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The Best RV Air Compressor

RV camping is an enjoyable and rewarding activity for the whole family. It can get us close to nature and feel revived again from our busy lives. However, we have to make sure of safety on the road when driving with our vehicle. It is the reason to find the best RV air compressor.

This equipment works by inflating our RV tires at the right pressure. Using it, we don’t have to do any guesswork because it can inflate the tires accurately especially when there is insufficient air pressure or there is a leak.

But then, we also recognize that finding one is never easy due to a market filled with choices. For this reason, we have put up this guide to help you find the best one to work for your vehicle and to use for other applications, such as inflating balloons, air cushions, pool toys and bikes. Let us get started.

Table of Contents

Best RV Air Compressors

1. Viair 40047 400P-RV Automatic Portable Compressor Kit

  • Smart and decent unit made of durable components
  • 40 minutes running time
  • Complete kit with needed accessories
  • Great for inflating tires of up to 35 inches
  • Comes with a handy bag to hold all the items
  • Can be a bit complicated to use the first times

This portable RV air compressor is one of the most recommended on the market for its efficient and smart functions. As you may already know, temperature fluctuation on the tires of the RV will have an impact of the air pressure on them. That is why you should check that the RV tires are inflated properly, and one useful tool for that purpose is an air compressor.

You might have come across the Viair 400p-RV in the reviews that you might have found online. It is a decent choice because of its automatic functions that make it useful for any RV owner. The Viair 40047 is a smart and powerful device that can help you perform the task of inflating your RV tires quickly and without any hassles.

I also love that it works well with its 12V motor via a connection to the battery of your vehicle. In just five minutes, I also notice that it has the power of inflating tires, which can be as large as 35 inches. That’s something we shouldn’t miss.

I also love the extras that come with the complete compressor kit. Some of these include the eight-foot power cable, fuse holder and the 30ft hose extension. I also would like to mention that it already comes with battery clamps and inflation tips kit, which I find useful. Another thing I liked about the Viair 40047 is that it already comes with an inflation gun, a pressure gauge and a super nice carry bag that’s large to accommodate all the items well.

When shopping around for an air compressor for the RV, we should also be looking for one that has a long operating time to ensure that it will work just as fine when we need it. For this model, I notice that it can run for up to 40 minutes.

Another thing that I liked about this air compressor is that it is lightweight and solid, too, giving us peace of mind that it will be working for a longer time.

On the other hand, one thing that I could say isn’t so good about the Viair 40047 is that it is quite complicated to use the first time for beginners. But in time, I believe that just reading the manual and following the instructions will make things easier.

2. PORTER-CABLE C2002 Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor

  • Complete kit with 13 accessories included
  • Lightweight at 30lbs for extra portability
  • Can support two users for its two pieces of air couplers in the construction
  • Comes with a cord wrap and has handle, shroud and console that protects its vital components
  • Can run easily even in the cold weather
  • Oil-free pump might break down over time

Safety on the road is one important thing to keep when driving with the RV, which is why we have to make sure that the tires are properly inflated. Thanks to portable air compressors such as the PORTER-CABLE C2002 that runs without oil needed.

I love this one for its extra portability that makes it easy to bring and use anytime we need it. Even for its small size and footprint, this unit is so good that it works powerfully. It is ideal for use in trucks, trailers, RVs and motorhomes. This device is made of high quality materials, which make it long lasting. You can look forward to years of use with this nice choice when buying a new air compressor for the RV.

It is the best air compressor for RV tires that I found on the market. One thing I liked about this one is that it is versatile. You can use it for firing nailers or filing tires. What also make it unique is that it has an induction motor. Why does it matter? This technology can ensure of optimum performance and superior durability.

I also recommend it because of its convenience of use. For one, it can offer a mess-free operation and can run off ordinary home circuits. Another thing that makes it a top choice for RV air compressors is that it is a complete kit that comes with 13 accessories that make it useful for many cleaning and inflation jobs in your RV.

