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The Best RV Caulk

Are you looking for the best RV caulk for your recreational vehicle? Sealing and caulking around the RV roof’s edges as well as along air conditioners, air vents and venting systems will prevent you from spending on hefty repairs. It will also prevent water damage into your RV and keep air from escaping to the outside.

To help you pick the right recreational vehicle caulk for your camper or trailer, we’ve prepared a thorough list of the best products in the category as well as tips on how to choose one for your needs.

If you’re ready, let’s discover the top 10 RV caulks to select from and use in your camper or trailer.

Table of Contents

Best RV Caulks

1. Dicor 501LSW-1 Self-Leveling Lap Sealant

  • UV stabilized
  • Easy to apply and install
  • Does not cause stains
  • Seals around roof edges, air vents and air conditioners
  • Does not leak, crack and peel
  • Can be a bit messy when applied the first time

Water damage is the least thing you want to happen in your recreational vehicle. It can ruin your camping adventure especially when in the middle of your trip and suddenly find water seeping into little holes and get your RV interior wet.

That is why you need the Dicor 501LSW-1, a self-leveling lap sealant that already comes in a four pack. It does not only seal along the roof’s edges, but also save you money in the end.

I also love that it is effective in sealing campers as well as recreational vehicles. You will also appreciate that you won’t money with it because it works in an instant in sealing around the many parts of your camper.

It is not only best for roof’s edges because it is also effectively in sealing many other things, including vent pipes and air conditioning units. We can also use it for air vents and screw heads. With such versatility, we don’t have to buy separate items for performing different tasks.

The Dicor RV caulk is also compatible for EPDM sheets. This product is also compatible for other materials, such as vinyl, aluminum, concrete and other types of materials.

You don’t also have to worry about deterioration and discoloration because this product is UV stabilized.

It can also seal continuously because it is flexible to move as your roof does. This caulk also has a self-leveling property, ensuring that will be applied properly. It can also flatten out and let water flow through it without any delay.

However, the product can be a bit messy when applied at first. Nevertheless, it can ensure that it can create a waterproof seal for a long time.

2. AP Products 017-90891 Sealant

  • Easy to apply and use
  • Weather resistant
  • Cut and tear resistance
  • Can be repainted once cured
  • Excellent adhesion on many kinds of materials
  • Longer drying time

When looking for a good RV roof sealant, we must be shopping around for one that can deliver the job effectively and allows us for easy application. One of those I found to deliver such benefits is the Sikaflex-221.

This White Sikaflex-221 is very effective in sealing around roof edges, venting systems, air conditioning systems, and other parts of your RV that needs caulking.

After all, it is also from a well-known brand Sikaflex, a trusted name in the RVing community for its quality RV products that can make our RVing lives extra wonderful.

One of the things I also love is its excellent adhesion to different types of surface materials, making it a versatile product in the category. It also has great flexibility, as it can contract and expand as your roof does.

You don’t also have to reapply it frequently because it can stick to the surface for a long time without causing stains and discoloration.

The Sikaflex-221 is also strong. It does not crack or peel and cause leaks. This product won’t also deteriorate and discolor even with continued exposure to harsh outdoor elements, including rain, snow and sun’s UV rays.

I also love that it is paintable and sandable, letting us perform these tasks without worrying about the product degrading. You will also appreciate that it is NSF approved, meaning it is safe for incidental food contact and potable water.

However, this product might take a longer time to dry than other products do. Nevertheless, when it is applied, it can stay for a long time for its excellent adhesion ability.

3. Geocel 28127V Pro Flex RV Flexible Sealant

  • Excellent expansion and contraction ability
  • Won’t peel and crack
  • Especially designed and made for RVs
  • Can watertight seal effectively
  • Resealable
  • Should not be used on high traffic bearing surfaces

The Proflex RV caulk is a versatile and flexible sealant that’s designed for campers and recreational vehicles and other things that need durable and long-lasting caulking.

One thing I discovered is that this product is resistant to weather conditions, such as snow, rain and UV rays. This caulk is ideal for application even in the hot weather, so you can rely on it when you need to caulk the roof’s edges in the middle of your summer trip.

