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The Best RV Patio Mat

The best RV patio mat works effectively in providing a soft and comfortable space to relax on outdoors. We can take it anywhere, too – at the beach, park and picnic grounds.

It is portable, multipurpose and often lightweight. The patio mat can also be used under a pet cage or exercise pen. The outdoor mat can come in a wide range of sizes, colors and designs, though, so picking one can be a bit tricky.

For this reason, we’ve decided putting up a guide for reference when weighing and comparing your options.

Also, we have written a buying guide with a few factors to check when buying this product. Later, we’re also answering the most commonly asked questions about an RV patio mat.

Table of Contents

Best RV Patio Mats and Oudoor Rugs

1. Reversible Mats 159181 Pattern Mat

  • Breathable
  • Not hurting grass
  • Durability for its virgin polypropylene material
  • Easy to clean
  • With a carrying bag
  • Only two sizes available

The Reversible Mats can be the best outdoor rug for camping that you’re looking for because it is versatile enough for many applications. You can use the patio mat for the garden, camping site and other places where you need a place to spend on reading a book, enjoying time with family and simply relaxing.

It is also a great pick because it can be used under pet cages and exercise pens. You can also have it in different outdoor and indoor spaces. I also noticed it is made of a breathable material that won’t hurt the grass. It also means we don’t have to worry about using it in our garden and lawn.

The mat is also great in terms of durability, and that is because of the virgin polypropylene material. This material does not come apart easily and quickly, so you can look forward to long-term use and sure value for your investment.

If you’re looking to get more of your spending while also using a really nice mat that can last long for many camping trips to come, you should not think twice but consider this patio mat.

Another cool thing I noticed is that the patio mat can deal with sun exposure because it is made of UV protected materials, adding to its heavy-duty performance.

For the busy, the last thing we would like to do is to spend so much time in cleaning the mat. Fortunately, this one can solve that issue because it is a breeze to clean.

Unlike other mats that may need a long process to clean, the reversible mat does not. It only needs spraying with water or sweeping, so you can finish the cleaning process without any difficulty quickly.

In that case, we can enjoy more time with our family in camping other than worrying about how tedious it will be to clean the patio mat.

I also noticed that the patio mat is lightweight, making it extra portable and easy to carry around.

We can also fold it in a compact size, allowing for quick and easy storage. Its size of 9′ x 18′ is also ideal for plenty of uses and with several people. And before I forgot, it is portable that it comes with a good carrying bag.

On the downside, it only has two sizes, though. But overall, it is still one of the best choices for RV patio mats if you value durability and a long-lasting performance.

2. Camco Large Reversible Outdoor Patio Mat

  • Reversible and functional both sides
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lightweight and easy to bring along
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Mildew and mold resistant
  • Smaller in size than other choices on the market are

The mildew and mold resistant mat is one of the top picks around among RV owners looking for outside camper mats that they can rely on all weathers. As the rain and other types of weather won’t stop us from enjoying our time with friends and family camping, we need a reliable and durable camping mat that we can count on anytime.

Our second pick in the category is the Camco outdoor mat that has the solid and reliable performance, which can give us the total satisfaction we’re looking for in an RV mat.

It is a decent choice because it can give more value to our money for its high quality materials that can resist mildew and mold. So without even saying, we can have peace of mind that we can make use of the patio mat for a longer time than we would if we go for another pick.

As it is mold and mildew resistant, it is also a reliable pick for cleaning ease and convenience. You’ll not have to spend much time in maintaining and cleaning your mat because it is not inviting for mildew and mold to cling on.

Another thing to appreciate about the mat is that you can use it for many applications and places. The outdoor mat is great for use in the camping site, garden and other outdoor places.

Now, you may be wondering if it would hurt grass. The answer is no. It won’t hurt grass, as many would think it might. It is the perfect outdoor mat that can serve you for a long time.

I liked that it is lightweight, allowing us to use it in many applications and places. You can also take it anywhere without any hassles because it is portable and lightweight.

That is one of the things I appreciate about the RV outdoor mat that might also impress you. I also liked that it is perfect even for our garden patio and other places.

However, it is smaller in size versus other picks in the category. Overall, the Camco is one of my top picks for a patio mat because it is reliable and heavy-duty.

3. Reversible Mats 119187 Outdoor Patio Mat

  • Breathability
  • Durable and soft virgin polypropylene material
  • Great patio and campsites
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Limited color options

The reversible mat is another top pick when it comes to an outdoor patio mat because it is durable and high quality.

