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The Best Brake Pad for Towing

What are the best brake pads for towing? Shopping for one in a saturated market is challenging and time-consuming. That’s why we’ve created this buying guide. We want to help you pick the right brake pads that can last long, serve you well, and offer you safety on the road.

Here, we’re outlining the things to remember and answering the most common questions associated with these products. On top of that, we’ve researched and reviewed the cream of the crop and highlighted their pros and cons. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started and help you with the selection process.

Table of Contents

Best Brake Pads for Towing

1. Power Stop K3167-36 Truck and Tow Brake Kit

  • It is a full feature brake kit
  • Made from carbon fiber compound and ceramic
  • Designed to be corrosion resistant
  • It has precision drill holes allow for maximum rotor cooling
  • Completely noiseless
  • Brake caliper needs to be purchased separately

The Power Stop K3167-36 Front Z36 truck and tow brake are impressive when it comes to its unrelenting focus on making your truck’s performance better.

These brakes for f150 towing understand that every time you haul a load, tow a trailer, or add a more massive wheel combination, you also impact and alter your stock brake package’s operating conditions.

These conditions may surpass the actual ability of your stock braking mechanisms. With this kit comes a perfectly compatible component that can provide you the needed brake torque caused by the increase in wheel load or diameter.

These brake pads for towing f150 from Power Stop allow you to change the front and rear brake pads. Everything you need for your brake system is inside this kit. You get custom-made power stop rotors and towing brake pads. These components will give you such superb power to put your vehicle on a stop. Regardless of the terrain, if you need to stop your truck, it will stop.

The brake pads are made from carbon fiber compounds and ceramic. Most power stop brakes use these materials because of their trusted reliability and functionality. The Z36 ceramic formulation with its carbon-fiber compounds also helps with the heat. It is also created to survive corrosion extending its longevity. Part of the advantage of using carbon-fiber pads would be zero dust formulation. Say goodbye to those nasty brakes that leave so much sand. The heavy duty brake rotors, meanwhile, are coated with zinc. This adds another layer of protection, but it also adds to the aesthetics, mostly if it’s already fixed on the wheels.

You will also find Z36 extreme truck and tow’s drilled and slotted rotors extremely beneficial in reducing heat. At the same time, it expertly provides you with that additional stopping capability so you can put your F150 to a stop in an instant.

What’s more, it is beyond the reliable stopping power. You can stop being embarrassed about noisy and screeching brakes. The Z36 is entirely noise-free, so you can use your stopping power anytime without being a raucous nuisance to the neighborhood.

Overall, the striking design of this product is built to last. It is drilled, plated, and slotted to precision for your F-150. However, like any product, it has its own set of drawbacks. This kit doesn’t come with brake calipers, and you need to purchase it separately.

2. Power Stop K2813-36 Truck and Tow Brake Kit

  • Drilled and slotted rotors to decrease heat and improve braking.
  • Bolt-on improvement for stock brakes sans any modifications
  • Below average dust braking
  • Made of carbon-fiber material perfect for heavier loads
  • Rotors are zinc coated for protection against corrosion and rust.
  • More expensive compared to other brake pad sets

The Power Stop Z36 Truck and Tow Performance Brake kit provides you with excellent stopping capability that is the top choice by those involved in towing and hauling. Off-road enthusiasts also swear by this brake kit. These brakes understand that every time you add weight to your car by carrying a load, lugging a trailer, or adding a larger tire, you put more pressure and alter your stock heavy duty brakes for towing.

The answer to this is the specifically compatible components to reduce the heat and support with the needed brake torque. Its drilled and slotted rotors are primarily responsible for decreasing the heat, while the Z36 truck and tow brake pads will give the additional brake needed so you can bring your carrier to a stop quickly.

As expected from Power Stop, you will have a more secure driving experience with these brake pads. The brand is known for offering one of the best performance brake qualities on the market without the budget-breaking cost.

The security you know that Power Stop utilizes third-party testing to guarantee that its brake pads give 20% more braking power is priceless. You can have full confidence knowing that it will stop without any excuses when you need to stop your vehicle.

Like the other Power Stop brake pads, these brake pads for towing f250 are also a result of the brand’s continuous innovations. An example of this is the positive molding technology that guarantees a more steady material density while in fabrication. For you, this means a fade-free and consistent braking.

Built to last for a long time, Power Stop Z36 is made of carbon-fiber ceramic known for its strength. It can be expected that it will meet the challenge of managing heavier load capacities. Simultaneously, its brake rotors are nicely zinc plated so it can have maximum protection from corrosion and rust.

Its powerful components of the brake rotor, brake pads for motorhome, and hardware are engineered to work and complement each other to strengthen your car’s overall braking power. Additionally, the shims are made of dual-layer high-quality rubber so the noise can be insulated. You are listening to a virtually silent braking mechanism.