This product has excellent UV stabilization rating, so it can withstand weather elements, preventing its discoloration and deterioration. With such benefit, you can have peace of mind of its long-lasting performance.

It is one of the best caulk for RV windows because it also has excellent elongation properties, expansion and contraction properties. It can deal with joint movement, so you can look forward to long lasting results.

The Pro Flex caulking product can adhere well on many surfaces and varied conditions, including frozen, slightly oily and damp surfaces. It can also be applied on other RV parts, including screw heads, air vents and air conditioners.

This product is also resealable and paintable, so you can perform these tasks without any hassles and easily. It can also be applied over itself, so re-caulking won’t be an issue.

It is also resistant to dirt pick-up, so it stays looking clean. The caulking product is also paintable, making it one of the most versatile products in the category around.

On the downside, the product should not be used on high traffic bearing surfaces.

4. Alpha Systems 1021 Self-Leveling RV Sealant

  • Works on all types of weathers
  • Can resist greases, oil, chemicals, salt and fuel
  • Withstands different temperatures
  • Can be used to watertight sealing many surfaces
  • Paintable
  • Can be a bit messy

When finding a caulk, you should be looking for a self-leveling sealant that can flatten out fast and water seals your RV. The Alpha Systems is also weather-resistant that it can be applied even on the hot weather. It is also has high weather resistance to deal with changing conditions, including snow, rain and storms.

It is also a great RV caulk because it can withstand heat and cold. You can also apply it even on damp surfaces. Another thing I love about this product is its great ability of creating a watertight seal along many surfaces including around air vents, air conditioners, screw heads and along the roof’s edges.

This product is perfect for many purposes and applications, but that is not all. It is also paintable, so you can perform this task without any hassle after using it.

The Alpha Systems does not also peel and crack, so you can rest assured that it could work perfectly. It is also ideal for many types of flat surfaces. One thing I also like about it is its excellent flexibility.

With it, we can have peace of mind that it can resist stress, shock, vibrations and RV movements. It can move as the joints do for its outstanding expansion and contraction ability.

Overall, it is a decent choice for ease of application and long-lasting use. It can adhere well to different surfaces, so it can continuously protect your RV from leaks effectively.

On the negative side, it is a bit messy when first applied.

5. Gray Tremco Vulkem 116 Caulk

  • Can be used for porous substrates
  • Excellent performance for a long time
  • Flexible for both interior and exterior surfaces
  • Can work on all types of weathers
  • General purpose sealant
  • Pricey

Are you looking for what caulk to use on RV? You might want to consider the Polyurethane Sealant from Gray Tremco. It is one of the most versatile and easy to use products around. You can apply it quickly without any hassle whether you’re caulking for the first time or re-caulking your RV to seal it from leaks.

The 10.1 Oz is ideal to use for many surfaces, including on air vents, venting systems, air conditioners and screw heads. The Caulk Tube is also easy to handle and can be easily applied in minutes depending on the scope or coverage area where to caulk.

The Polyurethane Sealant is also offering primer-less adhesion. It just means that you don’t need to apply a primer before using the caulk. I also want to note that it’s one of the most versatile products I found. We can use it for plenty of applications, including window frame perimeters, masonry, precast, glazing and other types of construction joints.

The Gray Tremco Vulkem 116 is also compatible to use for interior and exterior use. It also has a light grainy texture, making it ideal for use in textured substrates, such as masonry and stucco.

It also works well for its long-lasting performance. With it, you can ensure that you will get the most out of your spending when buying a caulk. It is also easy to apply that it won’t cause much mess even if you commit a mistake applying it. This product is easy to clean up, while it adheres well to a wide range of surfaces.

On the downside, it can be a bit pricey, though.

6. Pro Flex Super Flexible Elastomeric Sealant

  • Compatible for use on many types of surfaces
  • Flexible to deal with joint movements
  • Does not stain surfaces
  • UV stabilized to deal with damaging UV rays
  • Easy to apply
  • Can take a long time to dry

This product is an acrylic clear sealant that offers great adhesion and flexibility. It can stick well and adhere to different types of surfaces. It is quick drying, so you won’t have to worry about any hassles when caulking different parts of your camper or RV.

