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The Best RV Power Cord

Electricity or power supply is still a critical factor in having an enjoyable RV camping trip. All the appliances in your camper or RV need a source of power. Though there are many ways to power your RV/camper, the most reliable means is the city’s power grid. The electricity of the city not only powers the appliances in your camper but also charges your spare RV batteries. However, this feat is quite impossible without a power cord, and having unforgettable camping experiences will need you to have the best RV power cords.

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Best RV Power Cords

1. Camco 55191 Extension Cord

  • 25 feet in length
  • Made of 100% copper wiring
  • Heavy-duty PVC sheath
  • With patented PowerGrip Plugs
  • Useable with many RV/camper models
  • Outstanding durability and longevity
  • Plug sizes may not fit in surge protectors or RV outlet

The Camco PowerGrip Heavy-Duty Outdoor Extension Cord is a 30-amp extension cord meant to power smaller RVs or campers. The acclaimed heavy-duty extension cord can withstand almost all outdoor elements that are potentially harmful towards the cable.

The RV power cord extends up to 25 feet cord length. When it comes to the distance from the closest shore power hookup, you won’t have a difficult time finding the perfect spot to park your RV/camper.

Additionally, the cable wire is made of 100% copper wire, ensuring that it can handle a more extensive load of electrical power while also needing less insulation. Copper is very resistant to heat, so the risk of overloading or overheating with the cable is tremendously lessened.

Reliable as copper may seem as a wire, Camco still incorporated a heavy-duty coating to the cable to show that safety is the first concern. The PVC sheathing acts as a flame retardant and shields from conceivably damaging outdoor elements, such as weather and temperature.

Furthermore, the coating is resistant to wearing and tearing, so dragging the wire across park grounds barely harms the copper wiring inside. As a result, this secures the longevity of the product.

To adjoin to the cable’s safety measures, the Camco power cord comes with a patented PowerGrip Plug, which is a hassle-free plug that stops you from violently and dangerously pulling the cable from the socket. Both male and female plugs are PowerGrip plugs, meaning they come equipped with handles that assist you with gripping, plugging, and unplugging the cord from shore power!

Camco takes pride in the numerous applications of its products. The model 55191 (and other designs) are made for campsites and are amazingly compatible with most RVs, campers, trailers, and more.

Disregarding its performance, many campers have reviewed the product to be “not what they expected.” They found that the plug size becomes an impediment to the surge protectors, sometimes even fitting on the RV/camper itself. Make sure always to check the dimensions of your sockets and surge protectors before obtaining this product. With the correct size, this cord is a value for your money.

2. Miady Heavy Duty RV Extension Cord

  • 30 feet long cable
  • ETL listed
  • Safety measures in jacket and internal insulation
  • An adjustable cord organizer for secure storage
  • Plugs designed with finger grip handles
  • Carry strap for convenient storing and carrying
  • Inconsistency in performance

The Miady 30-amp Heavy-Duty RV Extension cord is another 30-amp RV cord with a style that provides safety and convenience; it is the one you should consider in your possible RV 30-amp power cord replacements.

The cord extends up to 30 feet long, so you can efficiently utilize it if you’re parked a bit farther from the shore power hookup. This is also beneficial because you can connect to other outlets if your neighbors are working with the ones closest to you — as long as you have access to one, that’s 30 feet (or less) away.

The Miady 30-amp extension cord is ETL listed, so your safeness is guaranteed. The cable is made of 100% copper wiring, which prevents any overloading or overheating hazard. The wires are covered with only high-quality insulation because there’s no fun in an unsafe camping trip!

Calcium carbonate fills up space around the copper wires, adding extra insulation and fire-retardation properties. The cable in itself is protected from oil and weather by an STW jacket. This highly impedes exposure to electrocution or short circuits, indeed certifying it to be a heavy-duty power cord.

Both male and female plugs of the cord are constructed to have finger grip handles. This keeps the cord from getting broken by being severely taut by the cable itself. You can quickly and cautiously unplug the cord from both ends by only wrapping your finger around the grip and pulling it!

Moreover, Miady allows for the secure storage of their power cord. They send in an adjustable cord organizer with it. This permits you to keep the cable as small as possible, without worrying about it getting tangled! The cord organizer is also designed with a carry strap handle/hanger to bring the cord with you effortlessly.

Despite the safeness of the product, several customers have complained about it not being of the most exceptional quality. One user grumbled that the cord had been burnt up, which may have been due to its terminals. Another noticed that its functionality is inconsistent. These issues may have stemmed from defective products or personal problems (such as power surges). However, many other people have been satisfied with the ease-of-use and durability of the product as well!