One of the things I liked about the product is that it is made of breathable materials, so it won’t hurt grass and retain heat.

That said you could have peace of mind that you won’t have to deal with walking on a heated surface in the summer.

But if you think that it is only useful in the summer, think again because it has a mold and mildew resistant construction and all-weather performance.

By choosing the Reversible Mats, you can have peace of mind that you can make use of a solidly performing mat that can last for many years to come.

One of the things I appreciate about the product is that it is also easy to clean from any debris or dirt. All that we need to do is t sweep away or spray any dirt on it.

The mat is also made of lightweight material, making it easy to carry and transport anywhere. Choosing the mat, you can have a stress-free and relaxing experience on the mat that is easy to carry anywhere because it is lightweight.

Another thing I liked about the mat is that it has a breathable material, which will not harm or damage grass.

It is also made of materials that can dry quickly and resist the growth of mold and mildew, one of the most common concerns of RV owners about patio mats. And for that comes ease of cleaning as well.

The material is not inviting for mold and mildew, so it is not hard to clean at all.

I also noticed it comes with corner loops, which can be used to secure it firmly on the ground using stakes, preventing it from being blown away by the wind.

It is also large enough at 9-Feet x 18-Feet to accommodate a number of people.

However, it has a limited color options that the manufacturer might want to look into to improve the selection. But overall, it is still one of the best choices for people looking to buy a durable and heavy-duty patio mat.

4. Stylish Camping RH8187 RV Home Mat

  • Durable 100% virgin polypropylene material
  • Can be folded and lightweight
  • Easy to fold and install
  • Includes a carrying bag
  • Safe for grass and breathable
  • Pricey

The Stylish Camping mat is another pick when it comes to RV and home mats that we can rely on for its solid performance and durability.

The best RV outdoor mats should be durable and UV treated so that it would be able to deal with the tough weather and last long despite exposure to the harsh and rough outdoor elements.

The Stylish Camping RV Home Mat can cover all the bases because it is top performing and heavy-duty to last long. By choosing it, you can rely on its solid performance and long-lasting use.

You will also like its design that can reflect on RV living. I think you will really love how it is designed and made especially for our recreational vehicle.

In addition, I’d like to note that it is safe to use for its breathable material. The patio mat won’t damage or harm the grass under it. The breathable construction of the patio mat also makes it the ideal choice for many because it won’t feel hot under your feet.

More so, you can also have peace of mind that the product won’t be blown away if you would secure it with stakes because it has corner loops. That said you could easily set it up and just enjoy camping.

The product is also lightweight at only 10 lbs, making it easy to bring anywhere, including on campsites and picnic grounds.

However, this product is pricey, though. But then, it is still the best choice for RV owners that want to make use of a durable and high quality patio mat for their camper and recreational vehicle.

5. Ming’s Mark GC1 Graphic Mat

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Reversible and functional
  • Made with breathable material that won’t damage the grass
  • Durable and soft
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Longevity concerns

The Ming’s Mark GC1 is another top option for RV owners who want to use a durable and top-performing outdoor camping mat, which can also be used at the beach, picnic grounds or camping sites. It is a highly recommended camping mat that is made with high quality and durable materials.

The best RV mat is versatile for outdoor uses – patio, garden and lawn and so on.

One of the things I liked about the patio mat is that it is made of breathable materials that won’t damage or harm the grass. For this reason, you don’t have to worry about it ruining the grass in the garden or lawn. It is also breathable that it won’t feel that hot in the summer.

Another good feature of the mat is that it is UV coated. In this case, it can protect against sun damage and fading. With that said, you could also have peace of mind that it will last longer. It only means that you can get the most of your spending.

For me, it is also important to choose a soft mat that can let us relax on it with comfort and ease. This product is made of soft and high quality 100% virgin polypropylene that is not just comfortable for the skin but also durable.

The product is also easy to clean, and it is a plus point. Who would like to spend so much time to clean our RV patio mat anyway? Choosing this rug, you can just spray it with water or sweep the debris, dirt and dust without any hassles.

On the downside, some users of the patio mat for the recreational vehicle reported of longevity concerns.

6. Reversible Mats 229127 RV Camping Wilderness Hunter Mat

  • Ideal for patio, garden, lawn and other outdoor spaces
  • UV resistant for added heavy-duty performance
  • Mold and mildew resistance
  • Breathable and easy to clean
  • Sleek and lovely appeal
  • Might be a bit small for some users

When shopping around for RV rugs for outside, we have to check on certain features to ensure that they’re reliable and solidly performing. One of those I found to include on the list is the 229127 of Reversible Mats because it is a dependable patio mat that can last long.