It also offers longer tool run times because it has a 150Psi maximum tank pressure, which ensures its ability of storing more air into the tank. That is one thing that you must be looking for when comparing RV air compressors.

It is also a stable unit that also includes a rubber feet and drain valve for easy and convenient use. This model is also reliable that it can run easily even in the cold weather.

The oil-free pump might break down over time.

3. VIAIR 45053 Silver Automatic Portable Compressor Kit

  • Allows easy adjusting of the tire pressure
  • Portable and heavy-duty
  • Safety feature with its auto off function
  • Comes with accessories, including pressure switch, air hose and inflation gun and gauge
  • Has a maximum working pressure reaching up to 150 PSI
  • A bit heavier compared to other options on the market are

When shopping around for the best portable air compressor for RV tires, we should look for one that can give us the most value of our investment. One of those I found very useful in this category to supply us our needed performance is the VIAIR 45053 450P-RV, which is already an automatic and portable kit that makes it easy to use and operate.

I also love that this 450-p unit is very functional and offers an excellent performance especially when compared to other Viair models out there. It also has the smart and efficient features that make it valuable. This unit also can give you convenience of use because it can run on the 12V motor, yet I love its powerful working pressure that can reach up to 150Psi.

I also liked its close-ended air gun, featuring what is as if it is something we can only see in the gas station. It is what makes it a cool feature that also promotes extra convenience every time you will operate it.

I also recommend the 450-p unit because it is portable and has a long, continuous running time up to 40 minutes. It is reliable for that matter, and that is one thing you will appreciate in this model.

The VIAIR 45053 can also work smartly when it comes to adjustments that we need in the tire pressure on a recreational vehicle or a trailer. Another thing that I notice in this model is that it has an auto shut off feature, which makes it really smart. It also has alligator clamps that make it easy to power directly using our 12V battery.

This kit also comes complete with a carrying case, built-in pressure switch, and inflation gun and switch and so on.

However, I noticed that it is quite heavier than other models on the market are.

4. TIREWELL 12V Tire Inflator

  • Can inflate a standard tire within two minutes
  • Stability feature that includes its rubber feet and quiet operation
  • Reduced noise and vibration for its 4-rod design
  • Operates with double cylinders and direct drive inflation pump
  • Includes a 5-meter extension hose and battery clamp
  • A bit expensive

Versatility is one of the features that we must be looking for when buying a new air compressor for our vehicle. It should be able to work well on other types of vehicles other than the RV. The TIREWELL air compressor and tire inflator is what you might be looking for if flexibility matters for you.

I would like to recommend the TIREWELL 12V Tire Inflator because it features a battery clamp that can let you connect it directly to the battery of your RV. It also includes an extension hose that is ideal for long-wheelbase of your RV.

The Tirewell also features double cylinders direct drive inflation pump. The two cylinders can compress air at the same time. It also offers fast inflation that is something useful if you’re in a hurry.

I also like that this product offers ease of control, stability and efficiency. It has the features that will give us peace of mind that it will work whenever we need it with excellence. While it provides a quick inflation, it works quietly.

This product is also suitable for motorcycles, bicycles, golf carts and so many more. With its versatility and multiple applications, there is no doubt that it is a top contender when it comes to the best air compressors for RV. You can rely on it especially when there is insufficient tire pressure or there is tire leak. I also love that it is lightweight at only 8.36 lbs.

The brand is also reliable for professional air compressors, offering a complete line of air accessories and air compressors for applications, including industrial markets, off-road and on-road operations.

On the downside, this product is a bit expensive.

5. PORTER-CABLE CMB15 Hand Carry Compressor Kit

  • No maintenance oil-free pump
  • Quick recovery time
  • Easy to carry tank
  • Enclosed design housing for protection from hot and moving components
  • Max tank pressure of 150 PSI, storing more air for longer run time
  • Heavier than other models and brands are

Just like when reading a Viair 400p automatic review to find the best air compressors for vehicles, including cars and recreational vehicles, you have probably also bumped into the Porter-Cable CMB15.

