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The Best RV Range Hood

Every veteran RV owner knows that mobile living needs the right ventilation. The limited space of an RV can confine odor and smoke from cooking. Staying most of the time inside your RV, you wouldn’t want to smell like breakfast the entire day. Installing the best RV range hood is going to be an excellent solution for your mobile home.

An RV range hood cleans up the air, making you extra comfortable. Whether your RV is your home, or it’s just for camping, using a vehicle that makes your stay a relaxed one will always be a top priority to max out your RV experience.

Table of Contents

Best RV Range Hoods

1. Hengs 20″ Black Rear Ducted RV Range Hood

  • Easy to install
  • Slope nose design
  • Black powder finish
  • Front control panel
  • Rear exterior duct
  • Function effectively with a 12V fan
  • Light is not ideal for cooking.

The sleek black powder finish of this range hood makes it seem like it is a part of the original interior of your RV. I like having appliances that don’t strike too much attention and those that don’t try hard to blend in with the rest of the RV’s look interiorly.

You won’t have a hard time installing this RV range hood. The excellent slope nose design makes it easy to set up with cabinets or any other shelf inside your mobile home.

Knowing that space can be limited inside an RV, this range hood fits perfectly. The measurements included are very accurate, and this helps you keep the area inside well-utilized for important appliances.

As I have advocated for sleek appliances, this range hood also has a rear exterior duct style. It is placed at the center for a more controlled flow of air at the back.

Turning on and off the range hood is a lot more convenient with the front control panel. The rocker switches are placed in the front so you can simply turn on and off the 12 volt range hood fan and the 10 watt light.

The light may not be a significant feature, but having a more unobstructed view of your cooking helps. This bonus feature keeps you on the site of what you are cooking, without letting the smell of your food overstay your RV.

A quality RV range hood is very beneficial for venting your air and getting rid of lingering odors. The light in this range hood may seem a bit dim for cooking, but that doesn’t affect the performance of how it keeps your air clean.

Aside from that, the bulb can simply be replaced and is also easy to mount even when the range hood is already installed. This quality range hood is an absolute must for every adventurous person in a mobile home.

2. Broan-NuTone BUEZ230BL RV Range Hood

  • Under-cabinet design
  • Can be vertically installed
  • EZ1 one-person installation
  • 2-speed fan
  • Built-in lighting system
  • Incandescent bulb not included upon buying

Whether you’re having a newly constructed or renovated RV, the Broan-NuTone is a perfect addition to your mobile home. Featuring its non-ducted recirculation mechanism, you’ll surely forget that you’re cooking in a limited space.

One thing that catches my attention with this range hood is its under-cabinet design. It may be given that living in an RV can be limiting when it comes to space, so utilizing the tiny area of cabinets, while still having the right shelf for your kitchen utensils is an absolute advantage.

It should be well noted that this range hood has a vertical installation design. It is made to fit 7-inch round ductwork. A grease filter with metal mesh design is also included. Plus, this filter is removable and is dishwasher safe for hassle-free maintenance.

Being alone will never be a problem for installing this much-needed appliance. It features an EZ1 one person installation system, so you don’t need help from random strangers just to get the hood mounted. A unique two-bracket system holds it in place when you do the final preparation and other electrical connections.

This RV hood vent has a 2-speed fan for quick removal of unwanted odor inside while cooking. Food smell can stick to clothes and other clothing materials inside the RV, so having an efficient range hood will help you get rid of this dilemma.

Another feature you’ll unquestionably love about this useful kitchen appliance is the rocker switch for the fan and light in the hood. It also has a built-in lighting system, so whatever time of the day, you can cook with ease.

Although the lighting system is a highlight, the incandescent bulb is not included with this purchase. But the bulb that fits the hood isn’t that hard to find and is easy to set up as well. All the jam-packed features of this hood make it an excellent investment for your RV.

3. Air King AV1218 Under Cabinet Range Hood

  • Stainless steel finish
  • Contemporary design
  • Dual rocker switches
  • Can be convertible to ductless operation
  • 2-speed motor fan
  • Include an effective grease filter
  • Bulb for top light not included upon purchase

The Air King does live up to its name by having a powerful RV range hood fan motor that surely meets all your needs. Whether for residential or industrial use, their range hood delivers quality service by cleaning your air space.

