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The Best RV Microwave

Just like our home microwave oven, the best RV microwave is convenient and functional. It works in the same manner as that we’re using home, so it can prepare quick meals, reheat, defrost and offer other cooking options. With it, we don’t have to feel as if we’re away from home.

We can bake, roast, grill and broil food on it with just one click of a dial, depending on the model and make you ended up buying. However, we do recognize it’s uneasy to find the right one for your needs and situation.

For this reason, we have prepared a buying guide to help you select a good microwave oven for your camper, travel trailer or recreational vehicle.

Best RV Microwaves

1. RecPro EM925AQR-S RV Stainless-Steel Microwave

  • Comes with trim package
  • Includes eight cooking options
  • Compact size
  • Stainless steel picture frame trim kit
  • 4-digit easy to read display
  • A bit pricey

The RecPro RV Stainless-Steel Microwave is a recommended mini RV microwave for its efficiency and power in delivering the performance and quality we need. When comparing your options on the top microwave ovens, you must look for a top quality model like this RecPro.

One of those things to appreciate about the product is that it can serve us a wide range of purposes. It is versatile that you can count on it whenever you want to cook or warm food in the microwave.

When we’re traveling, we would need something that would give us the functionality to make life in the RV easy and convenient. This appliance can make us feel at home even when camping. Even in our day-to-day travels or camping adventures, we can rely on the RecPro RV Stainless-Steel Microwave.

It can make RV living more convenient in our rig, adapting to our busy lifestyle. With it, we don’t need to by fast food or restaurant food again because we can prepare our meals easily using our oven.

This item is also with a stainless steel build, preventing rusting and corrosion. It adds to the durability of this product, which we can always count on.

Choosing this kind of material for our recreational vehicle, we can be certain we’re going for a heavy-duty product. It only means that we can look forward to long years of service with this item.

It also has a four-digit LED display, allowing us to see what it the status of what we are cooking if it is burning or not. This model is of a 1.0 cu ft size, making it ideal for the limited space in our RV. You might want to check it out if you want to save limited space and still make RV living comfortable.

Whatever you would like to cook like soup, dinner, popcorn or vegetable, you can. This microwave oven offers us with eight express cooking options. With such versatility, we can also have peace of mind that we can prepare a diversity of meals for our loved ones.

It also offers an instant start with 30 seconds of timer per touch, allowing for more convenience of use.

On the cons, this product is a bit pricier than other options, though. But overall, it is a great pick for its convenience, functionality and performance. It’s also a top-rated product that thousands of RV owners have already spoken about their satisfaction.

2. Advent MW912BWDK Microwave Oven

  • Ideal for the camper, trailer and RV
  • Includes a wide trim kit
  • One-touch electronic controls
  • Six pre-programmed cook settings
  • 10 different adjustable power settings
  • A bit smaller for large families

When looking for a good microwave oven to count on for RV camping and living, you should not miss this Black Built-in Microwave Oven among your choices because it does include most of the features like functionality, compact size and high quality materials.

The Advent MW912BWDK is one of my recommendations for fellow RVers that don’t want to miss their delicious food back home. It is with six different pre-programmed one-touch digital cook settings. It only means more cooking options for convenience.

The Black Built-in Microwave Oven is also ideal for our camper, recreational vehicle travel trailer and motorhome. And if you want to, you can also use it a home. I would also like to note that this model has very convenient and easy to use electronic controls, which allow us to adjust it easily to our preferences.

I would also like to note that it has an easy to read digital display, which settings can be seen easily without any hassles. With it, we can also adjust cook times, timers and clock as well as power levers.

This model is with a size of 0.9 cu ft capacity, which is ideal for smaller families. I’d also like to recommend it for its 10 different power levels, allowing us to defrost, boil and reheat food without any hassles.

This microwave oven is also with six different pre-programmed cooking settings for frozen foods, pizza and popcorn. Using just a touch of a button, we choose our desired setting and experience ease of use.

I also noticed it has a glass turntable that can rotate food for quick and easy cooking. It just ensures that heat can be distributed evenly. This product is also certified quality. It is CUL/UL listed.

I would also like to note it has Wide Trim Kit PMWTRIM that can also ensure of quick and easy installation in the motor home, camper, trailer and recreational vehicle.

With this essential appliance, we can have a worry-free adventure that we can still prepare and have our favorite treats even when camping and away from home.

