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The Best Composting Toilet for RV

One of the most innovative inventions of today is the best composting toilet for RV. It helps save the environment, conserves water and works efficiently. While it is not cheap, it can be worth spending for in the end for the things to get from it like less maintenance, easy installation and eco-friendliness, among others, as well.

But then, it is a challenge to find the right one that works for your needs and situation if you’re not able to spend effort and time in comparing the products available.

For help, we have created a buying guide in the following. It discusses the top picks in composting toilets for mobile homes as well as the factors to check when finding one. Are you ready? Let us begin.

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Best Composting Toilets for RV 

1. Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

  • Latest design and sleek appearance
  • Self-contained and easy to maintain
  • Can withstand harsh marine environments
  • Ideal for off-grid living and RV living
  • Rugged design and materials
  • Not easy to install

Shopping around for the best RV composting toilet can be tricky without a clear idea on the top picks on the market. To make it easier, you should pick those models that are durable and can offer top performance. One of them is the Nature’s Head Composting Toilet.

When shopping around for composting RV toilets, you should look for one that has a sleek design. This model is self-contained. It works well that it is ideal for off grid living, camping and RV living. It is designed to keep up with harsh marine or mobile home environments. It can also be used in places where you need a toilet. For example, it is what you need in remote places where there is no water or plumbing.

It is also good for cabins, trucks, barns and workshops, adding to its versatility and high performance. In addition, you can expect that there will be no foul odor by choosing this RV composting toilet. The reason is that it also comes with a low volume fan in its head. It works by recycling the air, resulting to a better smelling environment.

It is also with a rugged design and heavy-duty materials. You can rely on it that it is proven durable regardless of the environment where you’d use it.

When it comes to comfort, this toilet is with a full-elongated seat that works well for all types of users. The made in the USA composting toilet can disassemble in seconds. Completing its package, it comes with a fan and vent hose. Both of these improve the smell of the environment.

On the downside, some people might find it tricky to install this composting toilet, though. But overall, it is what you need if you’re looking for a sleek appearance and self-contained toilet. It can also deal with the rough and tough marine and RV environments.

2. Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC

  • Can work either AC or DC
  • With a single speed fan to improve air circulation
  • Five-year guarantee against any manufacturer defects
  • Complete with all needed parts for drain or direct vent application
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Expensive

The RV compost toilet is a waterless and urine-diverting toilet that is also one of the most innovative in the category. You will like its amazing features that make it a top choice in this category.

The Villa 9215 AC/DC is an upgraded version that replaces the old Villa toilets. I liked this off grid toilet that it is with advanced features, allowing for a hassle-free operation. It is suitable either for off-grid or on-grid living.

One of the things that make the Villa toilet unique is that it can run using on grid or household power as well as DC from a solar power source or battery. With such versatility, it just means that this composting toilet is reliable when you need it especially in places without plumbing or water source.

I would also like to note that this composting toilet model comes with all the parts needed for draining and venting applications. There is no need to buy any other parts, so it is ready for installation out of the box. This model also comes with a single-speed fan as well as adaptors that work for both AC and DC so that it can support venting for up to 20 feet.

This model comes with 10 pieces of compostable bags and a waste container with a lid. It also comes with a five-year guarantee for help if there are manufacturing defects.

On the cons, the composting toilet for camper is expensive, though. But if you’re serious about getting the most out of your spending, you might want to check it out. It is versatile enough to work on either AC or DC and has complete parts included in every purchase.

3. Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet with Standard Crank Handle

  • Elegant and sleek molded design
  • Includes all needed for installation
  • Waterless operation
  • Odorless and lightweight
  • Ideal for survival applications, cabins and trucks
  • Quite tricky to install
  • Pricey especially if shipping in very far places

This Nature’s Head camping composting toilet is another top-rated choice in the category for recreational vehicle owners looking for a good toilet solution. It is also for marine applications as well as for campers, trucks, camping grounds and other places where a toilet is needed but without plumbing or water supply.

I liked that it has a hand crank agitator. This component in the design allows for a fast composting that you will appreciate about it. It is an innovative feature that you might want to check out when shopping around for products like it.

More so, I liked that it has user-friendly design and solid construction. You can look forward to long-term use by choosing this composting toilet. You will also appreciate that it comes with a molded design that makes it modern looking to match off-grid living home or vehicle.

I would also like to recommend the Nature’s Head composting toilet for its odorless operation and lightweight built. Both these things are some that you have to check when buying this kind of product. It also works well that it can offer a waterless operation and urine diverting. When it comes to construction, this one has a robust construction and stainless steel hardware. It is also designed and built to handle harsh conditions.

On the downside, the composting toilet is quite tricky to install, according to some reports. Also, this product is expensive. But if you are concerned about the quality of the composting toilet you are buying, make sure that you are checking this product out for its sleek and innovative design and heavy-duty overall construction.

