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The Best RV Battery Box

Batteries are essential for an RV to function efficiently. Without your batteries, your RV electrical appliances need to be always connected to a power line so that you can use them. With a good battery, you can store adequate power for your electrical devices even when you are off-grid.

Understanding your battery’s significant role, you need to help it in any way you can to ensure its optimum condition. One of the best ways to assist is to make sure that it is always protected against the forces and elements of nature, water, and anything that might damage it. You can do this quickly and seamlessly by getting the best RV battery box for your power storage.

Table of Contents

Best RV Battery Boxes

1. Camco Heavy Duty Battery Box

  • Easy to install
  • Corrosion and moisture-resistant
  • Fits group size 24 batteries
  • Includes the strap for mounting
  • USCG CFR 183.420 and ABYC E-10.7 specifications approved
  • Easy to upgrade and modify
  • The connection bolt is not included.

The Camco Heavy Duty Battery Box is a best seller when you are looking for an RV dual 12v battery box worth your every dollar. This product meets the specifications of USCG CFR 183.420 and ABYC E-10, which says a lot about its quality and functionality.

This basic looking battery box does a great job in keeping your batteries secure and protected. Enclosed to this lightweight but heavy-duty polypropylene box, your batteries will no longer be greasy.

You also don’t need to worry about any possible acid leaks. You will also like that this dual 12v battery box is corrosion resistant and resistant in moisture absorption. Generally safe, you will be glad to add to its list of features that it is also heat resistant, making it ideal for long and tiring trips to wherever the roads lead you.

With its lift-off lid and durable woven straps, you can easily carry this around. Gaining access to your batteries when you need to is very easy. All you need to do is lift the lid, and you can easily do what you need to do. The RV battery cover is also solid enough to stay put. With its durable woven strap and the bracket included, you can conveniently mount it so you can keep the bottom part from being taken out.

Its design also allows you to save a few minutes because your cables can accessibly come out from any of the two corners. Should you need to relocate your batteries or clean it, you can easily do so.

As a bonus, this dual vented battery box has some space and room to spare should you want to make some modifications and upgrades in the future.

The only downside of this product is you must purchase some accessories separately like the connection cables for the top. This RV battery box would surely exceed your expectations. The price is fair, and it does good work when it comes to protecting your battery.

2. NOCO HM327BKS Battery Box

  • Design is very functional
  • Heavy-duty and sturdy
  • US Coast Guard certified
  • Universal fit
  • Can easily fit Group 24 and 27 batteries
  • Not a perfect fit for Groups 30 and 31 batteries

High quality and 100% working battery box for group 24 sizes and above, the Noco HM327BKS is your ultimate battery box solution. You will never need another battery box again.

This product is tested and certified by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) Code of Federal Regulations 183. It has its seal of approval too. It looks solid from the outside because of its molded plastic material. It also has durable handles on the side with a wide grip, making it easier for you to carry this around should you need it somewhere other than your RV or need to relocate it.

Another feature that you will like with the Noco is its snap-lock lid. It also comes with a strap that can securely hold the battery down either to the floor or in your designated location. This is a great way to secure your battery when you are traveling. Another bonus, it also comes with a hardware mount, which will work wonderfully when you are opting for a permanent installation.

You’d feel like this battery box is more than you bargained for because thanks to its fully adjustable divider, different batteries of varying sizes can fit into this box. You have a wide selection from batteries from group 24 and 27, UI batteries, and even 6-volt batteries. You will like how snug your batteries will be inside this case, so there won’t be any sliding happening. It is competent in limiting the battery movement so the battery terminals won’t have any accidental shorting.

Another reason why this RV battery box deserves a huge thumbs-up is its guaranteed sturdiness. It is impact resistant and ideal for extreme environments. It can withstand weather conditions down to -20° F and is impervious to gas, acid, oil, and even UV exposure. It is safe both indoors and outdoors. It also features full-flow ventilation, which is amazing. The gases are safely released on the multiple exit points designed on the battery box. Your cables can also run quickly on all corners.