On the downside, the microwave oven is a bit smaller. It might not be for larger families. Overall, the RV convection microwave is one of the most essential pieces of appliances to have onboard for is functionality and reliability. Choosing it, we can have peace of mind of convenience even onboard our recreational vehicle.

3. Sharp R1874T Over-the-Range Convection Microwave

  • Elegant and sleek stainless steel finishing
  • Easy to read interactive display
  • Reliable and trusted brand
  • Can be used for broiling, browning , baking, crisping and roasting
  • More expensive than other microwaves are

The RV microwave convection oven over the range is another one to rely on if you would like to improve the convenience of RV living. This appliance is chosen by many RV owners that want to feel as if they’re not away from home for being able to prepare their favorite food. With it, they can complete their camper or travel trailer kitchen.

The Sharp R1874T is more spacious than the other microwaves are, meaning more food can be fitted inside it. This model is also one of the most chosen in the category, not just its spaciousness but also for its ease of installation.

Just like when buying any appliances for our recreational vehicle, we should be finding one that is easy to install. With it, this appliance will not give us a hard time in setting it up in our camper.

I would also like to note that this microwave oven is its integrated exhaust system that can deliver venting options – ductless recirculation, vertical and horizontal. Without even saying, it can benefit us for its good exhaust system. It will also provide us with the convenience of range-top cooking.

This oven also comes with easy to follow instructions. It is one of those things that we also have to look for when shopping around for a good microwave oven. It will not give you any hard time in setting up or using it.

By having it in your camper kitchen, you will have a really great time in terms of convenience and ease of use. So in addition to the convenience of having venting options, you can also ensure you won’t have a hard time in using it. In fact, this model is also with Interactive Cooking System plus Custom help key that will help in navigating programming and cooking instructions.

I would also like to note that it comes with a four-way convection system. Choosing one, you can achieve desired cooking results. You can choose among options like crisping, broiling, baking and browning.

It also has a compact size, making it ideal and fitting for the limited space we have in our recreational vehicle. With it, you don’t only have a good microwave oven that delivers your desired functions and performance, but also a greatly designed one that fits our limited space really well.

The Sharp is also with Smart and Easy sensors, which make it easier and more convenient to operate. I would also like to recommend this oven for its integrated exhaust, a powerful fan, hood light as well as low and high racks.

But then, this microwave oven is more expensive than other products are. Still, it is one of those that can deliver us with the features and functions we need from a reliable microwave oven.

4. RecPro RPM-1-BLK RV Microwave

  • Compact and sleek design
  • Even cooking
  • UL/CUL Listed
  • Quick access door
  • Includes a trim kit
  • Can be small for some families

The RecPro RV Microwave RPM-1-BLK is one of the top choices for a recreational vehicle microwave oven. It can make our RV living and camping more convenient. With it onboard, we can have peace of mind that we don’t miss our favorite treats and food even when away from home.

It is the perfect companion for seasonal travelers and road warriors. This appliance is one of those we need in order to fulfill our daily needs because it is a crucial part of our cooking options, which can become unlimited with it.

The appliance is what we need if we also want to save space for an even or full countertop. It is also compact and solid and with external dimensions of 19 1/16 inches width x 14 ½ inches diameter. In terms of the internal dimensions, it measures 13 inches overall and 12 inches without the recessed area by 12 W x 8 H inches. With this sleek size, it will fit almost every motor home.

The RecPro RV Microwave RPM-1-BLK can offer you with a great way to cook your family’s favorite foods, including snacks and full meals. Another thing to take note is that it is with a glass turntable that can rotate food in order to offer an even cooking. Using it, you will be able cook food not just conveniently but also without any hassles.

I would also like to recommend this unit because it has an easy and quick access door. It lets us cook and experience the convenience of operating an easy to use appliance.

This unit is also with a vent exhaust, making it ideal for use in a camper, travel trailer or RV. Choosing it, you will be able to enjoy camping or living in your recreational vehicle.

The RecPro is also made with high quality materials, which make it durable and heavy-duty. You can find it convenient to have it in terms of cooking food for your loved ones and yourself.

On the downside, this unit can be small for larger families. But still, it is one of the best choices in terms of ease of operation and convenience. It is easy to use and functional to help us get the most out of RV living.

