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The Best Motorcycle Carrier for RV

Sometimes, it is impossible to ride your motorbike, especially when taking it to the mechanic for repair before an RV camping or outdoor activity. But then, transporting it from one point to another with inadequate hauling equipment can put you at risk of injury or accident. It might also cause damage to your bike.

For this reason, you need the best motorcycle carrier for RV that is made specifically to haul your motorbike and transport it safely.

Plus, it is useful for outdoor adventures with your family and friends because it can safely hold your bike in place and prevent it from wobbling for its tough features and locking mechanisms.

In the following, we’ve prepared a buying guide featuring the most recommended motorcycle carriers trusted by consumers. Each product has its pros and cons and unique qualities that you can compare.

Later, we’re highlighting what to remember when comparing the different bike carriers and answers to these products’ most frequently asked questions.

Best Motorcycle Carriers for RV

1. TMS T-NS-MRC001 Carrier Hitch Rack Trailer

  • Lightweight yet durable steel design
  • Excellent anti-tilt / anti-wobble feature
  • Designed to carry 500 pounds
  • 8-bolt easy assembly and installation
  • Comes with a dual-sided ramp
  • Over tightening of bolts can cause deformation

Having a motorcycle is a convenient mode of transportation. You can easily navigate through traffic, and for quick errands, it is more feasible to use one instead of your 4-wheel cars.

When on an RV road trip, sometimes you’d wish to have your bike with you for those quick trips, so you don’t need to bring your whole trailer with you. Wish no more because you can make it happen now.

Expect functionality, reliability, and mobility with the brand new motorcycle carrier from TMS. This is an excellent and easiest way to pull your motocross bike, off-dirt bikes, and scooters as you travel the roads of your next adventure.

This extremely portable motorcycle carrier for RV hitches promises durability because it is made with heavy-duty steel with a powder-coated frame to prevent scratching, chipping, and fading. This carrier will securely fit a 2-inch receiver for your Class II, III, IV, or V hitches.

What’s more, is it features a dual-sided ramp that can handle a weight capacity of up to 500 lbs so that you can load your bike effortlessly. When not in use, you can mount the ramp on the carrier.

Having ramps included on your package is always a fantastic extra as it makes the whole process of bringing your bike along easier. You also don’t need to exert as much effort and rummage for equipment to function as a ramp.

You will be impressed with the TMS T-NS-MRC001 Carrier Hitch Rack because of its anti-tilt locking device. This puts a stop to the unwanted wobbling. It also includes tie-down sites on both sides of the track for additional security.

You should get this Carrier Hitch Rack from TMS because it’s easy to install. You can assemble it all by yourself, and there are only eight bolts and nuts involved. Since it is lighter compared to its competitors, you can get it all set-up faster and hassle-free.

One of the market’s strongest contenders when it comes to RV hitches; the only drawback for this brand is its bolts. Over-tightening may cause it to pull the device out of shape.

2. Black Widow Motorcycle Carrier

  • Dual-side loading and unloading capabilities
  • Designed to carry 400 pounds
  • Made of sturdy aluminum material
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Not advisable for 5th wheel motorcycle carriers and camping trailers

At a 400-pound capacity, this lightweight hitch-mounted aluminum motorcycle carrier from Black Widow is labeled as one with the sturdiest frame. This carrier, with a 36-lb aluminum frame and a 4-ft ramp, is all you need to transport your bike to your destination.

Pulling a trailer to haul your bike is no longer the only option because this carrier can do the job better. It is easy to install and handle. It has also been tested for durability; its aluminum material will no longer make you worry about rust.

It comes with a loading ramp already, which you can either install on the back or front of the carrier so you can do the loading and unloading from either side, whatever is more convenient for you. This comes in very handy when accommodating parking lot traffic, natural hazards, and tight spaces.

As a bonus, the ramp is self-storing, so you can attach it straight to your carrier when you are not using it. This way, you won’t lose it while in transit or when you are already at your destination.

Remember that this is not advisable for 5th wheel motorcycle carriers and camping trailers as per user guidelines. Overall though, this carrier is designed to deliver a cost-effective option to hook up a trailer and permit you to roll your bike up and onto the carrier platform effortlessly.