One drawback here is it’s a bit cramp for Groups 30 and 31, so this is not recommended if your batteries fall under this group. Worth your every penny, this rugged and all USA made is a perfect battery box. No more leaks, and your battery will be 100% protected from all sorts of contaminants and damages.

3. Attwood Group 27 Battery Box

  • US Coast Guard approved
  • Easy to install
  • Functional design with larger capacity box
  • Can easily fit Group 27 batteries
  • Resistant to acid
  • Drop tested in extreme temperatures.
  • Vent holes on the lid without caps

Meeting the ABYC and the US Coast Guard standards with flying colors, you can’t go wrong with the Attwood Group 27 Battery Box. It is tremendously tough and acid-proof. It is also drop tested in extreme temperatures of -20°F to 120°F so you can’t beat this solid battery box.

You can’t go wrong with this because Attwood Corporation is an award-winning and renowned leader for the engineering, manufacturing, and testing of top-caliber marine products. They’ve been in the industry for more than 100 years, which is a clear indication of how reliable their products and services are. The brand’s water systems, lighting, seating and pedestal, custom upholstery, and other marine accessories are all easy to install and meet the regulatory guidelines.

The Attwood Group 27 Battery Box also has durable straps that can endure 350 pounds of force, which is almost four times the Coast Guard prerequisite. It is perfect for Series 27 batteries with a maximum height of 10.5″. With its larger capacity, this polypropylene battery box can come with you anywhere you go. It is waterproof and is well protected against the elements of nature.

As mentioned, all Attwood Corporation products including this black battery box are designed to be installed easily. The mounting hardware is already included upon purchase.

This vented RV battery box has an integrated air gap around its perimeter between the cover and the base. The cover is also slightly enlarged on the two corners meant for your cable or cords. The cover includes two small ventilation holes strategically placed in the center of each of the raised somewhat corners.

These vent holes at the top might be a slight misstep because it allows water to creep and trickle down to the battery itself. It will have been nicer if there are small caps included so that you can use them outdoors. Overall, this is an excellent and high-quality battery box. Well-built and designed, this is the right battery box that will last you for a long time.

4. RV Armor RV Battery Lock Box

  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Aesthetically beautiful with its Gloss Black Diamond Plate Aluminium make
  • Can easily fit Group 27 batteries
  • Laser-cut for accuracy protection
  • Pre-drilled holes with self-tapping screws for a stress-free installation
  • Have a secure lid
  • Good ventilation
  • Water can still seep during heavy rain.

The 27-inch RV battery lock box from RV Armour is beautiful. With its Gloss Black Diamond Plate Aluminum look, it can positively contribute to your batteries’ life expectancy because it stores them proficiently.

The outside look, as stated, is a real stunner. It has a tab on one of the sides to lock it, and on the upper portion, you will find a thumb hole so you can slide the cover open. On the inside, it looks clean and organized. There are dedicated slots on the bottom of the box to hold the batteries. This ensures that even when the road is all bumpy, the batteries will still be in place.

Additionally, it also has two aluminum straps that make lifting this off the floor easy. On the back, there are also three free holes for whatever trailer configurations you may want. You can use these optional holes for your battery cables.

A highly recommended deep cycle battery box is corrosion resistant, and laser cut for accuracy protection. This box can be exposed to rain and humidity, and you won’t have to worry about rust. It is also impressively resistant to wear. You can be sure that with how it is designed, it will not trap fumes or moisture that can damage your batteries.

Batteries can be expensive, and if you lose one, you are pretty much out of action. This is another reason why this battery box is your best choice. It is engineered to have a secured lid assuring you that your battery is safe from theft. You also have the option to incorporate another lock for added security.

A slight hitch with RV Armour’s 27″ battery box is during a torrential downpour; some water makes its way inside. Although a quick fix will be put in a layer of plastic on the lid, this can still be improved. Indeed, it is very nicely made and has enough space not just for your battery but also for some of your accessories. It looks nice too, which is a huge plus.

