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The Best RV Fender Skirt

Are you looking for the best RV fender skirts to match your camping/trailer? Everyone would love to travel and camp without any hitch, but that’s not always avoidable. Let’s say your tire pops along the way from passing a rocky road or having a massive pressure buildup.

As you remove your fender skirt, you notice some chips, cracks, scratches, or, even worse, completely broken! This ruins the overall aesthetic of your RV or trailer and may also expose your RV wheel well trim, wheel wells, and undercarriage to debris.

Table of Contents

Best RV Fender Skirts

1. ICON Fleetwood Fender Skirt

  • Fits most Fleetwood trailers
  • Comes in three color families
  • Highly durable ABS plastic
  • Smooth design
  • Textured finish
  • Does not come with screws
  • Light and flimsy

If you’re a big fan of Fleetwood trailers, campers, or RVs (or already own one), you would want to look at the Fleetwood Fender Skirt. Made of highly durable materials, it would make an excellent replacement for your used RV fender skirts, especially the ones from Fleetwood.

Icon, its manufacturer, claims that the product has a universal fit that does not precisely fit all models of campers or RVs. Instead, it fits almost all Fleetwood models, including the Prowler, Prowler Regal, Redline Hyper Lite, Fleetwood Regal, Terry, Terry LX, Terry Quantum, and Wilderness.

However, just to make sure that it will be suitable for your Fleetwood model, ask the manufacturers for their assessment, or simply measure its dimensions yourself.

Additionally, as one of the many fifth wheel fender skirts in the market, Icon elevates their product by making it available in three colors: polar white, taupe, and grey. You can pick one of these to match the paint of your Fleetwood trailer, so you do not have to worry about painting.

Icon claims their product is sturdy and resistant to substantial impacts, and the ABS plastic material of the fender skirt can attest to that. ABS plastic is a durable material that will surely protect your wheel well and some parts of your undercarriage. The plastic is resistant to heat and chemicals, so traveling under the sun with this fender skirt is no problem.

Furthermore, the product is designed to attach to your wheel smoothly. The legs of the fender skirt easily curve underneath the trailer, so it does not stick out in the open, making your trailer look put together. This prevents any damage, too, as having lesser stuff protrude it easy for other drivers to ride alongside your trailer.

Sadly, some customers have expressed that they do not foresee the product to last long, as it feels too light and flimsy. Likewise, it does not come with screws, so you must search for those that fit snugly into the hull of your trailer.

Given that Icon manufactured this fender skirt with ABS plastic, one should always expect it to be lightweight. The product does its job of protecting your RV. If you regularly bring your trailer through rough terrain, do not anticipate it to be long-lasting.

2. RecPro Tandem Trailer Fender Skirt

  • Comes in four colors
  • Durable ABS plastic material
  • UV protection
  • Aesthetically streamlined
  • Comes in a pair or single order
  • May not perfectly fit
  • Does not come with fasteners and holes are not pre-drilled

The RecPro Tandem Trailer Skirt is an excellent product for those looking for travel trailer fender skirts. If you are hoping to replace your cracked/chipped fenders, you should peek at this RecPro product!

The fender skirt comes in four colors: white, black, grey, and tan. This is a brilliant addition to your trailer, especially when you get one that matches the paint. You can make it appear seamlessly connected to the camper or trailer, so apart from a pleasant accessory, it may seem like the factory fender skirt.

Moreover, the fender skirt is developed with highly durable ABS plastic. It is assured to withstand the impact of road debris, thereby safeguarding your wheel well and hull, inhibiting unwanted leaks or troublesome cracks. This material can withstand some chemicals, too, so accidentally spilling or spraying any liquids on it barely poses any risk towards its durability.

Along with that feature comes its resistance to high temperatures. ABS plastic is rated as notably resistant to heat, as it does not have an exact melting point. This frees you from the fear of burns, deformities, or cracks on the fender.

Notwithstanding, RecPro added UV-protection to the fender skirt to make the product even more durable. Extensive exposure to heat can considerably damage the structure and integrity of fender skirts.

RecPro further promotes this fender skirt by fashioning it to be aesthetically streamlined. This means that it improves the aerodynamics of the trailer, RV, or camper by reducing drag caused by air resistance. “Aesthetically streamlined” signifies your vehicle’s neatness and boosts its fuel efficiency to go just a little bit farther.

As RecPro understands that you may need more than just one fender skirt for your motorhome, the product is available in packs of two! This allows you to replace both of your RV fenders in only one order and adjoins to the uniformity of your vehicle. Hence, it strikes as having been appropriately designed.

