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The Best RV Level

Finding the best RV levels can be hard without information on what to expect such as the things to look for when searching for these products. As there are many brands and models out on the market now, you can be feeling more confused than relieved.

It can also be hard to figure out the right leveler for your needs if you are unaware of the most popular brands and their top offerings that can have the features that you’re looking for.

For help, you can get started comparing your choices by referring to the guide below that discusses the top leveling systems available along with their advantages and disadvantages. Keep reading.

Table of Contents

Best RV Levels

1. Hopkins 08526 Never Fade Two Way Graduated Level

  • Fade resistant even after long exposure to UV
  • Quick and easy to install
  • The markings are intact and very easy to read
  • Accurate and made for long time use
  • One of the cheapest in the market
  • Bubble part tends to get detached during travel

Are you looking for the best RV bubble level? The Hopkins Never Fade Two Way Graduated Level is a fade resistant RV leveler that is one of the cheapest tools in the market. Hopkins offered two levels in one package.

This RV leveler is very easy to install. You can use adhesive tape to mount this in the front corner of your RV where it is very visible from the driver seat. Or, you can have it drilled with screws if you prefer. This level will work just fine either way.

However, there are times that adhesives may come undone when expose under too much heat. This kind of occurrence should be prevented as much as possible to ensure the accuracy of this tool at all times. Therefore, it is recommendable to have it drilled for long term of use.

What is good about this product is that it does not fade under UV exposure. It is also very easy to read. The number markings are intact. It indicates the inches required to adjust the RV whether to raise or lower it to have it leveled.

The only concern about this product is the bubble part. It tends to get detached during long travels. But for its price, this RV leveler works just fine. It is not pricey yet very handy to have. If you don’t want to spend too much money for this kind of product, this one is highly recommended for you.

2. Camco 25523 Standard Levels

  • One of the cheapest bubble levels in the market
  • Easy to use and quick to install
  • Use for front-to-back and side-to-side leveling
  • Makes RV leveling faster
  • Smaller in built but works just well
  • The base is not sturdy made
  • Dye fades upon exposure to the sun

The Camco 25523 Standard Levels is surprisingly one of the cheapest RV levelers in the market. By paying for an affordable price, you do not have to go out of your RV to check your leveling or ask someone to do the checking for you.

This bubble level is a tool designed to determine the angles of RV. Through this, you can easily view the leveling of your RV from front-to-back and side-to-side.

This RV tool also makes the leveling faster than the usual. It saves time and energy that is very important. Without the proper tool, parking the RV takes time.

With this, you do not have to buy an expensive RV Leveler if the Camco level can function just the same.

What is good about this level is that, it may be too small in built but it really does work accurately and efficiently. This bubble level is a bit sensitive but once you found the right spot in your RV to mount this level, it works just fine.

This level already has two holes from both sides, readymade for drilling unlike the other levels that you have to create holes if you want them drilled in your RV.

The downside of this product is that the dye fades upon long exposure to the sun and the base is not sturdy. For something so inexpensive, the positive side of this product outweighs the negative. It is really worth having and very helpful.

3. Hopkins 08525 Graduated Level

  • Quick and simple installation
  • Easy to read and accurate
  • Makes leveling easy and faster than the usual
  • Inexpensive and durable
  • Long term use with proper care
  • Anti-freeze liquid leaks

The Hopkins 08525 Graduate Level is a good quality RV leveler designed to take the guesswork out of RV leveling. It is an inexpensive bubble level but works accurately, durable, and easy to read.

Installation of this level is very easy. There is a self-sticking adhesive in the back of the level. For easy attachment, you have to t clean the area first before placing the level.

On the other hand, the holes in either side of the level indicate the option for drilling. Unlike other brands, Hopkins Graduated Level already has holes in it for easy installation. You just have to screw it in the area where it is accessible from the driver’s seat for easy viewing.

What is good about this product is that it helps you identify where the adjustments are in your RV. The markings in the level will tell you if there are alterations needed in the jacks. It will tell you if you have to raise or lower the jacks depending on the angle of your RV or if you need to add inches under the tires to get it level.

This tool is must to have in your RV especially if you are always parking in uneven grounds.

The only problem with this product is that the anti-freeze liquid has the tendency to leak. But with right installation and proper care, this bubble level works just fine. It remains a good choice plus the fact that it is easy in the pocket.

4. Sun Company 306-R Lev-o-gage III

  • Quick and easy to install
  • The tube assembly is easy to read
  • Shatterproof design for long term use
  • Made in the USA
  • Durable and made of high-quality materials
  • Accuracy issue

If you are looking for RV levels gauges to give assistance in the leveling of your car, you might want to consider the 306-R Lev-o-gage II by Sun Company.