5. Attwood Standard Battery Box

  • Corrosion and Acid-resistant
  • Can easily fit series 24 batteries
  • Vented box to prevent overheating
  • Pre-drilled holes for cables
  • Instructions are molded on the inside cover.
  • Approved by the United States Coast Guard Number 183.420 and the ABYC standard E-10
  • Ventilation holes right on the lid

A real bargain RV battery box with an efficient high-end enclosure, the Attwood Standard Battery Box will fit your standard Group 24 batteries with a maximum dimension of 8 inches by 12 inches with a maximum height 10-1/8 inches.

You will be pleased with this standard battery box because it meets the ABYC standard E-10 and approved by the United States Coast Guard Number 183.420 as an Original Equipment Manufacturer installed battery hold-down unit. It is made with polypropylene, making it 100% acid-resistant.

It also features hold-down straps that can repel a force of 350 pounds. This is nearly 4x the US Coast Guard requirement. Additionally, you will know that this purchase will last for a long time. It has been drop tested in extreme temperatures but still emerged as a reliable and robust battery box.

For complete ease of use, this battery box has large handles with edges that are rolled. The instructions are also molded in the inside cover, so anytime, you can check back to validate. It also has pre-drilled cable openings enough for cords of up to 0.55″ diameter.

This vented box will help your battery’s performance and help prevent any overheating. Your battery will be securely locked in place as you travel. Boat owners can also use this without worrying risking their batteries.

The strap is designed thoughtfully. It is secure, and it runs up in an opening along the sides and the bottom of the battery box. It also goes from side to side of the cut-outs found in the side handles, so you know that your battery’s movement will be minimal.

A feature that needs to be improved with the standard Attwood battery box is the holes in the lid. Understandably, it is for air circulation, but there is a lid with the holes. The water can still enter the battery box and drench the battery. Sure, you can remedy it by putting something on the top and cover the holes, but with the box all ventilated, there is no need to have holes in the lid.

This battery box works great, and it has plenty of room for additional tools and accessories. It is more than capable of holding the battery in place both inland and in water.

6. NOCO HM426 Dual GC2 Battery Box

  • Commercial-grade battery box
  • Impact-resistant
  • Weatherproof
  • Meets US Coast Guard standards
  • Features full flow ventilation
  • DIY installation
  • Has an incorporated large reservoir
  • No drain holes

The HM426 Dual GC2 battery box from NOCO is your all in one solution for your double 6V batteries. This includes your RV, marine, and commercial equipment.

This box is designed for the harshest conditions. It is structured to withstand impacts and exposed to extreme weather conditions. The expectation is, there would be no cracks whatsoever. So, the bumps and the accidental hits it may get while on the road will be nothing to this robust enclosure.

As a UV resistant RV dual battery box vented, this is fixed up to endure the outdoors’ harshness. It is made of color stabilizers and UV inhibitors to thwart any color fading and structural destruction. It is one of the most dependable battery enclosures on the market today and the safest enclosure for your 6V batteries.

All made in the USA, the quality of materials used in this battery box is nothing but the highest. It is so competent that it meets the US Coast Guard Code of Federal Regulations 183.420 and the American Board and Yacht Council E-10.7. This box’s rugged design can give your battery the protection it needs in a low-temperature environment. It can also safeguard against contaminants like dirt, dust, gas, and oil.

When it comes to design, you will like its user-friendly yet functional approach. It has a 4-corner fastener plus a captive lid that makes installation easy. It also has a large cable pre-drilled hole for those heavy gauge cables. With its ventilation, your battery gasses can be released as needed using the smart exit points. What’s even more beautiful is it has an incorporated large reservoir.

Note that this is weatherproof and not waterproof. Water can still seep through, especially if the rains are heavy. It doesn’t have any drain holes, so you need to lift the battery and pour it out should there be any accumulated liquid. This battery box from NOCO is excellent and 100% functional. It does what’s expected of it and works as advertised. It is a necessary and sturdy piece of the enclosure.

