The Best RV Generator

Are you shopping around for the best RV generator? Camping aboard the recreational vehicle is one of the best things in life. While enjoying outdoor adventures and time with family, we also want to experience home like convenience and comfort.

That’s what an RV generator can help us with because it can supply power to our appliances and electronics day and night. There are many of these on the market, though.

Choosing one can be a challenge and time-consuming if you don’t know what to look for. It’s the reason we’ve put up this guide on considerations when shopping around and comparing top picks on the market.

Also, we’re answering some of the most common questions related to buying and using a portable recreational vehicle generator. If you’re ready, let’s begin.

Best RV Generators

1. Champion 3100-Watt RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator

  • Economy mode saves fuel and extends engine life
  • Up to 8 hours running time even with 25% of load
  • Safe to supply clean power even for sensitive RV electronics
  • Has a wireless remote start that receives command even if you’re 80 feet away
  • Built perfectly for the recreational vehicle or travel trailer
  • Heavier than other models on the market are

Champion has been a world-renowned brand when it comes to the best portable RV generator. One of their latest offerings is the Champion 3100-Watt portable generator that is made using an innovative inverter technology.

One thing I liked about it is its quick touch panel, which lets us control the entire generator in just one central spot. It also eliminates confusion especially for first time users and has a safe design has a low oil shut-off sensor.

I would also like to recommend this Champion mode because it is ready and designed for portability especially for our recreational vehicle. One thing that also makes it great is that you can readily use it. Another thing I would like to note about the generator is the convenient and smart design of the Champion 3100-Watt.

Another thing unique about the portable generator is the ignition switch, which is available in three different positions.

I would also like to note its key fob, allowing us to start it even if we’re not anywhere near the generator. Did you know that it could receive the command even when we’re up to 80 feet away?

I also like that it has a quiet motor operation at 58 dBA, which we would appreciate. Who would want to use and run a noisy generator anyway?

You can also rely on the portable travel trailer generator because it can be used in supplying clean power to all types of electronics inside our recreational vehicle.

I would also like to recommend this if you’re looking for a household backup power and tailgating. I also love that the unit offers up to eight hours of long running time even if it has only about 25 percent of load.

The smart generator also comes with an economy mode, which works in extending the engine’s life and saving fuel.

Overall, I think that the unit is impressive for its reliability and performance. It is also well built for motorhomes, travel trailers and campers. I also liked the 3-year limited warranty plus lifetime technical support free.

On a drawback, I think that the generator is quite heavier than other portable generators on the market are, but it is nevertheless one of the best in the category.

2. Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000 PowerSmart Series 3000-Watt Inverter Generator

  • Easy to transport
  • Higher run time than other models up to 10 hours at 25% load
  • LCD display for easy monitoring of performance metrics
  • Parallel capabilities, letting two inverter generators together without using a household outlet
  • Comes with four 120V household outlets
  • Shorter warranty versus other portable generators are (24 months warranty)

Keeping up with RVing is a reliable portable generator that can supply clean power to our recreational vehicle electronics, including the best RV TV. When shopping around for one, we must also look into the quietest generator for RV camping, which can make our outdoor adventures with our RV more enjoyable and convenient.

One of those I love in this category is the Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000, which utilizes an inverter technology that is also energy-efficient. If you’re looking to bring better power to your camping and adventure, you might want to take a look at this model, which works best for tailgating, RV camping and DIY projects.

I also would like to recommend this generator because it is energy-efficient with the ability of saving fuel and extending the lifespan of the engine. This generator also has a smart LCD display, which can provide visibility to important metrics in performance, allowing you to see what you want without any hassles. You will also appreciate that it has a luggage-style handle plus six-inch wheels that ups portability because it makes transportation easier to the campsite or to your tailgate.

I also love the quiet performance of the unit, which is what we need especially when running it in the middle of the night. This unit is also built with the Quiet Power Technology only at 58 decibels (25% load), which works by automatically reduces engine speed in reducing noise, running longer and saving fuel.

On the drawback, the generator comes with a shorter warranty than other models do.

3. Pulsar PG4000iSR Gas-Powered Quiet Inverter Generator

  • Can run up to 15 hours of extended operation even with only 3.4 gallons fuel
  • Wireless remote start lets you start it even if you’re 10 feet away
  • Compact design and great portability with never flat wheels
  • Parallel capability lets connection of two units when increased power is needed
  • Safe and pure electrical power for its Stable Sine Wave Technology
  • A bit bulky

Are you looking for a quiet camping generator? You might not have to look any further for having the gas-powered quiet portable generator from Pulsar. The 4,000-W portable generator is reliable and is also CARB compliant. It is built for heavy-duty use and convenient to bring anywhere. The model is readily built for the mobile home.