This inclinometer and tilt gauge tells you what angles you are. It monitors the level condition of your vehicle and the tilt angle from -10 to 10 degrees. The brass ball moves fluidly for smooth and accurate readings.

This inclinometer is also made of shatterproof design where the tube is made of rugged copolymer “flex tube” for long-term use. Sun Company uses a brass ball instead of a bubble in the yellow tube assembly to ensure durability of the product. The numbers are hand-painted and engrave for easy reading.

Another good thing about this product is that this inclinometer is made of USA. With that alone, it is guaranteed that the materials used are of high quality and durable.

For better result, this product should be installed in a place where it is visible from the driver seat for easy viewing.

Some might claim that leveling a vehicle particularly the RVs take time to maneuver. But if you buy this product, it will surely make your life easier.

This kind of product is very important to have. It works great on uneven ground. If you feel that there is a tendency for your vehicle to tip over or slide down, the inclinometer will assist you to put your car into level. This inclinometer will help you determine where the needed adjustments are.

This product is very easy to use and quick to install. The good thing about this is that, it may be small by nature but the function it is made for is quite huge. Thus, with the use of this product, the usual time it takes for you to level your vehicles are guaranteed to cut short. It only shows how efficient this tool is.

On the downside, there are some issues regards to the accuracy of this product. However, this inclinometer is easy to read. The result is still depending on the driver’s interpretation and the adjustments made during the leveling. With that, this tool is very efficient and highly recommended.

5. Wheel Masters Level Master with Bracket

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Speeds up the leveling process
  • Big enough for easy viewing
  • Made of good quality
  • Highly efficient
  • Some parts are made of plastic

The Wheel Masters Level Master with Bracket is a tool that provides leveling assistance for RVs like trailers, fifth wheels, and motorhomes.

If you are having problems leveling your RV on your own, this product will make your life easy. You do not have to ask someone to help you with the leveling. With this, you can do it on your own without hassle.

As we all know, leveling is very important during parking the RV to keep the rig on a working condition. If you don’t and you park your RV on uneven ground, your vehicle can easily slide down, the rig tipping over or you will have a problem with the chassis and tires.

The Wheel Masters Level Master is a great tool for leveling. It is very easy and quick to install. This tool can be place to a pin box or in any place that can easily be viewed from the driver seat. If you have this tool, leveling from side-to-side and front-to-rear is very easy.

What’s more? With the help of this level master, it will help you park your RV faster than the usual and less hassle. It will also help you to calculate how much leveling block you will need to level your RV.

This level is made in high quality. You wouldn’t have to worry that the liquid inside will leak or freeze.

What is good about this product is that, you do not have to ask any of your passenger or anyone for that matter to go outside and check if your RV is leveled or not. No need to ask someone to determine the adjustment you need.

Another thing is that, the dimension of this product is 11” x 2 3/4“. This bubble level is big enough for the driver to view easily unlike the other bubble level that is built to be small for a better view.

If you have it installed in your RV, it is guaranteed that you can have your RV leveled in about 10 minutes or so of backing up to the parking spot. A really great tool for RV set up.

The only downside on this is that not all the parts are made of steel. The black sides are made of plastic. However, it despite that, this product is still highly efficient. It makes leveling RVs easier and faster. It is a highly recommended product.

6. Cornucopia Brands RV T Levels

  • Include two packs of bubble t levels
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Ideal for leveling campers and RVs
  • No hassle use
  • Durable and made of quality materials
  • Can be tricky to use for first timers

The Cornucopia Brands RV T Levels is another top of the line product in the category of bubble levels. This product can help ensure that your recreational vehicle, trailer, truck, tripod and other machines are leveled. You can just imagine what could happen if these are not leveled.

This model is with free screws so that you can use them out of the box after installing. Once done, you can crosscheck the level of your vehicle. There is no complicated step involved in the process. Levels, such as this item are very easy to use, and you don’t need to practice so hard in order to perfect it.

You might also want to check out the RV level if you are looking for ease of installation. Just like an electronic RV leveler, this product is also easy to set up. This pack includes two packs of bubble t levels, which are easy to use and carry. You can use it on demand whenever you need to level your vehicle.

One of the things I liked with the RV level is that it is versatile. This item can be used in many appliances and machines that need leveling to prevent damage. In this case, you will also save money in the end because you don’t have to worry about frequent repairs, too.