7. RV Armor 23″ RV Battery Lock Box

  • Can fit 2 Group 24 batteries
  • Black diamond plate aluminum make
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy installation and ventilation
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • 100% transportable
  • Thoughtful design and structure
  • Sharp edges on the product

A smaller RV battery lock box from no other than RV Armour, this 23-inch enclosure is corrosion resistant. It can easily fit 2 Group24 deep cycle batteries without the batteries bumping or colliding with each other. You can also use this as a dual battery box for a trailer tongue for smaller batteries.

This travel trailer dual battery box like its bigger versions will also wow you. Thanks to its eye-catching black diamond plate aluminum make, it can be a functional display in your RV. Furthermore, it is also laser cut for accuracy safety.

Looking at it from the outside, you will be impressed. It will be the same feedback when you lift off the lid and peek at the inside. The inside is structured and well-thought of. It is not just the storage where you simply dump your battery to be out of sight. Instead, it looks organized.

For added convenience, this battery box also has three holes that will work for various trailer set-ups. With its pre-drilled holes, installation can be finished quicker than the hassles. These holes would also help with providing proper ventilation, so you don’t need to worry about any gas build-up inside your battery box.

Carrying this with you should you need to relocate or set camp is easy. With its aluminum strap, it is simple to lift off and walk away with it.

If you want to secure it further, you can add your lock to its tab with no trouble. Again, e regarding ease of use, this battery box is on top. It has identified spots for battery cables on its three sides and dedicated slots for nylon battery straps. To make sure that you can immediately get to the installation, the fasteners and the grommet are already included.

One thing that you need to be wary of would be the sharp edges of the product. For sure, you won’t be disappointed with this 23″ RV battery box from RV Armour. It is excellent for your batteries; it is well-built and worth your money.

8. A.A Vented Battery Box for RV

  • Some parts are made with a polypropylene plastic
  • Ideal for group 24/27 Series Batteries
  • Can be used in almost all recreational vehicles
  • No gas build-up
  • Installation instructions included
  • Refreshing design of a RV battery box
  • Ability to endure high impact and pressure
  • Good ventilation
  • Does not include any hardware

With a dimension of 6 ¾ inches by 12 ½ inches, this battery box from the brand Automotive Authority LLC or AA can be used not just in RVs but also in trucks, campers, boats, and other recreational vehicles. Since it can be used indoors and outdoors, including in water, you can bet that the quality and the materials used are excellent.

Some parts of this AA vented battery box are made with thick polypropylene plastic known for being able to withstand high impact and pressure. You can be sure that with your battery securely inside this battery box, it won’t be damaged by any rough travels. The same is true with the box itself. It is not one that can easily be damaged by road bumps.

This battery box is designed to accommodate 24/27 batteries fittingly. If you are always on the road or tend to overwork your battery, don’t worry about the gas or fumes. There won’t be any build-up inside the battery storage because it has a vent on the top to house a venting hose with a one ¾ inch size.

Additionally, four foam strips can be placed to the curved surface of the inner joints. This is to assist the vapor or steam barrier. This battery box knows the importance of vents to the overall performance and longevity of a battery, thus the design.

This battery box is a great housing choice for your battery. It’s simple and fresh design eludes cleanliness and organization. It is also easy to set up with a battery box installation instruction included on the package. The guide consists of diagrams, so guidelines can quickly be followed and understood.

You need to note though the package is the battery box alone and the foam strips. It will not include any hardware, and these need to be purchased separately. This battery box works as promoted. It is a straight-to-the-point battery box that does its job very well.

9. TORK LIFT A7712R RV Universal Battery Box

  • All USA made
  • Maintains battery charge to up to 400%
  • Prevents battery theft
  • Lockable slide top
  • Diamond plate with black frames
  • Fit Group 21 to 31 12V batteries, 6V T105, SC2 golf cart sets
  • Convenient and easy to access thanks to an integrated entree hole in the back
  • Unique design supporting ventilation
  • Comes with a high price tag

A brand that is family-owned and has the goal of providing products with the highest quality, Tork Lift focuses on customers in Seattle, Kent, Tacoma, Renton, Auburn, and its surrounding towns and cities. With their brand’s A7712R RV Universal Battery Box, you get more than your money’s worth because of its superb quality and make.