The 9-Feet x 12-Feet RV mat are one of my favorite picks because it is just the right size at the right price. It is affordable, yet it doesn’t compromise the quality because it is heavy-duty to last a longer time.

By choosing the patio mat, you can also find cleaning a breeze because it just needs sweeping or spraying of water on the dust and dirt.

With that said you could find cleaning and maintenance a breeze and timesaving. In this case, you will have the chance to spend more quality time with family and friends in camping.

The RV mat is also suitable for use it all weather types because it is made of UV resistant materials that can deal with the changing temperature outside.

Plus, we don’t need to worry that it will feel hot in the summer because it is made with breathable materials. It also means that the patio mat won’t harm or damage the grass.

I also liked that it can be folded easily for quick storage and transport. Bringing it anywhere won’t also become a problem because it is lightweight. You can rely on its lightweight design and construction for taking to the camping site, garden and anywhere you need a reliable outdoor rug.

More so, I liked that it has a woven construction that can prevent mold and mildew and that can allow for quick drying. The design also has corner loops, which can be staked in order to keep the mat secure in place.

On the downside, this product might be a bit smaller for some users. Overall, it is a decent mat for its longevity and design.

7. Redwood Mats Camping RV Mat

  • Complete set with ground stakes and a carrying bag
  • Can be folded for easy carrying and transportation
  • Mildew and mold resistant
  • Breathable construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Expensive

The reversible mat from Redwood Mats should really be added on our list because it is heavy-duty and can deliver its purpose. You can depend on it for many uses including for different outdoor spaces, like garden, patio and lawn.

Choose the Redwood Mats, you can also be certain that you’re dealing with a great brand because it has been around for quite a while delivering top performance to all RV owners trying to find durable and topnotch mats in the category.

The 9′ x 12′ mat is what’s for you if you want a complete kit because this one comes with a carrying bag and ground stakes.

The outdoor mat is also ideal for use in the garden and campsite. If you’re looking for a place to seat or relax on when you reach your destination, you can consider the camper mat for the outside all the time.

More so, you don’t have to worry that it will be blown away by the wind because you can easily secure it in place with the ground stakes included.

It is a great choice if you don’t want your mat to be lost in the wind because you can just stake it on the ground, and it will stay in place.

It also comes with a premium carry bag that makes transport and carrying anywhere easier.

And when done camping and relaxing on the mat, you can just fold it and store in the carry bag for the next destination. It is really a breeze to fold and store the mat without any difficulty.

It is a unique and reliable mat that is perfect as an outdoor rug because it is also made of durable and heavy-duty to last long and serve you for years to come.

It also has a plastic-like texture and a textured surface, improving traction. This kind of surface also prevents slipping. The mat also has trimmed and sealed edges for added durability. It also has a colorful band, which is sewn around its edges for added durability.

On a drawback, this product is expensive, though. But then, it is still the decent choice if you’re searching for a reliable and top-rated RV patio mat.

8. Professional EZ Travel Collection RV Patio Mat

  • Elegant and sleek design
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Reversible function
  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Foldable
  • Doesn’t come with a carrying bag

This mat with a 9 x 12 size is just perfect for camper owners looking for a reliable and heavy-duty patio mat that has the durability and quality to last for years.

The best RV outdoor rug is the go to mat if you’re looking for a gorgeous and elegant mat that can match the decoration and design of your camper or recreational vehicle.

I liked the green wave and refreshing design of the RV patio mat, which comes with a combo of cool color along with accenting tones including white, gray and brown to form a wave pattern. It is really inviting to have because it is pleasing for the eyes and could make you feel you’re really on a vacation.

It has a modern design, which is specific to the new paint schemes rolling of the latest assembly lines. This mat also has vivid and bright colors that can really make the RV patio a standout in the camping site.

Another good thing about the patio mat is that it is durable and made of UV resistant materials to keep up with the changing weathers. In addition, the materials can resist mold and mildew, adding to its solid performance.

When looking for outdoor mats for campers, we should also look for an easy to clean and maintain mat. It is why we can also consider the camper mat that is a breeze to clean.

By choosing it, you don’t have to spend much time in cleaning the mat. In this case, you can relax with your family and enjoy it at the campsite.

On a drawback, it doesn’t come with a carrying bag, though. You have to buy a separate one if you want to have it with a carrying bag.

