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The Best RV Antifreeze

Is your rig sitting in a place where there is a very extreme weather condition? You need to start winterizing your rig before the harsh winter rolls in. It will save you from the possible trouble of damaged or burst water pipes and plumbing systems. For this, you need the best RV antifreeze that works effectively to prevent such issues.

This specialized fluid is one of the essential winterization products that you can get. It prepares your rig for the offseason and storage. However, the market is saturated with these products, so it can be confusing to choose one that matches your needs.

Remember, there are several types of these fluids. It is essential to consider the temperature rating of the antifreeze, ranging anywhere from -20 to -100 degrees Fahrenheit. We’ll discuss more on this in a bit, but let’s first focus on reviews of the top picks and their pros and cons.

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Best RV Antifreezes

1. Camco RV Antifreeze Concentrate


  • Delivers expectations of winterizing my water pipes and plumbing system
  • Prevents water damage to the RV flooring
  • Easy application: dilute the concentrate with water
  • Offers burst protection down to -50 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Biodegradable and contains no harmful chemicals.
  • Requires to use one bottle at once

The Camco RV antifreeze concentrate is my favorite among the antifreeze solutions available. I’ve been using it for years and must say that it always delivers to my expectations.

I love traveling with my RV, and the last thing I want to happen is damage to its components like a plumbing system. So, when the winter starts rolling in, I’ve been very diligent about putting this RV antifreeze solution in my pipes before they start freezing and then breaking when expanding in storage.

This product helps me save a lot of money due to its potent formula, even in low temperatures, to prevent my water pipes from bursting. Without antifreeze concentrates, it would be a significant expense to replace burst pipes because of freezing.

The Camco antifreeze can help us prepare for the winter. It will also help us prevent water damage to the RV flooring. Hence, the product ensures that our recreational vehicle will not have any issues come the winter; thus, we can also be ready for the next camping season.

This antifreeze, which comes in two bottles, is also easy to use. All you need is to dilute the concentrate in fresh water and use it straight away.

This product also offers burst protection down to -50 degrees Fahrenheit, making your rig ready for the cold winter. It is also useful for other purposes like winterizing the pool, home, boat, and RV.

The product is practical and safe to use due to its biodegradable and non-toxic formula. Despite that, you should use the entire gallon in one application.

2. STAR BRITE 31400R-6 Antifreeze

  • Protects pipes and plumbing lines from bursting
  • Saves us from potential spending due to hefy plumbing system repairs
  • Safe propylene glycol antifreeze, no ethylene glycol
  • Provides -50 degrees F burst protection
  • Can protect metals from corrosion
  • Can help in detecting leaks for its pink color
  • Comes with a bit strong odor

If you’re looking for a nontoxic and safe to use around kids and pets in your antifreeze, you might want to check out the STAR BRITE 31400R-6 Antifreeze. It is a life- and money-saver for many RV owners like me. It can protect the piping system from bursting or breaking in the winter or offseason RVing.

In the winter, these plumbing tubes and pipes compress with the liquid inside them, freezing. And once the winter ends, these pipes will expand and possibly break to cause leaks and water damage. Luckily, the Star Brite anti freeze can save us from a lot of trouble and potential massive spending to repair pipes.

Another thing I am concerned about antifreeze products is their safety and toxicity. This product is promising in this regard, too. It is a propylene glycol RV antifreeze that doesn’t contain any ethylene glycol, making it safe.

It is also versatile that you can use it in winterizing pools, boats, and mobile homes. I also love to protect our drinking water systems, making it safe for our family’s use.

Plus, this item also helps prevent the corrosion of solder, copper, aluminum, and brass. I appreciate that there is no damage to the rubber seals or hose materials. This pink concentrate is also visible, so it’s easy to see leaks in the pipes.

This item is a runner because the Star Brite anti freeze is reliable in keeping my plumbing system undamaged during winter. I like that it offers us -50 degrees F burst protection, making it an ideal choice for many of us. On the other hand, its freeze protection is between +12°F to +16°F, so people living in a cold country can also count on this concentrate.

The only problem I have with this is its somehow strong odor. But overall, it is the choice for RV plumbing and corrosion protection you need. It delivers and does its job well, so I am sure that I’m going to use this again.

3. PEAK RV & Marine Antifreeze

  • Versatile and can be used in boats, vacation homes, and recreational vehicles.
  • Can winterize different pipe types
  • Can help detect leaks for its visible pink color
  • They are generally rated as safe by the FDA.
  • Can use straight away without diluting
  • Some might not like its odor.