The Power Armor is a locking aluminum battery box with security being its primary objective. It is engineered to prevent rampant battery theft and the alarmingly increasing “cut and run” robbing incidents. This anti-theft battery box can store and protect Group 21 to 31 12V batteries, 6V T105, or even SC2 golf cart sets.

Its design is unique because of its lockable slide top, which is already included when you order this enclosure. In addition to using it as a battery storage, you can trust this as a portable safe for your valuables. You can just bolt it in your RV or truck, and you have one less thing to worry about because when you come back, your battery will only be where you left it.

Aside from security, it is also very convenient and easy to access. It has an integrated entree hole in the back where you can easily wire your electrical circuits and cables. At the same time, it also has a unique design meant for battery ventilation.

Torklift’s battery box helps maintain the charge of your solar batteries to up to 400% avoiding untimely battery replacement. Additionally, its design makes accessing your batteries a hassle-free activity. You don’t need to interrupt other RV activities to check your battery and do some care and maintenance.

It works capably, and it looks good too. It comes in a vibrant tread diamond plate with frames that are coated with black. It is a box that means business, and it is good with what it does.

Heads up though, this robust enclosure comes with a hefty price. If you want quality at its best with no regard to the budget, this is a must-try RV battery box.

10. Powerhouse 13034 12-Volt Battery Box

  • Meets US Coast Guard standards
  • Mounting brackets included
  • Heavy-duty strap style
  • Suitable for Group 24 batteries
  • Easy to access for regular check and replacement
  • Ventilation system included
  • Withstand battery leaks, wain, and saltwater
  • It is pricey compared to its competition.

The Powerhouse 13034 12 volts battery box is a topnotch choice for your RV. At first glance, you will automatically notice its fancy strap and the two clamps that secure it. The belt can lock in your battery box’s top lid, battery inside, and the bottom of the box. It’s a full circle, so you don’t need to worry about sudden jolts and bumps. Your battery will be fit and snug inside this storage enclosure.

Should your battery be damaged or time to be replaced, you can easily access it from your battery box by unbuckling the strap and lifting the box’s lid off. No hassles, no tools necessary. Made with polypropylene plastic, you can use this for a very long time. It can efficiently withstand battery leaks, wain, and saltwater. Thus, this battery box is perfect when you are the type who enjoys the outdoors and won’t let any rain stop you.

When it comes to user-friendliness, this RV battery box from Powerhouse has that as the top priority. Its lid has a cut-out on each of its sides specifically for the negative and positive posts of the battery. You can quickly run your cables neatly with an elegant outcome. Aside from ensuring a clean look, it also gives importance to safety. This is a vented battery box, so potentially explosive and harmful battery fumes can be released automatically.

A well-rounded battery box for trailer, boat, and recreational vehicle, this brand, and model is US Coast Guard approved and certified. Your Group 24 batteries can function at its best with this box protecting it. You will be happy to know that you can install it without any delays once you receive this. It already comes with its mounting brackets plus a button head Phillips bolts. Just find the perfect spot, and you can permanently mount it in your camper or trailer. You just need to find your self-tapping screw, and you should be good to go.

One reason why some might hesitate to get this battery box would be the price. It is more expensive as compared to the other battery boxes on the market. This is your ultimate solution to make sure that your batteries are protected. It works, and with its sturdy material, you can be sure that your battery and battery box will be with you for a long time.

Why You Should Trust Us

You should trust us and our reviews because these are all based on the results of systematic and thorough research. We make sure that we present to the useful information that can equip and empower you when you purchase your RV battery box.

We don’t want you to settle for anything available without much information. We encourage you to get the best RV battery box for your RV with your peace of mind. Our team understands how important it is for you to bring home nothing but the best for your recreational vehicle, and you can’t do that by mere luck. You need to be confident with your decisions and with your choice of brand and model.

This is where we come in. We want you to enjoy for many years your purchase because, like you, we are consumers. We share the same goal of purchasing a product that will meet our expectations and answer all our needs.

You should trust us because we are here to help you achieve an overall happy and satisfied shopping experience. You get to enjoy learning about RV battery boxes until you take it to your next RV trip and adventure.