This model is also ideal for trailer tongues as well as hitches. You can also use it for pool tables and rifle rests, among others that need leveling. You might want to check it out if you are looking for a versatile level like it.

On the downside, the item can be tricky to use for first timers. But overall, it is a great choice for ease of use and versatility.

7. Hopkins 08201 RV Battery Powered Smart-Level

  • Innovative and sleek design
  • Weatherproof design
  • Multifunctional
  • No guesswork again
  • Easy and quick leveling process
  • Wobbly when installed with the double-sided tape

Take the guesswork out of the process of leveling your vehicle! You don’t have to worry about your vehicle tilted again with the Hopkins Towing Solutions. With it, your towing experience can be more rewarding and less of a hassle. Use the item that offers true value and innovation to those that want to make leveling a one-person job.

You can rely on the towing solution level for its performance and durability, and that’s one thing known of the brand. You can check it out if you want ease of installation and use. With it, you don’t have to worry about asking another person’s help in installing this product with you.

One of the things that I also liked about this level is that it has LEDs that makes the process easier and simpler. The multifunctional battery-powered RV smart level can help you in the leveling process without any guesswork involved.

Another thing that makes this product a favorite among vehicle and equipment owners is that it also identifies the problem and helps you solve it by showing how you could get to the exact leveling.

You can also see it clearly from your seat, and that is thanks to the LEDs. They have colors that can tell the how level status or not level status. You can also depend on these red LEDs to tell you how many risers you need to achieve the correct level. On the other hand, the green illuminates when you have already achieved the perfect level.

I would also like to note that the level is with weatherproof design, adding to its durability. Choosing the leveling system, you can make sure of long-term use. It just needs a piece of AA battery to run.

It also delivers two-way leveling for side-to-side and front to back. Check Hopkins RV level instructions for more help on how to level using it.

On the cons, it can be wobbly at times, though. Still, it is innovative and simple to use, doing more than telling you that your recreational vehicle is level. It also helps you solve the problem, and that’s smart.

8. CIPA 03001 Gray Wireless RV Leveler

  • Wireless prevents tangling
  • Compact remote control
  • Auto shut off
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Cheap plastic feel and look
  • Hard to comprehend instructions

Are you looking for a wireless RV leveler? You might want to check out the CIPA leveler! It is a great choice on the market for simple reasons like ease of use and installation. It can make leveling simple and quick while taking the guesswork out of the process. With it, you can also level your camper or mobile home without someone’s help.

The CIPA 03001 leveler is chosen by RV owners that want a convenient to use leveler. For one, it is wireless, preventing tangles versus wired types. This item can offer you movement freedom because you can use it to level your mobile home without having to deal with bulky wires.

Another important feature of this item is that it has an automatic shut-off construction, so it can preserve battery life. You might want to check out this item if you don’t want to spend on frequent battery replacements.

This model also comes with a handheld remote control that makes it easy to use. It is one of the most innovative features of this product that you might want to check out yourself. The remote control makes things easier, so it allows you to use the leveler even if you’re in the driver’s seat. This product also offers an effective range reaching 30 above feet per 15 meters at least.

However, there are complaints about cheap plastic feel and look as well as hard to comprehend instructions. Overall, it is a great choice that it makes leveling a one-person job. Choosing it, you don’t need to worry about anything else when trying to level your RV because it is easy and convenient to use.

9. RV T Level Bubble Level

  • Shatterproof, waterproof, unbreakable design
  • One-year warranty
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Quick installation and easy to read
  • Loosens upon exposure to direct sunlight

If you are looking for something small and lightweight level to use in your RV, check out the RV T Level Bubble Level by Winnsty. It is a multipurpose 2-way spirit level T-shape spirit type level is compact and low profile for easy use.

This level is made of PMMA, ABS and plastic with package dimension as 2.25 inches in length, 1.69 inches in width, and o.51 inches in height. This product is available in red.

The installation for this RV leveler only takes seconds to do. And it is very easy to read. The 2-directional level made the front-to-back and side-to-side leveling easy.

The travel trailer level indicator is also designed to be waterproof, shatterproof, unbreakable, and made to resist harsh environment. For a product that is affordable, this bubble level gives you so much in exchange for your money.

Furthermore, what is amazing about this RV leveler is that, despite it being cheap. That is how assured the manufacturer about the quality of this product.

So it is really recommended for you to try this product and see for yourself how durable and accurate this level is for your RV.

On the downside, this product loosens upon long exposure to direct sunlight. However, for something cheap and made of plastic, this bubble level functions perfectly well. Of course, we should not expect too high for something cheap. This product works just fine and must-try.