The Peak RV antifreeze is a versatile concentrate that can be used in winterizing all potable water plumbing systems, so you can always count on it, especially in winterizing boats, trailers, vacation homes, recreational vehicles, and swimming pools. I have also learned that we can use it for many other winter storage applications.

You might have also been familiar with this product if you’ve consistently been winterizing your RV during winter or storage. Peak RV and Marine is also a household name among RVers because it’s been committed to manufacturing a more comprehensive range of quality antifreeze products used in automobiles, RVs, and boats.

This antifreeze is reliable for the protection you need. It’s an ideal choice for many for its burst protection down to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, this solution can keep your plumbing system protected from breaking throughout the winter.

The Peak RV marine antifreeze is also versatile for brass, plastic, metal, and copper wires, but not with acetate. Keep this in mind. You can then count on this product that it’s been generally recognized as safe by the FDA; thus, it is also not harmful to the environment.

There is nothing quite like this RV antifreeze concentrate. There are no complicated steps involved in using this Peak RV marine antifreeze. You only need to add it straight without diluting it in water, and that’s it! You also cut the time you need to apply it, unlike in other concentrates that need dilution.

This product can also help detect leaks because of its pink color. However, some users do not seem to like its odor. It is also not for acetate use.

4. SPLASH 619526 RV/Marine Antifreeze

  • Can be used for speedboats, all-terrain vehicles, and cabins
  • Effectiveness in protecting the plumbing system from breaking
  • Non-corrosive, preventing damage to metals and essential tubes
  • Comes in a pink color for easy detecting leaks
  • Safe for use around kids and pets, causing no harm to the environment
  • Children might think it’s drinkable; keep it in a hard to reach area.

As I searched for a marine and RV antifreeze near me, I found this product that keeps me prepared for the winter. The SPLASH 619526 RV/Marine Antifreeze is one of the most effective antifreezes for your RV that keep your rig in top condition come the winter.

During the winter vortex, you can rely on this product that works overtime because it can keep all the fluids right in your vehicle functioning. It is also versatile, that you can use it for vacation homes, boats, and yachts. I also find it impressive that it can be used to prevent corrosion on other vehicle types, like all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles.

Besides, this product will not cause corrosion in the plumbing system; thus, you can gain peace of mind that your pipes will remain functional and that you don’t need to spend on repairs.

It also has a pink color that makes it useful in detecting any leaks, too. Plus, this item is generally safe and contains no harmful chemicals that would otherwise harm the environment or the soil.

When I was shopping for a similar product, I also considered its safety around kids and pets. This SPLASH 619526 is very safe and nontoxic, so you can rest assured that it will not harm your pets or children.

But still, I recommend that you put in it a hard-to-reach place because this product has a pink color that makes it look like a juice drink for your kids.

5. Camco 30757 RV Antifreeze

  • Offers burst protection down to -50 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Can prevent the foul odor and taste of water
  • Inhibits in algae growth and corrosion
  • Can help in detecting leaks for its color
  • Applicable in summer cottages, boats, water dispensers, etc.
  • Packaging needs improvement.

This 6-pack Camco is another reliable product to find on the market. I recommend it to anyone looking to ensure the complete protection of their rig, cabin, vacation home, pool, or other systems that need winterization.

Like a Prestone RV antifreeze, this product is also a top-rated choice among RVers that want to prevent the heavy spending on plumbing repairs and installation.

This product can offer burst protection down to -50 degrees Fahrenheit, making it one of the best options to protect your plumbing system from freezing and breaking. You no longer need to worry about new plumbing pipe installation or leaks with this product.

Besides, this item is tasteless so it will not alter the taste of your water. That’s one of the things to check when buying an antifreeze for your RV. Aside from that, it’s also nontoxic, so it’s safe to use around kids and pets. This product is also not harming the environment.

I also like to prevent algae growth in pools and inhibit corrosion and fouling in plumbing systems. Besides, I notice that the antifreeze for your RV is also okay to use in winterizing the entire water system in my recreational vehicles like the ice maker, refrigerator, and water dispenser.

I also recommend it for those RVers who want an easy to use antifreeze, as this requires no mixing. You can use it right away to start winterizing your mobile home during the winter.

However, its packaging needs improvement to prevent any mishaps in shipping. Overall, there is no doubt that this product is one of the best on the market chosen by thousands of RVers worldwide.

