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The Best Deep Cycle Battery Charger

Are you looking for the best deep cycle battery charger? Selecting one among the saturated market can be overwhelming and confusing.

It is for the same reason that you need to weigh your options well so that you can compare the best features along with the pros and cons to know.

By finding the right deep cycle battery charger, you’ll be able to charge your batteries easier and faster. The best ones also work well to maintain your battery to keep it at optimal charge especially when in storage.

To get started, you can refer to our buying guide highlighting the features to look for and make a better decision later. If you’re ready, let us begin.

Table of Contents

Best Deep Cycle Battery Chargers

1. BMK 12V 5A Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer

  • Comes with detachable alligator clips or rings
  • Quick charging
  • Waterproof
  • Ideal for car, lawns, boats and marine
  • Protection from short circuit and other issues
  • Some longevity concerns

BMK BLUEMICKEY is a top recommendation among brands for battery chargers and maintainers on the market because it has complete features and functions that make it a favorite among RV owners.

They also commit to the quality and performance of their battery chargers like this BMK 12V smart battery charger. The BMK BLUEMICKEY battery charger and maintainer is a complete package. It comes with alligator clips and rings. One of the things also to like about the charger is that it can work really fast.

I would like to take note that the charger is also ideal for charging batteries that have 15-100Ah. However, you’re advised to check that that your battery’s capacity is beyond 15Ah. This model can also charge 100Ah batteries, making it one of the most versatile deep cycle battery chargers on the market.

I would also like to recommend this charger because it is convenient and time saving to use. The 12v car battery charger is also a top recommendation because it can offer us with different safety protection features. It can work well in battery rescuing and recovering, too.

One of the things that make it an ideal choice is that it is also made of top quality materials likes an ABS material, ensuring longer lasting use. Speaking of durability, I would like to mention that this pick is also with multiple protection features like on over charging, overload, short circuit and reverse polarity. These things can make sure that your battery can be protected from damage, enhancing its longer lasting use.

I also noticed that this model constant pulse current maintenance function that works well to protect your battery from overcharging or discharging. According to its manufacturer, this item is also proven and tested for full loaded and burn in, proving its stable performance and high level of efficiency. This battery is also durable that you can look forward to years of use.

Another thing that makes the BMK smart battery charger the better choice is that it can offer you with a four-stage smart charging, aside from working as an automatic battery charger.

It does it well for its MCU controller that can indicate the electricity quantity. It can also track on the entire charging process. When done, the battery charger will stop automatically once the battery’s fully charged.

This model also comes with a LED indicator, which shows the different charging levels or status of the smart charger. More so, I would like to recommend the battery charger for its included money-back guarantee.

It comes with a lifetime warranty along with after-safe services. Choosing this item, you can have peace of mind that help is available when you encounter a problem with your charger.

It is also a versatile product because it also works as a batter maintainer. This product also works well for boats, lawn mowers, motorcycles, electric tools, emergency battery charging and electric vehicle. When it comes to versatility, you can rely on this product.

On the cons, there was some longevity concerns reported though. Overall, the BMK 12V 5A charger is one of the highest rated products in the category. This item has the solid performance features that make battery charging faster and easier. There is nothing more to ask. You might want to check it out yourself.

2. Schumacher SC1280 Rapid Battery Charger

  • Works as battery maintainer and charger
  • Quick charging process
  • Auto selects correct charger rate
  • Comes with a reverse hookup protection
  • Compatible for deep cycle, AGM, gel and standard
  • Expensive

You might not have to worry about a Schumacher battery charger troubleshooting if you choose the SC1280. It is heavy-duty and durable to last for many years. It is a top choice among boat owners and e-vehicle owners because it can offer rapid charging, saving you so much time.

The Schumacher battery charger and maintainer work efficiently and fast. With it, you can save so much time because it offers you with rapid charging. It is also a smart charger because it can select the correct voltage to detect 6V or 12V batteries.

The Rapid Battery Charger also boasts a 15A for charging and a 3A for maintaining battery. With the battery charger, you can be sure that you can prevent battery damage.

I would also like to note that the charger could choose the appropriate charging rate for maintaining and charging. That said, we don’t have to guess on the correct maintaining and charging for your batteries.

In addition, the Rapid Battery Charger also features a reverse hook-up protection. The SC1280 has this to ensure that your charger will stop working if the clamps are reversed. It adds to the protection that our batteries can get for choosing the charger. So if you would like to extend the life of your battery, you might want to take a look at this model that can protect it from damage.

