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The Best RV Bike Rack

Camping is a rewarding experience much more on our recreational vehicle. To complete the experience, some of us also bring along our bicycles. And if you do have it, you should pick the best RV bike rack.

This bike carrier is what to secure our bicycle firmly on our RV, on our spare tire or ladder. But then, selecting the right one among the myriad of choices is downright overwhelming and stressful.

For your reference, see the following to help you choose among the top picks among the bike carriers on the market right now.

Also in this article, we’re highlighting a buying guide with the factors to look into when buying this product. Later, we’ll also answer some of the most frequently asked questions about a bike rack.

Table of Contents

Best RV Bike Racks

1. Camco RV Ladder Mount Bike Rack

  • Can be easily installed
  • Offers a convenient storage
  • Can accommodate two bikes at the same time
  • Sturdy and dependable build
  • Perfect for RVs and campers
  • Durability concerns

If you’re shopping around for the best RV bike carrier, you might want to take a look at the Camco mount bike rack, which is the perfect on-the-go pal for our bikes. When on the road and bringing our bike with us for a camping adventure, we need the bike rack that can accommodate and ensure our bike is in safety.

One of those things I would like to note about the bike rack is its ability to hold two bikes at once. It’s a useful feature especially for RV owners who have at least one bike to bring, whether it’s for your kid or another member of the family.

You will just love how easy that is to install it on your ladder. There is no fuss at all, and you don’t need an additional or separate mounting space to install the rack. Plus, it is not hard at all to install it on the RV.

For someone who does not like to go through many steps to install the rack, this bike rack is a great choice. You can mount it in easy steps without any worries at all. It is also one of the reasons I find this model one of the highly recommended racks versus others in the same category are.

The Camco bike rack is also affordable. While it does what it does well, it is highly priced. More so, the product has a form fit that can cradle firmly in terms of holding your bike.

I would also like to mention that this model comes with free bonus straps, which can offer added security. Another thing we should not fail mentioning is that it can fold easily for quick storage.

The bonus straps included can provide extra security, adding to our peace of mind. Additionally, this bike rack is with soft grip handles along with locking pins, ensuring it stays in place. Also, this bike rack can be folded for easy and quick storage.

On the cons, there were some reports on longevity, but these were isolated cases. Still, this Camco ladder bike rack is one of the top choices in the category for its reliability, quick installation and storage and functionality.

2. Swagman RV Approved Traveler XC2 RV Bike Rack

  • Comes with a bumper adapter
  • Can accommodate up to two bikes at the same time
  • Higher weight capacity than others in the same category
  • RV approved bike rack
  • With a push-button ratchet arm for adjusting and securing your bike
  • Expensive

The Swagman Bicycle Carrier is top of the line brand that is committed to offering nothing but the best in bike racks. One of my favorites from the brand is the Swagman bike rack for RV.

It is a top-rated bike rack made of durable and high quality materials, which are what we need to ensure that we can make use of it for a longer time. This product is a rugged bike rack that has gone through different tests to check that it can handle the stress of towing behind the RV.

As you may know, the bike rack will be undergoing much pressure because of the repeated bumps and constant movement especially when hitting the roads.

With the bike carrier, you can have peace of mind that you’re using a good rack that can deal with much abuse and use that it would face being an RV bike rack. By choosing it, you can be sure that you can rely on a long lasting bike carrier that you can always count on.

You’d also be glad to know that this bike rack can handle a higher weight of 70 pounds than other bike racks in the same category. In addition, this bike rack is also suitable to fit into a two-inch class 3 hitch. It can also install to a 4.5 inches continuous bumper of the RV.

A feature it has that can benefit your bicycle is that it comes with a push-button ratchet arms that can easily be adjusted to secure your bike firmly into place. Another thing I liked is that the rack can accommodate up to two bikes.

The Swagman Traveler is indeed a reliable choice that you can count on for a long-lasting service for its heavy-duty materials.

These ratchet arms can also offer us with easy bike loading and unloading. It is what you need for its arm folding down for quick access to the rear cargo area of the recreational vehicle. This arm can also be upped for a quick and easy storage.

On the cons, this bike rack is expensive, though, but for all its features it is a decent choice for most RV owners looking for a quality and durable bike rack, which also offers the convenience and heavy-duty performance to appreciate.