One thing that makes shoppers hesitant about this product is its cost. But overall, it is reliable enough to serve its purpose. You will not regret choosing it, as it can give you the best bang for your buck.

3. Wagner SX785 Disc Brake Pad Set

  • Innovative pad development
  • It is engineered to withstand and function in a hot environment
  • Guaranteed additional 20% braking power
  • Designed to last for a long time
  • Made of semi-metallic carbon-based friction materials
  • Easy installation
  • Not recommended for beginners and novices

If reliability and high quality are your top priority, then this company has been in the competitive industry of brake pads for years. You can trace Wagner and its brake pads back to the 19th century. This alone is a testament to how resilient and good they are with what they do and their products. Their innovative brake pads have seen the rise and fall of car models and new logos in the brake pad business from then until now, but here they are still going strong.

Wagner produces only the best brake pads in the industry perfect for SUVs, CUVs, and smaller pickup trucks like their SX785 SevereDuty Disc Brake Pad Set. These, along with all other brake pad variations, are guaranteed to be durable. It has emerged successful in the test of time.

You can expect the SX785 SevereDuty Disc Brake Pad Set to last and function reliably even with hot weather conditions. The technology in which the pads are made ensures that regardless of the heat produced during a haul, the brake pads can remain capable and will respond and stop the instant that you hit your brakes. These brake pads for heat dissipation won’t have you worrying when it gets sweltering.

Power is one thing you will get with the SX785. It doesn’t matter if you are going up or if gravity is pulling you down. It won’t make a difference even if you are traveling on a smooth, straight highway. You can rely on the Wagner brake pads to stop the car when you want and need to. With all the stringent tests and quality control that it needs to pass, this, alongside its efficiency, is very well expected.

Longevity is also another feature of why this is a great purchase. It is made of semi-metallic carbon-based friction materials engineered to deliver a reliable braking performance regardless of the terrain. It also features a unique Wagner OE25 zero-copper friction formulation.

Installing is also a highlight for these brake pads. The process is straightforward, and the provided instructional guide is understandable and straight forward. What you need is conveniently available in the package. It comes with a premium stainless-steel hardware kit, which is essential in critical installations.

One thing that you must note, though, is this kind of brake pad is not for trainees and beginners. Overall, it is a user-friendly product that is easy to install and use.

4. Power Stop K2164-36 Truck and Tow Brake Kit

  • Made of carbon-fiber ceramic components
  • Backing plates are powder-coated to protect against corrosion and rust
  • Drilled and slotted rotors to decrease heat and improve braking.
  • Thermal scorched pads and quality rubberized shims for noiseless braking
  • The kit comes with pre-matched parts making installation easy
  • The cost of the brake pads is higher.

If you were to choose between better performance or steadfast reliability after a brake pad upgrade, what will you prioritize?

With the Power Stop K2164-36 Front and Rear Z36 Truck and Tow Brake Kit, you won’t have to pick one over the other because the Z23 can provide both and even more.

This braking system upgrade offers a consistent and strong braking capability for your everyday travels. It also gives you an improved dust reduction and noise cancellation from your old and regular stock brake system.

What makes this system a good upgrade are the components that come with it. The Z23 features upgraded not only hardware but also brake pads made of carbon-fiber and top quality lubricant. The carbon fiber on the pads is responsible for providing compulsory strength and control when braking. Simultaneously, the backing plates are powder coated to provide a layer of protection against corrosion.

It offers you a better pad bite without the annoying dust or the unwelcome noise thanks to its thermal branded surface pads and first-rate rubberized shims. Additionally, this braking system is engineered with nothing but the best Tru-Cast technology that promotes precision, lined up drill holes, and well-adjusted rotors. It also comes with a flawless contact path and clips of the correct size to help you achieve a braking system well-matched for all circumstances when using your car.

You don’t have to worry about driving limitations because these heavy-duty brake rotors from Power Stop Z23 can work well with an extensive range of driving experiences. You might be the reserved and conservative daily driver or the open road traveler. This truck and tow brake kit can give you powerful brakes, quality, and value.

When the time comes for installation, don’t hesitate to take on the task because it is complete with all components pre-matched. Installing and setting it up won’t be a problem at all. The process is simple and easy to do.

A slight drawback for these brake pads for towing ram 1500 is it is costly compared to other brake pads on the market. Nevertheless, it can give you a great value for your spending. It is a high-quality product that won’t let you down.

