface since it is shaded in light color. Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier, it is effortless to clean. Overall, the Flash Furniture Contemporary Leather Recliner with Ottoman is an ideal piece for home or RV furniture that can give good relaxation experience every day.

7. RecPro Charles 28” RV Euro Cloth Chair Recliner

  • Light weighted
  • With tension rod for recline control
  • Made of breathable cloth fabric
  • Durable and resistant of tear and feathering
  • With deeper reclining capability
  • Not waterproof

Who says you cannot bring comfort while traveling via Recreational Vehicles (RV)? You only have to think on how to maximize the space inside the cabin by taking only the finest and necessary furniture that can be multifunctional like recliners. Among the best RV swivel recliners, RecPro Charles New Euro Recliner Chair with Footrest is highly recommended.

You got a superhero in the name of this RecPro recliner chair because it saves you space and makes users happy with the comfort it can provide while in a long journey. But don’t typecast it as an RV piece only because its versatility can cross your home and office space, too.

This recliner chair model is actually an innovation of the original piece made by RecPro. The goal is to make the furniture portable by making it lightweight while keeping the style and soothing comfort. I think, RecPro succeed on those criteria. The weight of the swivel chair is now 50 lbs only. Plus it has an overall dimension of 38x28x25.5 inches and depth of 27 inches.

The sleek and compact design of the RecPro recliner chair is suitable for narrow corner of a motor home. To do a fully recline position; the furniture requires 52 inches space. It also has a tension rod that is use for easy controlling of the reclining movement.

During long hours of travel, this recliner can work very well for sleeping, seating or even transforming it to a Lazy Boy chair while watching a good movie inside the RV. The recliner is made of soft oatmeal-hue cloth fabric, which is breathable. That is why heat won’t be trapped inside it for cooler temperature. Meanwhile, the fabric is also tight woven so it can withstand tear and feathering.

Further, it contains an adjustable footrest that helps for lifting your legs for good blood circulation. Its arms are also filled with soft plush to help the shoulder and arms relax after a day filled with tiring activities.

However, since it is made of cloth fabric, it is not waterproof. Nonetheless, the RecPro Charles new euro recliner chair with footrest is a good quality of furniture for RVs and even at home. Its best-selling point is its slender and lightweight statuesque, softness and parts that are made soft on the outside but strongly crafted inside.

8. RecPro Double Wall Hugger Recliner

  • Does not take up a lot of space
  • Beautiful design and craftsmanship
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Durable
  • Easy assembly
  • Foot rest was a bit short

RecPro is a respectable company within the RV community. Known for their elegant, comfortable and compact pieces, the company is a favorite among RVowners. One of their beloved designs is the Charles Collection Double RV Wall Hugger Recliner.

Made out of faux leather, RecPro’s RV Wall Hugger Recliner is well padded with thick cushions. Moreover, the loveseat features cup holders, a center console and a USB port that allows you and your loved one to share a meal and unwind.

The material also makes it very durable, as it’s easy to clean and maintain. It’s resistant to any kinds of spillage and tears, assuring that the loveseat can last a long time.

The internal of RecPro’s RV Wall Hugger is also made of high-quality materials. The chair’s internal mechanism results into a smooth and flawless recline. Moreover, the RV Wall Hugger comes with bottom brackets that allow you to fasten your loveseat on the vehicle’s floors.

Aside from the comfort, RecPro’s RV Wall Hugger adds a classy vibe to your living space with its Tiona pattern. It also comes in four different colors, which is perfect for customers that want to have many options.

For a loveseat, the RecPro RV Wall Hugger measures only 58”, which makes it the ideal size for small spaces? Dubbed as the “wall hugger”, the loveseat can fully recline to 53”- 62.5”, needing only a 3-inch clearance.

The RecPro Wall Hugger is also pretty easy to install with its modular structure. Both side modular recliners as well as the backrest can be removed, making it easy to transport and fit in small doorways.