The powerful fan motor that it boasts about has an operating speed of 180-CFM at 7.0 Sones. That alone makes it quick in removing cooking odor so the smell of your morning food won’t stay for the rest of the day.

As a kitchen appliance, some of the things that might concern you are the oil, water, and other liquid spills around these cooking appliances. The stainless steel finish of this range hood keeps those spills from inflicting rust that can develop over time. With this finish, not only does it protect the range hood, but it also entertains with the sleek and modern look.

The overall contemporary design makes it very easy to put on with the other appliances you have at your mobile home. You won’t have to adjust the overall theme or design of your RV because the silver finish and its well-thought design makes it very elegant to be placed right under your kitchen cabinets.

Built for horizontal or vertical ducting, this range hood can also be converted to a ductless operation. This convenient ductless version can be achieved thanks to the addition of the RF34 Odor Filter which you can purchase separately.

It also comes with dual rocker switches for the top light. Aside from that, another feature that makes it worth spending every penny is the grease filter. It keeps your range hood in top shape, while easy to remove, and requiring low maintenance.

Please be advised that the bulb for the top light is not included. But it works so okay with the standard light bulbs, with the right wattage. The minor issue won’t stop you from purchasing this incredibly powerful range hood that will save you from trapped odor inside your RV.

4. Ventline PH62-20WC-1 High Range Hood

  • High-volume air output
  • Quiet fan motor
  • Pre-installed wires which are ready to set up
  • Easy-to-reach switches
  • Enclosed bright light
  • Minimal yet modern design
  • Needs to be adequately supported through cabinets

I can’t stress out how incredibly the Ventline is doing its job. The high volume air output makes it a very powerful range hood. This is absolutely an excellent investment that your adventurous self will thank you later for.

And did I mention that it has a quiet RV range hood fan motor? You won’t be disturbed while cooking. You can still hear your food sizzle or always listen to the sound of nature while boiling some of your favorite dishes. You also won’t disturb other people who might be sleeping while you whip up something in the kitchen.

Don’t you get annoyed when having a new appliance gets all messy because the installation is hard? That will not be the case of the Ventline because it has pre-installed wires! It has a similar guide to the Jensen RV range hood manual, so installing will not be an issue at all.

Easy to reach switches are also one of its strongest suits. You won’t have to reach for the sides of the back areas of the hood just to switch on the fan or the light.

Aside from the convenient switches, it also has an enclosed light. This brings you full surface illumination while cooking for any time of the day. When you feel like you want to take a grub, you can cook with bright surface lights on.

The design speaks out minimalist. So if you’re into having a smooth and mild design, without grabbing so much attention from the other features of your RV, this white range hood will undeniably be perfect.

One downside of this fancy range hood is that it needs to be adequately supported. Mounting it on walls can be fine, but the range hood should be sufficiently reinforced. Putting it under the cabinets is one of the best things you can do to have it well-supported. After setting it up, you are good to go in having quality air inside your RV.

5. Broan-NuTone BUEZ024WW RV Range Hood

  • Eliminates odors quickly
  • Dual venting design
  • Illuminating system
  • EZ1 installation feature
  • Classy design
  • By-design filter can be cleaned by dishwasher
  • Compatible with pre-installed RV cabinets
  • A bit pricey

The sophisticated look of this white range hood model form Broan-NuTone is the perfect highlight for your RV kitchen. If you are looking for a sign to have that RV range hood fan upgrade, this is it!

You won’t suffer that long with smoke and odor inside your small living space because this 2-speed fan runs at 160 CFM. It eliminates strong odors quickly so comfort can be maintained inside.

Who wouldn’t want to have a dual venting feature on their range hood? What makes it stand out is that the duality of this range hood brings either rear or top exhaust venting applications.

It also comes with a micro-mesh filter to keep that debris from clogging in. What makes it cool is that it is dishwasher safe so you won’t have to handle the mess of cleaning it first-hand.