6. Chemworld Boiler Antifreeze Concentrate

  • Made with corrosion inhibitor for metal protection
  • Easy leak detection for its pink color
  • Ideal for hot and cold systems
  • Dilution ratio and protection degrees : 30%:5°F, 40%: -20°F, 50%: -35°F
  • Contains no alcohol and non-toxic
  • Doesn’t alter water’s taste
  • Needs a little work of dilution before use

While I was searching for antifreeze concentrate, one of those that popped on my search included ChemWorld Boiler Antifreeze.

One of the things I discovered is that this solution is made with 95% concentrated propylene glycol and 5% corrosion inhibitor. What does this mean? A strong concentration that can protect my pipes from breaking and bursting comes when they expand due to water freezing inside them.

For its corrosion inhibitor, the ChemWorld boiler systems antifreeze also prevents corrosion and damage to the closed water system.

More so, this concentrate for closed water systems is ideal for hot and cold systems, offering more versatility and performance. Its anti-corrosion properties also work well for cast iron, copper, steel, aluminum, and cupric alloys.

If we dilute 30% Boiler Antifreeze and 70% water, it is reliable for providing freeze protection down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, a 40% ratio can offer freeze protection to -20 degrees F, and a 50% can give protection to -35 degrees F. All these things said, there is no doubt that the boiler systems antifreeze is a tough concentrate.

For leak detection, this product comes in a pink color, allowing for visibility. This feature also helps you prevent water damage to the flooring of your RV.

Finally, this item is useful for cabins, vacation homes, pools, boats, and other antifreeze needs. It doesn’t also alter the taste of water.

However, you need to dilute this in water before you could use it. It also means that this product can go a longer way than other items in the same category. Overall, it is a safe and effective antifreeze that you should check out for yourself if you’re looking for an effective product to winterize the RV plumbing system.

7. Camco 36190 RV Winter Readiness Kit

  • Comes with a blowout plug, winterizing guide, hand pump, and dehumidifier
  • Complete winterization solution suitable for beginners
  • Reliable and trusted brand among RVers
  • Useful winterization kit for people looking for a complete winter storage solution
  • Keeps the RV smelling fresh for the dehumidifier included
  • Higher-priced than many competing products

Suppose you seek a winter readiness kit more than just a winterization concentrate, no need to look any further. This Camco product is a go-to winter readiness kit for many RV owners because of its completeness in one package!

I just love this antifreeze product kit, which is ideal for winter or long-term storage. And if you’re a newbie in this task, you don’t need to fret because this one comes with a winterizing guide.

While this winter readiness kit is more expensive when you look at the price tag, it’s a worthwhile investment. Do you know that it already comes with a hand pump kit, mini dehumidifier, blowout plug, and antifreeze concentrates, to name a few?

It works by letting us use an oil-less compressor to clear the lines before winterization with its blowout plug. The winter readiness kit will prevent any hassle and ensure that everything will be done as smoothly as possible.

This Camco kit’s hand pump also makes adding the antifreeze less messy. More so, it includes a mini dehumidifier that keeps your RV smelling fresh. It’s quite a useful addition, and especially it prevents the musky smell in the mobile home during its storage.

However, you need to dilute the Camco antifreeze before it gets to work. There is no problem with that, though, because you can easily do it with the included bucket in this winter readiness kit. When done, you can start adding the Camco antifreeze to your lines and let it do its job!

8. Star Brite Antifreeze-50 Wintersafe 31200

  • Can be used for all types of plastic and certain metals like copper and brass
  • Offers freeze protection to -50 degrees F
  • Corrosion inhibition protects metal from damage.
  • For swimming pools, cabins, vacation homes, RVs and other closed water systems
  • Easy to use and nontoxic ingredients, no alcohol
  • No dilution needed and ready to use
  • Some people do not like its smell.

This Wintersafe antifreeze is one of my favorites for a couple of reasons. For one, it’s suitable for different winterization applications, including swimming pools and boats.

You can use it for different types of pipes, aside from preventing damage to hose materials, seals, and rubber. Thus, it doesn’t just offer winter protection but also does not cause harm to these plumbing components.

This Wintersafe offers -50 degrees Fahrenheit protection, preventing the breaking of plumbing tubes and pipes effectively so that you can avoid hefty plumbing installation later.

Plus, this antifreeze works wonders when it comes to corrosion inhibition. You can rely on it for providing corrosion protection for metals like copper, solder, aluminum, solder, and brass.