RecPro’s loveseat also comes with a 3-year warranty. This is good indicator of the company’s confidence in the performance of their products. A long warranty means that the wall hugger can surely last a long time.

The only downside to this product is that some users (especially tall ones) commented that it was too small for them. They reported that their feet hung over due because the footrest was too short. However, majority of the users were satisfied with their purchase, praising how comfortable and stylish it is.

RecPro’s RV Wall Hugger Recliner is perfect for those who want comfort and style packed in a small and compact loveseat.

9. Divano Roma Furniture Leather Recliner

  • Plush and thick padding
  • Easy assembly
  • Stylish design
  • Rocking feature makes it more comfortable
  • Durable
  • A bit wide to fit in most RVs, motorhomes and campers

The Divano Roma Furniture Company has been in the business for years. They know their stuff. Their pieces come in stylish and chic designs that offer comfort and softness. Among their popular pieces is their Leather Rocker Recliner.

Made out of bonded leather, Divano Roma’s Rocker Recliner makes sure that you are 100% comfortable. It’s great for people with muscle aches and pains as well as for those who want to relax and unwind after a long, tiring day. It’s soft and thick enough without being too stuffy. Moreover, its wide back makes it more spacious and comfortable.

The bonded leather allows makes the chair very durable and resistant to tears, spills and liquids. Because of this, it is very easy to clean and maintain. The chair’s internal mechanism is made out of sturdy wooden frame, increasing its durability.

Divano Roma’s Leather Rocker Recliner also features a side latch that can smoothly lift up the leg rest and recline the chair. Moreover, it has a rocking feature, which gives you extra comfort. This also makes it perfect addition in nurseries as it can help nursing mothers.

Aside from the comfort, the Rocker Recliner adds class in your living space. Its brown color allows it to blend with your other furniture pieces. The wide back and tufted back gives it a regal and elegant look.

Divano Roma’s Leather Rocker Recliner is also pretty easy to assemble. Users even commented that it took them less than five minutes to do so. It doesn’t require tools that installation can easily be done by one person. It is also lightweight, which makes it easy to transport and transfer.

The only downside to this product is its size. Though it’s still smaller than other recliners, the leather rocker recliner’s 38” width may not fit in smaller RVs, motorhomes and campers. Owners of these vehicles may find it hard to transport this chair into their homes.

However, many users were satisfied with their purchases. Users liked the thick padding and cushioning as well as the rocking feature of the recliner, praising how it made the product more comfortable. Divano Roma’s Leather Rocker Recliner is a perfect choice for those who want a stylish recliner that offers a bit more comfort.

10. RecPro Charles Collection Double Recliner

  • Space-efficient wall recliners
  • Duo sofa set
  • Easy to assemble at is shipped in 3 section
  • Easy to tidy up
  • Made of durable Faux leather
  • A bit expensive

Double the comfort and double the fun with the Recpro Charles 67 Double wall hugger Recliner Sofa with console. This set is suitable whether you are rooting for a comfortable duo spot in your motorhome or even when upgrading a mini entertainment room in your home.

You can’t go wrong with this Recpro twin set. The Charles 67 Double wall hugger Recliner Sofa is what you’re looking for if you believe that it’s more fun to experience leisure with a friend along your side. You can simply put it in your roofed patio then it’s ready for you and your partner to nestle while savouring the view of sunset. Alternatively, you may also keep it inside your study room to give you a relaxing position to indulge you for better learning condition.

There are no worries about the space that it may consume because it is crafted as space efficient though it’s a combination of two recliners in one set. It only needs a clearance of about three (3) inches away from the wall to allow full recline. If you look closer, its overall dimension is only 67”W x 39”H x 37”D.

If you are also concern in setting it up in your chosen station, you will surely be happy to know that it won’t give you headache soon as it comes to your doorstep. Charles 67 Double wall huggers Recliner Sofa is delivered in three sections for the easy and fast assemble. The backrest is detachable, too, so they can pass RV narrow doors. You can install it in as quickly as ten minutes.