I liked that the PG4000iSR is also rugged and versatile for many uses and on any occasions. It has 4000 peak watts and 3500 running watts and can provide up to 12 hours of continued operation even with only 3.5g of fuel.

If you’re looking for a practical and efficient generator for your outdoor event or adventure, you really should not miss looking into the PG4000iSR. It is a convenient and versatile model, which is a powerful choice for its nice features. One of those I would like to emphasize is that electric push start and remote start, letting you start it with only a push of the button even when from afar.

Another feature I appreciate about the PG4000iSR is its duplex outlet of 120V (20AMP), 12V DC (8 AMP) and 120V (30AMP) of an RV outlet. You will also appreciate that it has USB outlets that include parallel sockets, which can ensure of supplying your electronics with safe and pure electrical power even for sensitive electronics, including mobile phones and laptops. It is dependable for supplying continued power especially during blackouts.

I would also like to recommend this model for its impact resistant features and compact size plus its always ready, never flat wheels for extreme portability. With such features, you can be sure that it is easy to move around and store.

Before I forgot, it also offers a quiet operation of only ~63 dB, ensuring it won’t bother you especially when running in the middle of the night. This product is also compliant in all 50 states.

On the downside, it is a bit bulkier compared to other models on the market is.

4. WEN 56310i-RV Super Quiet 3100-Watt RV-Ready Portable Inverter Generator

  • Quiet operation
  • Prevents damage to sensitive electronics for clean and safe power supply
  • Great for power outages, tailgating, campgrounds and recreational vehicles
  • Eco-Mode improves fuel economy
  • Lightweight design for easy portability
  • Warranty could be improved (2-year warranty)

The CARB compliant WEN 56310i is one of the top choices when it comes to portable generators running with an inverter technology. It is one of the latest offerings from the brand, which is also one of the most known in the industry for its reliability and commitment to supplying quality RV-ready generators.

One thing I liked about the generator is that it offers a very quiet operation, especially when running in the middle of the night. I also appreciate that it is versatile enough for many applications, such as in the RV, country, power outages, tailgating and campgrounds.

I also would like to recommend the WEN 56310i because it can produce clean and safe power that can prevent damage to your sensitive electronics, including tablets, laptops and mobile phones.

I also liked that the unit is able to max fuel economy by just turning on the Eco-Mode. It works by letting the unit to adjust its fuel consumption, eventually extending the engine’s lifespan and runtime.

You will also appreciate that the model comes already with two three-prong receptacles, each 120V, a 12V DC receptacle, and 120V AC 30A plug and two USB ports, making it very convenient to use in plugging in many appliances in your recreational vehicle.

It has the ability of handling even sensitive electronics because of the total harmonic distortion of less than 1.2% coming from a True Sine Wave. And if you need more power, you can easily link two generators with its parallel connection kit, allowing combining outputs between units.

It also has a lightweight design, collapsible handle and built-in wheels for easy maneuverability and portability.

On a drawback, its warranty could be improved.

5. Honda EU2200i Portable Inverter Generator

  • Inverter technology for clean and safe power
  • Eco-throttle system improves fuel efficiency
  • Quiet operation
  • Supreme performance
  • Ideal for home or outdoor uses
  • Expensive

The Honda EU2200i portable inverter generator is one of the most reliable models on the market that can offer supreme performance and reliability. It is a safe and clean source of power even for sensitive electronics, such as tablets, mobile phones and laptops.

The Honda 2200W model is one of the most popular from the brand because it is versatile enough to be used in camping, at home, on the job site, in the camping ground and in the country. With it, you will have a portable source of power.

It also works quietly, so you don’t have to worry about it bothering you in the middle of the night. The best built in RV generator is running only between 48 and 57 dBA, offering less noise than other brand generators on the market. You can definitely rely on it as a supplemental power for camping and other outdoor adventures.

For additional required power or power-consuming applications, you can also rely on the EU2200i because you can connect another unit of its kind through a parallel connection ability using an optional power cord or cable for up to 4400W.

In addition, this unit has an eco-throttle system, which works by improving fuel efficiency, ensuring you won’t waste fuel. This model also runs between 4 and 9.6 hours on one tank, based on the load connected to it. The portable generator is the perfect choice for those looking for long-time power applications or overnight power.

This model also runs using an inverter technology that can deliver clean and stable power but is in a compact and light package. The inverter technology also makes sure that it can produce reliable power just like that you are getting when at home.

On a drawback, this unit is expensive, though.

6. Champion 3500-Watt RV Ready Portable Generator

  • Safety design features
  • Powerful to run up to 12 hours
  • Can supply clean and pure power to RV electronics
  • Low-oil shut off sensor for increased safety
  • Volt guard to prevent damage to valuable equipment
  • Not as quiet as other products in the same category

Another portable generator for the recreational vehicle not to miss is the Champion 3500W model that has great features and offers superb performance. It can be the choice as the best generator for RV air conditioner for its safety features in the design. One of its safety features is its low-oil shut off sensor, which works to protect the generator and the appliances from damage.