I would also like to mention that it could charge different battery types, including deep-cycle, gel, AGM and standard batteries. It just means that you can use the charger for more battery types, giving you more value for your money.

On the downside, it is expensive, but its price is worth it if you would consider the things that it can do. It also has the smart features that make it the perfect choice. You can also make sure that you’re choosing a reliable brand trusted through the years. So if you would like to ensure you’re getting more of your money with a durable and solidly performing battery charger, you might want to take a look at the Schumacher SC1280.

3. Ampeak Smart Deep Cycle Battery Charger and Maintainer

  • Fast charger and efficient maintainer
  • Compatible with STD, AGM and gel batteries
  • Designed with a start aid button
  • Comes with an auto detect system
  • UL certified
  • Might take some time to get used to its operation

This product is another recommended 12v deep cycle battery charger. It is fully automatic device with the performance that you need for a quick and convenient way of charging and maintaining the battery.

One of the things I noticed is it is a fast charger that works quickly to charge different types of lead acid batteries, including standard, gel and AGM batteries. Speaking of its versatile functions, this model is also able to charge motorcycle, automotive, RV, marine and power sport. It is also suitable for children toys, lawn, garden and so many more.

I would also like to recommend the RV deep cycle battery charger for its start aid button, saving energy and making the battery more efficient. It does its work by activating a battery with an insufficient capacity to start an engine within 120-second cycle.

In addition, this product features a Smart Detect System that detects capacity and voltage automatically. It can also auto detect the proper charging rate suitable for a battery. It also has an auto charge cycle that makes it change to float mode once battery is charged. This model also comes with a battery-reconditioning feature to extend battery life.

This product also comes with a 6-step charging system, including battery test and floating. All these things can help in optimizing the power of the battery and without damaging or overcharging them.

More so, the product is with safety protection features to protect it from overheating and overcharging, to name too. This battery charger also comes with an 18-month hassle-free warranty.

On the cons, it might take some time to get used to its operation. But overall, it is a reliable pick with the solid performance and features that you’d want your battery charger to have. It is also UL certified and designed with a start aid button.

4. Battery Tender Plus 021-0128 Battery Charger

  • Fully automatic
  • Quick and efficient charger
  • Protection and safety features
  • Convenient to use
  • Good 10-year warranty
  • Some longevity issues

Battery Tender is another name not to miss when looking for a deep cycle marine battery charger. The smart charger is another favorite among RV owners trying to find a reliable and efficient charger that can get the job done easier and faster. You might also want to take a look at it if you’re finding a good smart charger and battery maintainer.

It might work better than a trickle charger because it is able to maintain your battery at the correct storage voltage but without damaging it. More so, I would like to note that it is offered at an affordable price without compromising on the quality to get from a product like it.

I also noticed that the charger is fully automatic. This model is designed to charge a battery at an optimal level and keep it with the correct storage voltage but without damaging the battery.

This product also works efficiently and fast. It can even work faster than any chargers available on the market now. Another thing not to forget is that this product can work conveniently.

This model comes with a quick connect harness that makes it easier to use in harder to reach places up to six feet. The battery charger also is protection and safety features that can help in making sure of your safety. It includes a green and a red light that can flash alternately if there is a reverse polarity.

I would like to note that the smart charger and maintainer also come with alligator clips and ring terminals. The smart battery tender plus model can switch automatically from a full to a float charging mode.

But then, there were a few longevity concerns raised by some users on the battery tender. However, they’re isolated cases, not comprising a majority of the feedbacks, which are positive. And overall, this charger is smart, efficient, quick and reliable. You might want to take a second look if you want a heavy-duty smart charger.

5. NOCO Genius G3500 Battery Charger

  • All-in-one battery means has wide compatibility range to various battery types and sizes
  • Safe for battery charging against reverse polarity, sparks and overcharging
  • Light weighted, scratch free and waterproof
  • Crafted with advanced technologies called micro-hybrid and CANBUS electrical systems
  • Five-year limited warrant package inclusion
  • Lower voltage charging capacity

Another automatic battery charger is flaunting its versatility and multiple capabilities. It is called the G3500 Model of NOCO Genius smart battery charger. Be well read about its strengths and advantages.

There is a reason why G3500 Model is called all-in-one battery charger. It is simply not fussy to any types of vehicles and batteries and still can deliver a maximum performance. The specialty of this device is for initial charging and even working to deep-cycle lead-acid batteries with 12 and 6 voltages, to lithium-based cells at 12-voltage and also to COLD/AGM mode cells.