What Is An RV Battery Box/ How Does It Work


An RV trailer battery box is a lightweight and compact carrying case designed to protect your RV battery from getting wet. It is a protective case against water, gas, moisture, and anything that might leak from your engine section and compromise your battery’s reliability.

What’s impressive with this RV battery cover is although they are designed to be lightweight and portable, they are made with quality and heavy-duty material like polypropylene so it can keep the waters efficiently out.

For an RV owner who wants all parts of his recreational vehicle to be secure, an RV battery box can be considered an essential tool. You know how significant your battery’s role and the damage is not just expensive but can also be life-threatening.

An RV battery box’s responsibility is simple. It works by housing and isolating the batteries. The goal here is to ensure that it is protected against any unintentional or accidental damages when driving or even while the RV is parked. It is a protected shield against ultraviolet rays, dust, and, more importantly, against oil and water. It is also the surest way to protect the battery from exposure to damaged or leaking batteries. With a battery box, you can be sure that your good battery won’t be affected by the bad ones.

The battery box also works as your battery’s protective shield against any physical harm while you cruise the roads. You have minimal control of the rocks or any other items that may shift or hit your RV during our travel, so with a battery box. You have one less thing to worry about because you know that your battery is all snug and safe inside its cocoon.

Types Of RV Battery Boxes

Battery boxes don’t have a specific design or dimension. It can be customized according to your needs, but overall, it should protect your battery.

When it comes to the types of RV battery boxes, there are four basic types that you can choose from. These are a plain battery box, an RV vented battery box, a modified battery box, and a DIY battery box.

  • The plain battery box is usually made of metal or plastic and is the cheapest so far. Most RV owners typically start from the plain battery box and just upgrade eventually. Its design is lightweight and plain. If you are using one made of plastic, you can place it inside your RV while the metals ones, you can bolt or have it welded outside.
  • Vented battery box – what sets this apart is it has a selected tube or hole so the battery inside the box can be adequately ventilated. It is also unique because of its capability to be set up in an indoor setting. If you are always on the go and your battery is almost working 24/7, this is the best type. This battery type helps prolong your batteries because of its ability to provide good air circulation.
  • As the name suggests, the modified battery box type usually comes from a pre-existing battery box. For instance, you want to add or upgrade a specific feature of your existing battery housing like a locking device or a vent. This is the perfect box for you.
  • DIY RV battery box – if you are on a tight budget and the other types are not an option, then this fourth type is for you. If you want a custom RV battery box and want to make it yourself, this is the one. Since you are doing it yourself, there are no limitations on what features you can incorporate in your box. You can put it all in from locks to bolts and even a customized paint job. You also have the freedom to select which material to use in your RV battery box.

Although this is not another type of an RV battery box, this can fall under the modified or DIY RV battery box types that are the battery box for two 12v batteries. This kind is commonly referred to as a dual RV battery box or a double battery box.

Benefits Of Using A Battery Box For RV


Seasoned RVers would know the importance and advantages of using an RV battery storage box. Beginners and those in the process of putting up their RV would need to learn a thing or two and might need a little bit to convince them why a battery box is a necessity.

Here are just some of the apparent benefits that you can get and enjoy when you get an RV battery box to get your buy-in.

  • Full battery protection – this one is obvious because this is the primary goal of having a battery box, such as the RV lockbox dual battery box in the first place. But RVs are known for their limited space, and there is a likely chance that the battery may be hit or knocked over while in transit. Worst case scenario, the battery may get detached during an accident or a strong impact. This will hurt the energy supply of your RV. With a battery box, you know that regardless of the bumps and the mishaps, your battery is safe and sound; thus, it will also operate and function uninterrupted.
  • Battery security – a battery can be good loot for thieves, so a trustworthy RV battery box might be the trick to prevent your battery from being stolen. Re-selling it can still generate good money, so watch out. Batteries are a great source of energy, especially during trying times. When there are no available connections in a campground, securely putting your battery inside a box, you are giving steals a great challenge of opening it.
  • Convenience – if your RV cannot put up with a double battery box and you need the easiest way to transport your battery, then an RV battery box becomes very handy. You can conveniently carry your battery with you and keep your electrical devices powered on. It is robust and highly transportable.
  • Neatness – an RV battery box is a quick and easy way to organize your battery and keep your RV looking neat and organized. It keeps it safely tucked away from your other tools, giving a clean feel and looks.
  • Durability – since the battery is well protected, you can expect its life to be prolonged. If your battery is protected from moisture and the weather and is properly stored, it can last longer and always be at its best performance. This is especially the case for a vented battery box for RV. Air circulation is also required to ensure the battery’s durability.