Aside from doing the regular job of taking up kitchen odor, it also gives you a bright illuminating system. Although the bulbs are not included, the lighting system is easy to put on. After that, you can enjoy taking up the kitchen floor for a convenient cooking experience.

As the sophisticated design is meant to be a great addition to new RV projects, renovations would work great with this RV range hood, too! It is easy to install as it fits most preinstalled cabinets in RVs.

If you live alone, you won’t necessarily need help just to install this range hood. It does ensure you with a hassle-free installation with its EZ1 installation system. It has a bracket that can hold the unit while you do the final preparations just before putting it up.

The only thing that might hold you back in purchasing this one excellent range hood is that it is on the pricey end. Compared to other models and brands, it may be a step higher when it comes to price. But the design, overall powerful performance, and dual venting feature are reasonable enough for you to go and buy this product right away.

6. RecPro 22″ RV Stove Range Hood Vent

  • Does not take too much space in the RV
  • Uses charcoal filters
  • Visible and easy to reach rocker switches
  • Unique slim range hood design
  • Quiet exhausting fan
  • More on the expensive side

Have a look at this stove range hood vent and let its features speak for itself when it comes to taking out the odor in your mobile home. The modern look is a seamless addition to your kitchen, whether you would only go on camping or it is part of your lifestyle.

This perfect fit 12V range hood has the ideal dimensions whether you would mount it on the wall or under your kitchen cabinets. It just fits right up without taking up too much space while cooking.

It also utilizes natural charcoal filters to sieve out the odor of your daily cooking. This is also an environmental and eco-friendly way of keeping odors out of the way when inside your RV.

Looking for switches that are visible and easy to reach? Those are simple yet very convenient features of this range hood. Turning on and off the light or the fan is stress-free because it’s right in front, so no more reaching on the sides of the hood.

What makes this range hood stand out from its competitors is that it is very sleek and thin. The design is so compact that it is not that noticeable on your kitchen! Unlike the old ones that are quite bulky, this is just a few inches thick. It can be comparable to some models of the Furrion RV range hood for its design.

Minimalist living is better exemplified with this range hood’s quiet fan. You won’t be bothered with the motor, others can continue sleeping, and you can still hear the sound of your surroundings while cooking.

The thing that can hold you back from buying it immediately is its price. Compared to other essential range hoods, this can hurt your pocket a bit. But beyond that, the slim design and excellent exhausting performance can let you go on and take it with your RV instantly.

7. Hengs 24″ Black Rear Ducted RV Range Hood

  • Black powder-coated finish
  • Rear exterior duct style
  • Control panels at the front
  • Powerful exhaust fan
  • Easy to install
  • The fan motor is quite noisy

Complete the look of your kitchen with this black powder range hood. The finish is excellent for your rustic RV look or even a contemporary vibe inside your mobile home.

You won’t need much power to operate Heng’s range hood. At 12 volts, it already works efficiently. It is specific for mobile homes, so having the regular 110- or 220-volt connections like at homes or in generators will likely damage the unit.

What I like about this unit is that it has a rear exterior duct which is centered at the center of the range hood. So airflow is just directed more at the back in a more well-ordered fashion.

Control panels are in front of the hood, so switching on and off is quite easy. It has two rocker switches, which are both visibly labeled for your convenience. It operates with a 12-volt fan and a 10-watt light.

The overall dimensions are considerable if you want a bigger range hood to cover all your kitchen needs. It takes a bigger space with its 24″ width but fits seamlessly under cabinets.

Another thing that RV owners love about this range hood is how powerful its exhaust fan is. Once turned on, you’ll likely forget about the smoke and lingering odor of what you are cooking! It is powerful in taking out any cooking odor that can potentially cram up inside your trailer.

Whether you are an experienced RV owner or just starting, this range is the right one for you because it is straightforward to install. All the parts needed to set it up are included in the package, and it doesn’t require extensive skills just to get it working.

With its very effective venting mechanism, its powerful motor can be a bit noisy and might disturb others while working. But that just signifies how much smoke and odor it can take away. This significant purchase would last you for a long time, so investing now wouldn’t be a problem at all.