5. Dometic DCMC11B.F Convection Microwave Oven

  • Even cooking
  • Child lock
  • Wide range of cooking options
  • Includes a lovely trim kit
  • With an exhaust kit ideal for RV environments
  • Can be a bit bulky for smaller RV kitchens

The Dometic RV microwave DCMC11B.F is a dual appliance that lets you use it as a convection or grill microwave. I noticed that it has a bigger capacity than other microwaves that we have featured earlier. It might be for you if you have a larger family or space to allot for the microwave. This unit can open more room for cooking, so no worries if you are planning to cook a larger batch of food at once.

Just like our powerful microwave back home, this oven can let us cook a wide range of food and meals. Cooking options it can offer us include defrost, boil or reheat, to name a few.

You will not also have a hard time to operate it. This model is with a one-touch digital cook settings, which allow for easy preparation of pizza, popcorn, beverages, frozen entrees and other cooking settings. The microwave also has a reheat option, which let you heat any leftover without any hassle.

The Dometic DCMC11B.F also has a digital clock and timer. This feature makes it easy to use the microwave oven. Using a timer, you can never go wrong, but cook your favorite food with accuracy.

I would also like to recommend this unit for its child safety lock. What it does is preventing any unsupervised use. That said, parents could also have peace of mind that their children won’t be having any accidents or injuries for any unsupervised usage of the oven.

I also noticed the sleek and elegant design of the product. It has this classic and beautiful black colored oven and trim kit that matches common RV interior design. This trim kit can add style, which you can add to your R camper or travel trailer.

If you would take some time to research, you might also be able to buy it at a lower price. The more affordable price, however, doesn’t mean poor quality.

The product is by well-known brand that has a good reputation among households through the years. I would also like to suggest finding an easy to install oven. The oven already comes with a trim kit and vent kit, which makes the purchase a great value for the money. They also do look elegant and sleek that matches any RV decoration.

However, it can be a bit bulky for some RV kitchens, though. But nevertheless, it is a dependable unit that has a wide range of cooking options and offers even cooking. This model also features a child lock for the safety of kids. So if you would like to take advantage of these features, you might want to take a look at this microwave oven.

6. Toshiba EC042A5C-SS Microwave Oven

  • Reheating functions
  • Sensor cooking options
  • Stainless steel build
  • Defrosting, roasting or baking auto menu
  • Dual-purpose convection and microwave
  • Some longevity concerns

Toshiba is a well-known brand that has been a household name through decades. In terms of high quality appliances, you will never go wrong with it.

The solid reputation of Toshiba has made it one of the top choices among homeowners looking for a durable and heavy-duty performance appliance. One of their best offerings is the Toshiba EC042A5C-SS, which is packed with solid features and functions.

The convection microwave oven is also easy to operate and use. Just like good home microwave ovens, this product is with a convection function smart sensor, which improves its accuracy and precision.

The oven is also with a LED lighting that helps us read what we have to see at a glance without any inconvenience. I would also like to note that the oven is one of those I found with a larger space to offer. It is a 1.5 cubic feet per 1000 W model, which allows us to make use of it for a larger batch of food.

Another thing I liked about this oven is its stainless steel appearance and build. It can match our RV decoration and theme, adding to the good appearance of our camper or travel trailer.

In addition, the top-rated product is also more affordable than other similar products that I have bumped into while researching and looking for great ovens in the category.

But then, I can be sure that it’s not compromising the quality because Toshiba is a reputable brand that has a solid background of excellence through the years.

I also noticed that it has an easy to clean interior, making it the ideal option for those looking for more convenience. You will not spend a long time in cleaning it so that you can use it for another food to prepare.

Its door can open to 90 degrees, allowing for better ease in opening and closing it. This unit is also with a buzzer, which allows muting if you don’t want its sound.

You will just have to press on its button #8 for about three to five seconds. It will stop automatically after one long beep. This audible notification lets us know if cooking is done. It also has a keypad that is with a protective film during its shipment, which we only have to peel off before using.

However, there were a few longevity concerns, but those were isolated reports, though. On a general consensus, it receives great feedback and reviews from users. If you’re looking for a top performing and high quality microwave oven, you might want to check out this reasonably priced Toshiba EC042A5C-SS.

7. Kenmore 70919 Countertop Microwave

  • 9 cu. ft, ideal for small families
  • Sleek and elegant black color
  • 10 cooking settings
  • Convenient express cooking
  • Worry-Free Defrosting
  • Functions might be a bit complex at first

Are you looking for a small RV microwave? You might not have to search any further with the Kenmore microwave that has the solid features and functions to offer us with the convenience of cooking our food in our RV. It is a great addition to our recreational vehicle or camper kitchen that we should not miss.