4. Nature’s Head Composting Toilet

  • Comes with a spider handle for convenience
  • Environment Friendly
  • Less odor
  • Can be used 60 to 80 times
  • Guarantee 5 year warranty
  • Made of plastic so can be less durable than the other composting toilets

Call of nature never stops just like the endless escapades via an RV or camper van. Hence, it is really significant to invest in a useful Composting Toilet like the one made by Nature’s Head.

When it comes in manufacturing portable toilet, Nature’s Head is hailed as one of the kings if you’re shopping around for composting toilets for RV use. This composting toilet is especially made for motorhomes and other small spaced area, which lacks regular plumbing or other usual waste disposal mechanism.

It allows travelers to keep the sanitation wherever they go which is one way to respect the neighbors as well as the nature. Also, it saves the RV owner from the hassle of bringing bulky septic tanks.

The Nature’s Head motorhome composting toilet releases no odor when use so it keeps the fresh air inside the RV. This portable toilet has a mechanism that separates the urine from the solid waste. Further, it is powered by electricity and compatible to 12 volts wiring.

This toilet can also cater 60 to 80 full time uses so no worries that it will be full easily. It comes with a spider handle as an advantage for skimpy space. Good news is that the disposal of waste from it is as easy as the installation of it.

Although Nature’s Head is confident that this Composting Toilet will satisfy their clients 100%, you may still reach them in case you feel the opposite since this one is covered by a 5-year warranty.

On the poor side, this item is made of a plastic so it may not be the most durable composting toilet in town. In terms of proper waste processing and disposal, Nature’s Head Composting Toilet is one of the best pick. It is cheaper than the other brands, environment friendly, easy to install and to empty as well, long lasting and back up with a nice warranty.

5. Sun-Mar Excel Composting Toilet

  • Power saving since it uses no electricity
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Converts human waste to soil fertilizer
  • Achieved NSF/ANSI certification
  • Bigger toilet capacity
  • Leakage after many times of use

Eliminate the hassle and high cost of looking for a nearby plumbing or sewage shop when in travel. Better to get your own Sun- Mar Excel Composting Toilet, customized for the small space inside a motorhome, RV or cabin.

The best assed of Sun- Mar Excel Composting Toilet is it process pees and poops by its own. It has the capability to transform human waste to a useful soil fertilizer. It is not just you keep your travel space clean and neat, but this facility even helps you to preserve the nature.

It had passed the NSF/ANSI certification hence, you can be at peace that it is legally manufactured and no hazardous chemicals are being utilized along its waste processing. Moreover, waste disposal after it gets full is also easy.

The Sun- Mar Excel Composting Toilet can facilitate medium to high capacity. It can accommodate 5 to 7 people if you are in a cabin, camper or motorhome for a weekend. When this item comes, there is a vent kit included to keep the ambiance fresh and clean smell.

It is also understandable that it is mostly no power supply on remote places or travelers need to save power while on trips. There are no worries because Sun- Mar Excel Composting Toilet can function well without the use of electricity. Can we not notice also the beautiful all white shade of this item for aesthetics?

On the downside though, some reviews stated that leakage might happen after several times of use. Overall, if you are planning for a long trip or with a coming weekend stay in a cabin, don’t forget to go and grab a Sun- Mar Excel Composting Toilet. In terms of keeping the sanitation, this one comes in a good quality and need no electricity to serve you well.

Why You Should Trust Us

Trust us if you’re looking for waterless toilets for RV. Our team has made a thorough research on the things to look for when weighing different options on the market. From there, we’re able to find the best picks trusted by many consumers worldwide. Each of those products has their pros and cons as well as special qualities.

Researching and determining the considerations in a composting toilet, our team was able to make a thorough review of each composting toilet for travel trailer.

After reading this buying guide, we’re hoping that you’re able to pick the right product for your needs and situation. If you have more questions, shoot us a message.

What Is A Composting Toilet For RV And How Does It Work


In addition to finding information about installing a composting toilet in an RV, you are probably interested to know what this toilet is. With an RV, travelling will seem like a breeze since you can bring most of the comforts of your home with you. Another useful addition to your RV would be a composting toilet.

An RV portable composting toilet is a type of a dry toilet that provides an organic and eco-friendly way of processing your toilet wastes. Instead of using water, these toilets rely on the processes of evaporation and decomposition to recycle human waste.

When the water component of the waste evaporates back to the atmosphere, the remaining solid material is converted into fertilizer.

A composting toilet is composed of two main elements: the toilet seat and the composting unit. The composting unit is further broken down into four parts: the composting chamber, the ventilation unit, the leachate collection/urine diversion system, and an access door.

