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The Best RV Dash Cam

Are you searching for a dashcam for your recreational vehicle? You might be feeling confused about what the best RV dash cam is because there are many products to select from on the market. That is why we’ve created this buying guide with the factors to consider when choosing one. We’ve also highlighted the top suggestions that you can compare and choose from for the best results.

Using this reference, we’re hoping you’ll be able to pick the right dashcam with the essential features you want it to have. If you’re ready, let us begin in the next section with the top reviews.

Table of Contents

Best RV Dash Cams

1. Rove R2-4K Dash Cam

  • Small size
  • High-quality videos
  • Wide-angle viewing
  • Safety features
  • Can be rotated up to 360 degrees
  • Requires download before you can view the video in high-resolution

This RV dash cam features a small and compact design that doesn’t take up a lot of space. As such, you wouldn’t have any problems with regards to the road view. The Rove R2-4k can even rotate up to 360 degrees, providing you the best angle for you to watch the dashcam.

What I like most about the Rove R2-4k is its camera. Despite its small stature, it has a 150-degree wide-angle lens and can record a video with up to a 2160p resolution. The R2-4K also got you covered come nighttime with its ultra-low light sensor.

Another thing about the Rove R2-4K is that it is with various features. Aside from the high-resolution, the R2-4K dash cam also allows loop cycle recording, slow-motion and time-lapse settings.

It also comes with a G-sensor and an emergency lock-video option. The sensor acts as both parking and a motion detector. In case of collisions, the G-sensor then activates the emergency lock-video option to enable the device to record and save the video for evidence.

The Rove R2-4K dash cam also comes with a GPS that helps in road navigations. You just need to open Google maps and see where you’re going from there. The GPS also records your location and driving speed.

This dashcam also comes with an app that enables you to view and manage your recordings. You can easily save the videos on your phone if you want to and share them on your social media.

The Rove R2-4K dash cam comes with a 1-year warranty and excellent customer service.

What I don’t like about the product is that it requires you to download the video first in your computer to view it in full resolution. If you see the video on your phone, it gives a subpar video quality.

Nonetheless, many users were impressed and pleased with the Rove R2-4K dashcam. Many RV and motorhome owners liked its features and video resolution. A lot of them also loved the product’s small size and design.

2. Apeman C450 Dash Cam

  • Dainty dashcam
  • 1080p resolution
  • 170-degree wide-angle
  • Easy to install and use
  • G-sensor
  • Limited capacity
  • Poor night vision mode

Measuring 3 inches, the Apeman C450 dash cam is dainty. With this, the dashcam doesn’t hinder your view of the road. You can even hide it behind your rear-view mirror to save on more space.

The C450 features a 1080p resolution and a 1.8 aperture that delivers high-quality clear, and crisp images of the road. With a 170-degree wide-angle, the dashcam provides for no blind spots and sees more details compared to other dash cams.

The Apeman C450 dash cam also has a built-in G sensor that automatically detects motions and movements. Once a collision happens, this sensor automatically locks the video recording to prevent it from being overwritten. With this, you can evidence to prove your claim.

What I like about the Apeman C450 dash cam is that it is easy to install. It comes with both suction and adhesive mount, giving you two installation options from which to choose. The dashcam also comes with a car charger and a mini USB cable.

The Apeman C450 dash cam is also easy to use. It has features like the seamless loop recording, auto on/off, time/date stamp, and a parking monitor.

What I don’t like about this dash cam is that it has a limited capacity of 32GB. With this, you have to delete videos regularly. The manufacturer even recommends reformatting the micro SD card ever two weeks if possible. It can be entirely of a hassle to some users, especially those who are busy. This process might even confuse some users, especially those who are not as tech-savvy.

Lastly, the dash cam’s night vision is not as good compared to other dash cams. Many users claimed the video footage to be grainy and unclear. For some users, they cannot even detect what is captured in the video. Nonetheless, many users were still pleased with the product. Many liked how easy it was to install and use. Other users appreciated its small size since they can drive more clearly.

3. Nexar Halocam Dash Cam

  • Sleek design
  • Free Nexar cloud account
  • Easy to install
  • 1-year warranty
  • 135-degree wide-angle
  • 32G capacity

One of the most eye-catching factors of the Nexar Halocam dash cam is its sleek and compact design. Featuring an oval-shaped camera, the Halocam allows you to save on space. Some users even hide the dashcam behind their mirror.

The Nexar Halocam provides 1080p quality paired with a 135-degree wide-angle. With this, you get a decent view of your surroundings in clear and crisp images.

Like all dash cams, the Halocom comes with a G-sensor that enables smart detection like a parking monitor and an automatic video lock option.