Its color also ensures leak visibility, and that’s also thanks to its three times the dyed pink liquid. You can easily check if there is leak in the RV flooring, so you can solve any problem in it if it does occur.

It does not even require dilution that it is ready to use. This saves us a lot of time unlike other concentrates that need mixing with water before application.

This Star Brite is also safe to use that it is made with nontoxic USP-grade ingredients. You don’t need to worry about any alcohol that would otherwise damage any rubber seals in the pipe lines.

The only complaint I have about this STAR BRITE is its odor, too much for some people. Overall, I liked its performance and quality. It is one of the most effective products I have used to winterize my RV plumbing system.

9. Sanco Industries Antifreeze Solution

  • Easy to apply and effective antifreeze protection
  • Can be used in other products like shampoos and moisturizers
  • USP-certified safe and nontoxic ingredients
  • Contains no alcohol, plus no bad smell
  • Saves you money for not having to deal with broken pipes in RV storage
  • Quality control issues like a loose cap upon arrival

Sanco Industries has been around for quite a while, and I’ve known it since I started RVing a decade ago. It offers a wide range of RV products that include this antifreeze concentrate, which must not be forgotten on our list of top-rated antifreeze products for a couple of reasons.

For one, it is made of propylene glycol, one of the most efficient ingredients for an antifreeze. You can rely on it for the freeze protection it can offer your RV plumbing system. With it, you can rest assured that you don’t need to deal with broken and ruptured pipes that need replacing.

This product is also nontoxic and USP-certified food grade. You can safely use it around with children and pets. However, it is not to say you should be careless in storing it. You still need to keep it in a place out of their reach for safety.

Did you know that this product could also be used in shampoos and moisturizers? That’s something you might not be expecting from an RV antifreeze. It also hints that this product is safe because it’s used in consumer products.

I also like that this product contains no alcohol. It merely means that it will not catch fire, unlike ethanol-based antifreeze. It can give you peace of mind that your RV will be safe even when in extended storage.

Without alcohol, it doesn’t also leave a bad smell in our pipes and water supply. You also don’t need to worry about it altering the water smell and taste.

However, kids might think it is drinkable because it has an attractive color. Store it in an out of reach, well ventilated, and dry area. Some complained about a loose cap upon arrival of the antifreeze.

10. RecPro RV Antifreeze Concentrate

  • Safe and nontoxic components; no ethylene glycol or any bittering agent
  • Can offer down to -50 degrees F protection effectively
  • Strong formulation for its 32-ounce bottle
  • Prevents you from hefty spending due to burst pipes and tubes
  • Contains no alcohol that would otherwise dry rubber seals
  • It needs distilled water for dilution.

The 2-pack RECPRO RV antifreeze is another item not to miss on this list because of its reliable performance features. This product is safe for use around children due to its non-toxic formula with no ethylene glycol. This adds to my peace of mind, aside from knowing that this product works well.

The RECPRO RV antifreeze can offer down to -50 degrees Fahrenheit of burst protection for my RV plumbing system and tubes. Hence, you can be sure that your RV will be safe in storage and winter. It is one of the essential products to have in our kit, so you can prepare your rig for the cruel winter, especially if you’re living in a cold country.

This RECPRO RV antifreeze also comes in a strong formulation. For only a 32-ounce bottle, you can make a gallon of antifreeze. It will be a total money-saving that for you because one bottle can go a long way.

This product is also affordable while delivering its purpose well. You can count on it for its ease of use and safety in your plumbing system. Plus, it can eliminate any risk of water damage to your flooring because it also has a pink color that lets you see any leaks right away.

However, you need to dilute the RECPRO RV antifreeze in water before use. You should also use distilled water for the best results. Overall, it is a simple product to use in winterizing the RV.

What Is An RV Antifreeze And How Does It Work


The RV antifreeze is a simple and straightforward product that works wonders for protecting our pipes and plumbing system from damage happening due to the water inside them freezing in the winter.

As you might already know, preparing our rig for the coming winter is one of the most essential maintenance activities that we need to do annually. Hence, RV antifreeze is a must-have product that new and seasoned RVers must have in their winterization kit.

This product offers general protection for our pipes at a specific temperature rating (e.g., -50 degrees Fahrenheit). It works by saving us from dealing with water damage due to burst pipes. Using it, we don’t have to spend a lot of money on the repairs or replacement of RV pipes and tubing.