Knowing some of these benefits will give you an idea about the correct brand and model you should pick for your RV battery box, such as a group 65 battery box.

How We Picked


Having an RV battery box is a smart idea. Picking the correct one, though, is another story. There are some considerations that you need to factor in when you are shopping for your battery box. You don’t just settle on what’s there and available. Having enough knowledge about battery boxes can lead you in narrowing down your choices and, ultimately, picking the best one for you and your RV with all your needs and preferences considered.

  • Dimension – you want the size to be proportional to your battery. It should be big and spacious enough to house your battery with some space for air comfortably. Yes, some battery boxes can store batteries of different sizes, but not all are considered universal. When shopping, make sure that you also know the dimensions of your battery. Compare the size of your battery and determine if it will be a good fit. Check to make sure that it can accommodate a Size 24 or work as a group 65 battery box.
  • Durability – this characteristic is essential. You want a battery box that can last you for years. It should be considered as an investment and not just a storage space that you can use for a few months. You should always make every purchase worth the dollar you put into it. The materials used in the RV box should be robust and reliable.
  • Most importantly, the lid should seal tight with four solid supportive walls. It should be able to competently protect your battery from any damages, impact, and bumps. This will not only secure it physically but would help in extending the life of the battery. Not all battery boxes are in the leagues of a Camco heavy-duty double battery box.
  • Weather defense – another factor to think of would be the RV battery box’s capacity to protect your battery from the weather and all the natural elements in the roads and highways. The heat of the sun, rain, mist, fog, and dirt, among others, can damage your RV and the electrical devices that you keep in there. Well secured batteries can provide better performance and consistent power to your electric devices, so they can last longer. Consider the safety features that an RV battery box can offer. If it is 100% water, corrosion, and rust-resistant, you are looking at a potentially good deal.
  • Mounting options – batteries can be cumbersome and bulky. Enclose it in a battery box. It somehow becomes more manageable. You can prevent your battery and the battery box from falling, sliding, or tipping over by mounting it properly. Check the mounting options that come with your future RV battery box. You should be able to quickly secure the box in mounting hardware without too much fuss. Of course, installation should also be user friendly. The simple it is, the better.

Of course, some smart features and portability are also additional aspects that you can investigate. These are just add-ons for you. Most importantly, investigate your budget because this would hugely dictate the direction of your purchase. The price range you have set as your limit will help you further taper down your choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most popular RV battery box brands?

A: Most RVers would always prefer trusted brands like Camco. The Camco double battery box is everything you’ll ever need when it comes to battery boxes. The price, durability, quality, and premiums are all rolled perfectly in a single Camco product.

If this brand is not an option for you right now, some trademarks are as popular and reliable as you can consider. Like all products, regardless of the manufacturer, these will vary in prices and features but can be counted on when it comes to securing your battery.

Battery boxes from NOCO, Attwood, and RV Armour are great brands that you can consider and investigate.

Q: How do I secure my RV battery box?

A: Securing your RV battery box is made easier because some boxes come with lids where locks can be placed. Additionally, once securely mounted to your RV, the chance that your battery box and the battery inside it being stolen is very slim. You can add some chains for your peace of mind too.

Thieves are discouraged when the battery box is hard to get to and remove. They want their activities comfortable and clean. Most, if not all, battery boxes would take time and even tools to get to, and time is not something that robbers have in luxury. There are RV lockbox dual battery box types that you can consider when security against theft is critical.