9. AdvenGo Reversi Mats Large RV Patio Mat and Rug

  • Includes a storage bag
  • Weather resistant
  • Heavy-duty
  • Built for all terrains and weathers
  • Versatile for use in camping, picnics, trailer, backyard and outdoors
  • Doesn’t include stakes

The premium quality mat is one of the top choices for many recreational vehicle owners because it is built for all weathers and terrains. You can use it in the patio, lawn and garden and other outdoor spaces.

I liked that we can count on the product for an outdoor rug for the front porch, beach or camper.

It is also made from polypropylene, which can protect it from any wear and tear and resist mold and mildew. When you select it, you can have peace of mind it would last long and serve you for many years.

It is also made with heat-sealed edging, which can reduce fraying and early deterioration. I also noticed that it is made with high quality materials to ensure that it will not be damaged easily.

Through the outdoor awning mat, you can have peace of mind that you will always have a product that you can always have in outdoor adventures. In addition, I liked that this product weighs only four pounds and with .2 inch thickness that makes it easy to fold and transport.

If you’re not looking to buy a separate carry bag for the new mat, you might want to go for the product that includes a nylon carry bag that makes storage and transport easier and faster.

However, the product doesn’t include stakes, though. In this case, you don’t have to purchase them separately.

But then, the mat is still the decent choice for its performance and durability. You can also enjoy the outdoors better with the patio mat than without it.

10. Ming’s Mark GA1 Stylish Camping Reversible Graphic Patio Mat

  • Breathable material
  • Easy and quick to clean
  • Foldable and easy to store
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • UV protection
  • Can be prone to ripping

The 8′ x 12′ mat is another cool choice regarding shopping around for a great RV patio mat that is easy to use, fold and store. It is one of the Ming’s Mark products that you can rely on for high quality construction and performance

The Ming’s Mark is a durable outdoor mat made with virgin polypropylene material, making a mat heavy-duty and top performing.

You can rely on the UV protection of the product, ensuring you can count on it on all types of weathers. So no matter the weather when you’re camping, you don’t have to worry about anything. You can be sure it can deal with the tough and rough changing temperature outside.

I also liked the mat is easy to clean that we only have to sweep clean or spray with water to remove the dirt and dust, among other debris.

By choosing the RV mat, you can also depend on the amt that can be easily stored because it has a compact size and lightweight.

It is also one of the best patio mats for camping because it can be used on the beach, in the garden and for your RV patio. It is also the perfect choice to place under your pet’s cage or exercise pen. The product is also ideal for various outdoor and indoor spaces, so you can look forward to better versatility.

But then, the patio mat can be prone to ripping, though. Overall, it is an excellent choice for camper and recreational vehicle owners looking for a great camping mat.

11. Camco Durable Reversible RV Camper Awning Mat

  • Versatile to use for the camper, patio, garden and picnic spots
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Ground stakes included
  • Woven and reversible design
  • With reinforced corners for added durability
  • Can track dirt

The awning mat is another top pick that you might want to consider if you want a durable and reversible patio mat that can serve you and your loved ones for the years to come.

One of the things notable about the patio mat is that it is mold and mildew resistant. It is made to last through the years, and it is without you worrying that it will degrade due to the mold or mildew.

I also liked that the Camco RV mat is made of durable materials and has a great design. It is made with reinforced corners that make it more durable

If you are also looking for one that has a reversible woven design , which will allow rain and snow to drain through it.

With that said, you can have peace of mind that the product will last long and will be with you for many camping trips to come.

In addition, the patio mat has rust-resistant grommets along with ground stakes. These stakes will keep the mat steady and secure and without being blown away

I also liked that the 42820 RV mat is useful when it comes to versatility. It can be used in beach outings, picnics and other outdoor places where you need a mat.

You will appreciate it can be folded and stored easily. It is also lightweight to transport to your next destination with convenience and ease.

However, it can track dirt, but it is a decent choice for its completeness, versatility and performance.

12. EEZ RV Products Reversible Outdoor Patio RV Mats

  • Low maintenance
  • Portable and multipurpose
  • High quality and durable
  • UV stabilized
  • Easy to store
  • Limited design options

The EEZ RV Products patio and RV mat shouldn’t be forgotten on our list because it is a durable outdoor patio mat with the features we want in an RV mat.

One of the things I liked about the mat is it is perfect for the beach, camping and picnic. You can also use it outdoor places where you need a soft and topnotch patio mat.