The antifreeze works by introducing new molecules in the water. It blocks natural and attractive forces while delaying and preventing molecules from forming and turning into crystalline structures. In this case, the lower the temperature can go before this solution will freeze with more of these new molecules from the antifreeze being introduced into the mix.

So, the antifreeze can prevent the chain of events that will lead to the formation of crystalline structures, which will later freeze the pipes. However, you must understand that antifreeze solutions are with temperature ratings that indicate the level of temperature/freeze protection they can provide you with. For this reason, you need to determine the right temperature rating that suits where you are living or possibly winter camping.

Now, you might also be asking, does RV antifreeze go bad? Generally, they don’t go bad, but it can start losing effectiveness after one year in storage. There are also antifreeze solutions that you need to use in one go. Check the label for proper guidance on this.

Types Of RV Antifreezes


There are different types of RV antifreeze that you can find in home depot, Lowes, and other places, so you should check and read the label. In terms of temperature rating, you can find different products ranging from -20 degrees to -100 degrees F. You must consider this depending on where the RV is sitting for storage.

For the chemical composition, we got three types of antifreeze concentrates.

  • Ethanol-based RV Antifreeze: These types of RV antifreeze can be the cheapest option of all, but it can also be the most harmful one for the RV. This type can dry out the rubber seals in the pipelines and plumbing. The ethanol blend RV antifreeze can also affect water quality, taste, and smell. Finally, this type is alcohol-based; thus, the ethanol blend RV antifreeze is also highly flammable.
  • Propylene Glycol-based RV Antifreeze: These types of RV antifreeze are the most preferred because it is generally safe for the RV plumbing system. It is not flammable and does not alter water quality. It also doesn’t leave an annoying odor in the tubes and plumbing system.
  • Ethanol-and-propylene-based antifreeze: It is also generally safe, but again, it has alcohol – whose downsides are mentioned earlier.

Benefits of using RV antifreeze

Why do you need an RV antifreeze? RV winterization is very important to prepare our recreational vehicle plumbing system from breaking and bursting due to water inside them solidifying, causing their expansion and possibly rupturing later. We don’t want that to happen, and maybe that’s the least we want to deal with because it will be too much of a hassle.

This RV product can also help us detect any leaks because most varieties are pink in color. They’re visible enough to see if there are leakages that would otherwise cause damage to the RV flooring, too.

Convenience is another advantage of using an antifreeze. RV pipes are fragile and it can be hard to reverse any damage that can go unnoticed in the winter, especially that many RV shops can be on holiday.

It’s why you need to be ready with this product before the winter so that you can quickly and readily add it to your plumbing system. That’s very convenient other than having to buy and applying it in the winter itself.

How We Picked


One of the biggest challenges that we face as RV owners is the wintertime. It’s the season when the temperature is at freezing levels, causing damage to the pipes. They can even break and burst and lead to major damages during winter or storage. That’s why we need a reliable RV Antifreeze!

However, it’s probably one of the most overlooked and misunderstood products in the RVing world. Some of us might think that an automobile antifreeze is enough to perform the antifreeze protection we need for our plumbing pipes and tubes, but they’re not.

They can even be harmful to cause damage to our tubes and RV components. In the following, I have put up a buying guide to give you an insight on how we picked the right RV antifreeze for your recreational vehicle, trailer, boat, vacation home, or any other closed water system.

What’s the temperature rating?

Not all RV antifreezes are created equal, and again, you need to choose one that matches your situation, like where your RV is sitting in the cold winter. Temperature varies from one place to another, and that’s precisely why you need an antifreeze that can keep up with that.

The major factor to consider when choosing the antifreeze is its temperature rating. It refers to how strong it is under a specific temperature range. For example, most of these products have a rating of -50 degrees Fahrenheit burst protection. It can give you peace of mind that your RV will be safe for storage or wintry condition at that maximum temperature.

A -50 degrees, F rating means that the product will react to that temperature. It’s also the rating up to until it will become a slush inside the tubes and pipes. One of the significant advantages of using this product is that it can protect the pipes from exploding that happens due to the expansion of the liquid that turns solid inside them.

There are different variations for a temperature rating, and that’s one thing you need to check when comparing your options. It largely depends on where your RV is sitting in storage or winter.

I’d like to note that this product might fare better when not diluted in water because it will come as a pure concentrate to add to the plumbing system. It can add more protection to your plumbing system come the winter. I’d say that these variations can come in -20, -50, or -100, with the last one being most suitable for people in elevated and colder locations.