Another thing I would like to recommend it for includes its power and reliability. This model is powerful for its starting 4000W, while 3500W for its running watts. The Champion portable generator can also run for up to 12 hours without interruption, ideal for outdoor events and adventures that require a continued source of power. When full charged with gasoline, it is the running time of the portable generator, one thing making it valuable for RV owners and households.

Another thing I liked about the portable generator is that it can supply clean and pure power even to the most sensitive electronics in our RV, and some of these include cellular phones, laptops and tablets.

I also liked the volt guard feature that can protect our RV equipment from damage due to voltage spikes. This model also has a voltmeter, letting us check and track power output instantly.

Another thing I would like to note is that this unit comes with a 3-year limited warranty plus a lifetime technical support.

For durability, it is designed and made with cast iron sleeve. I would also like to recommend it because it is RV ready that it already comes with a 30A outlet plus sufficient power to supply an RV air conditioner with 15,000 BTU.

On a drawback, it is not as quiet as other models for its noise level operation of 68 dBA from 23 feet.

7. Sportsman GEN4000DF Portable RV Generator

  • Designed with a regulator hose kit
  • Dual fuel: can run off gasoline or propane
  • EPA approved for environment safety
  • 10 hours running time on a gas full tank or propane at 50% load
  • Power ready for homeowners, RV owners and contractors
  • Cannot be converted to run using natural gas

Another great choice not to miss when choosing an RV generator with portability, reliability and performance is the Sportsman GEN4000DF. It is also suitable for a travel trailer with built in generator.

This is a versatile model, which lets you use propane or gasoline, giving you the flexibility to what fuel is available at the moment. I also liked that the unit is EPA approved for environmental safety and friendliness.

Another thing to look for when buying a portable travel trailer generator is its long running time. That is one of the top features of this model that is able to run for up to 10 hours at 50% propane load or unleaded gas at full tank.

It can be for you if you want to use the generator not only for the RV but also for outdoor events and adventures, including family picnics and sports events. You can also use it for tailgating, in the campground or in the country.

This model, which comes with a one-year limited warranty, is perfect for supplying clean power to your sensitive RV equipment or electronics including phones, TV, laptop or tablet. You can also rely on it for power outages, making power on standby and ready when needed.

It is also an RV ready and easy to maneuver generator that already comes with one 120V outlet and one 12V DC outlet ready for charging a battery. Without even saying, this model is flexible enough in handling almost all the things you need for tailgating or camping.

On a drawback, this model cannot be converted to run using natural gas.

8. Generac 6866 iQ2000 Inverter Generator

  • Can change speed based on electrical demand to reduce noise
  • Indicators keep the unit safe from overload and overheating
  • Works quieter than other brand models
  • Includes a PowerBar noting of the wattage used
  • PowerDial functions, including start/run/stop all in one dial
  • Expensive

If you’re looking for a quiet and reliable travel trailer generator that you can always rely on for clean, safe and pure power, you might not have to look any further with the Generac 6866 iQ2000.

It is designed and built with an inverter technology, which makes it energy-efficient and fuel saving in the process. You will also love that it is making use of a unique alternator not to find in standard models out there.

This one has a digital inverter model, which works by converting raw power from direct current to alternating current of power. The unit also has a smart engine, which speed can change depending on the demand, reducing noise level.

I also liked that it can keep us informed for its status indicators that instantly tells us about low oil, low fuel, overheating or overload. It is a smart feature that also keeps the generator safe from damage due to any of these things.

The smart Generac 6866 iQ2000 model also informs us of limits by displaying the wattage produced in real time, letting you know how much capacity you’re having.

I also love that it lets us connect two of the same model together for increased power for its parallel ready connection. Another thing I liked is the easy to use dial with multiple functions – start/run/stop, all in one place. It also lets us choose from three different operation modes based on preference. These are economy, standard and turbo.

On a drawback, this unit is expensive, though.

9. Westinghouse WGen3600 Portable Generator

  • Outlets with rubber for added safety
  • Low oil shutdown for unit safety
  • Easy to maneuver and move around
  • Extended running time about 18 hours on a full tank
  • Built-in fuel gauge
  • Expensive

Are you looking for low noise generators camping? You might not have to look any further with the RV ready Westinghouse WGen3600. It can operate at a low noise 69 dBA, which is a remarkable feature that can be compared to other models we’re featuring in today’s guide.

The quiet operation is not all that you will appreciate about the WGen3600 because it is also a portable generator to use for a wide range of purposes and uses. You can rely on it for tailgates, DIY projects, cabin, home and recreational vehicles especially during power outages.