The construction of Recpro Charles 67 Double wall hugger Recliner Sofa is well thought for convenience and long-lasting use. It is made of fluffy and tear-resistant faux leather or Polyurethane. Faux leather is known for stress-free cleaning. Its outer cover is also shaded in Toffee that gives a fashionable aura.

Being twin furniture, it also contains two reclining lever on the both side for simultaneous movement plus lower compartments where you can conveniently store some of your belongings.

However, the said item will cost a little bit higher than the other regular chair. Nevertheless, the price is worth it since the Recpro Charles 67 Double wall hugger Recliner Sofa assures you the benefit of 100% comfort and durability.

11. FDW Wingback Recliner Chair

  • Hassle-free to assemble
  • Made of strong steel and hard wood
  • Made of durable PU upholstery
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • A little bulky

Do you want to experience daily relaxation without hurting your savings so hard? Then try to invest for a no ordinary recliner chair that can give you unconditional comfort after a tedious and hectic schedule. And when it comes to simple yet good quality of recliner chair, the FDW Wingback Recliner is a good choice.

Go ahead, you can sit back and spread your body on the FDW Wingback Recliner Chair. At the end of the day, it is the best spot that understand your need for warm cuddle to take away your fatigue.

Reward yourself with this multifunction chair. The extra-long reclining chair is excellent for your back, spine and muscle as it improves good blood circulation and enhances posture. On the other hand, the foot extension will pamper the nerves of your legs and feet after long hours of standing and walking.

It is really important to note that the entire frame and backrest of this furniture is intently made super strong with steel while its legs are constructed with robust type of wood. Hence, it provides firm support because it can withstand a maximum of 300 pounds weight.

In terms of the arms of this chair, you can freely relax your shoulders and hands on it and feel the soothing softness. Both arms are filled with thick padding. You can also operate the chair easily with the lever installed on the side.

Another concern in selecting home furniture is the maintenance. The FDW Wingback Recliner Chair is effortless to clean because it is made of durable PU upholstery. That means you don’t have to worry about water spills since it is waterproof. The dirt and dust can be easily removed from its surface by just wiping it with dense cloth or through a vacuum.

You’ll be surprised, too, that this furniture is hassle-free to set-up. This club chair only takes two minutes to assemble. All you have to do is to install the back part on the base and make sure that the legs are screwed in proper place and you’re done.

However, the furniture is a little bulky so it may take a space from your home. But if space is not an issue at all, FDW Wingback Recliner Chair Leather is really an ideal piece that is perfect in your home mini theatre, living room and office. It is dependable as a spot for relaxation and entertainment as well.

12. Bonzy Leather Recliner

  • Small frame
  • Easy assembly
  • Packed with comfort
  • Extremely durable
  • Rustic design
  • Foot rest is somewhat difficult to put away

RVs, motorhomes and campers usually don’t have a lot of space. So, when it comes to furniture shopping, most owners look for pieces that give a lot of comfort and style without taking up too much space.

Bonzy is a company that rose to the challenge. This tried-and-tested furniture company is committed to provide top-of-the-line products that can offer you the best comfort and style. One of these products is their Leather Recliner.

Made out of bonded leather, Bonzy’s Leather Recliner gives you comfort without being super stuffy. The padding is thick enough to soothe your back and muscles after a long day of driving on the road.

It is also very durable. The chair is with high-grade materials and laminated veneer lumber, which makes it very long lasting. The product was also rigorously tested to ensure quality.

Aside from the comfort and durability it offers, Bonzy’s Leather Recliner is also pretty stylish. Its chocolate color allows it to blend easily with your other furniture pieces. Moreover, it adds a touch of rustic with its style and design. The tufted chair and back also gives it a more regal look.