3. Conntek 14363 RV Extension Cord

  • UL approval to ensure ultimate safety
  • Wires made purely of copper
  • Heavy-duty STW jacket
  • Ear grips for easier unplugging
  • Plugs secured with heavy-duty molds/covers
  • Only relied on as a backup cord

The Conntek 14363 Extension Cord is yet another heavy-duty and trustworthy RV/camper extension cord. This 30-amp extension cord is UL-approved, assuring that your safety is prioritized.

Though it is like the standard 25 feet power cords in the market, it is still long enough to hook you up to shore power, primarily since it is meant to operate as an extension cord. Simply attach this to your RV/camper’s main power cord. Get a supplementary 25 feet, which allows you to park in the spot you are most comfortable with without having to fret about shore power!

The wires of this extension cord are made purely of 100% copper, so the power cord of your RV/camper and the extension cord alike can be employed to their full extent without any hitches! The beautiful copper strands grant terrific flexibility, so the cable can be bent without unsettling you!

The cable jacket is proven and tested to be heavy-duty, given that it has an STW classification. Conntek tested the durability of their product and uncovered that the coat of the extension cord could resist heat up to 221 °F! Plus, the model is built with 10 AWG wires, making it an excellent cable for your RV/campers.

Conntek understood the need for comfort in their products, too. So, they designed the plugs to have ear grips for a transparent unplugging. This lets you remove the cord without having to tauten the cable!

Each plug is likewise assembled with heavy-duty molded ends, which keeps both the owner and the plug intact! The molded terms inhibit any abrasion and add to the weather resistance, resulting in the owner’s safety, as abrasions or blows to the plug can cause electrocution.

Not to mention, the plugs are devised to be elbow-plugs that, as compared to straight plugs, ease up any strain from plugging into shore power.

The Conntek 14363 has not accurately made its way into the spotlight as a power cord, as people have come to see it only as a backup cord for their camping trips. Still, this means that it has performed well enough to be acknowledged as a proper backup.

4. Road Power 95707508 RV Extension Cord

  • 30 feet in length for easy use
  • Function well as both extension cord and power cord
  • Light indicator for power
  • STW classified wire jacket
  • UL and cUL listed
  • Optimized for use with Road Power-manufactured vehicle appliances
  • Not warranted to be wholly outdoor and water-resistant

The Road Power 95707508 is a 10-gauge 30-amp RV/camper extension cord that, unlike most extension wires, extends up to 30 feet in length. Road Power prides itself on its very own products that work efficiently with RV cord adapters.

Note that the product is meant to be an extension cord to your very own RV/camper power cord. However, you can still employ it as a power cord if the original has been irreversibly impaired. It gives you an additional 30 feet, so the cable can reach nearby shore power outlets, and you can park at the best spot in the park.

Road Power fashioned their plug to bring you total defense and advantage. The female plug is encased in a clear mold because it is outfitted with a light indicator, which is fundamentally a “go” signal that tells the owner a current is flowing through the wires, and the cable is ready for the applications.

The 95707508 is a heavy-duty wire intended to serve you well in RV camping grounds. The jacket of the cable is classified as STW, establishing its high resistance to weather, chemical, moisture, and abrasion. Being sheltered from such threatening elements is key to determining the durability of the cable and how reliable it is.

Road Power has insured your safety by meeting UL and cUL standards, as the 95707508 is listed under UL. And since Road Power manufactures power cords and other vehicle appliances, they take pride in their products with optimal performance when matched with each other.

This extension cord also jives well with Road Power-manufactured RV power cord adapters. They aim to please their customers with high-quality products.

However, a customer has brought up the fact that the product is not warranted to run outdoors and directly contact water. Also, not many people have reviewed the product about its durability. Nonetheless, some customers have identified that the cable is solid under regular use, meaning it works effectively when unexposed to extremely alarming elements.

5. Furrion 30ft 30 Amp 125 Volt Cordset

  • 30 feet in length
  • With PullSmart technology
  • Built-in FaultSmart technology
  • Quality and innovative
  • Great replacement for RV power cords
  • Bulky and fragile PullSmart technology

The Furrion F30R30-SB is a 30-amp camping power cord produced for campers who like to stay uncomplicated and modernized. Furnished with patented PullSmart and FaultSmart technology, this cord is sure to give you a pleasant camping trip.

Furrion created their product to be 30 feet long, so you don’t have to park your rig or truck in traditional park places. The cable’s length enables parking where you think is the best spot in the park, but you also have to detect shore power hookups that are within 30-feet distance.