The Elastomeric Sealant is also perfect for plenty of uses and construction materials. You can also use it in sealing along the RV roof’s edges and around air conditioners, venting systems and screw heads.

You can also rest assured that it is resealable that you can re-apply it over itself. In addition, this product is paintable that you can quickly apply paint over it when desired.

The Geocel is specially formulated and made for caulking and sealing RV exterior although can also be applied on interior surfaces. The product also works on any weather conditions, so you can look forward to plenty of application purposes with it.

It is also ideal for all types of weather application even on a hot or a cold day. You can also have peace of mind that it can be applied even on damp or slightly oily surface. You can also paint its surface over again without any hassles. This caulk can also be re-applied over itself without any problems.

It can also effectively prevent RV leaks because it is a flexible sealant that is especially designed to keep your RV leak-free with only one application. This product also delivers a seamless finish, leaving no visible patches on your roof. It can also work better than silicone sealants for its lower risk to crack or become chalky.

On the downside, the product can take a bit of time to dry.

7. Gorilla Silicone Sealant Caulk

  • Easy to apply
  • All weather, indoor or outdoor use
  • Mildew and mold resistant once cured
  • Does not shrink or become yellowish
  • Leaves no visible patches
  • Can be prone to cracking and chalking

The Gorilla Silicone Sealant Caulk is one of the best products I have found on the market for reasons. For one, it is a clear sealant, which means it won’t leave any visible patches on the roof, air vents, air conditioners, vent pipes and other construction materials.

It is not only versatile but it is also easy to apply. You don’t have to worry about any leaks again because this product can seal the gaps for a long time without requiring re-sealing frequently. You can also rely on it for watertight sealing other surfaces.

The translucent clear sealant is best to use for sealing cracks and gaps on many surfaces. You can use it for doors, windows, auto, gutters and bath, to name some. It is also waterproof that it can be applied outdoors or indoors.

The sealant does not also shrink or turn yellowish. You can also have peace of mind that it won’t stain the surface to which it is applied. It is also UV resistant that it can last long even with continuous exposure to the changing weathers and outdoor elements.

Aside from the mentioned applications, this product also works well in plumbing and gutters. You also don’t have to worry that it won’t adhere well because it is especially formulated for many types of surfaces. It can also be applied on a damp and slightly oily surface.

Another great thing that I love about this product is that it can be water ready in 30 minutes. That said you could also apply paint on top of it without any worries because it quickly sticks to the surface and dries.

The sealant is also waterproof, so you can look forward to a leak-free RV for a long time by choosing the Gorilla Silicone Sealant Caulk for your camper, automobile and recreational vehicle, and so on.

On the negative note, it can be prone to cracking and chalking.

8. EternaBond RSW-2-50 RoofSeal Sealant Tape

  • High elongation rate, contracts and expands with weather changes
  • Can be used in hot weather conditions and sunny environments
  • Versatile and easy to apply
  • Sticks well on many surfaces
  • Silicone lining prevents sticking to another surface before application
  • Can be hard to adjust because it’s very sticky

If you’re looking for the best product on what type of caulk to use on camper, you might want to consider the EternaBond RSW-2-50, which works effectively in sealing around the RV roof’s edges and along vent pipes, air conditioners and air vents.

With it, you can finish a wide range of caulking and sealing tasks in and around your RV with this versatile and all-purpose sealant tape. You can apply it easily with a few basic surface preparations before using it.

The RoofSeal Sealant Tape is white in color, perfectly adapting to common RV roof color. Another thing that I love about it is its excellent, clean finish. There are no spills and messy residues because it is in a tape form.

This sealant tape is also flexible and has a very high elongation rate to move with the movement of your roof joints and other surface gaps. This sealing product can contract and expand based on the weather condition.

With that, it also means top money savings because you don’t have to reapply it often to achieve the caulking you need.

On a negative note, it can be hard to adjust because it is sticky.

9. Butyl Putty Tape

  • Excellent for waterproofing motor homes, RVs and trailers
  • Can be molded to the shape you want
  • Does not leave visible patches on the roof
  • Increased adhesion as it ages
  • Non-hardening and has excellent sealing properties
  • A bit pricey

The putty tape is one of the best we have found around for its ultimate flexibility and versatility for use on many types of surfaces. This putty tape can be molded to the right shape you require without any worries. Even if it is your first time to caulk your recreational vehicle, you won’t have a hard time applying it.