The chair is also quite small, measuring about 30” in width and making it easy to tuck away into a corner. Taking up only a small space, it makes it one of the best RV furniture recliners out there.

Bonzy’s Leather Recliner is also pretty easy to set up because of its simple design. Assembly only takes a few minutes since it only comes in two parts- the chair and the bottom half.

The leather recliner can also recline up to 110 degrees- 145 degrees. It has side latch that can smoothly lift up the leg rest and recline the backrest.

Bonzy’s Leather Recliner also comes with a one-year warranty on the covers while it has a three-year for both the frame and the reclining structure.

The only downside to this product is regarding its footrest. Some users have reported that they have had difficulties in putting the footrest back into place. However, the majority were satisfied with their purchase. Users were happy because of the comfort it brings. Bonzy’s Leather Recliner packs a lot of comfort with its thick padded arms and back for a chair that doesn’t take up too much space.

Why You Should Trust Us

You might want to trust us when choosing small recliners for small spaces, home, campers and travel trailers because we did thorough research and reviews of the featured products we have reviewed earlier.

Before coming up with a review, we first did a research on the things to look for when shopping for these products. From these factors to check, we have looked for the recliners to match those criteria.

We’ve also only included the top recreational vehicle recliner brands. It is to ensure that we’re reviewing only products from trusted brands. In each review, we’ve highlighted the pros, cons and features of a certain reclining chair like a RecPro.

In this case, you will be able to compare your options based on the things you deem important when shopping around for a camper recliner. We’ve also reviewed products in varying price ranges to help you decide on a good product regardless you have a small budget or not.

Our team is also composed of seasoned RVers who have combined years of RV living and camping. Many of us have been going around places aboard our recreational vehicles, campers, travel trailers and fifth wheels for quite some time.

Through the years, we’ve also used different products, gears, systems, accessories and appliances in our RV. We have also tried brands of furniture, like recliners, so we basically have an idea on what to expect and should look for to find the right one.

By trusting, you can have peace of mind that you’re dealing with real RV owners and enthusiasts, who are passionate about sharing our knowledge about RVing to the world and with you.

Should you need more help, send us a message. We’d be more than happy to assist you select the right camper recliner today!

What Is An RV Recliner/ How Does It Work

motorhome recliners

The RV recliners wall huggers, standalone, single or double or any other type of recliner out there is no different from the recliners we put in our homes particularly in the living room or bedroom.

However, there are some unique features including the size and weight. For example, recliners designed and built for the RV are smaller because they’re installed and used in a tighter space like a recreational vehicle. In addition, the reclining chair for the RV is lighter in weight, so it is easier to maneuver.

It is why these recliners are ideal for the recreational vehicle in comparison to those used at homes. But nevertheless, these chairs are pretty much the same like those we know of in residential spaces.

The narrower designs of motorhome recliners can allow us to feel as if we’re not away from home at all even when on the road and camping.

In the manner it works, it is in the same manner as the home recliners we used to know. For example, the RV recliner allows us to lean it back into a comfortable position by pulling on a similar mechanism like a lever.

The adjustment is similar, as we would do with a typical recliner. And once done, we can relax in a supportive and comfortable position. But then, there can be options that can offer additional features, such as a cup holder.

In conclusion, the RV recliner is not special in terms of how it works, but depending on the brand and model you end up buying, you might want to check any specific instructions from the manufacturer.

Types Of RV Recliners

wall hugger recliners for rvs

When shopping around for RV chairs & recliners, one of the things to figure out when shopping around is what their types are so that you can decide better which among them is best for you. While you can find so many types of them on the market, note that there are basic configurations available, and these standalones and doubles.

Standalone type

It can accommodate just one person. This type can provide you with the level of comfort and support you need without any problems because it’s also easy to set up.

For this reason, the standalone recliner is chosen by those that travel and go camping often. It can also be the better choice if you are traveling alone. In addition, it can be for you if you want to add more seating places in your RV.