Nonetheless, some customers have had issues with this product being only “close to the original” fender skirts and not pre-drilled. It may not fit your motorhome perfectly, so ensure to take necessary measurements before purchasing it.

Plus, not coming predrilled might be a hassle, but it permits you to install it on your automobile, granting you new holes instead of the old and worn-down ones.

3. ICON Keystone RV Fender Skirt

  • Available in white, grey, or black
  • Fits well on some Keystone motorhomes
  • Reliable ABS plastic material
  • Scruff-resistant texture
  • Praised for its durability on Amazon
  • May not entirely fit on some Keystone models
  • Screw holes not pre-drilled

Icon assembles replacement fender skirts for owners of trailers from the brand Keystone. These are suited for the many trailers, camper, and RV models of Keystone, but it would still be best to take measurements for a certified fit. If you are seeking to change your Keystone used RV fender skirts, you will want to consider this product from Icon.

As Icon likes to please their customers with the gift of ease, the item is available in three different colors: polar white, metallic grey, and black. It was created so that the fender skirt can connect to your Keystone trailer without looking out of place. Just choose whichever color best flatters your RV, and you can put it on like it was factory-made!

Using ABS plastic as a manufacturing material, Icon continues to give its customers RV fenders meant to endure some time on the road. This type of plastic is deemed to have a terrific resistance to impact, so your hull and wheel well are safe from cracks. This durable ABS plastic fender skirt is set to shield your motorhome from any road debris that could readily chip the precious vehicle.

Speaking of debris, the fender skirt is constructed to be virtually impervious to any scuffs or scratches, too, thanks to its texture. You are sure to be protected from any unsightly markings on your trailer, camper, or RV.

But keep in mind that deliberately scratching the fender skirt is immensely discouraged. You would not desire to be the very agent of the impairment. It can withstand the debris all right but is no match for blades and other sharp objects.

Nevertheless, you cannot suppose this product will soothe all your fender skirt troubles. Despite the claims, Icon declares that their product can accommodate many Keystone models. Many customers have returned unsatisfied with how it fits their trailers imperfectly.

The Icon does advise buyers to measure and compare before buying — how it must repeatedly be — but that counters their assertions.

Another troubling issue some customers have found is the lack of pre-drilled screw holes on the product. It can be a blessing in such a way that you are free to decide how to drill it on, but it is a bane to users who do not possess or are not so handy with a drill.

4. Alpha Systems White RV Fender Skirt

  • Comes in four colors
  • Customizable
  • High-impact resistant
  • Great heat resistance
  • Promotes fuel efficiency of the vehicle
  • Generic fit may need adjusting

RecPro has partnered with Alpha Systems LLC to produce well-fitting travel trailer fender skirts for trailers manufactured by Alpha Systems. Though they may not be as good as the factory fender skirts (the ones already adhered to your motorhome), they still make a wonderful replacement for your broken Alpha Systems RV fender skirts.

RecPro knows of the color families that Alpha Systems uses on their RVs and trailers, so they smartly agreed to have their replacement fender skirts in colors that match the RV. The colors white, tan, grey, and black are intended to effortlessly combine with your RV so that it will look as good as new!

Giving your RV a makeover (like, with new paint) should not be a headache, because RecPro prides in making their products customizable so that neither durability nor heat resistance would be affected. Unlike other fender skirts that annoyingly get chipped or damaged quickly, the product was also made to withstand harmful road debris.

The ABS plastic synthesized with RecPro’s fender skirts is resistant to impact from debris, completely keeping both your hull and wheel well from chipping or cracking.

Unlike products that become less durable under extended exposure to the sun, this material is tremendously resistant to heat. This makes the product as sturdy as new ones, even after being taken on a camping trip. Additionally, it is regarded as protected from UV rays responsible, too, for the impairment of some fender skirts.

Taking physics and aesthetics into account, the company created its fender skirts to be “aesthetically streamlined”. This augments both the beauty and fuel efficiency of your motorhome by permitting air to flow smoothly around it, reducing drag.

However, not all the customers reported much satisfaction with the product. There were claims that the product was generic, not fitting flawlessly on their RVs or trailers.

Nevertheless, despite all the required adjustments and trimmings they had to perform, they are still content with how the product is an excellent replacement for their factory fender skirts. Some of them even strengthened the fender skirt by incorporating specific components to its center, increasing the product’s durability, although through a tedious process.