One thing I would like to note about the WGen3600 is its ability of running for up to 18 hours with just a single full tank. It is reliable that you can use it to power your events and outdoor adventures.

I also liked the durability of the WGen3600 because of its steel frame plus roll bars, which ensure that it can keep up with outdoor elements and stresses. The Westinghouse WGen3600 is also very easy to maneuver because of its built-in wheels and handle, adding to its portability and making transportation worry-free.

This model is also plug-and-play because it already comes with an oil funnel, oil, user’s manual and a tool kit. It does not also require much assembly, meaning you can use it within minutes out of the box.

I also liked that it is designed with all the outlets ready to plug in our electronics. It has a 5-20R 120V duplex receptacle, a L5-30R 30A receptacle and a TT-30R 30A receptacle. These outlets also have their rubber covers, which make them safer.

I also liked that it is backed by a 3-year warranty. In addition, this model also has a long running time of up to 187 hours for its four-gallon capacity and that is for a full tank.

You will also appreciate that it is built with a single touch push button electric start plus a remote start key fob. You can also run it using propane or gasoline, adding to its flexibility for letting you choose whichever fuel is available at the moment.

On a drawback, it can be expensive, though.

10. DuroStar DS4000S Portable RV Generator

  • Durable steel frame keeps up with heavy demands and outdoor conditions
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy-to-ready fuel gauge
  • Protects engine with low oil shutoff feature
  • Smart panel with voltmeter, oil status indicator, power outlets and circuit breaker
  • Lower 8-hour runtime at 50% max output than other models on the market

The gas-powered RV generator is another top choice on the market for its remarkable and high performance features. You can rely on it for a ready power source during camping, disasters and emergencies as well as during infrastructure failures.

The DuroStar DS4000S is one of the most reliable choices aside from being affordable. It is a rugged workhorse that works perfectly for different purposes whenever you need a standby power supply for your loved ones in your outdoor adventures and while in the wilderness.

The DuroStar DS4000S is a heavy-duty generator that has equally durable components, including its steel frame and a 4-pt isolated motor for quiet operation and smooth performance.

I also liked the full power panel, which contains all the info we need to see and monitor at a glance. It also has the power outlets, voltmeter and oil warning indicator light.

It is also designed with a quiet muffler that minimizes engine noise when running. I also liked the four-stroke OHV single cylinder built-in with an air cooling system.

In addition, it is designed with an EZ pull recoil start for easy start and is EPA approved for environmental safety. Speaking of safety, this unit also has auto low oil shut off.

Overall, it is a decent choice for a portable camper or travel trailer generator on the market.

On a drawback, it has a lower running time of eight hours at 50% load operation than other products on the market do.

11. Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator

  • Low oil shut off
  • Air cooling system prevents overheating
  • Includes a propane hose kit
  • Added portability for its never flat tires and folding handles
  • Durability for its cast iron sleeve
  • A bit bulky

If you’re looking for the best portable generator for RV camping, you might want to take a second look at the Champion 3800-Watt model, which is powerful enough to supply your RV and home electronics with safe and clean power when needed, especially in camping, outdoor events, power outages and disasters.

The smart model has all the great features that you’re looking for when investing on a portable mobile home generator. For one, it has a higher running time of up to 9 hours on a full tank of gas. On the other hand, it can run for up to 10.5 hours when on a 20 lb propane tank.

This model with a starting watts of 4750W and 3800W running watts is also one of the most reliable choices on the market for its ease of use feature. I also notice that it has a top performing engine of the Champion 224cc that also comes with a push-button electric start and a touch start. Another good thing is that the electric start already comes with a battery.

The innovative portable RV generator is also able to protect your RV or home appliances from damage due to power surges – thanks to its volt guard.

I also appreciate that the brand has backed it up with a 3-year limited warranty plus a lifetime of technical support, ensuring help’s ready when needed.

The 4-Stroke engine model is a decent choice if you want to get the most out of your spending. It has the top performance features that we would like our portable generator for home, for work or for play to have.

On a negative note, this product is a bit bulky, though.

12. DuroMax XP4400E Portable RV Generator

  • 8-hour runtime at 50% load output
  • Includes battery for its electric key start
  • CARB and EPA approved unit
  • Full power panel
  • Low oil shut off feature
  • A bit noisy operation of 69dB

The Duromax XP4400E motorhome generator is the ideal model for emergencies, recreational activities and work events. It has top quality features that can make it a great investment for a portable generator unit that has a wide range of purposes.

It is powered with 7.0HP and a total max output of 4400W and rated output 3500W. You can use it in supplying power to a small house or a recreational vehicle. To protect its engine from overheating, it is also air-cooled.

The 4-gallon capacity fuel tank can supply power for up to eight hours continuously at 50% load output. It is also a durable model that is built with solid heavy-duty steel frame.