This type is also smaller and more compact, so it more suitable for most RV sizes. For its size, it is much easier to install it inside the RV.

Double types

It is for a larger space because it tends to be bulkier due to its seating capacity. It can accommodate at least one person at a time. In some cases, you would even find those that can seat three people.

It is chosen by those who camp or ride with their loved ones as well as those who want multiple seats in their vehicle.

On the downside, the double recliners for RV trailers are more expensive and bulkier. For this reason, they’re not fitting for all RV sizes. Even so, they’re useful for accommodating and providing relaxation for more people than a single recliner is. It can also be easier to set up than a sofa or couch.

Benefits Of Using An RV Recliner

Recreational vehicle (RV) recliner chair is significant furniture for both the driver and the passengers because of the benefits it can offer. Here is to know more about the advantages of having one or a couple of recliners.

Traveling or living inside an RV gives both an odd and exciting experience. However, let us admit it, due to the limited space inside it, the activities that you can do is also limited.

The number of people and furniture that you can load is also limited. Yes, it allows the passengers to eat, walk, limp and stand when necessary, but mostly, you spend time here just sitting and waiting to reach your destination. The tendency is you only bring the most significant and useful things in it. And one of these important things is an RV Recliner Chair.

A recliner chair is also commonly known as lounger, armchair and sometimes swivel chair. What is special about this furniture is it simply contains an adjustable machine so the backrest and footrest can be tilted. It allows movement such as sitting or leaning back in a more relaxing way.

There are too many popular types of recliner like the Wall Saver or Hugger, Power Lift, Rocker or Glider and Recliner Sofa. But before the recliner reproduced into various style, the first recliner was first seen during the period of 1850. The first piece was owned by the great Napoleon III. It looked like more of a camp bed then that reclined and served as multifunction furniture. Its invention has been ages ago but its function remains the same.

Now you can see recliners in almost anywhere be it in home living rooms, offices, mini home theatre, and spas and even on restaurants. It also becomes a favorite portable piece for RVs and motor homes. The following are the top four benefits of RV recliner chair.

Comfort and Convenience

The number one benefit of RV recliner chair to the owner and guests is the extreme comfort that it brings. Traveling through a vehicle can feel really exhausting at times, though all it requires you is just sit for long hours till you reach your place to be. RV recliner chair serves as a no ordinary seat for it allows the user to either sit on usual position or adjust the lever into a reclining position.

Usually the RV recliners are also made with robust but very soft materials. Hence, it gives that soothing support to the body parts of the user especially on unfavorable bumps on the roads. RV owners also prefer recliner chairs because aside from the comfort that it offers, there are models of recliner chair that has ready compartment on its lower part.

Hence, it can be a space-efficient storage for other stuff inside the RV. Some models are also convertible to sleeping bed so it saves the owner of space and cost since they can have single furniture with multiple function.

Health Benefits

RV recliner chairs are known to have good health contributions to the human body. It serves as a relaxing spot for the back, provides smooth blood circulation as well as relieve joint and muscle pains.

The tendency when a person lay on the RV recliner, the weight of the body is distributed well so the pressure does not concentrated on the hips and legs when sitting or standing. Further, RV recliner chairs also have footrest where the users can lift and extend their legs and feet. That way the nerves and joints are being pampered and this also improves the circulatory system.

Special chair like the recliner are also proven to reduce back pains and sore muscles. By resting the back part carelessly on the soft fabric of the recliner, you can automatically its feel calming effect. It won’t force the body to do position that may cause discomfort, as it is adjustable and hug the body gently.

Aside from the above mentioned the RV recliner further helps in maintaining excellent body posture as it won’t tolerate the spinal cord to hunch while sitting here. The tilt mechanism of this chair also serves as support to avoid stiff necks.

Simply staying on the RV recliner chair relieves stress and that may contribute to a clearer mind to be more productive at work or in any activities that you are inclined to.