5. Hawk Performance HB302P.700 Brake Pad

  • Cutting-edge friction feature using aerospace technology
  • OE technology for the shims
  • Made of carbon fiber, ceramic materials, and organic components
  • Simple installation system
  • Compatible to any truck
  • Front brake system alone

As the newest addition to their high-performance brake pads, Hawk Performance released the SuperDuty Brake Pad HB302P.700. This is best for its cutting-edge friction innovation using the most improved aerospace technology.

It has a shaved design that is a massive help in reducing the noise being generated while in use. At the same time, its different OE technology used in building the shim also decreases the vibrations coming from the pad when used in towing. It is also made from Ferro carbon, not copper, which is just as durable material.

The brake pads will provide you with optimum performance, and it can increase your efficiency. Even when the temperature is soaring high, you are guaranteed to have precise brake pads protection, especially with the grooves incorporated into your pads.

You don’t have to look for another brake pad because this brand can provide you with the performance, safety, and durability that every brake pad is expected to give. You’ll be surprised that this product might even exceed your expectations.

Even before using it, you’ll be surprised and impressed with how the installation works. You absolutely will encounter zero issues as you install them. The installation system is very simple, which gives you another good surprise when it is time to start using the brakes when you haul or tow.

You will be amazed by its powerful combination of elements as well. It is a blend of carbon fiber, ceramic materials, and organic components for that unparalleled performance when exposed and working with extreme high-inertia applications. With this, Hawk’s brake pads are highly recommended for heavy-duty trucks, pickup trucks, and larger SUVs. These brake pads for a motorhome are your all-year-round pads for whatever purpose you need.

Whether it’s a weekend warrior needing to towboat, a bus driver bringing the children to school, a family man traveling with his family, or a fleet manager hoping to improve the cost per mile, the SuperDuty Brake Pad HB302P.700 is perfect.

The only design you might not like about the SuperDuty Brake Pad HB302P.70 is that it is made only for the front brake system. Nevertheless, you can rely on the excellent performance of these brake pads. It is also built to last and serve you well.

6. Power Stop Z36-1680 Truck and Tow Brake Pads

  • Integrated OE technology for superb performances
  • Multiple layers of stainless-steel shims for better heat dissipation
  • Fast break-in due to thermal scorched pads
  • Easy and hassle-free installation
  • Extended pad life thanks to its powder-coated backing plates
  • Price is higher compared to other brake pads on the market.

Another reliable brake pads from Power Stop that can give you the braking power you need is the Power Stop Z36-1680 front Z36 Truck and Tow Brake Pads.

This is engineered to be an upgrade over stock brakes to reduce brake dust and remove the noise being generated when hauling and towing. Off-road enthusiasts can also enjoy and appreciate the performance of these brake pads.

Made from a low-dust ceramic formula, these brake pads are pervaded with carbon-fiber to solidify the compound and produce a severe-duty stopping power perfect for SUVs and trucks. Along with this is premium stainless-steel with ceramic brake lubricant so the Z36 can complete the brake task effortlessly. This is precisely what you need to give your truck the severe-duty stopping power that it is due.

Engineered to give you more brake torque, it is tested and proven that the Power Stop Truck and Tow Z36 Severe Duty Brake Pads can deliver 17% higher measurement of friction than the original equipment. The great bite of the carbon-infused ceramic component provides superior braking without the possibility of a high-temperature brake decline.

These brake pads are guaranteed to be long-lasting and are also ideal for commercial use and purposes. This is a highly recommended upgrade for factory brakes that are unreliable and lacking.

Most are intimidated by the installation of brake pads upgrade. This one comes with its ceramic brake lubricant and premium stainless-steel hardware that makes the whole installation easier and hassle-free. After the successful setup, you will appreciate its pads that are thermal scorched for a faster break-in.

With its multi-layer stainless-steel shims, the heat dissipation is increased while the slotted and chamfered rotors ensure that the braking is virtually free of noise.

These brake pads for towing ram 3500 are an upgrade that will last you for a long time courtesy of its powder-coated plates with high resistance against corrosion and rust. Regardless if it is exposed to natural elements, you know that the performance will not deplete and stay the same.

Only a slight disappointment for these brake pads is its upfront price. While it might be pricier than other models and products, it offers durability and innovation that you can count on.

7. ACDelco Silver 14D1602CH Brake Pad Set

  • Made with a solid ceramic formulation
  • Designed to withstand corrosion and wear
  • Tested and passed using SAE J2784 standards
  • Installation is instant. No curing needed
  • The cost is economically affordable
  • Bolts and grease are not included.

This brake pad set from ACDelco is a high-quality substitute for vehicles from General Motors. It is also highly compatible with most of the models that General Motors support.

These rear disc pads are made from a ceramic formulation that uses less metal. This comes as an advantage because it can provide a more substantial braking power while maintaining a low-dust and quiet system. The hardware clip kits that are needed are also practically included in the package.