It is another product that I find valuable for RV owners when it comes to inflating tires quickly especially when the air pressure is insufficient or in the case of tire leaks.

Just like the #1 RV tire pressure monitoring system, a product like an RV air compressor is another device we should not miss for road safety. And when it comes to performance and reliability when looking for this kind of product, the Porter-Cable CMB15 is one of those that come out the surface. It can operate for up to 150 Psi to inflate the tires fast.

I also love that it is a fully shrouded model that can run at a total of 2.0 SCFM at 90 psi that makes it fast when it comes to recovery time. This 1.5 gal. 150 psi air compressor is also easy to carry anywhere for multiple uses.

This unit is powerful and offers quick inflation, yet it does work quietly, offering a quiet working environment. I also would like to commend its enclosed design, which protects it from the elements. With it, the device’s moving parts are also kept secured.

Regarding the accessories, you will love that the Porter-Cable air compressor already includes a 25ft coil hose suitable for long vehicles. I also would like to note of its 8pc accessories included that makes it easy to use.

I also like that it has 150 Psi max tank pressure, allowing for more air storage in the tank. It results to longer operation time. This model also has an oil-free pump that requires no maintenance and extends lifespan.

On a negative note, this product is quite heavier than other products in the same category are.

6. AstroAI 150 PSI Portable Air Compressor Pump

  • Fills the tires correctly the first time
  • Extra thick rubber hose for durability
  • Easy to operate
  • Comes with an auto shut off feature
  • Complete kit with LED backlit screen, two cone adapters and so on
  • Limited compatibility

If you’re shopping around for the best tire inflator for RV, you might have come across the AstroAI 150 PSI Portable Air Compressor Pump. It is one of the highest rated products in the category because of its top features and functions.

On-road safety is one of the main concerns of RV owners. That is why you should fill in the tires correctly the first time. It is why this model is one of the most useful around for its ability to fill the tires fast and easy.

This device can automatically inflate the tire to the exact pressure you set it to do without you having to repeat or adjust over again, as that can be a waste of time. So with this air compressor, we can save time and ensure of no insufficient air pressure on the tires.

It is programmable, allowing you to adjust based on the pressure you want for an inflatable object or tire and it will do the rest. Using it, you can prevent over- or under-inflation.

The AstroAI is also made of high quality materials that make it a top choice even for different applications. It also includes a thick and insulated rubber hose for durability and performance.

For safety, it has an integrated in-line fuse that can prevent overloading. There is no more guessing involved using it, too, for its advanced accuracy and technology, such as its professional calibration.

On a negative note, it might have limited compatibility. It does not support HT, LT and truck tires. This product does not also support a Presta valve. Check your vehicle’s compatibility for guidance. So when reading reviews, such as a Viair 450p RV review, you should not miss checking this model, too, for its multiple functions and superior performance.

7. VIAIR 400P Portable Air Compressor

  • Includes a bag that carry all the items
  • Comes with a vibration-resistant tray
  • Max working pressure up to 150 Psi
  • Can be used for tires of up to 35 inches
  • Includes heavy-duty and dual battery clamps
  • A bit expensive

The Viair 400p-RV automatic portable compressor is an excellent portable compressor kit, which is powerful enough to fill in tires of up to 35 inches and within a range from 0-30 PSI in less than five minutes. It is also easy to operate, allowing you to inflate the tires fast.

You can also monitor the air pressure using the inline deflator or inflator hose and gauge that come with every purchase. However, you should not forget to turn the unit off for accurate pressure readings.

I also like that the VIAIR 400P is approved and used by many off-road enthusiasts globally. It is a reliable product trusted by RV drivers who want a dependable and durable air compressor for their vehicle.

This portable RV air compressor comes with as powerful compression reaching up to 150 Psi, allowing you to inflate tires easily. I also like to note that this model comes with all the needed accessories for ease of use.

