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South West Region
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Roy Allen
Our Corporate National Bylaws prohibit anyone from using names, addresses, emails, or phone numbers
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                                                        Golden Gate Chapter

The Golden Gate chapter of SMART is truly a Golden Gate to good times!   If you enjoy getting together with
friends, old and new, folks that understand your times in and out of the military, people with some experiences in
common and folks who enjoy listening to your "old war stories", then you will enjoy our musters!   We have
members from the Bay area, Northern California, both the coastal and inland hills, the greater Sacramento area,
the great central valley and the coastal areas.  We have Members from as far south as Bakersfield and north  to
the Oregon border.      We generally meet five or six times a year, planned well in advance.   All are optional but
our musters are fun, you will want to come!   Our musters are held in various  areas of California.   The musters
usually start on Sunday and end on Friday morning.    We generally have one potluck, one meal out at a nearby
restaurant (optional) and our famous Golden Gate Galley volunteer cooks who prepare two or three dinners as
well as three great breakfasts.    
Offered also are some daily activities for the men and women, we generally have a golf day.  Site seeing activities
are always a great option in the areas we camp.   Evening activities include games, conversation or time on your
own. No pressure, events are optional!
We welcome all, once you are here you won't want to leave.   Come join us.  
                          Arizona Roadrunners Chapter of  S*M*A*R*T

The S*M*A*R*T Arizona Roadrunners was the first Chapter to organize in S*M*A*R*T in Nov 1985.  We are
presently approximately 29 strong in membership.  Several of our members do not have RV’s but they attend for a
day and come to the luncheons.

Our Musters (Campouts) are held monthly from October thru May and during the middle of the month (this can
sometimes vary).  The Musters are usually 3-4 nights.  We camp in RV Parks that charge a fee and we get full
hookups and an indoor place to hold activities and meetings.  Occasionally we do not have a Muster but a
Luncheon instead (especially for Christmas).  Presently we are having ‘combined’ Musters with the other 2
Chapters in Arizona and we rotate who is to ‘host’ the monthly Muster.  Therefore, our Musters can be in the Yuma
Area or Phoenix Area.  This has proved to be very successful as the membership in our Chapters is getting low as
our members get older and have to stop RVing (that is why we continue to have members that do not have an
RV).  Activities usually consist of socializing, outdoor games, card & table games, crafts and sightseeing in the
local area if there is something of interest.  We always have a pot luck meal and sometimes the group will go out
to eat at a local restaurant.  And of course we hold a meeting to discuss various club business and items of
interest to the members.  A Newsletter is sent out monthly during the camping season.  

The Chapter has also been having a Monthly Luncheon even if there is a Combined Chapter Muster on a different
date and we have been getting 12-20 members attending.  Our Chapter has 11 members that do not have RV's
any more for various reasons (age/health/death of spouse) and they are 'Social' Members of the Chapter.  They
are not required to maintain SMART membership anymore, if they do not want to, and we do not require them to
pay Chapter dues.  They are all long time RVing members of the Chapter.  These luncheons provide them the
opportunity to stay ‘in touch’ with their SMART friends.

We welcome you to join us for a Muster or Luncheon.

If you have any questions or just want to talk about SMART and our Chapter feel free to e-mail me.  Nancy
Flesher, SMART # 0700, clossflesher@juno.com  
                                                               California Warriors

We are composed of members from throughout Southern California to Phoenix and Yuma, AZ.  We are one of
four chapters located in Southern California.  We meet on the weekends for 3-day musters and camp at different
parks within 150 mile radius of Disneyland.  We have a muster every two months except November-December
when we have a Holiday Luncheon.

If you like a laid-back, friendly bunch of people this may be the group for you to join.
It is not mandatory to attend every muster but it sure is fun and lets be real you have an expensive toy, why not
enjoy it.  So if you are still employed, this is the chapter for you (the other three chapters meet weekdays, once a
quarter).  Our chapter has been around since 1989 so we must be doing something right.  Please attend a muster
and get to know us.  Hope to see you soon!    
                                      Southern California Chapter

The Southern California Chapter continues to out-do itself in fun (this of course has attracted new
members).  We have made very good use of local Elks Lodges with their RV areas, reasonable rates,
and good food at their lodges (at least one dinner or lunch.) This quarter it was the Vista Elks Lodge with
pot lucks, shopping for bargains, flying model helicopters, using the nearby shooting range and camp
fires each night. The Elks even supplied the fire wood.

So Cal often has UNOFFICIAL "informal musters" at the beach on Camp Pendleton, boondocking in
Quartzsite or Lake Havasu, and whatever else we can find that is fun to do. Last month a few of our
members wanted to escape the heat so they met up to enjoy the wind, waves, night camp fires at the Del
Mar Beach and roast marshmallows and yes, Smores.  The waves were way too rough for swimming or
boogie boarding, but WHAT WAVES! The waves put on a great show at 7-10 feet plus.  We also got in
time with some grandchildren (sand digging, kite flying, and treasure hunting), with the night times at the
fire for the "big people".  Who can resist evening walks along the beach at sun set.

Go to our web site www.socalsmart.org for more information about our chapter.
2016 SMART SW Region Muster
April 1 - 5 (4 nights)

Hosted by the
Arizona Roadrunners & the
Arizona Tumbleweeds

Valle del Oro RV Resort
1452 Ellsworth Road
Mesa AZ  85209
Click here for a
2016 SW Regional Muster
Registration Form
Muster Fee:  2 people rig - $150, 1 person rig - $80, Each guest in rig - $75
Mail check payable to "Arizona Roadrunners" to
Shari Minton, 15915 N Twin Lakes Drive, Tucson, AZ  85739

Application and fees must be submittted not lates than February 15, 2016
Parking:  Attendees will make their own reservations directly with Valle del
Oro RV Resort (480-984-1146).  The cost is $29.50 + taxes per night.