For portability, this model also has solid tires, which make maneuvering and moving it from one place to another easier. You can also have peace of mind that it will not be damaged due to low oil because it can automatically shut off at this oil level.

Another thing you will like about the DuroMax XP4400E is that it is approved by both CARB and EPA, making it safe and useful even for recreational and national parks. It can also be used in powering drills and saws, along with other construction equipment.

The air-cooled generator kit also comes with an automatic low oil shut off, protecting it from failure and damage. I also liked the full power panel that has a voltmeter, power outlets and circuit breaker as well as the engine shutoff switch.

Overall, the Duromax XP4400E is an ideal mobile home and household generator kit that has all the performance and function features needed for a decent and smooth operation.

On a drawback, it emits a higher level of noise at 69dB.

13. Champion 4000-Watt Portable Generator

  • Open frame design makes it quieter and lighter
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty
  • Parallel ready for letting you connect two same model generators for increased power
  • Pure and clean power for sensitive RV electronics
  • Runtime 17 hours on gas
  • Costly

The Champion 4000-Watt model is the best generator for camping trailer for its innovative features that make it worth every cent of spending. This is an RV ready generator kit that is built with the inverter technology for ensured energy efficiency.

I also liked that it has an open frame design, which makes it 20% lighter and 50% quieter than other models from this brand. When it comes to fuel saving, you can also rest assured that you can save power for its eco mode that will help you not only save gas but also extend engine life.

I would also like to recommend this unit for its parallel ready feature that lets you use two generators at once when you need increased power with its optional parallel kit.

You can also rely on the Champion 4000-Watt model for its extended runtime reaching up to 17 hours on gasoline. You can use it for tailgating, DIY project, construction, RV, travel trailer and camper. It is also useful during power outages and emergencies.

I also appreciate that the manufacturer has included a 3-year limited warranty on this product plus a lifetime technical support, ensuring you will get help when needed.

I would also like to note that this product is safe even for sensitive electronics for the clean and pure power supply it can deliver. It is built for the recreational vehicle, too, for its included 2 x 120V 20A outlets and 120V 30A RV outlet. It also comes with a 12V DC outlet as well as a dual USB adapter.

On a drawback, this unit is costly.

14. Westinghouse iGen4500 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

  • Quiet operation at only 53 dBA
  • RV ready for its TT-30R Outlet
  • Efficiency mode to save fuel
  • Can run up to 18 hours with a 3.4g fuel tank
  • Portability for its never flat wheels and suitcase-style handle
  • Expensive

If you’re looking for a high quality and reliable portable inverter technology generator, then you won’t want to miss the Westinghouse iGen4500. It is a great onboard RV generator that works efficiently in supplying power to our electronics, even the sensitive ones aboard our recreational vehicle.

The product is a top rated gas powered one that is travel trailer ready for its peak watts of 4500 and rated watts of 3800. It is a CARB compliant model, ensuring of its safety, quality and performance.

The unit is a class of own with innovative features, including a push button electric start that makes it convenient to use and a remote start allowing you to start it even if you’re far away.

I also liked that it is designed with a LED display, which is user-friendly and easy-to-read. With it, you can easily check and monitor the power output and remaining running time. Using it, you can also check the voltage and fuel level, ensuring of safety of your appliances and electronics while also extending the life of your generator.

The portable RV generator is also versatile for a wide range of purposes. You can rely on it for recreational activities, camping and outdoor adventures. You can also use it for jobsites and construction works. If you have a DIY project, you can also have peace of mind that it is a dependable unit.

The iGen4500 is a smart generator that features a single-touch button for its electric start plus a reliable remote start key fob, also having an automatic choke. I also love that it is one of the quietest portable generators around for running with only 52 dB of noise output.

On a negative note, the RV mobile generator is expensive. However, with its efficiency and top performance, it is worth every cent.

15. Cummins Onan 2.5HGJBB-1121 RV QG 2500 Watt LP Vapor Generator

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy to install
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Ideal for camping, outdoor events and construction sites
  • Microprocessor control with diagnostics
  • Not as powerful as other generators on the market are

Just like Honda onboard RV generators, the Cummins Onan model is a dependable and quality on board generator for our travel trailers because it has enough power in supplying electricity to our RV appliances and equipment. The LP vapor generator is also one of the best when it comes to fuel efficiency and technology.

It is a 2500-Watt model that is also compact and lightweight for superior maneuverability and portability. When it comes to camping, sports, work or play, it might be the portable power generator for you because of its versatility.

I also would like to recommend the Cummins Onan 2.5HGJBB-1121 because of its microprocessor control, which includes diagnostics that keeps us updated of the condition of the generator.

It is also one of the quietest generators on the market now for its compact size. You will also like that it offers easy maintenance because of its single-side. I also would like to note that it has a fully enclosed muffler that contributes to its silent operation.