The 400P also comes with a handy bag that holds all the items inside. In addition, this product includes a vibration-resistant tray that is able to control vibration for quiet operation.

It is also suitable for recreational vehicles because it operates at 12 volts. This air compressor also operates 2.3CFM Free Flow at 0 PSI. I also like that it has a 33% duty cycle and comes already with direct, durable battery clamps, which runs at 40 amp inline fuse.

On the downside, this product is a bit more expensive than other models on the marketplace are.

8. Helteko Portable Air Compressor Pump

  • Smart digital tire inflator
  • Versatile for use in motorcycles, bikes and basketball, and so on
  • Extra long cable
  • Inflates within 3 to 5 minutes
  • Safety emergency LED lighting
  • Too bright LCD digital display

This portable compressor is a smart digital tire inflator that won’t give you a hard time in filling in the tires with proper air pressure the first time. It can eliminate the guesswork because it automatically inflates the tires based on the specifications set.

I also like the automatic shut-off feature that adds to the safety of its use. The car air pump will automatically turn off when the desired pressure is reached, also preventing over inflation.

The Helteko air compressor pump is made of durable and weather-resistant materials, including stainless steel and ABS plastic, allowing for long-term use. Despite heavy abuse and use, you can rely on this tire inflator to work for you for a longer period of time versus the rest can.

This unit also has an LCD display that shows metrics and lets you calculate the values you need for BAR, PSI and KG/CM². It also includes a spare tire inflator, which is also useful for its long 3.5-meter cable. With it, you can inflate the tires of motorcycles, bikes or recreational vehicles with convenience.

This model already comes with a pressure gauge, capturing your attention during emergencies. You can also depend on this model, which is also lightweight and compact for easy carry.

Overall, this portable RV air compressor is a decent choice because it has all the design elements, features and functions that make it reliable and worth the investment.

On the downside, its LCD digital display seems so bright.

9. MasterFlow 12 Volt Air Compressor

  • Versatility for use in soccer balls, bicycles, motorcycles and cars
  • Easily powers from your car battery
  • Perfect gift for the RV enthusiast
  • Includes all accessories needed plus a carry bag
  • Lightweight and compact
  • A bit heavier than other models are

Aside from figuring out “what size air compressor do I need to inflate RV tires,” you should also look for a tire inflator that can also be used for many applications, such as inflating basketball, bicycles and motorcycles, and so on. It is for multiple uses that can give you the exact versatility that you might be looking for when trying to find the best 12 air compressor on the market.

This portable air pump operates at 12V, which is a standard for recreational vehicles. While it is compact and lightweight, the Masterflow model is also powerful that it has the ability to inflate the tires of a truck.

Ease of use is another thing I like about the MF-1050. You can simply power it from your RV’s battery using its long 10-foot power cord with alligator clips.

In addition, this model already comes with an air hose, which is also a quick connect type M automotive air fitting plus a brass inflator. As you would notice, this product already includes all the things we need for inflating the tires. Speaking of accessories, every purchase comes with a durable nylon bag, which you can easily fit under your vehicle seat for easy carrying anywhere.

Overall, I like the MasterFlow MF-1050 for its completeness and durability. It is also a top performer that makes it worthy to include on this list.

On the downside, it is a bit heavier than other air compressors on the market are.

10. SuperFlow Portable Air Pump

  • Portable for taking anywhere
  • Offers up to 1300 cubic inches of air output
  • Fast to fill in a tire within 3 minutes
  • Can be powered from your cigarette lighter
  • Comes with all needed accessories, including a ball inflation needle
  • Lower max working pressure at 140Psi

The 12V air compressor for bikes, trucks and cars is another product not to miss in today’s reviews because it is portable and easy to use. One of the things I would like to commend about this product is its efficiency to offer 25 liters/minute of air that runs on its 3ft hose.

I also like its longer power cord of 5 feet, which can reach longer to inflate equipment, balls or tires. In addition, I notice that it already comes with adapters, which offer us the freedom to inflate sports balls.