8. Hengs 20″ White Rear Ducted RV Range Hood

  • Bright white look
  • Moves a high volume of air
  • Centered rear exterior duct
  • Black rocker switches
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Low light

If you want a clean finish and a smooth-looking range hood for your kitchen, check out this range hood from Heng’s! This white range hood gives you a fresh overall look and brighter kitchen area.

Getting worried about having an additional kitchen appliance because it can take more electrical power? You don’t have to get anxious about that with this range hood because it only needs 12 volts to get it running. Compared to 110 or 115 volts in houses or by generators, this is quite low so its electrical consumption won’t bother you.

I like how this range hood moves a high volume of air at a time. The robust standard of this RV stove exhaust fan makes it more efficient in taking odor out.

Centered at the rear end of the range hood is its exterior duct for a controlled flow of air. This feature keeps air going out in a more even way.

Separate rocker switches are in black, so it is easy to spot on. These rocker switches are both for the light at 10 watts and the fan at 12 volts.

At a width of 20”, this RV range hood won’t take that much space inside. Knowing that every RV’s space can be limited and tight, this great addition would just seem like a natural part of your trailer.

Installing this unit will not need you to be an expert in range hoods or cabinetry. The tall slope nose makes it an easy feat for you to install this unit. Whether you are just mounting it for a new project or just replacing an old one, setting up won’t take you so much time. Its dimensions fit most RV kitchen cabinets as well.

A minor issue that can be of concern is its low light. It shines a bit dim, but the bulb can easily be replaced so pondering too much about it isn’t that worthwhile. All in all, investing in this well-designed and powerful range hood makes it worth every penny.

9. Cosmo 5U30 Under Cabinet Range Hood

  • Space-saving design
  • 3-speed fan supports effective air ventilation
  • Quiet and efficient motor
  • Superior filtration power
  • Easy push buttons for lighting and motor switch
  • Fan speed can be controlled
  • A bit pricey

Feel at home with the overall look and efficiency of the Cosmo range hood. This device makes it seem like you’re always having a homey look and a durable kitchen appliance while enjoying the trip on your RV. It will make you comfortable and relaxed all the time.

This mighty range hood makes it an ideal addition for kitchens. It brags about its slim and space-saving design, making an excellent trailer vent hood.

Everything you need for a quality range hood is included in this unit. Its 3-speed fan alone can make me want to purchase it right away! It filters all the unwanted smoke and odor quickly, without the annoying sound. Quiet motor and efficient in power – just features of a range hood you need.

Because this RV appliance is used daily, this unit has a superior filtration capacity, making sure you only have quality air in your living space. It has a multi-layer mesh made of durable aluminum that’s reusable. It uses a Clear-flow technology that traps grease and oil that are very common in the kitchen.

What I love about this unit is that it has easy-to-use push buttons for fan speeds! As most range hoods only have an on and off switch, the fan can be controlled to low, medium, and high. It also has a bright LED illumination for a glossy cooking surface.

All you need to start having an efficient range hood are in this unit. Upon purchase, it includes a damper, the hood itself, an RV range hood vent cover, and mesh filters. Aren’t all that an exciting thing to have in just one purchase?

For all the features and inclusions, this unit can be a bit pricey compared to the essential range hoods. The lights can always be replaced if you want to have a brighter one. It is still worth the spending because you get the most out of every penny with its unique features and powerful air cleaning against contaminants.

10. Heng’s J116AWH-C Exhaust Vent Cover

  • Modern white and robust design
  • Easy to install in old and new RVs
  • Keeps rain and dust away
  • The automatic feature of its damper
  • Aerodynamic design
  • The plastic around the hinge is not stable

If you are looking for the right RV range hood exterior vent cover, take a look at Heng’s Bright White Vent Cover. It looks modern, and the white color adds a refined appearance for your range hood.

This exhaust vent cover is easy to install and just takes a bit of your time to set up. It also requires low maintenance and has a hassle-free cleaning.

Having this cover will surely keep dust and rain from off of your vehicle. It also comes with a manual release damper outside, so backflow of the kitchen odor can be controlled and prevented.