3. VersaHaul Bike Hitch Carrier

  • Designed to carry 500 pounds
  • Comes with four retractable tie-down for additional stability
  • Perfectly fits Class III and IV hitches.
  • Integrated wheel chock
  • Reflectors are built-in
  • Loading can only be done on one side.

As expected from a VersaHaul, this steel carrier is heavy-duty, durable, and well-built. It is easy to handle and the convenience of having the loading and unloading process done with just a single person thanks to its ramp.

Loading it yourself won’t be a problem at all, although you might struggle initially in bringing it down. That is thanks to its integrated built-in wheel chock, one of its safety advantages.

This dirt bike hitch carrier features a box beam ramp, not like the usual flimsy “C” channel ones. It is tested and reliable to be sturdy, and you’ll be confident knowing that your bike is secure while in transit.

This model comes with self-storing tie-downs to prevent you from banging your shins when unloading your bike. You’ll also appreciate the ready-to-use license plate accessory holes.

This heavy-duty hitch motorcycle carrier is a perfect fit for Class III and IV hitches. The materials used are top quality with a powder-coat finish and reversible rails. That helps avoid rusting issues so you can be sure that you can maximize this carrier’s use for the next years to come.

You won’t have a hard time storing this carrier, designed to have a load capacity of 500-pounds. It comes with an anti-tilt lock bracket, a wheel stop, four tie-down bars, one snap pin, two reflectors, and a ramp. It comes in with everything that you need so you can safely bring your bike with you.

Focusing on safety, its four tie-down bars make this a smart, practical buy. Yes, it does take more space, but the added stability is well worth it. It stops your bike from shifting when being transported. You may or may not need additional traction tape on the ramp to remove every bit of shifting, but overall, safety is all taken care of by this carrier.

Just some setbacks, though, would be the stabilization bracket is not really of the best quality, and the wheel stop plus the rack is one-sided only.

4. Best Choice Products Hitch Carrier Rack

  • Designed to carry 500 pounds
  • Comes with a ramp with an integrated traction technology
  • Can fit any Class II, III, IV, and V hitches
  • Comes with an anti-tilt locking device with tie-downs
  • Loading and unloading on both sides
  • The hitch pin needs to be separately purchased.
  • No wheel chock or extra tie-down spots included

A great starter option, this 51-pound motorcycle hitch from Best Choice, has a load capacity of 500 pounds. It is powder-coated black with heavy-duty steel construction, making it suitable for motocross, off-road, and scooters.

It can be assembled easily and comes with a 38.5-inch loading ramp with an integrated traction technology. What’s more, is the loading ramp is self-storing, and you can load and unload on either side.

Despite being made of steel, this carrier by Best Choice Products is impressively lightweight, especially if you compare it with other carriers on the market. Being lightweight can be the smart choice for your car, depending on your vehicle’s size.

Like any bike owner, you will want your hitch carrier to secure your bike with a hitch carrier that can keep it from rocking. It has a unique anti-tilt locking device with tie-downs on both sides to keep your bike from wobbling.

Like all other carriers, this also has its fair share of bounce and sway, but you will experience zero rattlings. It is sturdy and 100% reliable.

If you are looking for consistent versatility, Best Choice can provide it. You can install this on every Class II, III, IV, and V hitch receiver. With that being said, you can practically install it on all vehicles. With its ramp-like design, you can smoothly roll your bike to the rack and out of it like a pro, whichever side you prefer.

Setbacks for this Anti-Tilt Motorcycle and Dirt Bike Carrier Rack from Best Choice Product are you have to buy a separate hitch pin, and the security features are not that strong. Yes, it has tie-down spots and even an anti-tilting locking device, but unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a wheel chock or extra tie-down spots.

5. Direct Aftermarket Steel Motorcycle Carrier

  • Durable metal with an epoxy powder finish
  • A breeze to assemble and install
  • Can be loaded from either side of the vehicle
  • Can carry a huge range of bikes and motorcycles
  • Anti-tilt locking to prevent wobbling
  • No hitch pin included.

This carrier is another top pick for its solidity and performance for the outdoors. If you love adventures and taking your motorcycle or dirt bike with you, you must check out this steel motorcycle carrier that can accommodate up to 500 lbs., one of the highest in the category.