One of the things I would like to mention about the microwave oven is that it can cook fast with its 900 watts of power. You will also appreciate its 10 power settings, allowing for more versatility in the use of the product.

In addition, I appreciate that it offers quick cooking options for potato, popcorn, vegetables, pizza, beverages and so many more. You can also reheat leftovers easily using just one-touch of a button without any guesswork.

More so, I would like to mention that we could use it for express cooking between one and six minutes, and achieve our desired cooking preference.

Also, I would like to mention its additional features not to miss including a timer or clock display, letting us check the time remaining for our food to cook. It also comes with a safety lock option, which can give us peace of mind for our children. With it, we can be certain that there won’t be any unsupervised use of the appliance.

More so, I would like to note that this microwave could offer max cooking time of 99 minutes, giving us more cooking options to prepare our favorite food and meals.

I would also like to note that it is compact and solid in its exterior dimensions. In inches, this unit just measures 18.3 x 11 x 14.5 WHD, making it suitable for most RV living spaces.

You don’t have to worry about it not fitting your RV kitchen at all. It is one of the things that we need to look for when shopping around for a new microwave oven.

There is also no worry about defrosting when you selected the unit that can calculate the power and time needed to defrost. With it, you can have a delicious meal in a fast manner.

This product can also offer us with a one-touch convenience. You can rely on it for quick cooking that you can also add 30 seconds with just one push of a single button.

However, there were some complaints that its functions are a bit complex at first. But still, it is a decent choice for its solid performance and features. It is also a top pick for RV owners looking for a heavy-duty oven that they can rely on for a long time.

8. Contoure Built-In Microwave Oven

  • Sleek and elegant black finish
  • Good capacity
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Heavy-duty performance
  • Affordable price
  • Trim kit optional

Contoure is good appliance brand that has been around for quite a while. Through the years, it has proven itself as a trusted brand committed to offer only quality and heavy-duty products to its consumers. One of its excellent offerings is the Contoure RV-980B. It has made it to this list because it is packed with solid features and functions. In fact, this unit is one of the best sellers online.

One of the things that make it a great pick is its sleek and elegant design, which makes it ideal for any RV decoration and theme. It does not matter what color and theme your recreational vehicle is because this unit will match just about any of it.

More so, I liked that this oven can offer us with 10 power levels, giving us that cooking machine we need for RV camping and living. For every cooking need, we can make use of one of the settings that this product has. So without any guesswork, you can reheat or cook your favorite meals quickly.

You can also make use of specialized cooking systems, which can be used in one single button press, making cooking much easier and faster.

I’d also like to not that this product can offer ease of cleaning, saving you from spending much time in taking care of and cleaning it. You can also have peace of mind that there wouldn’t be any odor when you have finished cooking. All you need to do is to leave the door open for some minutes. Taking care of it properly, you can also prevent its rusting.

I would also like to note its wide turntable diameter of 10.5 inches, making it easier to use. Choosing the microwave oven, you can also ensure that you will achieve an even cooking.

As you need to, you can also preprogram your cooking, making it easier to prepare your meals especially if you’re looking to spend more time in your adventures and camping activities with your loved ones.

It is also safe to use, making it a chosen one among RV owners looking for safety and quality. You might also want to take a look at it if you’re looking for perfect reheating or defrosting microwave oven.

However, the trim kit is optional, though. But in general, the top-selling item is one of those you might want to take a look into if you are searching for a reliable and high performance oven for your camper or travel trailer.

9. Farberware Classic FMO11AHTBKB

  • Affordable
  • Stainless steel
  • Removable rotating table
  • LED lighting
  • Efficient 1000W
  • Some longevity concerns
  • Short warranty

Farberware is a trusted brand that’s been consistent in offering the best microwave ovens on the market. One of their great offerings is the FMO11AHTBKB. It is loaded with the features and functions you’re searching for in an oven.

The Stainless Steel microwave oven has a one cubic feet, which is spacious enough to prepare a bigger batch of meal versus 0.9 inches. You might want to choose it if you are looking for a solidly built microwave oven, which is heavy-duty to last for a longer time.

I would also like to recommend because it has a sleek and elegant design. Its stainless steel appearance makes it suitable for all types of decorations and themes of the camper or recreational vehicle.