3. Quick Products QPRBM2R RV Bumper Bike Rack

  • Affordable
  • Can carry up to two bikes at the same time
  • Easy to mount
  • Powder-coated finish for added durability
  • Slotted tire wells design
  • Lower weight capacity
  • Won’t fit fat tire bikes or those with wheels beyond 29 inches

If you’re looking for a dependable bike carrier for RV, you might want to take a look at the Quick Products QPRBM2R. It is a top-rated product in the category, and there is no doubt why. This bike rack also affordable, yet it doesn’t compromise on the quality.

Using the bike rack, you don’t also have to worry about mounting it on the RV bumper. It is one of the things to look for when finding a product in this category. You must look for one that you can make use of without much hassle because of the ease of installation. Choosing it, you might also be able to do the installation yourself.

The RV bike rack is also a great choice because it lets us do adjustments on is mounting. It comes with an adjustable mounting, allowing a fit for almost all bike lengths.

By selecting this bicycle rack, you can also look forward to long-lasting use because this product is made from an all-steel construction, which adds to its heavy-duty performance. More so, I liked that it is powder-coated, allowing for a longer-lasting use and preventing corrosion.

This bike rack is also a dependable choice for its slotted tire wells design, allowing for a better fit of the bike into the bumper of the RV.

On the cons, the bike rack for travel trailer bumper has a lower capacity versus the others is on the market. It won’t also fit fat tire bikes and those with wheels beyond 29 inches.

But still, it is your perfect choice if you want a top performing and heavy-duty bike rack for your RV. It is one of the highest rated ones especially among RV owners looking for a topnotch bike carrier that’s going to serve them for a long time.

4. Swagman RV-Approved Bike Rack

  • Can be mounted around spare tires
  • Made from rugged and durable materials
  • Can accommodate up to two bikes
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Can secure bike well for its rubber and anti-sway straps
  • Lower weight capacity

This bike carrier is one of the travel trailer bike racks to count on if you’re looking for a bike rack for RV that can keep up with your demands and needs. It has the solid features that make it a great choice for the recreational vehicle owner that wants to use a durable and long-lasting bicycle carrier for their camper or travel trailer.

The Around the spare deluxe RV bike rack can also carry up to two bikes at the same time, so it won’t be a problem if you have at least one bike. I would also like to mention that the bike rack could be installed or mounted around most spare tires.

This bike carrier is also able to prevent any bike-to-bike contact because it is designed with anti-sway cradles. It is one of the things that make the rack a favorite among camper owners that want a more streamlined process of securing their bikes into their vehicles.

More so, I would like to note that this model is able to connect to four inches or to four and a half inches of a continuously welded steel bumper. In addition, this bike carrier also comes with all hardware so that you can easily mount or install it to the bumper and for easy carrying of the bike.

Aside from the versatility of the rack, it is also functional and almost universal to fit many spare tires. I would also like to mention that this one has a solid construction, which can ensure of a long-lasting use. By selecting the bike rack, you can also have peace of mind your bicycle will be secured firmly to the rack for its durable rubber straps.

It is also by a top brand that designs trusted equipment to help you get to your destination safely. This brand continues to deliver updated products that will meet the needs of the automobile and bike world.

On the downside, it has a lower weight capacity compared to other carriers on the market has. But nevertheless, it is reliable for its heavy-duty performance, solid build and quality materials. Choosing it, you can have peace of mind that you’re getting an excellent bike carrier for your RV.

5. Stromberg Carlson CC-275 Bike Bunk

  • Higher load weight capacity
  • Made of high quality and durable materials
  • Easy to install
  • Versatile to fit most A frame trailers
  • Can prevent your bike from damage
  • Not that easy to install versus other types

Just when comparing your options for different ladder racks, like a Swagman RV ladder bike rack, you might want to take a look at the Stromberg Carlson, another top-rated product among RV bike bunks.

The Stromberg Carlson is one of the first and best in the trailer tongue cargo carrying system category. It has been one of the pioneers and leaders in this style that you might also want to consider.

One of the things I liked about it is adjustable settings. In fact, this bike bunk can be set to fit most A-frame trailers you can find on the market now. In addition, I would like to mention that this one has a good capacity of up to 100 lbs.