Like all composting toilets, RV versions have a mini ecosystem, which separates the solids from the liquid human wastes. When you flush, the solids are dropped into a lower tank via a trap door. On the other hand, the liquids are transferred into the front tank. With this set-up, the toilet prevents any bad odors and smells from arising.

Aside from that, a carbon additive like coconut coir, peat moss, or sawdust, is also used to prevent any odors. These additives also aid in promoting and accelerating aerobic decomposition.

The composting schedule depends on how many people there are in your RV, how many times you use the restroom, how much toilet paper you use, size of your composting toilet and other factors.

On average, people usually empty their solid tanks every 2 to 3 weeks while they dump their liquid tanks every 3 days. If you are constantly using your toilet, then you might have to dump your waste more often.

Once the composting process is done, you can now empty your solids tank into your garden. If there’s none, you can throw it into the trash.

For the liquids, you can dilute them and pour them on the ground. If you want, you also have the option of pouring them down the sewer.

Because of their lack of water, composting toilets are easier to maintain compared to their counterparts. For one, they don’t require plumbing and since they don’t really produce a smell, you don’t have to clean them as often. You also don’t have to worry about the water supply since they’re not connected to sewers or septic tanks.

Types Of Composting Toilets For RV


Composting toilets for RVs and motorhomes have certainly risen in popularity. Not only are they efficient, but they are also the perfect size to suit your motorhome.

An RV with composting toilet provides numerous benefits, which every RV and motorhome owner loves. As such, they are equipped to address your needs.

There are two main types of composting toilets for RVs and motorhomes.

The first type is the single chamber model. With this, you have to remove the humus yourself for it to dry due to its design. This can be quite a hassle especially when you use the restroom often.

On the other hand, two-chamber or multi-chamber units have two storage units to separate the liquids from the solids automatically. As such, you have an easier time using this model.

Moreover, these two- and multi-chamber units produce less of an odor due to the separate chambers.

Regardless of these types, most composting toilets are equipped with systems to turn the waste regularly. This enables the waste to decompose faster as well as prevent odors and smells from arising.

In terms of their system, there are also two types of composting toilets for RVs.

The first type is the self-contained toilets, which are dubbed as the all-in-one units. Here, you have both the toilet and the composting system in one toilet unit.

Because of this, they are generally suitable for those with smaller-sized RVs and motorhomes. They can certainly help save on space due to their small size and are cheaper compared to the other type.

The second type of composting toilet is one with a central compost system. In this system, you have your toilet located in one room while your composting system is located in another. Generally, the composting system is located underneath the toilet.

The central compost set-up is what is most seen in houses. As such, it might be a bit difficult to install this system in your RV, unless your motorhome is big enough to accommodate it. Because of this, RV owners tend to stick with the self-contained system.

To get the most out of your camper composting toilet, you need a constant power supply to operate a fan to eliminate any odors and gases. You can supply this power through a vehicle 12v system or a standard 110v mains supply.

Some composting toilets can even be supplied via solar energy. With this, you do not need to rely on any external power source.

Benefits Of Using An RV Composting Toilet

Composting toilets, such as an RV composting toilet for sale, are a great addition to your RVs and motorhomes. With this, travelling is easier since you have the comfort and security of home with you.

This section will list all the advantages provided by RV composting toilets.

Save on Water and Energy

In most RVs, water and electricity are scarce resources and difficult to come by. However, regularly flushing your toilet actually wastes gallons of your precious water.

With a composting toilet, you get to save on these. Moreover, a RV composting toilet is quite helpful whenever you are wild camping.

Because of this toilet’s design, you wouldn’t have to rely on water. Your liquid wastes are evaporated while your solid wastes are decomposed into fertilizer.

You can also save on energy, as you don’t produce any wastewater. According to scientific studies, wastewater treatment consumes a lot of energy and water just to purify it.

Smells less

Toilets tend to produce a foul smell, especially when you forget to clean them for a long time. However, with a composting toilet, you get to avoid this unpleasantness.

A two- or multi-chamber composting toilet comes with two chambers that separate both your liquid and solid wastes. Because of this, they don’t create that foul odor.

Moreover, composting toilets is pat down with a carbon additive like coconut coir, peat moss or the like. This further purifies and reduces the possibilities of the toilet smelling.


The by-product of composting toilets is your fertilizer, which is great for those who own gardens. With this, you can save on purchasing your fertilizers.

As for the liquid wastes, pee is considered a good source of ammonia, which is needed for plant growth.

No need for Black Tank

For regular toilets, you need to install a black tank in your RV to handle the wastewater and such. Black tanks are not only costly, but emptying them out tends to be an unpleasant experience.

However, with a composting toilet, you eliminate the use of black tank since the toilet comes with its own composting unit. You just simply throw out a bucket full of dirt/fertilizer.