The plug is composed of Furrion PullSmart technology. The user can freely plug and unplug the cable to and from outlets. There is no risk of electrocution, as the scheme calls you to stop pulling the cable by the plug itself or from the cord. The PullSmart configuration allows you to fit three or four fingers in it, which reduces the strain on only a single finger!

The FaultSmart technology embedded into the power cord is primarily light indicators for the cable. The blue light indicates that power is coursing through the wire, so you know when to keep the other end out of harm’s way.

Meanwhile, the red light only lights up when there is any reverse polarity or neutral loss, both of which hold a probable shock hazard. Before adopting your appliances and unplugging the cord from shore power, double-check on the red light. This is your first guard against electrocution.

Apart from many good reviews, a customer has raised issues with the so-called PullSmart form of the plugs. The handle on the male plug is massive, so your RV extension cord cover will no longer function as a cover.

The plastic ring around the female plug breaks readily, too, making it worthless. Nevertheless, many people have reported being content with this product as an RV 30-amp power cord replacement.

6. ParkPower by Marinco 30 Amp 125V

  • Comes in 4 lengths, with 50 feet long as the most extended
  • Ergonomic design
  • Twist lock on female plug
  • Swivel head handle on plug
  • LED voltage indicator
  • Uneven prongs/blades on the male plug

Marinco’s ParkPower is a 30-amp RV cord that reaches up to 30 feet in length. This allows you to park in a place where you are most comfortable, as long as the closest shore power outlet is within 30 feet from this RV power hookup cord. Its ergonomic design is anticipated to bring not only your enjoyment but your freedom as well.

Marinco has graced RoVers with the arrangement of the ParkPower. The female end of the cable is a 30 amp extension cord, 125-volt plug adhered to your RV inlet or cordset. Stuck to the plug is a red LED light, which helps detect if the outlet you chose to use is giving off electricity. You can ascertain that your RV will be powered before returning to it.

The female plug is also designed with a locking ring that acts both as a grip and a 30-amp RV power cord twist lock. The indentations on the ring support straightforward gripping and pulling the plug, so there is incredibly little risk of making direct high voltage contacts. The twist locks grant easy turning of the female plug as well, so you can safeguard your connection with a watertight seal. In 1/8 of a turn, you can spot that the plug is locked into the RV!

Additionally, the male plug consists of a swivel head handle. This authorizes you to clutch the plug without touching the plug at all for safety and convenience. The turning swivel permits you to close your RV extension cord cover with ease compared to those with heavy handles that hinder you from doing so.

A customer has criticized that the blades of the male plug are uneven, with one being shorter than the other. While this poses a danger of flying sparks or electrocution from a short circuit, the same user has found that the cord works fine despite the blades.

While you would want a 100 feet 30-amp RV extension cord for the most significant length, you can meet half of that with the ParkPower, as the manufacturer offers four different lengths (25 ft, 30 ft, 36 ft, and 50 ft).

7. GoWISE Power RV Extension Cord

  • 50 feet in length
  • STW jacket
  • Quality is approved by the ELT
  • Male plug has the grip
  • The female plug has a locking ring
  • Include a cord organizer with handle
  • Incompatible with some RV/campers

GoWISE Power’s RVC3002 is a 30-amp extension cord that stretches up to an unconventional length of 50 feet. With this cord length, you can camp in an unusual park spot without being disturbed about shore power hookups being 25 feet away.

If you have neighboring campers with you, but discover that there is only one shore power outlet, you can handily adjust and search for another available outlet that you can manage!

The jacket of the cable is classified as an STW jacket, which reinforces GoWISE Power’s claims of the product being heavy-duty. STW jackets are resistant to oil and weather, so abrasions and other impairments to the cable are kept to a minimum.

Thus, the quality of this product has been approved by the ELT, guaranteeing invulnerability, and durability.

Both the male and female plugs are molded, so connections and internal wirings are secure and out of direct contact. The male plug is forged to have a gripping hand, so you can simply insert your finger into the ring and pull to unplug the cable from the outlet.

By barring you from pulling the product by the cord itself, its longevity is promoted. Furthermore, as direct contact with the blades is minimized, the plug blocks you from any sparks or electrocutions.

Au contraire, the female plug is built with a locking ring. The ring may be a favorable grip, too, but its primary purpose is to facilitate this 30-amp RV power cord twist lock. Just link the female plug to your RV, and carefully twist to lock it in. Please keep in mind not to turn it too much, as doing so could lead the ring to break.