The ACDelco Silver Ceramic Brake pads with semi-metallic and organic components are a great choice if you are after reliability and safety. It is designed to support repel corrosion and untimely wear. It is a premium replacement perfect for most cars today. It offers exceptional performance and incorporated noise-dampening shims.

You will have peace of mind with this product because all ACDelco brake pads are independently tested to pass SAE J2784 standards. It is tested using AMP3 standards to ensure brake effectiveness, Noise-Vibration-Harshness, and durability testing. These pads are guaranteed to exceed expectations in fit, form, and, most importantly, function.

As expected from an ACDelco product, installation can be done right away. Straight from the box, and you can proceed with setting it up. There is no curing involved. You also don’t need to replace all of your brake pads at the same time unless every one of them needs replacing. However, it is highly recommended that you check all your individual pads for any signs of damage or too much wear.

It’s integrally molded feature means that its friction material is molded to its baking plate to guarantee bond integrity. Moreover, this stamped backing plate also permits proper pad movement within the caliper assembly. This helps in the brake pulsation.

Functionality wise, this makes braking easier and more seamless. There is neither pressure nor the need to exert more effort than necessary because these brakes will put your car to a stop when you want it to. Regardless of your current driving environment and skills, your car will stop if you hit those brakes. No excuses.

One slight drawback is that although the side bracket replacement is included in the kit, the bolts and the grease need to be purchased separately. Overall, the product is functional, heavy-duty, and feature-rich. It can give you the most value for your money.

8. EBC Brakes DP61542 6000 Truck and SUV Brake Pad

  • Perfect replacement for trucks and SUVs
  • Made of ceramic with fine copper fibers
  • Delivers solid braking power regardless of temperature or driving conditions
  • Provides increased friction and heat conductivity
  • Comes with a shimmed edge for noiseless braking
  •  Life span is not as long as other brake pad replacements.

The Greenstuff 6000 series pads from EBC are best for SUVs and smaller trucks. One of the pads in these series is the medium-sized pad DP61542, and this is capable of giving you a brake improvement of anywhere between 10-20% on OE. It takes pride in its Brake-in surface coating so you can instantly bed-in right after installation. You can have perfect brakes from the very start. There is no need for a break-in. There is no curing required because, after installation, you can go and take the roads.

These pads are designed as an entry-level upgrade for SUVs and trucks, and it has GG-rated friction for that improved stopping power. It comes with a fully shimmed edge chamfered and slotted to keep the brakes silent while running.

Made of ceramic, you are guaranteed a more durable and denser brake pad. With fine copper fibers set in in the ceramic, the EBC Brakes DP61542 can provide you with increased friction and can have better heat conductivity.

Regardless of the weather temperatures soar up, you can be sure that your brake pad will still function and deliver as expected. You can rely on this pad no matter what the temperatures or driving conditions are.

Additionally, with the brake pad made of ceramic, you can expect its noise level to be hushed. There will be little to no sound at all when you apply the brakes. Gone are the days of squealing when the brakes are applied.

You will also like that the DP61542 pads produce less dust and other particles as they are subjected to wear and tear. Your truck can go on heavy off-roading, and there will be no debris sticking like other trucks on the trail.

Due to the confusion with these 6000 series, note that this part number, which is DP61542, is for the rear brakes. If you need the brake pad for the front, the part number you need to purchase is DP61541.

Being an upgrade pad, don’t expect these pads to have the same long life as other aftermarket pads. Overall, this product makes for an excellent replacement brake pads for SUVs and trucks.

9. Hawk Performance HB302Y.700 LTS Brake Pad

  • Simple installation system
  • OE technology for the shims
  • Made from Ferro carbon, not copper
  • Cutting-edge friction feature using aerospace technology
  • Compatible to any truck and able to work in a high-temperature environment
  • Front brake system alone

Search no more if you are looking for a brake pad ideal for both heavy and light trucks because all you need is the HB302Y.700 LTS brake pad from Hawk Performance and you are all set.

Hawk Performance, an established and known brand for its excellent and innovative design, has again added another brake pad with effective stopping power and durable rotor and pad that you’d come to expect and love from a Hawk Performance product.

For starters, it features a basic and streamlined installation system. Then the design and incorporation of features make this a smart purchase. It gives you a stronger experience when you start adding weight to your vehicle through hauling or towing. The brake pads come in a shaved design, which targets the noise that the brakes generated when in use. Start getting used to a noiseless braking experience.

Aside from transitioning to a noiseless system, the HB302Y.700 LTS brake pads are produced with a unique OE technology that is primarily used in the shim. This technology helps in reducing the vibrations of the brake pads when it is used to haul and tow.