The bike bunk is one of the best to choose for your A-frame trailer. It is not hard to install at all, and you won’t encounter any problem at all. Take note that it’s not a bike rank, but it a bunk.

One of the things I liked about it is its simple and straightforward operation. It is also not hard to find unlike other models available out there. This adaptor is very easy to buy, giving you a solution instantly.

Using the bike bunk tray, you will find it easier to connect a two-inch hitch mount rack with ease. Another big advantage of choosing this bike bunk tray is that it’s powerful to accommodate up to four bikes.

With it, you don’t need to buy two different bike racks to accommodate four bikes at the same time. However, make sure that you comply with the weight load capacity to ensure a smooth and no hassle use.

On the downside, it is not that much easy to install versus other types on the market are. But overall, you might want to take a look at it if you’re looking for a high quality and easy to find bike bunk.

6. CURT 19100 Camper Hitch

  • Chip and UV resistant
  • Made with high quality materials
  • Strong and sleek design
  • Rust-resistant and long-lasting performance
  • Versatile to accept cargo carrier, ball mount, tow hook and bike rack
  • Can be tricky to install the first time

The 3500-lb capacity camper hitch is another top of the line product in the category if you’re looking for this style. It is from Curt, a renowned brand in this space known for its great reputation in offering topnotch, heavy-duty and affordable products.

One of the things that make the Curt trailer hitch a top choice is that it is tested and rated for 3500 lbs gross trailer weight as well as 350 pounds tongue weight. Also, I would like to note that this RV trailer hitch is with a versatile design.

It can add a hitch receiver to your camper, which suits plenty of options. A few it can accommodate include cargo carrier, ball mount, tow hook and bike rack.

In addition, this product is also quality tested based on authority standards. It is to ensure of full reliability and safety while you’re towing.

Another thing I liked about it is its resistance to the elements, including UV rays, chip and rust, and that is made possible for its dual-coat finish.

This product is finished with Bonderite along with a black powder coat. Both of them combined to offer exceptional resistance to UV rays, chipping and rust.

The RV hitch is effective in adding cargo space in our RV. It is a valuable investment to have in our camper or travel trailer.

Choosing this brand, we can be certain we’re going for performance and quality. It is also versatile to have in our RV because it can let us tow our ATV, dirt bike, personal watercraft and other toys that we have.

On the downside, it can be a bit tricky to install the first time, though. But overall, the Curt camper hitch is one of the most dependable choices in the category for its solid reputation in delivering quality and long-lasting service. It is safe to use and versatile for a myriad of towing options. So if you’re looking for these characteristics, you should not think twice but check out the CURT 19100 Camper Hitch.

7. Swagman RV Approved Dispatch Hitch Bike Rack

  • Includes a locking hitch pin and a cable
  • Can accommodate up to two bikes
  • Accommodates bikes of different lengths
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Adjustable hooks
  • Expensive

No matter the type of bike rack, like a RV ladder bike rack, you’re comparing when shopping around for what to buy for your camper or trailer, you should not miss including the Swagman bike rack that has the performance and durability that we must shop around for when a good bike rack.

If you have at least one bike and you want to tow them without any hassles as well as prevent them from bumping into each other, you might want to take a second look at the two-bike Platform rack.

It is one of the best solutions when it comes to towing or hauling these bikes behind our trailer, fifth wheel and recreational vehicle. Having it around, you can be certain you will have different options when it comes to towing your toys.

This model is also with a cable and a locking hitch pin, allowing for ease of installation that can be done in minutes.

Also, it has sliding wheel trays that can be adjusted to handle different length bikes. With that said, you could have peace of mind that you’ll have an easy to use and adjust bike rack, adding more value to your purchase.

I would also like to mention that it has adjustable wheel ratchet straps, which can secure and hold the wheels tray, giving better ease of operation.

This model also has adjustable hooks that can secure the frame to the rack. I would also like to mention that it has a cam lever that can easily be used to lower vertical post, making it more versatile.

I also liked that it has a vertical mast that can be easily folded down for a more compact unit, giving better vehicle access. More so, this product is covered by the brand’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

These things are making the Swagman a great choice for a bike carrier that you might want to check out for yourself.