The Direct Aftermarket carrier is designed for trailers, sports bikes, and scooters, too. That’s not all because you can also carry other items using it. There is no doubt that RV owners choose this motorcycle carrier! It gives them more options on what to haul with it.

I liked that the premium carrier also offers us more peace of mind when it comes to improving our vehicle’s hauling capacity.

Besides, this motorcycle carrier is also durable. I recommend this not only for versatility but also for its weather-resistant components. It can last long and serve you for the years to come because it is made of steel coated with epoxy powder. It also works by improving the finish and making it scratch-free.

Aside from the ability to carry up to 500 lbs., it can carry on the hitch and be loaded from either side of your vehicle.

This carrier also has an ideal size of 76 inches wide and 36 inches long. That’s not all. It also prevents wobbling because it can be secured firmly on your vehicle once mounted. It’s because it has an anti-tilt locking mechanism that keeps it in a firm in place.

This model is also ideal for carrying in Class III or IV trailer hitch. Plus, this carrier comes with everything you need, including instructions, assembly hardware, loading ramp, and carrier.

On the downside, it does not include a hitch pin, so you need to buy it to install this carrier. Overall, the Direct Aftermarket carrier is one of the top choices to consider in the category.

6. Goplus Motorcycle Carrier

  • Gives you peace of mind for the safe transport of your motorbike
  • Handles up to 600 pounds of weight
  • A hitch pin is included in the purchase.
  • Impermeable steel prevents rusting even when exposed to rain or wet conditions
  • Not intended for use in driving at more than 55 kph

If you enjoy camping and exploring the outdoors on the weekends and with your bike, you must have a robust and well-designed motorbike carrier like this Goplus carrier. It has just the right dimensions that do not make it bulky. It has overall dimensions of 79 by 31 by 13 inches.

Aside from its ideal dimensions, it is not that heavy because this unit is made of alloy steel. Even so, it does give us peace of mind that it is not easily damaged because it is thick and solid enough to match heavy demands.

This model has a solid construction for ensuring toughness and strength. You can carry your motorcycle even for long drives. It will not also rust even when exposed to rain or snow because its material is impermeable.

I also liked that this bike carrier can accommodate up to 600 pounds in total weight. It is versatile enough for carrying different loads like bikes and heavy motorcycles. You don’t need to buy a hitch pin as it is already included in the purchase. That makes this a complete package that you must consider when finding a similar product.

I also liked its design of having two pieces of quick-release locks to fasten the bike with ease. You will have peace of mind that the bike and the rack will not wobble even on a bumpy road or hillside. Thus, this carrier can offer you a bike with the secure transport of your motorbike.

However, you must not exceed 55 kph when it is attached. Even so, the Goplus carrier is a top-notch product in its category, making it a consistent top ranker on the market.

Overall, it is a quality carrier that you should not miss when comparing your choices. It will give you the best value for your money for its excellent design and materials used. For the best value of your investment for a bike carrier, you must check this out.

7. Versa Haul VH-SPORT Sport Bike Carrier

  • Can handle up to 600 pounds of load
  • Anti-scratch black paint finishing
  • Durable steel construction for long-lasting use
  • Ideal for Class III or IV hitch receivers
  • Can secure the bike in place firmly for its four tie-down points
  • Carrier-only model
  • Installation can be tricky at first.

The VersaHaul motorcycle carrier might be what you’re looking for if you want a durable bike carrier that will serve you for the years to come. You can get the most of your investment by choosing a quality sportbike carrier that can also help you transport a load up to 600 pounds.

You can transport a dirt bike, a sportbike, or a motorcycle with ease using this VH-Sport product. It has a broad carrying platform, which is eight inches wide and a length of 77.5 inches. The main carrier tube, on the other hand, is 31.5 inches, accommodating standard bike sizes.

I also liked that it is with four pieces of tie-down points, allowing you to secure it firmly in your vehicle. Even if you’re driving on a rough road or a steep terrain, the carrier will not wobble but will stay firm in place. Thus, you can have peace of mind that your bike will not drop or slip out of place.