It is also handy that you can easily store it under the seat of your recreational vehicle because it comes with a handy storage bag. The air compressor is lightweight and convenient to use for moderate and occasional use.

With its versatility, it can also be used for inflating air mattresses used in camping. At home, you can also use the inflator for filling air pool toys. The HV35 has a 140 Psi max working pressure, which also makes it ideal in inflating most tires. I also like that it comes with a pressure gauge, which is durable enough to withstand heavy demands.

This kit already comes with two adapter nozzles, a carry bag and a ball inflation needle.

The product is also easy to use. You just have to plug it to your cigarette lighter and then attach it to the tire and turn it on to fill in your tire within 3 minutes.

On the downside, this air pump has a lower max working pressure of only 140Psi.

11. Kensun Tire Inflator

  • Advanced functions
  • Suitable for home or car use
  • 64(DC) or 0.71(AC) cubic feet per minute
  • Working pressure up to 120 Psi
  • Comes with three attachment nozzles
  • Shorter operating time

Aside from comparing Viair 400p vs 450p to figure out the best air compressor for your RV, you must also not forget about the Kensun Tire Inflator on your list. It is by a reliable brand that is a known name when it comes to quality RV gears and automotive accessories.

The Kensun Tire Inflator offers a unique versatility, making it suitable for use for bikes, sports balls and motorcycles, too. It can also be used for homes with an AC wall outlet. You can also easily use it in the car’s DC cigarette lighter socket. I also would like to recommend this model because it has included nozzles that make it ideal to inflate many types of equipment as well. Nevertheless, you can use it for many applications or situations indoors or outdoors.

This tire inflator also comes with advanced functions for its wide range of pressure measure and its analog pressure gauge. You can also depend on it for accurate pressure measure.

When it comes to road safety, you can rely on the air compressor that is not only portable but also accurate regarding filling the tires of the RV. With it, you can eliminate the guesswork and ensure that your tires will have enough pressure to avoid air leaks and usage of too much fuel due to insufficient air pressure.

However, the tire inflator has a shorter working time of 30 minutes, which is a bit lower than other air compressors have.

12. Mbrain Portable Air Compressor Pump

  • Multiple uses for balloons, air cushions, sports balls and so many more
  • Easy to operate
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Provides accurate air pressure readings
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Lower max working pressure of only 120Psi

The Mbrain Portable Air Compressor Pump offers plenty of uses, not only for the RV but also for homes. It is not just a car tire inflator but also one for balloons, air cushions, and pool toys and sports balls. You can depend on it for many uses, ensuring a great investment to count on. In addition to these applications, the portable air compressor for the RV can be used for a medium sized Sedan or SUV.

The 12V car tire inflator also offers efficient and fast inflation for its heavy duty and top performing engine. I love that it can supply a fast inflating rate that lets us achieve desired and rated pressure within minutes. That is something that many of us would appreciate.

I also love that it is portable and compact for its tangle-free and long power cord, giving us the freedom to reach all the tires. When not in use, the cord can be stored easily for a mess-free working environment. I also like that the product is easy to store and offer no-worry to find any external power source.

I also notice that it has this simple analogue, which is also highly accurate when it comes to offering correct air pressure readings. They are in four different units, namely kg/cm², PSI, kPa and BAR. You can read them at one glance.

On the negative side, this model has a lower max working pressure of 120 Psi versus other tire inflators on the market have.

Why You Should Trust Us

Smart RVing is here to offer you solid advice and guidance when picking the right gears, equipment and accessories for your recreational vehicle.

In today’s guide, we have reviewed the top picks among portable RV air compressors to use in inflating the tires of your vehicle accurately with the right air pressure.

We have considered several factors, including the size, quality, power cord and hose, among other things, to determine those dependable and top performing units on the market.

You should trust us because we’re real RVers that have been a part of the RVing community for years. We’re here to share our knowledge with you so that you too can enjoy safe camping. So when it comes to selecting RV devices and gears, you can trust our team of RVers and reviewers.

