Special Military Active
Recreational Travelers
North Mid West Region
Includes the following states:
Regional Director
Bob Knight

Assistant Regional Directors
Sherwin Stielow

Brad Elkins
Our Corporate National Bylaws prohibit anyone from using names, addresses, emails, or phone numbers
for purposes of solicitation or for personal monetary gain.
                                                         Colorado Rockies

The Colorado Rockies have 4 camping musters a year in in some of the most beautiful scenery in the nation.

We have a Christmas muster at a resturant or someones home in December, and at least 2 musters in resturants
when the snow is on the ground.

We have had musters in New Mexico, Wyoming and Nebraska, also traveling musters to the National Parks in
southern Utah, and a traveling muster to the Badlands of South Dakota.  We try not to go back to the same
place twice, unless separated by several years.

As you can tell the Rockies don't believe in camping within 50 miles of their home, so come join us for a wild ride.  
                                  Kansas Cavalry Chapter

Kansas Cavalry Chapter is a new chapter in S.M.A.R.T..  We do not have a lot of members here in Kansas, but do
have a total membership of 21 members.  We have many Chapter Friends from Colorado, Missouri and others.  
Our goal is to offer a compilation of services and benefits to our members.  Most of these benefits fall into the
intangible category.  They’re not something you can hold in your hand.  Of course, not every member sees the
value of  our Military friendship in the same way as others do.  We try to have our Musters at interesting locations,
also are supporting the on going efforts at Fort Riley to build a FAM CAMP on base.  We welcome all Military
Veterans to come and visit our Chapter.

The MoHawks chapter was established in 1997 with 8 Charter members.  We currently have 31 rigs and
56 members.

We hold Musters monthly from April through November each year with 8 to 10 rigs in attendance.  We try
to choose a campground that has a building so that we can visit, play games and of course eat potluck
dinners together.  The camaraderie is so special with S*M*A*R*T people.  It's an important part of
belonging to a chapter.

Our annual goal as a chapter is to visit one of the seven veteran's homes in Missouri.  We donate money
and leave health and comfort items for the residents as well as visit with as many residents there as

New members are always welcome!  Check us out.
                                                    North Mid West Region

Our Region is very close-knit and caring of one another.  Although we encompass 7 states, ND, SD, NE, WY, CO,
KS, & MO, at the present time we have chapters in CO, KS, & MO.  Our 4 chapters (2 in KS), are active and hold
musters all summer - usually May - September.  Some of the chapters hold luncheons through the winter months
at their favorite restaurants.  Each chapter finds time and money to donate to local veteran organizations such as
hospitals, nursing care facilities, etc.  

There has been contact with a member from SD who is looking to start a new chapter there when he retires. So if
you live in that area, please contact me.  It is proven that you have the most fun in our organization when you
become a member of a chapter and get out and get involved.

We have loads of fun together and always welcome newcomers to our musters.  We travel extensively around our
region and really enjoy "seeing the country we defend".  Come out and join us at any muster near you, you'll be
glad you did!