Besides, this product also features an adjustable tire stop, which adds to your bike’s stability in the carrier. It also has black paint finishing that makes it look better and promotes anti-scratch properties.

However, note that it does not include a loading ramp, so you must buy it separately. It can also be tricky to install if you’re a first-timer using this kind of product.

How We Picked


Choosing a motorcycle hauler for RV can be intimidating, especially if it is your first time buying one. You know that you need it to bring along your motorcycle when you travel but what makes a good motorcycle rack for an RV.

With so many brands to look into, each with its pros and cons, having second thoughts of finally settling on a brand is no easy task. Don’t worry, though, as some factors can help to ensure that you make better decisions sans regrets. Here are some factors that you can weigh in when picking your camper motorcycle carrier:

  • Bike Weight

You have to know how much your bike measures when it comes to mass because a motorcycle rack for RV bumper can only carry maximum weight. If you have anything installed like packs or saddlebags, consider it unless you want those removed first.

Most bikes that are between 75 inches to 95 inches would usually work well on standard carriers. However, if your bike is customized, consider its dimensions too.

Note that a motorcycle hitch carrier has a maximum weight capacity limit. Lightweight dirt bikes would need more or less a 400-pound capacity carrier, and most will range between 400 to 600 pounds. Others can carry more. Expect a 900 lb motorcycle carrier to have more robust materials and more features than one with only a max of 400 pounds.

  • Hitch Compatibility

Hitches are categorized into five classes depending on your transportation type and the maximum load capacity. You have to make sure that your hitch can work with your tongue capacity. The tongue weight refers to the maximum weight limit of objects that are mounted to your hitch. This doesn’t include the motorcycle, but everything included on it like oil and fuel and the actual carrier. You need to be wary that your hitch cannot carry more than its capability else. If someone follows your RV and you’ve gone beyond your limits, the result can be catastrophic.

  • User-friendliness

Installing an RV trailer motorcycle carrier shouldn’t at all be complicated. If you want effortless installation, then go for carriers that weigh less than 40 pounds. Compared to those that are close to 100 pounds, you’ll have an easier time installing it. Go for trailers with instructional manuals and provide you with info and support should you need additional hardware.

  • Durability

To get your money’s worth, always purchase a hitch carrier that is reliable and stable. Get one that can securely hold your bike in place sans too much motion while you are driving. It would also be smart to look into the carrier’s material to ensure its purpose well. Your purchase should also last you for a long time so consider the material too, like solid steel compared to aluminum. Some additional features can help your bike moves, like tie-down straps, wheel cradles, and other mechanisms.

  • Extras

If there is a brand that includes a loading ramp, then go for it. This is a beneficial feature because without one, putting your bike on a carrier is going to take a lot of effort and sweat. If you have two motorcycles, you can also opt for a double bike carrier. Other extras that would be great are anti-tilt locking devices and multiple tie-down areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most popular RV motorcycle carrier brands?

A: There are plenty of brands that offer to be the best single and double scooter carrier for RVs. Still, only a few of these emerge to be popular because it has proven its functionality and reliability to its owners.

The brands below are also well-loved because they have been in the industry for years, helping them develop and create continuously developed products. Each brand come with its unique pros and con, but so far, the following brands are the crowd’s top favorites:

  • VersaHaul
  • TMS
  • Black Widow
  • Best Choice
  • MotoTote

Some of these brands have more than one available hitch carrier in their collection and have varying load capacities. You might even find an RV motorcycle carrier 1000 lb for the back of your RV, Truck, or fifth wheel.

Take the time and effort to check each of these brands, but you are already closing in a great deal and a good purchase with any of these manufacturers.

Q: How to carry a motorcycle with a travel trailer?

A: Motorcycles can be a convenient mode of transportation. It can take you to places easier, and bringing it along during your RV travels can be advantageous for you.

Your bike can be mounted to your motorhome or can also be tucked into a hauler trailer. The use of a motorhome motorcycle carrier is best seen as the practical way to carry your motorcycle with your travel trailer. By using a hitch mount or carrier, you can quickly bring along your 2-wheeled transportation.

You won’t need to get in touch with the towing company just to get your bike from destination A to B. Hitch carriers answer the needs of bike enthusiasts who want to bring their bike wherever they want to go. It puts an end to the towing or hauling.