Another thing that RV owners like about the patio mat is that it is top quality and made of durable materials, ensuring they can get the value of their spending on it.

The product is also made with 100% Virgin Polypropylene that keeps it durable for a long time. It also has a woven design to keep snow and rain out of it easily.

This patio mat is also UV-stabilized to make sure it can prevent sun damage, another thing giving more value for choosing the patio mat. This treatment can also resist fading, which is common among other RV mats on the market.

It is of heavier weight than other mats out there, enhancing its durability. By selecting the mat, you can be certain it would last long.

You can also choose from and use any of the two reversible designs to make it look more appealing. The western RV outdoor mats are a reversible mat that has two complimentary designs.

In addition, the mat is also textured, providing it a great traction and preventing the slipping of the mat. More so, I noticed that the mat offers a comfortable walking surface even in the summer.

However, there are limited design options, though. But overall, the outdoor patio mat is still one of those to consider for a topnotch and durable RV mat.

Why You Should Trust Us

You should trust us when looking for the best mats for the recreational vehicle patio because we have carefully weighed the options well based on each of their features, such as durability and quality.

We have carefully considered these things along with other factors, such as materials, size, weight, weather and other characteristics that will make a versatile and easy to use, clean and store RV patio mat.

By trusting us, you can also be certain that you can pick among the best of them in the category.

We have determined them based on the factors we have listed below before making a thorough review of each of them. From the selection, we have weighed their features along with their pros and cons so that you can later compare your options. is also composed of seasoned RVers that have the combined years of experience camping and using different recreational vehicle gears, appliances, accessories and products.

Trusting us, you can better compare your options and pick the right RV patio mat that fits your needs and style.

We do hope that you can find the right one after reading this buying guide and reviews.

What Is An RV Patio Mat/ How Does It Work


It is a recreational vehicle patio mat that is outside your vehicle when you want a place to sit or relax on with your loved ones when in your RV patio. It can make you and your loved ones feel at home because it lets you set up whatever outside the RV like a chair.

Types Of RV Patio Mats

Patio mats are usually made of virgin polypropylene material, so they do not have much difference or types.

There are only certain things that make each of them different like woven construction and mold and mildew resistance.

Patio mats are usually also reversible, making them more valuable for your spending on one.

Outdoor mats are also versatile that they can be used indoors or outdoors whenever you need a comfortable space to relax.

Benefits Of Using An RV Mat


There are certain reasons you will need an RV mat. Generally, it is needed to have a place to relax on when outside the camper, recreational vehicle or mobile home.

In addition, you need it if you want to feel comfortable when outside the vehicle.

Nevertheless, it is an essential to have if you want to feel at home even though you’re away and camping with your mobile home.

The outdoor mat for the RV patio is indeed a valuable addition for your vehicle. It can make you and your loved ones feeling comfortable whenever you’re camping.

How We Picked


Picking among the number of choices, each with a different size, design and color, we can easily feel overwhelmed. It is not so simple to choose the right outdoor mat for your recreational vehicle, camper and mobile home.

To make things a bit easier, you might want to know certain things to look into so that you can decide better and find the right one for your needs.


What is the kind of RV patio mat do you need? As you may know, there are so many types of patio mats that you can choose from and later buy. For this reason, you must know what will fit your needs and preferences.

For example, what patio rug will suit your personality? It might have to do with the color and design of the mat.

More so, you might want to consider one that will not harm the grass. If you do, you might want to take a look at a mat that is made of eco-friendly materials.

On the other hand, you might want to pick one that is made of recycled plastic bottles if you’re environment-friendly.

However, remember that it could be expensive to buy that kind of patio mat. But then, you don’t really have to go for it because there are many to choose from that is made of breathable materials to ensure it is grass-friendly.

More so, getting one with such feature can make sure that the air, water and sun can pass through it easily and quickly.


When choosing among the RV patio mats, you should look into one that has the features you want.

For example, some of them already come with both the ground stakes and carry case with handle.

On the other hand, some have a carrying bag or case that can keep the mat when not needed.

While most mats are easy to fold, store, and be kept anywhere, they can be more convenient to use if they come with a carrying bag.

But then, you have to take note that those coming with a carrying case and stakes, for instance, can be more expensive than those without are.

However, you should also decide if you would like to have an additional bag or not for your patio mat.

If you would like to have an easier time to carry the mat without the hassle of just carrying it, you might want to get one that includes a carry case.


Another thing that you might want to check when finding the right mat is its durability.