What I like about Halocam is that it’s efficient. Once you purchase the dashcam, you need to download its corresponding app. With this, you can monitor, manage, and save your footage to your phone easily. You can even use other apps since the app can work in the background.

The app also comes with a Nexar cloud account that acts as an automatic back-up for all your video files. Unlike other dashcams, this cloud account is free and provides unlimited storage.

The app also makes it easy to review your driving skills. It is useful when you accidentally collided with another vehicle. With this, Nexar creates post-collision reports, summarizing the essential information you need. Details include the driving speed, the impact of the collision, and the location. Because of these details, some insurance companies even accept these reports from Nexar.

The Nexar Halocam is also easy to install. The package comes with a suction mount and an installation. It also has a double USB charger and a long USB cable.

Aside from that, Nexar provides a 1-year warranty and 24/7 online customer support to assist you if needed.

What I don’t like about this product is that it has a limited capacity of 32G. However, this is solved by way of its cloud storage. Despite that, many users were satisfied with this product. With its features, the Nexar Halocam offers excellent service.

4. Garmin Dash Cam 55

  • 1440p resolution
  • Safety features
  • Voice command
  • Has an app
  • Magnetic mounts
  • Blown-out images in night mode

The Garmin dash cam 55 is a product of functionality and practicality wrapped in an elegant, stylish design. When it comes to appearance, you will be delighted with this dashcam. The Garmin dash cam 55 looks impressive with its 2-inch LCD and a bronze gold ring around its lens. It’s made out of high-quality plastic and in black.

The Garmin dash cam 55 provides high-quality video resolution with its 3.7-megapixel camera and 1440p resolution at 30FPS. A wide-angle lens allows you to see more of your surroundings and take in more detail.

What I like most of the Garmin dash cam 55 is its safety features. Aside from the G-sensor, this dash cam also comes with forwarding collision and lane departure warnings. The former informs you that you have strayed from your lane. The latter alerts you if you’re too close to the car in front of you.

With these features, the Garmin dash cam 55 is excellent for both seasoned and beginner drivers. These features come quite handy.

Another thing I like about the Garmin dash cam 55 is that it operates on voice command. It makes it easy to operate the device. Moreover, you wouldn’t have to take your eyes off the road just to use and manage your dashcam.

The Garmin dash cam 55 is also easy to install due to its magnetic mounts. You just need to stick these mounts onto your windshield or dashboard. With the magnets, you can easily attach and remove the dashcam.

It also comes with an 8GB MicroSD card, and a 13.5-inch power and USB cable.

The Garmin dash cam 55 also comes with an app. With this, you can easily sync and download the videos you took. The dashcam also has a travelapse feature that allows you to compress a video and make it shorter.

What I don’t like about this product is that it results in blown-out images when used at night. It is because the dash cam’s lens enhances any available light source. As such, some pictures look exaggerated. However, the dashcam gives better image quality in places with lower direct light.

5. Rexing V1-4K Dash Cam

  • 2160p video resolution
  • Supercapacitor
  • 256GB
  • Durable construction
  • Wide-angle
  • Bigger compared to others
  • Purchase several add-on features

The Rexing V1-4K dash cam is made out of high-quality plastic and features a box-type design. With this, the dashcam has a 2.4-inch display and four large buttons on its interface.

With its OV4689 image sensor, the Rexing V1-4K dash cam provides a 2160p video resolution. Along with this, the devices feature a 170-degree wide-angle that enables you to take in more of your surroundings and, thus, see more details.

Moreover, this wide-angle enables the camera to adjust automatically according to the light conditions. With this, you get clear and crisp displays no matter the time of day.

What I like about the V1-4K dash cam is that it utilizes a supercapacitor instead of your ordinary batteries. It enables the device to withstand extreme temperatures and, thus, extend the dash cam’s lifespan.

The V1-4K dash cam lets you record videos in 1-, 2-, or 3-minute intervals. You don’t have to worry about storage as the device has a memory of up to 256GB. Once the memory card gets full, the new footages will overwrite the oldest ones, unless the G-sensor locks it.

The Rexing dash cam also comes with a built-in WiFi to quickly transfer and share your recordings to anyone. The product’s parking monitor is automatically enabled when it senses vibration.

In terms of installation, the Rexing V1-4K comes with an adhesive mount. The dashcam also comes with an in-car power cable and a USB computer cable.

What I don’t like about the product is that it’s more prominent compared to other products. While its size won’t necessarily obstruct your view of the road, some users may find the V1-4K dashcam a bit bulky. Another thing I don’t like is that you have to purchase several features like GPS and the like. Other users may find this a bit too expensive and a hassle.