More so, it has 10 power levels to choose from, eliminating any guesswork in the process. Using it, you will be able to achieve precise results. You just have to choose a power setting from 10 to 100%.

It can also offer us with a multistage cooking, offering us with our desired results for custom-cooked snacks and meals.

I’d also like to recommend this oven to those looking for ease of use because it features up to six minutes of Express Cooking options. This model is with quick start controls that you can count on for preparing your meals fast.

I would also like to recommend the Farberware Classic FMO11AHTBKB for RV owners looking for a versatile unit. It can let us prepare frozen vegetable, pizza, potato and popcorn, to name some.

In addition, I would like to note that it has a memory function that can store and start with cooking settings without any hassles. I would also like to note that it could offer defrost option by weight or time.

This microwave oven brand is also offering ovens with a unique set of function and style, creating a different cooking experience. It also let us choose from a wide range of finishes, colors and textures, accenting and complimenting our kitchen, office or dorm.

However, there were some longevity concerns on this product, according to some users. It also has a short warranty that can be improved. But then, this model is one of the top picks in the category. It has the performance that you would want to have onboard for an efficient and highly functional RV microwave oven.

10. Cuisinart CMW-200 Convection Microwave Oven

  • Includes touchpad controls with LCD
  • Compact size and footprint
  • Comes with a recipe book and instruction manual
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Longer warranty than others
  • Switches might not be durable

The Cuisinart CMW-200 is another recommended microwave oven, which is top-rated by thousands of its consumers all over the world. It is one of the top offerings of the brand, which is a household name for decades.

The CMW-200 oven is a great choice if you’re looking for a solidly functioning and quality microwave oven for a camper, travel trailer or mobile home.

One of the impressive features it has is the 1.2-Cubic-Foot size, which is ideal for a larger family or if you’re looking for a roomier space in the microwave oven.

I would also like to note that it has a grill, giving you more cooking options. The 1000-watt oven is also built with brushed stainless, which is sleek and elegant. It can match any RV decoration and theme. I’d also like to note its dark tinted glass window, which makes it more elegant and sleek looking.

In addition, I noted that it has a stainless steel interior that does not absorb odor and is easier to sanitize than other types of interiors are. Speaking of odor, you don’t have to worry about it. After use, you can just leave the door open so that the odor can go out.

I‘d like to mention it has a 12-inch turning glass tray that can promote level cooking. With it, you don’t have to worry about burning one side or a part of the food you’re preparing.

More so, this unit has a reversible grill rack that adds to its ease of use and convenience. It also has touchpad controls that make it easier to use. The control panel has an LCD display that makes info easy to read or view. You will also appreciate it has two defrost functions, which can defrost food by time or weight.

With or without the microwave function, you can use this unit for convection bake or roast without any hassles. I would also like to recommend this unit for the recipe book and instruction manual included. This product is made without BPA, too. Finally, the CMW-200c countertop oven is with a longer warranty of three years

On the downside, the switches might not be that durable. Generally, though, I liked this Cuisinart CMW-200 for its great performance and solid features. It is one of the top-rated products in the category mostly because of its longer warranty, compact footprint and size, touch controls with LCD and stainless steel interior, among others.

Why You Should Trust Us

You should trust because we’re seasoned RVers with the combined years of experience and skills in camping and living in our recreational vehicle.

With our firsthand experience in using different camper gears, products and systems, we have also determined the best brands and models along with the things that make them unique and special.

In choosing among the different available ovens, we have determined the factors to look for so that we can better compare, review and figure out the pros and cons of each product.

Using our reviews of the top picks in the category, you will be able to weigh your options and figure out what the best microwave ovens on the market are right now.

In our reviews, we’ve also highlighted the best qualities of the products along with their downsides so that you can make a better decision.

Also in this guide, we have written a buying guide to help you determine the factors to look into when buying this kind of product.

We do hope that you can find a suitable RV microwave oven with the right size, features and functions, which can give you the most satisfying experience.

What Is A Microwave For RV/ How Does It Work


The RV microwave with trim kit or without is pretty much the same as the ones we’re using back home. It is an essential way of preparing or heating up a meal after a tiring adventure day. This piece of appliance can prepare meals in a quick and easy manner while we’re camping and offer us with a mess-free way of preparing our food without the messy pots and pans.

Especially those working as a convection and microwave oven at the same time, they are essential to have in the camper or travel trailer because they offer more efficiency and functions.

We can just make a mea with a few steps like shutting the door and pressing a few buttons.