The damper included in this unit is a significant advantage for RV owners. The damper from Heng’s automatically opens when it detects that the range hood fan is activated. It then allows the kitchen odor to be exhausted right away. It also automatically closes so insects and wind dust cannot merely enter inside. Can’t that be a great feature by just purchasing an exhaust vent cover?

The aerodynamic design of this exhaust vent cover makes it a very great accessory for your RVs. Airflow isn’t constricted at all, while your unit is durably protected inside.

It has the right fit for most RVs and range hoods so you don’t need to worry if this won’t cover up smoothly. This is indeed comparable to Greystone range hood parts. Old RVs, as well as newly constructed ones having this, will surely be of great use.

You might want to take note of the plastic at the hinged area. It may come off a bit brittle, especially when installing the unit. Strong wind and rain might affect this area so ensure that it is reinforced before securing it off. But the hinged area also allows it for easy replacement of old vent covers. Its construction is still well-thought of so RV owners have the liberty to adjust and modify their vent covers.

Why You Should Trust Us

A reputable source for gathering the correct description and efficiency was much used to give you the right insight into these products. The models mentioned in our reviews have been thoroughly read and researched. And before writing, we have dived deep into the available resource to figure out what should be expected of range hoods for RVs. The reviews have been noted based on the common complaints and the unique highlights that most customers are happy about.

Giving you the best out of your own money is what we aim for. We simply offer you the idea of what these products take pride in and lay out the options for you. As the best range hood needs to be suited for your RV, these have been collated so that you can freely consider all the options.

What Is An RV Range Hood And How Does It Work


RVs can have restricted space for you to move around, so having good ventilation is essential. An area allotted where you cook is vital in every RV.

But while whipping out your favorite dish, smoke and smell of your food can cram up inside your space. Having the right range hood will help maintain air quality inside your mobile home.

An RV range hood is an enclosure that collects smoke, steam, or fumes from your kitchen top. It is commonly placed on top of the kitchen stove, so the smoke, steam, and direct odor hit the hood and are then removed. Once the air touches the hood, it is then processed inside with a fan and is filtered. A typical RV range hood could be ducted, where the air is vented outside the RV, or could be ductless where it has durable filters so clean air is recirculated back inside.

Because it directly hits the smoke on top of the stove, it is excellent for cooking, so your RV won’t be cramped up with smoke, steam, or any kitchen odor. It works by either taking the air outside the RV or by giving you filtered air back inside your mobile home.

Types Of RV Range Hoods


There are two main types of RV range hoods. They are the ducted one where it directs the air outside your RV and a ductless one that filters the smoke and recirculates cleaner air. Each advantage and setback may be dependent on the model or brand of the range hood. Generally, these features may be modified or upgraded to cater to every RV owner’s need.

Ducted Range Hood

A ducted range hood removes the smoke or kitchen air that it contacts with. This range hood is connected to a duct that carries the passing air out. It, therefore, must be connected in such a way that air is directly vented outside.

This type of range hood is also standard for larger kitchens like commercial ones, restaurants, homes, and bigger RVs. As this does not recirculate air, it typically also removes humidity of the surroundings. Here are its other key features:

  • More efficient in taking out steam
  • Also removes humidity of the surroundings.
  • Runs more efficiently
  • Tends to be quieter
  • Some ducts are automatic.
  • May need a bit of a hassle on installation.
  • Needs to be strategically placed inside your RV
  • Modifications may be needed so the duct can vent the air outside.
  • May potentially take up your RV space

Ductless Range Hood

This kind of RV range hood can be installed at your preference as it doesn’t concern an airflow outside of your RV. It typically draws the air from the kitchen stove, filters it out, and then recirculates the clean air back inside.

This kind of range hood will then have different filters that will need to be cleaned and maintained from time to time. The efficiency and the air quality of the air that is being recirculated will largely depend on these filters. Other features to consider when choosing this kind of range hood are:

  • Can be installed at your convenience, wherever your kitchen stove is
  • Recirculates air, so your space is still well ventilated.
  • Also potentially removes odor if you use charcoal filters.
  • Easier installation process
  • Some models have timers.
  • Can keep the humidity inside your RV
  • Can be quite noisy because it needs more fan power
  • Filters need to be cleaned or replaced for maintenance.