5. ICON 1424 Jayco Tandem Fender Skirt

  • Fits many Jayco trailers, RVs, campers
  • Comes in two colors
  • Unique half-square design
  • Durable ABS plastic
  • Scuff-resistant texture
  • Some products may be cracked

Icon presents yet another line of fender skirts for a different brand. This Jayco fender skirt is conceived to fit the many models of the Jayco brand. This consists of RVs, campers, and trailers, making it as superb as factory fenders in replacement to your 5th wheel fender skirts if Jayco also manufactures them.

Some of the Jayco models this product fits snugly on are the: Eagle, Flight, Flight G2, Flight Bungalow, Qwest, Octane ZX, Recon ZX, and Designer. This will provide as if it was the factory original itself!

The fender skirts come in two different colors: white and black. To stick to your motorhome’s general aesthetic and design, you are free to choose which color you would like on your RV or trailer.

Furthermore, the near-sharp corners of the fender skirt give it a distinct style compared to other fender skirts, as most of them tend to be curvy. This allows the product to stand out among the crowd nicely, not as a sore thumb.

The material Icon used to produce their Jayco-designed fender skirts is the highly durable ABS plastic. It is resistant to substantial impacts. This fender skirt will deflect any road debris that ricochets onto your hull or wheel well, so you would not have to suffer any unsightly chipping or cracking!

Additionally, the fender skirt texture is aimed to be scuff resistant. Hence, the product protects your hull or wheel well and itself from ugly scratches and markings.

Though always keep in mind that it is not meant to be placed under extreme conditions, so passing by a rocky road with pointy rocks can potentially scratch it. Consistently be mindful of the path you prefer to pass, to defend more than just your fender skirts.

Nonetheless, these features do not make the product perfect. Aside from not fitting on some Jayco motorhomes, a customer has communicated dissatisfaction for the fender skirt being delivered with pre-existing cracks.

This is a significant thing that Icon has overlooked. The cracks on the product magnanimously decrease its durability, mostly failing to protect your vehicle. A slight impact from any road debris can entirely break the already damaged fender skirt, which is a waste of money and a considerable risk to your wheel well or hull.

6. JMTAAT Tandem Trailer Fender Skirt

  • Trusted seller on Amazon
  • Made with ABS plastic
  • Does not sustain damage after sun exposure
  • Pre-drilled screw holes
  • Easy installation
  • Not a universal fit on all RVs

JMTAAT offers its customers eyeing RV fender skirt replacements with a product of marvelous quality and reliability. As its stock comes from its warehouse, JMTAAT is a trusted seller of automotive parts and accessories on Amazon.

Thus, you can count on JMTAAT to cater to your RV fender skirt needs, as this manufacturer specializes in supplying its customers with what they demand. It might work out as a Forest River RV fender skirt replacement, but take measurements for certainty.

The fender skirt only comes in one color: black. Black complements any other color, as it provides a good contrast. This permits the fender skirt to stand out with the paint of your RV simultaneously. Integrating black RV fender flares as an accessory to your motorhome will undoubtedly make it look tough!

Like most other fender skirts, the JMTAAT fender skirt is made of ABS plastic. This material has exceptional resistance to impact. It will take all the destruction from road debris or small bumps from other cars. As it absorbs most of the blows with its capacity to resist cracking and chipping, your wheel well and hull are safe from drab and unwanted scratching, chipping, or cracking.

The material is known to have a high resistance to heat, and lab testing discovered that ABS plastic has no exact melting point. Notwithstanding, this does not indicate that you can just subject it to fires and such, as those could lead to burns and molds. It can survive under extended exposure to the sun, but direct flames would ruin it.

Furthermore, as the product comes pre-drilled, it will also be super straightforward to install. Yet, do not await anything from it, as you still must scrutinize whether it sufficiently fits in your motorhome.

It would be awesome to have it match the holes that are already on your RV or trailer, but you would require a drill if it does not. You can always modify and shorten the product to match the holes, but there is a doubt that it might not be as sturdy as it is meant to be.

Nevertheless, the product does hold some detriments, as no product is impeccable. While JMTAAT insists that its product has a universal fit, it may still not click with your RV size.

You regularly must take measurements before putting on the tandem fender skirt, as failing to do so may call for you to make severe alterations. Though what is truly important is its functionality, and it carries out the job of keeping your motorhome safe from harm adequately.

7. ICON 1539 Fleetwood Fender Skirt

  • Fits some Fleetwood trailers perfectly
  • Impact-resistant
  • Heat-resistant
  • Texture allows scuff resistance
  • High resistance to some chemicals
  • Screw holes not pre-drilled
  • May not match old screw holes

The Icon remains to develop a line of camper fender skirts for specific brands. This time, they generate camper fenders or 5th wheel fender skirts for the brand Fleetwood.