Hope you can pick up something from what we have prepared for you today and later will be able to decide which RV air compressor is for you.

What Is An RV Air Compressor


An RV air compressor is specialized equipment used to inflate the tires of your recreational vehicle. It is necessary to have it on your RV to ensure that the tires will be properly inflated all the time.

How does it work?

It works by inflating the tires of your trailer, camper or RV. The air compressor can also be used in filling in air cushions, pool toys, bikes, motorcycles and other items that need air filling.

Types Of RV Air Compressors


Another thing that you need to know when comparing air compressors like Viair 400p vs 400p-RV, you might also want to check on the types of RV air compressors on the market. In general, portable air compressors have the same purpose – to inflate RV tires. The only differences they have are about their ratings that we have discussed in the buying guide later in this article.

So regarding the type, you just have to compare their Psi, horsepower and CFM. You should also check on their weight and size. You might want to check on one that is weighing at most 401 lbs. A smaller tank can also be stored easily. In all cases, you should check on the Psi rating of the compressor.

Why Do You Need An RV Air Compressor


The next thing you might want to know is how you can depend on this air compressor and why you need it for your vehicle. The best ones as the 450p-RV automatic compressor is must-have equipment in your recreational vehicle because it can make sure that the tires are properly inflated the first time. With it, you can stay safe on the road because of sufficiently inflated tires, which can avoid blowouts and lower risks of accidents.


The best models are versatile. They are not only useful for a recreational vehicle but also for other uses. They can also be used in inflating basketball, soccer balls, bikes, motorcycles and cars. You can also use them in filling pool toys, air mattresses and other items that require inflation. You can easily use these compressors because they also come with nozzles that can make them easy to use for other applications aside from RV tires.

No guesswork

There is no worry of guesswork when you use a portable air compressor because you can simply set the specifications for your tires and it will do the rest. With that said, you can have peace of mind that there will be no under inflation or over inflation to happen. That said you could be certain that your tires will have just the right amount of pressure that will keep them running properly.

DIY operation and use

The top picks of lightweight and portable air compressors we have featured here are easy to use and operate. The best of the best come with a great display to show you the readings. Choose one that can provide you with clear and easy readings so that you won’t have a hard time to use it.


When finding one, we must look for a model that is made of high quality materials for durability. One of them is an insulated rubber hose that can withstand pressure and heavy use.


Another benefit of using an air compressor is that it is convenient to use. It can be used to inflate the tires quickly and easily. You can easily attach its cord to the battery of your vehicle or cigarette lighter. Turn it on and then start inflating the tires.


Using this unit will also enhance road safety. It will ensure that the tires have enough pressure and have no air leaks. With that said you could be sure that you can stay safe on the road.

How We Picked


If you’re shopping around for a good RV air compressor, you should know what to look for. That is why it pays off to know what factors to consider when picking this device for your RV. Check out the following for certain things we have looked for when reviewing the top picks in this category.


The overall speed of the air’s delivery to the air compressor matters, and it is one of the measures when it comes to quality. For one, you have to check on the cubic feet per minute. The higher the value the better it is. CFM is one of the ratings to look for because it can indicate more powerful equipment.

The Psi or the pounds per square inch are another thing to look for. It matters because it determines the force wherein it will deliver the air. For an RV, you should be looking around a range between 40 and 80 Psi.

On the other hand, you should also determine the horsepower or HP, which determine that capacity of the mortar that is what is operating the pump. A higher rating also means higher cubic feet per minute.

Power cord and hose length

The longer is the better because it can give you more freedom to inflate the tires of you RV. It also means longer hose and cord length also indicates that the compressor can be used in different situations. The best ones can have as long as 30 feet, but then standard and most models now are only between 18 and 26 inches.

Power cords, in most cases, can have a length ranging from 21 inches to 16 feet. Generally, you should look for a portable RV compressor that has a long cord and hose so that you can have more flexibility when using it.