You can also install it in a breeze, so it won’t be a hassle. It is also backed by a 3-year limited warranty that can give you peace of mind help is available when you need it.

The unit also offers low fuel consumption, so you can be sure that you won’t have to spend too much on fuel.

Overall, the portable travel trailer generator is a top choice among RV owners because of its high quality and top performance features. You might want to select it if you’re looking for a reliable and long-lasting portable generator.

On a drawback, it is not as powerful as other potable travel trailer generators on the market are.

16. WEN 56475 4750-Watt Gasoline Powered Portable Generator

  • Can run up to 11 hours at 50% load
  • Foldable handles and a wheel kit for added portability
  • Automatic voltage regulator
  • CARB and EPA compliant
  • Includes a low oil shutdown for the safety of the generator from damage
  • A bit noisy operation

The WEN 56475 is one of the best portable generators on the market that you can count on for RV, home or jobsite use. This unit is also reliable because it is CARB compliant.

RV owners can have peace of mind that they’re buying a high quality and safe generator that can supply power even to their sensitive RV electronics, including mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

The model with an electric start is a reliable portable RV generator designed with display readout, instantly informing you of any maintenance schedule and oil changes.

You can also rely on it especially during emergencies, power outages and disasters. It is also useful for many other purposes, including for work, play or outdoor adventures.

It is also ideal for its lightweight and compact design, which makes it easy to transport and move from one place to another.

Another notable feature that I liked about it is its rugged engine of 223cc OHV that is powerful enough to produce 4750W peak power and 3750W rated power, giving you the convenience and freedom to run your RV appliances and electronics.

Some of these can include your RV refrigerator, TV, sump pump and other RV appliances.

You will also appreciate that the kit is complete with a battery and an oil funnel. It also has a long running time of up to 11 hours at 50% load.

For added ease of use, the model also has foldable handles and a wheel kit that makes transporting it from one place to another much easier. It also has a keyless electric start, allowing you to turn it on at a button press.

On a drawback, it is a bit noisy in operation.

17. Rockpals 3000-Watt RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator

  • Supplies clean and pure electricity even for sensitive electronics
  • Quiet operation of only 58 dBA that improves its performance
  • Smart eco mode for fuel saving
  • Easy to use electric key start
  • Free lifetime technical support
  • Warranty could be improved (2-year warranty)
  • A bit heavier

The Rockpals 3000-Watt is another top contender for the best portable recreational vehicle inverter generators on the market now because of its great features.

The RV generator is ideal even for sensitive RV electronics including laptops, Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. It is also perfect for microwave, hair dryer and other appliances on board the recreational vehicle.

When camping with our vehicle, using these appliances can make our lives easier and more convenient. An RV generator like the Rockpals model is one of those that you can depend on for powering all these.

Using the inverter generator, you can also have peace of mind that your appliances will be protected from damage for its high safety features.

In addition, I liked that the generator can operate with only 58 dBA that makes the operation quiet. With such feature, you can be certain that you won’t wake up in the middle of the night or become an annoyance for your neighbors. Also, some parks, including national parks have noise restrictions.

It also features that smart economy mode, effectively reducing electrical load and extending the life of the engine. The model is also dependable for supplying power to the RV electronics all day and night.

Overall, it is a decent choice when it comes to shopping around for a great portable recreational vehicle generator.

On a drawback, this model is a bit heavier than other products in the same category are. Its warranty could be improved, too.

18. Atima AY3000i 3000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

  • Accessible and ergonomic design
  • Parallel ready connection
  • High starting load
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Can power all types of home and camping use appliances and electronics
  • A bit noisy operation

If you’re shopping around for a good RV generator, you should find one that is heavy-duty and top performing. One of the top choices among RV owners is the Atima AY3000i 3000W model.

It is by far one of the best offerings from the brand for inverter technology, making it more energy efficient and high performing for your heavy demands.

The CARB complaint model is also powered by a genuine Yamaha engine, which has been known for decades for its high quality and commitment to deliver the best to consumers.

I also liked that this model is a low maintenance model that can withstand heavy demands for many years even for continued use. Many experts have also recognized that the engine is a class of its own, and this model is carrying that quality mark in this generator.

The AY3000I is also reliable for powering the most demanding RV electronics and appliances, such as oil and gas furnace fans. It can also supply power to an AC of up to 13500 BTU.

You can use it for your power demands aboard your vehicle, keeping convenience day and night. It is also great for powering TV, DVD, portable fan, incandescent lights and coffee maker.

You can also use it at home as a garage door opener. Plus, this portable generator can also supply power for Energy Star freezers or refrigerators.

I also would like to note that this is a parallel ready model, meaning you can connect it with another Atima generator if you want to increase power for home or camping use.

It can provide a constant power supply that you can count on all the time. I also liked that it has an accessible and ergonomic design. This model is made with an aluminum-alloyed body that makes it extra durable, too.