This product is designed to flawlessly fit and exchange your Fleetwood RV fender skirts for Wilderness, Terry, and Taurus. If you were hunting for fender skirts for these models and could not find them above, here they are!

The fender skirt is only available in white, which blends with the models’ base paint. If you decided to paint over your RV with color, having white as the color of the fender flares makes them a fantastic accessory. It will help all the other colors of your RV pop.

Additionally, the fender flare is constructed in such a way that it has near-sharp corners, much like a square or a trapezoid. If you have not noticed, most fender skirts are curved in an upward bow. This is a unique shape among fender skirts. It may not be common among other trailers, but that is how you know it is made precisely for the preceding Fleetwood models!

Like most Icon fender skirts, this product is made of high-impact ABS plastic. This material is excellent against road debris since they would not weaken either the hull or wheel well of your beloved Fleetwood trailer. They even have a favorable resistance to heat, so traveling with these fender skirts by day should not bother you too much.

Much like other Icon products, the textured finish of the product further assimilates another feature to the fender skirt.

So, the fender skirt will look as good as new even after some time on the road because the texture of the item grants it some resistance to ugly scratches and marks induced by debris. If you clean it with some excellent quality equipment, you might be able to clear out some of the markings!

Notwithstanding, Icon persists in assembling their fender skirts without pre-drilled screw holes. This may be so that users are free to determine where and how to situate the fender skirt on their RV, but this is a severe dilemma for those who do not possess drills to aid them in screwing its motorhomes.

One user has complained that the screw holes did not entirely match the old ones so that installation might take some time, even with a drill. Nonetheless, many are happy with the quality of the product. For them, it seems durable enough to support their trailer.

8. Alpha Systems Black RV Fender Skirt

  • Unique design for Fleetwood trailers
  • Impact-resistant
  • Heat and UV resistant
  • Fits perfectly as a replacement
  • Aesthetically streamlined
  • Some products have factory defects

As RecPro specializes in offering its customers an aide for RV restoration, it has partnered with the renowned Alpha Systems brand to create fender skirt replacements for their 5th wheel trailers, RVs, and campers. This product was built to tailor some of the Alpha Systems LLC models, making it ideal for restoring worn down motorhomes.

First and foremost is its coming by pair, as some manufacturers only choose to yield and sell one fender flare. This product is sold in pairs, so without having to fret about your trailer’s two sides looking dissimilar from the other, you can handily change your used RV fender skirts with matching ones.

These camper fender flares only come in color black, so you would want first to acknowledge the paint of your motorhome and how you wish to restore it. While black does allow other colors on the trailer to attract attention, the primary paint is highlighted by the eye. It also gives your motorhome a stricter look, while making any hideous markings or scratches unclear.

RecPro produces this fender skirt with the highly durable ABS plastic. This fender skirt is believed to has a high resistance to rubble impact, unlike the others that break easily after impact or sun exposure. This will provide the hull of your trailer, RV, or camper with utmost protection from chipping or cracking that can cause leaks.

Moreover, RecPro enhances the inherent heat resistance of the ABS plastic by making the new fender skirts secured from UV rays. These rays could enormously alter the durability and quality of your fender skirt. Exposure to them can cause deformations and some chemical reactions that render the product’s stability defunct.

However, there are still customers that have had complications with the product. Yes, it makes a stable fit and does a pleasant job, but one customer has protested that it is not as sturdy as it seems. They described that the product was too light and thin to be regarded as such and received a misshapen product.

Nonetheless, many more customers have found themselves happy with the product’s performance, as it was only for covering a particular area of your motorhome, never devised to go through extremely forceful impacts.

If you have been given a product with a factory defect, try contacting the manufacturers immediately to see if they have available replacements.

9. Keystone 2014-2018 RV Fender Skirt

  • Perfectly fits 2014-2018 Keystone Cougar coaches
  • Perfectly fits 2014-2018 Keystone Laredo coaches
  • Embossed logo
  • May fit other models as well
  • Screw holes come pre-drilled
  • Material unknown

Keystone is a brand that concentrates on manufacturing motorhomes such as travel trailers, 5th wheel trailers, RVs, and campers. As a well-known brand in the motorhome market, it likes to prepare motorhome accessories for brand uniformity. Therefore, it has fashioned fender skirts for its customers.

If you are looking to replace the broken fender skirts of your 2014-2018 Keystone Cougar coaches, this product will be the best one to obtain.