What’s the type of the antifreeze product?

Okay, this can be quite tricky and maybe confusing for some. At the very least, the choice will depend on your situation and usage/purpose.

There is an ethanol- or alcohol-based antifreeze. You can find them in all sorts of RV shops in your area, and undoubtedly the cheapest option available, but cheap can also mean it carries a couple of downsides when used in an engine cooling system.

The most common one is drying out the rubber seals in the main lines, including the toilet and faucet lines. Also, I do not like the annoying smell coming from the pipes. That’s not all because they can also alter the taste of your water supply.

Another is its high flammability. You must be extra careful when using this antifreeze, or you might end up catching fire in your RV. You must not use it near cigarettes or fires.

Another type is the propylene glycol-based antifreeze, which is one of the best out there. While it may be a bit pricier than ethanol antifreeze, it does perform quite well. It is nontoxic and safe to use around with kids and pets. Plus, it can extend the life of your rubber seals. Best of all, it’s not as dangerous as an alcohol-based product because it is not flammable.

The last type being the combination of ethanol and propylene antifreeze. The propylene ethanol blend can be safe to use for an RV at a standard price. The problem is that the propylene ethanol blend contains ethanol, which quantity is also hard to tell.

So, for the best results, I recommend going to the propylene-glycol-based antifreeze as one of the best. It can offer better protection and more safety. That’s what we want, anyway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most popular RV antifreeze brands?

A: Just like RV antifreeze ingredients, not all antifreeze brands are created equal in antifreeze protection concentrates. That’s why we need to be mindful in selecting the right one for the best and safest application possible. In my research and reviews of the best antifreeze brands and products, I found these brands the most trusted, and I use some antifreeze brands.

  • Camco
  • Star Brite
  • Splash
  • Peak
  • Chemworld
  • Sanco Industries
  • RecPro

Q: Is RV antifreeze different than regular antifreeze?

A: The RV/Marine nontoxic antifreeze is the recommended product to ensure a safe application, not a regular antifreeze.

Expensive or cheap RV antifreeze is different from a regular antifreeze because it is explicitly made for the RV system. With it, you can be sure that it will not harm your water system. You need to winterize your trailer and be prepared to prevent any significant damage to your plumbing.

As for advice, I suggest you buy the RV antifreeze for winterizing your recreational vehicle. Do not use a regular antifreeze that might contain harmful chemicals, which would do more harm than help.

Q: Can you put regular antifreeze in an RV?

The RV antifreeze is meant and specifically tailored for the RV plumbing system; thus, you should not use regular antifreeze in it. Remember that the regular antifreeze or automotive or car antifreeze is different from it. To stay on the safe side, use only RV antifreeze.

Q: Is RV antifreeze safe to dump on the ground?

A: While many ingredients are nontoxic, biodegradable, and generally referred to as safe, antifreeze products should not be disposed of improperly or be dumped into the ground.

Remember, it’s still made of chemical materials, which may pose harm to grass, plants, soil, and the environment in general. That’s why you might also want to check out the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the use of antifreeze along with proper RV antifreeze disposal.

Is RV antifreeze safe to drink? No. While it is nontoxic, it is not for human consumption.

Q: Will RV antifreeze hurt the water heater?

No, the antifreeze will not hurt the water heater. It is safe to use for hot- and cold-water systems. The only downside, some products might alter the smell and taste of water. It is a common issue that you might also encounter and that you must be ready for.

Q: Where can I buy it?

A: Whether you’re buying RV antifreeze bulk or retail, you can check out this product in many marketplaces and shops in your community. A few typical places include Walmart, Lowes, home depot, RV shops, and so on. Online, manufacturers’ websites also sell their antifreeze products and make checking out easier than buying in brick-and-mortar stores.

In my case, I check online sites like Amazon because I can find and compare different products simultaneously without browsing other websites. I can also read many user reviews, so I’m able to figure out which antifreeze can offer better satisfaction than another can.


Shopping around for a non-toxic RV antifreeze can be quite a challenge because of the varieties available. Some are available only as concentrates, while others are as kits with complete accessories. A few of these products contain alcohol, while the rest do not. But with a little comparison here and there and determining your preferences, you’ll get by and be able to select the antifreeze solution you need.

To get started, refer to the above guide to help you think about the most important factors to consider and compare the top picks on the market. Finally, check out the pros and cons of each highly-rated product and determine one that matches your needs in terms of performance and quality. Buy the best RV antifreeze today!

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