On the downside, this product is expensive, though. But overall, it is one of the best choices around for its versatility and heavy-duty performance. Check it out for yourself.

8. Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Racks

  • Comes with folding carry arms
  • Rugged, easy to use rack
  • Wobble-free and secure installation
  • Includes a tilt-away mast
  • Can protect and secure bikes for its individual tie-downs
  • Not compatible on trailers

The deluxe locking bike hitch racks by Allen Sports is another top-rated product in the category that receives positive feedback and reviews from its users.

By choosing the bike hitch rack, you can be certain you’d use a durable and heavy-duty product that can last a longer time than other cheaper models on the market can. It is one of the bike racks for motorhome for its reliability and performance.

This model can accommodate up to four bikes at the same time, giving you with the ability to tow more than two bikes, which is high in capacity versus other options on the market.

One of the best features of the locking hitch rack is its quick installation process. It is not hard to use at all, too. I believe it is the perfect solution in transporting your bikes on camping excursions and road trips.

It has the quick install locking hitch insert, letting us install it into the receiver hitch wobble-free but without having to install tools in order to secure it.

I would also like to note that it has individual tie-down cradles that can protect and secure your bikes.

It also has these folding carry arms incorporated in the design, allowing for convenient dropping out of sight when it is not in use.

I also noticed that it has the ability to tilt back, providing for a quick and easy lift-gate access. The Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Rack can also handle and secure a wide range of bike frame designs.

On the downside, this product is not compatible for use on trailers, though. But still, the Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Rack is a top-rated choice for its versatility and ease of operation. With it, you can be certain you’re using a durable and top-performing bike rack for your recreational vehicle.

9. Swagman RV Approved Ladder Rack

  • Easy to operate
  • Can hold up to two bikes at the same time
  • Quick installation
  • Can fit most motor homes
  • RV tested and approved
  • Longevity concerns

The Swagman 80630-model ladder rack is a topnotch product for the bike rack category. We shouldn’t forget it when shopping around for a rack to depend on for long years of service.

One of its top features to appreciate includes its ease of use and operation. With it, you don’t have to worry about any difficult to make use of it.

You might want to take a look at it if you would like a rack that can be used to accommodate two bikes at the same time. It is what you might want for your RV, too, because it can help in securing your bikes into the ladder of your motor home or RV.

It is also lightweight, so it will not add much weight in your motor home or recreational vehicle. With it, you don’t just have a reliable bike rack but also a lightweight one that can conveniently be used without adding much weight in your RV.

Another thing I liked about the bike rack is that you can mount it to your RV ladder without any difficulty using hooks. In addition, every purchase comes with two straps, allowing for better security in place of the RV bike rack. It is an essential feature you must also shop around for when comparing your options.

On the cons, there was some longevity concerns reported, though. But overall, it is a decent choice for its great features that make it easy to install and operate. It is also an RV tested and approved product that you can rely on through the years.

10. Swagman RV Approved 2-Bike Bumper Rack

  • Can transport up to two bikes on your bumper
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Durable heavy-duty steel build
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Affordable
  • Lower weight load capacity

Swagman bumper rack should not be forgotten when looking for a reliable and efficient bike that will offer you with long-lasting service.

It is packed with the features we’re looking for when shopping around for this kind of product. If you have more than one bike, you might want to check this one out because it can transport up to two bikes conveniently on the camper or trailer bumper.

Using it, you can also ensure of a versatile use because this product is designed for four to 4.5 inches square RV bumpers. But then, you should take note that it will install with the bolts around your bumper.

Another thing I liked about it is its heavy-duty steel construction, enhancing its durability and performance to last through the years. It is one of the essentials to look for when shopping around for a bike carrier. None of us would like to use one that will break after a few uses.

It is also made more durable for its powder-coated finishing, which can deal with corrosion and rust. This feature is one of those that we must also check when comparing different products. With powder coating, you can have peace of mind it can resist the elements.

It is also easy to install with the U-bolts that come with every purchase. This model is designed with an upright bar in its middle, providing extra support to the bikes while we’re towing.

I would also like to note that it is compatible to use with man bike frames, wheels and sizes. This bike rack is indeed one of the best in terms of ease of use and operation in addition to installation.