Motorcycle hitch carriers are beneficial, and plenty of people have been taking advantage of its convenience. Designed to sit at the back of your car, RV, or trailer similar to a bike rack, it allows you to transport a single or two bikes at a time to wherever you need them to be.

There are so many types of hitch carriers that can remedy your problem and address your needs. There is a hydraulic motorcycle carrier for RV, double motorcycle carrier, and class c RV motorcycle carrier – just a few of the choices you have on the market.

Q: How do you make a hitch carrier for a motorcycle?

A: One reason why people opt to make their hitch carriers is to save some money. Although completely doable given that you have welding skills and tools, most DIY hitch carriers wobble and move a lot, causing a lot of nervousness and anxiety while driving. If you are not the DIY-type person, it’s best to purchase one and install it.

But for those who enjoy the savings and the satisfaction of building anything and everything, this is a fun, functional undertaking. First, you will need to choose between aluminum and steel as your primary material and then have this welded into a 2″ bar with two triangular supports. You can incorporate another bar to function as tie-down spots.

You can also add some hard facing on the carrier’s end side. It enters the receiver and ground it back evenly so the carrier can fit very securely into the receiver, almost like some small wedge. Just in case you are not a welder, you can substitute coming to the pieces together by using bolts and nuts or washers.

There are motorcycle carriers for motorhomes sample dimension templates available online, which you can refer to. There are also video resources that you can consult to make the project a functional success.

Q: How to install?

A: Installing a motorcycle or scooter carrier for RV needs to be done with utmost care and safety to prevent damaging your bike and trailer. A carrier is a heavy-duty accessory, so you need to make sure that all instructions are read and understood before you take on assembling and installing it. Here are the steps to install your carrier:

  • Using nuts and bolts, clamp your hitch bar and four support brackets. Make sure that every detail is complete. Tighten your bolts in place. There should be zero movements between the two attached metals.
  • Attach your motorcycle rack by putting the tire rack into the hitch bar with the support braces. Secure the bike rack using lock washers or nuts and bolts. This process of securing is variable. It all depends on the number of holes and their corresponding sizes.
  • Install the other components like the tie-down arms and wheel chock on the long bar with the tire rack. Note that these should all be securely tightened using bolts. There should be no wobbling or rattling because if there is then, you need to tighten or redo the process. If your carrier’s choice comes with an anti-tilt brace, then install it too by sliding it through the hitch bar. Your anti-tilt should always face your car.
  • Slide the carrier in place through the hitch and tighten it with bolts. If there is a hitch pin that comes with your carrier, this is the stage where you install it.
  • Support the ramp using a bolt, nut, or assembly pin so you can set it up on the rack. Push your motorcycle, scooter, or bike through the rack. Never load your motorcycle while the engine is running.
  • Secure your two-wheel cycle by using tie-down straps both at the back and front of the bike track. These straps should be attached to your handlebars and also at the back frame of your bike. If you have additional loops, use them on the wheels to stop any wobbling.

Q: How to maintain & care/ clean?

A: Regularly cleaning and maintaining your travel trailer motorcycle carrier and its contact points on your car is essential. Wipe any dirt, mud, pollens, or any grit using a clean cloth. This does not only mean a better hitch carrier for your bike, but it also makes sure that you right away see any damages or the start of any corrosion developing.

Always check for any damages on your carrier hitch. Before loading and unloading, take a close look and check for any signs of damage on the straps, scoops, tie-downs, and hooks. All components that are exhibiting wear should be replaced accordingly.

When you want a thorough washing for your hitch carrier, do it by hand with water and a mild detergent. Do not scrub it but wipe it clean.

Make it a point that you keep moving parts functional by using lubricants while at the same time making sure that nuts, bolts, and washers are tightly screwed. Tighten anything that appears wobbly.


A durable and quality hitch motorcycle carrier heavy duty for your RV will ensure a smooth and safe ride. It can help you transport your bike from point A to point B without any hassle.

Have you chosen the best motorcycle carrier for RV? Use this buying guide and study your options well when choosing this product so that you can get the most of your investment. Also, remember certain factors to check before buying a motorcycle carrier.

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