10. Prime Products 280124 Leveler

  • Easy to use and install
  • Adhesive backing
  • No hassle leveling
  • Quality materials
  • Trusted brand
  • A little bit on the small side
  • Hard mounting might be needed

The Prime Products Part #280124 is another product not to miss when trying to compare levelers. You will not have a hard time to install and use this item at all. That is why many people who have tried using it. They are saying that the product works as described. Many of them are noting that they have also recommended this item to their friends who also happen to be RVing.

The stick on level can simplify the entire setup. You will not need any tools to install the product. With that said, you could just imagine the convenience of choosing this item over others in the same category. You might want to check out this item if you are looking for a fast and easy to set up leveler for your camper or mobile home.

This product also comes with an adhesive backing, allowing for easy use, too. While it does not have smart features, this basic leveler is good enough in working as promised. You can also select from four different styles and two colors.

The Stick on Level White can help us keep our recreational vehicle leveled. In this case, we don’t need to worry about our appliances and equipment aboard our vehicle will be damaged. You can just imagine how inconvenient and hard it would be to be on our vehicle if it is tilted when parked.

Choosing the leveling device, you will get what you have paid for because it is very simple without any hassles to use.

On the cons, there were complaints that the product’s tape makes it inaccurate. In addition, some people noted that hard mounting might be needed. But nevertheless, this item is one of the best choices in the category. You will appreciate it if you’re looking for ease of use and accuracy in a simple stick on leveler.

Why You Should Trust Us

You should trust if choosing a leveling system operated by Bluetooth, batteries or those simple stick on models out there. Our team is serious about offering you sound and insightful advice on how to pick a Bluetooth leveling system and other types of levelers to find on the market.

We are here as your one-stop information sources about the right RV leveling like a small or jumbo RV level. Our team is your source for quality suggestions on the best products to buy because we don’t just create reviews but we also research carefully on the top items to include on our list.

At first, we ensure that we have figured out the things that matter when choosing an RV leveler, including price, material and important features. From there, we have selected the superior products that match the criteria and discuss their important features, pros and cons.

What Is An RV Level/ How Does It Work


A good RV level is a special device, such as the Level Mate Pro 2 that helps us level our recreational vehicle, camper, trailer and other vehicles that require leveling. In addition, such tools and devices are also useful for leveling machines and appliances as well as tripods, cameras and other machineries. Nevertheless, it is a versatile tool that you can use in ensuring that your vehicle is not tilted.

Some models can indicate that there is a problem with LED lights, so they do not just indicate an issue but help you achieve the right level by telling you how much leveler you need to achieve the correct one. Others work with RV leveling apps, letting you read information remotely and instantly using your mobile phone.

Then, there is also a Bluetooth RV leveler that can work through a BT connection, allowing you to use it remotely.

These are only some basics about the workings of an RV leveler that you need to know. Take note of them to have an idea on how easy and simple this important device works to help level you vehicle.

Types Of RV levels


What are the different types of RV level indicator? One of the main considerations when buying this item is its type so that you will have an idea on how easy that is to install your leveler. For example, there are those that come with adhesive tapes, requiring no tools in the process of installation. On the other hand, some leveling systems come with screws for easy installation.

In addition to those mentioned, there is the graduated level that takes the guesswork and trial and error out the picture when leveling the RV. This item is designed with numerical markings that can show the adjustment amount that you need to lower or raise the trailer.

In this type, you don’t just know if the RV is leveled or not but also how much adjustment to make to achieve the right level. It is very useful to have for your mobile home, trailer or camper because it ensures that the vehicle is not tilted.

On the other hand, there is the crosscheck level that lets you check leveling two ways. Some are large with a side-to-side scale to see clearly from the truck’s cab.

It also has front-to-back leveling that you can rely on. This type can offer two-way leveling, which is much accurate than any other is. Some of these types have a magnetic back that allows for easy and quick mounting.

Many of the RV levels are plastic bubble levels, too. These are not fading in the sun, so you can read them anytime. They contain a reflective bubble in every level so that you can level your RV or trailer in two ways.

Then, there are also leveling devices run by batteries and are designed with LED indicators. Nevertheless, there are many types of a camper level system that you can check out and compare, as you’re researching for top item in the category. You can also find wireless levels that can eliminate the need for someone’s help in leveling your vehicle.

Use this guideline when trying to compare the different types of RV leveling systems on the market. Nevertheless, the good ones are easy to use and install in your vehicle, so you will not find any problem using one.