However, it has a lower weight load capacity, though. But still, it is a top of the line choice for RV owners looking for a durable bike rack with a compact and sleek design.

11. Rage Powersports BC4BM Bumper Bike Rack

  • Includes the hardware needed for installation
  • Sleek black paint finishing
  • Reputable brand
  • Heavy-duty steel make
  • Easy installation
  • Some longevity issues

Rage Powersports should not be forgotten when shopping around for the best bicycle racks for your camper, travel trailer or motor home. Are you looking for a bike rack meant for square tube styled recreational vehicle bumpers?

This tubular steel bicycle rack by Rage Power Sport is easy to attach and install without much difficulty. It is what you need if you’re looking for a no fuss installation.

Speaking of ease of installation, the bike rack can attach easily to the RV bumper using two U-bolts. Every purchase also come with two pieces of 26.5 inches of angle support brackets, which can give the carrier an additional support when trying to haul a full load.

The Rage Powersports BC4BM also comes with two pieces of L shaped supports for the tie-downs. In addition, this bike rack can also work well with tires with up to 1.75 inches in width. However, you need to take note that its maximum weight capacity is 140 lbs. Make sure that it matches your needs before buying.

Another thing I liked about the bike rack is that it can transport up to four bikes on a camper trailer bumper. It also has a good design of 1.75 inches width tire wells along with 6.5 inches spacing between the tire wells.

On the downside, the bike rack has some longevity issues, though. But if you would take a look at all its features, you can conclude that it is a great pick for its excellent characteristics and qualities.

12. Lippert Components 429756 Jack-It 2 Bike Carrier System

  • Quick and easy set up
  • Durable materials
  • Can hold two bikes
  • Can prevent damage to the bikes
  • Opens additional space in the cargo or rear area
  • A bit bulky

Lippert Components Jack-It Bike Rack is definitely not the least regarding quality and performance. It is loaded with the durable features that you can count on. It is by LIPPC, which is one of the most known and reputable brands in this space.

This bike rack has a great design on its frame, allowing users to install it over the tongue jack on the A frame of a trailer. It is a breeze to set up, so it does not require much of your time and effort to do it.

I also noticed it has adjustable wheel cradles along with Sway Stop straps that can secure the wheels of the bike to the carrier so that it will have a smooth ride. As you may know, the road conditions can be rough and bumpy. Without a bike rack like the BikeWing carrier, your bike might be damaged.

In addition, this bike rack is also able to hold two bikes securely and safely without any worries. In fact, you can easily secure the bikes by the wheel, and you will be ready to hit the roads.

The Jack-It bike rack lets your mobile home makes use of the rear cargo space or hitch. With this carrier, you will be able to maximize available space in your RV and make use of it for extra gears or accessories.

On the cons. It is a bit bulky, though. But still, you might want to take a look at it if you’re looking for a durable and top performing bike rack that offers an amazing service that lasts long.

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Our team also made use of a systematic process in conducting the reviews. First, we’ve looked into the most essential considerations when finding a bike rack.

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What Is An RV Bike Rack/ How Does It Work

travel trailer bike racks

The RV ladder rack or bike rack is a special piece of equipment to have in your recreational vehicle if you have a bicycle because it can save storage space.

With it, you don’t have to stress yourself only to find out there is no room left for your bike in your RV. The bike rack is important to prevent lack of storage for the bike.

However, you need to know that there are certain types of RV bike racks available. Choosing one will largely depend on the setup of your recreational vehicle.

For this reason, you need to find one that suits the type of your vehicle. It is also important that you pick based on the number of bikes you have as well as their size.

Without even saying, it is essential that you choose carefully based on your needs. You must also know that bike racks are available in varying capacity loads. For example, some of them have a max weight load of 60 lbs.

So when selecting a bike rack, you must think of your needs. If you have two bikes, find one that can accommodate that number.

On the other hand, you should pick a model suitable for handling a higher load capacity of four or five bikes.

In most cases, you will find hitch mount racks, which are the common choice. For one, it is not only affordable but also takes a short time to install.

On the other hand, those who are looking for a more durable type of bike rack choose a bumper type like the Swagman 2-bike RV bumper rack, or a ladder rack. They are top quality bike racks that you might want to consider if you are looking for a longer-term use.