Nonetheless, many people were still impressed and pleased with the product. Many liked the high-resolution video footages it took and its easy-to-use interface.

6. ROAV Anker Dash Cam A1

  • NightHawk technology
  • Flexible mount
  • Advanced gravity sensor
  • Auto on/off with the car
  • Durable construction
  • Only supports 32GB microSD card

The ROAV Anker dashcam A1 is made out of high-quality polycarbonate for extra durability. With this component, the A1 dashcam protects its internal components from bumps, vibrations, and other jostling movements.

With its Sony Exmor sensor and a superior lens, the ROAV Anker dashcam A1 provides a 1080p video resolution. Along with this, the device also features a wide-angle lens to help you take in more of your surroundings and see more details.

Moreover, you can even adjust the dashcam itself with its flexible mount. You can rotate this up to 360 degrees and tilt it in 180 degrees.

For night videos, the ROAV Anker dashcam A1 features the latest NightHawk technology. This technology balances and adjusts the resolution and contrast to get a clearer image. As a result, you get high-quality nighttime footage.

What I like about the ROAV Anker dashcam A1 is that it automatically turns on or off along with your car. It makes it a lot easier.

The ROAV Anker dashcam A1 also comes with the ROAV app. With this, you can easily manage, track, transfer, and share your footages online.

Another thing I like about this product is its advanced gravity sensor. Aside from automatically locking in collision videos, it also automatically turns the dashcam when it detects movements. It is done. Even your car is off.

The ROAV Anker dashcam A1 comes with a car charger, a USB cable, a trim removal tool, and a happy card. You can mount the device on your windshield or any location via the adhesive mounts. The A1 dash cam also comes with a 1-year warranty and provides excellent customer service.

What I don’t like about the product only supports a 32GB microSD card. A 64GB or 128GB microSD card needs to be formatted before you can use it.

Nonetheless, many users liked the product and the features it offers. Many liked its interface and its video resolution.

7. KDLINKS X1 Dashcam

  • Excellent nighttime vision
  • Six-glass lenses
  • Easy to install
  • Free 8GB microSD
  • 165-degree wide-angle lens
  • Insufficient features

The KDLINKS X1 dash cam provides a 1080p resolution at 30fps, giving you high-quality images. With a large 2.7-inch screen, the device offers the widest angle at 165 degrees. It enables you to take in more of your surroundings and see more details on the road.

What I like about this product is its nighttime resolution. With its F1.6 six-glass lenses, the dashcam automatically adjusts to low-light conditions. As such, the quality of your image is not affected.

In terms of the battery, the KDLINKS X1 dashcam runs on a Li-polymer 110mAH battery. This battery is sturdy and is made to withstand high temperatures.

Another thing I like about this product is that it automatically turns on or off along with your car. As such, you don’t have to turn the product on/off manually.

The KDLINKS X1 dash cam also comes with a built-in GPS, which is useful for road navigation. Aside from that, the GPS allows you to monitor your vehicle location, speed, and route via Google maps.

Aside from this, the X1 dash cam also comes with a G-sensor. It enables the device to automatically lock and save videos of vehicle collisions that you can use as evidence later. What this means is that these videos will be automatically preserved despite the full storage. This option even extends to videos that you choose.

The KDLINKS X1 dash cam is also easy to install. It comes with its own built-in suction cup mount that provides for quick installation. You just attach the mount on your windshield, place the dashcam in, and plug it into a power source in your car via the USB cable.

What I don’t like about this product is that it lacks other features found in other dashcams such as parking monitors, motion detection, still captures, and the like. Nonetheless, many users even liked the product and its performance. With its high-quality images and excellent nighttime vision, many were impressed with the KDLINKS X1 dashcam.

8. Crosstour CR300 Dash Cam

  • 3-inched LCD
  • 170-degree wide-angle
  • High-quality images in both day and night
  • Easy to install and use
  • Functional and practical
  • Only reads 32GB micro SD cards

The Crosstour CR300 dash cam provides clear and crisp images with 1080p HD and 12MP resolution. Its 3-inched LCD screen and the 170-degree wide-angle enable the user to take in and see more of his surroundings. With these features, you get a superb viewing experience.

For nighttime viewing, the CR300 has also got you covered. Armed with big aperture and extensive dynamic range technology, this dash cam can automatically adjust and adapt to low-light conditions. As such, you can still get clear images.

In terms of safety features, the Crosstour CR300 dash cam comes with a G-sensor. With this, the device automatically locks video footage once it detects sudden shakes/movements. It is essential as this lock-in feature prevents the video from being overwritten in the future.