It matters because it has to do with the functionality of the unit you’re buying. For one, a larger tank also means that it can accommodate more air volume. It is better than a smaller tank that can store much less air volume. You can figure that out based on the gallons that the unit can accommodate.

In this case, you might want to get one that has a higher max air volume in terms of capacity if you would use it often. But then, you still have to make sure that the compressor you’re buying also has a high PSI. When comparing, you might also want to look for one that can be a small tank but has a high Psi so that you can be certain that it can also be recharged continuously. It can also make sure that it has longer operation time.


Weight has to do with the portability of the unit. That is why you have to find one that is lightweight to prevent any difficulty when carrying it around. The best of them are movable and lightweight, so they are extremely portable. You should also find one that includes a carrying handle, case or bag for better portability.

Nevertheless, you should shop around for one that is movable and portable especially if you are someone that wants to inflate balls, air cushions, pool toys and other things that need inflation aside from the RV tires.

Noise level

When finding the best air compressor for your recreational vehicle, you should also look for one that has a quiet operation. You know how that can be so annoying to use one that is too noisy when trying to monitor the inflation pressure.

That is the exact same reason to compare and look around for a powerful yet quietly operating compressor if you don’t want to deal with much noise. Ideally, you will find models that have a noise level of up to 90 decibels. If possible, find one with a lower decibel measure of lower than 65 decibels.

Operating time

What is the run time of the unit? It is another important factor when choosing a compressor, so you should find out the amount of time that you could use it continuously before it needs shutting down to cool it down. Nevertheless, you should check the maker’s instructions about the length of time to use the unit continuously before it needs cooling down to avoid overheating.

On the other hand, we have featured devices here that can work for up to 40 minutes of continuous operation. If possible, you might also look for one that has a thermal shutoff feature that can protect the compressor from damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the following for the commonly asked questions about RV air compressors.

Q: Viair 400p vs 450p RV: what’s the best?

A: There have been many questions about the Viair 400p-RV automatic portable compressor and the 450P model because RV owners want to know which one is better than the other is.

Briefly, the 400P is a large kit, which has the capacity of inflating tires with a size up to 35 inches between 0 and 30 Psi and just within five minutes. It also has a low power draw and approved by RV owners. The 450p RV air compressor is also a great choice for its max working pressure of up to 150 Psi and complete accessories included.

So when it comes to deciding which is better than the other is, the final decision is yours because they are both great choices in the RV community.

Q: What size air compressor do I need to inflate RV tires?

A: This is another common question asked by our readers. The best models vary in sizes, such as the Viair RV tire air compressor that also comes in different models. The size is not what to look for here, but the working pressure of the inflator and the time as to how long it would take to inflate your tires. To start, you can check out the above top picks and compare.

Q: How to check & use RV air compressor?

A: You can easily check and use the air compressor using the instruction manual included in the purchase. Generally, these devices are running at 12 volts and can easily be connected to your cigarette lighter or car battery before switching it on to inflate the tires of your car.

Q: How to winterize RV with air compressor?

A: If you need to store your vehicle in a place with freezing temperatures, you should winterize the water lines.

This winterization is done by removing the water from the water lines to prevent damage to the pipes, valves and faucets due to the expansion of water that turns to ice. However, you don’t have to blow out this water on the lines with force when you’re using an air compressor to do the winterizing.

You have to remove the remaining water with the air compressor. However, such process won’t be requiring like filing a tire, but it is simpler than that. Ideally, you should use a 20g tire inflator to winterize the rig’s water lines and make them safe from blowing out due to freezing.


Choosing the right air compressor for your recreational vehicle isn’t easy, but it can be if you know what to look for in the unit, including size, quality and accessories, among others. Have you decided on the best RV air compressor? We’re hoping you picked up from the buying guide and reviews we’ve prepared for you. Buy yours today! To shop for other RV, trailer tires & accessories, check these articles: best trailer tiresbest RV tires. We hope you will like them.

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