For that case, this NOCO genius battery charger is a best friend for various types of engines and cells installed in RV, Lawn Mowers, power sport, automotive and marine motors. It can usually maintain these engines to full-charge mode in the end and even enhance performance. Meanwhile, it also contains good engine revival ability by applying strong voltage of pulse charge in case a battery reaches low voltage, sulfation and lack of power.

I liked that Noco battery charger is made very specific in the specs on how it can tender batteries. The charger is constructed with efficient technologies called micro-hybrid start and stop vehicles and also CANBUS electrical systems that basically protect batteries from getting harm to various electrical disabilities. It minimizes the power supply as the need arises to prevent sudden sparks, reverse polarity and overcharging.

When it comes to the outer housing of G3500 Model, it is noticeable that it is intently covered with rubber so it is scratches and slipping resistant. The framework is also quite slender that is why it is described to be portable for cars. It is also worth mentioning that it is IP65 waterproof so no worries when the rain pours.

Meanwhile, for monitoring of the device working conditions, the LCD indicator of this model is ever ready to show the data even during maintenance process.

What I always look-up on a product spec is its warranty policy and NOCO genius have a generous five year warranty period for G3500 Model just in case owners get unsatisfied or needs after-buy customer service.

On the negative side, this model is a low voltage battery charger with only 3.5 Amp maximum charging capacity. However, that is no issue if you look on the efficiency and convenience that it can serve by properly tendering the batteries for maximum longevity.


  • With 40amp engine resurrecting ability
  • Boast a three charging mode, the fast, top-off and trickle charging process
  • Bench battery charger fits for 12-voltage batteries with maximum 15amp charging capacity
  • With huge LCD screen for status verification
  • CEC and ETL certified
  • Short warranty period

Sometimes, being caught with much drained car batteries is just inevitable. But it only takes one good battery charger to say goodbye from all the frustrations caused by such scenario. Say hello to the Black+Decker BC15BD 15 Amp Bench Battery Charger.

What good it can bring? I think that you’ll agree with me how excellent this model when you discover that it can resurrect a completely dead battery in just a nick-of-time. It is made possible by its built-in engine start timer with a unique 40A capacity. All it needs is at most 8 minutes to optimize a drained battery. That sounds very fast and saves you time.

Although, this model is known and loved for fast charging ability, it can transform its charging process into two other ways called the trickle and top-off charge. In that sense, you can switch the charging mode of the device according to the needs of the battery, one great way of maximizing the power of your battery and at the same time properly maintaining it.

The BC15BD model flaunts bizarre qualities such as having a huge LCD display in which the working condition of the battery can be checked. Likewise, it has an alternator and voltage tracker, which can also be monitored through the LCD screen. It also send signal once the clamps are incorrectly attached to the plug-in parts.

Complications are a no especially for non-techie people; hence, the Black+Decker is designed with simplicity and easy to use. No need to set-up according to the type of battery, it can work independently once it is attach into the selected device. By the way, your battery can also be charged separately from a car in case you want to secure a non-stop charging during immobilization.

The CEC and ETL certified the quality and safety of the bench battery charger. It works perfectly for 12 V batteries such as AGM, marine cells, WET and GEL. Further, it is compatible to motorhomes, lawn tractors, boats, ATVs, jet skis, snowmobiles and cars that are temporarily garaged. It was also mentioned in the features that it has protection capacity from reverse polarity.

It may just be a little risk that this model has a short warranty period, which has to be only for a year from the date of purchase unlike the other models with five year and even a lifetime warranty package. Nevertheless, the Black+Decker BC15BD bench battery charger can be trusted with its fast and full-resurrecting power to dead batteries and other patented features such as having alternator and voltage gauge.

7. CTEK (56-353) MULTI US 7002

  • Outstanding 8-steps charging cycle.
  • Suitable for 12-voltage lead-acid cells
  • Water and dust proof
  • Multiple mode charging capabilities
  • Safe from electrical shortage such as reverse polarity and short-circuit
  • Higher price compare to other battery types

Not all the battery charges can conform to a wide-range of battery types and their needs. That’s why CTEK’s Multi US 7002 is for keeps. Its capabilities make a big difference compare to other chargers. Here is to know why.

The top selling point of CTEK’s Multi US 7002 is its versatile skill of being a multiple mode-type. It sounds practical, isn’t it? You can own one battery charger with different switch modes depend on the battery needs. It can transform to a normal mode, weather mode, supply mode and even record mode that suits according to the type of battery it is being paired with.