However, it seems that the RVC3002 is somewhat incompatible with a lot of rigs or campers. Customers themselves have said that the male and female plugs do not match each other, which proves to be a hindrance from seamlessly connecting the RV to shore power.

Maybe these customers have unluckily purchased a product with a factory defect and it can be solved by using a plug adapter to “adapt” to the situation. Notably, those who have encountered that the cord is compatible with their rig are immensely happy with the performance and durability!

8. Conntek 14368-50 RV Extension Cord

  • Can come in 10, 20, and 50 feet
  • STW jacket and UL-approved
  • Molded plugs for safety and convenience
  • Wires made of 100% copper
  • Elbow-plugs for maximum strain-relief
  • Some product plugs burn up

The Conntek 14368-50 is a 30-amp RV extension cord. It comes in three different lengths, specifically 10 feet, 20 feet, and 50 feet. This Conntek product is as heavy-duty as it comes, being certified by UL standards. The design is marvelous because it is made with different high-quality materials to meet your RV extension requirements.

Firstly, the jacket of the 14368-50 is categorized as an STW/STOW jacket, which means damages caused by oil, weather, and abrasion are minimized.

This helps with the preservation of the product whenever you want to take it out with you on your camping trip. Conntek has tested it to verify how much heat it can resist. Then, it arrives that the product can survive temperatures under 221 °F.

Secondly, each plug ends of the cord are fully molded. You are sure to be free from any electrocutions when plugging and unplugging the wire. Molded plugs completely seal the wiring in the plug, as having them exposed gets you seriously hurt.

Besides, the plugs come with a flanged design, so you can calmly grasp it when unplugging. The clear mold of the plugs is there for a reason, as lights inside are supposed to glow when they detect any power flowing through the wires.

Thirdly, the 10-gauge wires are made of 100% copper, so you can trust that the 14368-50 will give you an excellent performance that non-pure copper wires could not. The copper cable can be bent with the least damage at almost any angle because it is an exceptionally malleable metal.

Lastly, the plugs are constructed to be elbow-plugs for maximum strain relief. Straight plugs are not suggested by many campers, as having them always bent ruins the jacket, and eventually, the wiring inside.

Some customers have returned with unsatisfactory reviews after uncovering that the plugs burn up after some time. This not only induces the power cable to stop functioning entirely but also poses a fire peril. Still, other users have thought the product was terrific, as it performs adequately and thoroughly meets their demands.

Perhaps those with burnt up plugs received factory defects or mistakenly overloaded the wire, so they were consistently meticulous with your power and extension cords!

9. Champion Power Equipment 48034

  • Made with thermoplastic jacket
  • SJTW insulation
  • L5-30P male plug to 5-15R female plug
  • Converts 30-amp input to three separate 15-amp output
  • Free lifetime technical support
  • Ability to endure extreme weather conditions
  • Not as flexible in cold weather as advertised

Champion Power Equipment 48034 is a 30-amp 125-v generator extension cord that extends up to 25 feet long. This length is proposed to keep you away from toxic generator exhaust output. This extension cord also benefits whenever you need the extra distance to nearby park generators; you can plug in your appliances directly to the generator to conserve some battery power!

The insulation of the cord is categorized as service-grade and SJTW. Champion Power Equipment assures that the power cable will persist as flexible and functional even under acute weather conditions. Its 10-gauge wire is sheathed only in stable and outdoor-rated insulation, protecting you from any open wires caused by abrasion.

The cable also features a heat- and cold resistant thermoplastic jacket. It remains ready for usage even amid intense heat or sheer cold; it’s as apt as any other wire under optimal temperatures. Therefore, to ensure its best performance, confirm that it is not encompassed by extreme temperatures.

The L5-30P male plug can accept an amperage output of 30-amps, while the three 5-15R female plugs have 15-amps. Albeit this may seem off, it does somewhat take off some load on your batteries, as you can directly hook up your 15-amp appliances to a generator through this extension cable.

Champion knows that not many of their customers are distinguished with knowledge on the technical side of their RV. Given that outlook, they offer free lifetime technical support for their products.

Despite the company’s claims of their product maintaining flexibility in freezing temperatures, a customer has noticed that the extension cord was somewhat stiff and hard to uncoil after it was subjected to the cold (around 20-30 °F).

Notwithstanding, the customer was delighted to report that the product served them sufficiently and still worked at peak performance despite going through such a harsh environment.

10. Valterra Mighty Cord RV Extension Cord

  • Lightweight
  • Rubber housing
  • Built-in three-finger grip on the male plug
  • Thin, yet sturdy cables
  • High resistance to abrasion
  • Effectively deliver 50 amps and 125 or 250 V
  • The ground may be loose on some adapters.