This appliance is very important in RV cooking because it does offer much convenience. We don’t need to heat up the entire motor home with it. Using a microwave, you don’t have to worry about adding heat to the trailer especially in the hot summer months particularly if not really cooking a large batch but just needs browning or reheating.

The microwave convection oven works pretty much like our home oven. It offers cooking settings and options like broiling, roasting, baking and so on, depending on the model and make.

Types Of RV Microwaves

There are not many types of recreational vehicle or travel trailer ovens. For one, there is the traditional oven that we use back home, which is the single function. On the other hand, there are also the convection ovens, which are now becoming more popular among RV owners that want a more convenient and efficient way of cooking.

Usually, the convection type can offer three cooking modes – namely the convection mode, the microwave mode and the combination mode. In general, a convection microwave has combined two appliances into a single and compact space. This type is also ideal for those who want to bake in their RV.

However, the 2-in-1 appliance is also going to double in price, too, as you may expect.

In the microwave function, this appliance will work just like a microwave oven, which can heat food quickly through radiation. However, this type cannot bake or roast food. Also, you should not use any metal inside it.

On the other hand, there are convection oven types that use a fan in order to distribute the heat inside the oven. In the process, you can expect that food will be baked evenly on all sides.

If you were like me, I would like to make use of a convection type because it can bake and heat food faster than a traditional oven can. You just need to adjust the time you need as to cook your food.

Also, the convection type can give me better results than I would get using the typical microwave. When used as a convection oven, it has a rack where to cook the food like cookies or a pie.

Basically, this is the process how a microwave works. In the next section, let us discuss the importance or benefits of having this RV appliance onboard. Find out and later let us help you determine the things that we need to look for when choosing this kind of appliance for your RV.

Benefits Of Using An RV Microwave


Some people already have the stove or the range on their travel trailer, camper or mobile home; however, they still prefer to have a microwave convection oven onboard and for reasons.

Those who have experienced living on the road know how inconvenient that is to stop by food stations and restaurants from time to time to buy food. For this reason, they prefer having an RV microwave oven that allows them to prepare food easily. In the following are the particular reasons you might want to have a recreational vehicle microwave with you onboard.

Cooking faster

One of the things that make this appliance important to have in your camper is its ability to cook faster than any other cooking appliance without much hassle especially when preparing a small meal or food. You don’t need big pots and pans that you need to clean later, too.


The confined and limited space in the recreational vehicle makes it hard for us to clean it from time to time. You can just imagine how it will be difficult to do that especially there is so much going around inside your mobile home. Using the microwave oven can offer a mess-free way of cooking or preparing food in our camper.

Not heating the entire RV

You can keep the recreational vehicle cool using a microwave oven versus a cooktop or range. With it, you don’t have to worry about smoke, too. You will not also see any rusting of your RV appliances.

The microwave oven can prevent your interiors from getting too hot, yet it can give the same results like a traditional oven. It can prepare your meal but without spreading heat into the entire RV space.

Less space

If you don’t have enough space to fit a cooking range, you might want to opt for the microwave oven that works efficiently but without consuming precious RV space. Especially if you often reheat food like pizza, then you can imagine how helpful this oven will be to fit your lifestyle.

Easy installation

The appliance takes not much effort and time to set it up in your mobile home. In fact, the device is small enough to be mounted anywhere, not needing a fixed space at all. It is easy to attach to the cabinet or wall.

Can replace the oven and range

If you would opt for the three-mode type, you don’t need to worry about having a soggy food just as most complain from a common microwave.

This time around, you can have more cooking options like crisping, broiling, browning and baking all your meals using only one appliance.

Very safe

Another thing that makes the microwave oven a good choice is that it is safe for motorhome cooking. This oven can make cooking easier and safer. To get started with the selection process, you can choose from one of those we have reviewed earlier. They are proven and tested safe for RV use. Nevertheless, new and upgraded models of microwave ovens are convenient and safe to use.

How We Picked


​What should you look for when searching for a good RV microwave oven? How do you pick from among the plenty of choices available on the market? In the following, let us talk about the most important factors to look into when shopping around for this product.

Just like when shopping for any kinds of gadgets, appliances, gears and systems, you should know what to look for when shopping around for a microwave convection oven so that you can make a better decision later.


Great microwave ovens are with different power levels, ideally 10 settings. You might want to skip those with lesser power controls, as it can indicate less cooking options. There can also be a wider gap between each power.