Yes, this is all happening with the CTEK’s battery charger while it can also charge lead-acid based battery types with maximum input of 12V.

This model comes with one clamp, two connection leads that are interchangeable, one eyelet terminals and user’s manual.

Unlike the other type of battery charger with only four or seven-step charging cycle, the CTEK’s Multi US 7002 has an advanced charging technology in eight-step. Since it is an automatic device, it independently diagnoses the power requirements of the battery and then replenishes it with the energy that it needs in eight steps.

The eight-step charging cycle caters the battery with benefits and protection. First in the said cycle is the desulphation that restore the batteries from being stagnant for a certain time. Next is the soft start that slowly guides the charging battery up to its preset level.

At least 80% charging takes place at the third level called bulk. Absorption follows after, as it maintains the accumulated power in to the preset stage. Then, the battery charger analyzes and measures the condition of the device. Reconditioning comes next by supplying the battery with the same current and maximum voltage.

Another is float whereas a constant voltage is further maintained. Lastly, the charger does pulse or maintenance charging by feeding the battery with pulse electricity once it decrease below 95%.

The safety features of this device include being sparks-free and has protective instinct against reverse polarity, and short-circuit. For a plus factor, it is also waterproof and dust resistant so it is functional in various working conditions.

You may first think the way I do that this model is too good to be true, but it simply is. Still, just in case clients happen to be unsatisfied with CTEK’s Multi US 7002, there is a five-year warranty offered in the package deal.

Buyers may have a second thought though with the expensive cost of this model. But like mentioned earlier, CTEK’s Multi US 700 is a practical investment because it is like having one battery charger with multiple functions and fits various cells.

8. Schumacher SC1319

  • With 1.5 amps charge rating
  • With Reverse hook-up safety protection
  • Automatic detection of voltage to charge
  • Certified DOE standard quality
  • Compatible in charging 6V to 12V batteries
  • May cost higher than the other brand

Batteries are essential parts of several mechanical devices that need proper maintenance. One way of keeping the batteries in good shape is by choosing the right battery maintainer. It is highly recommended to check this battery friendly and very efficient Schumacher SC1319 battery maintainer.

Schumacher SC1319 is a 100% automatic battery maintainer, hence, it is dependable to work on its own with less overseeing. It is most suitable for batteries that supply power to engines of motorcycles, power sports and boats.

A battery maintainer like Schumacher is a good support for working batteries but especially to lead-acid made batteries that has to be stored for a period of time. In that sense, this model can be trusted to regulate the power charge of motors or vehicles that are seldom used and still function well when activated.

I find the Schumacher deep cycle battery charger impressive, too, that this model is designed to have the capacity to topped-up a 6V and even 12V batteries as it provides 1.5 amps maximum output. It only means that it can perform to keep your batteries from totally draining. This product is also able to pass the DOE standard quality as well.

The Schumacher SC1319 is also smart enough to automatically analyze and censor a 6 to 12 voltage battery. It is an advantage as the maintainer measures the amount of energy that the battery only needs to avoid overcharging. Basically, that helps to prolong the battery’s life. Hence, it is very practical for engine owners because it can save them a lot from replacing their device battery on and on.

This microprocessor-controlled model comes with a battery clamp and a ring connector that can be easily connected in no time to the device, and a manual, which can serve as a guide to make sure that the set-up is all in place.

When it comes to safety features, I appreciate that this battery maintainer will discontinue in operation once detected that the clamps are hooked in reverse. Also, it protects the batteries from being overcharged.

On the negative point, this model may just cost a little higher than the other brands and types of battery maintainer. Nevertheless, the specs above showed that the high quality and protective convenience of the Schumacher SC1319 1.5A is for keeps.

9. NOCO Genius GEN2 20

  • IP68 waterproof
  • Constructed with sturdy and sealed housing
  • Safety protection against sparks, reverse polarity, open circuits and other electrical malfunction
  • Fast charging capability
  • Light weighted
  • Provision of five-year but limited warranty only

 Battery is the life of many engines and motors while the life of a battery depends on a good charger. Battery comes in different varieties and brands but if your aim is to land into a highly equipped and reliable type, take a look of the NOCO Genius Gen2.

What I really like about NOCO Genius battery charger is that it is certified IP68 waterproof. There are no worries while using it during inconvenient working conditions such as on rainy days. Its fully sealed outer framework does the magic as it serves as a gear from soaking wet.

In fact, this battery can still be dependable to function well in 3-meters below the water environment. Hence, it is suitable for marine operations.