It is not only ideal for recreational vehicle roof but also for windows, gutters, plumbing, doors and air conditioners. You can also use it for sealing around the roof’s edges and around air conditioners, venting systems and air vents.

This putty tape also works well on all types of weather conditions, even on hot and cold environments. You can also use it for siding, flanges, seals and other parts of the recreational vehicle.

The Butyl Putty tape can last longer versus other types of sealant tapes on the market. It won’t also crack even with continued exposure to harsh outdoor elements, including rain, snow and UV rays.

The tape works well in waterproofing the gaps and spaces that need sealing. It can also be used in the interior or exterior of the recreational vehicle. This product is non-hardening, so it won’t be hard to remove when you have to re-apply it.

This sealing tape can also adhere to different surfaces, including plastic lap points, glass and metal. Its material can also increase in adhesion with age after its application, ensuring a long-lasting seal.

On the downside, it can be pricey.

10. Heng’s 16-5631 Putty Tape

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Quick application and long lasting performance
  • Perfect for rubber roofs
  • UV stabilized to prevent discoloration and deterioration
  • Does not stain or turn yellow
  • Might not work on some surface

The putty tape is one of the most versatile products I have found on the market because of its excellent adhesion quality. It can stick in most surfaces in your recreational vehicle This one is also very easy to apply and won’t leave any mess. Even if you make a mistake, you don’t have to worry about anything because it is also easy to clean up.

Just like what you will read in RV caulking tips, you can simply apply it between gaps and spaces needing caulking. Some of these may include windows, doors, gutters and plumbing, and other parts of the recreational vehicle. You can also use it in sealing venting systems, air vents and air conditioners, and other RV parts that need caulking.

The best caulk for RV exterior is made of butyl material that remains intact and can adhere more as it ages. You can especially use it if you have a rubber RV roof. It is also flexible and heavy but non-hardening material that works well to water seal around the roof’s edges.

The Butyl Putty tape is long lasting, so it can be used for several caulking applications. It won’t also crack and does not deteriorate or discolor because of its high UV stabilization. The Heng’s 16-5631 is also ideal for trailers, campers and recreational vehicles. It can waterproof effectively for a long time and adheres more as it ages.

On the negative side, this product might not stick well on some surfaces other than what’s specified by the maker.

Why You Should Trust Us

You should trust the Smart RVing team when buying a recreational vehicle caulk because we’ve carefully selected the best products in the category to help you choose from the wide range of selection available online.

We’re here to help you pick based on the features and factors to consider when buying this RV maintenance product.

Our reviewers have years of experience in RVing and reviewing products needed to maintain and take care of recreational vehicles, campers, trailers, trucks and other vehicles requiring caulking. We’re real consumers ourselves, so we aim for finding only the most valuable RV caulk to help us seal our RV and protect it from leaks and water damage.

Choose us for trusted source of information on the best of RV caulks on the market because we’ve also carefully considered the factors, including price, performance, ease of use and brand.

We do hope that you find the best RV caulking product using our detailed review of the best products on offer. Enjoy shopping!

What Is An RV Caulk

Best RV Caulk Reviews

The RV caulk is especially designed, formulated and made for use in trailers, campers, motor homes and recreational vehicles. It works by filing and sealing cracks and gaps. This product is used in recreational vehicle repairs and maintenance. It can also help in sealing leaks that would otherwise cause water damage to your vehicle.

With it, you can prevent spending on hefty leak repairs and water damage that your RV might suffer from due to water buildup to collect in the gaps and cracks between two surfaces.

Types Of RV Caulks

Types of RV Caulks

Putty tape: This is a self-adhesive caulk tape that is used in sealing vents, roof’s edges and air conditioners, among other surfaces. One major characteristic of this caulk is that it can be applied easily, and it flattens out well. It does not crack and turn yellowish. This product can also adhere more as it ages.

Elastomeric Sealant: This sealant is one of the most common types of recreational vehicle caulk used in sealing and waterproofing many surfaces. It has plenty of uses just like the other types of sealants.