Auto settings

Another thing to check on when shopping around for a good product is its automatic settings that will add to the convenience of use of the product. An example is the quick cooking option that will help you select one of the settings that fit your needs.

A few of these will include the food heating option, water reheating option, baked potato option, popcorn option and frozen food option.

In addition, there are those offering the melting option and cleaning convenience setting. Nevertheless, you should look for a recreational vehicle oven that has automatic settings to ensure you can operate with better ease.

Safety features, electric consumption and additional features

Don’t forget to check on the power consumption of the microwave because it is one of the most energy consuming appliances on the recreational vehicle. Also, you have to check if the oven fits the power outlets of your vehicle.


This appliance comes in varying sizes, but in general, they’re with one-cubic feet of space inside. Of course, this capacity is not to cook for many people or a whole turkey. On the other hand, there are some units a little less than one cubic feet.

Trim Kits

In addition, an oven with a trim kit is also important to have in your recreational vehicle or camper. The models with trim kit are sleek and compact. Trim kits can help in keeping everything organized and clean in the motorhome or recreational vehicle.

If you’re looking to keep things organized in your RV, you might want to check out a microwave oven that is with a trim kit. In most cases, it is better than buying a separate one that might not fit in the installation.

Ease of operation

Another thing to compare when finding a microwave oven for your vehicle is the convenience or ease of use. For one, it must be easy to mount or set up. Most compact RV ovens are not hard to install at all and have easy to use controls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most popular RV microwave brands?

A: While there are so many microwave oven brands, makes and models out on the market now, not all of them will fit our needs. For this reason, we have to take into account certain factors, including what we have outlined above for your guidance. In addition to those, we should factor in the brand when shopping around for a good oven. Some of those we have found that never fail to deliver us with an excellent performance include RecPro, Advent, Sharp, Dometic, Toshiba, Kenmore, Contoure, Farberware and Cuisinart.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: There is no fixed cost for all the microwave ovens available on the market right now. The cost will depend on certain factors like size and special features. It will also be based on its power levels and other additional functions. All of those should be looked into when trying to determine how much to spend on this product.

Q: What size RV microwave do I need?

A: Some models are 0.9 cubic feet; others are at least 1.0 cubic feet. The size you need will depend on how much large the interior you want for your microwave oven is. You should think about your family’s needs, too. Without even saying, you should carefully consider the size you need based on the number of people to use it.

Q: How to install and replace an RV microwave oven?

A: To replace your old microwave can be easier than having to install a new model or make again from the beginning. The reason is obvious, a new oven might have a different configuration than a new replacement for the same model or make is, for one example.

Then, just to replace a microwave oven also means that you already have the outlet where to plug a replacement appliance. In this case, you don’t need to install new wiring. More so, there is a cabinet with ventilation that is already existent to support your microwave. Also, it could be easier assuming you will be using the same opening size, meaning no need to remodel the cabinet.

Generally, you can install a new one by following the specific instructions there are in the manual that comes with the oven you ended up buying. Thus, the installation process can be different from one configuration like the dimensions to another.

Q: How to use?

A: It is easy to use the microwave oven that you just need to plug in and switch it on. You can then select the timer settings or cooking option your oven has. Generally, there are buttons where to find the controls for the oven. There is no guesswork or trial and error at all especially if choosing a specific cooking option.

Q: How to care and clean?

A: Cleaning is a breeze! You just have to wipe the surface with soft and damp cloth. Do not spray any solution directly onto the controls. For the outside, you can just clean using soap and damp cloth, and then dry it with cloth. NEVER let water seep into the openings of the operating parts of the microwave oven.

Q: Where to buy?

A: While you can buy a microwave oven in brick-and-mortar appliance stores, you might want a better deal online. Places like Amazon are the best stores to buy an RV microwave oven because it offers better prices and deals from the manufacturer of the specific product itself. You might also be able to avail of the free shipping, too.


The best RV microwave can make recreational vehicle camping or living convenient. It can help in preparing delicious food and treats without heating up the entire RV space. This appliance is also compact and space saver to fit the premium space in our vehicle.

In addition, the oven can offer different cooking options especially if you’re opting for the convection microwave model that can work as a convection, microwave or combination. Such type will let you use it for a wider range of cooking settings.

Definitely, the best microwaves for the recreational vehicle can help us achieve a better RV camping and living experience. And for the best results, we need the right oven for our vehicle. Refer to our guide above for help today!



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