Q: Do RV batteries need to be vented?

A: RV batteries need to be vented. Did you ever wonder why some RVs and campers need to have a water refill at least once or twice? The purpose of the water there is to help tone down the possible overheating. The water becomes water vapor. All batteries should be vented, and you can easily do this even if enclosed in a battery box.

A vented RV battery box can help with battery overheating, prevent battery leaks, and help extend your battery life. Most of the battery boxes have pre-drilled holes in them to serve this purpose.

Q: How to install?

A: Installing and attaching your battery box is the next step in ensuring that the battery’s movement during transit is kept at a minimum. Mounting it is also good, so it can keep the batteries from ramming into one another. There are different ways of attaching the battery box to your RV, and here are some of the ways:

The Bolting Method

  • Determine where you want your battery box to be bolted. You must identify your power source location because it would be good to place your battery box near it. By putting it near the power source, you can have easy access to the battery should you need to check for any issues.
  • By using bolts, you can lock the battery box in place. The bolts will make sure that the battery box won’t shift or move no matter the road’s condition. You can use four 2-inch bolts to secure the box in place.

The Velcro Method

Industrial strength Velcro does make things easier, including the installation of your battery box. All you need when you follow this approach is:

  • Drill a hole inside your RV using power tools.
  • Again, identify the location where the battery box will be placed.
  • Glue the Velcro’s first side on your RV floor. Make sure though that the floor is free from moisture and dirt so you can have maximum adhesion.
  • Cut an opening in your battery box. This is where the Velcro will pass through so it can run on the bottom of your battery enclosure.
  • Once the other side is set, you can already set the battery box on the floor.

Q: How to use it?

A: Using a camper battery box is very simple once it is already installed. After you have mounted your battery box in place and your battery is all snug and comfortable inside, nothing much is required.

You use the battery box to protect your battery, and once it is securely set near the power source, you’re all set. The battery box will do the work on its own. The only time you need to get into it would be to regularly check to ensure that there are no cracks and to occasionally clean it. Other than that, it would be to carry it around should relocation be needed.

You can do this by simply lifting the lid and taking the battery out either for maintenance or replacement. Since most battery boxes are already vented, there’s nothing more to do when you use it. You just make sure that it is installed nicely.

Q: How to maintain & care/ clean?

A: Maintaining and cleaning your RV battery task would already be part of your routine. Doing this is essential, so you can check any damage like cracks or dents that you might not have noticed to have hit it while on the road.

Here are the steps to maintain and give some TLC to your RV’s battery box.

  • Make sure that the battery is disconnected when you start with your regular cleaning. Remember that batteries store electricity, and it may cause you to get electrocuted if you touch it without disconnecting it.
  • Never use a wet cloth to wipe off the dirt and dust build-up. A damp cloth should be enough because again, water and electricity don’t go well together. A wet cloth should be enough to clean the surface of the battery box.
  • Inspect any cracks on your battery box. Water can seep through cracks and, if unattended, may damage your battery. If you find out that there are some cracks, how little it may be, fix it immediately, either using duct tape or epoxy. This will prevent it from getting bigger and causing more damage.

Q: Where to buy?

A: You can purchase your battery box from your local department stores like Lowes and Walmart. The assurance though that all stores carry this item is not guaranteed. You can also give your local RV suppliers and accessories shop a call to check with them if they have any RV battery boxes and what types they carry.

More accessible, go online shopping and browse through Amazon and check all their available RV battery boxes. With more options, you don’t need to settle for anything less. As a bonus, you don’t need to splurge on gas or your time to drive and get one because, with just a single click, you can relax and wait for your parcel to arrive.


Like any other RV owner, you want nothing but the best for your vehicle. You want its essentials and accessories secured. This is where the best RV battery box comes into play. With so many choices right now, you would surely find one that meets your needs and preferences. Ensuring that your battery is secure and well protected is a top priority, so make sure that you make wise decisions on what brand and model to purchase. With so many promising and, at the same time, guaranteed brands, you’ll surely find one worth your penny. Treat it as another investment that adds value to your RV.

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