Instead of copper, it is made from Ferro carbon, which shares the same strong capabilities. With the brake pads giving you better performance, you can be sure to put your car on brakes whenever and wherever you need to. Doubled with a cutting-edge friction innovation using the most improved aerospace technology, you have improved and stronger braking power.

As a bonus, these brake pads can work with almost all vehicles. Whichever vehicle you have, these brake pads will be compatible with it. It doesn’t matter which car you drive, may it be a family SUV or a larger pickup truck transporting commercial goods from Point A to B, these brakes will work consistently. Not to mention that it also works when in hot conditions. No need to make excuses if your destination is hot. There is also no need to compromise because these brake pads will work as expected.

The only drawback for this, common for most Hawk Performance brake pads, is designed only for the front brake system. Nevertheless, I love the straightforward installation and versatility of this product.

10. Power Stop Z36-1363 Front Truck and Tow Brake Pads

  • Stainless-steel hardware and ceramic brake lubricant for simple installation
  • Multi-layer stainless-steel shims for better heat dissipation
  • Low-dust ceramic formula permeated with carbon-fiber for SD stopping power
  • Thermal scorched pad surface to allow a faster break-in
  • Chamfered and slotted for a noise-free braking
  • May require some modifications for a perfect fit.

Superior braking power within your fingertips or, in this case, with your feet is what the Power Stop Z36-1363 truck and tow brake pads can provide you.

SUVs, trucks, and 4x4s are expected to perform hard. They are designed for the toughest tasks, and this is where the Z36 truck and tow comes into play.

This brake pad and its corresponding hardware kit come with everything that you need for installation. The setup is basically a bolt-on installation, and you are done. It involves no drama and no stress because everything you need is included in the step-by-step instructional guide. If you are not into DIYs, then you can have a pro install it for you. Power Stop has a network of the best mechanics to do the installation for you. Just wheel in your car and your brake pad, and they’ll handle everything for you.

The low-dust brake pads made of ceramic are strengthened with carbon-fibers to give you that severe-duty stopping power without compromising your easy drivability. It helps those gravity-defying descents with the brake pads feature top-class stainless steel shims that make the most heat dissipation. Additionally, no more screeching because the Power Stop Z36-1363 produces zero sounds.

Whatever kind of job needs to be done, may it be towing a trailer or a boat, hauling for moving neighbors, or going through a difficult Moab trail, these brake pads will give you an easy and simple bolt-on performance.

This ultimate dust braking performance is also achieved with perfectly compatible rotors and pads with upgraded stainless steel hardware. It also comes with a high-temperature brake lubricant and a new pin brushing. Remember that this is an upgrade, but it doesn’t mean that you need to alter your vehicle because zero modification is required to make it work.

This upgrade is designed to work as a whole kit. Every component has something substantial to contribute so you can get that powerful braking power. It is designed to be chamfered and slotted to make that noiseless system, and with its carbon-fiber ceramic make, you are guaranteed fade-free braking with cleaner wheels.

These brake pads for towing Chevy Silverado, though, are at a slight disadvantage because some might need to modify it with a bench grinder for a better fit. Overall, this product is made of high-quality components and offers noise-free braking. Check it out yourself.

11. Wagner ZD606 Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

  • Have met and passed all the rigorous tests and quality standards
  • Reduced vibrations and consistent braking
  • Comes with top-class stainless-steel hardware and OE-style lubricant
  • Delivers reliable braking power even when it is hot
  • Easy and simple installation
  • Not 100% noiseless

You can’t go wrong with a Wagner because this company has set the industry standards for what braking performance should be. This company is committed to ensuring that all of its braking components are of premium quality for that solid braking power.

Like most of the Wagner brake pad sets, the ZD606 is engineered for the extreme. You can depend on these friction pads to meet all the rigorous tests and quality standards. These pads are the best solution for frequent stopping, heavy payloads, and gear-hauling.

This ZD606 from Wagner is OE fit and form engineered to deliver reliability and even braking until it is replaced. It is designed to have lesser vibrations as well as minimal brake noises.

If there is one thing you can expect from a Wagner brake pad is its longevity. Just like its brand, you are guaranteed that you will get the most of your purchase price because you can use this for a long time. This company won’t be in the industry this long if its products are not reliable and not exceeding expectations. It is a good thing that the brand applies the same principle of longevity on their products.

Anticipate for the ZD606 to last and do its jobs as expected, even with hot weather conditions. The technology in which the pads are made of warrants that irrespective of the heat created during a tow or haul job, the brake pads will still endure. It will instantly react and stop the moment that you need to stop the car. These brake pads won’t have you stressed when it gets scorching.

You will also like that it leaves very minimal dust and it has comprehensive vehicle coverage. These pads are available for almost all kinds of vehicles.