A Suitable Support for Special Cases

Recliner chair can benefit your passengers in the RV who needs extra care like the elders and pregnant women. Women usually experience abdomen and lower back pain during pregnancies. The recliner chair provides a comfortable support to the extra weight of the body especially at the last quarter of conception.

Meanwhile, elderly faced different bones and muscle illnesses like rheumatism. The recliner chair assists the elderly in simple motion by just adjusting the lever on the side part of the chair. It also serves as a relaxing space for resting and support for the brittle bones of older people.

Aesthetics and Entertainment purposes

RV owners also purchase recliner chairs not just for the comfort that it provides but also for the style and entertainment that it can offer. Recliner chair comes in different colors, forms and models that may complement the overall décor and other furniture of the RV. For entertainment purposes, the recliner chairs are also use as comfortable furniture if ever you want to convert your RV to a mini theatre. Kids also love to play on these chairs because of its softness.

In general, the recliner chairs are highly recommended for RV due to its various advantages that bring comfort, convenience, good health benefits, and an additional complementary accent for your RV décor.

How We Picked

small recliners for rv

Shopping for furniture has been both a source of joy and stress. While buying new items is fun, there are many factors to consider before making a purchase.

Furniture shopping for RVs, motorhomes and campers is no different- especially when shopping for RV Recliner Chairs. As these chairs can make or break a camping trip, choosing the best one can feel a bit stressful. Some people treat it like a fun project. But it can get a bit overwhelming since there are lot of different brands and models to choose from and buy.

To get a high-quality recliner, you need to in a bit of work and effort. Hastily buying one can end in a flop like a stiff or faulty chair. Drowning in product reviews and comparing products sound tiring, but we highlighted some factors for you to take note of when buying a great recliner.


Choosing recliner chairs can be hard, as they need to have the right balance of comfort and durability. Favor one and you will end up with either a stiff or a faulty chair. You need to make sure the chair is comfortable enough for you to relax in, but also strong and durable to support you and last long.

As such, the type of upholstery is important. Leather provides style while being easy to maintain as it is resistant to tears and spills. However, it can stick to your skin especially during summer or if you live in places with a tropical climate.

Fabric, on the other hand, is more breathable. However, it is not easy to clean and maintain. While it may also be stylish, it is not recommended for pet owners as pet hair can stick to these types of chairs.

Aside from that, you also need to weigh in the thickness of the pads and cushions to assure maximum comfort. Big cushions can be comfortable but may feel too stuffy and vice versa.

Reclining motion

The reclining motion is an important factor to consider when purchasing a recliner. After all, they need to support you comfortably for you to relax and rest after a long day.

Power motion recliners uses motors to adjust and recline your chair and typically have more positions than manual recliners. These recliners are perfect for those who have muscle and joint pains. While reclining may be easier, power motion recliners are heavier than the manual ones. Moreover, broken motors can be pretty expensive to maintain and repair.

On the other hand, manual recliners are sturdier with levers and handles since these do not require much maintenance. However, people with joint pains and bad backs may find it difficult to stretch and reach the lever.

Size and weight

When choosing the perfect recliner, size and weight also matters. You need to make sure that the recliner doesn’t take up too much space in the already narrow RV. Moreover, it also needs to be lightweight so you won’t have trouble in moving it around.

RV recliners that measure about 30” are small enough to fit into your RV, motorhome or camper without feeling too cramped to sit in. On the other hand, recliners wider than 30” would make it quite difficult to squeeze the chair through the door, especially in older RV models.

Aside from the size, you also need to check the recliner’s clearance. Regular recliners usually need about 12” of wall clearance to recline fully. However, RVs, campers and motorhomes already have small spaces, so it might be a hassle to purchase. Your best bet would be wall-hugger recliners who only require a wall clearance of about 3 to 6 inches.


Another factor to consider is the assembly. The limited space in RVs, campers and motorhomes makes it a challenge to assemble furniture. Look for recliners with removable pieces like the backrest and arm rests. This allows you to transport the item with less bulk.