The Valterra Mighty Cord A10-5025EH is a 50-amp extension cord for your broader, high-capacity RV needs. The cable stretches up to 25 feet in length, so you will have some leeway if you’re not parked close to a shore power outlet. The 25-foot 50-amp RV extension cord is designed to give you the ultimate sturdiness and safeness for your camping trip!

The wire is made of 6- and 8-gauge cables, with the 8-gauge wire being the ground wire (green), the 6-gauge wires being power wires (red and black), and the neutral wire (white). The size of this extension cord is surprising, given that it is promised to deliver 50 amps and 125 or 250 V of power to your RV. The cable is remarkably thin, taking up particularly little space for storage as compared to 10-gauge wires.

The plug and wires are housed with rubber. This trustworthy and relatively durable material is resistant to deterioration from overstretching. It is a non-conductive jacket, so you are clear of electrocution even when making direct contact with the wire itself, as long as there is no tear or opening where you can touch the copper precisely.

The rubber housing also prolongs the outdoor use of this extension cord. The material is tremendously resistant to abrasions; it would take something exceedingly sharp to open up the cable and see the copper wiring inside. This material is light as well, as it only weighs in at 15.5 lbs.

The male plug comes with a built-in three-finger grip. This is to prevent you from both making direct contact with the blades of the plug and pulling the wire by its cord. Plus, it enables the ease of stretching when you want to unplug the cable from shore power.

While having a 100-ft 50-amp RV extension cord is way more convenient, the sister model of the A10-5025EH, the A10-5050EH, is another lengthy extension cord that spans up to 50 feet, while maintaining the same specs as the 25-foot one (except for weight).

However, it seems that this extension cord is not suitable for some 50-amp RV power cord adapters. A customer has spotted that the ground fits loosely on some plug adapters, which is a significant liability of having short circuits.

Regardless of that, the same customer has stated that they are satisfied with the manufacturing and performance of the product, which is one of the most critical factors you should consider before acquiring anything.

11. Camco 55165 Heavy Duty RV Dogbone Electrical Adapter

  • S180-degree bend design
  • Comes with PowerGrip Plug
  • The high-grade coating protects wires against harsh weathers and heat
  • 100% copper wires
  • Converts 15-amp input to 30-amp output
  • Plug mold may come off creating an opening to internal wires

The Camco 5516 is an extraordinarily small, yet heavy-duty RV cord adapter. This product is designed and manufactured to please those who charge their rigs or campers using personal home outlets.

Camco has devised this to have the patented PowerGrip Plug attached. Be that as it may, the PowerGrip Plug is only applied to the female end, as the male end is expected to be plugged into your own home. This authorizes you to connect and disconnect the female plug from your extension or power cord with ease. You can naturally wrap your fingers around the grip and pull!

With its high-quality PVC sleeve, the adapter is safeguarded from heat, outdoor elements, and wear and tear. This allows you to use it anytime in the year, as Camco vows that the product will stay functional amidst extreme conditions. The internal wiring is coated with a heavy-duty flame retardant. You are surely safe from any potential fires induced by overloading or overheating the adapter.

Additionally, the wires are made of only 100% copper, so conductivity and flexibility is maximum. Copper is a profoundly malleable metal and is coated with a durable PVC jacket. You can virtually bend the adapter in any way with the lowest risk of having any of its copper wires getting permanently bent or disconnected.

Furthermore, the NEMA 5-15P male plug takes 15 amps from your home (or any) matching outlets. At the other end, the NEMA TT-30R female plug provides an output of 30 amps to your RV/camper. All of this conversion happens inside such a tiny adapter without any voltage loss. This speaks volumes about the performance and efficiency of the adapter.

However, this RV power cord adapter is dangerous in wet conditions, such as rain or leaking water. A lot of customers are disappointed with how the sleeves or plug mold wears down after a few years. These openings allow water to seep through the wiring and conceivably cause a short circuit! Nonetheless, they are still contented with how the adapter has reasonably served them for some time in their camping trips and indoor charges.

12. VETOMILE RV Extension Cord

  • Extends up to 50 feet
  • Made with premium copper
  • Convenient design
  • High-quality PVC jacket sleeve
  • Proved to be durable against extreme temperature
  • Not suitable for the continuous 30-amp draw

The VETOMILE 30-amp extension cord is a long, yet lightweight extension cord for charging your rig or camper. For your defense and advantage, it is produced to last long whether you utilize it to charge your RV/camper at home or the campsite.