When it comes to safety features, this model is tagged as ultra-safe because it has protective specs from certain electrical disarray, for example, reverse polarity, overcharging, short-circuits, sparks, over current and overheating. Also, once the battery is already full, this charger stops charging on its own which prevent the battery from overcharging.

Some prestigious laboratories and association attest to the safety and advantage of the NOCO Genius battery charger. Some of these are the Underwriters Laboratories UL1236, Ignition Protection US Coast guard 33 CFR 183 and the ISO 8846 Marine Standards.

Aside from that, this is a 20 amp fast charging type of battery energizer that can handle 12-volt batteries. It can charge a battery twice faster than any of the simple chargers are.

Most of the type of fast charger has a special control circuitry that facilitates immediate performance without harming the health of the battery cells. It is beneficial for the fact that fast charging saves you time from tedious waiting before you use the battery.

NOCO called it also as GEN Series On-board battery charger because not only it is perfect for marine carriage but also due to the way that it is constructed. Among the league of battery chargers, this one is one of the most light weighted and compact. Hence, you can conveniently bring it to travels to keep your battery alive in the longest run.

What comes to a surprise is it can be compatible in all types of batteries that are lead-acid based such as on cells that are flooded, gel, AGM and even deep-cycle cells with no overcharge. This device can help in battery maintenance by automatically detecting their types when mounted, diagnosing their voltage capabilities, recovering their power charge and of course charging energy for banking.

It has a guaranteed five-year warranty; however, it is limited only. Nevertheless, the best RV battery charger is still a good choice for its heavy duty and waterproof capabilities.

10. Leicestercn EP12M248 12V 2A

  • Designed with 7-stage charging capability
  • With built-in temperature diagnostic and regulator
  • Safety protection against sparks, reverse polarity, open circuits and other electrical matters
  • Water and dust proof
  • With LED display for batter performance tracking
  • Compatible to selected battery types only

Smart buyers who are rooting for a lower price but high-quality battery charger may include in their options the Leicestercn EP12M248. Check its features and the judgment is yours. This model is designed with technology that charge in 7-stage which are known as the desulfation, soft start, bulk charge, absorption, test mode, recondition and float.

The battery can go a long way through this charging process. It can accommodate and maintain engine battery in a maximum of 12-voltage with a current charge range of 2A, 4A and 8A. It is also compatible for some types of cells such as those that are flooded, AGM, VRLA, Calcium, Gel, Wet and lead-acid based batteries. These batteries can work well with vehicles like SUVs, boat, dirt and street bike, lawn mowers, and even to snowmobile.

Batteries should be fully charge at least most of the time, especially when storing them for a period of time to keep them functional. But there are cases that batteries are left drained. What is pretty stunning about the Leicestercn EP12M248, it has the capability called desulfation that can restore battery back to their original performance.

In terms of safety features, this model is a good choice as it has built-in temperature diagnostic and regulator. That is an advantage because the battery charger is overheat resistant and maintained against unwanted irregularities such as of overloading, short-circuits and reversed polarity.

I am also delighted that Leicestercn EP12M248 is uniquely designed, as it is water and dust proof. On the other hand, its overall framework is noticeably slender and light weighted. Therefore, it can save space for placing and also portable for travel.

This model comes with a MCU-controlled LED display that guides the user in monitoring the charging status and data of the battery charger. Meanwhile, I find it rare that Leicestercn give the buyers an option to choose battery clamps that may conform to their equipment.

Quality products usually have great warranty deals that justify that they are confident with their production. For this model, the Leicester offers a lifetime warranty.

On the downside, this model may only be suitable for limited types of batteries only. Nonetheless, it works best with its prescribed compatible cells such as the AGM, flooded batteries and GEL. Aside from that, it is a type of battery charger that may come in lower price compare to other brands and yet can still deliver a high quality maintenance performance for batteries and engines.

11. Leicestercn LST 12V 5A

  • Designed with 7-stage charging capability
  • With a 12 volts /5A charge capacity
  • Rich in safety features such as sparks, reverse polarity and open circuits resistant
  • With lifetime warranty
  • Contains LED diagnostic screen for checking the condition of the battery charger
  • May takes longer time in charging the batteries

Another interesting and functional Leicestercn product is the LST 12V 5A automatic battery charger. Take a note of its specs for you to consider if ever you are looking for a good kind of battery charger.

One of the most important details about this model is it can energize a fully drained 12 volts batteries with a capacity of 5A maximum input. By the way, it is compatible to battery operations installed on Jetski, ATV, lawn mower, car, SUV, Truck, RV, Tractor and boat.