It was made principally to fit your Keystone coach’s dual axle, so installing will be uncomplicated! Just remove what is left of your fender skirt, prop this right over, and screw it in.

Notwithstanding, this fender skirt was not made for that model line only. It can fit your 2014-2018 Keystone Laredo dual axle coaches as well. The black color wholly matches the models — like no replacement was conducted!

Apart from that, the new fender skirt will help your Keystone trailer appear brand new, as it comes from the manufacturers themselves! You do not have to fret about the fender skirt looking awkward, as it will surely match your 2014-2018 Keystone Cougar or Laredo models.

The fender skirt only comes in color black, to match the paint of the specific model lines. However, an extra feature to this fender skirt is that it is embossed with the Keystone brand logo, affirming its originality. You can stand proud with these camper fender flares on your RV, showing that you enjoy brand uniformity in your motorhome.

If you have spotted loose threads on the screws of your used RV fender skirts, do not fear — this product is shipped with screws! As one customer who utilized the new screws has disclosed, the old ones might be irritating. It could lead your fenders to quickly rip off and expose your wheel well and hull to harmful debris.

One thing that is problematic about this product is that it does not indicate what material it is made of. Hence, you can never be too confident until you accept the product.

Albeit some customers have praised it for its being lightweight — which could lead you to think it was composed of plastic — you can never guarantee its material and how durable it is. Nevertheless, you can trust that Keystone is fond of pleasing its customers with high-quality products, so this will undeniably safeguard your motorhome.

10. ICON 01625 Tandem Axle Fender Skirt

  • Slightly more space between the top of fender and wheel
  • Metallic grey color blends in nicely
  • Impact-resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Slightly resistant to scratching
  • Paint may peel off easily
  • May not fit some models perfectly

As Icon endures in manufacturing their fender skirt for specific brands, they have made replacements for RV fender skirts, particularly for Jayco motorhomes. This Jayco fender skirt is made to fit many models of the brand, has excellent durability, and a beautiful design. Icon maintains to serve its customers with quality fender skirts for all their RV, trailer, or camper needs.

The Jayco models this product for the Jay Flight, Jayco Eagle, Jay Flight G2, Qwest, Jay Flight Bungalow, Recon ZX, Octane ZX, and Designer (much like the FS700). However, where the FS700 has shorter legs, it looks small and close to the wheels — this product is unique, because of its style. The FS770 is longer, so there is some clearance from the top of the fender skirt to the wheel.

The fender skirt is available in three colors: white, taupe, and metallic grey. Be that as it may, this specific one is only in metallic grey, which matches the paint of the Jayco models above. It blends in evenly with the rest of paint — as if it is not even there!

The material is like that of the other products, ABS plastic. This makes the fender skirt eminently resistant to impact and heat, to last you for some time on the road.

Any rocks, pebbles, or other road debris that can impair the bare hull or wheel well of your Jayco motorhomes are bounced off by this fender skirt. Thus, you are unthreatened by leaking that can be brought about by chips or cracks.

Icon also states that this fender skirt is built with a textured finish, which allows it to be somewhat resistant to scuffs, marks, or scratches. It will take large debris or plenty of little ones to make any hideous scratches on this product, so your trailer, camper, or RV will exhibit cleanliness.

On the other hand, some customers have grumbled about the poor quality of the paint on the product. It peels off easily, so they had to paint over it to retain its neatness.

They may not also perfectly fit the factory fender skirt screw holes, so you would have to toil more in putting it on. Some have resulted in drilling the fender skirt to match the old screw holes, while others just made new screw holes on their RV.

It is entirely up to you on how to attach these on your motorhomes, as what is most vital is that the product does its job of keeping your trailer, RV, or camper safe: what it is indeed applauded for!

11. ICON Keystone Fender Skirt

  • Attaches to Keystone Challenger and Everest perfectly
  • Available in two colors for preference
  • Impact-resistant material
  • Heat-resistant material
  • Brand name to quickly identify the product
  • Might need modifications before installation

Icon has created yet another RV fender skirt replacement for the motorhome brand Keystone. It is made to fit various Keystone models but is best with the Challenger and Everest.

Suppose you detect that your Keystone dual axle trailer, RV, or camper necessitates a new fender because it is too damaged or completely broken. In that case, you might want to check this one out, as it may quite fit yours.

Thanks to Icon, the product is available in two colors: polar white and taupe. These are great for matching the paint on the Keystone Challenger and Everest. As the base paint of the trailers is white with black, grey, and taupe decals, these would conveniently match and fit in together with your RV — certainly not sticking out like an eyesore.