Aside from this, the motion detection triggers the camera to automatically record despite it being in standby mode as soon as it senses motion.

The Crosstour CR300 dashcam is also easy to use. It has all the necessary functions and features that a driver needs like a loop recording, license and time stamp, on/off audio, burst photo, screen saver, and auto power off. With these, you’ll be prepared and armed for everyday driving.

Installation is also easy as the CR300 dash cam comes with a suction cup that you can easily mount on your windshield. The package also contains a car charger, user manual, USB cable, and a hidden cable stick to help with the installation process.

The CR300 also comes with a reset pin that allows you to restart the device without problems.

What I don’t like about the Crosstour CR300 dash cam is that it can only read a 32GB microSD card. For most users, this capacity might not be enough for their needs. Nevertheless, many users were impressed by this product and its performance. With its features, the Crosstour CR300 dashcam is enough to equip the everyday driver on his/her journey.

Why Should You Trust Us

Trust us when choosing a dash camera for your mobile home, travel trailer, or recreational vehicle. We didn’t just review the products featured earlier but also considered the things to look for when shopping around for this kind of camera.

With our firsthand experience in shopping and using different RV electronic products, we’ve had the chance to use various appliances, systems, accessories, tools, and equipment. From this experience, we’re able to figure out what makes a particular product unique or not. In the same way, we’re able to distinguish the things to consider for a more informed choice.

After determining the things to look for, we’ve looked up for the top suggestions in the category along with their pros and cons. We reviewed each of them and highlighted their unique qualities to help you in the decision-making process later. After reading, we’re hoping you’ll be able to pick the right item that matches your needs and requirements.

Nevertheless, you can trust us for insightful guides and reviews so that you can make an informed decision later.

What Is An RV Dash Cam And How Does It Work


Dashboard cameras have taken the security world by storm since its invention. You might have heard about it in passing or read an article about how it became a vital piece in solving a police investigation. The primary reason why people would want one is for protection, especially when it comes to unforeseen accidents.

This fact is even more valid for owners of RVs, and if you own one, you should get this accessory. So what exactly is an RV dash cam? Technically speaking, an RV dash cam is a driving recorder camera that lets you record the front view and rear view of your vehicle. Some dashcam models even allow window recording.

RV dash cams are not just ordinary driving accessories; they are an absolute driving necessity. If for some reason, your RV gets into a road accident, it will be challenging to know and prove who is at fault. To eradicate this problem, getting an RV dash cam is a must. You just have to attach it to your windshield, and you can start recording. Its video resolution is also something to boast about since it is suitable for recording day and night. The recording from the dash cam’s storage can legally be used as strong evidence in court.

Another great thing about an RV dash cam is that it doesn’t just function as a security camera; it can also work as an entertainment tool. Imagine driving around the countryside and seeing an elephant or a deer crossing the road!

With a dashcam attached to your RV’s windshield, you will surely not miss impressive sceneries that are worth capturing.

Most RV dash cams available on the market today are equipped with ample storage, so you do not have to worry about running out of space. With all these features, getting an RV dash cam is going to be one of the best decisions you will make.

Types Of RV Dash Cams


When shopping around for a dash camera, you must be able to decide which type would suit your needs. At the very least, there are three types of them to choose from and use. Check them in the following.

Basic dash cams

It works by merely capturing the road footage that is ahead of you. You can set them for recording as you start your car. It offers a set-and-forget feature. Many of these are hardwired and can be plugged into a 12V socket or cigarette lighter. Some of them also come with integrated lithium-ion batteries.

Most of these are also integrated and removable storage. You can also take control of the content being recorded. These cameras are cheaper than other options with more advanced features.

Dashcams with innovative features

These dash cameras are simple and straightforward, but they are with innovative features. A few of these include GPS logging, Uninterruptible power supplies, audio recording, accelerometers, and speed sensors. Those with accelerometers and speed sensors are useful, for instance, because they can give you an idea of how fast you were when the incident occurred.

Dual camera dash cams (interior/exterior)

You can find cameras that have two cameras in them, one facing your windshield, and the other one is facing the interior. They can allow their owners to monitor the interior and exterior of their cars as well.

Benefits of using an RV dashcam

Everybody can agree that driving, though convenient and exciting, is one of the riskiest activities to do. No matter how careful we are, some accidents just cannot be avoided. Based on current statistics about vehicular accidents in the US alone, the number seems to be increasing every year, especially in areas with heavy traffic.

So what can we do in order to be protected from these accidents? It is where the RV dash cam comes in. If you haven’t heard about this yet, you should know that an RV dash cam is a video recording camera that you can attach to your windshield.