The product spreads to a length of 50 feet, letting you charge your truck from home or the campsite with ease. Even if your charging outlet is much lesser than the 50-foot limit, you will still be benefited thanks to some loose wires which is good, as it decreases the strain on both of the plugs.

Both plugs are created to be “humanized,” as what VETOMILE likes to call them. Actually, it is just another term for “favorable,” as the plugs have handles on them that you can grab and pull. This permits the safest and most comfortable plugging and unplugging. You will also have a diminished chance of making direct contact with the blades that are linked straight to an electrical current.

This extension cord is sleeved with an STW jacket, which is substantially resistant to heat and moisture. VETOMILE also declares that the cord will endure as flexible in temperatures ranging from -10 to 60 °C. Though this may sound impressive, try not to continuously expose the wires to such acute temperatures, to keep them well-preserved for an even longer window of use.

Also, the sleeve jacket provides all-around protection for the cable. It maintains excellent stability and supplies anti-aging properties to the wire. The PVC is eminently capable of high tensions, so it is resistant to bending impairment. All in all, the sleeve keeps the copper wires as you would want them to be: compact and durable.

Despite all these promising features, a customer has found himself unsatisfied with the product simply because it is not meant to supply 30 amps continuously. However, he does give a good rating for the product because it does what is supposed and pretty well. He and other customers have found satisfaction with this, as it is how it is endorsed: no more, no less.

Why You Should Trust Us

Selecting only the most excellent products for your RV appliance needs is no easy task, and we get that. The products listed above are chosen with mindful planning and honest reviews. There is a process we follow to ensure that you receive only high-quality options for your needs.

Before choosing the products above, we made sure to be equipped with the necessary information to talk about them. We learned as much as we can about these products so we can decide on and scrutinize what is suitable for you. Our goal is not to advertise specific brands or products but to pick only from the greatest ones in the market.

With all that, we realize the specific class of products. We focus on giving you truthful and unbiased reviews. We use all that at our disposal, and we do not add or subtract any of the products’ descriptions.

Moreover, we always see that many customers are satisfied with the products we select. We not only look at the good reviews but also take into account those that have reported dissatisfaction. This way, we believe that you have all you need to know before you invest in a product.

What Is An RV Power Cord/ How Does It Work


An RV power cord is an electronic appliance used to power your rig or camper. From lights and fans to refrigerators and sound systems, it charges all the machines that can be plugged in your RV. Aside from powering appliances, RV power cords charge your RV batteries to power the devices.

RV power cords, also known as electrical cables, work by allowing an electrical current to flow through a medium (like a highly conductive material, such as copper). This path should have the least resistance. Your RV acts as the resistor that receives the electrical current and translates it to what we commonly call “power.” This power permits us to control our lights, fans, and all other appliances in the RV/camper.

However, having the bare metal exposed to direct human contact is severely hazardous, so these cables must be covered with a non-conductive material to prevent electrocution.

These covers, sometimes called “jackets” or “sleeves, ” keep the wire from making contact with other resistors, such as your skin, water, and other conductive materials. Thus, RV power cords can power your RV and the devices inside it in the safest way.

Types Of RV Power Cords

Generally, there are two types of RV power cords or camper power cords. Both of them have specific electrical outputs.

  • 30-amp RV Cord

This is mostly meant to power tinier rigs, as they, given their size, require smaller electrical inputs. The best way to identify a 30 amp RV cord from a 50 amp RV Cord is by checking how many prongs/blades there are on male plugs, as 30-amp rv cords employ NEMA TT-30P or 3-pronged plugs. This RV 30 amp power cord replacement can handle a maximum of 120 Volts and 3, 600 Watts.

  • 50-amp RV Cord

This 50 amp extension cord is commonly applied to bigger rigs, as their size can fit much larger appliances. The best way to recognize whether you have a 50-amp RV cord is to inspect the male plugs. They typically utilize NEMA 14-50P or 4-pronged plugs. This has a maximum handling capacity of 120 Volts and 12, 000 Watts.

Specifically, there are three types of “uses” of power cords. Each type has its functions and capabilities, so it would be best to know which product you are eyeing suits your needs most. These kinds can either be 30-amp or 50-amp cords, except for the last one.

  • Power Cords

These are fundamentally the primary cords for your RV. A lot (if not all) RVs/campers come equipped with RV power cords or camper power cords. These are manufactured to give you the electricity you need to power your RV, appliances, and batteries.

  • Extension Cords

These are simply intended to get you the extra length you require to power your RV/camper. Nevertheless, some people still adopt these as their primary power cords, which is wrong. The correct way to use a 30 amp RV extension cord 100 ft is to attach it to your main power cord and then to the shore power outlet. Still, some are functional enough to work as primary power cords.