Like all other Icon fender skirts, the FS1705 is constructed with the surprisingly durable ABS plastic. With the word “plastic,” you would not expect it to withstand any high impacts.

But ABS plastic is known to be robust against even significant impacts by debris that bounces off the road and onto your wheel well or hull. This takes all the damage, preventing both minor and significant blows to your RV, trailer, or camper.

Additionally, ABS plastic does not have an exact melting point, which fundamentally means that it can withstand any amount of heat, such as sun exposure. With this one, you no longer must be unsettled about deformed or weakened fender flares. Its material is even firm enough to survive long travels.

The product also bears a logo and brand name displayed at the center, though this feature is not at all crucial. However, it does assist with the replacement, just in case this one breaks, and you need to remember which brand you bought it from.

The small tag is attached directly to the outer surface at the center of the product. You can quickly find it up close without unnecessarily standing from afar.

A customer has voiced that they took quite the extra time installing the fender skirt onto their RV, as it required minor modifications.

Nonetheless, they were still satisfied with how the product worked and its similarity with the old factory fender skirt. You can always avoid this problem by taking measurements ahead of time, to see if it will utterly fit your motorhome. But as Icon promised, those with Keystone Challenger and Everest trailers noticed the tandem fender skirt attached flawlessly.

12. ICON 01632 Fender Skirt

  • Beautiful metallic bronze color
  • Fits Keystone Laredo and Challenger models well
  • Impact-resistant
  • Heat-resistant
  • Textured finish slightly resistant to scuffing
  • Paint easily peels off
  • May need adjustments during installation

Icon has made another line of fender skirts for RVs, trailers, and campers manufactured by Keystone so that you have more options to choose from. This product is made to fit the Keystone models Laredo and Challenger, as well as other models.

If you’ve found that the other fender skirts are not a good match for your Keystone motorhomes, you’ll probably want to check this one.

The color of this fender skirt is in beautiful metallic bronze. It is slightly lighter than taupe (which blends in with the rest of the paint), but the bright color gives a highlight to your RV, as the accessory stands out amidst the paint.

It would look beautiful on the Laredo and Challenger. Still, if you find that the brighter color is an eyesore, you’re better off sticking to the taupe fender skirts.

This product is also molded with ABS plastic, much like the other Icon products. This material makes an excellent shield for your hull and wheel well, as it can withstand quite the impact of the various debris on the road. The fender skirt will surely keep away any unwanted cracks or chips that could cause dangerous leaks from your hull or wheel well.

Furthermore, suppose you like to travel to campsites by day or have no other choice but to do so. In that case, the ABS plastic fender skirt will undoubtedly be as durable as when you first received it. This is all in thanks to the chemical structure of the material, as its strong bonds allow it to hold against terrible temperatures to a certain extent.

Thus, the fender skirt won’t suffer any reduction to quality and durability or have any ugly deformations even when exposed to the sun for a long time.

If you like to keep your fender skirts looking neat despite all they go through, the textured finish of this product allows it to be somewhat scuff-resistant. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about unsightly markings that come from small bumps caused by road debris.

The two main issues that customers have found with this product is its paint quality and installation. Some customers have reported that the paint easily peels off or already appears scratched, so it doesn’t look as beautiful as you want it to. However, you can always touch it up with paint from your local hardware stores, and they may even assist you with matching up the color!

Like other fender skirts, you might also have trouble fitting these on your Keystone motorhomes perfectly. That’s why it’s always important to take measurements before purchasing the product, so you’ll know whether it is the perfect fit. Despite these problems, many customers have note satisfaction with the product’s functionality as a fender skirt.

What Is An RV Fender Skirt And How Does It Work


An RV fender skirt is a motorhome accessory that protects the vehicle from damage caused by debris from the road. Moreover, the fender supposedly makes the motorhome more aerodynamic by reducing air resistance to your RV, trailer, or camper, thus stimulating fuel efficiency.

The RV fender skirt impedes any chips or cracks on your motorhome by absorbing the impact from rocks, pebbles, or other objects on the road. If these items do not make direct contact with your wheel well or hull, then you would not have to wait for any impairment towards them.

To decrease air resistance, the RV fender skirt is designed to somewhat protrude out of the wheel well. This stops the wheel well from taking the wind head-on by letting it flow outwards instead of inwards to the wide surface area of the wheel well, making your motorhome a bit more aerodynamic, and thus, fuel-efficient.

An in-depth explanation of how RV fender skirts would require a vast amount of knowledge in the field of physics, but that is not vital.