The full package contains six items, namely the unit, the DC adapter with alligator clips, the DC adapter with ring connector, the EVA box, the manual for the deep cycle battery charging instructions and the dual SAE extension cable.

According to the products specs, this model is a type of trickle charger with a rating of 100% satisfaction rate. It charges the battery in low amperage, can stay attached to a device battery for a time, and helps it remains in full charge. Since it is a trickle-typed of a battery, it follows all its protective value against common known electrical malfunctions such as short circuit, reverse polarity, over voltage, overheat and overcharge.

Further, this model is made with a technology called 7-stage charging that compose of the desulfation, soft start, bulk charge, absorption, test mode, recondition and float. In this way, the battery charging process is properly facilitated to avoid stress for the battery and engine as well.

If I may add, I just adore this model for making it possible that this battery charger is spark proof when being connected to the device. There will be fewer worries for sparks that sometimes cause panic-attack.

Part of maintaining the battery’s life is the proper checking of its working conditions and data logged. This Leicestercn model understand that need, hence, it was constructed with a diagnostic LED tracker. It is also effortless to transport everywhere because of its ultra-compact and lightweight structure.

Unlike with the other brands, there is guaranteed lifetime warranty for this battery charger plus a one-year period for refund and reliable customer service even after purchasing the product.

On a little note to ponder about this product, though, is it may take time to charge the battery because it is a trickle charger. Nevertheless, the trickle charger adds as a protection to the health of the battery. After all, this Leicestercn LST 12V 5A battery charger is adorable for its good quality and safety features.

12. FOVAL BC01B-1 Model Automatic Trickle Battery Charger

  • Suitable for all types of vehicles with 12V
  • Good for all lead-acid based cells
  • With a 12 volts /5A charge capacity
  • Nice protective features like reverse polarity and spark proof
  • With two year warranty
  • Can be a little expensive

Batteries and chargers are kind of investment that are somewhat pricey. Hence, it is very practical to buy a single battery charger that is universal for all types of batteries. There is a battery charger made by FOVAL that is oozing in versatility plus contains multi-level protection.

The FOVAL BC01B-1 Model is a type of trickle battery charger that can serve all types of vehicles that have built-in 12 volts batteries with 1000mA input capacity.

It can enliven a zero charged lead-acid battery, be it on a car, scooter, jetski, Skiido, ATVs, RVs, boats, airplanes, lawn tractor etc. Aside from this fact, this charger is also suitable for all kinds of lead-acid based cell, flooded and sealed batteries, AGM and gel cell. That sounds pretty economical for your savings since it can save you from repeatedly replacing your batteries. The product is a complete package containing all you need for charging your batteries efficiently and quickly.

For the charging system of this model, it is designed to function with the four-stage charging technology, like the initialization, bulk charge, absorption mode, and float mode. Due to this process, the product flaunts a more simplified yet safer charging. It has safety advantage against typical electrical disorders, for example are short circuit, overcurrent, reverse polarity and overvoltage.

Additionally, this battery charger is also a smart technology because it is protected by revered hook-up. It means that the device make sure first that it is properly connected with the right engine wires and plug-in before it begins to supply power. I liked it also that it is spark proof and easily to connect and vice versa.

In terms of housing, this device is crafted in a space friendly and light weighted manner. It has a slender size of 3.9×2.4×1.25. That is why it is portable as it suits for almost all types of vehicles.

Meanwhile, this FOVAL BC01B-1 Model may just cost a bit higher. Nevertheless, this will be worth it because of its versatility and richness in protective coverage.

Why You Should Trust Us

There are many reasons to trust in choosing your deep cycle battery charger. For one, we’re real RVers that have the experience in RV camping and living. And with the combined years of traveling around aboard our recreational vehicle, we’re able to figure out good brands and products like a deep cycle battery charger.

From such experience, we’re able to gain knowledge on the things to look for and consider when shopping around for this product. Using factors like the price and features, we’re able to find the top picks on the market. And from there, we made thorough reviews of each RV battery charger and compared their pros and cons.

Using a systematic approach, we’ve come up with a thorough buying guide containing the best picks and things that make each of them special. We have also written a buying guide with the things to look for when shopping around for a deep cycle battery charger.

At the end of the review, we do hope you will be able to make a better decision and buy the smart battery charger for you.