Types Of RV Bike Racks

swagman bike rack for rv

In the following, let us discuss the styles or types of bike racks on the market that can help you decide on which to pick based on your needs later.

Ladder-mounted type

It is a kind of bike carrier that is located on the back ladder of your recreational vehicle. Using it, the bike will be vertically secured while their front tire is facing the ground.

However, you might find this type inconvenient if you would need to use the ladder because you need to dismount the bike each time. But if you’re looking for a lightweight rack, then you might want to go for this option.

When searching for a good bike rack, you should also know the types, as briefly mentioned earlier, before buying one that is right for your circumstances. In the following, let us check out the most basic types of bike racks to choose form for your RV.

Hitch-mounted bike carriers

It is the most basic type of bike carrier that you might want to check out if you’re looking for an easy to install bike rack. Usually, they come with a hitch, and so the name. It is easy to install and use.

However, you have to compare their loading capacities. Some can accommodate two while others four bikes. They are also available in different styles like platform and hanging bike racks.

One of the things that make them a good choice is that they are versatile because they can also work with other vehicles, too. Nevertheless, you must choose one based on the loading capacity you need.

It can also fit any two-inch hitch receiver, which makes it a versatile for many RV owners. You will not have any hard time to dismount it from your vehicle onto your truck/another vehicle using this receiver type.

Bumper-mounted carriers

These bike racks are also chosen by other RV or camper owners because they can get rid of any chance of eliminating any visibility problems. Their position wouldn’t cause blocking of any portion of your windshield.

Using it is safe for drivers for RVs with steel construction and wield, encompassing their bumper. Usually, this bumper can offer strength that can support the weight from the bikes.

However, this type of bike rack is a great choice if you do have the bumper where to add it.

This bike rack can do the job well, and it can carry at least two bikes based on the bike carrier model you’re buying. It is kind of rack won’t need to use your RV ladder or trailer hitch, saving on storage space.

There you have the type of bike racks to choose from and use to mount your bike into the RV ladder or bumper.

Benefits Of Using An RV Bike Rack

Now, you’re probably asking, “What are benefits of using a bike carrier or bike rack? There are many benefits of using the bike rack, and some of them we’re highlighting in the following.

Bike maintenance

Bumping into each other, your bikes might have scratches, affecting their overall quality. You can just imagine the road conditions and a typical trip on an RV.

With a bike rack, you can eliminate that worry because it can keep your bikes in a great condition and without any damage. It works well by securing your bikes in place, preventing them from bumping into each other.

It will be your best interest to have a bike carrier that can secure your bikes and keep them from bumping into each other. No matter the condition, it can prevent the damage of your bike, which is one of the reasons it’s necessary to have it in your RV.

Space saving

You can just imagine how space consuming it would be to have a bike and not have a rack for it if planning to bring it in your trip. We all know that the space available in the RV is a premium.

But with a bike carrier like a Jack It bike rack, we don’t have to worry about any additional space it would take because it can carry the bike for us without taking much space.

With the available space in your camper or RV, you can now bring other things. Without even saying, it is really important to have a bike rack that you can mount into the RV ladder or bumper.


With a bike rack, you don’t need to store the bikes inside the RV and take some time to get it out there. This piece of equipment makes it easy for use to store and remove the bike with ease.

To find the most portable bike rack, you can compare from one of those we have featured earlier in the reviews section.

Secure hold

If you have more than one bike, you might have to deal with them tangling together without the bike carrier, and one of them might even be damaged in the process.

If you have a bike rack, you don’t have to worry about this happening. It can offer you with features that will allow different positioning options. With such features, you can be sure that your bikes won’t be damaged.

There you have some of the reasons you need to invest on an RV bike rack. Again, it will wise to buy one to prevent bike damage due to scratches, save space in your RV, and make your bike more portable, among other reasons to own one.

How We Picked

bike racks for motorhome

What are the things to look into when finding a great RV bike rack that will keep up with your needs? Check out the following for a few tips that you might want to follow.


Remember that bike racks are available at different prices, so you might want to determine how much you’re willing to spend on the bike carrier to have. If not, you might have to spend so much time browsing different options, and waste time in the process.

Once you’ve decided on your budget, you can reduce the number of your options to save time. Definitely, the first thing to do is to establish your budget before shopping around.