The demand for RV dash cams has seen an upward trend due to an increasing number of people who want to have security on the road. Whether you’re driving to work or traveling to the countryside, road safety is undeniably a top concern. It is mainly due to this reason that getting an RV dash cam is very important. The following are just some of its benefits:

  • Advanced real-time video recording

An RV dashcam isn’t just your ordinary video camera. Using advanced technology, it is capable of recording any kind of motion or image in real-time. With this, you can capture everything at the same time it occurs.

  • High-resolution lens

Quality dash cams have 1080p resolution or usually called HD resolution. Just like watching a movie in the theatres, the images that are recorded are apparent. Unlike lower-end cameras, RV dash cams can produce recordings with vibrant colors and sharpness.

  • Forensic evidence

Probably the most crucial benefit of an RV dash cam is its possible use as forensic evidence during litigations. Accidents usually lead to court battles between the parties involved. Having a dashcam recording can significantly help speed up the process and save you from unnecessary legal and financial liability.

  • Has built-in motion sensors

Who doesn’t want a video recorder that automatically records when it detects motion? This feature isn’t just smart; it is also energy efficient. With this, you don’t have to worry about leaving your RV unattended.

  • Equipped with voice controls

Traditional dash cams that have to be manually operated are a thing of the past. RV dash cams can now be easily activated with a voice command. You just have to set the voice controls, and you are good to go.

  • Perfect for daytime and nighttime recording

With RV dash cams, traveling during the day or at night is now worry-free since everything is well monitored by video 24/7. Also, its lens can operate during the brightest days and the darkest nights. The dashcam doesn’t sleep even when you sleep.

The benefits mentioned above are just some of the many benefits RV dash cams are well known for. Security and protection come with a price, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. If you realize how useful this accessory is, spending on one won’t be a problem. Overall, RV dash cams are worth the money!

How We Picked 


When shopping around for an RV dash cam, you have to consider essential features. In all cases, dash cams have their upsides and downsides, depending on the type you bought. That is why you must weigh your options thoroughly. The following are some important considerations when studying your options.

Video resolution: It is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a dash camera. For one, you should get one that has at least 720 p HD in recording to ensure sharp footage.

GPS: This feature is vital, like in recording your speed.

Impact sensor: You can find models that can detect an accident, and then be able to save the footage right before an impact happens. Some products can turn on automatically if it detects an impact even if it is off.

Front and back camera: It might not be enough to buy one that has only a front-facing camera because it will not capture the entire incident. You can find models in pairs, with the second one mounting to the windshield’s rear end.

Integrated mount: It can also be helpful to find one that has a mounting mechanism, so you don’t need to buy one.

Looping feature: You might also want to get one that has a looping function. It should be one that can automatically record over an old video that you don’t need anymore. In this case, you don’t have to delete the old footage manually.

Storage: At the very least, you should check for one with 64 GB storage. The higher the capacity is, the better for recording more footage.

Auto switch on and off: There are dash cameras that can turn on automatically when your car starts and then off when it shuts off. It is one of the most innovative features to look for when choosing a dash camera.

Night vision: It is crucial to have in a dash camera because no one is for sure when an incident or accident can occur. While there can be streetlights, they might not be enough in giving you enough illumination when needed.

Size of the camera: Do not choose large ones that may block your sight because there are many road obstructions when driving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to install?

A: On your RV dashboard, you install the dash camera on the mounting mechanism. It may come or may not come with the item you have purchased.

For one, you can also install it using an internal battery, but this option can be for a short journey and work for 30 minutes. That is why you should not rely on a battery if it has a short life. You can also install it using a USB port or lighter socket. In this installation manner, you don’t have to worry about short battery life. You don’t also need to hardwire it to your fuse’s box. These are only some options in installing, but there are other ways to try.

For the specific instructions, you can refer to the user manual and follow them for proper installation.

Q: How to use?

A: Some dash cameras have automatic on and off function, and others do not. In this case, those with auto on and off can work automatically when the engine starts and then off when the engine shuts off. Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry about using a dash camera because many of them work straightforwardly.

Q: How to maintain & care/ clean?

A: Most cameras are set-and-forget devices that do not need much maintenance. You just need to use it properly and keep it working optimally for a long time. From time to time, you can just wipe its surface off with a clean and dry cloth. Again, for any specifics, you can check the user manual that comes with it.


Improve road safety with the best RV dash cam that works wonders when it comes to offering you with much-needed information of your speed, driving behavior, location, and so many more. It is also vital for recording footage that can be used in the event of an accident. To get started in the selection process, use our buying guide above, and later pick the right recreational vehicle dashcam for you.


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