What Is A Deep Cycle Battery Charger/ How Does It Work

rv deep cycle battery charger

This is a special type of battery that is unlike a regular battery. It has the special features that make it suitable for charging deep cycle batteries like those we use in our recreational vehicle. Just like those that we have previously mentioned earlier, these batteries can work to charge and maintain different types of lead acid batteries like gel, AGM and standard.

In general, these batteries also have more solid and thicker plates than regular lead acid battery chargers do have.

They have these special qualities and more so that they can charge our batteries faster and more efficiently. That is their main job – to charge our RV deep cycle batteries fast.

The gel, standard or AGM battery charger works by charging our batteries to their full charge while also keeping the entire process quick but efficient. The best ones can also stop charging your battery when it is fully charged. And as mentioned, these smart chargers and maintainers can also work to charge other batteries. It is the better choice if you would like a more versatile product.

Types Of Deep Cycle Battery Chargers

The next question you probably have when choosing among the battery chargers for the recreational vehicle, camper, boat or marine uses is the type of chargers out there. You should know that there are many types of them to choose from based on the model and manufacturer.

For example, there are smart chargers with automatic functions like detecting the correct charging rate for your battery. It is useful to prevent the damage to the battery and make charging efficient.

12v deep cycle battery charger

On the other hand, you can find quick chargers, which can get your batteries to full charge in no time, and then will slow down or taper off when your battery has about 80 percent of charge. It will prevent overcharging.

However, the high demand on these battery chargers also makes it hard to choose one among them on the market now. Also, there are so many choices that promise the same fast charging. It all boils down to choosing one of the top brands like NOCO and other brands we have featured earlier. You must also be able to compare your options based on the qualities you’re looking for, including automatic functions and quick charging capability.

Benefits Of Using A Deep Cycle Battery Charger

Now that you know the types of battery chargers according to their special features, you should next learn what benefits to get from CTEK battery charger or any other deep cycle battery chargers.

You might be thinking why you need this type of smart charger for your battery. Why can’t you just use an ordinary car battery for your RV or camper?

For one, you must know that a deep cycle battery can spend a long time without being damaged while discharged. They are more functional and durable than ordinary batteries are.

At the very least, they’re the batteries we find on trolling motors, wheelchairs, recreational vehicles and audio equipment. They can also be used in solar power devices.

The charger is designed specifically to charge a deep cycle battery based on its requirements.

In our recreational vehicle, we should not use just about any battery chargers, but use the right capacity for the size and requirements of our battery. It will also pay off to select one that can maintain your battery correctly, a valuable feature you’ll need especially during storage. It can prevent your battery from draining.

How We Picked

best rv battery charger

When shopping around for a deep cycle battery charger, you should also know how to pick one in addition to learning of the benefits to have this kind of battery charger for your vehicle. In the following, we’ve discussed about the different qualities to find the perfect battery charger for your needs so that you can make a better decision later.


One of the main considerations to pick the right battery charger for your vehicle involves narrowing down your choices based on the price. It will also save you so much time to determine the cost you can spend on the battery charger. It will keep you from browsing options that do not match the price you can afford.

If you would know how much you are willing to spend, you will be able to limit your options and make a better comparison. However, having the lower price tag does not mean more savings, though.

The same goes for a higher priced battery charger. It does not also translate to best quality. Some expensive options may have additional bells and whistles that you do not actually need, so they can prove useless.

You main goal here is to find the battery charger that will help you charge your battery quickly and efficiently. In addition, you might want to find a model that will be able to monitor the battery’s life. It can be the better option when also trying to compare your options based on the price and the basic features for your needs.

Weather resistance

While we should anticipate that these products could cost more, we must also know that this factor also has to do with the durability of the battery charger. It will help that we can factor in the rain and sun exposure in our choices.

So when reading reviews like a Schumacher battery charger review, we should also look for things like the weather resistance of the product because it has to do with the durability of the charger.

As we’re going to use it in our recreational vehicle, we must look into its usability outdoors. After all, we need one to keep up with our camping needs just like when shopping around for other RV products.

One of the things to find for ensured durability is the product’s ability to resist UV rays and water. In short, we must be able to look into a product that can handle or keep up with weather changes like rain.

Otherwise, the product might not be able to deal with it and be ruined once exposed to it. After all, none of us would like a dead battery. In this case, we must look for one that will be able to keep up with the weather elements.


When comparing among the different types of deep cycle battery chargers, you should be able to look for the advanced feature that can extend your battery’s life.

How it works is balancing the charge state, reversing the sulfation effects on the plates. It is a great feature that can ensure that you will be getting more out of your charger, even if it does cost a bit more.