  • Adapters

These convert specific electrical outputs to gain the desired output; they are aimed to link plugs to outlets that do not match. Adapters are not long, so you cannot manage them if you are far from an outlet. They combine directly to one of your plugs to match another outlet, so before buying a plug adapter, be sure to familiarize yourself with the plug and outlet kinds at home or the campsite.

Benefits Of Using A Power Cord For RV


There is no point in buying something you cannot get any good out of; it is always necessary to think whether the product in front of you offers a great value in exchange for its price. You would be highly disappointed to find that the product you have just purchased provides zero benefits, so we present some of the advantages of acquiring a 30 or 100 ft 50 amp RV extension cord for your RV.

  • Power to appliances

The primary purpose of power cords is to deliver energy from a source to a resistor. In this case, RV power cords transport energy from shore power or the city’s electrical supply to your RV and the appliances you have placed in it. Devices are expected to make your RV homier necessarily, or your camping trip more comfortable. However, machines do not work without electricity. So, siphoning electricity from shore power powers your devices and makes your RV easier to stay in.

  • Charges your RV

Undoubtedly, your RV holds another supplier of electricity, which is your batteries. Batteries are a backup power source when there are no available charging docks at the campsite or directly away from it. Apart from powering your appliances, a power cord, such as 30 amp RV power cord twist lock, charges your batteries. This is great when you are traveling in your RV from a campsite to campsite, as you can still rely on your batteries when you are far from a charging dock.

  • Non-reliance to batteries

As mentioned above, the RV cord, such as 25 foot 50 amp RV extension cord, stops your counting on your batteries. Batteries, like shore power, are an electrical supply for your appliances. Nevertheless, they have a limited run-time, so they are not considered to power your rig throughout the day. So, a power cord halts you from operating your batteries, as you already have an alternative power supply.

  • Gives you space

Though it is nice to have some neighbors, you can sometimes unluckily park near someone obnoxious. Or, maybe you just want to get away from the world and park somewhere away from people. Power cords let you do this, as you can still hook up to shore power, without having to worry about being too close to others.

How We Picked


We see how difficult it can be to choose from a wide range of brands and products in the market. A lot of them often seem lovely, but sadly, they turn out to not be what you demand. So, we made a list of criteria to ensure that the products listed above deserve to be there.

  • Functionality

First and foremost, comes functionality. We assure you that these power cords function the way they are supposed to move or transform electricity for your RV. No matter how fancy the advertisement might be, it is essential that the product must be able to connect your RV with the electricity you need.

  • Performance

How effectively do the products work? After functionality comes performance, as excellent products do not plainly work, but work well. Our goal with this article was to administer the perfect RV power cord, and so, we cannot just select random products that do not suit you enough.

  • Safety

Safety will forever be one of our major priorities. We want you to realize that in picking these products, we keep in mind that they are guaranteed to run securely, with minimal risks to your health. Despite that, we also desire for you to realize that making these products serve you under certain conditions, such as wet conditions, poses a considerable hazard of electrocution. So, verify that you subject your products only under conditions free from harm.

  • Build Quality and Materials Used

How efficiently were the products designed and built? We hope you are incredibly comfortable with the products, as mentioned earlier. We did not like to include flimsy- and frail-looking products. They might hold a high potential of damaging your property and compromising your health.

What are the materials the manufacturers handled to bring these to life? The elements are crucial in determining the performance and durability of the products. So that the products can attest to all that the manufacturers advertise, we always keep in mind that only those of the finest components that support their performance are listed above.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Last but not least comes customer satisfaction. We confirm if those who have previously obtained the products are content with them. This way, we can tell a lot about the products and their belongingness to the list. Just so you can decide whether its price would be worth it, we included the customers’ complaints regarding the products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most popular RV power cord brands?

A: The brands listed above are some of the most popular and highly-rated brands that produce RV power cords or camper power cords.

  • Camco – They offer customers with excellence in the RV industry.
  • Miady – Manufactures quality electronic appliances.
  • Conntek – One of the leaders in power connection technology.
  • Coleman Cables/Road Power – Manufactures wires and cables with consistent quality.
  • Furrion – Aims to connect customers to a future where sustainability and luxury thrive in synergy.
  • Marinco – Aims to support the growing needs of the industrial and entertainment power connectivity markets.
  • GoWise Power – Aims to offer products that help make your life easier and maybe even healthier.
  • Champion – One of the leading lead-acid battery manufacturers in China, which professionally specialize in lead-acid battery researching, production, and sales
  • Valterra – a leading supplier of brand name product lines to the RV, pool & spa, and plumbing industries
  • VETOMILE – Specializes in producing quality electronic appliances
  • How long should an RV power cord be?