Suppose you grasp how the RV fender skirts are supposed to work. In that case, you are all set to handle it, as its most serious job is to keep scratches and other damages staved off from your RV, trailer, or camper.

Types Of RV Fender Skirts


The profuse number of RV fender skirts in the market can be regularly categorized by what material they are composed of. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, whether in price, functionality, design, or durability. Some can be superior to others, but what is most relevant is that you distinguish what you need for your precious motorhome.

  • ABS Plastic

ABS plastic is the material employed by the products above. ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, a common thermoplastic polymer.

This chemical is structured so that the bonds between its molecules are too tough to break even if they have a true melting point. So, thanks to its durability, it is commonly used in the manufacturing industry.

This is one of the cheapest materials in the market so that you will find plenty of RV fender skirts made of these. ABS plastic fender skirts are not as heavy-duty as the metal ones, but they do the job appropriately.

  • Aluminum

Aluminum RV fender skirts consist of the metal aluminum, but may not necessarily be pure aluminum. Some manufacturers manipulate an aluminum alloy, where aluminum is mixed in with other metals for structural purposes.

This type of RV fender skirts is much more robust but pricier than the plastic ones. In terms of resistance (especially in heat and impact), they are better than plastic ones. Still, they are also susceptible to corrosion from chemical damage.

  • Fiberglass

Fiberglass is an incredibly flexible material that offers excellent heat resistance (up to 900 °F). The material is absorbent of impacts, so it will take quite the force to destroy it. Therefore, it is also the priciest type of fender skirts in the market. It is an excellent investment for your motorhome, but as always, make sure it fits perfectly.

  • DIY RV Fender Skirts

Do-it-yourself fender skirts are a cheaper way of shielding your motorhomes from debris. You can manage your stuff at home to form one and be in-charge of its quality.

Benefits Of Using RV Fender Skirts

There are many benefits of using RV fender skirts. Still, its most important function is to keep your motorhome safe from road debris. However, like any other good product, RV fender skirts offer different things that let it give you good value for your money.

  • Wheel Well Protection

If you don’t know what or where your wheel well is, it is the indentation in your RV where your wheel goes. This part of the vehicle is directly connected to the undercarriage and protects some of its internal mechanisms. Thus, any damage to it could also potentially impair the motorhome itself.

The fender skirt prevents this by absorbing the impact of the debris that bounces off the road or terrain. These impacts could cause cracks that will eventually lead to leaking and may also affect the vehicle’s structural integrity.

  • Fuel Efficiency

RV fender skirts also enhance the motorhome’s aerodynamics, reducing the area of contact between the vehicle and the air. This contact is the cause of air resistance, which increases drag.

Drag, in turn, prevents you from achieving a certain speed in a shorter amount of time. Lessening the drag allows you to reach a speed without expending too much fuel.

Whether your motorhome is a 5th wheel travel trailer, RV, or camper, you sure would want to have a more fuel-efficient trip to reduce expenditures during camping. Investing in a fender skirt helps you do so, even if it may seem so slight.

  • As Good as New

Nobody likes to look at old motorhomes that are uncared for. They are simply an eyesore! Broken RV fender skirts don’t help any of that. Simply removing that will make you look cheap and uncaring towards your vehicle in the eyes of your friends, guests, or neighbors.

New RV fender skirts help make your RV, trailer, or camper look brand new, even if it was restored!

  • Aesthetic

Though not many people like to think about style, it does showcase what kind of person you are. Putting in the extra work to consider your motorhome style makes you look sophisticated, maybe even classy. Fender skirts may be regarded as accessories, but the simple act of accessorizing your motorhome will be enough to look stylish.

How We Picked


We understand how hard it can be to choose from the overwhelmingly many fender skirts in the market. We, too, took our time to decide which products to include in the list above.

To make it easier for us, we made somewhat of a checklist to see if the product deserves a spot on the list. Below are some of the factors we considered before adding the products as options, most of which are the key factors to consider.

  • Functionality

It is without a doubt that the most important thing you consider about a product is its functionality. We made sure that the products above actually do the job of protecting your valued motorhome.

We always ask ourselves if we would use the products to put ourselves in your shoes. We don’t want you to be disappointed to find that, despite placing fender skirts, your wheel well still gets run-down.

  • Durability

Of course, since you’ll be taking the fender skirt with you for as long as you camp, we need to make sure it can last if you want to camp. We can’t have the products breaking down in just a year or after taking some hits from the rubble. We need them to be genuinely heavy-duty to serve all your camping needs!