Moreover, a good recliner can be assembled quickly because of its clear-cut and logical design. Many recliner chairs only take about5 minutes to assemble.


Style is also an important factor to consider. Furniture pieces add a touch of style and life into any living space. You would not want a RV recliner chair that is horribly mismatched with your other pieces.

RV recliners with brown or black hues are usually your safest bet. While they might not be the exact same color, the neutrality of these colors allows them to blend and achieve a cohesive look in your room. Moreover, they also exude a classy and homey vibe into your RV.

There are also RV recliners that come in different colors. So, if you want to have a piece that adds color into the room, then that might be the one for you.

Bonus Features

Because of the limited space in your RV, motorhome or camper, every bit of it matters. When it comes to furniture pieces, you would want something that has multiple functions.

To maximize the space, find recliner chairs that provide a ton of bonus features such as a storage console, cup holders, a USB port, and the like.

With these factors in mind, you can surely find the perfect RV recliner chair in no time! Just be sure to do your research by reading different reviews and comparing the products. If you can, visit the physical store and see the item for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most popular RV recliner brands?

A: There are many popular brands of RV recliners, and they definitely deserve to shine. It is why we have also considered top names in the category to ensure that we’re only including reliable and dedicated brands in our list.

One of those that deserve an attention is RecPro, which is one of the most reputable brands in the category. It is because the brand has been trusted by RV owners who are looking to buy recliners that last long and maintain their beauty and elegance through the years.

Through the years, customers have been praising the brand for their great products and post sales customer service. Choosing a recliner from the company, you can be certain you’re selecting a reclining chair that can offer heavy-duty performance.

Other reliable RV recliner brands – If you want to choose the best brand for a travel trailer recliner, you might also want to go for:

  • Flash Furniture
  • Bonzy
  • Handy Living
  • Divano Roma Furniture
  • FDW

Q: What are RV recliners made of?

A: For the most part, wall hugger recliners for RVs or any other types are made of leather material, but other models can be of a different construction. Nevertheless, an RV recliner is typically made of leather for its notable appeal, quality and durability. So when shopping around for a recliner for your vehicle, you should check what the product is made of for reference.

Q: How to replace?

A: There are no special directions on how to replace a travel trailer recliner. Just decide on the features you want your new recliner to have like should it be a double or a single recliner. From there, you can choose from one of the top brands featured earlier.

But before you decide, think about the space where you would remove the old and position the new especially if buying a double instead of a standalone that you previously had.

Nevertheless, you would do just well because you already have an idea on how to choose large or small recliners for RV. Refer to our buying guide for help.

Q: How to install?

A: There are also no special instructions on how to install the RV recliner. It is in the same manner, as you would do with your home recliner. But then, you can also check out the manual for any specific directions to set up the recliner chair from the manufacturer.

Q: Can I wash RV recliners?

You don’t need to do that. Just use a clean, smooth and dry cloth to wipe it clean. For any specific directions, you should also check the manual that comes with the product you ended up buying.

Q: How to clean & care?

A: It is important to keep the recliner clean so that it will last longer. However, any specific directions can only be checked on the user manual included in the recliner you bought.

The best ones usually come with an extensive manual to help you learn how to clean the specific product you bought.

Alternatively, you can also visit the website of the manufacturer for any other cleaning and caring instructions you need to know.

Q: Where to buy?

A: There are many places to buy the recliner for the travel trailer, but still the trusted source is Amazon, and for reasons. A few of them include genuine products, better deals and wider range of selection. Choosing Amazon, you will be able to find the perfect recliner for you due to a wider selection range versus an offline store can offer.


Have you picked which motorhome reclining chair is for you? We do hope you’ve picked vital information from our best RV recliner reviews and buying guide. Using this reference, we do hope that you can select the right reclining chair that will give you that ultimate relaxation and comfort you need. Buy your camper recliner today!


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