Polyurethane Sealant: It is a flexible and versatile caulk that can stick well on many types of surfaces. You can use it without any hassles, too. It can also be used in trailers, campers and recreational vehicles.

Silicone sealant caulk: It is a durable and functional caulk that can be used and applied easily on many parts of the camper or RV. It does not leave visible patches and can last for a long time.

Benefits of An RV Caulk

Benefit of RV Caulk

There are many benefits to using an RV caulk, and some of these we’re going to highlight in the following.

Watertight sealing

Aside from knowing where to buy Dicor sealant or any other sealants, you might also want to know how the product can help in watertight sealing many surfaces. When sealing cracks and gaps between two surfaces, the caulking product works and sticks well that it can seal such spaces effectively and quickly.

With waterproofing, you can be certain that there will be no leaks in your recreational vehicle or camper. You can also prevent water damage, which will cost much on repairs. Using a caulk, you can also maintain the roof, venting system and air vents in your RV.

Caulking around fixtures and joints can effectively seal the surface to prevent any water from flowing. For example, the RV plumbing showers and faucets can prevent leaks coming from water seeping into crevices and cracks.

Prevention of energy loss and lower energy costs

There are a number of spots in the recreational vehicle where caulking is very important because it can prevent cold or hot air loss. Some of these places include borders around doors and windows as well as along the wall baseboards.

If you don’t caulk these spaces with Lexel caulk for RV, for instance, cool or hot air will escape. When that happens, you will have higher cooling and heating usage because of the lost cool or hot air. Eventually, this will increase energy costs. That’s why caulks are also used at homes, in crevices and cracks, to prevent cooling or heating loss.

Outside elements protection

Along with preventing air and water leaks, caulking around trim and windows can provide great protection from outside elements, which would otherwise seep inside. They will also seep through the gaps and around door and window frame.

Without caulking, dirt and dust are going to enter the RV, moving freely inside it. When that happens, pollution will also degrade the quality of indoor air in your vehicle.

However, it is not only dust, dirt and pollution to enter your camper or trailer, but also rain and snow. When they do, they will cause the accumulation of moisture inside it. If this continues, excessive moisture will lead to damage in your vehicle’s structure. In time, it will lead to warped and rotted surfaces.

In addition, excessive moisture buildup does not also cause structural damage, but also leads to the growth and development of mildew and mold. Over time, they’ll start appearing on the walls and flooring.

Other important benefits

Caulking your recreational vehicle will also seal it from insects that will enter the open cracks and crevices. They will enter your camper and trailer and have their hiding and breeding places once they have settled on those non-caulked surfaces.

With caulking, you can prevent this from happening. You also don’t have to worry about these surfaces shortening their lifespan.

Why Do You Need An RV Caulk

How to choose the best RV Caulk

Perhaps, you’re also asking, “Why do I need to caulk my RV and maintain its sealing?” The reasons, we have prepared in the following.

Seals surface gaps effectively

Regardless you’re choosing a putty tape, a polyurethane sealant, elastomeric sealant or a silicone sealant, you can have peace of mind that it will work in keeping your RV watertight.

With this product, you can have no worries about the gaps existing between at least two surfaces in your RV. One of the main goals of RV owners in using a caulk is to make their recreational vehicle airtight and watertight.

Money saving

With caulking, you can ensure that you don’t have to spend much money on hefty repairs due to water damage. This product will work in ensuring that the gaps and spaces are sealed so that no water will seep into it or no air will escape to the outside. With that said, you can also save money on energy spending. The best RV roof caulk can help in preventing hot or cool air from escaping your RV and going to the outside.

With it, you can ensure that your cooling and heating system won’t have to make up for the loss energy that will also spike your energy spending. The same is true at homes and buildings. Proper caulking will lead to energy efficiency.

Wide range of surfaces

You can also use the caulking product on a wide range of surfaces, but it will depend on the type of caulk you have chosen. That is why you have to check on the type of materials where you intend to apply the caulk for the best results.