Benefits Of Using A Range Hood For RV

The airflow in every mobile home or RV is vital to bring you a pleasant and healthy trip. Windows need to be placed tactically, the kitchen should have adequate airflow, and the vents inside should keep bad odor out. When you cook daily, it is essential to keep the smoke away from the other parts of your mobile home. And this can naturally be prevented by having a quality trailer vent hood.

It Keeps Odor Out

Your kitchen can bring out the best odors and stimulate your appetite. As much as these odors are pleasant, they tend to stick on to clothing materials and other RV appliances. The more you use your kitchen stove, the more food odors are produced and may combine with the previous ones, ending up with an unpleasant smell lingering in your living space.

Having an RV range hood exhaust vent can keep odors from staying in for too long inside your RV. Especially if you’re using charcoal filters, these odors don’t have a chance to linger a bit longer inside your own space.

It Reduces Humidity

By simply exhausting hotter and humid air while cooking, the overall air quality of your RV becomes better and will be less wet. This is especially true for ducted range hoods made explicitly for RVs.

It Keeps Smoke to a Minimum

Smoke can really take over depending on the kind of food you are cooking. This can blur out your vision and eventually find a broader place to stay on, which is the RV space itself. Confining smoke inside can potentially harm your health and lead to other lung diseases. These range hoods keep this smoke out or better yet cleaned and purified with its filter.

It Refreshes the Air Inside

The longer you stay in your RV, the more you realize how important it is to maintain proper ventilation. Although there are a lot of ways that air can be refreshed and renewed daily, cooking can slow this down and can even hold it back. Lack of windows can also cause you to keep stale air inside.

Even though the primary function of the range hood is to keep air from stove tops from spreading all over, it also acts out efficiently by refreshing the surrounding air. Slowly, it can also clean and make sure that stale air is out.

It Adds Extra Lighting

Modern range hoods now have lighting systems that help you visually with cooking. Additional lighting is excellent, especially if you are cooking at night.

How We Picked


Getting the right RV range hood for your mobile home can be a tedious process. Aside from getting to know the brand, the model has to be compatible with the RV that you already have. A lot of reviews on the range hood of today are available on the internet, but we take pride in picking out the range hood with the best features you can enjoy.

Each of the range hoods that have been reviewed has been thoroughly researched. The brand’s reputation has also been taken into account. The common complaints and how these have been addressed were also read. And the best features and how these can be maximized are also highlighted to cater to your every need. Here are the factors to consider when you’ll be getting your range hood:

The Size

Each range hood has its size that can cater to a lot of kitchen cabinets. Although standard cabinet sizing can be of reference, make sure that you measure the right space for the range hood.

Aside from how it fits on the cabinet, if you are getting the ducted range hood, you also need to consider the size of the duct and connections if you have it compatible with the range hood whose features you like.

The Installation Process

Installing another appliance in your limited space can be challenging. We included the ones that can be installed by just one person. This feature is particularly useful when you live alone in your mobile home.

We understand that the installation process also entails a bit of electrical work. Hence, the products mentioned only require a bit of connection with prewired devices.

Ducted or Ductless

The type of range hood will always be a matter of preference. The RV you have, the size inside, the exhausting capacity, these will be up to you and whether the ductless or ducted type of range hood will meet your needs.

Both types have been included in the reviews, but we added the ones with useful features like automatic ducting.

The Filter

Maintenance can be a hassle. We hate to admit it but taking care of this kind of appliance is essential so you won’t keep on having any kind of range hood or RV stove vent cover replacement. Some of the filters mentioned are reusable, while some include charcoal.

The Price

Shelling out a lot of money for a range hood can be pretty ridiculous. The ones we have checked are reasonably priced and are almost constantly sold out because their features are worth every penny. While some are a bit expensive, they have the best features and it would be a significant mention so the options you’ll have won’t be restricted, budget-wise.