Additionally, installation is also very straightforward. The package includes the premium stainless-steel hardware and an OE-lubricant so you can proceed with the setup straight from the box. You can confidently get it all set up and installed like a pro.

Although these brake pads’ goal is to be completely noiseless, there are still audible squeals, especially if it gets hot. Generally, this product offers a simple installation and passed quality checks for an unparalleled performance.

12. Bosch BSD1363 SevereDuty 1363 Brake Pad

  • Designed and made by a well-known company
  • Optimal all-around braking performance
  • Comes with hardware kits and synthetic lubricant
  • Severe Duty pads have a noiseless operation with OE-style multi-layer shim
  • Perfect fit with new design imitates OE slots and chamfers
  • Just for the rear brake pad system

Bosch is more than just a power tools company. Through time, the brand’s journey had made them a reliable and solid company with products that are equally dependable and functional created with nothing but the best quality materials.

The company was founded in 1886 near Stuttgart, Germany. The company’s portfolio is incredibly varied, ranging from auto parts, security systems, and accessories like brake pads.

This is what you can expect from Bosch’s Severe Duty Brake Pads and its versatile braking performance. The SD pads use nothing but the latest technology related to friction while ensuring that the brakes are all-silent when being used. It is designed to withstand the usual wear and tear and the unforgiving high temperatures.

You won’t have to worry about having a weak bite because with these brake pads are semi-metallic and ceramic formula, you will be able to have that braking capability all the time. For this set, you get padding for 1 axle or 2 wheels, a synthetic lubricant, and the applicable hardware. The pads come boxed with a paper inner wrap for the product’s added protection.

Bosch BSD1363 SevereDuty 1363 Severe Duty Disc Brake Pad are such automobile parts assembled with an aerospace-tested, copper-free alloy that cuts off against noise, improves stopping power, and reduces ecologically harmful dust to zero. It is crusted in a defending layer to make them be functional longer.

Designed for severe and medium-duty apps, these pads cover more surface area than the OEM brake pads. This is highly recommended brake pads for towing ram 2500 diesel and other vehicles, both medium and large-sized.

You can be confident with your driving, knowing that you can rely on your brake pads to stop when you need to. Regardless of the driving setting or your driving skills, brakes will never again be an issue for you.

As a bonus, these brake pads from Bosch are also reasonably priced, making it an affordable but high-quality choice for you.

This is not for both front and rear brakes. This part number is just for the rear brake system alone. The front brake pads would need to be purchased separately. But then, I would like to recommend this product to those looking for a complete package with all the hardware kits needed. It also offers an all-around braking performance.

What Is A Brake Pad For Towing/ How Does It Work


Brake pads for towing like brake pads for heat dissipation are tougher and stronger than the average brake pads we see and use in ordinary vehicles. They may look the same, though. However, the construction of RV brake pads requires it to be heavy-duty to withstand the heavy load of towing. These products should be able to improve the stopping distance of a vehicle and the load it is towing.

Such brake pads work in the same way as those found in conventional vehicles. It is an important part of a vehicle’s brake system. Brake pads work with brake rotors in stopping the rotation of the wheels. Each wheel has a brake rotor or disc. A brake caliper holds a pair of brake pads for each wheel. The brake disc is in the middle of these two brake pads. When you step on the brake pedal, several components push brake fluid to the master cylinder. This activates the brake caliper to squeeze the two brake pads closer together towards the brake disc.

Pushing the brake pads inwards allows them to get in contact with the brake rotor. This causes friction, which allows the wheels to reduce its rotational speed until the vehicle comes to a complete stop.

Types Of Brake Pads For Towing


The best brake pads for heavy towing can come in different types. Each type has strengths and weaknesses that one should be familiar with in order to choose the right brake pads for his needs.

  • Ceramic

Ceramic brake pads are a good choice if you are only towing light loads. These brake pads are popular for their low-noise properties and their ability to produce less brake dust than other types of brake pads. Unfortunately, ceramic brake pads tend to be more expensive and may not fit all types of vehicles. They also allow heat to pass through the other components of the braking system, which can lead to the premature wear of these components.

  • Semi-metallic

Many people consider this type of brake pads as the best brakes for towing. They are generally stronger and more heavy-duty than ceramic brake pads. These products consist of copper, steel, iron, and composite alloys that work together to improve braking performance in different weather conditions. It stands up to heat and cools down very fast. The only issue you may have about this type of brake pads is the amount of noise that they produce. They also produce more brake dust, which can lead to dirtier wheels. Nevertheless, semi-metallic brake pads are ideal for people who tow moderate to heavy loads.

One can also classify towing brakes according to the manner of attachment of the friction material.