Mold and mildew prevention

Fighting mold and mildew might be hard to achieve if you won’t use a caulk to seal around the roof’s edges and along air vents, venting systems and pipes. Some of those places also prone to mildew and mold are fixtures on the showers, kitchens and bathrooms.

You can prevent these harmful organisms from infesting your RV and camper by preventing them from developing in the crevices and cracks in the first place. That is why you need a caulk that will help you on this matter. If not, you might have to spend a lot of money over time when trying to get rid of them in the future.

How We Picked


Before we picked and reviewed each RV caulk we’ve featured here, we’ve considered several factors to help you pick the right kind of caulk to meet your needs for your RV exterior or interior.

Ease of use and installation

You can pick among the types of RV caulks we have mentioned earlier. All of them are easy to use and apply. It does not also need much time to accomplish the task.

Compatibility with different surface materials and applications

When choosing a recreational vehicle caulk, you should look for a product that will be compatible or useful for many types of surfaces. Start your selection with the featured products we’ve reviewed above because many of them can work on a wide range of materials.

When it comes to application, they are also versatile to work around roof’s edges and sealing along screw heads, air conditioners, venting systems and air vents. They can also be used in sealing gaps in plumbing fixtures, including on the showers, bathrooms and kitchens.


When shopping around for any product we need for our recreational vehicle, we should also consider its price. In the product reviews we’ve done we have selected RV caulks coming from a broad price range so that you will be able to pick a high quality caulk within your budget.


In our reviews, we have also looked into reputable names in the RV caulk product category. It is to ensure that they’re trusted by the RV world and are committed to delivering high quality, affordable and top performance caulks.


The high quality RV caulks will stick and work well on the surface where it is applied. In fact, some of them adhere better as they age. They can also ensure of a long-lasting seal along venting systems, air vents, air conditioners and other places in your RV that needs caulking. These products are also paintable, and some can also be resealable, meaning it can be re-applied over itself.

There you have our guide when choosing the right recreational vehicle caulk that will help you prevent leaks into your RV. Choosing the best one, you can also ensure of air tightness to prevent cool or hot air from your camper or trailer from escaping to the outside. Eventually, hope you can pick the best recreational vehicle caulk to meet your demands and deliver the results you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why you need RV exterior caulking?

A: You need an exterior caulking for your RV to prevent water from seeping into the cracks and spaces. It is also important to prevent outside elements, such as moisture, snow and rain from entering your vehicle. With it, you can also be sure that insects won’t enter your RV through the cracks.

Q: Will the silicone caulk work good?

A: It can also work well, but it has some disadvantages. In some cases, it might not hold the seal when your camper or trailer twists and moves. Also, another issue with it is that moisture can get underneath it.

Q: Do RV caulk work on every material?

A: No, it might not. You should check the label and find out what materials it can seal to prevent any disappointment. Reason for this is the varying types of RV caulks. You should figure out the type of caulk to buy based on the application material where you intend using it.

Q: How long does RV caulk last? 

A: There is no specific answer to this question, but we found caulks to last for several years because they adhere well to the surface to where they’re applied. Nevertheless, the types of RV caulks we’ve reviewed above are long lasting.

Q: How to caulk RV roof?

A: Find the spots where to water and air seal. It should be able easy and quick to do it depending on the surface area that you need to caulk. Generally, make sure that it won’t rain before you apply the caulking material.

Q: How to caulk RV windows? 

A: You should also make sure that it’s not raining or snowing before you set out to caulk if working on the exterior of the windows in your RV. When caulking, you should not ignore the different vents and window slide-outs. Nevertheless, find all the areas where to apply the caulking.


There you have our guide on how to choose an RV caulk as well as the top picks on the market right now. We do hope that you find the right caulk that will help you seal around the roof’s edges, screw heads, air vents, air conditioners and other parts of your recreational vehicle that requires caulking.

With the right caulk, you can have peace of mind that there won’t be water leaks that will lead to water damage or air leaks that will cause energy loss, among other benefits. Check out the best RV caulk today! If you’re looking for more products in RV cleaning and maintenance, then I suggest going for these articles: best RV roof coatingsbest RV roof sealants, best RV wash and waxbest RV waxbest RV roof cleaners and best RV awning cleaners. I do hope you will like them. Happy shopping!


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