Durability and quality

Related to price, some people go for the cheapest option only to find out what they bought would break after a couple of uses. In the end, they did not save at all.

On the other hand, some choose the most expensive thinking it is the highest quality. In the end, the bike rack has unnecessary features they paid for.

So the bottom line, it is the performance you should check, not just the price, when comparing your options. One of the things you can do is to read testimonials and reviews from the consumers themselves.

Customer reviews are real experiences that can give you an idea on how really the product is performing.

Bike size, weight and number

One of the essentials when picking a bike carrier is determining some specs like the weight, size and number of your bike. You can check the specification sheet or product descriptions to check and compare these details. Be sure to pick one that can match your needs.

There you have some of the things to remember when shopping around for a new bike rack. Again, you have to determine the bike’s size, number and weight. You also need to check on the durability, price and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most popular RV bike rack brands?

A: Different bike racks are available on the market now, easily flooding our brains with too many options. In this case, you might have to spend so much time to find the right one especially without a clue on the best brands, which are trusted by RV owners all over the world.

To find the right one, you might want to begin comparing your options on brands like Camco, Swagman, Quick Products, Stromberg Carlson, CURT, Allen Sports, Rage Powersports and Lippert Components.

These are some of the best brands that will help you get more of your spending on a bike rack. If you would like to get a durable and high quality bike rack, you might want to get started with your choices on our reviews section.

Q: Can bike rack damage your vehicle?

A: A bike rack is an essential to have in your mobile home if you have a bike. It can offer us with the convenience and safety of transporting our bike from one place to another.

However, some models might damage your vehicle. They can come with an attachment that can damage the bike and your car, too. For example, you might scratch the paint of your car if you have installed the rack while the prior is dirty.

Q: Can bike racks be stolen?

A: Yes, bike racks can be stolen. As you know, criminals have their ways and means of finding out how to steal from other people. But then, you can get an anti-theft device for a Thule bike rack, for instance, especially the trunk-mounted type.

For it, you can buy a security strap that you can find online, too. It is very easy to set up. Just follow the instructions closely based on the part you’re buying. Nevertheless, you can find anti-theft devices that you can use for your bike rack to protect your bike rack from being stolen.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: These products are available in varying prices, so we have created reviews of different bike racks at price points to choose from and buy. But as we always say, we should not rely on the price alone.

Be able to compare different products not just on their prices but also qualities. Do not buy something too expensive just because it is full of bells and whistles, which in the end you don’t really need.

Q: Should I buy a bumper hitch receiver?

A: Yes, you can if you find it necessary. One of those I recommend is the CURT RV hitch. It’s a great product designed for installation onto the RV’s rear for an extra space.

The hitch is manufactured under the strict standards of the brand that makes use of robotic welding and all other systematic and innovative processes to ensure the quality of their products.

Q: How to install a bike rack on RVs?

A: There is no one-size fit all way of installing a bike rack on the RV. It will depend on the style and type of the RV bike carrier you’re buying. For this reason, I suggest you check on and follow the instructions as directed by the manufacturer of the rack you bought.

Q: How to fit RV bike racks?

A: Just like in the installation process, you will fit the bike rack depending on the type of carrier you’re buying. Fitting or using one will not be the same across types.

Q: How to care and clean?

A: You can care and clean the RV bike rack without any difficulty. Most of them will just require wiping with clean cloth. There is no special cleaning needed. Water and soap will do, too. Do not sweat on this one.

Q: Where to buy?

A: While there are many places to buy a great bike rack, the best place is online. It is where to find a wide range of choices and with the best deals. For example, on Amazon, you can buy straight from the manufacturers, meaning lower prices than retailer or distributor prices. Think about that.


Secure your bike safely into your RV using a bike rack that will keep it in place until you reach your destination. It can keep the bikes from bumping into each other, maintaining their top condition.

The bike carrier also ensures that your bikes do not get scratches for having them inside your mobile home without a rack. Also, this bike rack can ensure that you don’t have to take so much time in moving your bikes from one place to another.

Nevertheless, the best RV bike rack is a great piece of equipment to have if you own a bicycle that you plan of taking to your RV adventures. Start finding the right one using our buying guide and reviews section.


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