On a negative note, the model operates a bit noisier than other models on the market are.

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Also, in reviewing the products, we have carefully considered the factors to check, including the price, noise, portability and more.

In today’s guide, we’re hoping that you can pick the right RV generator for your needs.

What Is An RV Generator


This type of generator is used in campers, travel trailers, recreational vehicles, homes, construction sites and outdoor events just like a typical generator. It plays a significant role in camping when we need power supply for our electronics and appliances aboard the RV.

It can make our lives more comfortable while on the road because we never miss on our favorite TV shows or using our laptops and tablets due to ready power source. This portable generator is especially useful when in RV parks that do not have power hookups.

The portable travel trailer generator is our best friend when it comes to having a power source for our 120V AC outlets as well as in charging our RV battery bank. We can also use it in supplying power to our microwave, hair dryer and other appliances in the RV.

How Does It Work


This generator works in the same manner as generators on the market. It works through a fueled motor run by propane, diesel, or unleaded gas. The power equipment is drawing power from the combustion of the fuel that keeps its motor running.

There are simple and complex generator models on the market. Some are using a single motor, which includes two cylinders, each having a piston connected to a crankshaft.

A cylinder also has a fuel input port and an air input port. One also has an exhaust port, which is integrated into the model. Every cylinder supports each other. When one of them fires up, the other will also fire up by getting fuel and air. This process ensures that you will get continued firing and exhaust. If yours has a diesel motor, it will achieve combustion through the high compression of the diesel.

Types Of RV Generators


Before investing on an RV generator, such as a 30 amp portable generator, you should know what you’re buying because there are some types of them to choose from, mainly based on fuel source. At the very least, you must opt for a generator that runs using the same fuel that your RV uses.

Diesel and gas types

These types will operate according to their fuel specification. They are good choices that can supply enough power to your RV electronics and appliances including TV, air conditioner and microwave. Some of them can run one AC unit while others have more power to run a few.

When it comes to the design, these types often have a vent pipe and a muffler. The vent pipe is able to extend outside your RV. When looking for an RV generator, you must find one that can be used in a place with noise restrictions. Fortunately, this type of generator usually has a box around that works to make the operation quiet.

Take note that these types are also more reliable versus the propane types for its higher power, plus it can also be cleaner versus gas-powered generators. Another thing notable about it is that it is safe to use and store. On the other hand, some owners choose the gas-powered types because of more readily available fuel for them.

However, gas generators tend to have a short shelf life and are flammable. Nevertheless, diesel or gas powered types require maintenance.

Propane types

A propane generator is a top performing and reliable RV generator that is known not only for its fuel efficiency but also for being environmental friendlier than diesel or gas. When you are on a trip, it is a reliable portable generator that is known for a longer shelf life, too. This RV generator is also known for its quieter operation than the gas-operated generator. One drawback, this generator has a limited run time due to their commonly small tank.

Commercial mobile types

If you’re planning to use the RV generator for commercial or emergency purposes and on a large scale, you might want to opt for this type. These types can handle tough situations and conditions. If you intend to use the generator commercially, then you must opt for these types.

Why Do You Need An RV Generator


You might be asking why you should buy RV generators. There are several reasons to buy this equipment for your vehicle. For one, it is dependable in supplying power to your RV appliances, such as bread toaster, microwave oven and hair dryer, among other appliances that can make your lives comfortable while on the road.

Without even saying, it is important equipment that can provide you with constant power on your vehicle while camping, in the national park or in an outdoor event. The RV portable generator can also ensure you and your loved ones will remain comfortable on board the vehicle for continued power supply.

These RV generators are also compact and lightweight, so they’re easy to maneuver and transport from one place to another. You don’t also have to worry about its installation because it is a breeze. Most of these also come with rolling bags and covers, giving you options when it comes to chaining or securing them in place.

The best small portable generators for camping are also made of durable materials that can withstand and handle tough power demands. They also have smart features that make them easy to use, maintain and operate.

How We Picked


Aside from knowing the benefits of using an RV generator, you should also learn about certain things to look for when choosing the right RV generator for your needs. In this review, we’ve factored in some considerations to think about when buying a recreational vehicle generator. Some of them include the following:

Power requirements

What are the appliances in your RV? When selecting a specific generator, you should first determine your power needs. Opt for one that can supply that to your RV electronics and appliances. At the very least, you must also look for one with a high power output so that you can be sure of getting modern conveniences aboard the RV without running out of power. Thus, estimate your power requirements and narrow down your choices for the right model for your vehicle.


You must also spend time in doing comparison of the overall build of the units you’re looking into, so you must check their construction as one of the major factors in your buying decision.

For one, you should look for a lightweight and less bulky generator aside from its sturdiness for convenience of use. In addition, you should check that it has a compact size so that you can easily transport it from one place to another.