Some of the things that have to do with that may include UV-stabilized materials and being mold and mildew resistant.

For example, being made with a UV-treated material will mean that the mat will not be easily damaged or ruined by frequent sun exposure. With UV treatment, you can be certain it will last long no matter the weather you go camping.

Once you have determined the features to look when shopping for a good patio mat, you can save so much time and effort than browsing too many options that do not match your needs.

So again, some of the features to look for can include mold and mildew resistance, reversible and UV stabilized materials. All these things are important to look into when browsing for your choices.


When shopping for a good RV outdoor mat, another thing to look into includes the price. You must determine how much you would be willing to spend on an RV mat to avoid wasting time looking into so many mats from the price ranges that you do not prefer.

Size and weight

Another thing to check on when comparing your options includes the weight that has to do with the portability of the mat you’re looking to buy.

For example, a bulky and heavy one might not be easy to carry anywhere. So if you don’t want to take the hassle of carrying a heavy mat, you can pick from one of the mats that we’ve featured earlier.

In addition, check on the size of the product before buying because there are several of them available. Commonly, there are 9 x 12 feet options, which is the usual size of the products that we have featured here.

But then, there are larger sizes available. The choice is yours depending on your preferences and needs.

You can choose from a wide range of sizes available on the market. If you have a larger family to use the mat, you might want to pick from one of the larger sizes available.

Also, if you have a small camper that does not move much, you might want to pick a lighter weight and smaller mat. In addition, you might want to pick a patio mat that you can store easily and quickly based on the size of your mobile home or camper.


Besides the durability, size and weight of the outdoor mat, you also have to consider the usual weather in the places on which you usually go camping. For example, you might want a waterproof mat if you use to go camping in a place where it rains frequently.

On the other hand, it will be wise to pick an RV outdoor mat with ground stakes included if you go camping in a place where it is windy. With the ground stakes, you can secure the mat on the ground. Have peace of mind it won’t be blown away by the wind.

But I guess whether or not you go camping in a windy area, I would suggest buying stakes or a mat that comes with them. In this case, they will be handy when you need them.

Nevertheless, you should consider the weather when shopping around for a good RV mat. But then, you can just go for a mat that fits your preference if you don’t have plans of using the camper mat outside.


Another factor to look into when buying a camper or mobile home mat is its applications. The best ones are grass-friendly, so they can also be used in the garden, lawn, park, sightseeing and campsites.

There you have some of the things to look for when shopping around for a good recreational vehicle mat that has the compact and solid features like durability, quality and features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are good RV patio mat brands?

A: The brand is one of the things that can also be important in choosing a mat. Some of those we found are Reversible Mats, Camco, Stylish Camping, Ming’s Mark, Redwood Mats, Professional EZ Travel Collection, AdvenGo and EEZ RV Products.

Q: Are RV mats waterproof?

A: Many of them have a woven design, allowing for rain and snow to pass through and prevent it from staying long on the surface of the mat.

There is no mention about being waterproof of those we reviewed, but what we know is that most of them won’t keep water and snow long because they are woven.

Q: How to choose the right size?

A: It is not hard to choose the appropriate size at all because it will all boil down to personal preference. You can select a smaller or a larger one according to your personal choice just like in determining RV patio rugs clearance.

Q: What are patio mats made of?

A: Most of them are made of polypropylene material, which is durable and easy to clean. It is also a standard we found in most, if not all, top picks like a Ming’s Mark reversible RV patio mat, in the category.

Q: Do RV mats come with bags?

A: Yes, most of them do, but not all. In some cases, you have to buy it separately. So if you want to save yourself from the hassle, you might want to pick one with a carry bag.

Q: How to care and clean?

A: It is not hard to care and clean a patio mat like Ming’s Mark outdoor mats because they have easy to maintain polypropylene material. You just have to sweep away or spray the surface of the mat to clean it.

Q: Where to buy?

A: You can buy patio and outdoor mats in local supplies stores or online.

However, you might want to buy your mat such as Ming’s Mark RV mats in online places like Amazon where to find the best deals and a wide range of brands.

There, you can also find and buy the products from the manufacturers themselves.


Certainly, the best RV patio mat is an essential to have in our recreational vehicle all the time. It is portable and convenient to bring anywhere – at picnics, in the park, in camping sites and in the garden, among other places we need a soft and comfortable space to relax on and spend time with loved ones.

However, you should find the right outdoor mat that has the durability, quality and performance features that make it the top pick. We do hope you can find your perfect match using our reviews and buying guide today!


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