  • Manufacturing

We like to ask the question, “How was the product made?” This allows us to take a deep dive into the features the brand claims its products to have. The manufacturing of the fender skirt is essential. The material it’s made of can determine how well it will suit your RV as more than just an accessory.

  • No One Size Fits All

There is no such thing as a truly universal fit, as not all tandem axle RVs, trailers, and campers have the same size. Despite the manufacturer’s claims that their product has a universal fit, it is most likely that it will need some readjusting before you can properly install it on your motorhome.

We try to keep the fender skirts in the list to be brand – and even model-specific. That helps motorhome owners like you find the right product faster and easier.

  • Specificity

Despite being specific to brands and models, we also ensured that the manufacturers provide the measurements to their fender skirts. We can’t have estimates or unspecific measurements as that could lead to you getting confused and cheated. We need to know each product’s details so you can find that it suits your taste, not just claims that it can fit any RV you choose to install it on.

  • Customer Satisfaction

We cannot add products that are reported by customers to be unsatisfactory. By getting the various reviews of different customers, we can tell so much about the product, including some of the factors above.

Also, check for the best trailer tires and the 13 top-rated tires for RV if you are looking for better vehicle tires.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most popular RV fender skirt brands?

A: Many other RV fender skirt brands top the market, some of which are Forest River Fender Skirts and Redwood RV fender skirt. The brands listed above are only some of those renowned fender skirt brands.

  • Icon – Icon Technologies Ltd. has a goal of providing innovative custom thermoformed solutions to OEM customers.
  • RecPro – RecPro develops, manufactures, and imports its products and sells Atwood, Suburban, SHURflo, and other quality name brand products.
  • JMTAAT – JMTAAT is a Top-Rated seller trusted by more than a hundred customers in the US. It sells in the Automotive department from the JMTAAT brand.
  • Keystone – It surprises and delights customers at every stage, making them happy with top of the line fender skirts.

Q: How to install?

A: Before installing an RV fender skirt, such as Forest River rv fender skirts, on your motorhome, make sure that you’ve taken the right measurements so you wouldn’t have to make any adjustments. Be sure to have some screws, screwdrivers, washers, sealants, and a drill. Try to have another pair of hands to help you out, too, as the size can be too much for one person alone.

To ensure that the new fender skirt is the right size, place it over the old one and see if it is the same fit. Then, you can start to remove the screw of the old skirt. Carefully remove the old skirt once all the screws are off. Remove the leftover sealants on the motorhome surface, so your sealant has a clean place to stick on.

Drill the holes on the new fender skirt ahead. Then, carefully drill new holes that align with the ones on the new fender skirt. Work your way from the center to the sides of the fender skirt, so that there is a right balance.

If the fender skirt doesn’t fit perfectly, you may need to do some trimming before installing it.

Q: How to use it?

A: Using a fender skirt is the easiest part, as all you must do is leave it alone once you’ve installed it. It does its work when you travel with it on your motorhome, as it is meant to shield it from debris that will come from the road or terrain.

You might also see it at work if some rude people disrespect your property and throw something on the fender skirt. It will be the one to take the damage from the impact, but let’s not hope for that to happen.

Once you travel on the road, you might hear some tapping sounds from the bottom of your RV, trailer, or camper.

This tapping sound is caused by the debris that your wheels have accumulated in its ridges, may it be some hardened mud, rocks, or other stuff. You’ll notice that underneath the fender skirt, there are no markings caused by the debris from earlier in your trip!

Q: How to maintain & care/ clean?

A: It’s not that difficult to maintain, care for, or clean these RV fender skirts. Having your motorhome washed does the job of cleaning both your fender skirts.

If you like, you can also just use a wet cloth with a little bit of car soap on it to clean some mud marks. Wet the fender skirt itself, then wipe it with the soapy cloth and rinse it afterward. Dry it with another fabric to prevent any stains, and it will surely be sparkly clean!

If there are irremovable marks or the paint has started to peel off, you can visit your local hardware store to buy some paint to touch up the fender skirt. Bring the fender skirt with you so you can ask the clerks for some help with matching up the color.


Valued things deserve our utmost care, especially since we often spend a large amount of money on them. Surely, just like you value your car, you must also appreciate your motorhome. It wouldn’t look nice to have just broken and old fender skirts on these things, as it can be hideous and annoying.

It would be best to have an entirely new-looking RV, and that’s just not possible with dirty, worn-out fender skirts. It’s also helpful to have them because they protect the hull of your motorhome, thus ensuring its structural integrity. But you can’t have any of these without choosing from the only the best RV fender skirts in the market, so pick one that suits you and put it on right away!

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