Installation – permanent or portable

When shopping around for camper generators, such as Honda camping generators, you should also determine if you need a permanent or portable type. If you’re looking to take the unit from one place to another from time to time, you might want to opt for the portable type than the permanent type, which is installed on the vehicle all the time.

Fuel spending

How often should you add fuel to the unit? Check on how many times you need to add fuel to it so that it runs efficiently. You should also see to it that it has an eco-mode feature that can save fuel.

Operating noise

You should also check that you’re buying a unit that has a quiet operating noise so that it won’t disturb your neighbors and loved ones especially when running at night. Some models are running quieter than others do; you might want to compare their dB ratings.

You must also pick a quiet generator because some national parks restrict noise. In addition, you might want to avoid open frame designed unit because they operate at hundreds of decibels.


Just like when shopping for the best RV GPS, you must also be able to narrow down your choices by first considering how much you’re willing to spend for the new investment. In addition, you should compare their prices based on the features and functions it has. In short, you should not only consider the price but also the features.


Using a generator for a mobile home, you must opt for one that is easy to move around especially when camping. You must check that it is not heavy while at the same time easy to transport. Some features to look for include never flat wheels and adjustable handles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does RV ready generator mean?

A: An RV ready generator means that it can be used easily and readily in your recreational vehicle. For one, it has the RV ready for its TT-30R Outlet. It also has enough power to run all the electronics and appliances in your vehicle. An RV ready generator also has the portability that makes it useful for camping, outdoor events and wildness.

Q: What are good RV generator brands?

A: There are many good generator brands to rely on, and a few of them include Champion, Westinghouse, Briggs & Stratton and Pulsar, among other brands that we have featured in today’s guide. We do hope you can use the reviews in comparing your options and buying the right one for your rig.

Q: What size RV generator do I need?

A: At the very least, you should pick one that can run the AC unit of your recreational vehicle, as it is the most power consuming appliances in your recreational vehicle. That’s not all though, but you have to determine the total amount of power all the electronics and appliances in your RV to choose the right generator size.

Q: Where to buy RV generator?

A: You can buy an RV generator in an RV appliance and supplies store as well as other local dealerships. But then if you want to take advantage of more options, you might want to use the web for searching for the right generator for you. One good place to start is Amazon where to find a wide range of generators.

Q: Which type of fuel is the best for RV generator?

A: For this one, you should begin by determining the fuel your vehicle is using to find out the best fuel to use for your RV. So without even saying, the best fuel for your generator must match what your camper is using.

Q: How to install RV generator?

A: At the very least, you must read and follow the user manual included in the purchase, as some manufacturers may be having other or additional instructions for it.

An important thing to remember is that you need a transfer switch when connecting the portable generator to your vehicle to help you prevent fire.

NOTE: You should also make sure that your RV is generator-ready or consult your manual.

Q: How to start RV generator?

A: The answer to this question isn’t definite. Starting it will be based on the model and type you have. A common way is using a remote control to fire it up, while others are using an electric start.

Q: Can RV generator run while driving?

A: Yes, it is okay to use it while on the road driving. But, you might as well use a built-in one when running a generator while driving. On the other hand, those that don’t have a built-in generator opt for a portable one to run their appliances. If you would, you should consider some things. For example, the generator might not be covered entirely, increasing risks for some hazards.

Q: How to make RV generator quieter?

A: As we’ve mentioned in our shopping guide, you should look for a unit that can operate quietly. Its noise level will also determine the unit type to buy. No one would like to end up causing much noise in the neighborhood or in the campsite. In all cases, your unit’s noise should not exceed the restriction of 60 dB at 50ft as set by the National Park Service.

Q: How to maintain RV generator?

A: Ensuring that the portable generator will last is one of our main concerns. One approach is regular maintenance to keep it on top condition. Some ways on how to maintain the unit is monitoring its fuel and ensuring it is not stale or old. You should use the portable unit from time to time if you have no plans of using it for a long period, or else it might be damaged for being inactive. Exercising the generator will also save it from oxidation. In addition, you should clean the air cleaner regularly to avoid dirt buildup that might clog or cover the generator that will also reduce its cooling system’s efficiency.


While selecting the best RV generator is no easy task, it is worth the time and effort to know what to look for and features to consider.

Thus, you should do your homework in finding the right one that will meet your power needs to run your RV appliances and electronics. Consider certain factors, such as the price, noise level and maneuverability, among other things highlighted above.

Hoping you picked up useful info from this guide and be able to decide on which to buy for your recreational vehicle, boat, camper or travel trailer today! If you’re looking for other products in RV power and electrical supplies, then we suggest going for these articles: best RV invertersbest RV convertersbest RV surge protectorsbest RV solar panels and best RV batteries. We do hope you find them useful. Thanks!


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