  • Bonded

This type of brake pads allows for the adhesion of the friction material directly onto the brake pad. Manufacturers use a high-strength adhesive to connect the two parts together. This increases the product’s durability. The issue with bonded brake pads is that they are very rigid. This can produce more noise than non-bonded types.

  • Riveted

In this type of brake pad, the friction material is connected to the brake pad via aluminum or copper rivets. The design offers some degree of flexibility. It is able to absorb vibration a lot better, while also reducing noise during braking. Many of the high-performance semi-metallic brake pads use rivets to connect their friction lining materials to the brake pads.

Benefits Of Using Brake Pads For Towing

One of the most important benefits of using heavy duty brake pads for towing is improved safety on the road.

Tow vehicles are large, long, and heavy. That alone already requires massive brakes that will allow the vehicle to stop in a more efficient and effective way whenever you step on the brake pedal. Physics dictates that heavy objects tend to have greater momentum than light objects traveling at the same speed. This difference in momentum translates to greater stopping distances for large vehicles. It also takes a greater amount of force to stop the vehicle, given its greater mass.

When you use your vehicle to tow another vehicle or any other load, you are essentially increasing the mass, weight, and length of your vehicle. This produces longer stopping distances. The longer the stopping distance, the greater is your risk of traffic accidents. The risk is even higher if you are traveling at a high speed or if you are going downhill. Such instances will require a great amount of force to stop your vehicle.

Brake pads and rotors for towing can help reduce your stopping distance and ensure a safer driving experience for you. This translates to a safer journey for you and your family. You can also avoid the costly consequences of driving in a vehicle with a sub-par brake system.

The performance of this type of brake pads also helps maintain the overall integrity of your car. Because of their heavy-duty construction, good quality brake pads for towing can reduce the wear on the other components of your braking system. You do not have to worry about damaged brake rotors and failing brake calipers. Of course, it goes without saying that you will only reap these benefits if you observe the correct and safe way to drive.

Another obvious benefit of brake pads for towing is that they are more cost-effective than conventional brake pads. Good quality pads have solid construction. They are high-performance pads that can withstand repeated braking. If you observe correct towing principles and employ defensive driving techniques, good towing brake pads can last for many years.

How We Picked


Picking the best brake pads for RV towing can be both exciting and challenging at the same time. You get to learn a lot of things about this important component of your vehicle. Unfortunately, the market can be very unforgiving to those who do not exercise due diligence in their selection. We came up with this review and guide to help you narrow down your choices of the best possible product to go into your RV. Here are the things we considered in choosing the products in this list.

  • Stopping Power

The stopping power of any given vehicle depends on its speed and its weight. The heavier and faster the vehicle is, the greater is the force required for stopping. One way to evaluate the stopping power of brake pads is through their coefficient of friction. We only chose those products that have a reliable coefficient of friction for towing purposes.

  • Brake Pad Material

Many people consider a combination of metals as the best brake pad material for towing. It is for this reason that semi-metallic brake pads are always geared for high-performance and heavy-duty use. They are for vehicles that tow heavy loads. We also included ceramic brake pads in this list because there are vehicle owners who may only have a need for light towing.

  • Noise

Some people do not mind the noise produced on the brake system when they step on the brake pedal. There are also those who are very particular about such nuisances. In general, ceramic brake pads are quiet. The good news is that we have found some companies that produce semi-metallic brake pads with additional technologies meant to minimize noise.

  • Brake Dust

Another factor that we considered is the tendency of the brake pad to produce brake dust. This is not a major issue, since brake dust does not really damage your brake system. However, we also know that many people would like to keep their vehicles in pristine condition. This includes the wheels looking like new.

  • Lining Attachment

We also considered the attachment of the brake lining. We included two very common systems: bonded and riveted. As we already pointed out, bonded lining offers exceptional durability at the expense of noise and vibrations. Riveted lining is ideal for those who hate the noise coming from their brake pads whenever they apply the brakes.

  • Brand

One can never compromise safety. A good quality brake pad can only come from trustworthy manufacturers. It takes time to gain the trust and confidence of vehicle owners when it comes to brake pads. That is why we only included those companies that have been in the industry for at least 10 years. This is enough time to build credibility and trustworthiness in terms of product quality, performance, and reliability.

  • Price

We recognize the fact that some people are more budget-conscious than others. That is why we included products from different price points. This will be helpful for those who want a product that suits their budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most popular towed vehicle braking system brands?

A: There are several brands of brake pads that are perfect for towing. Bosch is one of the most popular brands that continue to enjoy the trust of many vehicle owners. ACDelco and Power Stop also make good quality and reliable brake pads for towing purposes.

Other reputable brands include Hawk, Wagner, and EBC Brakes. These companies have been designing and producing good quality brake pads for different applications for many years. You can put your trust in these brands when it comes to the heavy-duty and solid construction of the brake pads and their overall performance.