Benefits Of Using An RV Level

You might be asking why you need to level your RV, and that’s good to know. There are many reasons that you have to stabilize your vehicle especially when parking. It is important to avoid any detrimental events, including damage to your appliances.

One of the biggest reasons to using a level in addition to knowing what is RV level micro is for comfortable RV camping and living. You can just imagine how hard that will be to sleep and move around your recreational vehicle if it is tilted. It can be hard to sleep if you would constantly slide up against the wall.

In addition, you need RV stabilization so that your appliances, including refrigerator will work well. If your camper is tilted, it will not run properly especially if yours is with low-temperature evaporator coils. Refrigerators can be expensive and hard to replace.

For sure, you won’t want to damage your investment. In this case, it will be really wise to invest on an affordable leveling system to prevent a bigger spending on damaged appliances.

More so, it is not comfortable to be in a camper that is not leveled especially if you have guests. If the rig is unleveled, the doors might fly open and then some of your stuff might drop. Fragile items in your RV can also break if you open the cupboards.

Without even saying, having a leveler in your RV is important for these benefits and more. Especially if you’re camping often, you can experience that many campsites are not leveled.

That is why having a handy device like an RV leveler is essential. To get started in choosing the best leveling system for your RV, you might want to refer to our buying guide and reviews.

How We Picked


When picking an RV leveling system, you should carefully consider your options so that you can have a satisfying purchase later. If you want to get started, you can check out the following for the things to look for when shopping around for a good leveling system.

Easy to carry and use

You should be able to pick an easy to carry and use leveling system that you can conveniently use anytime. In addition, you must find one that can be installed easily, too; some of these products are stick-on items, so they do not require any tools to set up. By choosing one with such feature, you can use the leveler right away and without any difficulties.

You might also want to search for those that have LED light indicators, which can show you what the problem is as well as how to solve it, too. On the other hand, you can find levelers that have Bluetooth capability, adding to more convenience of use.

Nevertheless, leveling systems for the recreational vehicle aren’t hard to use at all. You can choose based on the features that also help for ease of use.


When shopping around for a good leveling system, you should also find a durable product. For one, you should look for an item that has weatherproofing abilities. In this case, it will be able to handle and keep up with the weather changes outdoors. With that said, you can look forward to long-term use.


In addition to the above, you might also want to find an RV level that can offer versatility. The best ones can be used in leveling trailer tongues or hitches, campers, RVs, appliances, furniture, large tools, cameras, tripods, rifle rests and pool tables, to name some.

You might want to check out one that allows you to use it for other vehicles and stuff other than your RV for more uses. This item can be used by carpenters, repair people and other installation people, too.

Easy to store

The RV level should be easy to store. For this reason, many of them are with a convenient size, allowing for storage in your drawer. You can also carry it in a tool bag or in your pocket. In short, you can use this item anywhere that you need to crosscheck level, and then later store it.

These are only some of the things to check when finding an RV leveling system that you might want to know so that you can make a better decision in picking the right one for you.

Definitely, there are many of these items on the market but not all are reliable. You should be able to pick the one that is easy to use, carry and install as well as durable and versatile. Compare your options well and pick the right one today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most popular RV level brands?

A: When selecting an RV level, you should also factor in the brand. Good brands will not taint their names with poorly constructed and functioning leveling tools and systems. They are trusted because they can deliver as described.

Choosing an RV leveler made by one of the most popular brands, you can be certain of dealing with reputable manufacturers that deliver only satisfying products to their customers. Some of these popular and reputable brands include CIPA, Hopkins, Winnsty, Camco and Sun Company.

Q: How to install & use?        

A: The installation process differs from one manufacturer to another. Some of these leveling systems are stick-on models that do not require the use of tools in the process. They are usually with adhesive double-sided tape that you just have to stick on the wall of the RV to start with the leveling. On the other hand, there are those that you need to screw. Read the label for proper instructions on use, too.

Q: How to maintain & care/ clean?

A: There is no complicated maintenance routine to follow in order to clean and maintain such products. For those operated by batteries, you just need to replace them from time to time. But nevertheless, there is no complicated process to maintain these items.

Q: Where to buy?        

A: You can buy a leveler in many stores including those that supply for the RV, automotive and other hardware stores. But for great deals, you might want to check out to find popular brands, quality items and affordable prices.


With the best RV levels, your vehicle will be leveled properly and prevent tilting that would otherwise damage appliances, machines and equipment aboard. Using one, you can also level other stuff like tools, cameras, tripods and others that require leveling.

To choose the right one, you can get started in the selection process using our guide with the reviews of the top items in the category as well as the things to look for. Buy an RV level today!


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