Generally speaking, these factors should be considered especially if this is your first range hood purchase. For renovation projects, also think the previous range hood you had for comparison. That can also help you decide on having a better range hood for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most popular RV range hood brands?

A: As range hoods are gaining a lot of popularity, kitchen appliance brands are also slowly growing. It can be hard to trust a brand that is just getting started. For the best range hoods that are perfect for RVs, check out these brands:

  • Hengs
  • Broan-NuTone
  • Air King
  • Ventline
  • RecPro
  • Cosmo

These brands have been providing RV owners with high-standard range hoods. One of these brands even has an RV range hood with monitor panel. So they are passionate about innovating and getting ahead of the game when it comes to modern and advanced range hoods.

Q: What is the best CFM for an RV range hood?

A: The power of your range hood is measured in CFM or cubic feet per minute. The higher the CFM is, the more powerful the range hood will be. However, the power should also depend on how frequent you use your stove or how frequent you cook.

The smaller the range hood, the less powerful it is. But manufacturers do put the CFM of the unit or model that they have per range hood. A recommendation of 100 CFM is best for RVs per linear foot of the range. So if you have a 20-inch range hood, it has to have at least around 160 CFM.

Q: How long should an RV range hood be?

A: The size of the range hood that fits best in your RV should also fit best inside its stovetop. If the stovetop is quite extensive, it will also need a broader range hood. It is not advisable to have a smaller range hood because it cannot accommodate the smoke or steam that will be coming from the kitchen stove.

The recommended length is around 3 to 6 inches longer than your stove tops on each side. If you have a 30-inch cooktop, the best range hood should be approximately 36 inches to cover it.

Q: How to install?

A: The installation will always be a concern when having a new appliance. Whether you are having an RV range hood or RV stove top replacement, setting it up should be done right to maximize its features. Most of these appliances come with the wiring and the complete set of materials that are needed before it can be mounted under the cabinet or just on the RV wall.

Specific instructions per brand and per model come with the purchase of the unit. They have their way of installing their line of range hood, and it is best to read their specifications first to make sure that it fits just right for your RV.

It is worthy to note that most of these RV range hoods are under-cabinet in design. And it should be mounted by around 28-36 inches from the cooking surface. Beyond that, most range hoods will decrease efficiency. And closer to the cooking surface will expose the electrical components to heat.

Q: How to use it?

A: After installation, your range hood is ready to use inside your RV. Locate the main switch of the range hood first. Most of the range hood in our reviews have a rocker switch that is conveniently seen in the front. Another rocker switch which is usually beside the main switch is for the lighting system.

The fan can be turned on to begin using your range hood. Most of the reviewed range hoods have a 2-speed fan. The fan determines the airflow that is either circulated or vented out.

It is best to use the range hood before you start cooking. Turn it on before you get on your stove and leave it on for about 15 after you are done cooking. That way, it can still regulate the airflow that has remained even though you have stopped the cooking process.

The lights can be turned on separately, so using it alone is possible.

Q: How to maintain & care/ clean?

A: Regular maintenance of your range hood keeps it in good shape for years. It can be cleaned with mild soap and lukewarm water. Wipe the surface of your range hood in the same direction of its polish lines. Don’t forget to rinse it afterwards with water to remove the excess soap. This will keep oil spills and food particles from sticking in your range hood.

The filters also need to be cleaned once in a while. For reusable ones, they can be taken out every two weeks to every four weeks. But it will also depend on how often you use your range hood. The more frequent you use it, the more frequent the filters will need some cleaning.

Most of these filters are dishwasher safe. But aside from that, mild soap and water can also be used for cleaning. It is advisable not to use harsh cleaning agents like bleach because it might damage these filters.


A well-ventilated RV is undoubtedly suitable for mobile living. To achieve this, the RV construction must be smartly designed, and its interiors must be convenient for airflow. And aside from that, the best RV range hood is of great help in giving you comfort and quality air while going on a road trip, camping or simply living life on the road. Being on the go doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your comfort. Having a durable and efficient RV range hood can maintain the tranquility of your trailer as it keeps smoke, odor, and steam from cramming inside your own living space.

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