No standard informs us how long an RV power cord ought to be. The right answer to this question is: “as long as you need it to be.” Everyone needs a different length to their RV cords. Some want it to fit just right, so there is no loose wire on the floor, while others prefer it to be long enough only to be protected whenever they go camping.

There are many lengths available for power cords, and all of them function as well as the other. Some manufacturers decide to produce cords in less than 10 feet, while some provide cords that can extend up to an extensive length of 100 feet.

The cord length shouldn’t matter when it comes to performance (it should in terms of storage), as the design and materials of the product determine such things.

As there is no standard to how long an RV power cord should be, you are free to choose the length you need to power your RV. Just make sure that your cord is long enough to meet your conditions.

If you wish to charge from home, measure how far your RV is from your charging outlet, and add a few feet to it just so your cord won’t be strained.

If you will use the cord for camping, do some research on the campsite ahead and see if there are charging docks or shore power outlets. Then, decide how long you want your cord to be.

Q: How to install?

A: Installing the RV power cord on your RV is pretty easy. If you bought a product that needs setting up to get it functioning, read the manual and some online forums to help you get started.

Before connecting the cord to your RV, make sure that the female plug on your cord matches the RV plug. Don’t force the connection between the two plugs, as you could seriously damage either one or both of them.

If it doesn’t fit, go to your local hardware store, home depot, or Walmart for some assistance, and they may help you fix it or sell a cord or plug adapter.

It would be best to have a surge protector for your RV, as this little device prevents any damaging voltage spikes. Before connecting the cord (or the surge protector first) to your RV, make sure that the breaker switch on the power pedestal is in the “Off” position. This is to prevent you from getting electrocuted.

Carefully plug in the cord to the power pedestal (directly if you do not have a surge protector). Flip the breaker switch to on, and then carefully connect the female end to your RV. Check the lights in your RV first, and if you don’t detect any issues, the cord is ready to use.

Q: How to use it?

A: Using the RV power cord is quite easy, as all you need to do is make sure all your connections are safe. Now that your RV power cord is successfully attached to your RV, you can start testing your appliances’ functionality.

Before turning on any major appliances, check whether they are safely plugged into the RV if ever they need to be. Test the power first, see whether turning on the lights or fans in your RV does not show any problems, such as flickering or short circuits. Once you’ve verified that the current is right, you can now turn on some of your appliances.

It is essential to note that you should never turn on all of your appliances. The power cord is set to handle a maximum electrical output, such as 120 volts and 3, 600 Watts or 12, 000 Watts. Using appliances that total to more than what the cord can handle is very unsafe.

You’d be lucky if your devices would only stop working, but the worst-case scenario is that the cord’s plugs have melted off or are creating sparks. Always be careful in using electronic appliances, never push them past their limit if you don’t want to suffer the consequences.

Q: How to maintain & care/ clean?

A: It is excessively easy to maintain, care, and clean your RV cords. The first thing you should look at is storage. Ensure that the wire is not bent in a way, as this could damage the copper inside.

Ensure that it is smoothly coiled up and that the plugs are not forced in any stressful angles. It would be best to store them in a dry area with controlled temperature, as temperature may damage some of its internal components.

If the cord comes with a cord organizer, or if you have a spare cord organizer, that would be great for the neat and secure storage of the RV power cord. This keeps the wire in a neat little bundle, so there are lesser chances of the cord being tangled.

You can clean the cord with a dry brush or cloth. For the male plug, you may use a wire brush.

Do not use the wire brush on the cord’s jacket/sleeve, as this may create some unwanted abrasions, exposing the highly-conductive copper wire. Using water-based or liquid products can cause electrocution and short circuits. At the same time, some may be harmful to the materials of the cord.

Carefully brush the prongs/blades of the male plug with the wire brush. Corrosion on its surface increases resistance, and the buildup of heat on the plug may melt the mold or casing off, which might result in a fire hazard.


There are many places where you can find quality RV power cords or camper power cords. Sites like Amazon, your local hardware store, and even Walmart are sure to sell many power cords with different brands and specs. It would be difficult to simply dive right in without knowing anything about your RV/camper needs.

Likewise, it is difficult to choose from a range of claimed high-quality power cords and best RV extension cords. Thus, it is essential to know and remember what you and your RV need. Be careful with choosing one, though, as you’re going to want only the best RV cord.

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