Q: Are drilled and slotted rotors good for towing?

A: Any good quality brake rotor is good for towing, whether it is smooth or with slots. The only real advantage of slotted or drilled brake rotors is its ability to manage heat a lot better than smooth and flat brake discs.

Every time you apply the brakes, contact between the brake pads and the rotor creates friction. This creates heat. Prolonged contact between the two surfaces will produce more heat, which can lead to overheating rotors and their eventual failure in the long run.

Adding holes or slots in the face of the rotor allows heat to dissipate a lot quicker. This leads to quicker cooling of the brake rotors and reducing the risk of overheating and fading. In a way, slotted rotors are more durable than smooth-surfaced OEMs because of the former’s excellent heat management capabilities.

Having said that, slotted rotors will not improve your vehicle’s braking or stopping power.

Q: Which is better, ceramic or semi-metallic brake pads?

A: It depends on your towing needs. In general, ceramic brake pads are ideal for light towing. Moderate to heavy towing will benefit more from semi-metallic brake pads.

Semi-metallic ones are sturdier against temperature extremes. They conduct less heat in extremely hot weather and they do not lose their grip in extreme cold. Metal is a heat conductor, giving it a better stopping power vs. ceramic brake pads, which can be suitable for those who drive large vehicles and tow heavy loads. They can brake faster, allowing the brake rotors to cool a lot faster, too. This maintains the integrity of the vehicle’s braking system.

If you drive a small vehicle or haul lightweight loads, then a ceramic brake pad is a better choice. This pad will produce less brake dust. Ceramic pads are also quieter and more durable than semi-metallic products. They are more expensive, however.

Q: How to install?

A: Installing a new brake pad for towing is as easy as removing the old one and replacing it with a new product.

  • Park your vehicle where it is safe, well-ventilated, and on an even or flat surface.
  • Jack your vehicle and remove the tire by loosening and removing the lug nuts.
  • Remove the retaining bolts of the brake caliper.
  • Slide the caliper off the brake rotor.
  • Remove the old brake pads.
  • Open the cap of the brake fluid reservoir.
  • Clean the brake caliper and all other associated components. Check the condition of these parts.
  • Clean the rotor or brake disc. Inspect the surface of the disc for any sign of deformity, deep grooves, or other indications of advanced wear.
  • Install the new brake pads into the brake caliper.
  • Reinstall the brake caliper.
  • Reinstall the retaining bolts.
  • Mount the tire.

Q: How to use it?

A: Installing a new brake pad does not mean you can use it right away. You need to perform a bedding-in process that will allow the transfer of an even layer of friction material from the new brake pads to the friction surface of the brake disc or rotor. Bedding-in promotes smoother braking, minimizes vibration and squealing, and improves your brake pads’ stopping power.

Accelerate to about 40 MPH. Apply medium-strength braking. Do this cycle 4 times. Allow the brakes to cool down for 5 minutes. Drive your vehicle at about 10 to 15 MPH for 5 minutes to let the brakes cool down. Avoid stepping on the brakes.

Perform the same procedure, but apply hard braking this time around to get your speed to about 15 MPH. Do this 10 times. You should see light gray material and a light blue tint on your brake rotor. These are signs of a proper bedding-in process.

How to maintain and care/clean?

A: Here is how you can maintain the integrity of your brake pads.

  • Park your vehicle on a level surface and a well-ventilated area. Engage the parking brake. Loosen the lug nuts of one wheel a little bit. Raise your car. Continue loosening the lug nuts and remove the tire.
  • Remove the two retaining bolts of the brake caliper. Slide the caliper up and off the brake disc. Hook a wire in the wheel well and hang the caliper without kinking or stretching the brake hose.
  • Remove the brake pads from the caliper.
  • Loosen or open the brake fluid reservoir cap. Remove some brake fluid from the reservoir if it is overflowing.
  • Clean the rotor with an appropriate cleaning fluid. Wipe it with a piece of clean cloth.
  • Remove the old shims of the brake pads. Clean the pads using a brake cleaning fluid. Wipe it dry.
  • Use a stiff-bristled or wire brush to clean the brake caliper. Clean the slides and bolts.
  • Apply brake grease to the caliper slide bolts and pad slides.
  • Apply new shims onto the brake pads.
  • Reassemble the braking system by following the same procedure in reverse order.


That’s about our buying guide on the best brake pads for towing! Hoping you’re able to choose that ideal product possessing all the features you have been looking for. Again, consider stopping power, lining, and brake pad material, among other things outlined earlier for the best results. Finally, compare the different brake pads, each with upsides and downsides, and later select the right brake pads that suit your needs today!

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