Size of the battery

Another thing to consider when comparing your choices is on the size of the battery. It has to do with the amperage hours it does store. So if you would like to get more of your purchase, you should be able to check on the battery’s size, too.

Battery type

You must know that not all chargers can charger gel batteries or lead acid batteries. When comparing your options, you should be able to compare and find out what type of battery for which it is suitable.

It might help if you could find smart chargers that can charge and maintain a wide range of battery types like gel and lead acid batteries. Being versatile makes them more useful. They have more compatibility that makes them suitable for a wider range of applications.

Charge status tracking

A useful feature of smart chargers when comparing options like Optima battery charger or any other is its ability to monitor the charge status of the battery. No one would like a drained or dead battery, so we can find it useful to have this feature in our battery charger. It must be able to track or monitor the charge status of the battery.

While it might cost us more versus buying an ordinary charger is, we can find it more useful, as the charger will also be able to add power to the battery automatically when it senses a low charge status. You can find it valuable if you don’t also want to monitor the status manually from time to time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most popular deep cycle battery charger brands?

A: The market is flooded with so many brands, models and makes of deep cycle battery chargers. For this reason, we have narrowed down the selection and have listed only reliable brands that you can choose from hen comparing your options. A few of them include BMK, Schumacher, Ampeak, Battery Tender, NOCO Genius, BLACK+DECKER, CTEK, Leicestercn and FOVAL.

Q: Deep cycle vs regular battery charger: What is the difference between them?

A: We don’t need to go deeply technical on this matter. What you need to know generally is that the deep cycle battery is designed to have its most capacity used up without being damaged.

On the other hand, the normal battery can have an increased sulfate amount as time goes by and when it is completely discharged.

From there, you can have an idea on the difference of the chargers required for each of them, too. For one, you will need a deep cycle battery charger for your lead acid battery, not an ordinary charger.

Remember, the deep cycle RV battery charger can charge your battery faster and better than an ordinary charger would. It could also prevent damage to the battery because it has features, such as an auto-charge rate detection and safety features like reverse polarity and short circuit. Nevertheless, it can be better to spend on the deep cycle battery charger.

Q: What battery charger do I need for my RV?

A: You can start comparing your options based on the reviews we did earlier. Also, check the requirements of your RV. But for the best results, you might want to ask the manufacturer of your RV if buying for the first time.

Q: What is the warranty?

A: The warranty is not the same across all battery chargers. It varies from one to another, so it pays off to compare your options well. Some offer a year; others one and a half year.

Q: How to charge a deep cycle battery?

A: It is not complicated to charge a deep cycle battery. You just have to follow the instructions as stated in your battery and smart battery charger. It is not that hard. Go ahead, and check out your manual that might contain a different set of instructions depending on the product you ended up buying.

Q: How long does it take to charge a deep cycle battery?

A: There is no specific answer to this question. The charging time will depend on the charger amperage you’re using along with the charge level of your battery. It will be faster if using a high amperage charger than a lower amp charger is.

Q: Can I use a deep cycle battery charger to charge a regular battery?

A: You can! Take note that a deep cycle battery isn’t much different from a regular battery except that it’s designed for giving only a small power amount (long period). On the other hand, the regular battery is giving out a large power amount (short period).

Q: When should I charge my deep cycle battery?

A: You must charge your batteries 100% after every use. By letting your batteries sit in a low charge state can be bad because it will decrease its life and capacity.

If storing the batteries, you should charge them fully at least every three months. Remember, lead-acid batteries are going to self-discharge up to 15% monthly based on the temperature in the place it is stored.

Q: How to care?

A: Follow the manufacturer directions on how to care for your deep cycle battery charger (and deep cycle batteries) so that they can remain ready for use and in healthy conditions. For the batteries, do not store them in locations where they might freeze. You must also prevent them from direct heat exposure, or they will accelerate their self-discharge qualities.

Q: Where to buy?

A: There are many places where deep cycle battery chargers are available, such as in brick and mortar automotive supplies stores and DIY stores. But for the best results, you might want to buy them on Amazon where to buy them at more affordable prices and better deals.


The best deep cycle battery charger can charge your RV deep cycle battery efficiently and quickly. It is with the special features that can streamline the entire process. The best one can also monitor the charge level and battery status, which are both useful for making the monitoring easier.

Finally, the right smart charger also protects your battery from overcharging, over voltage, short circuit and reverse polarity, to name some. Buy the right smart battery charger and maintainer today!


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