Simple installation

A composting toilet is also easy to install. Since your toilet doesn’t require any plumbing and there is only a hose and fan, there isn’t much to install in the first place.

Easier to maintain

Composting toilets do not require plumbing due to their design. As such, they are easier to clean and maintain compared to their regular counterparts.

How We Picked


Composting toilets for RVs are a great addition to your motorhome. They provide many benefits, and they are designed to address your needs in the most efficient way.

As such, there are numerous brands and types of composting toilets in the market. This makes it difficult to choose one, especially when you are a beginner.

However, you don’t need to worry. Here are some factors that you need to keep in mind while you are out shopping in the market.


One of the most important factors that you need to consider is the capacity of your composting toilet. Capacity refers to how much waste your toilet can hold and compost without it overflowing.

When looking for a composting toilet, calculate how often you will go to the restroom as well as the number of people inside your RV.

For example, a toilet with a smaller capacity is best if you don’t use your RV often or there are only a few people travelling with you.

On the other hand, a bigger sized toilet with a bigger capacity is recommended for those with bigger RVs or those travelling with many people.

Simple installation

RVs and motorhomes have limited spaces that it can be quite cramped when you are installing your toilet. As such, a toilet that is easy to install is preferred.

Self-contained composting toilets are easier to install compared to central composting units. All you need to do is to anchor your toilet in its desired location and ensure that its pipes are correctly installed.

Electrical or non-electrical

Composting toilets also come in electrical and non-electrical variations. If you can, purchase an electrical composting toilet. These types are quick in decomposing due to their design.

However, for RVs and motorhomes, it’s best to purchase a non-electrical composting toilet. For one, RV homes generally have a limited supply of electricity. While you can connect to an outside source, there is no assurance that there is even an electrical grid in the place to where you are travelling.


Installing a new product to your RV can be a hassle since there is only limited space. As such, to make it easier, it’s recommended that you purchase a lighter unit.

With this, you can easily place them inside your RV.


A composting toilet can have a relatively chunky appearance. Add that to the limited space in your RV home, then it might get a little bit cramped.

When purchasing your own composting toilet, make sure you know the dimensions of your RV home first. That way, you can avoid space problems.


Of course, it is important to purchase a composting toilet that can last long.

Find a model that is made out of high-quality materials. Make sure that all your vents, pipes, chambers and everything else are all in place. Otherwise, you might have some overflowing and clogging problems in the future.


Composting toilets also come in a wide range of prices. However, they are a bit more expensive than its traditional counterparts are.

Before going to the market, make sure that you set out a price range first. With this, you can make the process easier as you can narrow down your choices.


While the brand is not everything, purchasing a well-known brand gives a sense of assurance and trust.

Some of the most well-known composting toilet brands include Thetford, Sanitation Equipment Limited, Camco, Sun-Mar, Nature’s Head, and among many others.


Composting toilets come with their own warranties. Regardless of how well-maintained your composting toilet is, there will come a time that it will break down. As such, choosing a model that has a warranty is essential. When that time comes, you can replace your broken parts free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most popular composting RV toilet brands? 

A: When finding a composting toilet for off-grid or RV living, you must spend some effort and time in order to ensure that what you are spending will be worthwhile. These products are not cheap. They are in fact very expensive, so they must be really that good for our satisfaction. One of the things to think about is the brand.

Some of the most reliable around include the Nature’s Head, Separett and Sun. They are quality and committed brands that keep up with the needs of their customers worldwide. If you’re looking to get the most out of your investment for a composting toilet, you might want to consider getting on from any of these brands.

Q: How to install & use?

A: There are no complicated steps involved in the use of composting portable toilet systems for RVs. However, the installation directions can also vary from one manufacturer to another. For this reason, you must consult the guide that comes with your purchase for proper installation and use of the composting toilet.

Q: How to maintain & care/clean? 

A: Some RV owners consider replacing RV toilet with composting toilet because of the less maintenance and ease of care and cleaning that it requires. If maintained properly using the directions from the manufacturer, a composting toilet does not smell, too. At the very least, you should manage compost well and install proper venting so that it can operate odor-free.

Q: Where to buy?

A: We can buy these composting toilets from the website of the manufacturer themselves. You can also find them in where to choose from a wide range of composting toilets from different brands. RV supplies stores can also supply these toilets. If you’re looking for the best deals, you can also choose Amazon and other online marketplaces for genuine composting toilets.


You can take advantage of the benefits offered by the best composting toilet for RV. Some of them are ease of maintenance, eco-friendliness, easy installation, water savings and so many more. However, you should pick the right toilet that can deliver you and your loved ones with the durability, performance and efficiency that last.

For help, you can refer to the buying guide earlier. It features the topnotch picks among good composting toilets on the market now. Also, determine what features you want your toilet to have so that you can gain more satisfaction in the process. Buy a composting toilet for your mobile home today!

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